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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  May 20, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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happen. it is really terrifying. >> how a woman was able to escape her attacker in an normally quiet park. and, no more, oreos? >> these are chris, you are not eating oreos anymore. >> what prompted this jab at chris christie from his good friend, donald trump. and good day, hits the road, we are in doylestown this morning, and in just a few minutes, we will reveal one of the biggest prizes we have ever given away, on this show. >> ♪ it will be big because today is a big day. we're here in doylestown. hi, doylestown. >> everybody say hello. >> we have shut down state street. so many people, he so many things going on. i'm so excited.
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this is my first time in doylestown. speak of doylestown and people, where is mike. i lose him on these live shows. >> i'm here. i'm here. >> thanks for showing up. >> mike. >> look at this weather. >> beautiful weather. >> how should we kick off the show here on state street. >> yes, we need a marching band here we come. >> ♪
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hey, good to see you. >> look at that. >> i'm hung gray. >> she's a taco. >> come on, mike. >> hi, everybody. >> hello, hello. >> who let the dog out. all of the businesses are out here. >> we have shut downstate street. >> where did the prize box go, does anybody know. >> we have an announcement. i think i see it. >> where is that. >> it is right there. >> look at this. >> are you ready for this we have been talking about it for a month. >> will you hold this. >> i sure will, mike. >> we will tome you what the
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the big give away is. it is inside here. >> it is inside box. >> all of you watching right now have a chance to win it. >> sue, are you ready. you want to do weather first. >> yeah, let's do weather first. >> we have got weather and culture because arts alive and well here in doylestown. we are live at mercer museum a couple blocks from where mike and alex are this morning. we have henry mercer himself. look at this castle that he built. it is amazing, the weather, could not be more gorgeous. so we have for you, a day where it is a ten out of ten. we will take a look at bus stop buddy. look at how he is smiling. he has his bike helmet on and his bike because it is bike to work day to day. could we have more beautiful day. that is amazing. most of our temperatures in the 40's and 50's but now that the sunnies up, it will warm up quickly today. here in doylestown by 10:00 o'clock we will be already in the lower 60's with the sunshine.
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so along i-95, corridor we're expecting a high of 76 degrees, north and west of the city will reach mid 70's. sound and east with the sea breeze we will get to a high of 70 degrees later on. so right across the street from frustrates is mitchnor museum we have folks from there coming by. we have folks painting out of doors this morning. we have bucks county symphony a few represent from that great group here with us this morning. bucks county gilbert and sullivan society and henry mercer, thanks for having us here this morning. >> it is certainly a pleasure and have a great day. >> yes, we will have a great day. bob kelly, this museum has been here for 100 years. i think henry mercer looks good here. >> he looks good. i like haze hat there. it will be more than a flight day, it will be i good day, good morning, everybody. 7:04. we have some sun glare and a accident, north bound lanes of i-95, right at girard point double decker bridge, good morning to bellmawr, a live
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look at the freeway, and working your way toward philadelphia and walt whitman bridge. take your convertible to work day, pack your shade put down that sun roof. delays on the schuylkill, delays here on i9 five come on down to doylestown. the setup on state street between main and pine, join the gang we are out there all morning long right from the turnpike, come right on up 611. don't listen to jody harris for those directions. kelly drive closed because of the stotesbury regot a boat today and tomorrow, use that martin luther king drive to day, and tomorrow, remember they will have the mlk drive closed at three as well. double bubble tonight. we have phillies in south philadelphia and a little bit of chicken fries, jack -- zach brown across the river. someone sent me a text asking me if the prize is that door that we have had, in the studio.
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>> no. >> come on, bob would a door fit in here. >> i don't know. >> let's do it. >> well, people come, okay. what do you think the big give away is. >> what do you think? >> a night with me. >> that is not a prize with me. >> that is no prize. >> but we will talk later. >> but we will talk later do you think it is a keys to a car. >> what do you think. >> a vacation. >> a vacation. >> a magic carpet. >> of course, a princess would say that. >> hold on to this. >> hear we go. are you ready. >> look at that. >> you got to be kidding. >> always like to play games. >> that ain't right she says. >> this is it for real. >> you are playing with us. >> i'm just toying.
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>> is that it. >> this could be it. >> wait a second. >> it looks kind of small. >> it is keys to a car. >> who wants to win a car. >> me. >> this is big. >> so this isn't just any car. >> this is a big suv. >> nice. >> my mazda has a brand new model, the cx9, it is big. >> it is barely off the line. >> it is so new. you are looking at it the right there. it is a gorgeous suv and thinks how simple it is to win the darn thing. watch the tv show as you are doing right now. >> and then you go to our web site. >> which is fox >> see an icon that a says car give away. >> good day drives you. click on that, and you are entered. >> this is one of the biggest things we have ever done. >> oh, yeah good in question
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bit. >> you can enter, on the web site by clicking, once a day. >> you can do this once a day. >> every day. >> that is so cool. >> and then at the even of the eight weeks we will be at the a different place each friday. we will be at the dell, in philadelphia. >> yes, the the big music venue. >> and we will have eight of these big mazdas sitting out there and one of you finalist will have the winning key. >> only one. >> yes. >> it will be a ton of streaming. >> here comes lauren and chris. >> lauren and chris is this huge. >> it is huge. >> i wish i could enter, i could use that, beautiful vehicle. >> don't do that. >> i will go in there. >> we will go back to doylestown. >> we have to get to our breaking news, from overseas regarding a missing egyptair plane. >> egypt state tv reports that the egyptian military found parts of the debris of the missing plane 180-mile north
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of the alexandria equip. jet liner was flying with 66 people on board when it veered wildly in flight. it crash in the mediterranean sea. egyptian and russian officials a say it may have been brought down by terrorist. back here at home, another teenager, dead in delaware. wilmington mourning yet again, i can believe students from the same high school this time a 15 year-old was killed in the shooting. he is a student at that same high school where another teen died in a fight in the bathroom on campus. dave kinchen is standing by live in howard high in wilmington where grief counselors will be added to it yet again to take. dave. >> reporter: school starts at 7:30. one of the big questions is how do you learn with all this going on, grief counselors back at howard high school of technology here in wilmington as students deal with yet another loss of a life, to violence. candles marked the area where unidentified 15 year-old boy was found shot in the head, in the 900 block of clifford brown walk, thursday
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afternoon, and that is just a a few you blocks away from the high school here, about five minutes away, he was taken to a hospital, where he died, and officials at howard high school of technology confirming that the victim was a ninth grader here, now this is a very same school or just last month 16 year-old amy joyner francis was beaten by three girls in the school bathroom and died. three classmates charge in the case. they are out of the building. the student, parents, teachers deal with this tragedy school principal is asking once again for prayers for the community again. we don't know the name of the 15 year old. it has not been released. we don't know motive or incident surrounding that shooting. we are hoping to find out more today. but another sad, sad day as if this school has in the been through enough tragedy already. >> you said it. >> all right, dave, thank you. police stepping up patrols at berlin, where a woman says a man tried to assault her yesterday morning. she said a man jumped out, grabbed her as she was jogging on the trail around 9:00 o'clock. she tells office hers tried to
