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tv   Chasing News  FOX  June 18, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> now, on chasing news. >> today that said day as a murdered youtube invoice start christina grammy was later dressed. the 22-year-old singer was 2-year-old singer was shot to death on friday. her killer greeted her as she had her arms open hugging. she was completely completely obsessed, making up stories that the two met. >> these individuals are delusional and it dreamily rageful. >> check out this video, and it you see a brawl unfolding at a grocery store checkout line in new york city. it was incited by a hover board. >> this was an insult. this was an embarrassment. total injustice. >> i don't even know where to start this. >> who doesn't love some big escargot? right guys? okay. were looking to change that. >> i talked to the chef and started think maybe we could
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raise some money. >> it could be bad news. >> here in williamsburg, what a crazy video, what he got. >> check out this while video, and it ucl brawl on folding in a grocery store checkout line in new york city. it all went down on division street in the central market in brooklyn. it was not incited by haggling, but more so hover board. the picture taken by store customer you can see a young man riding a hover board in the store i'll. what happened next is, well, well a bit of a mess. one that landed three people facing charges in a 24-year-old woman with a black eye. reportedly the store managers asked the man to dismount. at that point is 24-year-old son got involved. at some .. during the argument an object, some say
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the peach, some say soda can was launched at the young woman, wounding her in the face. that's when the woman recruited her father to get involved. that's when this video picks up. again, you see the father striking a store employee very clearly well others try to escape or try to get involved. at the end of it those two store managers are facing charges, associate a man. i met with a community activist who painted a picture of the chaotic thing. >> some interrupted out of that nobody inside even knew what was happening. at the same time, a brawl continued inside the store. >> the nypd says that the investigation is ongoing. so they spoke to me about who should they be talking to. >> if they have charges against the police department. >> against the daughter, give
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the sun, the new york city department, the city of new york, this was an insult, this was an embarrassment, total injustice. >> either way, all of this happened because of poor store in new york city etiquette. new york city law prohibits looters and all five boroughs. so nypd can confiscate the boards and find you up to $500 if they catch you on one. along with that, a state law outlaws any vehicles that are not registered within the department of motor vehicles. hover board are are considered a motor vehicle. >> i don't know where to start with this. the big difference between a soda canada peach. >> right but there is no video until it picks up on the cashier. they try to reach out to the de soto family, they're not giving back to me. >> it doesn't take a genius or law to know that you should not be writing a hover board in a supermarket.
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>> thanks tara. >> slithery, slimy snails. snails. who doesn't love some good escargot? well, did you know that the escargot comes from cans? >> a lot of it being imported from asia or france, that's when they compete for the local movement that we've all been created for except for one chef. >> welcome to escargot, come on in. >> a snail farmer, the only one in the u.s. located in new york. >> these are the little guys, this is a french breed of snail. or little gray snail as the french call them.
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this is the traditional snail that is being raised in france. >> i also reached out for a chef for another time who help me throw the years and i said said you know of anyone raising snails? jokingly he said no why don't you reset yourself. i took it as a joke and that i started thinking maybe we could raise him. >> they now have 500 snails in this greenhouse. some some just months old, others nearly two years old. the business has its challenges in raising snails is not easy. >> their tricky animals. they really are. were just getting into this, but they're really picky eaters, the temperature the temperature has to be just right, the soil water content has to be just right or they either don't lay eggs and don't produce like they're supposed to, or they die. >> get this, even getting a getting a farm up and running had its challenges. permits, mandatory regulations, because they are not native to new york. so so the fda puts forth all these restrictions to run the farm because if one of them escapes to be bad news for
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the local crops. >> a sneaky little guy. the other thing is a lot of caulking and ceilings here on all the doors, so there's not a single single a 7-inch gap in the entire place because the little snails are very tiny and they will move through those small spaces. >> so they are still in the breeding stage of the farm but once they do have more snails they're going to sell them for two local chefs for $35 per pound. >> of course i cannot do a story without bringing our own escargot to the studio here. >> i'm glad you came prepared bill, my mom will be to how did she do it? >> she happened to have, i don't know what she keeps in her pantry but the should be a good idea for you.
