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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  May 30, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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it is chilly and rainy but you still got to have the ocean city beach patrol no matter what just in case somebody goes in. >> that is right. >> that is right. >> so, what are we go to go do, what are we go to go do now that it is rained out? can you barbecue inside? i guess you could, if you have a grill. >> true. >> flame grill. >> not many people have that. >> well, what else can we do? do you want to play sorry? do you want to play clue? >> take a nap. >> take a nap. >> make sausage. >> how about monopoly. >> that could go on forever. >> sure. >> what was that game we played. >> or make big sausage. >> turning down blake, gwenn stefani reportedly told blake no when he proposed to her.
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why a lot of moms are siding with her. >> and she what about johnny depp. >> he has drama this morning, big time, problems deep for johnny depp what amber heard is accusing him of and two people that are defending him. >> what did amber hear? or just heard . >> ahh. >> do you think you can dance, do you? that hit show returns to fox. they are into their 12th season. >> yes. >> kat dealy joins us on good day philadelphia rain, rain, go away, wet weather is derailing millions of plans for memorial day but we have to remember why we have memorial day in the first place. it is not about barbecues and mattress sales and that silly stuff but about remembering people who lost their lives defending our freedom. we appreciate you and say thank you. >> also, thinking of the families because they have lost their loved ones. that is sacrifice on their part as well. >> as you know the look at a live shot in ocean city.
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>> that is not the best looking day i have found a list on the internet what to do on a rainy day. >> okay. >> are you ready. >> would you wonderful, mike. >> baking. >> make some cookies. >> yes. >> okay. >> that could be fun. >> red, white and blue sugar cookies. wouldn't that be great. >> yes. >> are grocery stores opened today. definitely. >> like the acme. >> yes. >> shop rite. >> i don't know. >> whole foods. >> i live me acme so i can only speak of acme. >> you know, yesterday i walk to me acme over at fifth and pine and i could not get a cab. i had four big cases of water, and food for thousands, i don't know it is just me. >> are you having a party. >> stocking up. >> there is no party, no nothing. >> who doesn't like water. you don't drink water. >> i try to drink a lot of the water.
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>> i just don't like drinking it. >> anyway i cannot get the cart full of food through the little thing and i can't get a cab. i'm out on fifth street, hailing a cab. could not get one. uber kept saying every time i click on the app, it says you have to use uber pool. last thing i want to do is have somebody in the car. >> why wouldn't you want to do that. >> let's say you had to get someplace and uber pulls up to he with a huge car of groceries and you have to go to my house. >> that is what you have to deal with. >> i didn't want uber pool. >> you need a ride, you need a ride. >> so the guy that managed this place, i trust you, i necessity where to find you. he let me push the grocery cart full of groceries to my apartment. >> wow, that is special permission. >> i went and took it right back.
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>> i didn't want to run into anybody i necessity because it looks like i steeling a golf cart. driving one down fourth street. it was so loud. people are looking, rattling around. bouncing all over. >> so, i'm almost back to the grocery store and here comes running down the street, fourth street is would be of our directors, tim. >> is he in the control room right now? he goes are you stealing that. >> right away. >> how were you dressed too. >> i looked pretty shabby. >> yes. >> how was he dressed then. >> he was almost completely naked because it was a hundred degrees and he is out jogging. >> he looked good. >> yes. >> very, very handsome man. >> talking about yourself. >> yes. >> i should be doing that instead of rattling all the way back to the grocery store.
