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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  August 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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up with bullets lodged in it whom police are trying to track down before somebody else gets hurt. plus two former temple cops arrested for murder, what police say they did and how the school where they once worked is responding this morning. okay, listen up septa riders hey pay before you play, if you called a commute play, more changes for septa passengers, to adjust to this afternoon, what will be different when you try to get home from center city. good day, it is, august 1st. >> yeah. >> well, flip the calendar over. >> flip it, baby. >> we're moving over. >> all right, already overtime to go back to will school you are right, where did june and july go. we have had so much activity, it just makes it the fly by. >> last couple weeks have been nuts, crazy busy. >> convention gone, humidity still here. this humid weather pattern from the weekend.
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we will give you have out of ten in weather by the numbers. it is so muggy. once again we have a chance of pop up showers and then are storms don't we every day. here we go with buddy, ready to watch for the lightening, and listen for thunder later on. muggy the doggies here as well. temperatures in the 60's and 70's as we get started this morning. the our pop up thunderstorm of the morning is in ocean county. we have another cell that developed in burlington county, new jersey. you can see quite a bit of lightening there on garden state parkway right around seaside heights. we will take a closer look at that in a moment. the kind of cloudy here in philadelphia and very humid. we have 90 percent relative humidity. 75 degrees. right now as your official sunrise time, just happened at 6:00 o'clock on the dock. big milestone there as days get shorter. land quarter ter 72. seventy-two pottstown. sixty-five mount pocono. not too far from where they
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will try to get that race in that was cancelled yesterday at pocono race way. seventy-seven in wilmington and wildwood. we will get to 86 degrees, still humid with a possibility of, you guessed it, pop up showers and thunderstorms. you can never rule it out bob kelly. >> never rule it out. >> 6:02. we have another month, good morning everybody. live look at 422, starting to move ahead. we had earlier traffic jam working toward trooper but roads are dry at least here out in king of prussia heading in from south jersey freeway headlights coming from new jersey heading in toward philadelphia, watch for some volume building for folks coming back from the shore. we have about 20 minute delays on septa's warminster line where significant california problems and across the board some delays on the paoli line, airport line, thorndale as all part of the regional rail situation with shortage of the cars.
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this afternoon a new ticketing situation. good news for market frankford and subway users they are back to using know of care parking lot as your free area so you can jump april board on the broad street subway. mike and alex, back toe. 6:03. now developing to montgomery county, officers are investigating a shooting of two people. >> yeah this happened in the middle of the night while were you sleeping, jenny joyce, is live at ambler, hi there, jenny. >> reporter: good morning. am year police department as well as montgomery county district attorney's office has been on the scene for hours investigating this double shooting. police have been walking in and out of an apartment building here at forest green gardens apartment, complex in ambler, sometime before midnight. alert went out to that two people were shot. we do not know circumstances of the shooting or conditions of the victim. also at this point we are waiting to hear anything bat parent shooter. montgomery county district attorney's forensic unit is on the scene. again, detectives have been
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wandering around this property going in and out of the building after two people were shot last night. we were told they are waiting to release any information, until they talk to the district attorney await ago this information a at this hour, mike. >> my goodness. 6:04 now. thanks, jenny. now developing in point breeze police are trying to identified a man found stabbed to death. he was found with multiple wound to the chest and arms lying on garrett street around 9:30 last night. detectives believe the victim is in his 50's but that is all of the information they are releasing at this time. police are trying to figure out what led to the five-year old being shot in german continue last night. it happened on 1300 block of rittenhouse street. police say boy was extently shot in the hand and then taken to the hospital. he was listed in stable condition and a gun was recovered at the scene. we have road rage here, search is on for a driver accused of shooting at another car in a road rage incident in northeast philadelphia police say shots rang out around 7:15 in torresdale as two cars went
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on to the southbound ramp of i-95 at academy road. investigators say a person behind the wheel of the black cadillac fired shots at a person driving a silver honda bullets became lodged in the vehicle. nobody was hurt. it is closed though. this is third road rage shooting since may. two men are under arrest in connection with the germantown murder, both are former temple police officers. the deadly assault happened friday morning on the 4600 block of reid street. police found a 24 year-old woman dead inside of her home. prosecutors charged 47 year-old aaron wright with the murder. they also charged marquis robinson with aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit murder charges were also charged. temple university released a statement saying quote aaron wright resigned from temple's police department in 2012.
