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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  May 25, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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there, a than they take all of the things out of the back, all of the things suck up into the tornado. >> helen hunt. >> helen hunt in that. bill paxson. >> i remember seeing that cow. >> yes, philip see more hoffman, the late philip see more hoffman. >> i just saw that movie not too long ago. they all look so real. >> from the big sit. >> i can we talk about weather today? >> let's talk about it today,. >> so excited. >> tornados in the forecast, we've got a ten out of ten, folks. yes, because, humidity will wait until tomorrow, to really common in, and probably not until tomorrow afternoon, so, it will be hot, but not too humid. so this is going to make you want to go outside like bus stop buddy. un forunfortunately he still has cool but outdoor recess for sure, most of the temperatures are in the 50's nice start, cones forget the sunscreen at least not caring an umbrella
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today for a change. >> 61 degrees, just little bit after breeze, and it is 50 in mount pocono, warming up nicely there. we're into the 6 off's in wilmington, dover, as well. we are headed to high of 88 degrees, today, already in the 70s by 9 we think, then 82 by lunchtime, so, again, much warmer than it has been, and things should stay that way for most of the weekend, we will break it down for you coming up. bob? >> hey, sue, good morning shall everybody, 7 01 on a wednesday morning, getting up and getting out. and live look at the 42 freeway, again, delays from the black horse pike in toward the walt whitman bridge. here's what's left after accident, that occurred early this morning, along 422, but only the far right shoulder is getting on by. and that's causing a huge delay for folks coming inbound in toward king of prussia. bumper to bumper into and approaching oaks, again with
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only the far right shoulder, as they get that car out of the ditch there. now, there is an accident north, on 95, in delaware, right near route 273. it is right before you get to the christianna mall interchange. and here is a picture from our del dot camera. overturned box truck here, this is, again, north 95, coming up from delaware, right near route 273, and that's causing the delay. and then further north in 95 blue route watch for delays an accident on the ramps to 476. mike, alex, back over to you. >> we have new information about this shoot-out in germantown overnight. that left a man dead. >> so steve has that info from police. steve? >> just talk to couple of officers whose sad job was to take that young man's body from einstein where announced 2 38 to the medical examiners office, than will gave you a sense about how cold blooded some kill remembers in this town. this man had a gun on him, as women, so he's in a shoot-out with three guys here in this
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closed pathmark parking lot, right across the street, from victor's tavern where you see group of guys talking. we've been outside of victor's tavern for previous murder couple of of years ago, bar closes they come out to where they are all park, get into a shoot-out. the guy is shot, dice minutes later. but where is his gun? police have no idea, because somebody after they shoot him, they steel his gun. now, they do know where one of the other guns are. the black car there that that police officer is guarding over in the burger king parking lot now open for breakfast has a 40 caliber gun in it, they know that because the person of interest from the shoot-out one of the two that they have in custody admit that. and, they have another gun, and another guy, in custody, as well. of course they will be claiming that it was all self-defense, exchange of words at the bar, exchange every gunfire, that's life on the streets of philadelphia sadly. here is the video, the one thing they didn't steel from the sick tim was his baseball cap lying among all of the bullet casings at least dozen
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of them. not just in this parking lot but across chelten avenue, in the burger king and kentucky fried chicken parking lot, as well. lastly, we leave with you this shot. right above the street sign. wayne and chelten, there is what they call real time crime camera. that's the thing you see right above the traffic signals, they only put those there when they have problem crime areas, and you see why, again, that one is there this morning. alex, mike? >> pulls -- takes the gun from his dead hands? >> 21 year old man in the hospital after police say he was shot once in the back at philmore and tackawanna streets in frankford around 1 30, police were called to area health where they say he told them he was hit near that location. say looking for two men caring guns also shot out the back window of a car parked outside of the nearby china house restaurant 7 04, pennsylvania judge ruled yesterday there is enough evidence for comedian bill cosby to face trial on criminal sexual assault
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charges. prosecutors claim that he called andrea constand to cheltenham home in early 2004, drugged her with pills and wine, and groped her as she drift in the and out of the consciousness. while maintaining, the relation was concentual, talk about the fact she went over to his house several times, been to casino together. con stand herself did not testify but gloria allred, who represent other cosby accusers, was on hand. >> put the victim on trial, not your clients. >> what they presented today was etched of nothing, they had 12 years to bring an accuse tow confront mr. cost did i, they chose not to. >> cosby waived his right to be formally arraigned and end area plea, now in the hands every lawyers, that arraignment expected to happen july 20. >> july 20. okay. authorities in camden say four
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teens chose their victims at random when they went on robbery spray that ended up killing one of the teenagers. 2, 19 year old from pennsauken, and a 18 year old from camden, are being held on 2 million dollars bail for the murder of a 19 year old. >> 16 year old charged with felony murder, he is the one who pulled the tricker in the first place. all four defendants are also charged in 2 other robberies, that occurred, the night that this young man was killed. shot were fired during each one of these cases. >> things are somewhat back to normal along septa subway this morning after the deadly accident shutdown service in the heart of the evening rush, police say a man fell on to the tracks at the 13 street station and was hit and killed by an oncoming train victim was with his wife who officials say witnessed the
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accident, from the platform, the couple was from out of town and had just been sightseeing, it left the busiest line shutdown for almost two hours, horrible. >> 7 07. montgomery county school will be back in session this morning, after a fire cut classes short yesterday. flames inside north penn high school sent kids home just afternoon, we're told, that the fire started in the maintenance room. >> classes will be back to normal this morning. >> scheduled for vote in the new jersey legislature, officials are expected to give final approval tomorrow, to a bill that was vetoed by governor chris christie in 2014. the bill would unable municipalities to set aside 15% of the beach, as a designated smoking area. but that would not apply to parks. supporters say the bill is a second -- way to keep
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secondhand smoke away from non-smokers and also children. >> really need to smoke at the beach? even though it looks like a giant ashtray. >> i never thought about it that way, a giant ashtray. >> 7 08. confusion over grades in a central bucks school district. >> why do we need the change a lot of par rent saying? parent say the system currently in place should i say this again? it is getting repetitive. >> you know how sometimes they do it the top left of the page, instead do over the entire page overall your work? >> well, now i'm just going going to throw it at this . >> just trying to help up out. >> i appreciate. >> it will be a m now? what's the equivalent of a f? >> it is one of them, m for meeting standards, e for exceeding standards, and the thing is it is hard for parents with kids who actually got good grades to reward them, because at the don't know what the report cards
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mean, it is a confusing program, parent say right her in the central bucks district, they used to know where their children stood with the old school if you will abc letter grade. but now they're gone, in its place, a standards-based system that's what it is called forbes bash events say their kids meade ago m for meeting standards, versus the old way, doesn't tell them anything about the progress of their children and the learning, and their confusion does not ends there. >> different learners, different perform nerves school. their report cards look identical. they get m's in everything. i have a child who comes home with a hundred on a math test, and it is a m. i have a child had will come home with five wrong on a math test, it is a m. everything is a m. >> the a that she learns next to the content of science
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means out standing. we're going to have the letter a on the same document which two, completely different meanings. >> that's from meeting last night, parents gave earful to the school board. now, was compromised propose which is hybrid of letter grades and standard indicated ores, but it won't work either. overall, we're told the entire system has to be changed but no way that will happen until by september the school board voted five to four last night, in favor of adding some letters back to the report cards for kids in fifth and 6 grade. but again, parent say, we kneeled to just go back to the old cyst testimony. they say why mess with a thing that wasn't broken? >> what's a f? what's the equivalent? i know m is meeting standards, that's good. >> it is lowered, basically, essentially limited progress, lp. >> oh, lp. >> l? >> yes, lp. >> that's horrible. >> limited progress. >> we'll just transfer the
