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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  May 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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and we are keeping an eye on the radar to see how long these blue skies will stick around. good friday evening everyone i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. we're also keeping an eye on the roads to night as people across the region pack up for the holiday weekend. our jennifer joyce is live in atlantic city tonight and jenn i know you ran into some traffic on the way down and you made it. a lot of people there with you too. >> reporter: we did. we made it. we did not make it alone. we have a huge party out here on the boardwalk. we're live right outside of resorts hotel. it did take us a couple of hours to make what would normal vol been a hour long trip. it's worth it. we're on the boardwalk under the sun and under all of these beach balls we're actually waiting for beach balls to drop. this is about 5,000 beach balls here on the boardwalk. look at all those people who came out here under the sunshi sunshine. just to kick off the unofficial start to the summer season. lots of people out here. hi, guys. can you tell me where you're from? >> i'm from hamilton, new jers
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jersey. >> tell me why you're here. >> we're here because we heard about the beach ball drop yesterday and we wanted to make a whole beach day out of it we came here. >> you got lucky with this weather. >> we did. it was beautiful outside. >> three, two, one! >> beach balls, beach balls. whoo! >> ut-oh. oh, no. >> stand by. the beach balls didn't drop. they're having some trouble here. all right. look at this chaos happening behind us here as the beach balls are coming on to the boardwalk here. lots of people, we will be back live at 6:00. >> jenny, thank you.
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well the other big question tonight is one that is on everyone's mine how will the weather hold out for the holiday weekend and to answer that question, well, could be a little half and half. >> i tell you it is hot out there tonight. dave warren in old city for us. dave, i tell you walk outside someone flip the switch on summer. >> we hit 80 degrees earlier this m now we're into the 90s. probable dale number two right now. we're headed for heat wave but there's that big change that we have by the end of the weekend you may not like it if you like the weather that we have right now. which is shorts weather people out enjoying the sunshine and heat and humidity. stay hydrated. that's the key because the heat will stick around for at least another day. here's what we have to deal wi with. air quality still an issue. hair quality alert is still in effect and not only today but also tomorrow. the high temperature so far we're up to 89 degrees. close to 90 likely we'll see another day of 90 degrees as we
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see that latest number come in and here they are. we're still at 89 in philadelphia. but the official high comes in shortly. one or 290s out there but it is much cooler right along the coast. look at those where it's a little cooler. a few showers, maybe a thunderstorm that we're keeping an eye on. it's west of the area right now. but we'll continue to spread east. north and western suburbs look out. could be a shower or thunderstorm tonight. not the case south and east just clear and comfortable there. future weather computer shows the showers slowly working their way into the north and western suburbs. and they'll be clearing out just before midnight tonight. so that's the big story tonight. but we have a lot more rain in the forecast and the timing may not be the it could be here for memorial day. i'll have that when i come back inside. >> all right. take look at traffic now live look from skyfox right now. the walt whitman bridge as you can imagine look at that. stacked up headed down the
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shore. we hear the ben franklin much the same. of course we'll be watching the roads throughout the newscast as people head to the shore and to the poconos. and check in all memorial day weekend festivities across the region. keep up to date on the latest forecast 24/7. just head to our website, fox new jersey governor chris christie just signed a package of bills into law aimed at keeping atlantic city from running out of cash. lawmakers a proved the bills yesterday falling a drawn out political fight. they give atlantic city's government up to five months to divide the plan to balance its butt budget. governor christie has said the state will intervene to quote do what needs to be done if the city does not deliver. police in coatesville say a fight between young men quickly escalated into a triple shooting the shooting happened on south fifth avenue and olive street just before 6:00 last night. police say all three victims were in their 20s. were taken to paoli hospital.