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she had the shells here and that she had the cans snails. so imagine eating that local and locally grown snail. >> if it's not fishy and it has a nice texture to it. the garlic butter, taste the garlic. >> why were you afraid it would taste fishy? >> your mom did a great job. >> that's how she cooked it. >> i would think am i don't need to knock the can, i think people are always looking for something local and willing to spend more for. >> is fine by me. >> today was a said day is murdered youtube envoy star christina grimmie was laid to rest. the services were in new jersey, friends and family gathered to remember the incredible person that she say she was. the town a nation nation are crushed by this loss. the 22-year-old singer was shot to death on friday, june 10 that she was signing autographs after
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a show in orlando. her killer, kevin james weibel, treated her as she had her arms open to hug him and he killed, he shot her in the head. his hands he then turned the struggle on himself and ended his oh my. details emerged as to what the killer's motives were. he was. he was completely obsessed with christina grimmie. they say that he listen to her music nonstop. the make up stories the two met in person and online to his friends and coworkers. it it didn't and there, coworkers at best buy in florida, said he went on a personal mission to change his appearance to become more appealing to christina, he got lisa guy surgery to ditch his glasses, he got hair transplant to replace his receding hair, and even would begin to lose weight, all in hopes that he would be noticed by the pop star and the two of
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vielma. he told coworkers that when they they would be merry. when he caught when that christina might be dating her producer, everything changed. changed. love and obsession turn with vegans, he drove straight to the concert, we have via skype psychologists doctor jeffrey. >> one of the things we see with the individuals is that they are delusional, at times psychotic. very paranoid, and extremely and extremely rageful. in their own minds and part of this delusional thinking, they actually believe that they have a very personal relationship with that particular star, with the person they are stalking. if that person does not respond to them they become even more angry and rageful. >> where does the line cross from someone who is just telling tales to someone looking to look more connected, peeling or better. in the crazed lunatic that will go and kill someone because he
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feels jilted it didn't go his way. >> we were what this particular rescinded in getting hair plugs and so on and doing this for some of the does not even know, will certainly we know that is something that crosses into fantasy and fantasy into delusion. >> were there other previous stalking incidents, and if not how do people know that he was were doing these things? >> he would talk about it openly, he attended a few shows in florida as a fan, the obsession got a little stronger and stronger. he would talk about it like they were in love. i in love. i just want to ask you, is that line when the attainable becomes unattainable, is that when people snap? >> is much as we are flattered by the attention that someone gives us, if someone told us, i went got my eyes change, i went got my hair plugs, i did the surgery just for you, i don't know about you guys, but i would
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run like hell. >> okay doctor jeff. thank you. >> i came up with a fun way to beat the summer heat, welcome to minus five ice barge. >> we keep it cold enough to keep 100 tons of scope that ice from melting.
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>> have a story that we should know about? help us chase it down by logging onto chasing
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>> high-speed chase. >> patience carter is an intern who was caught inside the gate nightclub during the orlando terrorist attack. she has been recovering ever since. she was shot in the leg, her right leg has a metal rod that is being held with four screws. she actually met president obama and he actually signed her journal, dream big dreams. patience is a student at nyu and now the fox my community and chasing new communities coming together and we would like the public to help raise money for medical, trust transportation and medical and educational expenses. >> i can't get enough of the street jokes and comedian kevin brennan who is performing a stress factory and give a video on his radio show that he says he sold to jimmy fallon. listen
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to the. >> why did the chicken cross road twice? because he was a doublecross or. >> i think the muffin joke is little better. >> is finally summer in the sun is out and we are excited to see. in the city in particular, it can get a little toasty as well know. so i came up with a fun way to beat the summer heat a bill, i know you're shocked, it involves a bar. >> of course it does. >> not just any bar, the bar, the coolest bar new york. literally. welcome to minus five ice bar. an oasis of cool smack dab in the middle of the city. i headed to to the polar vortex like venue on 53rd and avenue n. >> the temperature is minus five celsius, people think it's minus five fahrenheit know it's not
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that cold. >> we just keep it cold enough to keep 100 tons of scope that ice from melting. >> that schuyler, the king of cool. he may cool. you may tries prepare before i headed into the frigid room by handing me a ridiculously looking outfit. >> he took my blinds for safe keeping into the cooler i went. >> i will have to get used to this. i cannot help but admire the ice sculptures made from the world's best ice sculptures. from broadway to the new york skyline and even out andy warhol exhibit room. everything was ice. and i mean everything. >> the walls, the tables, the chairs, the bar itself, we even have an ice chandelier. that is when it happened. i spotted the bar. it was time to heat things up. what things up. what better way to do that than
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with a fireball. >> now it's a party, right latest? i was having the time in my life and licked my left and their two lovely ladies who are escaping the heat of hawaii. >> were escaping the heat of hawaii. >> it now with trim drinks like a snowman walking over us, things could get wild. but there is an important question that rethinking of two, and that is, if you lick something does your tongue stick? >> you can try it and you'll get stuck. the reason is we do not have any humidity. all the cups are made of ice so they don't get stuck to it when you take a drink from it.