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drag her to the ground but she managed to fight them off and getaway. hell cotters were used to search for the suspect but no one was found. >> right in the broad daylight too. >> so bold. >> 7:11. lets go back to doylestown and go back to mike and alex. >> hi, guys. >> thank you. >> okay. >> we're eating. >> shocker. >> leave us alone while we're eating. >> yes. >> that is browny, right. >> that is brown. >> and our homemade cheese cake as well. >> yes. >> i love it. >> yes. >> she is also a little will taco. >> i got him another one. >> move your basket so i can see your full taco outfit. >> lovely. >> do you have any cookies. oreos or something like that. >> does anybody have cook is in doylestown, a cookie shop. >> hold on. >> hold on. >> it is delicious healthy. donald trump think governor christie should be eating
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smoothies. >> they were in lawrenceville at a political rally trying to make machine toy pay off christie's campaign. >> he brought up oreos and the governor. >> i can tell you this, with carrier, ford, nabisco leaving chicago with their big plant they are moving to mexico. i am not eating oreos anymore, and neither is chris, you are not eating oreos anymore. in more oreos for either of us. don't feel bad for either of us. >> wow. >> he said you you are not eating oreos anymore. my goodness. that is for sure. >> he said that the governor and his wife, within more time, seriously mary pat that they are good friend and you should keep your friend close to you. >> yes. >> he is one of his best friend. >> chris christie. >> he stand behind him, that
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is pretty close. >> he is always right behind him good just like this, um-hmm. >> it could not be better, close to 80 degrees. >> i'm so excited, you have to enjoy because it is raining tomorrow. >> yes. >> sue? >> sue, you are on, sister, sue. >> i'm busy figuring out what we will do here. we have at bucks county symphony orchestra and they will play musical a company. , while we do the weather and let you know just about the beautiful day that we will have here. we have temperatures, that are starting off in the 50's, and the 40's to the north of us. here in bucks county we are right around 50 degrees. you guys can hit it at anytime you want because we are winging it this morning and i'm in the kidding when i tell you that because there is so
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much culture. i don't know how we will get it all in this morning. but i will tell but the ten out of ten here in today, in doylestown, beautiful bucks county. you cannot believe how worth the drive it is out here. we have a high in the mid 70's, today, but the rain arrives tomorrow, and everybody has been asking me can i get my yard sale in the morning, and i think maybe, the rain will roll in for mess of us around 11:00 a.m. and then just really heavy in the afternoon. so i would say anything that you want to do try to push it to the morning because the heavier rain is heavier in the day. and then should taper off by sunday. looking at seven day forecast we have mid 07's today but mid 50's tomorrow, back in the 60's for sunday and then we're talking about a warming trend as we get towards the holiday weekend. so, that is a look, right there beautifully this morning, the president of the bucks county symphony
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orchestra is here. your name again, sir. >> scott. >> tell us what you are season beginning. >> it begins october 22nd. >> how long has it been around. >> orchestra has been around for 64 years in doylestown. >> what is the web site so we can find out. >> bucks county >> thank you so much for coming out. the these symphony folks are nighttime people they are in the used to getting up early in the morning. henry mercer, i'm thinking we were going to talk to you next time but right new we will make sure that bob kelly gives us clear, road, and not too much sun glare, for our trip to bucks county this morning. >> yes. >> we are squinty this morning i need a hat like henry mercer. >> we need to get you a a pair of sunglasses. i got to get a mustache all curled up like these. that is pretty cool. good morning everybody. 7:15 on a friday morning. live look at i-95 north bound jammo from the airport, into the upside of the girard point double decker bridge because of this accident.
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we have wick sun glare out there this morning. no complaints because you will wish we could bottle have some of this sun and save it for tomorrow and sunday. so take your convertible to work day, grab your shade on the freeway as you work your way in toward the city. here's your normal delays, yep, we have sun glare coming around conshohocken curve. delays out of northeast philadelphia, getting down to doylestown. here we go state street between main and pine where we are all set up this morning. come on out, bring the kid. they will be late. we will put them on tv and if you take them from the turnpike and you go right up 611, puts you in the heart of the town or use 202 and stotesbury regatta, everybody using martin lieutenant are king drive, and double bubble tonight, in south philadelphia. we have got phillies at 7:05. the zach brown band, across the river here on the camden waterfront. a great night to be outdoors
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and a great night for baseball. phillies open up a home stand with the braves in town beginning tonight. >> that is right. >> atlanta braves. >> and mike is here for the philadelphia inquirer shore lives in doylestown. how is doylestown been to you. >> lived here five years. great town. >> how are things at inquirer. >> we're hanging in there. >> robust newspaper industry, hanging in there. >> speaking of the newspaper on the daily news back cover there is an article about phillies manager. for pete's sake or whatever it says, got to love pete. he is doing a remarkable job. >> they have a very young team that wasn't expected to do much this season and i think the fact that pete mackanin has calmed everything down is the reason they are playing as well as they are. >> so three big series starting tonight with the atlanta braves which is war team in baseball. >> i believe they are, yes. >> we've got phillies fans here in doylestown.
7:18 am
>> yes. >> how oldies that hat, man. >> as old as you. >> not quite but pretty old. >> it is such a cool vintage sports store here, it is called, what is it called. >> monkey's uncle. >> i expect a check. >> yes good but really cool stuff in there, mostly vintage all four sports. >> sit your place. >> is what your place. >> derek minister again. >> are you truly the monkey's uncle. >> i am the monkey's uncle will. >> so what is this, what do people mostly want is it still eagles. >> i mean eagles are always number one but anything philly sports that is what it is all about. people live and breathe and die by our philly teams whether they are good bad you support teams and love them. >> they are making a come back. are people excited about the sixers. >> a little bit. >> once they make that first pick, then they will be.
7:19 am
>> would you agree do you think it would be brand. >> would i take brandon ingram. he is sure bet to develop and be the player they need. >> do you have any golf stuff. >> in golf good we will talk about golf right now. what is going on with a guy used to be one of the most popular golfers in the pga, phil mickelson, what happened. >> well, ebay'scally got cited for making an illegal trade. he earned money that wasn't his to earn. so he got cited by sec, to which insider training. >> yes. >> did he could go to jail. >> absolutely. interesting to go think about, you know, ten years ago who are top two golfers in the the world, tiger woods and phil mickelson. >> now it is jordan spieth. >> jordan spieth, jason day, whole different crew. >> who is the guy who wears the orange, ricky fouler. >> yes, he hasn't won a major yet. >> but he has fabulous pants. >> that is half the bat.
7:20 am
>> good eyebrows. good eyebrows are a good thing. >> that is rate. >> ladies goes yes, yes. >> where are we headed. >> lottery numbers. >> that is the the tease. >> should i scream out lottery numbers. >> on three yell out lottery numbers. one, two, three,. >> lottery numbers. >> we will be right back to doylestown. >> thanks.