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two of them remain hospitalized. coatesville's police chief says gun violence is not acceptable in the city. >> that's not the city of coatesville. that's not the direction the city is headed. that's not our future. we have a zero tolerance for that type of criminal behavior here in the city. the community is 100% behind the police department, council is 100% behind the police department. >> that shooting is still under investigation. anyone with information should contact police. to developing story now residents in the kensington second of the city mourning the loss of one of their beloved neighbors. he was killed last night on the 2100 block of front street. police say the driver just kept on going. >> now as police try to track down that driver, the kensington community is trying to come to grips with the loss of a friend. our steve keeley has the story. >> reporter: the crumpled drivers door told you what happened. family and friends told you what a great man it happened to.
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>> he was good somebody. he didn't -- he didn't have to know people to give them a helping hand. to lend his hand. he didn't have to know you. >> he never said. no take his shirt off his back and give it to you if he had to. and that's how -- that's how he passed away doing what he wanted to do is help people all the time. >> reporter: 57-year-old elli leon air-conditioner repairman by day and all around do anything anyone needed volunteer by night, day and every weekend. >> this world is crazy, you know, that's that. that person leave like that. >> i don't know what's going on with people. they hit the person and keep on going. they don't have no emotion, nothing human beings at all. >> people just need to slow down and look around so these sort of things won't happen, and you have drivers in the city that are doing all kinds of stuff, and who knows how they're
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driving and what conditions they're in. these things happen because they're not careful. >> reporter: after dropping off drug and alcohol rehab program participants here at their front and diamond right under the el home, helping them get their lives back, elli lost his. he walked them inside, said good night to the pastor and then came out to go home. at 10:00 last night, he never even got into the van. hit, dragged and left in the street to die. everyone rush out, called 911 and didn't what elli told them to always do, if they ever felt weak or in need. pray. >> come see me every day. he worked with the boys. he bring the message of the word of god. he trying to make sure they go straight. just can't -- i can't figure it out. i mean i can't figure it out. >> reporter: in kensington, steve keeley, fox 29 news. police need your help finding that driver. investigators releasing these photos earlier today of a car similar to the one that may have
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struck elli. it is believed to be a saab 93 that looks like the one in these photos. if you have any information, call police. philly police looking for this guy tonight. they say he was lurking around a bunch of parked cars in south philadelphia last month. he eventually got inside one and police say he was able to steal several items before getting away. this happened along the 2700 block of south smedley street. attorneys night over report of the first human case of anti by yacht resistance super bacteria in this country. the woman who was diagnose with the bacteria was right here in pennsylvania. military officials say the 49-year-old woman has recovered, but they fear if the resistant spreads to other bacteria, the country may soon see germs impervious to all antibiotics. they had gone to military clinic in pennsylvania for a urinary tract if he can. tests found she had e. coli bacteria resistant to antibiotics.
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fox medical contributor dr. mike cirigliano talk to mike jerrick on good day in ocean city this morning. >> why do they keep using the term super bug? is that what she has? >> well, we are finding the bacteria like everything else tries to exist on the planet. it changes its dna, and it survives by becoming resistant to antibiotics. this one is scary for two reasons. one, it has in itself something called plasma little bit of dna in there and it can spread to other bacteria leading to bacteria that are resistant to just about everything. so i don't want to alarm people. but this is something that is going to be very, very concerning and we have to deal with it. >> this type of antibiotic resistant bacteria has been found in other countries, but never here in the united states. the woman had not traveled recently outside of the country. president obama making a historic trip to hiroshima. what the president said about the use of nuclear weapons and
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his hopes for the future. and this manmade it his mission to stop animal cruelty and save lives. now a devastating diagnosis that will take his life. >> as his wife i'm very proud. he is my hero and i have gotten to share him witness world. >> after a life dedicated to rescuing animals, this local hero shares his greatest wish that you can help come true. and coming up on fox 29 news at 6:00, he's wanted tour trying to rob a citibank. why investigators say his pants may be the biggest clue. all night long we're watching the traffic heading down to the shore. here's a look at new jersey's route 42 at the ac expressway. not looking too bad right now. smooth sailing there. burt i don't think that's the case in a lot of other spots. be patient, be careful if you are on the road tonight. ♪