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same feelings about the letters to the newsletters. >> you got a lp? you're grounded. all right, 7 11. >> it just sound different, but it is fine, we'll get used to it. >> a local woman said she was kick out of the ymca class for breast feeding her babe. >> i well, what really happened here? >> okay, so two sides to the story let me start with this, kate said she was in toddler movement class nursing her 19 month old son at the spring valley ymca monday. she says she was sitting on the balance beam, nursing her son, and she has nursed him in that building before. this time though she said someone from upper management asked her to cover up and lever the room. she said it all happened despite you can do this in public. the staff said they didn't know the law, but still prefer she not nurse in the classroom. ymca calling this a huge miss understanding. >> for me, the key message is women are welcome to breast feed anywhere in our
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facilities. it is very natural thing, and any miscommunication is unfortunate. and if we can do a better job communicating we are happy to do so. >> here is where the mix-up sort of happens. according to the ceo, apparently children needed to use that specific balance beam, that she was sitting on, and that's the only reason she was asked to move. he says women are welcome to breast feed anywhere in the facility. she not buying that explanation, though, and she want to remind everyone who end counter nursing moms it takes a loft courage to go out in public and nurse so be sensitive to their needs and their feelings. >> like going none that room, people on balance beams, breast feeding? >> toddlers. >> all over the place. >> it is busy. >> i need to go over there and see what's going on. thanks a lot. 7 12. >> protests outside a donald trump rally in new mexico, turned violent last night, seen burning t-shirts, flags, throwing them at police officers outside of albuquerque convention center hey, doug luzader, good to see you again. what the heck wag going on in
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al buy concerningy? >> yes, that was quite an event out there. no tear gas originally reported. but there was some pepper spray horse went down at one ., quite spectacle out there. meantime, something after spectacle may play out here in washington, although tone down little bit. may see endorsement of donald trump from gop house speaker, paul ryan. abc news is reporting that. >> for trump pretty big as he's now this close to locking down the gop nomination. >> protesters outside donald trump rally in new mexico, burning the flag, pelting them with rocks, other debris, as police responded with pepper spray and smoke grenade. several officers injured. trump getting good news from the state of washington where he won yesterday's primary and he went after hillary clinton
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i will never say this but screams drives me craze. >> i making headway uniting the party. >> waiting for the possible endorsement of how speaker paul ryan. other in the gop are still holding out though, including the first latina governor in the country new mexico suzanne martinez, democrats facing their own party problems, bernie sanders warning after devisive convention this summer. and his supporters targeting clinton a lie, democratic party chair debbie wasserman shut who could be jetson just before the convention according to the hill. com. as clinton supporters try to ease tensions with the sanders camp. >> why on earth would we elect somebody president who actually wrote it for the collapse of the mortgage market?
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>> who the hill doesn't? who doesn't? >> we lost him. he froze. he looks stunned. i was stunned at governor martinez of new mexico didn't show up. kind of dissing donald trump, because a lot of people wanted her to be the vp for him. not any more. that's over. that's out. >> she was on the short list. >> she is on no list now. 7 15. >> new information on the death of extreme sports legend, dave mere a. doctors have concluded that the bmx ride her the brain disease known as cte. >> concussions, basically, yes, dave took his own life in greenville, north carolina back in february when he shot himself. cte is short for chronic traumatic encephalopathy. basically a concussion. which has been tied to repeated brain trauma, hitting your head too many times
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associated with symptoms such as memory loss, depression, progressive dementia. his family had asked for his brain to be studied for cte after his death. >> too many blows blows to the head. 7 16. >> so the phillies play game two in detroit, defense of struggles continue. >> miguel cabrera is hot. >> after hitting 2 more homeruns monday, by the way, jeremy pitched pretty well for the phillies but got no support again, 3-nothing tigers. in the 7, with ryan howard at the plate, he strikes out again. ryan howard, did hit a single early in the game. i saw that one. avoiding setting the phillies record for most games without
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a single. phils lose this one, 3-1, they've dropped 4 of their last five games. >> 7 17. >> so defending champ, now facing elimination. >> after getting blown out by oklahoma city thunder last night. >> russell west become, oklahoma city won by 23. look at russell. he is amped up, man. so after setting the single season record for wings, go end state now one lost away from being knocked out, game five, tomorrow night, at 9 in oakland. >> warriors will win. >> i'm enjoying russell westbrook's fashion. did you see his torn shirt? >> i didn't see that. >> literally just gaping hole. >> cool. that is fashion. >> that is? would you wear that, mike? >> no. >> bob kelly, what about you? >> want me to do it right now?
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>> breaking news on i59 more important than what your shirt is. >> exactly, skyfox here over i95, i95 northbound in delaware. overturned box truck, here there is happened about a half hour ago. looking closer, looks like it is a her's potato chip truck if i'm not mistake edge, that same color blue on it there, but northbound lanes of 95 at route 273, causing major back up, combination of sun glare in the morning rush hour, all hitting us at the same time. going to the maps, because the scene of the accident, right here, 95 north, between route one, right near the christianna mall, to give up a idea, but as you can see, bumper to bumper here all the way up now also, septa, disable train, near the erie station, and some signal problems brought street subway, accident on the 95 ramps, to northbound 476 the
7:19 am
accident just behind the clump of trees, so the crash scene, but as you can see here, all traffic stopped 95 northbound, a parking lot approaching the ramps for 476 ramp closed at the moment as they try to clear out that accident it looks good. it will feel good. and sue, sunshine and hi, what, double 8's today? >> that's right. no rain in the forecast for the first time since saturday. here is the down side, allergies, allergens, that are out there, tree pollen, very high, mold spores, because of all of the rain, grasses are getting higher, ragweed not yet. in the forecast, as we head into the holiday weekend, for medium to high levels of all of these things, oklahoma, and mulberry tree pollens, all the
7:20 am
way through saturday. so, there is a cold front that's going to be trying to march toward us over the weekend, but high pressure will block it and keep us dry for today, and specially tomorrow, but we have to watch the tropics, because there is some indication of some early development in the tropics. now, if you recall, in january, we used the name alex already, we talked about it with our alec, remember, some bonnie is the next name on the list, we may start our season early. we last year, as well. temperatures are mostly in the 50's, and 60s throughout the region, 52 mays landing, 5 medford lakes, 61 in the city and in west chester, out in reading it is 55, and 54 in allentown average high 77, well above average yesterday and for the first time this month hit temperature that's in the 80s, and now that's a trend. 88 today, 89 tomorrow. and friday. afternoon evening thunderstorms, then, we stay in the 80s over the weekends, and until monday when it may cool off little bit and that is your holiday weekend
7:21 am
forecast, al next. >> thank you, so much, sue. i'm so ready. >> okay, coming up on 7 3; bill cosby going to trial. a judge ruled there is enough evidence for the case to move forward without testimony from the accuser. fine out whether we could see her on the stand. >> plus, not leaving the nest. why more and more young people are living with their parent, and instead after significant other. mom, dad, i'm coming home.
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>> we've got an accident here on i-95, northbound, in delaware. oh, they got it up right now, that potato chip truck was on its side just little while ago. but they have it upright. this is near route 273 causing some big, big delays. but they're starting to get by in at least 3 lanes now. traffic moving pretty well actually. we got two lanes closed but three are functioning right now. but the back up is pretty significant. wow, there you go. again, that's northbound, in delaware. >> so now that that truck is
7:25 am
on it right side, hopefully roll it out of there soon. >> 7 25 exactly. >> are you living with your parent? well, you're not alone. for the first time on record, more young americans are shacking one mom and dad, instead of with someone else. >> shacking up? really that's the term you use? >> well ... what would you like to call it? room willing their parents? >> they're back home. >> extended stay, lauren. >> lauren moved back in with her parents. >> very extended stay for 18 to 34 year old, more of them than ever are living with mom and dad than they are, yes, 18 to 34 basically considered a millennial. there are different definitions, but most people would agree on that one, so not living with roommates, not living with spouses, significant other. more than they are with mom and dad. they're broke. the economy has been bad to them. they went through it with the recession felt like. also putting off life event like getting married and buying a house. the maybe mom and dad have gotten really really cool?