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marquis robinson has been terminated from the department. temple is cooperating with philadelphia police in their investigation. police have not publicly identified the victim. there will be some new rules for septa a regional rail passengers, starting this afternoon. >> passengers will have to have a ticket before getting on the station's in center city. >> no, before you hit platform dave kinchen is one of the places this will go in effect, 30th street station hicks there dave. >> reporter: it sound like a bill marr skit new rules when you say that but new rules here the pennsylvania commute will be different for septa riders leaving center city this afternoon. a change in rules, where passengers will have to be ticketed before getting on to any regional rail train departing center city. this applies to the five stations in center city and only affective during afternoon rush from 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 on weekdays. septa says conductors just don't have enough time or
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space when you think bit to check all passengers for ticket while on the train because trains are so packed since a third of the regional rail fleet was pulled due to a defect. now passengers worry a ticket check before boarding can cause even more delays. >> it will create timetable issues of people being late and trains being backed up and delays will be greater because trains went leave without people waiting for it. >> if you don't have a ticket, pass, go to the sales office at the station and do your purchase there and then you'll have a particular and will be validated at top of the stairwell before you go town to the station. >> reporter: officials tell us fare collection staff will be stationed by each stairway to take fares before riders get to the platform. cash won't be accepted for prepayment payment. we are expecting a report on the regional rails sometime in the next couple days. >> thanks for that. are you buying butts today, are you?
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>> cigarette butts. well, cigarettes, but pennsylvania smokers will notice a big change this morning if you went off to buy cigarettes, if you buy cigarettes today. big price increase. how much more? we will tell you, per pack. and maryland town left picking up pieces after devastating weekend deadly flooding killed two. details on the pennsylvania group being deployed to help in the aftermath.
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in the city of philadelphia they will be paying $4.60 this taxes alone in every pack. this increase is part of the plant to address the budget deficit, the department of revenue estimates the tax will generate more than 400 million-dollar a year for the
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state treasury. coming up on 6:11. a street turns into a raging river in maryland, claiming two lives and forcing rescue of more than 100 others. latest on the clean up efforts there this morning. donald trump getting criticism from his own party, what he said about the parents of the fallen solder who criticized him, here in philadelphia at the dnc.
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watching weather we have a little bit to watch if you as we look at ultimate doppler radar we will see nothing and then at the mouth of the chesapeake bay or not the mouth, the top of the bay we will see showers pop up, that is the top, i get it. now we will get to the new jersey where we will see intense thunderstorms, one cell and another one around wood land in burlington county but focus is around toms river area of ocean county. look at that heavy town pour around ocean gate, seaside park, undoubted flash flooding going on there with heavy, heavy rain. if you get the a thunderstorm today, that is kind we're predicting with soaking rains which is why we have a flash flood watch for our northern counties from berks up to the poconos, to the lehigh valley,
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to montgomery, bucks, mercer counties. the future cast we are focusing on mercer county here for pocono race way for the rescheduled race from yesterday, the pennsylvania 400, you see, the race was supposed to start at 11:00. around 12:00 maybe a shower or two but very hit or miss with these showers. thunderstorms more likely later in the day hopefully after the race is over. so, if you are heading back so you had tickets for yesterday rescheduled race day there is a chance of the possible thunderstorm. the it will be only about 70 degrees today while in the 80's here in the city. race is supposed start at 11:00 this morning. half mile visibility in the pocono mountains. trying to get there. we are seeing fog in millville, new jersey. now around atlantic city at the airport as well. that moisture just hanging there in the air, it is 75 in the city. sixty-five mount pocono.