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>> in the summer i want to have a refreshing ice cold drink to enjoying the heat, not be frozen in the cold. >> thank you. >> i'm out of here. >> take a look at this video of a juggler who slipped the show while people wait at a stoplight. this happened in columbia. is. is there sitting there he sets up the ramp and started bouncing, juggling, cool but i but i cannot imagine waiting a full minute for stoplight so i don't know if he's helping or hurting. >> on thursday night bill's video was at yogi bear stadium in little falls throughout the first pitch. i was talking to the mascot who whisked me away and got down on one knee. >> yes, i got a what a proposal from jack the jackal, and he offered me the biggest diamond a girl could dream of, the
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baseball diamond. >> throughout the state of new jersey the flight to half staff are the victims of the later nightclub shooting. >> it's a terrible thing that happened and there will be others to. >> sometimes on it comes to military action it has to be put aside to put people safe.
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feel the difference with k-y ultragel. >> coming up next, how do you learn to do something like this without killing yourself pull dancing?
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>> how dealer and to do do something like this without killing yourself? that is the big mystery with free running the newest sports,
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it is pouting of train features doing flips and rolls. it looks really cool when it is done right like these guys who are working on a pole and blowing my mind. >> we would like to wish all the wonderful that's out there a happy father's day. bill, happy mother's day to. happy father's day to our wonderful executive producer, jerry jerry burke, and our general manager, dennis yockey. i would be remiss if i did not wish a happy father's day to my fellow chases, hank and rohan. have a great father's day weekend.
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>> alex, you are chasing the follow-up and some of the terror threats that have been discussed in the wake of the terror attack in orlando. >> likes across the state of new jersey are at half staff today. governor christie look ordered them lord for the victims of the nightclub shooting on sunday. the investigation is focusing on the gunman's wife who who has disappeared, federal authorities will not say where she is or if she will face charges but sources have said the grand jury has been looking into her involvement in the terror attack. it highlights the challenges the u.s. is facing in this era of a lone wolf terror threats. so i wanted to speak to an expert in the field. i talked to glen carl, former cia officer and former deputy national intelligence officer for transnational thread at the national intelligence council. he was here ten years ago and helped draft a statement that predicted these kind of attacks because of what was going on in the world. >> part of this is technologically driven, cell phones and the internet make communication much wider and immediate and undermines authority figures, the chain of commands, part of it was cultural. part of it part of it was a result of the success that
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the u.s. intelligence community has had. i i include the military in that, in this regard. the impact they have had and destroyed much of al qaeda and organize groups. >> the particular shooter, omar mateen, what were hints motives? i asked glenn about the report that mateen i have been struggling with homosexuality? >> i i think the evidence shows strongly that you have particular elements of individual, psychological struggle that have led to all of these deaths and horror. >> len talked about islamic liens by her terrorist that are operating throughout the world. being part of a larger issue that has been going on for nearly 1400 years. >> broadly speaking, the last 200 years, islam has been confronted by an overwhelmed by, a more dynamic, modern, outside culture. from colonization to
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technological change. this creates revolution. >> really, the one thing glenn said he knows for sure is this probably will happen again. >> it is a terrible thing that happened in orlando. there will be others too. >> it is time to declare war on islamic jihad. enough. there are u.s. citizens living in this country on terror watch list that we are not arresting. we're just letting be. we need to take more drastic measures like we did during world war ii with the japanese and we were fighting a battle and we contain them. it's controversial at the time but it's going to take drastic measures - mac was unconstitutional. >> when it comes to military action, the constitution has to be put aside to keep people safe. >> will to put the emotion and context because you speak for a lot of people that are really upset and nervous and fearful. a declaration award has been talked about in the last week or so because that is the one thing
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that would allow you to detain those thousand people on the terror watch list. >> there is a part yesterday that the owner of a gun shop reported this guide to the fbi for five weeks for the massacre. that is a big a pinhole right back where the fbi could've gone and done something about that. i think what your point is is it is not in us that we have to focus on extreme action, investigative work is time-consuming, it is not easy, and you do not show results every time you do it. but that is the only way to stop this, treated like any other crime in a sense that you are investigated like investigate drug dealer, like investigate the mafia, typing them down. work for the mafia. >> the problem is, it's not a
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