7:26 am
you know? so if you're the parent of 20 year old, but you're in your ooh, the ooh year old out there are they really cool? do you love cooking dinner every night for junior or cloning their rumor the basement or whatever it is in i mean, why are young adult choosing to stay with their parent? >> well, after i graduated, inbetween that time when was looking for a job, i was thinking about coming back, staying with my paren. my paren pulled old they said no, no, no, no in my house. they were saying they would rather find money to put together to stay somewhere he will, you're not coming back in this house. >> are you that hard to live with? >> oh, no, no, i think they just got so used that me being out of the house. >> i have a brother who is 32. >> quite what? are you talking about my mom now? >> your mom and dad love each other. they wanted more private -- >> no, lauren, stayed with them couple month, it was
7:27 am
fine. >> short lived. well my mother couldn't wait to throw my 32 year old brother out of the house. >> really? >> he just didn't want to move out. he didn't see any incentive, until he got married. >> time to go. seriously. >> one would think. >> yes. >> the laundry done, meals are cook. no . moving out. >> that's where my mom went wrong. can't do any that far. >> lauren, thank up, see you tomorrow. >> can't fold his clothes any more, you got to make life hard. that will way he'll want to get out. >> i miss my mom. >> i miss mine too. >> all right, seriously, weaver to do something about the mosquitos, this zika thing, pennsylvania, delaware, new jersey, we're kind of really starting to get worried about the zika related mosquitos. >> specially now that the weather is getting warmer, jen? >> let's get rid of them. >> yes, here is the situation. they're here. it will be, you know, 80 degrees tomorrow, tomorrow, so moving into the season. so what's the number one thing that you're doing wrong in your backyard? we will talk about it, guess what, it is free to fix.
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>> several states dealing with the aftermath of severe wet they are morning. several people are hurt after multiple large tornados, look at this one, touchdown in
7:31 am
kansas. the extent of the injuries is not known, other states, including oak home arc colorado, texas, arkansas, saw damage from severe weather. so far no one has died from the storms, but the threat for more severe weather continues through the rest of this week. sue? >> man, that's a big one. >> i just can't stop looking at t i imagine that's how the person felt shoot that video, too, unbelievable. well, our weather is treat i tranquil in comparison, nice start to the day. you see the bus stop buddy, he has the sunscreen instead of the umbrella, because it will be so nice. you will want to be outside. don't forget to apply them reply, because it will be a nice long day, sun's been up since 5 38 this morning, it is 61 degrees. ooh mount pocono, 57 millville. 61 degrees in dover, delaware. only going up from there. into the 80s, well into the 80s, with a high temperature of 88 degrees. and the sun is not setting
7:32 am
until 8 18. so, this is the casino of day, bob kelly, because it won't be too humid, that you want to stay out, as long as possible. >> but not doing chores. >> no. >> because that was the grass cut working definitely mess with my allergies. kind of get in the swing there. 7 32, good morning, everybody, live look, hello delco. i95, there was an accident right behind the tree line here. this is the ramp from i-95 to the blue route. and then another crash, also on 95, this one 95 northbound, right near route 273. that one looks like overturned, what used to be, bread truck. looks like just maintenance truck now. but bottom line, we are jammed solid, north on 95, coming up, from delaware, in toward christianna. and then, that 2 delay, 95 north, jammed approaching 476. double jammo, jelly donut delay there. septa has a disable train, and some signal problems causing ten minute delays on the broad street subway this morning.
7:33 am
and we are bumper to bumper on 422 eastbound, from pretty much royersford all the way into king of prussia. a combination of early morning accident and some sun glare, back to you. >> that's big headline on the philadelphia inquirer front page on the fowl, going to trial folks. >> this headline is also seen around america. and around the world actually, we have media from all over the globe in nor town yesterday. bill cosby will face trial now on criminal sexual assault charges, a judge ruled yesterday, that there is enough evidence against him, to take the case to a trial, prosecutors claim he called his accuser, andrea con stand, to his cheltenham mansion early 2004, drug her, with some pills, gave her some wine, and then groped her, as she drifted in and out of consciousness. that's what is being alleged. cosby ' defense attorneys though question andrea's credibility while maintaining
7:34 am
the relations were concentual. con stand herself did not testify yesterday, one of our attorneys that we like to use. >> so cosby's attorneys were pretty, pretty insist and the. they were not happy that this andrea didn't show up. but i go this is a preliminary hearing. the standard of proof is pretty low. i was not surprised she didn't show up. >> you're right, they weren't happy. and you're never happen when you can't confront your accuser. they weren't surprised either. preliminary hearings across america happen every day, it is standard protocol, nothing that was a surprise to the defense. >> but if she had showed up that would be compelling testimony when they're face-to-face with each other. >> it would be. but it would be a bad prosecution tactic. they don't want to expo their witness to either cross-examination by the defense, unnecessarily, prematurely, they want to do it one time and one time only. they don't want to crow ate
7:35 am
opportunity for more inconsistency. they don't want the defense to rattle herment i'm real aggressive cross examiner. you try to rattle a witness, once she gets to trial may be more un comfort be recalling little more uncomfortable her testimony. >> when is the trial going to be? >> probably a year away. >> a year. >> i think a lot of motions in this case, very aggressive motions practice dollars by the defense to keep out witness statement, keep out other crimes evidence where other people allege they were attacked by cosby and to keep out some of cosby's priors statements. >> talking yesterday this preliminary hearing will go on 2, 3 days, it didn't at all. >> more like 2, 3 hours. >> again that's really very typical. mess preliminary hearings are real confine, real quick, i think that was probably significant so far estimate. there was a lot of hype around it. but in cases like this preliminary hearings -- >> what's that make you think? that there is so much evidence that the judge believes that a conviction is really possible? >> no, real big difference between the standards of proof and the preliminary hearing, which is very, very low, it is, you know, just is there
7:36 am
any reason probable cause to believe that this case should move forward so injury can i determine it? this is credibility case. it will be a hotly contested case. you can't read into the judge's finds that that means the case is stronger. >> you know, very famous attorney gloria all red, i've known her for 35 years, she's been there, why is she there? i know she represents about 30 of the other accusers from back in the day. >> frankly the media hype, yes, really can't get involved in the process, nothing to gain from her being there. >> couldn't you bring in other accusers from the past? >> that's subject after lot of legal wrangling over the next several months between the defense and prosecution, there are rules of evidence that preclude you from bringing in evidence of other crime, except in very narrow circumstances. >> i said andrea constand admits even after this assault happened, they still, she still went and saw bill cosby. they still had contact with each other. >> right. and the defense is going to
7:37 am
portray that as impacting on cred many. you say were you attack. >> but went back and visited. >> gave gift, had continue wester them, her credibility will be the central issue in this trial. there is no doubt about that. >> a year away? >> i think that's very likely realistic. it could be little sooner but i don't think so. >> good to see you. >> 7 37. we'll talk again, i'm sure, al next. >> banning smoking on the beach. new jersey lawmakers considering measures that will restrict where you can light up on public beaches. >> and a close and scary in town err on vacation. finds out which beach is on the other side of this tent. oh, no. >> what?
