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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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victim into danger. >> they get their hands on these fire weaponsment and next thing you know, they hurt. >> a single gunshot among teenagers leaves 13 year old boy dead. what police say they found at the scene besides the weapon. >> plus, listen to this, people in new jersey, may want to fuel up right now ahead of the fourth every july weekend, which start tomorrow. how a gas tax hike in the garden state could take effect immediately. good day everybody, it is thursday, june the 30th, oh, this is the last day of the month? >> it is the last day. >> you're not ready? >> six month of the year gone already. and dave warren's fault, because he is in for sue serio. >> my fault. >> everything is your fault. >> you want to blame me for the weather. >> yes. >> what is the number? >> ten. >> boom. >> no wonder. >> perfect ten today. because we have that low humidity, and bright sunshine,
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i would like to say this will last through the weekend, but not likely. because the humidity will return. so enjoy it today. looking pretty good out there. you step outside, nothing on ultimate doppler. keep an eye on it, though, there will be some rain eventually. sea breeze develops, see the clouds moving inland from atlantic city through cape may, even in delaware, that's a nice cool breeze that comes in. clouds will clear out after sunset tonight. but, will increase from the south, that's the humidity returning, sunshine, get the sunscreen, get the shades, get the phillies hat, get the olds cell phone, facebook and twitter, bob, because it is social media day. >> bus stop buddy better get a new cell phone, look at that 19 70s version. 6:01, good morning, everyone, sun glare everywhere this morning, live look at i59 through the construction zone, northbound, you will have to flip your sun advise or down, coming in from new jersey, starting to see volume on the freeway as you head in toward the walt whitman bridge. disable on 95, we go for ride, southbound, if you are headed down toward the airport, right as you come around the curve
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here, the stadium area, this guy is kind of hugging what would be the left lane, if you are going to the airport, no problems this morning at philadelphia international airport. septa, shuttle bussing on the ten and the 15, otherwise, mass transit running with no delays. mike and alex being back over to you. >> wilmington, delaware police want you to take a look at a picture, we will put it up on the screen here in just a seconder here comes, there he is, they say this guy sexually assault add woman earlier this week. do you know who that is? >> now authorities want you your help in getting him off the street. dave kin chin live with a description who have they are looking for. >> reporter: live in the area where this seems to have taken place here, this is park right along the brandywine river. you can see, right there, where the river is, also that walk in path, we saw few people walking out this way, it is also where the attacker allegedly pulled a victim into a secluded area with a weapon. wilmington police say this is the man suspected in the attack, his image captured by surveillance camera, investigators say the suspect
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sexually assault add woman and forced her into a hidden spot along south park drive 9:30, police say the man pick toured here about 30 years old, and is wearing tan pants in addition to the black shirt that you see and the black cap, as well. police say he is wanted for questioning at this point, come back out here live, there are no other reported incidents, like this in this area, that we've been told of, but, police are working this very carefully, again, asking anyone with any information if you recognize that person, in that surveillance picture, give wilmington police a call. mike anal next. >> you got it, 6:03, al next. >> days after the attack, airport in istanbul, learning series every raids in turk have i led to 13 suspect, being take never by police. turkish state media says among those detained are three foreign nationals, at 6:15, why the cia now warning americans, that a similar attack could happen in the u.s. >> and another tragic story of kids playing with guns.
