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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  June 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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tonight the threat is over. but the search for apps is just beginning. plus the mystery surrounding an elderly man found dead in a city street. today the details come into sharper focus. what we learned about a 911 call and how the man died. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. right now at 5:00 gunfire on university campus. this was the chaotic scene at the university of california los angeles this afternoon. los angeles police along with fbi agents swept the campus as students and staff sheltered in place. tonight, two people are dead in what police are calling a murder suicide. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. authorities are still being careful about how much information they do divulge. joyce evans joins us tonight with what we do know, joyce. >> reporter: not a lot still known. but we do know this. so far los angeles police confirm it was a murder/suicide that ended the live of two men
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on the ucla campus this afternoon. it is still not clear if they were students. it happened in a small office in an engineering building. investigators say a gun was found alongside what appears to be a suicide note. hundreds of police officers swarmed the campus after 911 calls reported that shots were fired. tactical teams stormed into buildings and told students and staff to get out. >> we immediately put out a alert and as our campus alert notification system to advise all of those in our campus community of an incident that occurred that could be dangerous to them and we requested them to stay out of the area. >> reporter: more good news. no students or staff were hurt in this, and the campus was declared safe about two hours after the shooting. now police are still working to figure out what led up to the hurt/suicide. iain. >> joyce, thank you. of course a lot of questions still to be answered. we will continue to follow this story throughout the evening and
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online at just look for links right there on the home page. to a developing story right now. a brutal murder in southwest philadelphia. police tonight have new clues about who they're looking for in the murder of the 77-year-old man. it was a welfare check yesterday that led police to the bloody crime scene and his body. >> now his son is talking as police search for his killer. fox 29's karen hepp is live at philadelphia police headquarters. karen? >> reporter: they know the man was a live certainly on sunday evening. he was seen. he had a conversation. normally you know he communicates with his son several times over the week and. we spoke with him. normally on tuesday morning more picks up his son and takes him to work but he didn't. interestingly this victim had been beaten up a couple of days earlier so the son thought maybe he's just not feeling well. didn't think much of it but a neighbor did and later did call in to police and that's how they found out this 78-year-old man had been murdered. patrick daily brought some of this friends to help to board up his father's home where police
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say the retired service man was brutally strangled and beaten over the memorial day holiday. >> he didn't deserve that to happen to him. 77-year-old man. military don't bother nobody. he's a -- doesn't have nothing in there. >> joe daily served in the navy end loved the american legion, his cats but most of all helping others. he was a neighborhood mr. fix it. just this week he repaired a friend's sing. >> it's terrible. he's been -- i've been here my life. i'm 33 known him my whole life. handyman. did everything for everyone. loner kept to himself. high, how you doing spoke to every neighbor. look out for everyone. it's sad. it's terrible. reece. >> reporter: police say whoever broke into the daily home on theodore street and committed this horrible crime also stole joe's van. it's very distinctive because the 2003 ford e150 is dark blue but has white rear doors the plate is pd5338z. >> it's senseless.
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it's a tragedy and hopefully we get these individuals very quickly. >> reporter: if you have any idea who might be responsible who may have taken that van, please call police immediately. there is a $20,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in conviction in connect with this case they desperately would like to get these killers off the street. that's the very latest from police headquarters. back to you. >> karen, thank you. we got some relief from the heat in your fox 29 weather authority. now this evening some of you could see some rain ahead of some storms chances already on top of for later this week. let's check in with meteorologist kathy orr. kathy. >> what beautiful day. temperatures well into the 80s. well above average for this time of year at airport plenty of sunshine. highs today ranging from 70 degrees in wildwood to 87 in philadelphia. 87 the high in pottstown. even in lancaster 86 in wilmington, 81 in high humidity in dover. on ultimate doppler you can see a few showers actually moving toward the west associated with an approaching front.