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welcome back. happening now an annual memorial day tradition. monroe township, new jersey, hundreds of flags are being placed at gravesites at the gloucester county veterans memorial cemetery. it's a tribute to the men and women who have died while serving our country. let's get straight out to bruce gordon live in monroe township tonight for us. hey, bruce. >> reporter: hey, chris. yeah, for many memorial day has evolved over the years into a broader tribute to all those who have served in the american
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military and at this cemetery that means volunteers giving each and every gravesite a red, white and blue accent so who are these volunteers? >> a lot of people think this holiday start of the summer, get to the beach. have picnics. >> reporter: 84-year-old fred couldn't nel system a cancer survivor, his doctors warn him to state out of the sun but fred's doctor does not out rank him. >> i'm out here. they got to be honored. >> reporter: more than 2,000 men and women buried here that the gloucester county veterans memorial cemetery. >> all my brothers and sisters. i served with them all. >> reporter: each year he joins other volunteers placing american flags at each and every gravesite. each and every memorial day weekend. >> connelly was a sergeant in the us army. he likes to say he signed up for thee years and president truman added a fourth. >> i was in japan, 1949, just getting ready to come home when
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the korean war broke out. and we got shipped to korea december 1950. >> reporter: oh on this 90-degree day he wears his army issued khakis. he remembers all too well those korean winters when the thermometer hit 40 below zero. >> we had soldiers laying there firing rifles on the ground just frozen to the rifles. couldn't get the rifle out of their hands. when we pick them up, the rifles came with them. when i come back i never even talk about it. i got a son 57. my daughter is 58. they didn't even know he was in service until 9/11. >> reporter: what was it about 9/11 -- >> when i seen them buildings going down. yeah. that made me think i got to get out there. got to do something. >> reporter: unpack the memories a little bit. >> that's right. >> there you go. >> reporter: fred says he appreciates the parents who bring their kids out here to plant flags. he like the message it sends the lesson it teaches. as for himself, well, this is a duty.
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the kind any veteran could appreciate. >> once a soldier always a soldier. >> reporter: in addition to volunteering for this event, fred also serves on the honor guard here at the cemetery. just part of on-going sense of duty that clearly does not end when the discharge papers are sign. chris? >> all right, bruce, thanks. we want to get to breaking news right now in north philadelphia. pedestrian was struck by a car on -- at b street and roosevelt boulevard in felon till. you're looking live from sky fox. you see police activity at a very busy intersection in feltonville right on the boulevard. we do know one person was taken to the hospital. we are also told the driver did stop. police are on the scene as you can see. once again a pedestrian struck on the boulevard in feltonville tonight. we'll coop you posted as we learn new information. verizon workers could be headed back to work next week after being on strike for nearly two months. today labor secretary thomas
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perez announced an agreement on a four-year contract to end that impass. the deal still needs formal approval by the communications workers of america and the international brotherhood of electrical workers. 39,000 land line and cable employees went on strike last month. over issue that is included poor working conditions, pensions and jobs being accept overseas. in new castle county drug agents arrest accused drug dealer very hill low battista tam march of myhr rose he sold heroin across the county. after two month long investigation he was arrested yesterday. raw heroin and crack cocaine were found inn in his car and on a property allegedly used to deal drugs. and temple students on alert tonight after a violent robbery right near campus. police say an armed robber held someone up on the 1200 block of westmoreland street that was around midnight. the suspect told 46-year-old man to give him all he had then shot
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him three times. that victim was struck in the hip and the buttocks. detectives are now reviewing surveillance video from nearby businesses to get a better look at the bad guy. and a philadelphia man is charged in connection to child pornography investigation by the state attorney general's office. he was arrested wednesday. he's accused of of sharing online child porn. he's posted bail tonight and is due back in court next month. the delaware county spca is closing its flagship animal shelter in new castle county because of debt. stanton branch made that announcement on its facebook page. officials say the shelter will close on june 17th. this news comes just one year after the shelter spent half a million dollars on new kennels and crates for the animals. money from the sale of the property will go towards supporting the spca shelter in sussex county. happening now historic day for president barack obama. the president visiting hiroshima the japanese city bombed by the