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this time, community in germantown mourns a 13 year old boy. >> yes, police believe the gun used in this particular shooting had been stolen, steve, give us the details on this. >> reporter: yes, they think, mike, it was found by these kids with jewelry, and in a yard of a and ban donned house, probably both stashed thereby somebody either who held up somebody, and robbed them with their jewelry, with that gun, or broke into a house and stole the gun, with the jewelry, and was going to come back and get it later when, didn't want to get caught with the stolen goods. can you believe here i am at headquarters for the second time within one calendar week talking about another philadelphia child shot in the face and killed unintentionally by accidental shooting? and this one happened in this house, abandoned house, yard, in germantown, and these kids found this gun and were playing with it, a 17 year old was among the group of kids with this 13 year old who was killed and came here with his parent last night admitting he
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fired the gun, but homicide detective, after talking to all of the kids, who were there, when the gun was found, and fired, think this was completely an accident, and they're going to try it trace the gun and see if there is a serial number on it, and find the history of the gun. but don't expect any charges of homicide in this case. they think this kid didn't mean to do it. and here we go again, the third time since april, a child in philadelphia shot in the face and killed un intentionally by people playing with guns. >> this is ridiculous. >> something to be played with. my goodness. >> 65:00, woman in the hospital after an overnight hit-and-run in point breeze. it happened just after midnight, around south 23rd and moore street. the victim was taken to presbyterian medical center minor injuries, at this point, police do not have a description of the car that hit her. >> a surveillance camera captured the moment a cabdriver was stabbed while on the job in camden, we brought you this story yesterday. victim in the cab near state
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and front street midnight wednesday when man got in, officers say that man asked the driver if he had changed for 50-dollar bill, then started stabbing him. family members say the driver, good samaritan took him to cooper university hospital. his family says he's stable, his attacker ran off. >> that's the attacker, jumped out head first out of the back seat. 6:06. today in new jersey lawmakers face a decision on whether to approve governor christie's proposed 23 cents gasoline tax hike. goes into effect immediately. this along with a cut in the sales tax from seven to 6%. that will probably take couple of years to put into law. the state senate returns today for a final voting session before the end of the fiscal year. fiscal year starts july 1st, which is? >> tomorrow. >> tomorrow. all right. casino workers in atlantic city, are threatening to hit the picket lines if they
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cannot reach a contract agreement with their bosses. the casinos. so, very soon, maybe as earl ace tomorrow, they'll go on strike, we'll have camera there in ac. >> members of unite here local 54 are ready for a strike, as you can see here, just in case the union's six a hundred casino workers hit the picket lines tomorrow. local 54 is in contract negotiations, right now, with five casinos. ceasar's, harrah's, bally's, trump taj mahal, the tropicana. lorraine, cocktail server, she says in the past ten years, she's only received 80 cents an hour pay increase in total. elaine says when the casinos were struggling workers made concessions, but they're not getting paid back, now the businesses are starting to cash in. >> they've made a good profit that they've given themselves a pay increase, and bonuses, and incentives. so now it is time to give back to the workers, that helped you out in 2011. >> we asked city councilman on yesterday from atlantic city,
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he says like all of the other council people, this is -- none of this is in ac's best interest. we'll keep an eye on it. >> fox 29 is reaching out to the casinos and still awaiting a response. >> 6:08. well, enormous sinkhole is swallowing parts of the road. oh, look at this. >> this is one of the bigger sinkholes i've ever seen, in our viewing area. bucks county, right? >> that's right.
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>> 6:11. traffic troubles in berks county, sinkhole swallows up a street. >> look at the size of this sucker. crews have been working throughout the night to make a repair on that thing. that will take longer than overnight. that's big. we miss something where it all started. it started with a water main break. >> and for the time being, authorities had to shut off the water service to dozen homes and businesses in the area. they've been told to boil their tap water and use bottle water t opened up along the 300 block, yesterday morning, at first small, neighbors say they watched it quickly grow to about 70 feet wide, and 10 feet deep. luckily, no one was standing in its way. i'm thinking that's a scary thing, because anybody could have been driving over it, and how far is it going to open? it could come across here and affect the houses and everything else. >> what you got to do, you got to fix the water main first. and then you got to fill in the sinkhole. then pave the road. they expect to have the
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repairs wrapped up within, well, i'm thinking by maybe tuesday. >> you sound like an expert. maybe you should help them out? do you have a plan? >> i've filled in a few holes in my life. >> have you? >> darn right. >> recently? >> no. listen, woman. >> what? >> i'm shovel-ready at any moment. >> all right. >> right, bob? >> you got it. >> 6:12, local wore business terrorism after the airport attack in turkey. why the cia is now warning americans that a similar situation could happen on us soil. >> bob kelly? >> an accident 95 southbound right at cottman avenue in the left lane, and let's go outside to a live shot, nice pretty sunrise, coming up and over the ben franklin bridge. we're going to grab a cup of coffee and come right back. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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>> are you here to join us? >> i'm here. >> okay. well, would you like to see some hoagies. >> let's do it. >> some wawa hoagies.