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a sea breeze front that's moving from the shore westward some of these showers you can see they dope look like they're much one in gloucester county, moving toward the border of pa across the river. in west deptford, woodbury moving right toward national park, new jersey, so be aware of this. this cell you can see in the western part of philadelphia county along 76, 13, heading toward three and also lancaster avenue so you may have a fast downpour it will move in and it's going move out just like that and they will will be widely scattered for the next hour or so. so mostly sunny about the 7:00 o'clock hour. temperatures falling through the 80s. into the 70s. by 11:00 o'clock, still clear and mild with a temperature of 72 degrees. coming up it will be a warm thursday, a front moves through friday. and that spells rain and there will be a rainy part of the weekend. one day will be a wash. sorry about that. we'll talk more about with the seven day later in the broadcast. >> talk to you soon kathy. philadelphia police are trying to piece together a shooting involving one much their off
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duty officers. it happened late last night right near broad and tioga streets in north philly. now authorities say as an officer was leaving work, a car hit his motorcycle knocking him off. the officer opened fire on the driver of the car he says he thought that person was reaching for a weapon. no one is hurt. we just learned three of the four people inside the car turned themselves in. they admitted the car hit the officer but they say they did not realize he was an officer and they took off when they saw the gun. police say the officer opened fire when the group ran off. happening now, a first for the us mainland. zika affected baby was just born at a hospital in new jersey. >> the baby's mother tested positive for the dangerous virus in her native honduras ton night doctors and health officials are working to help the baby and her mom while strategizing about how to respond to the threat across the nation. doctors in new jersey have just delivered the first baby born with the zika linked birth defect in the continental u.s.
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she was born tuesday and she has microcephaly a condition which causes a baby to have a smaller than usual head. >> she has microcephaly as well as structural abnormalities of the eyes. we continue to evaluate the extent of the effects of the virus on her. >> doctors diagnosed the baby 31-year-old mother with zika and her native honduras one of four dozen countries and territories with active transmission of the mosquito born virus. ultrasound in early pregnancy was normal. but another last week showed birth defects. >> in december i thought i had an allergy or rash. i spoke to my gynecologist and told him i had an allergy. he asked if i had fever and i said maybe just for an hour and i forgot all about it. the gynecologist said everything was going to be fine. >> health officials now say sexual transmission of the virus is greater than previously thought. and the world health organization is urging safer sex or abstinence for at least eight
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weeks for those who have been to zika affected areas and aren't show any symptom. the wait for men who want to conceive a child but are suffering from zika symptoms is even longer. >> the period of safe sex or sex abstinence should be extended to six months. >> the cdc says this is not the first case of zika related microcephaly in the u.s. another baby suffering from that condition was born earlier this year in hawaii. drivers in central jersey got a strange sight along the side of the road this morning. a woman pulling a casket with the word revolution painted across the lid. the scene got you thinking -- >> it was supposed to actual much bruce gordon just back from trone ton and live in the newsroom now with message behind this marathon, bruce. >> reporter: guys, some subjects no matter how important they may be are tough to talk about it. mental illness, addiction, suicide, all fit the description. so how do you get people talking? well you start by getting their attention. petit red head lugging a full size cassette halfway across new
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jersey would do the trick. greta schwarz had never before put her boatlike the three day, 80-mile odyssey from her home in seaville to the state house in trenton. >> i had a lot of blisters on my feet. some toenails that are about to come off, and some severe cramping in my legs. >> reporter: the 48-year-old restaurant owner had a message to deliver along the way. message about mental illness. >> to not be ashamed to speak up if you have a problem and to demand that the brain be treated equally as any other part of the body. >> reporter: greta was in the audience at stockton university last november. >> i retain a faint memory of flashing lights and people in uniform knocking at my car window that's about it. >> reporter: former rhode island congressman kennedy detailed his struggle with mental illness and addiction. coupled with her own family experience kennedy talk spurred her to get moving. literally. her casket represents the end results of untreated mental
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illness and addiction. suicide. covered with the names of friends and friends of friends who have taken their own live. she posted this footage to facebook along the way. >> i just had another person pull over and ask if they could add a name to the casket. um, which is always heartbreaking but that's what it's here for. >> reporter: schwartz says addiction and mental illness carry a stigma that keeps fami families suffering in silence. allow politicians to ignore the problem. >> the parents want help for their kids and they end up in a crisis hospital and they're spit back out three days later. they're supposed to be cured in three days? it's going take everybody standing up and getting in the faces of the politicians, getting in the community and saying, yeah, you know what, our family is suffering. >> reporter: by noon on her third day greta arrives at state house. security concerns keep her casket outside. but she and her message have made it.