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us during world war ii. >> as fox's leland vittert tells us while there the president called for world without nuclear weapons. >> reporter: for the first time a sitting up s commander in chief visited hiroshima. president obama laid a wreath and bowed his head at the site of the its of the world pours first atomic bombing. >> the flash of light, a wall of fire, destroyed a city and demonstrated that mankind possessed the means to destroy itself. >> reporter: the memorial honors the 140,000 people killed when the us attacked hiroshima on august 61945. the bomb largely white wiped out the city. but helped end world war ii. as promised president obama did not apologize for the attack although he did call for a world without nuclear weapons. >> among those nations like my own that hold nuclear stockpiles we must have the courage to
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escape the logic of fear and persue a world without them. >> reporter: the visit is controversial as it is historic protesters for and against it gathering in the city. many critics here were strongly opposed to any kind of apology from the administration. >> we fought a war to win and that's what we should have done. win. that's the purpose of the war. >> reporter: the president's visit has reignited the debate about truman's decision to drop the bomb. many modern historians argue it was unnecessary a kin to america spiking the football top military leaders will tell you we need to remember who we were fighting and how many american lives truman's decision likely saved. at the white house, leland vittert, fox news. coming up drones are keeping an eye on the waters off the coast of the lane nass. we'll tell you scary things they're on the look out for this holiday weekend. >> somber memorial service for fallen soldiers totally interrupted. who took matter noose their own hands to get this protester aw
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away. and police chase after a huge front end loader all because he smashed into a store moments before. what police say the guy was trying to get his hands on. >> we're keeping tabs on the traffic headed down to the shore all night. here's live look at i-76 at market street in camden. you see it is stacked up headed down the shore. be careful if you're out on the road tonight. ♪
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check out this video showing the path of destruction that was left hyped after storms just ripped threw parts of texas. straight line winds and possibly tornadoes are to blame for this extensive damage. dozens of power lines were down, trees uprooted and several buildings destroyed. thankfully though no one was hurt. eighths little bit scary. i was sitting outside watching -- watching the storm, and the building just started shaking, and i go to the walk in
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and wait for a little bit and come out and the roof is in the parking lot. >> the national weather service is working to confirm whether tornadoes touched down in that area. things are getting ugly johnny depp's divorce judge ordered the actor to stay 100 yards away from his estranged wife actress amber herd. >> this as tmz reveals accusations of domestic violence and a picture of heard you may find disturbing. the photo posted on tmz' website shows a bruise around her eye. she says depp inflicted the injury with a phone during a fight on saturday night. the judge also ruled that depp shouldn't try to contact heard. heard filed for divorce on monday citing irreconcilable differences. his attorney declined to comme comment. unusual police chase in alaska where suspects took off on a front end loader. >> didn't get very far. the driver maneuvered down a street before giving up.
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(sirens). >> the pursuit was recorded on dash cam of a police officer's cruiser. officers had a piece of construction equipment that they were following. it was initially used to smash into a liquor store. so that suspect could according to investigators get some booze. after that, this slow chase went down a dark street. the driver eventual giving up after being surrounded by police. investigators say he was drunk when he was arrested. imagine in. after a life dedicated to rescuing animals and their people, this local hero shares his greatest wish that you can help come true. and two teenagers accused of of committing crime. shocking discovery detectives made inside the duo's stolen car. dave? >> big changes this weekend thanks to this. tropical depression here out in the atlantic. it will impact part of the weekend with moisture that could lead to some rain and cooler weather. a look at that in the seven day
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♪ welcome back with a live look at absecon. memorial day weekend is here, and if you've been outside you know the heat has arrived as well. so will the sun and the hot temperatures last through the big weekend? meteorologist dave warren has the answer coming up in your fox 29 weather authori authority. health officials concerned tonight over the report of the first us human case of antibiotic resistant super
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bacteria. 49-year-old woman was diagnosed with the super bug at a pennsylvania medical clinic. doctors found e. coli bacteria resistant to antibiotics. the woman has since recovered but officials fear if the resistants to other bacteria the country may see germs resistant to all antibiotics two people arrested in florida accused of stealing cars, guns and thousands of dollars. >> what make it even more shocking the two are just young teenagers. fox's aaron mesmer has the sto story. >> reporter: two teenagers 14 and 16-year-old accused of summiting so many crimes you'd expect the list to belong to a career criminal. >> astonishing for him being 14. >> reporter: the voice of the 14-year-old's father who didn't want to be identified. >> disappointment, in my son. i thought i did a pretty good job raising him. >> reporter: his son disappeared last wednesday. the father posted this message on facebook hoping neighbors would help find him but hillsboro deputes did.