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>> nothing better. >> annual event that i love, and it is happening right now at the national constitution center. because it is wawa hoagie day. >> the 24th annual event, will feature whopping 5 tons of hoagies and plenty of happy visitors. hungry folks are invited to the lawn outside of the independence visitors center which is located at six and market, two blocks from our very location here. >> and that video from last year, and i think we will show you, because they're preparing this huge, you know how it goes, hoagie, and so checking in on it, as they get that together. and everyone will have some lunch. >> mike, going to lunch today? >> i can see one of our live trucks is at sixth and market right now. >> we'll show it soon. >> okay. >> hi, dave. are you going to eat a hoggy? please do. look at him. >> look out. >> my joker's suit on today. does it look purpose snell.
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>> very blue. >> every time he wears this suit. is this suit purple or is it blue? >> it is cobalt blue. >> some people say purple. >> i think it is blue. >> well, you stand in the light it is blue, royal blue. >> bright blue frank sinatra blue. >> thank you. >> i was close. true, true. >> this is his actual suit. >> don't say that. oh, my gosh. so mean. okay, they're telling me to move on. >> part of the rat pack? >> ya. >> now i have 102nd left. >> important things are coming >> temperatures are into the 60s and 50's right now, headed for the eight's this afternoon, bright sunshine, that's what we have. sixty-seven with dew point of 56 degrees. the future weather computer shows just few clouds out there. with the sea breeze developing, now, tomorrow, will be the day where the moisture comes in, seven day
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forecast shows that the showers and storms are moving in tomorrow. it is rather humid. saturday it is clearing. then by sunday, the showers stay to the south. now, monday, for the fourth, looks pretty good t makes the sun and clouds for the fourth of july weekend, sorry, to rush you, bob. we talked about mike's suit for two minutes. >> good morning, everybody, 6:18. live look at i59 southbound. stacked up from academy into cottman avenue. all because after accident left lane in the actual construction zone. and that's causing a jammo, as you work your way into downtown philly. an accident southbound on the northeast extension, just south of the lansdale interchange, speaking of suits, it is throw back thursday, think we could get doug pederson to wear a buddy ryan outfit like this? what do you think? >> that's buddy. >> is that buddy? >> that's buddy. matching the green outfit, styling on the side lines there, so little throw-back picture thereof buddy. >> you know what?
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i think that was jeff fisher in the picture with the mustache, yes. >> summer mummers concert tonight featuring the worlds champion south philly string band, down there between eight and ten at second and washington so of course detours, but just get out of the car, do little mummer strut if you're stuck in the jam. back to you. >> 6:19. american government on high alert after the terror attack at turkish airport that killed 42 people, and injured hundreds more. cia director john bennett now warning americans that similar attack could happen on us soil. >> isis ability to continue to property gate its narrative as well as to insight and carry out these attacks, i think we still have a ways to go before we're able to say that we have made some significant progress against them. >> top military officials held classified meeting with us senators yesterday, about isis, who the turn i shall government believes is behind the attack, they've yet to claim responsibility officially. turkey's biggest airport is back up and running, just
6:20 am
days after three suicide bombers killed more than three dozen people and injured hundreds of others. in fact, some outlets are report that they were back up and running five hours after this happened. >> so social security iron at this checkpoints, yes. >> clean up and repairs underway. turkey prime minister says the attackers took attacks i to the airport, then blew themselves up at three different spots at the airport. and once again, so far no group has claimed responsibility. airports in the u.s. are now beefing up security at a july 4th weekend, because they know a lot of people will be traveling for the holiday. >> all right, in the next hour of our show, talking to security expert about guidelines for up, because we have so many celebrations coming up here over the fourth every july weekends, the big festival down there, well, the concert of course on the ben franklin parkway. and so many travel through our airport, philadelphia international airport. well, a 20 year old accused every trying to grab a police officer's gun to shoot donald trump at a campaign rally in
6:21 am
last vague zest being indicted on federal charges. his name is michael steven sanford. he is charged with disrupting an official function and two firearms counts, because two guns on him action together he could get up to 30 years in prison. he remains in federal custody. and a judge has dismissed criminal charges against a reading police officer, accused every punching a woman and smashing her cell phone during a traffic stop. you probably remember this. officer jesus santiago dejesus a periods in a berks county court on charges including official oppression, and evidence tampering. but the district judge dismissed all charges against the 27 year old officer, who has been on the force for four years. prosecutors say the officer reported that the woman did not use a turn sectional before the april stop. but, surveillance video, from a nearby home, and some other