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seventy-seven in wilmington. 77 degrees in wildwood. it was a stock i sun take yesterday when we got up to 90 with all that sunshine. today 86. mixture of sun and clouds and pop up thunderstorm or two here or there 83. same kind of forecast tomorrow. then finally on wednesday and thursday we will get lower humidity, and so if you have got to tickets to one of these phillies games this week, giants in town from san francisco, we have wednesday, thursday will be your better weather days for that but pop up thunderstorms also possible on saturday. that is your seven day forecast, have first week of august bob kelly. >> one of those next afternoon games that would be fun to get together and get down for an afternoon game. check calendar there. 6:16. good morning. live look at i-95 their broad street. what a change from last week no problems here getting off at broad street for everyone who works in the navy yard, everything back to normal there as we exit 95 at broad
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street. we've disable off to the shoulder. curb side on the freeway headlights toward philadelphia picking up volume in this 6:00 . as these storms roll in and out all throughout the day and week, if you are flying out of philadelphia international just check ahead, two hours before your scheduled departure time and as we do have some thunder boomers rolling through that will shake things up down there on the airport leader game. the accident in trooper, pawlings and audubon no problems on 422. on top of the normal delays that we are dealing with on the regional rails put another 20 minutes warminster line having some signal problems this morning. same deal on the paoli thorndale line. novacare parking lot back in business opened up for the septa ride their can park there for free and use broad street subway. the as we mentioned earlier, starting this afternoon you'll have to have your tickets in advance and they will be collected at the top of the
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stairwell before you're even allowed to enter down on to the platforms for 59 stations here in center city that service regional rails, mike and alex, back over to you. unbelievable rainfall down in maryland. >> clean up has begun there. >> yeah. >> after extreme flooding has left two people dead at least 100 others had to be rescued over the weekend. a state of emergency has been declared for the historic city of ellicott where torrential rain damaged roads and buildings. take a look, a man gets swept away in the what the's along with his car. police identified one of the victims as jessica, from lebanon, pennsylvania. officials say nearly 7 inches of rain dropped on the town in only a couple of hours. sewers and streets could not handle this rainfall. this is businesses on main street there were even torn apart.
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members of the pennsylvania incident management team are prepping to deploy to howard county to help with the clean up. they are about ready to leave. officialness texas are still working to identify the 16 people killed in the hot air balloon crash in texas. this happened over the weekend. it is a process that could take weeks, they say, not sure why. it happened sat take morning south of austin texas. it appears that the balloon came in contact with power lanes before bursting into flames crashing, killed everybody in the basket. it is unclear if foggy weather played a role this is accident. 6:19. carli have, crown miss new teen u.s.a. over weekend is already dealing with controversy. within a few hours number of twitter users said she had used the n word in the past. she issued anthropology saying i admit i have used language publicly in a passive not been proud of and is there no excuse for.
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miss universe organization which runs miss teen u.s.a. has not commented on this. coming up, both presidential candidate and their running mates are hitting the road today campaigning this key states. >> some republicans are criticizing their nominee donald trump for attacking parents of the deceased american solder. this all started here in philadelphia. >> g.o.p. presidential nominee continues to tire back at kahn and it is happened at dnc a speech that they gave. but it was around 8:30 or so. >> on thursday. >> muslim father of a solder who said during his speech at democratic convention that trump has made no sacrifice. then donald trump accused him of not allowing his wife to speak. the wife stood there holding a a picture. >> his wife, if you look at his wife, she was standing there she had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say you tell me but plenty of people have written that. >> trump tweeted, i was viciously attack by mr. kahn
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at the democratic convention. am i not allowed to respond? hillary voted for the iraq war, not me. of course he had no power to vote back then. kahn said that she did not speak because talking about her son's death is still very hard for her and she was a prayed she would burst into tears. wikileaks founder julian assange, says that there is no more to come on hillary clinton's campaign. no more. is there much more about e-mails he says his organization will protect its sources and will in the reveal how or from whom it received internal democratic party e-mails which resulted in the ouster of debbie wasserman schultz. >> there is more to come. >> there is more to come. >> those nearly 20,000 e-mails led to the ouster of the chairperson of the dnc congress woman debbie wasserman schultz. she's no longer with that
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organization. well, it has driven two people on their path to the mlb draft and soon it could be yours. how you can get your hand on mike trout's first car would you like to drive mike trout's first car from south jersey. not really. >> maybe, yeah. >> it looks kind of cool. >> lottery numbers. there's one place where america's pastime is preserved for all time. ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ discover something one of a kind in new york. ♪ new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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good morning i'm sean bell. eagles training camp rolls on and it is a first day after coming to the link and watching opened practice carson wentz had a solid day, the best out of all qb's, this is first time putting on the pads, in plane sight of the fans. a fun moment for any rookie. >> it was pretty cool, getting in the locker roomy was like this is nice. coming out here everybody is yelling for practice, pretty sweet to see the support of everybody out here. it was really exciting. i had a lot of fun today. >> to the phillies and braves, an old phil making the difference, no score in the seventh, jeff francoeur with the two run home run to left