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here's another thing. >> what was the point of that. >> i don't remember. >> we were trying to keep you busy on a rainy day. >> yes. >> acme was opened so we could get stuff. >> that is right, bake. >> that is how it started. >> yes. >> dumbest list we have ever done. >> you could, jump in puddles. >> wow, yeah. >> with rain boots on. >> play hide and seek inside the house. >> that was my suggestion earlier too. >> board games. >> that is a good one. >> i like board games. >> i like cher raids. >> do you remember that one game. >> fact or craft. >> we didn't realize we had been there all day. >> pacecally a trivia game but is it fact. >> it is different facts and we have to say which one is a fact. >> we have old school trivial pursuit. >> i have apples to apples or something. >> apples to apples, i like that. >> i have a seinfeld trivia
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game. >> yes. >> would you like that. >> no one would play with you. >> you can set up indoor obstacle course. >> that is a lot of work. >> tent with the furniture. >> do you want to hear the rest of this stupid list. >> watch a movie or read a book. >> or maybe i wonder if the art museum is opened, if you can go, franklin institute. >> sure. >> every place is opened. >> yes, i may go out there myself today. >> i'm throwing out suggestion is this blake shel ton, he looks over at gwenn stefani and looks over at the singing show the voice and goes, oh, you are nice. i just got a divorce from miranda lambert. >> she was breaking up with her husband. >> yes, gavin rossdale. >> he looked at her and goes i love you. he fell in love quickly. he proposed to her this last week even. >> by the way art museum is
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opened. >> thank you. >> to my surprise, this gwenn stefani said, i love you, blake, but this is too fast, man. you are on a picnic in los angeles. so, he popped the question, with a 1.2 million-dollar tiffany ring. >> but how he did it. >> what did he do. >> he put the ring in the bottom of the bucket of kfc fried chicken. >> well, he is country. >> it makes the rain look shiny because of the grease. >> yes. >> slip right on your finker with that grease. >> no worries about ring size. >> but she said no. >> she said no way because she want the time to be right with her children. >> she thinks it is moving foot fast and she has a couple of kid. >> she has three children and they broke up in august of last year. so it hasn't even been a whole year for the kids. that is responsible as a mother for her to do that good what do they say when you know, you know. >> that is true but sometimes
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you have to delay action because of the kids. >> because of the kid. >> they always want their parents to get back together. >> does he have have any kids. >> what was he thinking. >> i don't think he does that was miranda. >> now miranda has moved on too. she has a hot new flame. >> i wand fur they like eating chicken together. >> i don't know. >> inside joke. >> maybe she likes chicken. >> someone is not that way. just here's a million-dollar ring but i will be country ape shove it in a bunk it of children. >> bucket the of chicken is priceless now. >> wow. >> was it original or extra crispy. >> yes, extra crispy. >> here's the thing, if you do happen to meet alex, fall in love with her, and want to marry her, all she really wants is a bucket of chicken. >> i will eat the chicken.
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>> i was looking at your earrings. they are nice. they match that construction cone color. >> really. >> talking about my dress, trying to hide it. >> very nice. >> experts say there are some marriage no, no's that are not that bad despite what we have been told for years. >> i looked ahead and i agree with every single one of them. >> thane this better then i did. >> we have been told never do this, never do this, always do this, never do this, like and it is not that hard and fast of a role. in other word you are told don't ever fantasize about someone else when you are with your current love. >> is that okay. >> it is all right. >> researchers say that almost 100 percent of the fantasize about someone other than our spouse we just don't admit it. we remember past, positive experiences, you know. >> or about somebody you wish you were with, a celebrity.
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>> let's just say that you know, the sexual part was really good. should you fantasizing about that if you are with someone new. >> i just don't verbalized it, it will not hurt. >> i guess. >> here's the one that i -- >> wouldn't they know if you are fantasizing. >> they shouldn't unless you are screaming out their name. >> that is the danger, that sometimes can happen. >> rebecca. >> i'm assuming if you have been a married for a while you get used to them and start doing different stuff. what is going on here. >> where did you learn that one. >> yes. >> yes. >> here's a good one because i truly believe in this. >> i do too. >> sleeping in separate rooms or separate beds. >> you used to think so funny
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when rob and laura petary slept in separate beds is rocksty, it leads to berth sleep. >> number one reason is snoring problem. >> exactly it is okay to go to another room. >> some people flop around, they keep waking you up. >> it doesn't mean you are not in love. >> but don't you want to wake up next tour spouse. >> not if you are drooling on their pillow. >> yes. >> your breath stinks. >> that is right. >> there is nothing good about waking up in the morning. >> no. >> you don't wake up. >> mourn breath. >> i don't wake up like this. >> yes, duey and moist like last night, i woke up all kind of sweaty, because it is, where i am at turn that air conditioning or not. >> do you kiss your fiance, or do you like go brush your feet and then i'll go kiss you. >> no, no way. >> no. >> i would say, don't kiss me because my breath is bad but i would never tell somebody else
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to do that. >> i think mike has. >> yes. >> have you. >> what? >> brush your teeth. >> no, i would not. >> why are you acting weird. >> because i'm weird. >> going to bed angry, and year after year, for decade go to bed angry. well, parentally experts say sometimes we need time to cool off and maybe sleeping will give us something. you know, it doesn't seem so intense when you wake up the next morning. other times you wake up and just as mad as you went to sleep. >> if you adhere to that rule and never go to bed angry and you are still just angry you will never sleep. so might as well let's sleep on it the and revisit in a morning. >> separate rooms. >> that is right. >> fantasizing about somebody else. >> yes. we have come full circle. sleep in the another room, fantasize burr ex and go to bed angry. >> yes.