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you can tell that people are already so excited about this big announcement. they are all ready signing up to get their mazda. get to fox to get that chance, to be a finalist. >> you are excited too. >> here's the deal. >> how many have you use uber.
7:24 am
>> raise your hand. >> you use uber. >> lots of people. >> how about this. would you get into an uber car if it didn't have have a driver in it? driverless uber would you do it. they are iffy, lauren, they are trying go to see it in pitberg. you need to explain this one. >> yes,. >> and, uber has, technology center, in pittsburgh, and right now they are testing these crazy looking, uber cars without drivers, and putting them on the road. bunch of lasers, sensors and radar on the top. they are mapping out environment and trying to figure out ways they can make this technology safer, and cut down on the 1.3 million people around the world that die every year in car accidents, traffic accidents, many of them caused by human error. also, a saving in terms of a financial for uber as well because driver is mess expensive part of the equation. if you invest in the technology and x out driver's sentencely you are saving cash as well. we will hear they will have
7:25 am
drivers in the car at first because you want a human being to take over the wheel. >> yes, for sure, that is my own concern. i like the idea of driverless cars but i'm very concerned about how will that work if there is a problem, a malfunction, how will that go. >> exactly. >> this is good. >> in detroit or anywhere you have got to test this stuff because everybody is doing it. would i do it? not at first. i would want to wait and see how it went, first. >> i wonder why they picked pitberg though. >> because of the steel mills they are excellent at producing things and laboratory at carnegie melon, there is a history there of innovation. >> that makes sense. hey lauren, have you ever been to doylestown. >> i have, because my college roommate is from there. it has been a while though good really my goodness, your
7:26 am
college roommate, that is cool. i'm live in doylestown right on state street. i will to have make sure to say hello tour college roommate friends. >> yes, okay. >> what are you up to, mike. >> here's is what happening. >> in doylestown, it is doing soccer. backup i am showing you some tricks. here we go. come on back. we're having fun. that is the one. there you go. >> there you go, nice, nice. >> excellent. >> thank you you.
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well, the cat's out of the bag. >> is that what it sound like. the the cat is out of the bag. >> everyone is talking about the fact that we are giving away a car. >> this is a very expensive car. let me tell you. >> you have to go on line fox, you can get your chance to win this. >> it is simple. >> very i am is many. >> you just go to fox >> see it the on the home page. >> we made it easy. >> best parties you can do this every day. >> for eight weeks basically.
7:30 am
>> so can i have a hug. >> absolutely. >> you bet. >> i'm loving doylestown. >> yes. >> now watch out, hold on that is too long. >> that is my wallet. >> that is my wallet. >> my goodness. >> who are you. >> i'm a headmaster. she's also a hug master. >> let's do it. >> what does it mean to be a hug master. >> here it goes again. >> i love doylestown. >> in 32 stations. >> we call it hug mobsters. i said mobsters are violent with guns. hug master arm with love n2014, two years ago i had a heart attack. i realized that hugs are healing for the heart. so i take it to the streets of doylestown every few months. we go around. >> i need another one. >> there is a a form lah here, four hugs a day for survival, eight... >> hug the person next to you
7:31 am
right now. >> let's all hug good can we hug. give a hug. >> jen, if i was with you, i would hug you we are now part of the hug monsters. >> let's hug, hug back in the studio. hug in the museum. >> yes. >> a lot of love in bucks county. >> i'm loving our morning here in doylestown. don't you you just love the weather, it is gorgeous this morning. we have art every where. the arts are alive ape well. i said it before, i will say it again at the mercer museum. lets get to bus stop buddy and show you what he is wearing this morning. the most importantly don't forget your shade. it is very squinty not that we are complaining. we have been wanting a bright sunny day like if for a long time. yesterday was good. today will be better. we are starting off in the the 50's. we have 56 degrees here in philadelphia, right now, we will head to a high later on in the 70's so by the time we're finished in doylestown it will be in the lower 60's
7:32 am
and most importantly, today at least, the humidity its low. rain rolls in. we will talk about the timing of that coming up. get ready for a a high of 76 degrees. we have been watching these paint initial progress this morning. we have steve kaczynski here and he is painting, this painting, you started this morning, of the part of the mercer museum. all right. so this is what he is looking at, all right. you don't mind showing your work in progress. >> it is still just the beginnings but can we see it. >> yes. >> that looks good. >> you just did that this morning. >> yes. >> bob kelly, some of these people are just too, too talented. we could not have a better morning. >> how come he doesn't have the big airline bob ross and how about a nice little puffy cloud. >> in the past he did i guess. >> how about a little sun. we have sun glare. lets put an accident in there. we have one right here northbound lanes of i-95,
7:33 am
jammo into the girard point double decker bridge. so we are stack and pack from the airport, heading north on i-95, in toward the city. not that bad on the the freeway here as you work your way in toward philadelphia, speedometer readings, a little sun glare on 422, delays, naturally on the schuylkill and here we are, there is the spot, all road lead to doylestown, set up between straight street and main and pine from the pennsylvania turnpike, you can go north on 611 through warrington and in the heart of the doylestown. kelly drive closed this is a big one this morning. the it is closed for morning rush hour in and out of the city. all traffic, using the mlk drive due to the stotesbury regatta a in town this weekend. we're following some breaking news, following that egyptair plane. >> egyptian authorities say they have spotted human remains, seats, a and suitcases as they search for the plane that went down yesterday, the jet liner was
7:34 am
flying from paris to cairo with 66 people on board, when it veered wildly in flight and crash in the mediterranean sea. egyptian and russian officials have said it may have been brought down by terrorist. another student at howard high school will in wilmington has been killed this time a 15 year-old student was shot in the head yesterday a long the 900 block have of clifford brown run. candles mark the spot where it happened. this is the same school where 16 year-old student died last month after being beaten in the bathroom. grief counselors already on hand yet again today, no arrests have been made. a warning after a brace's tack in the popular park in south jersey. >> brazen good this happened right in broad daylight, in the morning, as she for the off that attacker and was able to getaway. steve keeley is live where that happened in berlin park, steve? >> reporter: well, it is right off of the white horse pike and very busy road, route 30 as it is known as well, berlin park. you can see the signs here at entrance way and see how busy the side street is here.