6:26 am
field. that would be the only run the braves got. phillies bats fall flat as they loose two-one. that is sports in a minute. lets do sports in another minute. >> do you remember sign filed episode where george thought he bought jon's car you could be driving, the truck, that was owned, the at one time by one of the best players in major league baseball mike trout. >> first car of mike trout is being auctioned off in atlantic city. >> let me tell you how it works. it is i 2,000 ford ranger pick up, being auctioned off at national sports collectors convention, that would be this thursday. mike trout autographed the outside of the glove compartment. he drove it as a junior at millville high school. his parents gave to it his girl friend's family who gave it to their son who has, was
6:27 am
also drafted by angels. what are the odds of that. i think mike is now engaged to that young woman. >> really. >> his sweetheart. >> why wouldn't they keep it then for memories. >> they could drive up to the wedding or leave the reception in that truck. >> with the little cans trailing behind. >> yes. >> what do you use shoe polish or something, just married, what do you use. >> shoe polish. >> just white shoe polish, just married. >> yes, is it paint? it is not paint. >> soap. >> they don't use soap. >> just married. >> it is probably shoe polishy haven't been married so i don't know. >> when i got married my friends, they put cheese and fish into the vents, a volkswagen so for the next 16 months, my car smelled and i could not figure out why. >> did they not approve of the
6:28 am
marriage this marriage stinks. >> i think they were being vandals, and weird owes. >> this is a happy day. >> the car was so covered in goo, you could not see out. we had to get to the car wash. >> that is when you went. >> middle of the night, one of the car wash where you can get the wand and just to get out. >> what kind of trend are that. >> horrible people. >> they throw things at you. >> no, rocks. >> bricks and sticks. >> no, they were trying to be loving. dave kinchen get me out of this. >> i love cheese but not in my car. >> okay. >> reporter: we have new rules that will impact people leaving center city going to the suburbs, we will tell but that, and in terms of the septa a's regional rail after the break. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know,
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when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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bullets fly on a local highway what police say that led to shots being fired on i-95. developing story out of montgomery county, police spend the overnight hours at an ambler, apartment complex investigating an apparent double shooting. latest on that. plus a normally light heart add ward show takes a more serious turn. local connection to last night's teen choice awards anti violence message. i like neo's rendition of
6:32 am
what's going on. really nice. we will play that for you. good day, it is august 1st, 8/1/16. >> start earring month. since we are winding down the summer, we have to start taking advantage don't you think. >> in what way. >> what should we do. >> we should think of something to do. >> let's walk along the schuylkill trail today. >> do you want to do that. >> that would be fun. >> let's do that. >> you will get about ten steps and say, ugh, it is so humid. >> how about finding a swimming pool. budd difficult with his dog accounts muggy. is there your umbrella to let you know a chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms. you may get one, you may not. meaning a thunderstorm, of course but everybody gets humidity in the 60's and 07's to start your day. we are watching a few showers that have popped up around northern part of the chesapeake bay but our big
6:33 am
focus has been on burlington and ocean counties where we have seen intense but very isolated thunderstorms. is there heavy downpours there over border from burlington into ocean county not too far from toms river. that is what is happening right now. here in the city, it is in the raining but kind of cloudy. we have a temperature of 75. we had our sunrise, officially big line of tea mar case with the 6:00 o'clock sunrise. the days shorter. very muggy out there as well. the other temperatures 65. mount pocono, trenton has 73. seventy-six in dover. eighty-six is our high. warm, muggy with the ever presence chance of isolated thunderstorms and that takes care of your monday. we will tell you how humidity as way in a few minutes in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, good morning. >> walk the schuylkill trailer swim in the schuylkill expressway. there you go there is our question of the morning. eastbound schuylkill accident between gulph mills and
6:34 am
conshohocken curve. off to the shoulder. but as you travel the schuylkill, there is not a lot of wiggle room there eastbound. good morning to the bennie coming into downtown. we are seeing volume pop here in the beginning of the morning rush hour. northbound lincoln drive at gypsy we have word of a vehicle fire, delays inbound on the schuylkill, conshohocken, westbound at belmont, accident in trooper at audubon road. if you are coming back from down the shore, all of the gang with me in wildwood over weekend, stone harbor, avalon coming back no problems on the expressway or the parkway as you work your way from atlantic city back toward philadelphia but as sue mentioned those then are storms moving through the area north of the atlantic city expressway could cause some problems. all eyes will be on the race track and skies, as we try to do it one more time today 11:00 o'clock, pennsylvania 400 we will try to get tonight there on the pocono speed way but that will leave volume on i80 and turnpike when that race is over this afternoon.