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>> i want to guide him the right way, but a part of me now is just -- i don't know to do. >> reporter: we're told the teens were driving a stolen car. detectives also found four stolen guns and a lot of other items that weren't theirs totaling up to $20,000. >> these kids were pretty acti active. >> reporter: investigators say they were doing what's known as car hopping going from one car to the next. pulling on the handles until they find an unlocked door, and swiping whatever they can. we're toll these two kids also broke into homes. >> a lot of these younger offenders as you can see the youth here that these two youths were on their own crime spree. >> reporter: deputes believe the suspects are responsible for at many as nine burglaries. >> these two kids we know for sure have been operating over six months. >> it's devastating to my wife, um, when they read the charges off she about fainted in court. >> reporter: this father wishes why he knew why the son keeps breaking the law.
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>> first bikes, now cars. >> he knows the teen's future is out of his hands. >> i can hope and pray they don't charge him as an adult. >> both are facing two grand theft auto charges. they think the duo stole four guns. so far they've only recovered one of those weapons. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. i tell you it was hot out there today. you would think it was like the middle of july out there. >> i loved it. >> i like it this way. >> you'll love tomorrow at least but things will start to change once you get into the weekend. >> keep the fluids going. poor air quality. air quality alert. still in effect tomorrow for people who are sensitive to poor air quality. watch that. there's no real change. heat wave question mark 90 degrees yesterday. waiting for the official high today likely close to 90 tomorrow. that's it though as we're cooler on monday with periods of rain coming in. you step outside there's partly cloudy skies. still pretty muggy out there. pretty warm. the temperatures up to 89. dew points above 60 when it climbs above 60 you can feel
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it's uncomfortable just a little bit climbs into the upper 60s it's very humid we're in the quite there yet. southwest wind continue to bring in the moisture. with the increase in humidity comes the showers. now, watching this line of showers is well west of the area. a few showers tried to pop up ahead of that. this will try to move through the area maybe early this evening thinking maybe seven, 8:00 o'clock the western suburbs might see a brief shower or thunderstorm. don't worry about that. to the south it's just niece north and western suburbs. well north and west of 95 that could see that rain tonight. drop the temperatures briefly here as that rain moves in. until then we're still up about 90 in fact reading hit 90. it's close to 90 in philadelphia allentown. mount pocono at 79 degrees. possible heat wave, yesterday we hit 90. likely hitting that today. 90 again tomorrow. then dropping sunday and into monday thanks to this. this is a tropical depression now with winds 35 miles an hour being monitored by the national hurricane center. we're concerned with moisture
5:34 pm
from this as it interacts with an approaching cod front. here's what will happen each hour here. all the way through memorial d day. you'll see it's bringing in that increased humidity and this is by tomorrow. notice the afternoon showers pop up north and west the city. don't worry about rain across delaware, south jersey especially the shore. you might see low clouds. you get these temperatures very warm this time of year. could see low clouds that will work its way into south jersey and delaware. sunday morning, cloudy start, and then showers and thunderstorms pop up. now, as that low moves north, the, what's left of this tropical depression will start to see it interacting with this cold front approaching the north and western suburbs early. so you could wake up to some rain. then that rain fills in and becomes heavy at times by noon. and then it will continue to move through the area monday afternoon and evening. so not the best day there. because that storm will bring in the cooler air especially that northeast wind, our temperatures down the shore may not even climb above the 70s right along