7:35 am
very popular to locals, likely not well men outside of town around philadelphia, because it hasn't been in the news much. when a place isn't in the news much it means it is a safe spot since nothing ever happens here that is news worthy. so no need for anybody to appear to be loan here exercising especially at quarter after 9:00 in the morning. unis is up now and a nearby school is opened but many don't feel so safe, this morning. the morning after, because that all change here yesterday with a reverse 111 call to local per lynn residents, warning that a women on the running trail on the wood was grabbed from behind in what police suspect was an attempted rape. >> it is always never go by myself. i don't anyway but you don't think going for a run by yourself that anything will really happen. >> it is scary it would happen right in the back yard. we live a few miles from here. it is freaky that would happen so close to home. >> only thing we have right now is that it is a white male, we have no clothing
7:36 am
description, and nothing to go by, age, height, maybe some scruff i features about his face. >> reporter: police did find would the man's phone right where she said the guy grabbed her and she for the him off in the woods. they won't say whether someone else, left both a tent and a knife there or they think whether this guy may have left it there. everyone here does know for sure right now that berlin park no longer is a place you can feel safe to be alone and not be on high alert in a case that now means berlin park is likely well known, chris and lauren outside of philadelphia for the first time because of something bad that did finally happen here. >> and that is just too bad, steve keeley, thank you so much. yes. 7:36. should we go back to doylestown. >> mike and alex partying it up, living big out there. how is it, guys. >> well, we have made a love connection here in doylestown.
7:37 am
a love connection. >> say hi, silas. >> you watch us every morning. >> how old are you. >> four. >> can i have a kiss. >> oh, i'm in love. >> well, we have lost her for the rest of the day. >> lot a the proud mom over here. hi, mommy. >> he came all the way down to see us that is a cool hat, man. coolest kid in doylestown. we have something very cool, do you see those two women up there, their hair is wrapped up in foil and plastic bags? we are doing a make over in doylestown, very deserving. this is national nurse's month so one of the ladies is a nurse and other is a teacher. >> a very special teacher. we will talk to them in a bit and give them a make over. >> they will look stunning. they look stunning now. they will be stunning through the roof by 10:00 o'clock this morning, okay. >> okay, let's do it.
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we're back. aim he here with two deserving ladies, allison and tanya.
7:41 am
so tanya you are nurse of the year. where. >> doylestown hospital. >> allison. >> high school art teacher at central bucks high school west. >> nurse of the year, teacher of the year. where do you go. >> mike's getting ready. >> but i asked you, you know what do you teach. >> you showed me what did you do. >> the big reveal. >> i'm an art teacher. >> yeah. >> wow. >> i love art. >> that is why this is a big surprise for me. >> that is really cool. >> look at these artists down here. >> do you see them down here. >> these kid, are they art students. >> this is a volunteer activity, it is called art news and they are starting up in doylestown. it is great to see the kids doing art. >> are you ready for a make over. >> you ladies, of course, you are bought full already but you guys do so much for the students and you do so much for people coming to us so we wanted to do something for you. are you ready. >> i am we have been excited.
7:42 am
>> do you have big plans. >> big plans from rob low hair studio with our baby light. >> of course, the ladies here. >> we will put, strawberry highlights in her hair, which she should have been all of her life how do you like that. >> what does lad sound for lilian ann doncsecz. >> we have been here for 37 years. >> okay. >> and a graduate of central bucks. >> yes. >> so we will check on you two ladies throughout the rest of the show and then we will have a big reveal. >> are you all going to work on them. >> i'm the owner, and these are wonderful make up artists, one of the top stylist. >> you ladies will be lovely. >> yes. >> i want to say hi to my students at c.b. west. >> wow, wow. >> yes. >> hello, everybody. >> yes. >> go, go, go. do that dew. >> is that what you were going
7:43 am
to do. >> where are we headed. >> i think we will take a break, no. >> let's get to jen fred. >> i just saw her down the road. >> where. >> jenny. >> just so you are clear i'm ready to leave. i want to be new conductor of the central bucks west choir, let's begin. go. >> ♪
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testing. sun glare around the conshohocken curve, up there in doylestown between state street and main and pine until 10:00 o'clock, bring the kid on by, they can be late for will school. double bubble tonight in south
7:47 am
philadelphia, and we have phillies at 7:05. across the river, the zach brown band taking over the camden waterfront. that will leave with us a lot of delays heading over ben franklin and then, of course, with both events over, we will have a good crowd tonight. we have braves in town. beautiful weather. of course, zach brown always brings in a nice crowd there over there on the waterfront. look at the events set up for outdoors, tomorrow. wow. a whole line up, and they are all counting on a good forecast, from sue serio, and she's going to give it to you in 15 seconds. this place is amazing. it is the mercer museum. the it is a castle, built by henry mercer, and opened in
7:48 am
1916, even i can do that math that was 100 years ago. happy anniversary. >> well, thank you. >> you look awesome for your age mr. mercer. you are a tile maker. >> yes. >> all of your whole collection of stuff through the year is all inside. >> we have been collecting over my entire lifetime and we have collected even to today. >> this is your executive director who helps you run this museum. we have a special a announcement that was made just last night, right here. >> well, i'm so glad to tell you that last night his mercer museum, and castle were officially announced as partners with the smithsonian institution becoming smithsonian affiliates and joining an elite group of museums nationwide. >> you guys, this is great. is there only a couple hundred museums in the whole country affiliated with the smithsonian. get out here ande what they have got. it is unbelievable.
7:49 am
new lets get to the weather. we have a beautiful day for a drive. to daze would be the day if you can play hookie. we have temperatures that are in the 50's, and 40's, to the north and west of us, and things are warming up nicely here now that bright sunshine is out there. and, we have, of course, some rain on the way for tomorrow. we cannot avoid it. it is that coastal low that we have been tell but forever days now out of the gulf of mexico. arriving time of the rain, it is, at about i would say wye noon time for most of us. so, we're definitely talking about a rainy day for the rest of the day on saturday. we have a big finish for you because bucks county gilbert and sullivan society will make an annual performance of a fathers day weekend, bucks gilbert and, hit it. >> ♪
7:50 am
>> you can see them in person on fathers day weekend. we will be back next time with more fun from the mercer museum. sound lovely, sueby. well, that is tracie and here in state street in doylestown what is the name. >> art in the pod in studio. >> who is that dude behind you. >> my son, aidan. >> hi, aidan good to see you is what the name. >> could you get out of here for a second, son. >> yes. >> because, i mean seriously go hide your eyes. it will in the be good. >> so anytime you have somebody doing a pot.
7:51 am
jordan, now this was the movie, goat, right. >> now move your hair a little bit. should wye get our hand in there. >> well, wow, wow, wow. >> we will have have to start over, tracie. >> is your son still watching. >> jen, get me out of here. >> i will get out of it. >> but, central bucks west choir, that is what you guys are called, right. >> c.b. west choir. >> yes. >> here we go, the song is. >> come to me, by matthew emery. >> you guys have to have really good hair to be part of the choir. >> it is a requirement. >> you have really good hair. >> here we go, in a one, two, are you ready, go. >> ♪
7:52 am
>> ♪ >> thank you very much. >> report. we also have you guys here, good morning. >> good morning. >> the name of your company is what. >> will you show us what you are all about. >> yes. >> let's see it. >> ladies and gentlemen, gorgeous, here we go.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
welcome back to doylestown. beautiful. we're in beautiful bucks county. is what your name. >> chris. >> that is a himalaya salt block. >> that is all salt.