6:35 am
mike and alex back over to you. 6:34. >> now developing in montgomery county officers are investigating the shooting of two people. >> this happened in the middle of the night, jenny joyce on the story in ambler, hi there jenny. >> reporter: two people were shot on forest avenue month. man on the scene was told that her sister was one of the victims and that she passed away. shooting happened before midnight at forest gardens complex in ambler. ambler police and montgomery county district attorney's office have been out here all night long walking in and out of the building looking at evidence at this point, d.a.'s office is not the releasing any information, the victim's sister says she doesn't know much either. kimberly told me she talk to her sister at 8:30 and everything was fine. she was hanging out with her apartment that she lives at with her 19 year-old son who
6:36 am
was not home at the time of the shooting. police have not confirmed this information about either of the two shooting victims at this time, alex and mike. >> keep us updated on than one. search is on for driver accused of shooting at another car in the road rage incident in northeast philadelphia. police say shots rang out last night around 7:15 in torresdale as two cars went on to the southbound ramp of i-95 at academy road. a person behind the wheel of the black cadillac, fired shots at a person driving a silver honda. >> bullets were longed in the vehicle no one was hurt and this is third road rage incident since may. well, point breeze police are trying to identify a man was found stabbed to death. he was found with multiple wound to his chest and arm lying on garrett street around 9:30 last night. detectives believed the victim is in his 50's. police are trying to figure out what led to the five-year old being shot in germantown last night. it happened in the 1300 block
6:37 am
of rittenhouse street. police say the boy was extently shot in the hand and then taken to the hospital, and he was then listed in stable condition. a gun was recovered, at the scene. funeral services begin today for philadelphia fire fighter gabriel lee who died during his shift. lee was a 17 year veteran and was assigned to ladder company 12 in north philadelphia. the first viewing will be held it in at six at deliverance evangelist church on westerly high avenue. a second viewing will take place at the same location tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. the funeral services will follow, fire fighter lee's cause of death still not yet determined. 6:37. there could be more slow down for septa riders in center city. it hasn't been an easy summer for septa riders. >> no, it hasn't and it will not take easier this afternoon.
6:38 am
company is requiring everybody getting on the regional rail to have a ticket before they go down to the platform at certain locations. >> davis at one of those locations 30th street station with more, dave. >> reporter: septa summer of sorrow continues at 30th street station where a lot of people are taking all this information in that will impact them for their afternoon commute. we can tell you once they leave center city a change of rules means all passengers will have to be ticketed before getting on to any region nal rail train departing center city. this is applying to the five stations in center city and only during afternoon rush between 3:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. on weekdays. septa is say conductors don't have enough time or space to check all passengers for tickets while they are on the train because they are so pack, since a third of the regional rail fleet was pulled due to a defect. now some passengers are worried that a ticket check before boarding could cause even more delays. >> if you don't have a ticket or a pass you can go to the
6:39 am
sales office at the stations and do your purchase there and then you'll have a ticket and you'll be evaluated at top of the stairwell before you go down to the station. >> i'm dedicated public transportation rider so i'm hopeful things will work out and they have to allow more time and be more flexible. >> reporter: officials tell thaws fare collection staff will be stationed by each stairway, to take the fare before riders can get down to the platform, cash will not be accepted as a preboarding payment. meantime a report status on this regional rail situation is due sometime this week. back to you mike and alex. >> all right, watch out for that this afternoon, folks 6:39. in wilmington church leaders are speaking out after someone vandalized their black lives matter signs. the church says late friday night someone sliced a hole in their sign, reverend there tells fox 29 that the mostly white congregation posted the sign one months ago after a year long study of the the black lives matter movement. church decided to publicly
6:40 am
announce their stance despite knowing other churches have faced similar vandalism. reverend says whoever did this was sending a clear message. >> i don't know what they thought they would accomplish since we have put up another one and we will continue to advocate for black lives matter but it makes me sad that somebody chose to behave that way. >> church has filed a police report. familiar faces at the last night's teen choice award, the message delivered by, well, our intern here at fox, patients carter. she was on the show with their friend tiara. we will hear from them after the break.