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>> there are resources out there but the first step is admitting there's a problem and asking for help. greta schwartz started the conversation. she hopes you'll keep it going. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, bruce. if you lose your pet in one local community there's an app for that. how modern technology is helping to keep pets and families together. and tombstones at a century old cemetery destroyed leaving a community furious and police think they found the teen who did it. how a big mouth and social media made this an easy case to solve. how closely do you look at your bills because one company says it can trim the fat for free. how it promises to save you money every month. coming up at six pennsylvania governor signed off on medical marijuana but don't expect to see green any time soon. what we learned about a complicated process today.
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>> police in radnor arrested man who they say had sex with a 17-year-old college student and recorded it. investigators say 26-year-old ant want hall a relationship with an eastern university student. the teen willingly had sexual relationship with haul inside her dorm room. the teen's mom went to police after she learned of the relationship and officers say hall had inappropriate photos and videos of the girl and never deleted them after the teen asked. >> at this point, he has commit add violation of law and basically under the sexual abuse of children simply now because he is in possession of child pornography due to the fact that
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the victim is 17 years of age. she's under 18 and it's a violation of the pennsylvania crimes code. >> police say the two met through social media. hall is now facing sexual abuse of children and child pornography charges. 56-year-old woman has died after trying to cross the street early this morning in north philadelphia. police say she stepped on cecil b. moore avenue mid block just past 1:00 this morning and uber driver hit her. the driver stayed on the scene until police arrived. prosecutors have not filed any charges. uber spokesperson told fox 29 "our hearts are with the victim. we are cooperating fully with authorities to assist in their investigation ". the faa and ntsb are investigating how a small plane lost power and crashed into an airport hanger in chester county. it happened just before 9:00 this morning at the new garden flying field. police say two people were on board the small plane when it lost power during take off and crashed into the building. medics took the man and woman on board to christiana hospital.
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authorities say their injuries are not life threatening. a trial date is set for the philadelphia woman accused of planning to join isis. key i don't know is a thomas will head to trial on octobe october 17th. prosecutors say she tried to provide support to the terror organization. she was arrested in the spring of 2015. federal agents say she was head to go syria to join isis and then already had a plane ticket for the first leg of her trip. the moment a pet ends up missing the clock starts tick wig no time to waste. >> mouth jersey community come up were it a way to get the word out fast when pet can't be found. it's an app called fur alert unveiled today in gloucester township. after you download you'll get push notificationings about missing pet, picture of the animal, details about it and a map of where it was reported missing and contact information for the owner. developers say -- says he learned when he lost his own two dogs that you have to act fast. >> time and distance are the enemy, what is the solution. >> in my opinion the solution
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is, the people that happen to be nearby simply because they are nearby and they have eye balls. so if we can alert them quickly if we can let them know a pet is missing most decent people will keep an eye out at the very least. >> the app is free and police say you should still micro chip your pets and call local shelter if's they go missing. you decide tonight how does this sound to you? president david french. if you're like most folks you're probably asking yourself who? well, some conservatives from the never trump movement are hoping he's the white knight candidate who could derail donald trump's bid for the white house. bernie sanders meanwhile is still hoping to up end hillary clinton despite the odds. fox's joel waldman has the latest from washington, d.c. >> reporter: david french is a constitutional lawyer and writer for national review. while he has next to no name recognition, some white wing republicans are hoping he runs as a third party candidate in the general election. mitt romney made his dislike of donald trump abundantly clear
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tweeting, i know david french to be an honorable, intelligent and patriotic person. i look forward to following what he has to say. bill crystal the founder and editor of the weekly standard floating the idea french's potential bid hoping french could split enough electoral college votes from both donald trump and hillary clinton to send the general election into a tailspin. the 12th add many after all clearly stating, that if a candidate fails to win a majority of the electoral college votes currently 270 then the house shall choose the next president and vice-president. >> bill crystal is a sad case. >> reporter: trump slamming case tal in his 11th hour strategy. >> he wants to put up an inn dean which will mean by the way if that happened you wouldn't have your supreme court judges pick, you wouldn't have the justices picked like i'm going to pick them. >> reporter: with six days to go before the most delegate rich primary of all california, sanders continuing to criss-cross the golden state. >> we have now won 20 primarie s
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and caucuses. if you promise to kite a secret, don't tell anyone, the secretary clinton is already getting very nervous. i don't want to get her even more nervous. >> reporter: hillary clinton widely expected to get enough delegates to become the democratic presumptive nominee after california. now leads by donald trump by four points in a new national poll. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. new home is going up in north philadelphia with the sweat of volunteers. as of tonight the walls are up. habitat for humanity and thrive financial are working together to build 21 new homes right near 16th and fountain streets. community is called diamond park. the project is the largest ever for habitat's philadelphia charter chapter, this is so co cool. habitat builds a decent place to live and really beyond decent for those in need. powelton elementary school pizza and police headline for lucky fourth graders. 16th district officers shared some pie with the children at samuel powell elementary school.