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>> happy marriage for everybody. >> can't wait. >> we have saved your lives. that is what we are all about here. >> did we get anything on twitter and facebook. >> we have been getting stuff about is hot dog a sandwich. this all started because miriam webster dictionary they have put out a dictionary and they called it a sandwich. jen says a hot doggies a hot dog. it stand alone. >> and, pauline says hot doggies a sandwich. if it isn't neither is a hoagie because the bread is split this too. patrice says hot doggies not a sandwich unless you split the hot dog. here's interesting one. i said earlier, you know, because the split, then it is not really a -- it is not the split so therefore it is not a sandwich. >> you mean the bun didn't break. >> that is right, still connect. >> jeff said well, hot doggies a hot dog and hamburger is a hamburger. you don't pick the bun it is just expect. a sandwich means you have choices. >> i like that. >> what do you call a cheese stake is that a sandwich. >> no, it is a different
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category. >> that is a sandwich. >> that would be a sandwich. >> it doesn't have a split bun. >> his point is, a sandwich equal choices. when you go cheese stake, with cheese or without. it is a sandwich. but with hot dog it is the same thing, you get a hot dog. >> what? >> but we're so deep, we're talking about sandwiches. >> i think if there is bread involved a roll or bread and something in the middle it is a sandwich, is what a big deal. >> yes. >> hot dog sandwich, give me a sandwich with the weiner on it >> isn't it a couple of pieces of bread and no matter what it is. >> early sandwich. >> with something in between. >> playing poker and he wanted a quick snack and they slapped some meat between two piece he of bread. >> how did that start. lets say you don't think it was a sandwich. what is a definition you would put together to put in a dictionary. >> you cannot use the word hot
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dog. >> that is right. >> but maybe a a weiner put between a connect bun. >> i'm getting a headache. >> so if i happen, i come home and one of my buns is split, it is not connected anymore. >> it is not a hot dog. >> i slap a weiner in there. >> you have a weiner sandwich. >> i can call that a weiner sandwich. >> yes. >> that is enough. >> sue, seriously people want to know when it will clear up. >> there will be place that he is get sunshine but most of them will be far north and west of the city, i forgot my clicker but we can take a look and look at this weather authority, okay, we're moving, okay. behind the scenes there is a lot going on. i'm moving. i'm going to zoom in on this radar. >> what are you getting.
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>> you are not moving it is over here. >> i was lying. >> you are very kind to even think about doing it. >> okay. >> here we go. >> there are a few places north and west where sun might be burning through those clouds but do you see how isolated they are when they pop up, this is the deal until bonnie gets out and cold front comes through to clear it out this is on and off the rest of the day and we might see thunderstorms popping up, later on this afternoon. so a very quick look at the seven day forecast, shows us that it is improving, especially wednesday and thursday of this week and we will see what we can do about those showers in the forecast for friday, saturday, sunday. that is your seven day guys, now back to you. 9:16. >> drama continues for johnny depp1 week after his wife amber heard filed for divorce. the over the weekend amber heard was granted a restraining order against her husband. >> pictures have surfaced now of a bruised up amber. she claimed in court papers
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that the bruises were from a violent fight that she had with johnny. she filed for divorce two days after the alleged fight. amber also claimed that johnny has a long history of substance abuse and she's attempting to secure financial gain in the divorce settlement. johnny and amber were married for just 15 months. >> so, we are bringing in attorney jennifer brand. >> good morning. >> let's remind everybody, that johnny also was with another woman vanessa paradise for a long, long, time and they have two kids together. >> that is correct. >> that is right. >> restraining orders, how do they work? when do they normally are called for. >> okay, so what happens, someone gets into a fight, something happens my advice to clients is call police