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♪ what's that?! a bird? no, it's gus, the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania! have no fear, wonder gus is here! wonder bucks! whaaa... wonder bucks, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300 grand! one can dream. you can say that again. (giggles) keep on scratchin'! did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive?
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did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. well, at fox fourth and market i know you watch our news at five, 6:00 and ten. i want to talk about the 10:00 . studio where those newscasts have taken place for ten years now, oh, we renovated the whole place, a few months ago we started to do redecorating. that is a lot a where we have been, for the last ten years.
6:44 am
nice looking studio. we just made it better, watch this. >> wow, that is tonight. >> tonight at 10:00 o'clock. now, i am going to tell you something and you will not believe it, i did most of this construction myself. weekends and night. i have a tool belt, and would i done ton that belt with just
6:45 am
some shorts and etank top and did most of the work myself. i don't want to brag but i think it looks darn good. >> here's got thing we are so excited about had this will look like and how impressive it will be, that we will keep our extended newscast. >> so at 10:00 o'clock we will have an hour of news and we will not stop at 11:00. we will do another half an hour, brand new newscast, it is a newscast i have never seen in philadelphia were, it is new, it is fresh, it is fast. >> love it. >> snappy it will wake you up as you go to sleep. >> that is what you want. >> true. >> more opportunities to see it, yes. >> that is what jack you up. >> bob kelly, you will stay up and watch this. >> since did you all of the work it would be great idea to do that at 11:00. >> and come down and good day too. >> you can do that because it is real fast turnaround.
6:46 am
>> okay. >> 6:45. good morning. live look at i-95 at girard, in problems offer delays through construction zone here. we are looking good heading in to downtown philadelphia. center city though is jammed up here across town. we have one lane jammo as you head over in towards 30th street station, vehicle fire on the lincoln drive, northbound near gypsy. using the airport philadelphia international as sue mentioned as you get thunder boom their roll through hit and miss, could cause some delays throughout the day. check with the airline throughout this week. the brand new parking back at novacare last week they shifted everything over to south philly high with the convention. now you can park at know of care again, using broad street subway during your way to get into downtown. warminster line running with 20 minute delays because of early morning signal problems, but paoli thorndale line running with delays as well,
6:47 am
as airport. starting this afternoon for evening rush hour you'll need your ticket in -- advance of going down to the platform. they will collect your ticket at top of the stairs to prevent those conduct tours walk through those crowded trains and collect the tickets. no cash by the way will be collect at the top of the stairs, you need to go to the ticket window and this begins this afternoon at the five, center city regional rail stations. what will that forecast be like for afternoon's rush, sue has the answer in 15 seconds. so, showers and thunderstorms are not widespread this hour, isolated you have heard us use that term before. there is not much in the whole
6:48 am
region except for ocean county, new jersey around laci township here we see lightening and thunder there, seaside park to the north of that around brick and when we take away lightening where heavy downpours here around barnegat, raining along this portion of the garden state parkway and even to the north of that. a cell moving off shore. very off shore, very isolated these showers and thunderstorms. flash flood in effect north of us, where we have gotten lots of rain. we are focusing on monroe county where pocono race way is and possibility of three or 4:00 o'clock of pop up showers and thunderstorms. close call whether it gets the rescheduled pennsylvania 400 race in at pocono race way at five or 6:00. we still have pop up showers or then are storms in the forecast but very hit or miss. we are talking about a temperature of 70 degrees at 11:00 which is when race is scheduled to begin and
6:49 am
possibility of the thunderstorm, so everybody just keeping an eye on the sky. we have a lot of fog in the poconos mountains so getting there may be an adventure. also fog any atlantic city, millville, so much moisture and not a lot of win. seventy-five in philadelphia. lancaster has 73. sixty-five in mount pocono. we expect 70 by 11:00. seventy-six dover. seventy-seven in wildwood. it was a stock i sunday which we did make to 90. it doesn't look like beginning of the heat wave. eighty-six today. eighty-three tomorrow with a few thunderstorms, less of a chance tomorrow, and then there will be today but wednesday and thursday, those mike and alex are the best weather days of the week with the low humidity. >> ♪