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the officers have been visiting the school throughout the year talking about violence in their communities. well today the students had the chance to ask all kinds of questions while enjoying their pizza. ♪ a neat show today at the children's hospital of philadelphia. performers from playing by air brought some smiles to the patients there with their music and comedy show. this all a sneak peek what's to come at the philadelphia international children's festival starts tomorrow and runs until saturday at the annenberg center. >> this man is out of jail tonight but he's still accused of murder. he says he was protecting his wife. the story that has people talking all over the country tonight. if you're trying to quit the smoking habit, the time of the month you choose to quit may be as important as how you do it. why this may be particularly true for women. and the you weres are arresting but this robotics dog is helping push forward
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veterinary medicine how the new technology could one day protect animals who are not sick.
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french naval vessel may have picked up signals from the crashed egypt air flight's black boxes. now, officials believe the signals are from flight ms804 which crashed in the mediterranean sea on may 19th. investigators are searching some of the deepest waters of the sea for the flight recorders. those boxes are designed to emit acoustic signals about 30 days after crash which means recovery teams only have a couple more weeks for those signals will disappear. it is a dire situation in parts of texas. people living along the bravos river southwest of houston are bracing for more flooding. the river reached a record high yesterday and more rain is expected in the coming days. hundreds have been forced to evacuate while others just watch and anxiously wait.
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>> they haven't really toll us anything. they said the water will come up but get out. but where do you go. >> flood waters have killed at least seven people in texas over the last week. a man arrested for beating the person who he says attack his wife. >> that man later died. to night that husband is out of jail. 61-year-old mamma due dee aloe walked free yesterday following his appearance in a bronx criminal court. now, police say 43-year-old earl mash illegally entered an apartment building and forced his way into this man's home monday. he beat the 51-year-old woman his wife before removing her clothes. she managed to escape. she called her husband by phone. authorities say that when he arrived back home, the attacker was still there and he beat him with a tire iron. >> the police were all over. i didn't allow them to get to the apartment. they were trying to calm the
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kids down. >> medics took nash to a hospital in critical condition where he later died. prosecutors initially charged dee aloe with manslaughter they dropped that down to assault charge now. as the conversation continues on social media as to whether he should face any charges at all. tombstones century old cemetery destroyed leaving a community furious and police think they found the teen who did it. how a big mouth and social media made this an easy case to solve. how one company promises to trim the fat from your monthly bills. kathy? in weather, lucy, we're talking about some heavy downpours showing up on ultimate doppler. this one right along the highway here. you can see between whitemarsh on 476 upper dublin very heavy rain it's moving toward the north. so if you live in places like maple glenn, lower gwynned or north wales this is all lifting toward you. fast-moving showers few and far between. we'll track them haven't the seven day when we come back.