5:35 pm
the coast a lot of people are it will be much cooler and a bit breezy you can see the numbers into the 70s. only upper 70s around philadelphia north and west mid to low 70s. big drop in temperatures expected. here's what to expect this weekend. 76, 73, there's that rain. heavy rain and much cooler with the water temperature 57 to 60. that wind coming in off the water, that keeps the air temperature down as well. 70 to 80 to 90 tomorrow. look for few showers north and west around lunch and dinnerti dinnertime. maybe isolated shower or thunderstorm similar to what we have across the area now except maybe a bit more widespread. muggy night tomorrow night. then it gets cooler on sunday keep those showers in the forecast. rainy and cooler on monday. high temperature of only 76. much cooler down the shore but it quickly clears out. as you head back to work. bright sunshine. nice comfortable weather. lower humidity. sunny and warm both tuesday and wednesday. thursday there's just a little cooler breeze we'll keep the temperature below 80 and friday we're at 82 with a mix of sun and clouds. >> all right.
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>> we'll take it. >> thanks, dave. >> it could be worse. >> yeah. >> thanks dave. a man walks into a restaurant says he's a deputy and he's taking donations for a bullet proof vest. why his story landed him in handcuffs. and drones they're used just about everywhere these days. but what they are looking for off the coast of the carolinas the answer coming up. and later on fox 29 news at 6:00 he was out walking his dog and then he was assaulted watch police say his attacker asked him right before he was purged in the face. >> let's go back to check the roadways headed to the shore this holiday weekend. there's a live look at the atlantic city expressway. lots of cars going down but getting reports a lot of people are already down the shore. so things seem to be thinning out right now, of course, we'll keep an eye on the roads throughout the broadcast.
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♪ this weekend the art museum draws soccer players and fans to its steps. >> the inaugural street soccer usa philadelphia tournament now underway. the soccer tournament is being used to reach out to children in
5:40 pm
urban areas. officials say sports teach important lessons in life such as resilience tournament is also holding a social change cup to reach out to homeless young people. the games last through sunday. researchers in north carolina are using drones in a rather unusual way. >> yeah, they're actually using little planes to spot sharks. for the past year researchers from duke university and unc chapel hill have been testing the ability of drones to spot bonnet head sharks right now they're just using look a like decoys the fake sharks are placed atwater depths in different habitats and drones try to spot them. >> we're really trying to focus on building our detection capabilities. it's actually hard to do that with wild species because they don't cooperate. they're not always in the right place at the right time. however, if you build decoys you can get to that. >> so far so good. the results have been promising with the drones spotting shark decoys at depths up to 3 feet in
5:41 pm
clear and murky water. memorial service for fallen soldiers is interrupt beside a protester. we'll tell hugh took matter noose their own hands to get that guy out of there. and next, he's made it his mission to stop animal cruelty and save lives. then a devastating diagnosis that will take his life. after a life dedicated to rescuing animals, this local hero is sharing his greatest wish that you can help come true. sean? >> chris the phillies trying to see if they can stack up against the best team in the league chicago cubs. we'll check out day game over at wrigley field plus rumors floating around about the sixers making a trade. we get you caught up later in sports.