6:50 am
marvin gaye's was going on. i thought this was darn good at last night's teen choice awards. that is neo, sang the song as part of the award show talking about, you know, recent violence in our country. >> and night that was handed out awards to hollywood voted by teens across america. it had a serious tone last night. they tackled race issues, gun violence and nothing was left out from the show. there is a moment when we were watching it in the commercial break where they had some of the children from victims of the recent violence, and office them talking. it shows family being affect. >> justin timberlake, by the way, they called him artist of the decade. wow. and kobe bryant gave to it him. it is what justin said in his acceptance speech that has some people, talking on twitter last night, a subject
6:51 am
that has caused him a little bit of controversy in the past. here's what he said last night. >> my parents did their best to fill my young mind were not prejudice and hate but compassion and love. truth is we are all different but that does not mean we all don't want the same thing. >> you remember a few weeks ago justin took some heat for comments he made after jesse williams speech at bet awards where justin praised the actor's speech and then williams speech talked about the appropriation of black culture something many say justin has benefited from. over his career. well, our intern here, we love her, patients carter, and her friend tiara appeared on the show last night. they were there joined by people who lost family members and friends to gun violence. >> this was what i was talking
6:52 am
about. >> including patients was in that night club in orlando. >> i'm patients. >> i'm tiara. >> patients and tiara were wounded in the pulse nightclub attack where tiara tragically lost her cousin, akira man rye. >> that is voice of the jessica alba, she was on stage this he were promoting this #thaw can still use #was stop the violence. well, the eag of his have begun. >> eagles holding their first practice, including an open practice at link. we are live at next hour with more on what we have seen at camp. you have to make first impressions. >> here's the big store friday yesterday, 40,000 people showed up for this very same thing a year ago. only 17,000 people in the stands yesterday. >> what? >> what is this lack of enthusiasm. will it be a throw away season. why aren't you excited.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
well, uber driver is getting high praise after going above and beyond, when a passenger leaves behind his wallet. >> inside wallet though was $3,000 in cash. wow. >> wow, 3,000 in cash. >> passengers just arrived from the u.s. from ukraine
6:56 am
visiting his sister in chicago. hours after dropping him off, the driver looked back and there was wallet that was there. he checked id and returned it to the apartment building, knocked on each door in the apartment building trying to find the guy in the car with him. the owner was relieved and very grateful. he gave the uber driver a hundred dollars as a thank you. >> age old question how much do you give when someone recovers your money. >> it is 75,000. >> it is right, or a hundred thousand. >> it was 75,000. >> inheritance and he gave like 50 bucks. >> he gave him a thousand. it was 75,000 and the guy gave him a thousand. >> it was a hundred dollars. >> yes. $75,000 the guy gets a hundred dollars reward. >> that is outrageous. >> is that good. >> i think he should get
6:57 am
10 percent. >> 300 bucks. >> yes,. >> they guy gave more. >> um. >> what? >> he gave him a hundred. >> yes. he gave a hundred, yes. >> he gave him 3 percent good i was thinking a thousand again but you are just suggesting that. >> it is machine we are getting our brains moving, jenny joyce is here and then dave kinchen, jenny, we will start with you. >> good morning, mike. coroner just arrived police tell us two people were shot at this apartment complex in ambler. we have talk to a woman who said one is her sister and she did pass away. hear from her next.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
this time it is ambler police spent the overnight hours in an ambler apartment complex investigating an apparent double shooting. latest on their investigation coming up. and more gunfire on a busy local highway this time, one driver end up with bullets lodged in his car whom police are trying to track down right now, before someone else gets seriously hurt. and some big changes, right now for septa aridders. >> it will create timetable issues with people being late and trans being backup. overcrowded trains forcing a change in the way


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