7:57 am
>> is what cooking on it. >> flange stake. >> where can i find you. >> inside main street mark place. >> it will be 80 degrees. this is what my face will look like later. doctor mike, held me. i don't have sun screen on. >> directly in the sun right now. what should we know about sun screen. >> bottom line is we he now know that there is a gene that actually protects us from skin cancer, and people that get things like melanoma which is very deadly, we find, that they don't have a proper working gene. this may change, the way we look at people and how we help them. we might be able to get that gene to work better how do we know if you have that gene. >> if you have melanoma you will be getting genetic testing. this is all hot off press and something that will allow us maybe you'll come in the office and i will do a test. if you lack that genie will be very, very careful to watch you. >> she would have to have extra sun screen where i might not need it if i have a good
7:58 am
gene. >> i think everybody needs to use sun screen but that genies very, important. >> it means you have to be more careful, maybe wear hats and long clothing. >> no question bit. you don't want to be out even in a beautiful day lick this for too long. >> doctor mike, i always wanted to tell you something, why do people, when they start drinking alcohol, you know, i never smoke but i'm sure craving a cigarette. >> absolutely. this new study that came out shows that actually, if you drink a lot of alcohol, it increases the metabolism, of nicotine. so if you are a smoker, and you have alcohol, you are going to want to smoke more. that is the reason. >> that is why people drink and smoke at the same time. >> yeah, there is no good reason to smoke. you have got to stop it. i'm a fan of maryland rate alcohol in take but smoking, forget about it. >> something sad, i read this report about potatoes. i love potatoes. >> et cetera specially morning
7:59 am
hash browns, yes. >> well, there has been a lot of anti potato talk lately and i'm getting tired about it. >> me too. >> the study found if you eat four serving of potatoes a week it increases your blood pressure. but see i'm not, i don't think it is the potato. you know what i think it is, putting tonight a deep fried situation, lots of salt, sour cream, that is what it is doing. >> that is a all of the extras. >> you need to limit just like everything, my grandfather used to say everything in moderation, folks accounts, do not eat potatoes every have day but good way to get fiber, potassium. it is really good. >> we all say doctor mike likes to say to us i love you. can we say we love you doctor mike on three. one, two, three. >> we love you you doctor mike. >> thank you, i love you guys. >> i have love doylestown. my wife is from doylestown. my mother in law lives here. >> your mother in here she's looking for you. >> look at all these beautiful
8:00 am
people here. i know where to go to find a wife, doylestown. >> boom. >> yes. >> look at them, they are all beautiful. >> there are a lot of good looking women here. >> so do you want to do another hour in doylestown then. >> yes, please. >> let's do it. a 15 year-old, gunned down in wilmington. a community, reeling from yet another tragedy. how this is linked to the teen died after a fight in a high school bathroom. and a warning for new jersey joggers, woman grabbed from behind in the local park,
8:01 am
her attacker wrestling her to the ground, but she fights back. why police want everyone, to be on high alert. rain is in the the forecast this weekend, so, why not head to the movies. neighbors do. they hit the big screen this weekend and star set rogan and rose burn are here to discuss. >> good day is driving to you bucks county. >> yes. >> we are here, we are live in doylestown, all morning and the fun does not stop here. the big plans we have for you, all summer long. >> ♪
8:02 am
>> welcome back to doylestown everybody. what is this for. >> okay. >> welcome back to doyles town. >> good day drives you. good day drives you crazy. >> so this is the central bucks pound class, mike, pound it, baby. >> pound it, pound it. >> is this it. >> yes. >> i think they will ramp it up, mike. >> we need music. >> we need music. >> who runs the music. >> yes. >> well, this will get pretty dull a after a while. >> maybe can you do it without music. >> let's do weather, i will fine music and we will crank it up, as we pound it, sue. >> here we go. >> hey, well, you know what, we've got music too, at the mag any of sent mercer museum.
8:03 am
yes, that is where we are, it is one of the jewels of doyletown and in fact look at this place. the it is literally a castle. we are not kidding. the wait, you have to come inside. we had to stay outside, henry mercer is hear him self this morning, bucks county symphony orchestra is providing amuse california accompany. , they will stick around longer then we even wanted them to. they have to leave for their day jobs soon but what school are you late for. >> butler you are not late. >> no, i am what grade are you in. >> fourth. >> so, well listen, this is your note to your teacher it is okay to be a little late. thanks for visiting us. do you like the mercer museum. >> yes. >> now lets talk about the weather because it is really nice, isn't it. she had her shades on. if they invented shades you would have had them on too, henry mercer. >> absolutely. >> it is a ten out of ten. bus stop buddy is wearing his shades with the bike, for bike to work day.
8:04 am
what a beautiful day for that with temperatures in the 50's, for the most part, throughout the region and we will be zooming in the 60's soon and then we will top off a little bit later on at about 70 -- here's the problem, don't get use to it. we have rain in the forecast tomorrow, we will talk about that in a few minutes, how beautiful is this out here bob kelly. we're in charge of the culture here this morning. we have symphony, we have painting going on, we have the museum, it is just perfect. >> perfect, perfect. >> getting all cultured up here on a friday morning. good morning everybody. 8:04. jammo on the boulevard, live look here at southbound roosevelt boulevard an accident near fox street that is causing a delay. jammed up downtown philadelphia, across town over toward the vine street expressway, and otherwise, we have sun glare every where. in complaints, today is day to soak it up and enjoy it. eastbound 422 sun glare around saint gabriel's curve and even half an hour on the eastbound schuylkill sun glare from
8:05 am
conshohocken curve on in. kelly drive closed this morning to vehicle traffic as we host the stotesbury regatta bolt today and tomorrow. give yourself extra time using that martin luther king drive. as we go for a ride 42 north bound watch for delays, coming in, towards philadelphia. mike and alex, did you find the music out there? here we go. >> ♪ >> i think we have our music. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
8:06 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> this is pretty cool, chris and lauren, we're having so much fun out here in doylestown. >> pound it, baby. >> all right. >> let's talk about the top stories another egypt's president is expressing sadness and regret over the death of the 66 people on board egypt air flight that jet liner crashed in the mediterranean sea. officials say the plane fluid wildly in flight before it came down halfway between greek island of crete and egypt's coastline. egyptian officials are suggesting terrorism is more lakely cause of the disappearance then mechanical
8:07 am
failure but others caution it was premature to make that judgment. another teenager back home dead in delaware. yet, again. >> this time a 15 year-old was kill in the shooting. he have is a student at same school where another teen died after a fight in the bathroom. let's bring in dave kinchen standing by at howard high in wilmington where grief counselors will be available yet again, today, dave. >> reporter: that is right. students going in, at least a few of them have been too shaken up to talk about all of this with us. as you can imagine grief counselors here, students deal with yet another young life lost to violence here. the lets go to the scene, can also marking area where unidentified 15 year-old boy was shot in the head in the 900 block have clifford brown walk thursday afternoon a few blocks from the school. he was taken to the hospital where he died. officials at the howard high school of technology here confirmed that the victim was a ninth grader here, very same school where just last month 16 year-old amy joyner francis