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♪ welcome back. all evening we're watching the traffic headed down the shore for the holiday weekend. let's take live look at the great egg toll plaza this is in somers point. now, all of those cars you see on the right hand side of your screen are headed into ocean city. typically a busy place down the shore. little extra busier tonight. be patient. be careful. if you are hitting the road tonight. and speaking of atlantic city, mayor don guardian hitting the water this morning with the help of a few good men. the city kicking off the summer season with the unlocking of the ocean ceremony following some financial set backs in the city the mayor says planned investments are set to happen over the next few years to help revitalize the city. a man who has saved thousands of lives who has put
5:46 pm
countless criminals behind bars fighting animal cruelty is now in the fight of his life. the pennsylvania spca's humane law enforcement director george bengal is battling a rare form of cancer. mess thiel i don't mean ma. he is a amazing man. lucy knoll takes look at all that he's accomplished and his greatest wish. ♪ >> reporter: on day that somehow fits, the news just learned george and carol bengal welcome us into their home. >> how are you? >> nice to see you. >> thanks so much. come on in. >> cancer is even more progressive than it was. >> reporter: even though there doctor had just told them the medical team could do no more. >> this was the weekend before we learned of his diagnosis. after that, life as we knew it is no longer. >> reporter: this is not about what could have been.
5:47 pm
it's about a life well lived, about the promise of all that will spring from it. >> bread and used for fight. >> reporter: bengal's request to protect animals from cruelty bring their torturous to justice grabbed national spotlight through two hit shows. >> some fighting dogs are being kept in abandoned property. >> reporter: one on animal planet. >> chief investigator george bengal. >> reporter: one on matt geo. >> it wasn't the fact that we were on tv show but highlight of my career was the fact that people -- their eyes were open opened. what can i do. what can i do to help you prevent this and stop this? >> reporter: awareness, the first step toward change. >> there's no furniture or anything in there. it was used as a ring. there's blood all over the wal walls. >> reporter: bengal and his humane law enforcement teams battle against a scourge of dog
5:48 pm
fighting in the philadelphia area thrust barbaric blood sport on to the international stage. >> some of these fights that went off especially during that nat geo series were animals that were actually -- one was from overseas where the fight was set up and they actually flew the animal here. that's a million dollar fight. some were chained to radiators on short heavy chains. >> reporter: white right in south philly. >> home officials removed two homemade tread treadmills. >> reporter: 50 dogs saved with dozens of arrests some of those criminals are still behind bars. >> i'm just glad we were able to rescue these. >> we have countless stories about george but one of them in particular sticks out in my mine because he literally saved us. >> the scene, a south philly hoarder's home with hundreds of animals and fox 29's chris o'connell was on life tv. >> his officers protected us from a very violent person. >> i'm getting -- hey, hey.
5:49 pm
>> he made sure that we made it to the police station. he made sure we were uninjured. he not only had passion for helping animals but he also helped us as people and that's what made makes him the guy he is. spca investigators executed search warrants here. >> reporter: bengal's animal and people saving exploits have made one big impact on philly's cuff guy journalists. >> he's always an advocate for the community and for the anim animals. everybody i know who has been around george for all these years knows what a top notch guy he is. >> reporter: fox 29's steve keeley taking a page from bengal's humane law enforcement book summed up by the motto on their trucks help is on the way. >> you think after being a cop for 20 years that somebody would deserved take it easy and rest a bit and maybe take up a hobby. not george. >> george bengal humane law enforcement career began after he retired from the philadelphia police force and before that --
5:50 pm
>> came under attack here. see all the bombs they were shooting mortars. >> reporter: he serve the our nation in the vietnam war drafted in 1966. exposed to asbestos somewhere along the way. >> this cancer for developed it takes about 50 years from the time you're exposed until the time it actually comes out. >> 50 years ago you were sevenning our nation during the vietnam. >> would have put me right in my militarmill years. >> bengal's ring tone move like jagger blared. >> oh, my god. >> as his pcpca family surprised him with a celebration of his career. >> thank you so much. i don't know what to say. >> you're our hero, buddy. >> you don't know what this means to me. you real don't. >> i get to sit up front this time. usually i'm in the back of the room. >> i ain't going to make this sound like a eulogy because my
5:51 pm
man is right and there he's still fighting. also i already told you i'm getting married in 10 years and i'm going to need you to be my best man. >> he launched right into a story about a big rooster raid at a known drug corner where police backed them up. >> police pulls up. me, jason, george jumps out the car. some guy that's telling drugs takes off running. what george do? starts chasing the guy. (laughter). >> reporter: bengal right there in the trenches with his officers. >> you look to your side he's going to be doing the same exact thing. if i'm ringing -- wrangling pitbulls or whatever the case may be he's standing right there next to me. grabbing an animal, too. >> reporter: from around the world e-mails, texts, tweets have been pouring in thanking bengal for all he's done for the voice less. >> it's unbelievable.