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immediately, don't call me, call the police. >> when did she call. >> she waited. the police did come to the house. what happened was she said oh, nothing really happened, and then later on she goes and files for a restraining order and she said reason she waited was she was too upset at the time. right there i question that because my advice is always if something happened you want to tell police, you want to file that restraining order immediately because that makes your case more valid. if you are so afraid of that person why are you waiting. >> maybe they are afraid of retaliation, afraid of the media. >> here we are dealing with a public figure, johnny depp, there could be many, many reasons why. >> did she get the restraining other. >> yes, ultimately. then what happens when you asked what happened with the the restraining order, then what happens there is then a final hearing on the restraining order to determine the validity of the claim. whether there will be a
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restraining order and you know, in california. he could face jail time in the future. >> you have to be careful there, jen because if she said that she got hit you should believe her, shouldn't you. >> yes, yes and no. you just don't know. these pictures are very damaging to johnny depp because it looked like something happened and many instances when we have domestic violence claims you don't have pictures or any bruising, it is he said she said. here you have pictures. that makes her case stronger but what happened, we will wait and see what happened, what evidence that she has at the actual trial. >> his ex-vanessa is coming to his defense. >> she said johnny depp is father of my two children, sensitive, and loving person. i believe that these recent allegations made are outrageous. in all of the years i have none johnny he's none been physically abusive with me. i have lived with him for 14 wonderful years. >> does that help. >> it helps in the court of
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public opinion i think. whether it happened in the real court, well, it will help him in the real court. she would have to come in as a witness. court will not buy this letter as to anything. it doesn't have anything to do with the actual incident which is what is going to be focus of the domestic abuse claim. >> daughter posted my daddies sweetest most loving personally know. he has been nothing but a wonderful father to my little brother and i and everyone who knows him would say the same thing. >> now she is 17, she's 17 years old. >> people love johnny depp and thinks is what being confirmed by his family members but we have to wait and see to find out what actually happened in this case. >> thank you very much. >> good to see you twice in one week. >> exciting. >> 9:20. >> jenny joyce is out there in media for the parade. >> reporter: it will happen, it is happening in a little while at 10:00 o'clock in
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media all morning we have been wondering in the the township do we have this parade, do we not? sunnies peeking through clouds, it is on.
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people are sending in their pictures for memorial will day. this is william rodgers, u.s.s. randolph, wish were you still here, dad. annie, thanking our veterans including my husband joe who served in the u.s.a. f, in the vietnam war, you had air force. >> um-hmm. >> give a shout out to my brother, tom, he was a lt. col. in the air force. >> yes. >> we love you, there in media. we wanting to to you because you are getting ready for memorial day parade. when does this start at 10:00 o'clock straight up. >> it starts in about a half an hour. people are already lining up here. we have corvettes going. this is my new friend gary, a marine, a veteran, can you
9:25 am
talk burr participation. were you worried it would be cancel. >> yes, we were very war i had, last night's forecast didn't look too well. it all worked out. cloud moved away. here we are. >> this is media. this is a wonderful, wonderful small town. this parade is important to these people. can you talk about what it means for this community. >> absolutely, just, community is very strong on the veterans around here in this community. thinks county seat of delaware county. it is very popular place for parades here in town. >> you get to ride in this beauty. >> yes, i do. >> yes. >> those are your friend behind you. it is from our cover vel club. >> yes, county corvette association. >> we expect to see a number of veterans groups out here today and fans like music, anything else you want to add about what people can see. >> that is fire companies will be here, various fire companies throughout the area and all of the local vets will be here and associations. >> most important thing is it
9:26 am
is on, be here 10:00 o'clock at state street and edgemont street, mike and alex. >> and your daughter nia used to play in that softball. >> right there. >> yes. >> is she in town. >> she's back home for summer. >> hi, nia. >> yes. >> one more time on this hot dog debate. people are insisting it is absolutely not a sandwich. i will ask a guy who has been grilling wean he is for years. we will let him answer it okay. >> okay. >> they is. >> he knows his hot dog and his weanies. there they are. >> yes. >> what is that? scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices.