7:38 am
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> folks on african salve an airy, which i always wanted to do. so they're inside their tent. they had a video camera. >> so france i lovey was cam nag park. >> okay? >> when awaken by three lions. look at that.
7:41 am
>> licking the rain water basically off of the tent. they were thirsty, so they're drinking up that moisture. just that thin piece of fabric between them and three lions. >> how much water do you think they are even getting, from the moisture on the tent? >> more interesting, look at all of the booze they have in their tent. >> listen, you need it, looking at lions in the face like that? >> oh, you don't even want to move. >> i wouldn't move at all. >> oh,. >> what casino of booze is that? is it bell's? >> bells? >> bells vodka. >> i don't know. well, you know, i would be more interested in the bells vodka than the lions. >> oh, mike. >> oh, my god. how scary? >> that is scary. i can't imagine. >> sue, if i go on the safari, i want to be way up in the trees, you snow. >> you don't want to get up close? >> no, i don't want to be up that close. >> i'll be in the little walt
7:42 am
on thing. ill de that. >> here is the thing now. we've got this zika virus thinking going and, mosquitos about to start coming into our area. how do you rid your backyard of all of the moth keys owes? >> no bun wants it on their skin anyway. which of these things is your biggest problem, the debris, the water, come on back, we'll help you get rid of the bugs for free.
7:43 am
look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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good morning, 7 45, he can actually on a wednesday morning. as we go for a ride here, the pennsylvania turnpike, on the eastbound side, watch for accident near the willow grove interchange, not only do we have the crash at willow grove, but also have the westbound delay, which pretty much begins at philadelphia, take you all the way over, to valley forge, a combination of volume, and some sun glare, as we pull up on this accident here, again, eastbound, at the willow grove off ramp. south on 95, just under a half hour to make it out of northeast philly, philadelphia over to valley forge, almost, 50 minutes there. here is a live look at 95, coming at us here, northbound, headed up toward the blue route. early morning accident causing major jam, from pretty much the state line, highland avenue all the way up to the ramps for 476. coming up from delaware, there is a crash, also, north on 9 #
7:46 am
a, right near route 273. now, septa just gave me word they are ten minute delays because of signal problems pretty much done and over w things back to normal on the subway. still running with delays, 422, from early morning accident, sun glare, volume, about a half hour, to make it from royersford on in to king of prussia. and good morning, to south jersey. slow going on route 73, you work your way out of voorhees all the way in for the shaders, through maple shade, then 42 heavy, as well, in toward the approach of the walt whitman bridge. no complaints, we got sun glare everywhere this morning. how long is it going to stick around for in maybe even the holiday? sue has the answer coming up in 15 second.
7:47 am
>> so we did manage to get to the 80s yesterday. but it was first time this month, and that's little unusual. in april, we had three times where we reached 80 or above. but your a right. in all of the complaining, believe me, i've heard you, it has been an unusually column month of may, so far. things are changing today. 61 degrees in philadelphia right now. 53 in lancaster, up in mount pocono, it is 50, 61 in dover, delaware, and in wilmington, now, winds are kind of all over the place, as far as the direction is concerned. but, the northerly wind means we've got slightly drier air than average in the area. so, we have air quality warning for the region today. because the winds aren't that hi, and it will be pretty hot today, the concentration of air pollution, not going to be good. but that's what happens when you live in a urban area. 88 degrees today, 89 tomorrow. we will add humidity in the afternoon, and it is really going to feel sticky, on friday, plus, we will get some
7:48 am
thunderstorms late in the day. stays in the 80s on saturday, maybe some pop up storms on sunday. we'll have to see what happens with monday. that's our wild-card day of the weekend with chance of showers, with a cool front that may be coming through. but this warming trend is going to last it looks like through the rest of the month. mike and alex? >> all right, hey there is friday, we will be at ocean city, and i'll tell you where we will be here, 7 straight up. >> so get ready, and the best part, you can win a car. you can sign up to win a brand new mazda cx9. all do you have do is head to take look at this banner here, click on end tow win here. put in your information, downing this once every 24 hours, got to increase those chances, right? because every week, we'll have our give away. >> by the way, here are locations over the next few weeks, we'll give you exact intersections where we will be. starting next monday. >> i think i will ' probably have the west philly location
7:49 am
by friday. it is 7 48. okay, so the weather now into the 80s, it will be pushing 09 by, well, by friday. so, the bugs are going to come back. and the biggest fear? mosquitos, because of the zika virus. >> so this is the current zika map. >> you don't want to be in the darkest green state. but we are. how can you make sure your backyard is safe? showing us all of the things we can do to keep the zika. >> she is in moorestown, jen? >> good morning, guys. okay, so we are here with the mosquito squad. >> what are you telling your customers? what are you most worried about? >> honestly not reason not to protect sure self. >> we talk about it during one of the teases, very easy free thing to do that can solve like 75% of the problem.
7:50 am
>> we tip stiff over? >> yes. >> want to that is it out. throw it out in the trash? >> yep. >> we want to turn over empty pots. >> i have to say a lot of people have. that will because you've been rue luck at any time to plant. have all of the pots there. >> if you have wheel barrels and such in your yard a lot of times leave them sitting up, easier, stuff all collect water so turn the things over. >> okay. >> another popular feature most people's yards, over the tarp, over your fire pit, over wood. always have the blew tarp. remove the tarps from your yard, clear the water off. >> wait a minute. all winter i've been trying to cep my wood dry right? >> absolutely. >> now just take the tarp fold it up and put it in the garage? >> you can clear it off. clearing off any standing water you won't create breeding grounds on those. >> what is this. >> take care of your yard. >> okay. >> make sure to eliminate
7:51 am
trash, debris, take care of your house, your down spots, especially if you have kringle cuts, eliminating. >> this freaks me out. so when the water is coming out i feel pretty good about it, i clear my gutters every once in a while. you are saying the bugs get in the little things in there? >> absolutely. every groove that holds water can become a mosquito breeding ground. >> the last thing obviously your company comes out. you treat yards. but i said to you if you're not a big shot, you don't have big fancy house like this what's the ingredient when i go to hope deem owe, lows, wal-mart, what's the ingredient i need in my spray. >> permetryn? >> lasts a couple of days, so i can do it on friday and good for the weekend? >> correct. typically it lasts 1,3 days in it natural state. >> what about mosquito houses bat houses? couple year as carpenter and i built a dark, you know, like tree house, but it was like this big, we put it in a tree, so that the bats would come and eat the mosquitos. what do you think of that? >> wonderful idea to use mother nature to hope you
7:52 am
protect your yard. >> all right, high five up top. i like t get rid of the water, get rid of the junk t get rid of 80% of the problem? >> absolutely. >> there go. so here is the thing, not stopping. we have taken care of your yard. i'm on the road. i hate to eat and run but i got to go. we will talk about your skin, coming up in the 8 hour, what you put on there. we'll find out. >> we'll need it. plenty of it. 7 52. >> men knows these all too well. coming up: talk to press on and steve about the phrases we women say that drive men crazy, and not in a good way. >> you know what i hate? >> what? >> we've got to talk. >> we need to talk. >> hey, back in business, local bakery damaged by that fire right there. it is reopened. i have love this place. a look inside the north philly institution. that's getting a second chance. they're open right now.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> here is a study. five phrases. >> here we go. >> listen, honey, i know it is late, but we need to talk. >> oh, we need to talk. >> that's number one on my list. number one, absolutely, because, look, we get up at 4. you guys get up early. i get up at 4 in the morning, and it happens so many times, as i was walking up to go to bed. >> oh,. >> and i would get that, and i'm like no, no, no, no. >> because it is never anything good. >> no. >> the timing. >> i just want to tell you i love you so much. it is never what you're going to hear now. >> ready for the next one? >> give it to us. >> could you have just gotten me a card. >> i don't hear that one a lot. >> oh, take this terrible gift back and get me another nice
7:57 am
gift? >> i don't succumb to that. i don't have that. ya, i'm pretty good with the gift stuff. and if i'm getting a card, i'm gift ago gift card. do you get that, preston? >> no, could you have just have just gotten me a card mean you shouldn't have gone to the trouble or does it mean something else? >> see, i think it means she really likes it but maybe it was expensive or something. >> and want to feel better about it? >> i'm just misreading it, kind of what i get, okay. >> my wife wants a lot, so -- >> it helps to marry greedy people. >> oh, my goodness. >> this next one. >> real quickly here, steve, do you give really elaborate gift? do you want sex in return? >> i do. but it is usually with myself. >> okay. >> oh, my gosh. >> and that's one of them. all you want is sex. >> not all. no, no, but -- do you hear that, preston? >> what is this again? >> all you want -- if you do
7:58 am
something good, you're doing this, all you want is sex. >> that's the only reason why you are doing it. >> the only reason why you are doing it. >> no, i have haven't gotten that one yet. >> what about this one? my ex would never do that. >> that's something you should never say. >> that's complete folly. to bring up the ex in a relationship? >> no, no, no, i would not want to hear that. never heard that thankfully. >> all right there is last one, i'm sure, remember when you made that mistake? 7 years ago? >> ya. >> ya, three months ago? >> women have, this is the truth, have a filing system in their brain, and they can -- forget your computer, their ability to recall an event in precise detail, especially if it is one where you screwed up; amazing. >> ya? >> so things will be -- the call back can be decades, and it is -- the brain of our existence. >> preston, you agree? >> i agree whole heart educationally, yes. >> it has been used on you?