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one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite,
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grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at ♪ here's life look at bush kill falls from our pocono mountains camera. things cooled down a little bit today, and some of you saw some rain. we've got a better chance for rain coming soon though. meteorologist kathy orr with what to expect that's all coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. murder/suicide on the ucla campus force the the university into lock down this afternoon. police found two men dead in an office inside an engineering building. officers say they found a gun and what appears to be a suicide
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note. ucla evacuated campus. no other students or staff are injured. lehigh county judge says pro less her star is incompetent to stand trial in the 1983 death of his girlfriend. that ruling came today after a four-day hearing to determine whether snuka should face trial on murder and manslaughter charges. 73-year-old wrestler took the stand and often seen confused as he was questioned by the judge. the judge said she doesn't believe snuka is capable of faking symptoms of dementia. he was charged in the death of 23-year-old nancy argentino. >> vandalism on memorial has folks upset. police say their hot on the heels of the person behind it. >> as fox -- david spencer reports the case involves an angry teen a big mouth and the power of social media. >> people that come to the park generally will find their way back here. >> reporter: hidden treasure of sorts in flat rock but after
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memorial day weekend, a historic landscape transformed into this. stones left alone for centuries cracked in half or topple. grave sites of more than half a dozen war soldiers desecrated. who would do such a thing? lesley has an idea. >> this generation doesn't really have any respect for those things that are historical or at least not many of them do. >> reporter: after discovering the disgrace -- >> the disrespect that is shown to the dead that's the bottom line. it's shameful. >> reporter: lesley looked to social media. >> the community needed to know and so that was the only purpose for putting it on facebook. >> reporter: now police know who did it posting this message. we are happy to say we have positively identified a juvenile suspect who responsible for the headstone and marker damage at see land cemetery. charges are being sought on this individual. we are still investigating this heinous crime and will keep you posted on the out come. some of the tips revolved around
5:32 pm
a teenaged boy angry over a girl and using the cemetery as his outlet. >> apparently he had been bragging about it and so they reported him and the local police pick it up from there. >> people had privately messaged me and society facebook page. different people that weren't connected reported to police so they all new. >> now she and volunteers are left to pick up the shattered and costly pieces of history. she has message fort young man said to be response al for all of this. >> i think he should have something to do with repairing the damage that's done. repairs she promises will come as fast and as possible. >> to your weather authority right now. it's looking maybe a little darker with some wind blowing out there.
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>> um-hmm. yesterday we talked about some spotty showers. some with heavy downpours and we have one i've been focused on that is really pounding some rain. take look ultimate doppler right now in montgomery county, you can see near abington along 276 this cell has been the spot for a little while now and i think we could be getting some ponding on the roads. so please be aware of that. if you know anybody that will be traveling east or west along 276 within the next 20 minutes, half hour or so. right now very heavy rain in whitemarsh, dresher, also, heading toward east norriton, upper dublin. if you live on 109 heading north some heavy rain. lower gwynedd it's moving toward you. north wales as well. even prospectville you could be seeing some heavy rain as this lifts toward the north. it was pretty speedy now slowed down. we don't need any more rain. it was a record rain for the month of may. >> tenth wettest ever in philadelphia 17 rainy days more
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than half the month and nearly 3-inches above normal rainfall. so we say goodbye to may and so far looking at a relatively dry june. here are the remnants of bonnie. still churning off the coast of the carolinas. by tomorrow morning we have plenty of sunshine but a bit of on shore flow. moisture and even some patchy fog to start the day especially in south jersey. we'll watch as bonnie slowly lifts toward the north and the east. this front moves in from the west. we have some moisture to the west but most of it stays out of our region until friday. then the front will be sweeping through. and it looks like we could have some pockets of heavy rain during the day on friday with this front. behind it, a dry saturday, but then unfortunately a wet sunday. hurricane season also begins today. we do have the official prediction from noaa10 to 16 named storms four to eight becoming hurricane the average is six and one to four major hurricanes much category three or higher and average is three. so in that average range. i want to show you the atlantic