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and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> all right, so, getting a lot of tweets, people are sending us, just facebook comment, the oxford definition after hotdog, of a sandwich. >> oh, a sandwich. >> yes, my computer just died. oh, no. my life. >> okay, so doing tweets about a hotdog. >> okay. >> here we go. this is from s gram. any type of filling you put between on or any casino of bread is a sandwich. >> thank you, i agree. >> and saw this on facebook, so true, growing up, getting regular bread. >> that's right. if you didn't have a bun, you just put the hotdog on the bread. >> my friends comment end on
9:31 am
facebook, good point, just look up what a sandwich is, look up the definition after sandwich is and that applied. >> we'll check that. >> mike, someone an authority on this casino of snipping. >> true, if you do look up the definition after sandwich, two pieces of some type of bread. >> yes. >> with stuff between t isn't that a -- all right, chef, from pine pallet over at 15th and locust? >> is a hotdog a sandwich? >> it could be. >> what do you mean, could be? >> could be. >> put it on a piece of bread. >> see, he goes with the definition of a dish sean area s hamburg area sandwich? >> of course it is. >> see, a lot of people is a no. >> a burying czar burger, sandwich is a sandwich. we take everything, we make it a sandwich. >> look how he does his hotdogs. now, it looks as if they've been on the grill too long, see, look at this one here? >> only serve the good ones. >> , no did you do that on purpose? make it harder? >> we like to get a little crisp in it anyway. >> a lot of people don't do that. >> i like a little bit of
9:32 am
texture. >> texture? >> this isn't a casing, all natural. >> okay. >> so, i always ask, you got to try this segment, eat something unusual. so this is it. we're going to eat buffalo tartar, my understanded it means raw. >> yes. >> that's bison, what we do, we harvest twice a month, go to a farm one in montana, one in eye women g, bring this beautiful buffalo. >> that's buffalo meat? >> this one right here, this is beef, this is buffalo. >> if you go over to histories taunt, they cut that in half and that's a steak. >> yes, about 30 ounces, you take this right off the bone, all of that trim that we see around here, we take it, we turn it into our burgers right here, so we have maybe six burgers a day. >> that's small. >> that's all we have. >> all right. let's do this. it is raw buffalo meat, buffalo tartar. what do you start with? >> let's do this right here. our finished product, this is how we do it, mix the egg with
9:33 am
it. >> so all of the ingredients i see in front of me all in there? >> absolutely. >> tell me what you have? you start with the raw buffalo meat. >> raw buffalo meat. this is whole grain mustard, right here. this is shallots, capers, dijon mustard, we do olive oil, worse test shire, sharp chives, mix it altogether, this is what we come up with. then we take it like this, little, and there, if you want a little mustard, put little mustard, and here you go. >> hold that please. >> you got it. >> would you like to taste some? >> we'll see. that's raw meat right there. >> it is. >> i'll be okay, right? >> absolutely. >> need a cocktail afterward. >> what is this cocktail by the way? >> fresh dacri, just fresh
9:34 am
lime juice, orange juice, lemon juice, little coke not, rum. >> delicious. >> oh, that's real nice. you know what? i like it. i like the tartar. >> i do too. >> the best way to have it, if you like it. >> all right. you know, they served a lot of this back here in philadelphia, in 1776. no, i mean, 1976. you know why? >> why? >> itit was the bicentennial. >> come on, chef, common. good to see you, man. >> thank you very much. >> i'll be over to your place. by the way, tell me some chef you've worked with over the years. >> worked for wolf gang puck, joe robesean, and others, when you you have the luxury of working foreign credible chef like wolf, you have gotten some luxuries of working with the people that surround him. >> congratulations. okay, alex, sue? >> thank you, mike. >> do you want some raw buffalo? >> bring the dacri in. >> sue wants the dacri. >> don't blame her. i want a dacri.
9:35 am
>> ya. >> after the show maybe. >> do you think you can dance? it returns tonight the show. pat joins us next to tell us how this season is going to be different than years past. let's have a watch party. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:39 am
>> obviously is that's a great clip from tonight's so you say you can dance, which i think is in its 600 season, cat, high! nice to have you in philly. >> mike, yes, i was around during this time of the dinosaurs. >> oh, no. >> like little t-rex can you believe it is the 13th season. >> people love the show. >> years ago i actually auditioned for it, i'm not kidding, i did a leer call dance, they through me out of the studio. >> what song. >> i don't even remember what it was. it was rude. >> it was the tights were you wearing, i think. >> they were quite tight? >> quite tight. >> ya are okay, how is this year different there is season? >> well, actually doing a kids version this year, this year, and they are incredible. these kids below you away, they are so good. secondly, they were, so they come off stage, they still have that real innocence, and
9:40 am
charm, and they're funny, and they don't say anything, and they'll do anything, and just really cute. we've got our regular judges, we've got nigel, jason, and then each kid is going to have an all-star to mentor them. so that's going to be really good so they really enjoy the experience, then also going to have mattie. >> love her. >> a mentor figure. which will be great because be like the cheerleader and big sister, and i think she will be able to give them advice that may be a dinosaurs wouldn't be able to so well. so i think she will be little more relating to them. >> isn't she the one, because i love sia, isn't she the one, who kits don't know mattie, doing all of the dancing? >> yes, she is amazing. >> cat, here is a idea. >> why don't we? >> let's have a watch party. >> once is, i'll bring the popcorn and the wine, yes.