7:59 am
>> we've gotten past a lot of that because, you know, as we get older, just general dementia sets in. altzheimer's has been our release, but the automatic response from me really? >> seriously? >> that's the lawyer in you. >> as a woman, i don't like when men say that. really, this again? oh. >> how about you like when men say just relax. >> oh, no. what is it now? using now, oh. don't do that. >> there is another thing, where fixing it to a certain week of the month. >> oh, no. >> and it was -- it made hero seem owe look like -- you can never, ever, ever. did i that one time. >> oh,. >> one time. >> alex? >> cathy real quickly, is there something that still festers in your mind that your husband did? >> i can't think of something specific. but trust me, if it came up,
8:00 am
and it happened in the past, i would absolutely remember it. i would never forget t and i would use it. >> and she would use it. >> okay? >> use it, ya. >> look like both going down the shore this week? this weekend? >> yes, you guys will be, where, ocean city? >> ocean city friday. >> all right, okay. >> we will be in north wildwood on friday morning, broadcasting live. >> oh, very nice, maybe we can meet up after? get some ice cream? >> ya. >> mike is so down with that. >> ya. >> we'll have fun at your event, always big every year, is that the peg and eggs -- >> keenan's irish pub, north wildwood. >> great place. they have thousands of people come out. i'll tell you, see you friday. >> thanks, guys. >> straight up 8 good day, it is wednesday, may the 25, 2016. >> confusion in bucks county. >> i have two very separate
8:01 am
have i different learners, very dif rhett perm for ers in school, their report cards like identical. >> paren fed up with this new grading system for their kids. forget a's, b's, c's. how about e's and m's? why parent say it deserves a big f. >> protect your family will from z. i. a, before you grab the bug spray, listen up, not all created equal. which once fall short. >> and back in business. a local bakery, i love this place, damaged by fire. it has now re-opened. a look inside the north philly institution second chance. ♪ >> drink up. it is national wine day. five unusual ways you can enjoy your vino without a glass. >> what?
8:02 am
>> crashes i've never heard wine popsiclesment we'll have some in a little bit. because it will be what, 88 today? oh,. >> oh, ya. we decided to go right to double digits today. >> gosh, boom. >> the thing about today is, the humidity is not going to be too bad. yes, we will have the heat, but not the humidity. so nice start. 50's, 60s, actually, out there with bus stop buddy, already wearing his shades, and he made sure his little dome had sunscreen all over it, because we're not used to this yet. had pretty gray may so far. look where we are now. 66 degrees. last hour we were at 61. five mile per hour breeze out of the west, and relative humidity not bad at all. 52 degrees mount pocono. 65, already, in trenton, 67 in millville. and temperatures are zooming up already, and we will top off at about 88 degrees. as we mentioned, not too humid today. today down to 63 degrees, we will tell you about the rest of the holiday weekend, coming up. bob kelly?
8:03 am
>> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, coming up on exactly 8 03. on a wednesday morning, live look at the 42 freeway, coming in toward philadelphia. bumper to bumper there. lots of sunshine this morning. no complaints, roll down the window little bit. good morning west chester. live look at 202 south, and an accident right at high street, the off ramp for high and route 322 there. in west chester, we have problems on 95, all morning long. still, left over delays, northbound, 95, because of an earlier accident, on the ramps to 476. accident north on 95, coming up from delaware. right at route 273. 422, had early morning crash, so dealing with sun glare, and delays, from oaks on in. look at this, almost an hour delay on the turnpike, from philly all the way over to vale forge. but the only good news mass transit looking good, with no delays. mike and alex back over to you. >> 8 03. >> 25 year old man dead in germantown overnight. police say it happened around 2 15 near wayne and west chelten avenue. the victim official say was
8:04 am
shot in the chest. and taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. the man officials say had a gun, that was stolen from the scene. right now, police are questioning 2 people in the shooting. >> it started in a bar, moved across the street. >> protests, big time, outside of this donald trump rally in new mexico. a lot of violence, demonstrators were seen burning t-shirts and flags, and banners and even throwing them at police officers. some of the officers had to be taken to the hospitals in the albuquerque area. this is right outside the albuquerque convention center. police responded by using pepper spray, the crowd pushed down barriers, inside of that rally, donald trump was interrupted repeatedly by shouting protesters, there were a lot of them. trump sport ers responded with chats of: build that wall. >> 8 04. comedian bill cosby is going to trial on sexual assault charges in montgomery county courtroom yesterday. prosecutors portrayed him as a
8:05 am
preditor. they claimed he called andrea constand to his cheltenham home in early 2004. gave her pills and wine because she said she was stressed. and groped her, as she drifted in and out of consciousness. >> cosby defense hammered at constand's credibility, said the relation was concentual talked about the fact they met up several times after this incident. constand herself did not testify, but part of her interviews with authority. expected to testify in person at trial. as for cosby, he was initially scheduled to be arraigned on july 20, could then enter formal plea. instead he raised his right at that hearing. >> his attorneys will be there. confusion over grades in the central bucks school district. has parent confused over their child's progress, trading in the abcde, was there ever an e, f? >> f. >> just other letters. >> so it is like it starts with m. m is what you want, dave. >> uh-huh. >> you don't want the lp.