5:35 pm
hurricane names because you may know someone with one of these names. alex, bonnie, daniel, earl, fiona, gaston, hermine, agent n. >> they spell it wrong. >> the l name would be lisa. overnight to 62 in the city. 59 in the suburbs. fair skies but mild. light wind out of the southeast. during the day tomorrow 84. mix of sun and clouds. one more warm day before the rain moves in. orr will be down the shore tomorrow life from atlantic city on the boardwalk near the tropicana. be talking about all the fun stuff going on down the shore go ac. partly sunny tomorrow with a gentle breeze. on your seven day forecast from the fox 29 weather authority, 80 with scattered storms on friday. saturday dry. sunday showers and storms. that looks like a rainy day. monday a few pop ups. sun to clouds on tuesday. next wednesday looking good partly sunny the high 77. it was a great day to be
5:36 pm
outdoors this morning. i was very fortunate to participate in a fundraiser a tennis fundraiser. >> you love tennis. >> the philadelphia cricket cl club. there i am. >> nice volley. >> 16th annual game day. >> there you go. >> nice volley. >> thanks. this benefiting -- don't look at that. the money rock house charities. ronald mcdonald house where families with zero osseously ill children. it was great fund raiding event. so thanks to everyone who was involved today and money rock house charities will open another house in philadelphia coming up. >> so necessary. >> it is so necessary. we'll be able to welcome many more families to stay here while their children are being taken care of. >> they got great one in camden. we know about that one. >> you look like you were at wimbledon. grass and white outfits. >> the ball dies, it dies fast on the grass. >> that's awesome. >> breakfast at wimbledon with kathy orr. >> a morning to remember for people in this neighborhood. a moose goes out for a brisk morning stroll right behind
5:37 pm
their homes. what authorities are still trying to figure out. >> this is my hooter when i was in fairbanks f you're trying to quit smoking the time of month you choose to do it might be as important as how you do it. why research hers say this is particularly true for women. >> coming up at 6:00 a special graduation. these clowns now ready to work but their mission is to do a lot more to make people laugh. we'll explain.
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>> we're hearing from the family of the australian woman feared dead after crocodile attack. her family visited the site where it happened. cindy waldron was in shallow water with a friend sunday when a crock dragged her underwater. waldron's friend tried to pry her from the crocodile's jaws to no a avail. authorities have not found trace of the missing woman. >> i don't know why the good people get taken young. we look at it and say we had for 47 years. a lot of people had their children and parents less time. we're grateful for every moment but we need to be here to be
5:41 pm
with her. >> so sad. waldron's presumed death would be the eighth known fatal crocodile attack in queens land in 21 years. ford motor company recalling nearly 2 million vehicles. >> the front passenger side air bags could cause serious injury. ford says the air bags could inflate with too much force and spew shrapnel into cars and vehicles. 11 deaths worldwide related to this defect. the recall includes the ford edge, fusion, mustang, ranger, lincoln, sever and mercury milan. ford will replace the air bags for free. a wild scene in water town, massachusetts, that's not too far from boston. check this out. that's a moose on the run,. >> baby moose film young moose went on joy run around the west end of the water town this morning. officials are trying to track down that moose. we'll keep you update. >> looking for his momma. mom love coffee first thing in the morning but what about right after the workout. the surprising reason you might want to add to that your
5:42 pm
regimen. >> how closely you look at your bills. one company says it can trim the fat for free. how it promises to save you money every month. >> ryan howard heading to the bench for awhile. coming up ryan howard talking about a may he just about like to forget and a former phillie gets one year suspension for u using performance enhancing drugs coming up later in sports.
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♪ new tonight we're hearing 911 calls made by the mother of the boy who fell into the gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo. it's a story that has people outraged all across the nation. zoo officials chose to shoot and kill the 17-year-old gorilla harambe to protect the boy.