9:41 am
>> okay. >> that's fantastic. >> popcorn and wine. see you tonight, cat. >> the weather stinks so we will need to do something. i told you this, we need to have the guys do something, we found a guy, we will tell you how to make the men in your life work for you before a party.
9:42 am
9:43 am
all right, there is a live shot. tomb of the unknowns what we call it now.
9:44 am
arlington, virginia, i would imagine the president as he does every memorial day will place a wreath on that very marker right there. okay, it is 9:44, we found a guy. >> found a guy. >> found a guy, jen. job here now? >> his job to listen, good morning. >> good morning. >> before you listen, get lost. rene here, event planner, party post person, but you say if you are having a weather issue doug your wedding or whatever, three words, just face it. >> just face it. we have a lot of events and weddings and weather depends on it, so you can't wait until the last minute, when you wake up i always saws make a plan by 10:00 a.m. we just have to face it. >> okay. so we have couple every things here, because the weather as we have seen behind us, not going away. e-mail, tell them, put on some flip flops. >> e-mail or text your guesses if you are meant to be outside and you have tent and it is covered, that's great.
9:45 am
but the ground will still be little wet. >> okay. >> clear out a space that can be your garage, why aim doing that. >> so your garage, or large dining rumor family room where you can move some furniture around, bring the party inside. guests love a kitchen anyway, everyone congrats there, so it is no big deal. >> you say when it comes to food prep, start to improvise now? >> yes. >> reorganize the plan? >> think about it, if you're going to barbeque outside, now we won't be outside you might need to do some things in your kitchen versus the grill outside or move the grill to a place that's covered and easy for your grill master. >> here's what i said, are this why we have the guy, please come back, not everyone can afford to hire a team, right? so everyone has a guy, avenue husband, but he never knows what to do, okay? >> so having a party later today, she goes schedule the fight for 2:45 because the party starts at 3:30. >> we want to eliminate any fighting. these are fun parties, we want to keep it light. >> okay. so you say we have to have a list, because apparently you
9:46 am
people are not mind reader. >> no, no. >> silly. so, now you are going to go to work, ready? first thing he needs to do, wipe down the furniture. >> yep. >> you say specially outside? >> specially if it is wet. if it is a nice day and you have lawn furniture, there will be pollen this type of -- time of year. grab a rag and get to work. >> next, put the biron ice and mix a drink. >> get the biron ice. husbands, helpers, boyfriends, can help. sangria, so easy, put the ingredient out for them, put the recipe on the kitchen counter. >> you're not really working yourself, your a a professional person, should probably be able to do this. the next thing you say, pull out the lawn games, and the silverware. again, they already probably have all of that stuff. >> right. so probably in your garage or your basement or your backyard. set it up. how hard is it to set up badminton? and inch sigh now because of the rain, bring the pingpong table out, fun activities to move inside versus outside.
9:47 am
>> last thing, if the dry goods is you what talking about, can we read -- we need napkins and stuff. sorry, pal, i mean, we're not going to ask them to cut the cheese and make it look beautiful. >> no. >> look at mike just laughing. he says s shellda does this to you or just start screaming? >> there is a lot of screaming. >> all right, thank you very much. rene, you have done your job. >> thank you. >> ladies i'm sure you've done your job. memorial day is a time to celebrate and to think about people that have helped us out. so rock your freedom, ladies and gentlemen. i like t by the way, come to my house little later. i love what do you. >> she'll yell at you over there, too. >> we've already scheduled the fight. >> thanks, so last night about 10:00 it start today rain heavily in front of my apartment here in old sit. >> i okay? >> so i went out, i created a piece of rainy artwork, would you like to help me roll it now? a little fireworks in the puddles outside.