6:22 am
businesses, showed that she did. so why that ruling? all right, 6:22. >> officials say senior military leaders are expressing deep concerns at the launch of new pentagon rules allowing trans gender service members to serve openly in the military, is moving too quickly. >> yes, the pentagon plans to unveil these new regulations in the next couple of days. under those rules, transgender individuals will be allowed to serve, and can do no longer be forced to leave bases on their gender identity. the military leaders are arguing that many details involving implementation of this plan must still be resolved, ya, critics say this is happening too fast watch do you think? 6:22, the phillies swept a team. >> really? like you mean they got a broom out? >> literally took a broom out and spanked the arizona snakes. >> jobbing this is the same team that came into philly cup old every weeks ago.
6:23 am
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>> last week swept the phils
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in four game series here there is week, the phils swept arizona if the dessert. going to arizona, take a look, phillies down eight-seven, it was four-run eighth inning for the phillies, they tie it up on this error. phillies lead, but get tied up in the bottom of the eighth. they go to the tenth. tyler with man on third, less than two outs, sack fly, the phillies win it nine-eight, sweep the series. great catch by a fan. going to san diego there is fan did something that's not supposed to happen. he interfered with the game. the batter was ruled out. but still good catch by the fans. the number one seed, wins yesterday, at wimbledon. that's in the near court. that's jokevich. he is a machine, six-four, six-three, seven-six,. >> that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. and open up the windows right now, 50's, so don't need the ac right now. but, you'll need it tomorrow. look at the temperatures coming up with the complete forecast.
6:27 am
dave? >> a popular park in wilmington, where people work out, and where people go for walks. this is an area where a manna tacked a woman and sexually assaulted her, we'll show you his picture, steve? >> and more bad news here in philadelphia. here we are again at police headquarters with another child shot in the face and killed in the city. the third this year. look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise.
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>> worries in wilmington, police are on the hunt for this man, accused of sexually assaulting a woman, in daylight. how he was able to lure his victim into danger. >> a tragedy. this child didn't even get a chance to realize his dreams. >> a single gunshot among a group of teenagers leaves a 13 year old boy dead. what police say they found at the scene, besides a weapon. >> got to find some kind of cure for t this whole strip here was basically shooting gallery. discovery both shocking and sad. left clear in one philadelphia neighborhood. >> it is exactly 6:30. plus, an ahead of your fourth of july weekends, come on, let's be real, folks. only one thing on your mind, and that is, is it going to rain over the fourth of july weekend. >> by the way, people are
6:31 am
taking off tonight for the shore. >> they are? >> oh, ya. dave, don't youy? >> friday off, monday off? >> yes, the three day weekends is that friday, saturday sunday? or monday? >> no, saturday sunday monday. >> good. because then not talking about rain. >> oh, good. >> but tomorrow, rain? even though we're going down the shore tomorrow? >> you'll be okay. >> all right, fish face. >> it will be okay. i say that now. looks like clear for right now, but there is rain moving in. 56 degrees the dew point, 67 is the temperature no rain on doppler, talking 50's, nice and cool start, millville at 59 degrees. sunshine, all day, sunscreen, shades, the hat and the cell phone because it is social media day, 86 degrees, lower humidity, bright sunshine, changes drastically and rapidly tomorrow, so we have to put that rain back in the forecast, scholl you exactly where and when the rain will be moving through your neighborhood coming up with the complete forecast. roads in your neighborhood,
6:32 am
here's bob. >> accident on i-95, in the construction zone. this is southbound, right at cottman avenue. now, police just moved it over to the shoulder here, but the damage is done. we're bumper to bumper from woodhaven all the way in to center city, past that scene, and then further south there is an accident right at the stadium area, right at the curve between the whitman and broad street. so, keep that in mind if you are headed down to the airport, otherwise asks sunshine around the board, 42 coming in toward the city, heavy approaching the walt whitman bridge, and an accident now on the pennsylvania turnpike, this is westbound, just west of ft. washington. mass transit, though, looking good. mike and alex back to you. >> 6:32, wilmington, delaware police want you to take a look at this picture we're about to put up on the screen. here comes. that guy right there. they say that he sexually assault add woman earlier this week. >> now, authorities want your help in getting him off the street. we're learning more about the description. >> yep, dave?