5:46 pm
in the recording of the 911 call you can hear the mother pleading with dispatch to send someone to help. >> cincinnati 911. what is the address good my son fell in the zoo exhibit at the gorilla. my son fell in with the gorilla. there's a mail gorilla standing over him. i need someone to contact -- >> we have help started there, okay? >> police opened an investigation and plan to focus on the parents actions leading up to the gorilla's death. >> deadly flooding continues in texas after days of torrential rains there some parts of the lone star state are now preparing for even more rising water. the brazos river reached record high crest levels near houston the river normally floods at 45 feet. >> it is now cresting at nearly 54 feet. fox's jack see ibanez is following the latest developments. >> reporter: severe flooding in texas especially areas along the brazos river southwest of houston. >> something we have never encountered so it's frightening
5:47 pm
to us. it's going to remain at the crest level for at least 12 to 24 hours. >> reporter: the river there is now cresting at its highest level ever. leaving large portions of the fort ben county underwater. it's forcing hundreds of people to evacuate their homes while others anxiously watch and wait. >> they haven't really told us anything. they said the water will come up, but get out but where do you go. >> reporter: unwelcomed wildlife including poisonous snakes are also moving in to some neighborhoods along with the rising water. >> east coast i have the tricky yesterday -- in the morning wake up and say mom what happened the water is coming. what happening mom. >> reporter: statewide at least seven people have died in texas over the last several days. as flood waters keep rising. the hardest hit part of the state stretches from austin all the way down through the hugh toss area. the last several days alone, there have been dozens of high water rescues in some spots received more than 17-inches of
5:48 pm
rain and there's no immediate relief in sight. meteorologists say storms are in the forecast all week long. much of texas is under flash flood watches or warnings for the next several days. as another storm system is set to move in. potentially bringing in additional four to 8-inches of rain to some areas. in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. to your health now a reason to drink coffee that might just surprise you has to do with exercise want it can do for your eyesight. joyce evans here now to explain, joyce, you've got the days other big health stories as well. >> there are some. but first let's start with the problem we're talking about here. how researchers say coffee can help solve it. they say vigorous exercise can lower the central nervous system's ability to drive muscle function which could c cause you to strain your eyes to see cle clearly. those same reseachers found out drinking two cups of coffee can actually ease eye strain and return your eyes to normal more quickly. why? they are still working on that answer. the findings appear in the
5:49 pm
journal scientific report. e-cigarettes do not help every smoker who tries them out kick the habit. researchers found low smokers who tried e-cigs were not using them any more and among the rest about one third decided to smoke both regular cigarettes along with the e-cigs. only a small number of people who switched to e-cigarettes were able to quit neck are smoking toe tobacco completely. the study's findings e-cigarettes aren't satisfying to most smokers read about that in the journal nicotine and tobacco research. ladies f you're trying to kick the habit altogether, when you start may be the key to your success. it's all about that time of the month. new study from the university of pennsylvania right here found women are more likely to be able to quit smoking during the second half of myhr then structural cycles that's because during the first half the cycle a woman's hormones are boosting her brain's reward system.
5:50 pm
making it more difficult to fight the you were to light up. but doctors will tell you that there is no of never a bad time to try to quit the key is put the cigarettes down for the sake of your own good health and your families. iain and lucy. >> makes sense. thank you very much, joyce. when was last time you took good hard look at your monthly bills because you can be paying for charges and not even realize it. >> new company says they can trim your credit card bills for free. fox's steve noviello explains. ♪ >> reporter: it happens all too often. we're fast to find a free trial and sign up online. internet, shopping, entertainment. but just as quick to cancel? in way. >> $5 here, $9 there. >> reporter: christian, was paying for services he wasn't even using. >> sign up for things we think are free on the front end after a month or two they kick in the charges. >> reporter: once those freebies expired they changed to charges. unwanted and unnoticed month after month.