9:48 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> now, alex? >> it is, the fact it is rain, and it looks like a sparkler, that's pretty cool. >> ya, rain and puddle, sidewalk in front of my apartment. >> reflection of the light and what the rain is doing to the reflection? >> yes, there was a light up above, street lamp, ya, it is the reflection. >> very nice. >> if you would like to look at all of it, it goes on for 13 minutes. >> exact same shot? >> oh, ya. >> where should we go, mike? >> go to my facebook page. >> i was going to call you out. >> what am i, fox 29 -- >> you're mike fox 29. >> i'm mike fox 29. >> on facebook? >> facebook. pretty sure i am. that's mike jerrick fox 29. >> but on twitter mike's fox 29. >> thank you, alex. >> and you really made sure to
9:49 am
do that? >> no question about it, you have taught knee do that. >> oh, i didn't teach you, but -- >> okay. actress kira nightly and director john carney, are not having the best relationship these days. >> so he slammed her in a interview over the weekend. he's an irish film direct galore yes, he said she did not have the skills to play a singer and in his romantic comedy begin again, also called her a super model saying the actress had too big after entourage, co-not connect with her in a meaningful. >> i oh,. >> so some his other comments included quote i was a bit dis enchants dollars with working with certain movie stars on that movie. i didn't enjoy that experience of paparazzi and fabulous openings. and i don't want to rubbish kira but you know it is hard being a film actor and requires certain leaf of honest at any and self-analysis that i don't think she's ready for yet and i certainly don't think she was ready for on that film. >> he went ton say you stink. >> yikes.
9:50 am
>> i like her. >> i do too. >> interesting. >> she seems very good to me. now, madonna, defending her tribute to prince, that people have been slamming for over two weeks now, during the 2016 billboard music award, despite getting slammed by bet, as well. during her performance, madonna wore a pacely purple. oh, okay. >> everything all right? we're good? >> no crew member harmed in the making. >> you all right? bob, okay? all right. >> so, anyway, there they are, putting a table back together. >> step down there, in case you guys didn't know. >> boy, that top is heavy, too. >> hi, jen. >> you know that something went wrong. jen is around the area. >> this table will collapse. anyway, she says they thought it was a good idea, and it seemed to be.
9:51 am
>> and then bet said oh, ya, we saw that, we got you. >> yes. >> and -- >> they'll have a tribute to prince themselves bet on june 17th. >> and prince gave her that jacket, that's why she wore it. >> bet tweeted that comment, yes. >> keep sending the picks in today, they've been real wonderful. we want to see photographs of your family member, few more minutes, but squeezed maybe two, three more in. happy memorial day to all, my celebration goes to my grand pa. >> my angel above, thanks for your service and to all of those who served. and from daniel world war ii vet, you will always be remembered. thank you to all of those who served. >> we're coming right back. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
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>> okay, now, just minutes away, lining up and getting ready for the memorial day parade in media. >> love it. get out, enjoy that, it won't rain. >> hey, al lee, a welcome back to "good day" philadelphia. i met you at sixers game a year ago, you blew us away. so you came on, you asked for another time here, perfect day for your memorial day. what will you sing for us? >> america the beautiful. >> how are things over at the performing arts high school? >> it is good, i love it, yes. >> two more weeks almost out? >> yes. >> how old are you again? >> fifteen. >> fifteen, you are such a beautiful voice. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming back. >> all right, america the beautiful. see you back here for good day philadelphia tomorrow. alia, it is all yours.
9:56 am
>> ♪ america the beautiful ♪ ♪ >> ♪ america the beautiful ♪ ♪ ♪ america the beautiful
9:57 am
blank ♪ america the beautiful ♪ ♪ america the beautiful (applause). >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:58 am
9:59 am
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it's live on the wendy williams show oig. >> wendy: how you doing. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all hot topics, all hour long. all puig. week. i take it straight in chaser. >> now here's wendy!nin chaser. >> now here's wendy!oin chaser. >> now here's wendy!n chaser. >> now here's wendy! chaser. >> now here's wendy!week. i take it straight no chaser. >> now here's wendy! >> wendy: and away we go. happy monday. thanks for watching the show. say hello to my co-host, my studio audience.


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