5:52 pm
as his wife i'm very proud. he is my hero, and i have gotten to share him with the world. >> reporter: but the world doesn't know that this fierce warrior in the fight against animal cruelty also cuts a mean rug on the dance floor. >> we got up to dance at the premieres and they were like is this the same guy we work for? >> 35 years ago, george and carol met on the dance floor. pretty much every saturday since date night has also been dance night. >> when george learned of his illness, we did go out to our favorite spot and we danced that night and he said to me, this will probably be the last time we dance and it was. so we had -- i said to him, our next dance will be in heaven. yet countless animals george bengal to this day is an angel on earth. >> i want more than anything is
5:53 pm
for this work to be carried on. (applause). >> and that was our lucy noland reporting. the pennsylvania spca has just established the george bengal fund to prevent animal cruelty. donations are vital. his 10 officers respond to calls in 22 pennsylvania counties. yet they get no public funding. head to for a link on how you can help. coming up a man walks into a restaurant and asks for donations to buy a bullet proof vest since he says he's a depu deputy. so why is he facing charges? and coming up on fox 29 news at 6:00 he's wanted for trying to rob citibank. why investigators say his pants might be able to track him down. every friday,
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a canadian diplomat tussles with a protester in dublin. kevin vickers canada's ambassador to iran grabbed and led i was a way protester shouting during a memorial service for a fallen british soldier. the ambassador hell the man until police arrived and arrested him. vickers is no stranger to responding when duty calls.
5:58 pm
some delaware county kids get a first-hand lesson in science and technology today. peco engineers leading courses at blessed virgin mary school in darby this morning. teachers hope it will encourage teens especially girls to consider careers in science. a waitress in georgia thought she was helping out a police officer when he asked for donations to buy a bullet proof vest. >> well it turns out the whole thing was a hoax. the waitress at the restaurant in cherokee county says the man walk in wearing all black and wearing some sort of belt around his waist. she says he even had the word enforcement on the back of his shirt. so when the guy said that he was in need of help, she didn't think twice. >> he asked me if we can donate for a bullet proof vest, and he was like, um, i got shot the other night, and it was on the news. >> deputes have identified the man as 22-year-old joshua lad.
5:59 pm
he is not a police officer and that he tried to use the same scam at a nearby pet store. he's faces charging for impersonating an officer. ♪ right now at 6:00, thousands are hitting the roads for memorial day weekend. whether you're headed for the beach or just the backyard, be ready. these clear skies are not sticking around for the entire holiday weekend. when you might need to that umbrella handy. ♪ and caught on camera, a burglary in south philadelphia. wait until you see what cops say group of guys got away with that's worth more than 50 grand. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00.
6:00 pm
memorial day weekend is here. many of you are packing up the car and traveling this weekend as we remember those who gave all to protect our country. we are keeping an eye on the radar. especially on some showers that might disturb your weekend plans. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. we're also watching the traffic on area roadways and folks it is pretty jammed out there. jennifer joyce should know. she's in atlantic city. she had to fight through all that traffic on the way down there. hey, jenny? >> reporter: hi. we did have to fight through that traffic. it took us about two hours to get from philadelphia to atlantic city but now that we are here we are certainly happy. it is absolutely gorgeous. actually a little breezier, nice little cooler with that ocean breeze. earlier at 5:00 we did want to show you beach ball drop we had a little technical difficulties standing one of those nets that actually didn't drop when it w


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