8:06 am
explain all this? >> ya, just actually moved over to the cold sprinkle mentally school here in central bucks we wanted to talk with parent but all we're seeing right now really since school starts about half hour from now teachers pulling in from the busy durham road here. but the teachers probably still trying to figure out this whole thing, in the central bucks district. parent tell us, that they used to be able to figure out how their children were doing with the old school, if you get what i'm saying, old school abcd letter grades, but now that's gone in its place, a new system called standards based for example parents are saying, that if their kids get a m for meeting standards, versus the old way it, doesn't tell them a lot about the progress of their kids, and their confusion doesn't stop there. >> the a that she earns, in that, means approaching. but the a that she earned next to the content of science means out standing. we're going to have the letter a on the same document, with
8:07 am
two completely different meanings. >> i have two very separate, very different learners. and very different performers, in school, and their report carts look identical. they get m's in everything. i have a child who will come home with one hundred on a math test, and it is a m. i have a child who will come home with five wrong on a math test, and it is a m. everything is a m. >> as parents talking to school district officials at a meeting last night, now, there is a compromise being in letter grades and standards indicators, but parent stay won't work either. overall told the entire system has it be replaced when that can't happen by september, so last night, the school board voted five to four, to put some of the letters back, in the grades of fifth graders and 6 graders only, but parent say, we got to get rid of this whole thing. back to you. >> oh, man. like i was saying before, other schools that have been using this for ten years, dave, like garnet val. >> i yes, not exactly new,
8:08 am
that's true, but just causing kind of a lot of concern here. and in in district. >> any were a kiddie would be kind of excited about this because i couldn't get in trouble. >> how about just go to thumbs-up thumbs down? where you get, like, emoji? >> what would a c be for average? >> ya, like that. so this, this, and that. >> then i would turn the pain her i handed it to my parent? flip it? >> yes. >> alex, you always have a way around it. governor tom wolf wants pennsylvania to be able to buy beer where you get your gasoline at the gasoline station. >> this is dogs by the pending court challenge. so yesterday he sent letter to the state liquor control board asking it to let gasoline stations sell beer. today three pennsylvania link or crowed board members will consider nine beer license applications from convenience, grocery stores, that sell gasoline. currently the state law prohibit business frost selling both beer and gasoline. so, 2004 commonwealth court
8:09 am
ruling permitted the sale of beer and gasoline on the same property, as long as the . are separate. state supreme court considering appeal on that. >> as i said once before, pennsylvania trying hurdle themselves into the 19 century. >> something i had to get used to, going to the grocery store, no, used to go to separate store. >> got to go to the state store. >> yes. >> yes. >> what, two states out of the ooh. >> what's the other state? >> i will go with utah. >> utah? i'm look it up. >> 8 09. measures to restrict smoking at public beaches and ban it entirely at parks schedule for a vote. in the new jersey legislature. >> do you really need to smoke at the beach? officials are expected to give final approval tomorrow to a bill that was vetoed by governor chris christie, that was 2 years ago, the bill
8:10 am
would unable municipalities to set aside 15% of the beach, like rope it off, at this designated smoking area. but that would not apply to park. supporters say the bill in a way is a way to keep second hand smoke away from the non-smokers. and more importantly, a the kids. >> well, 8 10. shooting for a great cause. the temple basketball team had huge incentive to shoot three pointers this season. how every shot they made is helping people in need. >> she is back on the block, after going up in flames, everyone lining up, to get their hands on some sweet treat. we head inside and see what all of the hype is about after the break.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> man look at the size. tornado, in southwestern kansas near dodge syd i. >> you know, my sister susan went to college in dodge city.
8:14 am
>> is that where the expression get out of dodge -- >> get out of dodge. >> i saw that. >> you're absolutely right, saw it coming at you. >> probably half mile wide that tornado. >> dodge city, same area she went to. sweet sounding school? y? way, they had tornado, not only in kansas, oklahoma, colorado, texas, arkansas, a and a lot of damage. thank god this was out in pasture land, farmlands back to the sky, huge. >> huge. >> it is huge. >> sue? >> i can't stop looking at it, amazing. so, that same storm system, we're seeing some thunderstorms this morning. moving into missouri, nebraska see what happens with that, but no reports of anything severe don't have any rain to show you on radar, none in the forecast, so we're forecasting not so great allergy day, as
8:15 am
the center locally as reporting tree pollen, mold spores, outside are very high, mold because of the high we've had and the grasses starting to get up there, as well. look at the temperatures, they've gotten so much warmer in the last hour, 66 degrees in philadelphia, 52 mount pocono, 66 in dover, delaware, mid 60s atlantic sit, as women, we do have our air quality warning in effect through tonight throughout the area higher concentration of air pollutants, and not a loft winds. upper 80s tomorrow and friday afternoon thunderstorms rumbling through friday hope fillly not messing up the commute. saturday, sunday, still in the 80s g cooling off monday. that's your 7 day forecast, bob kelly, jammo. >> jammo. 8 15, sue, good morning. live look downtown a lot of
8:16 am
folks coming in near the conshy curve so pack your shades roll down the windows, route 3 # and providence road right at lockalina old italian restaurant, north on 9 at, watch store accident near 273, overturned, step in we saw earlier from skyfox. then further north on 95 early morning accident on the ramps to the blue route still causing residual delays good day to fly, maybe picking somebody up, no delays at all at philadelphia international airport rough night last night on the market frankford line, using the bus service but the trains and the subway running this morning with no delays. mike and alex back over to you. >> are you talking about the bakery again? popular bakery in north
8:17 am
philly, destroyed by fire more than year ago, neighbors just as upset as the owner, institution in north fill. >> i guess what? you can go there today. >> back in business guys, toyed let everyone know i'm not skipping line, not trying to get in front of you. long line outside. everyone trying to get in to get their hands on the creations by miss denise. welcome back to the neighborhood. >> thank you very much. >> pleasure, we had video whateverring this like like, you still don't know what cause that fire? >> no, basically deemed undetermined. so probably something in the walls, because we have an old billing had had power outage earlier that day. coming to the conclusion that something might have happened with the power outage, you know, over time, is it hours, but fortunately the only night of the week, no one here. >> so for the last year and
8:18 am
few weeks what have you been doing? >> trying to plan for. >> this a lot of work. we didn't know how much we had, you know, just physically, and more importantly, we didn't know much, how much we had, with relationship to customers. >> we will send chris into the fire. , when you see these long lines of people, what do you think? what goes through your head all of these people lined up for your creation i got casino of emotional, because it was all the way down to the corner. but, it is nice to know that what do you is really appreciated, and we really didn't know how much we were appreciated until the fire. >> and then a lot of people outside are saying with you back open it, casino of revitalized the entire block? >> it does. initially the first couple of month, up to the time we opened, neighboring businesses would say, you know, when are you coming back, what are you coming back? business is down, not doing any business, it is really slow that was another impact we didn't realize we had on the neighborhood. >> if you had to pig one thing
8:19 am
from this case that someone should try if they've never ben here before what's the one ate snell. >> our pound cake, it pays the bills. >> pound cake pays the bills. let me talk to the guy in the front of the line. how long did you have to wait? turn this way for me. how long did you have to wait to get to the front of this line? >> at least 20 minutes? >> that's not bad. >> you're yelling out carrot cake, best carrot cake? >> none, none in this country like hers. >> do you share it at the fire station? >> sometimes. >> that's a big compliment. >> she has the best, i used to be the fire company, 26 and york. >> okay? >> i work therefore 13 and a half years, we kept her cakes in our station. >> wow. >> yes. >> now they're back. >> yes. >> all right. congratulations, miss denise, and they're going to keep working out here, guys, you see how busy they are. i'll try to bring you something back, mike and alex, i just have to figure out what i can get my hand on.
8:20 am
wow. >> anything left? that's so great that everyone is coming together. and supporting. >> last tray of sticky buns, i would be into that. >> ya? >> i like my sticky buns. i like mig buns stuck i. >> it is 8 20. >> so, google your date before you meet them. you know go out, meet somebody, you don't know them from adam. hey, let me check you out on gooing. >> i alex being do you do, that before go out with a fellow, you google who he is? >> well, do you think that's too much? >> doesn't that cloud your impression of the person before you even sit down with them? >> shouldn't you know something about them before go out with them? >> i kind of like to learn it on my own. >> i am you're man. that's different. >> okay. >> is that too much? we'll discuss. first, how do you argue? do you scream, do you get silent and -- >> i'm a silent time. >> how the way you fight affect your health. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ 8 20. ♪
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> national health service urging doctors to recommend gardening to their patient. >> so, reduce social isolation in older people, and manage conditions like dementia, can reduce levels of depression, lonliness, stress, and improve older people's balance. >> i completely agree with that. >> didn't you used to gardner/worked -- >> i work in a gardening center for 7 years of my life, 6 grade through high school. >> do you still garden at small. >> no. >> maybe you need to, mike? >> not that you're older people. >> is that what you are implying? >> not what i am implying. >> dealing with mental health issues, is that what you are saying? >> just looking out for you. >> what is this story about? >> story about helping people reduce stress, and, you know -- >> dealing with dementia. that was the story maybe i should do it. why are you suggesting this for me.