6:33 am
>> reporter: ya, and learning more about the area where it happened, it is a popular running trail, there is also a river, the brandywine river, over there, as well, all of this near the area where the attacker pulled the victim to this wooded area with a weapon. wilmington police say this was the man suspected in the attack, an image captured on surveillance camera. investigators say the suspect sexually assault add woman and forced her to a hidden spot near the river on the 800 block of south park drive. this all took place around 9:30 tuesday morning, police say the man pictured here is about 30 years old, and in addition to the black shirt, you see he bass wearing, and pants, as well, and black cap. now, police say, they are looking for him to question him, if you have any information, give wilmington police a call. again, we're trying hopefully to talk to some people. haven't seen whole lot of people working out here this morning, hopefully to see if anyone had seen anything, or give their thoughts on this scary situation, impact ago area they frequent every day.
6:34 am
mike anal next. >> dave, keep us updated. more tragedy with kids and guns. this time, a 13 year old boy is shot dead in germantown. >> oh, my gosh, here we go again. another teenagers, surround earned heard to police in connection with the shooting, steve has the story from the round house. >> mike, 17 year old showed up here with his parents last night, the shooter, kids playing with guns, so here we go. four year old shot in the face and killed when her father was playing with a gun in april. a four year old a week ago today shoots herself in the face and killed, find gun in the house, new these kinds finds the gun behind an abandoned home, stashed there, and not hidden too well with some jewelry by another criminal who either held up somebody and ripped off the jewelry, or ripped off the gun and the jewelry from a home. either way, the neighbors there just can't believe this happened. >> this is a tragedy. this child didn't even get a chance to realize his dreams. >> it hurts, his home, you know, because i got children living around here, you know, and just to hear things like
6:35 am
this really, you know, makes you think what's really going on. >> everybody this dissatisfied about the gun violence, especially our babies dying like this, we want the neighborhood to show that their dissatisfaction, come out here erin guage in dying dialogue, black men, stands up, be accounted for. >> so calling foresees fire, he and his group again, how many vigils will we have in the city this year? but another tonight at 5:00, over how to prevent this from happening again. but just a week ago a vigil for the same thing. here we go. the last day in june, maybe and alex, from mid-april to the last day in june, just over these two months, three children shot in the face unintentionally accidentally and killed, that's likely why we won't see this 17 year old being charged with much if anything in this case. >> so unfortunate. even though three, even just one child dying due to this, just terrible.
6:36 am
>> freak i shall. 6:35, thanks, steve. >> the shooting happened just about a week after a four year old died after getting shot in the face in north philadelphia. police have arrested her mother. this he say the gun went off in domestic incident between her and her boyfriend the the couple try to cover up what really happened. investigators originally thought that the child shot herself. >> 6:36. this is new overnight. a woman is in the hospital after a hit-and-run in point breeze. happened just after midnight, south 23rd and moore street. the victim was taken to presbyterian medical center with minor injuries. at this point police do not have a description of the car that hit her. a surveillance camera cam toured the moment a cab driver was stabbed while on the job in camden. the ooh year old victim was in his cab near state and front street, around midnight wednesday, when a man got in. officers say that man asked if the driver had change for 50-dollar bill. and then started stabbing him.