8:08 am
was beaten up by three girls in the school bathroom and then later died. three classmates charged in that case, they are out of the building now and students here, parents, teachers, they have been through enough already. school principal is now asking for prayer, once again, as we come back here live, we are still trying to find out the identity of the young man. we have not found that out by authorities yet and we don't know motive just yet. >> much more to come, yet again, thank you. a warning this morning, after a jogger is attacked in the popular park, police stepping up patrols in berlin park after the attempted assault yesterday morning month. man running along the trail at 9:00 in the morning when a man jump out ape grabbed her. she tells officers he tried dragging her to the ground but she managed to fight off the guy and runaway. it took sometime for the jog tore get help because she lost her cell phone during that escape. officers used dogs, and a hell l cooperate tore search the
8:09 am
attacker but they could not find them. mike and alex took their show to the road in doylestown, had a big surprise at 7:00. lots of fun. what are you guys up to right now. >> yeah. one more time, boom. >> very excited. >> they like you, mr. mayor. >> good to hear. >> well, i'm so excited. this is my first time in doylestown. >> my gosh i can't believe that. >> i may never leave. >> we're a discovery for you yes. >> how long have you been here. >> two and a half years. >> how is it going. >> great town, good job. >> it is historic. >> quaint. >> yes. >> it has culture. >> so much character. >> food. >> food. >> and by the way it haze oldest memorial will day parade in the country. >> that is coming up. >> that is next week even. >> 2500 people participate in the parade and you can only imagine who shows up. >> are you a life long. >> i'm's a i life long. >> there is so many others. tell us about other events in doylestown. >> we have a antique car show
8:10 am
in july. we have an art show on a weekend in september. all year long. >> here's the thing, mike, because we're here on state street and main street is right there. you guys are in a national contest. tell us about this. >> we are in the national contest for best named street in america. >> is this the best main street in america. >> i would say this is one of the the best. >> to win you have to vote. you have to go to the discovery and vote. you can vote once a day, through the end of the month. >> just like our contest, the mazda contest. >> yes. >> and when will you find out if you made it. >> we will find out in the next month. >> if you win what will the title be. >> well, we already know we're best up to in america is is jut a validation. >> congratulations. >> mike, reason why i love doylestown the people there, they are amazing and look who is here, this is wand a and my
8:11 am
friend reid. >> whole family is gorgeous. >> well, thank you. >> you like angry bird do you ever play that. >> in. >> willie get lynched if i say no. >> no. >> okay, the movie. >> no, nobody necessary about it. >> neighbors two and other movies. >> i like neighbors two good lets talk to kevin mccarthey and see which trip we should make to the movie theaters. >> we will go to kevin, after this. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. who are we are at mercer museum. we have had arts ape culture on this glorious beautiful weather day but here's something else, right across the street from the mercer museum. by the way these are people who said they didn't want to be on tv so we won't put them on. yeah. this is mitchare in museum of art and executive director lisa hanover, thanks for coming out this morning. >> my pleasure, sue.
8:15 am
>> so real quick, james mitchare in and his connection to doylestown. >> famous author of chesapeake, hawaii, texas, south pacific was born and raised in doylestown. so he made his career here. he has always treasure the cultural heritage and he has given his name to our museum. >> thinks a impressive looking building. tell us what is inside. >> a former prison. >> what? >> former bucks county prison. >> that is what i call recycling. >> it is. our collection is based on the great painters of bucks county, pennsylvania and craftsman, changing, education program and collaboration with our neighbors at mercer you are right across the street. >> exactly good there is a big collaboration in honor of the centennial of the mercer coming up in july. >> july 16th we have a free day of the museum, it is opened to the public as well as the mercer and we honor their great tradition. >> it is the truth. you know what, we love free,
8:16 am
lisa, thank you so much. can't wait to go inside and enjoy all that there is in the mitchnor museum. the another jewel here in doylestown. so lets get to this weather, it is a glorious day. sky is so blue. lovely here. we are looking at temperatures that are starting to rise pretty quickly now that the sunnies up. we have 55, 56 degrees in doylestown and mid to upper 50's just about every where else. you know where we're headed, in the mid 70's but we have to talk about that rain for tomorrow. because the folks are worried that maybe the whole day will be a wash out. i think maybe early morning you'll be okay as we look at the seven take forecast but be prepared for much cooler temperatures. seventy-six today. fifty-six tomorrow. we hope to salvage most of sunday with lingering showers in the morning and a nice warm up, bob kelly as we head into the holiday weekend. the isn't it gorgeous out today.
8:17 am
>> beautiful good morning. 8:16. good morning. how about a brand new car. the carrasquillo year here is zooming in, a disable tractor trailer carrying brand new vehicles on i-95 north bound right here near girard point double decker bridge and once you get past the accident there is also, it looks like guy is involved in the crash here. so, delays, north on i-95 from the airport heading up through you that girard point double decker. heavy leaving town here westbound heading over toward schuylkill. regatta is in town so folks are using the vine instead of that kelly drive and septa's market frankford line running with 25 minute delays, because of a disable train. alex, back to you a beautiful day in doylestown. >> bob, it is so beautiful like we are looking at art. >> wait, this is art. look at this beautiful painting of good day. then as we come from that look at where we are we are at historic county theater here
8:18 am
in doylestown, amazing. look behind me. do you see these good day weekend shirts. even the dogs are wearing the shirt. that means bill anderson is here. bill anderson from good day weekend, he is giving people shirts. people are so excited. >> hi bill, how are you. >> good. >> yeah. >> everybody calm down. i'm here at historic county theater. it will be raining here tomorrow, so i think i will go to the movies. it is a good plan. >> good morning alex, how are you doing today. >> good morning we're out here in philly. you know the philly and the philadelphia area we love you kevin. so should we go see angry bird. >> angry birds, it is an interesting movie, i will get to that shortly. i have angry birds and neighbors too. nice guy with russell crowe,
8:19 am
and ryan gosling. the thinks an action comedy. whether they are doggies ryan gosling's character is a private detective and russell crowe is hired enforcer. they team up to find a missing girl. this is an action comedy. cool thing about this movie, alex, you are combining action, comedy, but you also have a great story line and ryan gosling is an amazing actor. i loved him in the his films. this solidifies him. if you ever see crazy, stupid move with emma a stone and ryan gosling. great film as well. that shed him as a comedy star as well. he is so great in this role. over all the movie, the trailers do give away too much at times. i gave it four out of five. worth seeing this weekend, for sure. >> okay. four out of five that sound good. so what is the next one. >> the angry birdies the next movie, happening gray bird movie based on the app.