5:51 pm
>> put in their credit card number and they totally forget to cancel. >> reporter: thomas says he has a solution. it, too -- >> hulu and a -- is free. his money saving service is called trim. users grant read only access to their credit card accounts. >> we never see or store your long in credentials. >> reporter: trim scowers your statements, searching for recurring payments. then sends i was text to alert to you the charges. see something you want canceled, just text them back. >> i had two netflix accounts i didn't even realize i had. i had one in college and must have signed up for one later on. >> reporter: christian had been paying for that extra account for years. he also had another $50 monthly membership that he didn't need. >> a lot of times when i'm going back and reviewing my finances e review things are over a threshold and smaller expenses get lost in the shuffle. >> reporter: trim canceled both in on his behalf. >> specifically the date and the
5:52 pm
amount of the last transaction is really important because otherwise how would they know we're actually writing to them on your behalf? >> reporter: some services can't be cancel. >> to cancel live lock you have to actually have to call in and answer a bunch of security questions and give your full social security number. >> reporter: trim also can get you out of a contract. what they say they can do is save you money and 13,000 subscribers say they are are believers. >> folks safe an average of $15 a month or about $180 a year. >> reporter: most commonly canceled, credit monitoring, go-go-go inn flight inn net and jim memberships. >> new year's resolution looked really good three months ago but maybe it's a little bit harder to stick with. report roar christian says he'll stick around. the savings -- >> i didn't think i was going save money. >> reporter: have been. >> i ended up saving money. >> reporter: surprising. >> not too many things like that that come free. so i think it's worth it to try it out. >> reporter: how do they make money 80 idea like any companies these days to a mass a strong
5:53 pm
subscriber base and release more premium paid options for the future. now, if you would prefer not to grant read only access to your accounts, you can manually send them copies of your statements for review. i'm steve noviello, that's my 2 cents, spinette wisely. images are a little jarring but this robotic dog is helping push forward veterinary medicine. how the new technology could also one day protect animals who aren't sick. >> coming up all new at 6:0 6:00 pennsylvania's governor signed off on medical mal marijuana. don't expect to see green any time soon. what we learn about a complicated process today.ce
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automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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>> some researchers have their way the end of animal testing of animals dying in labs could be on the horizon. new technology they developed is already helping veterinarians safe even more animal lives. fox's lloyd sours shows us how that same technology could put an end to animal cruelty on the medical and pharmaceutical fro front. >> reporter: if dog is man's best friend this dog may be dog's best friend. a synthetic dog created to teach surgery. >> so the procedure it was actually just like the real thing. >> reporter: so real you have to rhee remember it's not real. >> i said it would bleed i'm not kidding that's a big vessel. >> reporter: veterinarian david roy daniel son helped invent alberta. >> this is the spleen. this thing the first organ i'm so proud of. >> reporter: first of super realistic breed to train
5:58 pm
veterinarians in surgery with at a time tented synthetic tissue. >> the fact that you can practice and cut on this and get the same level of fidelity that you would real tissue. >> reporter: invents are passionate to stop real dogs from dying and surgery practice labs. >> now we don't need to do that any more. this is the alternative. it's the right thing to do. this is better science on top of that. >> announcing their attention they say the synthetic canine could mark beginning of an even larger crusade against animal testing. >> all right ultimate goal is to end live animal use altogether. >> reporter: dr. chris, says it will continue its focus on synthetic human fish developing for years. but they say synthetic animals could get even bigger. >> the mean has the leads that connect it to the rest of the dog. it's like a jigsaw puzzle the parts are interchangeable you can do unlimited surgeries. the company opened a page on the indigo go crowd funding sight they want to raise $24 million
5:59 pm
to give 20 synthetic dogs to every veterinary college in the world. they say millions of real dogs can be saved by a new breed of near real dogs. like alberta. lloyd sours, fox news. ♪ tonight at 6:00 anxiety and fear across the nation tonight as we watch what happened at one of our most high profile college campuses. two people shot dead in a classroom. our first clues about what happened. ♪ woman drags a coffin in the hot sun and she's been at it for a very long time. she is a woman on mission. >> everybody stand up, tell your stories. demand change. >> what that problem is and what she wants you to know. >> it shouldn't be that way. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29
6:00 pm
news at 6:00. right now at 6:00 a big manhunt continues tonight. we know how this elderly man a father and beloved neighbor died and now police are searching for his killer. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. torments night the man's heart broken son is speaking. fox 29's karen hepp has the story. >> reporter: a few flowers tuck out front, a few lonely cats lounge out back. not knowing the man who fed them is gone. 78-year-old joseph daily served his country, raised his boys here on theodore street and helped to fix neighbor's homes. >> it's sad. it's terrible. joe was a great guy. he was. now here it is 78 years old and he's got to go out like that it's terrible. >> reporter: police say daily was beaten and strangled over the memorial day holiday. his son patrick says he didn't deserve to die that way. he chooses to remember his father's life. >> he always talked about the military. always liked the ships and always talk about it.


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