6:37 am
family members say the driver -- good samaritan took him to cooper university hospital. his family says he is stable while his attacker just ran off. >> that's the attacker running off there. 6:37. >> today new jersey lawmakers face decision whether it approve governor chris christie's proposed 23 cents gas tax hike. >> you better get to the pump today. >> this along with a cut in the sales tax from 7% to 6%. that might take a while. the state senate returns today for final voting session before the end of the fiscal year. which starts tomorrow. >> delaware lawmakers have given final approval to a $4 billion operating budget for the fiscal year, that starts, again, tomorrow. the spending plan cleared the house, and now await governor jack markell's signature. >> in harrisburg, pennsylvania law make letters return to work today to hammer out final details after the senate approves the house's
6:38 am
$31 billion budget plan. >> when does the fiscal year ends? >> it ends today. because tomorrow is the new budget. >> thank you. >> the question of thousand pay for the spending plan, though, remains. >> 6:38. a major health concern, in a once promising philadelphia neighborhood. people in kensington say their street are littered with needles, used to shoot up heroin. >> long time resident, his name bill richardson, spends his saturday cleaning up his neighborhood. so, he says it took just 20 minute to fill up a peanut butter jar with needles, on his block alone, just his walk. when the cameras went to investigate the street was once again littered with these syringes. people shooting up heroin. neighbors say heroin has taken over the once flourishing neighborhood, and it is a danger to more than just those who use the drugs. >> this whole strip here is basically shooting gallery.
6:39 am
>> you tell your kids that don't touch them. but you got little ones that's curious. touch a stick, you don't poe what that child has. but it is rough. >> people in kensington say police do what they can to deter the heroin addict from this area. but the result is simply moving them from one block to another leaving the trail of needles behind. >> yes, go from one block to the next. >> he filled up that jar in 20 minute. >> twenty minutes, that's right. you know, it's been lodge year for 114 year old girl hit by a stray bullet while hanging out with her friends. >> the one thing diamond's mom says could help her daughter's road to recovery. and today's wawa hoagie day. the 24th annual event will feature a whopping 5 tons every hog us. >> 5 tons? >> five, six. it will be a lot of hoagies, okay? and plenty of happy visitors, hungry folks invited to the lawn outside of the inch dean pen dense visitors center on independence mall to enjoy free hoagie. courtesy of with a w that's not until later.
6:40 am
they're already preparing now for lunch that's how much. >> alex holley, we have a camera live there now. let's take you there, as soon as humanly possible. >> okay.
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
okay, let's take you right now to this breaking news, you're talking about breaking water main news, so this started yesterday. look at the size that far sinkhole. we a missing. >> yes, so crews have been out there since yesterday. >> yes. >> at one point yesterday it was about 70 feet wide, 10 feet deep. obviously little bigger now as they're trying to click on it. >> what's weirds, alex it, started as a little hole, and the neighbors came out and watched it grow into this gigantic sinkhole. >> taking up pretty much the whole street. >> so i guess start wad water main break, then started to ooze, what am i trying to say? eroding the dirt. so the way to fix this, dave warren, any to do this. >> please, tell us your plan. >> what would you do? >> first of all you fix the water main, right? >> yes? >> then you fill it with dirt. >> filler, yes. >> then you pair the stinking road. >> pave it over, done. >> that simple?