8:25 am
>> see, this is you why need to garden. don't go to the extreme. just saying. my it want to garth end. after that. >> do you want to gardner. >> let's garden. >> have a good day garden. >> okay, we just made one up, guys. >> okay, old tv shows, that was a big deal in the 70s, and 80s, the weather dude would have a garden and grow tomatoes, show the tomatoes off on the air every morning. >> sound so impressed. >> oh, geez. surprise weed don't do that. all right, tend to get in a lot of argument, do you? >> oh, well. >> there you go. >> it could be impacting your health. >> doctors say that those people getting a lot of fight with their significant others, they higher blood pressure than people who are calm. but leaving it bottled up not good either. doctors say those people are more likely to suffer back pain. >> really? >> back pain? >> we let each other know, don't we? >> i have no back pain, man. we argue all the time. >> no, we don't. >> no but in a loving way. >> so, what's this thing about shoot that shot, and make some
8:26 am
money, right? temple basketball team -- >> in the amount of 3 pointers they made during the season, means so much more than three points. >> all right, quincy, how many three pointers do the temple owls shoot this year? >> we have the players, did something for good cause, we'll come back and tell you more about it. hi, we are turketarians.
8:27 am
you know people think that all turkey tastes alike. (both) wrong! true turketarians swear by butterball. we like to say, (both) "what is this? thanksgiving?" (both laughing) get it? butterball. the choice of turketarians. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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8:29 am
does your life look like the movie spend brothers? somebody made a reference to me and i didn't get it. >> that's will ferrell and john c really, isn't it? and i think his birthday was yesterday. >> i like -- anyway, so you you may be surprised how many young doubles are still living with mom and dad. and you know what? we'll tell you why it is so hard to leave the nest these
8:30 am
days. >> and, drink up, ladies and gentlemen, national wine day. the five unusual ways you can consume vino including a slushy, which i've never had. temple owls are everywhere. and our quincy harris is, what? why? >> welshing conditions i is all over the court, she will that shot. trying to make three pointers, aren't you? >> hey, q. >> hey, coach dunphy, you guys team up with philabundance, what happens with the 237 major league pointers. >> we try to make as many as we could, go for 250 next year, shoot for the 3 hundred mark, but proud to be here with philabundance and fresh gross tear do whatever we can to help the community. >> yes, so you guys made 237. you say next year you'll make p 37? >> that would be perfect. go for t see those guys out, there they'll be responsible for. that will probably won't make any of them, q.
8:31 am
>> but the pressure is definitely on how does it feel you made the most in your conference. >> we want to play good basketball where more we want to be good community, fresh grocer, great store down the street from us, and philabundance does such great work for philadelphia. pom people who aren't quite as lucky as us, some other folks out there really struggle little bit. that's our job to help. >> so i'll go talk to some of these players right here. you will and senior. what's your name,er? >> mark. >> mark, how many three pointers are we going to make next year? >> what did the coach say, 3 hundred mark? you. >> think 3 hundred? >> you think you can do 3 hundred? >> yes, sir, yes, sir. >> don't call me sir. we were at college at the same time. >> of course, of course. >> how many will you make individually? >> that's pressure.
8:32 am
>> one hundred. >> how many will you make? >> definitely 4 hundred, i might make 250. >> wow. so not good team to root for right now, they'll little down. we have pat burns, ceo of fresh grocer, pat burns, hey, how does it feel to connect with temple university 237, you know, boxes of food this year? >> just awesome. this is where our company is about, our community. war after dying to help the community, work with fran dunphy, 2237, pretty amazing, and we want to give 3 hundred cases next year. that's the goal we have for them. >> okay, so 3 hundred cases next year. we can't wait. you guys, you guys are having up? >> yes, sir. >> oh, ya. >> having fun, back in north philly. i mean, philabundance. and i wish we had a court here guys. we don't have a court. i wanted to play with some of the players, but we don't have a court. but guess what? next, next hour, they have great story. great story. this guy named did your he will, second chance, he was a convicted fell on, and he turn
8:33 am
his life around, went to jail, met one of philadelphia's local heroes. we'll have that coming up next hour. back to you guys in the studio. >> lots of good stories today, quincy, thank you. we look forward to that then. 8 30. everyone clapping. i feel like i should be clapping. >> they do de is her of it, certainly do, sir. okay, the villanova men's basketball team headed to the white house to sell brat the national championship. they will meet the president at the white house, on tuesday. >> the team beat the tar hills in the buzzer beater shot. you remember that, buzzer beater. so, they won it all, and of course, we were celebrating, remember the parade, such a great time. everyone was happy. i'm so excited for them. they're going to the white house. do you think they could sneak me in with them? i would love to go. >> it would be easier r to you than me. ya, so, why don't you hide in somebody's luggage, and get to meet the president. >> i'll hide, what, where they
8:34 am
put the trophy, maybe i can fit in there? >> right. you can be the padding. >> exactly. >> that was a fun day. so is today. off to very nice start. with temperatures in the 50's, and mostly in the 60s now. don't forget that sunscreen. because with the humidity not too bad today, you'll want to be outside and enjoy it, 66 degrees, right now, with 59% relative humidity. that's not bad for these part. 60 already in allentown, 61 reading. still, 52 mount pocono. 66 dover, delaware, 88 degrees high temperature today. sunny skies, not too humid. we're waiting until tomorrow for that. tonight, down to 62 degrees, with mostly clear skies. we will tell you how long it stays this warm, in your holiday weekend forecast, which is coming right up. bob kelly, where is the jammo this time? >> we got couple of jam, lot of sun glare this morning. so, no complaints. enjoy it. we've been waiting for the sun glare the last couple of days
8:35 am
here, as sue mentioned, today the first day we won't have any rain. so we take it. live look at i95, northbound, getting report of an accident, right near the commodore barry bridge. so, look out there. backed up on the benny, coming into downtown, here's one of a jammo for you, from mid-span, into downtown at 8 and vine. and then in new jersey, northbound lanes of 295, as we go for a ride here. an accident near the warwick road interchange, the exit there where folks, warwick and woodcrest, try to get into the patco high-speed line, station, a crash in west chester, providence and route 3. right there, off the west chester pike. and then north on 95, coming out of wilmington, almost back to normal. we had the earlier accident near route 73, looking good at the airport, now, looking good, on mass transit. mike and alex back over to you. >> yesterday, and the day before, we played the tribute by madonna, to prince. >> i found a better one. >> touching and unique tribute
8:36 am
to the impressive way tap dancers honored prince. >> we'll show it to you. >> ♪ ♪ hey!
8:37 am
♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah.
8:38 am
♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down.