8:20 am
this movie, i think it is five years too late personally. this game was so popular, years ago and i just don't know if the movie was ready to come out now. it seemed like a late time but overall if you are a fan of the game there is really no story line but the game aspect of it are fun. the last act have the of the movie when they have the bird fly in the destruction that is something fun to watch. best part of the film is sean penn. he grunts the entire movie and that made me laugh. i gave it three out of five. in the great but work seeing if the kid want to see it. and neighbors two. >> yes. >> all he did was grunt. how much did he get paid to do that. >> sean penn grunted the entire movie. >> i don't know how much he got paid but i'm sure it was a lot of money. neighbors two opens up, this friday as well. this is sequel to the first film. that movie, the first movie was fantastic. i loved the story line there. this one is overdone at times.
8:21 am
there are very funny scenes but overall not as good as first one i gave that three out of five as well. >> okay. thank you so much, kevin. i have my popcorn ready. i will be going to the movies this weekend. love you kevin. >> tell everybody i say hi. >> bye, guys. >> sounds good. okay. i don't know where i'm going next? what are we doing next. we will take a break. let's just say hello. >> wow.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
♪ ♪ take any day, and squeeze some magic into it. ♪ ♪ how cool is this? we have shut downstate street in doylestown. >> we shut it down. >> look at all these people
8:25 am
here, everybody coming out, this is amazing, i love doylestown. >> let's back out a little bit. come on out the here. let's get a better shot. hey vincent we want to see you. >> you could not see me there. >> a lot of people want to see that is mazda. >> we want that car. >> so true. >> all you have to do is take a quick, easy survey once do you that you are instantly registered to win, every single day mazda will choose one lucky person and, every week, mazda will choose one person and at very last week on the ninth week we will have a whole bunch of cars line up, and you will get a key. whoever key starts the car. >> let me get this so at the end of the um is error sometime in late july, there will be nine people with keys. >> no eight finalist. >> eight finalist. >> you will have eight of these beautiful suv lined up. >> beautiful good they all go get in and only one of them
8:26 am
starts. >> only one starts and that person that has their car starts, gets that car. >> you can drive away. >> you can drive away and never look back. >> how easy. we have people line up to sign up. this is robert. >> hello. >> how are you. >> you are signing up to win this car. >> i would love to have this car. >> how easy for people home looking, is it easy. >> just give your name, e-mail address and zip code. >> you can do it at home in your underwear right now. >> yes. >> pretty cool. >> good luck to you. >> best of luck to you. >> i would suggesting to the web site right now. >> owe kay. >> i just saw something. >> are we going over here now. not time for jen yet. >> unaudible. >> okay, if you don't have money to go to disney world
8:27 am
and you have a young lady this is where you need to be. come on back in a few minutes, we will take to you what can only be describe as the most amazing place for any girl of any age. we're in doylestown this morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're here in doylestown. good day drives you. i think we're driving a lot of people nuts. but we're having so much fun. hi everybody. >> hi. >> look who is here, jenny lee from doylestown. >> wow. >> good to see you. >> congratulations on your success. >> did you get to high school around here. >> c.b. west. >> c.b. west. >> c.b. west is well represented here today. >> yes. >> by the way, i'm sorry, so
8:31 am
sorry. >> i'm sorry, so sorry. >> you're all so crazy, crazy for feeling, so lonely ♪ >> okay. in other word you are in the patsy kline play. >> at the walnut street theater through july 3rd. >> that is my birthday. >> july 3rd. >> come for your birthday, we will throw awe special birthday show. >> do you want to do sorry. >> i will do walking after midnight, are you ready. >> jenny lee. >> okay. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
8:32 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i'm right here baby. >> july 3rd for your birth the day. >> sue, i might even take you. >> well, i would be honored to be a part of it.
8:33 am
she sound great. speaking of great, we have been at mercer museum all morning watching art in progress. that is john huber an amazing artist drawing this portion of the mercer museum. in the drawing but painting it this morning. the lets get right to the forecast because it is a a good one today. the bus stop buddy in his bike to work gear with his shades on. could not forget your shade. we are in the used to this much bright sunshine. we're in the the 50's. right now. we can head right to that forecast for today and show you how warm it will be. 76 degrees, today. enjoy it. make the most of it because there is plenty of rain coming for tomorrow. we will talk about that in the seven day forecast coming up, so steve kaczynski, show us what you did and we will show you the real thing. just this morning this beautiful water color. bob kelly, this is a true talented artist. you have moved from new jersey to bucks county how long ago. >> twenty-two years ago. >> so bought full, up here you never want to leave.
8:34 am
>> is that what he did since he started this morning. >> good job. >> beautiful day to be doing painting, whatever you can to be do it outside because as the next couple days will be iffy. here's a live lot at blue route 476 dealing with sun glare. south on the boulevard accident at the the fox street off ramp a and then delays heading in to town there on the schuylkill. market frankford line, back to normal, after some earlier, problems, they had a disabled train out there in west philadelphia lets go back to downingtown, mike and alex, back to you guys. >> mike and alex, stand by. >> all right. so why don't we go right to jen because she has got something plan. >> she's having a princess breakfast. >> this will be cute. >> i want you to know this is what it looks like inside my head. this is how crazy it is inside my head. >> we're two peas then laidy we are at party boutique for
8:35 am
kid where you can walk in and do different arts and crafts. we have princess parties, birthday parties. >> do you think we need more sparkle right? you will help me with my crown. >> i'm ready. >> put me stickers on me. >> you say little girls and big girls. >> we do 50 year old parties. come on over and have a quirky birthday party, real hi fun good do you have room for me. >> that looks great. >> it has to be more glittery because i'm totally glittery. this looks amazing. ladies and gentlemen, it is just the beginning. the as we come through here no princess party would be complete without, check this out, a real life princess, good morning to you. >> good morning my friends. >> you always have someone, either or her one of her friend. >> we have many events on our calendar. look to see when our princess are here for lunch brunch and dinners,. >> speaking of lunch, brunch and dinners you don't mess around with the food.
8:36 am
>> here's our buffet over here for this morning. >> as we come down here because again this does not even. we're in doylestown. as i have always said, if you need to not go, cindy, cinderella, hi gorgeous, it just does not end. floor after floor after floor. >> ladies and gentlemen, we did introduce to you a special friend we have here, in doylestown. his name is dominic. after the break he will hang out as well. good morning to the most amazing place ever see you in a few minutes. >> nice wife. >> bye. introducing the completely redesigned
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:37 am
mercedes-benz c-coupe, with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making
8:38 am
the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
8:39 am
welcome back to doylestown. i'm telling you all throughout bucks county a and certainly all throughout this beautiful quaint town you keep seeing signs for pray for dominic.