6:44 am
>> would that not take all weekend? >> department of streets mike jerrick on his way. >> 6:43, up early fixing it. >> 6:44, up, now sunshine, at least nice weather, no more rain to worry about there temperature into the 50's, nice and comfortable, humidity down, upper 60s now in philadelphia, headed for the 80s today. it get little cooler down the shore, but it gets a lot more humid, orbit more humid there, starting tomorrow. here is the storm responsible for that. the warmfront comes up first. that gives us a shower tomorrow morning. front comes through later today. showers, storms, late in the afternoon tomorrow. all of this will be evolving overnight tonight. here is the clouds. this is starting already tonight. not much is expected before then. few light showers develop as the warm humid air moves in. then, we will see it continue to fill in by 10:00. it is right along 95, looks around parts of delaware seeing that, not down the shore. not in wildwood, good news for good day drives you tomorrow. rain will come in pretty much
6:45 am
everywhere as it get very humid tomorrow afternoon between 6:00 and 8:00. a lot of fireworks there starting the fourth of july weekend tomorrow night. might have to wait just little bit as these storms move through, it will be clearing out, though, by saturday morning, and like to see it stay away all weekend, but could keep few showers, over the weekend. showers in the morning, stronger storms in the afternoon, and evening, so the seven day forecast, 86's today and tomorrow, clearing skies on saturday, then by sunday, we look at showers just to the south, just few light showers south, monday looks good for the fourth every july then sun to clouds on tuesday, rain comes back on wednesday. bob? >> you got it, dave, 6:45, good morning, everybody, got an accident right here old city. here is a live look, our penndot camera, right at the intersection of second and race. and now let's roll some video, from bill fox, he's one of our fox viewers every morning, he happens to be out there, he sent me some video from his cell phone, that i then put up
6:46 am
on our twitter page there. take a look at this, overturned pick-up truck. this is right in front of mr. bar stool. they normally have the big characters, the blues brothers outside, remember, see that? okay, so right at that intersection there, now, the firetruck wasn't involved in the accident. they had just showed up, everybody is okay. but that's causing a delay there at the intersection of second and race. we could have -- >> so bill next time, come on, right out here, second and race, that's causing delays coming into and out of old city philly. now, westbound on the schuylkill expressway, delays approaching the conshy curve, out toward 476, all because after accident, starting to see the sun glare pop. blab your shades, as you come inbound, on the conshy curve.
6:47 am
then another accident here, this is westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike, i wouldn't be surprised if this also had something to do with sun glare, right around that dashboard level as you get into 7:00 here. it is westbound, just west of ft. washington, and because of the railroad gates, stuck in the down position, the csx freight train gates, the route 11 trolley, has to use shuttle buses for the morning rush, who is hungry? >> i am. >> let's do it, going to pudge's in conshohocken, fayette street. they have two location, we are going to the one at conshohocken, out there today from 9:00 to 10:00 around your conshy curve, jump off, right there at fayette street. we will be out there starting at 9:00 a.m. >> now, fayette is the main drag of conshohocken? >> the main drag, right on? >> you know a lot about conshohocken. >> i do, i love my conshohocken. want to see me conshohocken? >> , no i mean i would like to see conshohocken. >> ya, high. 6:47.
6:48 am
kensington teen nearly killed by stray bullet one year ago continues her fight to recover. >> in is as the shooter remains at largement diamond santiago had her last of eight surgeries yesterday, after being shot in the stomach last may. >> eight. >> now, despite her injuries, she only 14 years old, she returned to school this past january. recently graduating from the eighth grade with straight a's. her mother tells us that support from family and friends, even strangers, helped her get through the tough time. >> yes, i have adjust tis for diamond page on facebook, and the continue support and prayer, this is what helps her be where she is at right now. >> you know, she was hit by that random bullet, as she sat with friends on the stoop of a row home, along the street. two hooded men firing guns, were seen running with her. shooting at each other. at this time, police have no suspects, all these months later. just ridiculous.
6:49 am
>> amaze that she is continuing to fight, straight a's. >> good for her, eight surgeries. she is strong. >> all right, 49:00. >> next time you get a friend request on facebook, you might want to do a double take. how about that? because scammers now targeting facebook users, they're stealing their photos and information, and posing as other people. it is like their catfishing. >> yes. >> basically. >> catfishing, yes. with just few clicks, scammers can closure page and connect with your friends. they think it is you. then you start to say weird stuff. >> you say weird snuff. >> well, the hack corza all sort of stuff, thinking that it is you. experts say, this is an easy way to steel money, your identity, one victim from the state of maryland says his friends were the ones who saw this fake profile, and notified him right away, something was going on. >> i thought my account got hacked. that's why i changed my password right away. but after talking to my
6:50 am
friend, they were saying actually it is a fake profile. >> they'll say things like oh, i'm out every state, or i'm out of the count rip, i lost my wallet. can you sends me $5,000. >> so, if i had a fake profile, would you recognize that it was not me, al next. >> i don't know it, would depend on the status updates and the things you're saying, if it is too nice and general, oh, the weather is beautiful today then i would know that's not mike. >> so if it was nice comments it wouldn't be me? i see what you're saying. if you recognize a fake account, contact facebook, the team there is always looking out for scams. that's what facebook says. they have whole team that looks for scams. >> 6:50. one of the country's most popular beauty pageants is doing away with a big part. swimsuits are out, and work out clothes are in swimwear, you know, in the last year's broadcast, will no longer and part of the miss teen usa. >> i agree with this. because, i don't think at a miss teen usa pageant, they need to be in swimsuits.