8:39 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and people around the world continue to mourn the death of prince, the tributes keep pouring in. now, we talked about madonna's, and people said, wasn't happen which hers, now with this national tap dance day believe it or not, let's use the same music and dance. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
8:40 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> they are in perfect step. >> ya. >> not one out of step. >> there is a group called painted ladies, isn't that great? >> pretty cool. very cool. >> choreograph and dance by the group, but it would be original, woman in front, her name is khloe arnold. she is the choreographer. >> wow. >> that's pretty cool. >> and that's different. >> and it is actually, national tap dance day. >> so it is fitting. >> brad pitt, not playing a superhero in the upcoming world war ii film allied but
8:41 am
he was casino after hero, during the filming of the movie. >> check this video out. he was walking in the canary islands, saw little girl getting pushed up to the fence. so he worked to lift her over the fence, look at this, away from everybody. >> nice job, brad. >> answer stayed with the girl until the medics arrived. >> i think maybe over stated the hero thing. >> nice of him to do. that will he didn't have to do that. >> we need to get rid of the mosquitos near our yard, ands once they start biting us, we ned to get them off our body somehow. which sprays work, which don't? >> i just had someone tweet me, they're really concerned, lifeguards, outside all day. jen, take care every us here. >> jen will take care of us. >> that's what i meant so say. that's what i meant to say
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> 8 44, for the first time in, i can't remember when, there is action at this hour, on lake, do you see, the camera, the frames, skipping few frames here, but their canoe, wonder if it is a new
8:45 am
canoe? y? way, first time we hit the 80s in the month of may was yesterday. month is almost over. 83 degrees was the high. 76 was the average high. today, we've got an issue with air quality, air quality warning for the entire region in effect, the entire day. so, that concentration of air pollution, it is a problem, and it is every summer. and will feel like summer starting today, lasting all the way through sunday. but, today, not as humid as it will be tomorrow afternoon, all day friday, and probably saturday and sunday, as well. now, monday little if-ee, showers around for memorial day itself. so we may not get out of the 70s. but, get used to this summertime weather pattern, at least, this weekend, alex, it will be completely different from last weekend, and that's a good thing. >> and i can get used to this, that's for sure. >> so really great timing because we are going down the shore this friday. every friday, through july 22, we will be going out on the
8:46 am
town near you. so, ocean sit, get ready. see you at the music pier from 7 to ten a.m. come out, meet us, we want to hang out with you also you can get on tv. but the best part about this we're giving away a car. so you can sign to up win brand new mazda cx9. go to click on the end tow win here, put in your information, you can do this once every 24 hours. then, at the end of each week, taking finalist, and then after that one person will get away with a new car. >> you did that very well. >> thanks, mike. >> and there are the locations over the next few weeks. >> you did that very well. >> thank you. season 2 of our big hit show, called wayward pines, premiers tonight. so, last season, a secret service agent sacrificed himself to safer the town after david tried to make a clean sweet and re-set the town back to it perfect state.
8:47 am
>> all. people are volunteers. >> i'll learn the truth. >> we can work together. >> i just want to get home. >> good luck. >> few new faces in town this season, at the sender of this season jason patrick. >> so he plays doctor theo, a surgeon, and recently we caught up with him to see what's in store for his character and also season 2. >> on this world renouned surgeon, that they've now brought to the town, because they realize that they need him. >> he realizes he has to take
8:48 am
some leadership role, things getting little rot never wayward pine. >> i think the appeal people surprised by the first season. >> the mystery unfolded now the mystery what way pardon bynes is is out. so what you're left with is a bun of of people and how did they deal with this and the pressures of this collapsing society. so i think in a loft ways this year is much more emotional, much more character driven as opposed to everything focusing on the mystery and what's at hand. >> did you now the executive producer guy who lives in montgomery county, in m. night shyamalon. >> yep. and terrence towers also in this. you know, he's on empire, he's got two shows, he is a sheriff. >> season 2, wayward pines, premiers tonight at 9 right here on fox. >> i love, that on fox 29.
8:49 am
>> cathy no, sir. it is 8 49. >> reunite wad little kitty he left behind in iraq. >> months since brad, that's his name, has seen this kitten. and the name of the kitten, mr. meugi. >> i get it. >> hey, the two met while this guy had been working as a government contractor at the baghdad international airport. when the navy reservist had to leave, he also left behind mr. meugi. >> yes. >> got you. >> but last week the pals finally reunited at the los angeles international airport. >> those who become attached to an animal, you know, i wouldn't do anything less than bring him back.
8:50 am
>> so the kitty left baghdad back in march, then went back to iraq germany then to new york city before flying coast-to-coast to los angeles to meet one brad. so the spca international and operation baghdad made this reunion possible. >> all right, let's get rid of the mosquitos, jenn fred, come on, get them off your body. >> yes, and if you guys saw the new consumer reports interesting, said a loft stuff we might be using might not be effective. we have doctor shin here, will tell us what she likes, what we need to know and how to prevent all of it. so come on back, we'll tell you exactly what she has to say. and thank you.
8:51 am
8:52 am
every part of you is strong. time to bring... that strength to your tooth enamel. new colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. strengthens weakened enamel 4x better. so smile.. with strength. with new colgate enamel health mineral repair.
8:53 am
8:54 am
when i am was in the caribbean few month ago, the mosquitos and the sand flies, what are they call, sun flies, were eating me. so i put on these wrist band, put them around my wrist, my ankles, it worked. >> so it worked? >> do they work. >> should we do sprays, too, jen? >> yes, so that's what we are talking about with doctor shin, first of all good morning to you. >> fangs for having me. >> so you're a dermatologist here, you deal with skin, helping us protect our skin. the bracelets, do they work? >> if you red the recent consumer reports, unfortunately, the bracelets don't work very well. and if you look at their video on their website, it is quite evidence that the bracelet on, the mosquitos start biting immediately. >> from my perianal experience, 7 year old, here try this, they didn't work for her but again she was 7, turns out she was pretty smart. when it talks -- when consumer report talked about the efficacy, they talked about this lemon eukaliptus oil.
8:55 am
i was surprised did so well. >> that's correct. so what you are talking about is ole or oil of lemon eukaliptus, it is natural product. the most important thing to remember about that is the concentration also matters. so they tested one that was 30%, ole, and that's considered and that actually work very well, performed very well. head-to-head competition with some of the other insect repellent out on the market. and it is also interesting to note that ole is a repellent that's been tested by the environmental protection agency, registered epa, which also tests efficacy and also safety. >> so, you say, we all need to be worried about the zika virus, because it can do all kind of things, any virus can really hurt your body depending who you are. the number one way, not traveling to those areas, where we know the bugs are, and the diseases, but number 2, clothing, so you're really thinking about these repellent now more watch are you putting on your skin? >> so that's a great question.
8:56 am
so i think the best website if you want to educate yourself more about where these moth keys oath are, where these infections running reported what type to use, the cdc website, register epa registered repellent, main ones are deet, ole, so i'll be using one of the three, if you use deet, they recommend at least 20% concentration, and no higher than 30% for children, and really after ooh%, deet, you're not gaining much more just putting more chemicals on your skin. >> okay. thank you so much for trying to break this down for us. i know we like met you, guys, running from one location to the other location, but i real dow appreciate your time and your help. >> thanks for having me. >> again she said zika doesn't matter if you're pregnant or not, something all we need to be worried about this summer. >> that's for sure. like no other summer. >> great job, jen, nice segment today. 8 56. >> have you having trouble leaving home? may be surprised how many
8:57 am
young adults are still living with mom and dad. like so hard to leave the nest.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> good morning, it is the 9 hour, it is wednesday, car send here. >> morning, karen? by the attach until wine day. and we have these cute little wine glasses. look at alex. i got a beer mug, or beer glass. >> so you guys may remember, though be this was our friends, jenny, who she met in doylestown. remember, mike? she made a mug every you, and you loved your -- >> well, my lips were ladies lips. so she redid it on beer glass, now i have more manually lips. >> and then she decided to give me a wine glass here. >> and she didn't have one for karen so do you have drink o


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