8:40 am
>> signs like this. we see them in the shop windows here along state street. this is really a movement here. >> well, we quickly got on to team dominic, jen met the whole family on wednesday. here's a reminder. >> he is front page news and not just in doylestown eight year-old dominic has eagles. >> i got a ball for you i will sign. >> other pro athletes pulling for him, more specifically, praying for him. >> feel better, bet even man, we are he praying for you. >> dominic is waging war begins i brain tumors. doctors say it is a tumor that just won't go away. >> it all started in march when mom noticed his arm just wasn't working. >> what are you doing. >> and just a few months he has endured radiation and more, all have of it he handled like a pro, strong, he spent years watching this little will guy, his brother,
8:41 am
go in and out of children's hospital himself. he was born with a severe form of spina bifada. >> pray for me. >> i'll tell you what dominic and his whole family might be most famous people in doylestown right now. >> so true. >> we fell in love with you dominic. we wanted to meet you out here in doylestown. >> hey, we didn't get to meet you is what your name. >> ken good how are things good. >> things are going good. >> stronger every day. >> we're supported all over the place, at home, at school, at my job. >> a lot of people are chanting dominic all over town but what about charl o. >> we can't forget him. >> good to meet you. >> is he feeling, wait a minute, everybody is talking about my brother what about me. >> there is a bit of the competition going on. what is he dealing with. >> he has spina bifada, so he is paralyzed from about here
8:42 am
down. >> handsome boy. >> sure. >> how about a quick round of applause for the whole familiarly. >> so dominic, how does it feel to be out here and see all these people talking to you and your family. >> good. >> it feels good. >> good. >> we are here for you too charlo. >> charlo. >> yes. >> he likes it. >> don't forget about me. >> i love it. >> we are thinking of you for sure. >> anything you guys need from frustrates, let us know. >> you got it. >> beautiful family. >> coming up next we will go to hollywood. >> we have to talk to dax holt. >> the situation with kylie jenner, i have to get to the bottom of it. >> we have to get to the bottom of this. >> we will, we will. >> come on back to doylestown.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
we're looking at some art pie lagger, any beverage you you enjoy today should be enjoyed out of doors. i think i found my new happy place, it is sculpture garden
8:46 am
of the james mitchner new you seem of art just tran quilt fountain and so much art outside as well as in. doylestown is the place to be. today is the take to go. lets look at the seven day forecast. we will start off with today's high of 76 degrees. we will get tomorrow's high of 56 degrees. what is going on with that. it is rain that is coming with that pesky low pressure system. nobody wants it. but we have been warned bit. we're talking about a recovery on sunday and then we're into the 80's by the time we get in the middle of next week toward holiday weekend. that is your seven day forecast, live from the mitchare in museum of art but i will be joining you, mike and alex downtown doylestown in just a few minutes. >> get ready. >> get over here. >> get over here. >> we want to see you, sue, come on now. >> i have figure out what i want to do with the kardashian. >> talk to this young woman right there, are you brianna.
8:47 am
>> what can you invent at lehigh university. >> these are paint balls by hand. they are like a what the beer loon but they create a splatter like paint ball you pretenth like you are kim kardashian. you go up against the wall. >> oh, no, mike. >> mike. >> right in the pace. >> really. >> really. >> which kardashian are you right now, mike how are you trying to be. >> i love this idea where can we get them. >> is there one offer my first retailers, that i met at the toy fair in new york. >> right here on state street. >> but they are object >> this is what mike wants to do to the next person we will talk about what is going on with kylie jenner.
8:48 am
>> this is pretty interesting, her lip kits, super, super, it does really well, but the better business bureau has been alerted to the fact that people are being delivered their becomeses but nothing is inside the boxes. a lot of the complaints is that they are highly recognizable boxes. they have like boxes with drip marks down the side. so thieves say i know what is in there. the stuff that is going for money. they are jacking stuff right out of the box and people are not getting their product. there has been complaints. better business bureau talk to kylie's people and they will redo their labeling and packages and try to fix this problem. another topic i want to talk about, beside kardashian because we have to move on. we have joan rivers. a lot of people love joan rivers. with you, you can have a piece of joan rivers life. bunch of stuff from her penitentiary house in new york going up on auction. they are going to be i think
8:49 am
it the eye through june 6th, event. there will be a lot of jewelry, furniture, clothing, costumes, everything, and so if you want a piece of it, june 6th, event, christie's in new york we will put this auction up, i know she has paintings, there is paintings to go for $180,000. is there a gold and diamond watch that is expect to bring in $10,000. so a lot of stuff, from her life, from her legacy, that people will be able to pick up. it is pretty cool. >> well, well, well. >> look at you. >> have a great weekend. >> hey, torey, i just want to see you. torey. >> here we go. >> torey put together this show. >> yes, we're loving it. >> oh, no.
8:50 am
>> it is like rotten tomatoes coming to life. >> we will take a break before this gets out of control. >> it is already under control ♪
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
♪ ding. 8:53. good morning everybody. jammo coming into downtown. one of the reasons the kelly drive is closed as part of the stotesbury regot a taking over philadelphia we have sun glare from kop in the conshohocken curve. it is national bike to work day. there is a good bike, banana a seat, old sissy bar there. tonight, phillies 7:05 in south philadelphia, good night for baseball. on the camden waterfront the zach brown band taking over the waterfront theater here.
8:54 am
so watch out for delays up and over that ben franklin bridge. great night to be out and about under the stars and a great day, mike and alex, we pick to kick off our good day drive here in doylestown. you are looking good. oh, look at that. >> well, i'll tell you what is looking good artwork is coming along nicely. we were out here 6:30 this morning, lot of kid, young people, and some adults. i think work has been really good. >> nicely done, kid. >> thinks art muse, mike good come around here so i can get glenn's face in the sun here. what with you working on. >> just a view here in the county. i just wanted to, i always had a interest in art so took my first class. >> i don't know if you noticed it, it is upside down. >> yes, it is. >> you are doing that here. >> that one is finish and another country scene here.
8:55 am
>> these are beautiful. >> how licensing have you been painting. >> i just started this was your first painting. >> you are good. >> thank you. >> well, we have a private lesson and my studio is called art muse and. >> group classes. art camps. art and wine, for those ladies nights. >> sound good. >> you paint with the brush in your mouth. >> what happened to you. >> a spinal cord jury was pulled off a dock. >> yeah in the bay. >> are you from doylestown. >> yeah. >> i understand your great grandfather used to own a store. >> yes, it is a parking lot now good 1860 to 1920. >> you are mr. doylestown. >> yes. >> can we see you do some painting, amazing. >> so we will do another hour here in doylestown. people want some more details how they will win this mazda
8:56 am
suv. >> you can learn more at fox >> i will give you you more details. >> we will talk to set h rogan. >> within of the funniest guys in movies. >> yes. >> by the way, rose burn is with him too. another her of "good day philadelphia" from doylestown in two minutes.
8:57 am
after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
8:58 am
8:59 am
♪ the . >> all right. we've picked it up a notch in
9:00 am
doylestown. >> yes, of course. >> with the school of rock, of course. >> yes. >> ♪ >> doylestown school of rock. >> yeah, rocking it out here. >> ♪ >> the school of rock. oh, my lord. >> yes. >> they are rocking it all right. >> school of rock. >> very


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