6:51 am
seriously. the miss universe organization, which actually hoses that teen pageant, announced move yesterday. >> but here is the thing. let's say you take away the swimsuits, which i agree, but people who wear work out clothe, they sometimes work some that look like swimsuits, tight short-short, midriff top. >> you know, alex, they're trying to be more conservative. >> and i appreciate that. i'm just saying. >> well, this is what they say. >> people can still finds a way to make it -- >> sex. >> i uh-huh. >> or too revealing. anyway, here's what they said. in today's society, watching women parade around a stage in bikinis, feels out-dated. instead the women will now be judged on a brand new athletic wear competition. >> but i kind of like the fact it is promoting people active, active lifestyles, work willing out. >> let's be real, folks, it is still a way to show off a woman's body, isn't it? and why is that important?
6:52 am
why is that even part of the pageant. >> it is just used to promote healthy lifestyle and encouraging girls, young girls, to be active and eat healthy, then i think i can see why it would be a good thing. >> it is just an excuse to show off a woman's body. >> okay. >> isn't it? seriously? why are we doing that with teenage girls? i know this is weird coming out of me. >> i was about to didn't you watch last year close to the tv? >> in the next hour, mcdonald's set to debut brand new hamburger. wait until you see this new hamburger. oh, i want one. >> it remind me of home. >> it does? >> ya. >> okay. hey, bob kelly, tell us about tomorrow. >> we're going to wildwood, new jersey, we will be down there, broadcasting live on the boardwalk, at shellinger right there in front of the piers there starting at 7:00. along with us the brands packing new mazda cx9. a chance for to you win it, sign up and win it, more
6:53 am
details when we come right back.
6:54 am
6:55 am
[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. >> already the hashtag, oscar so while. >> yes, wendt renting. >> after the academy awards. >> so many people of color that weren't represented or nominated. >> may have taken care of the problem, group behind the academy awards look to go diversify finally after all these years. >> academy of motion pictures
6:56 am
arts and sciences, sending to nearly 700 new members, get this, about half of those invite rod women, 41% are people of color. noble names in the industry, like, alba, daniel dammed kim, ryan, invited to join. academy herly criticized, and i think is great that they're extending this to more differs, they said, last year, that it was mostly white males, older white males that whether doing this. >> always been the case. >> so it is good they are switching up. how much, it is two-part problem. one, is the people who are voting, right, and the other problem is when it comes to actually putting these films together, giving minorities more roles, so they have the opportunity to get nominated. so if you have all of these people who were able to vote, what good does it do if there are still people being put in the roles, minorities being put in the roles. >> baby stems. >> now that we got part one, let's do part two, let's work
6:57 am
this together. >> okay. >> progress. >> three minute before 7:00. on a thursday. here's dave. >> yes, that's right. we are following a story of a brutal assault here, sexual assault, in wilmington. we will show you the picture of the person police are looking for. steve? >> and, picture of children being killed with guns, and people unintentionally firing them by playing with them, keeps getting worse here in philadelphia. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
6:58 am
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7:00 am
>> they are young lives cut short by gunfire. thirteen year old killed after he and his friends get their hands on a gun. the questions police are still asking this morning. >> application, stopping isis. >> i think we still have a ways to go before we're able to say that we're made some significant progress against them. >> terrorism fears escalate after attacks in turkey. what's being done to make sure you're safe as you celebrate the fourth. >> and, drug use affecting more than just addict. >> like a disease, got to find some kind of cure for it. >> neighbors concerned for their children, as needles pile up on the street. why neighbors say they're fighting a losing battle whether it comes to trying to clean up the mess.


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