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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 2, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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bell, they are calling it the house of horrors man accused of holding 12 girls hostage inn ice his home faces a been to much day and is what expected to happen in court. smoke and flames consume a local business and how everyone inside escaped unharmed. punches thrown at a local wawa leading to a brawl inside of the store and now hunt is on for people involved in this. plus... >> but he made a deal with the devil. she's the devil. he made a deal with the devil. >> controversial comment donald trump in hot water, again this morning why he is calling hillary clinton the devil. good day, it is tuesday august . welcome. thanks so much for joining us. >> hello. >> how are you. >> i woke up to yet another quote by donald trump. >> seriously.
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>> all second, 2016. lauren dawn johnson well enough to come back to work. >> i feel better. >> you look fantastic. >> sue serio, how are you today. >> doing all right, i upped the number from yesterday six and we have a whooping, seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers today. we will start to see gradual improvement throughout the day-to-day and emphasis on gradual. good news is, we no longer have any showers at the moment throughout the area. air mass though that we have in place is still very moist, still muggy out there and we just saw some rain, moving off shore but that is it, foggy in the poconos mountains this morning, three-quarters of a mile visibility in mount pocono but that is about it for the fog, although, it looks like out by lancaster county you might to have watch out this morning. it the is cooler with 67 degrees. we have 65 in mount pocono but muggy 73 in philadelphia, 72 in trenton. seventy-two in dover.
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seventy-five in wildwood. still a humid start today. here in philadelphia as we mentioned it is 73 degrees with 84 percent relative humidity. sunrise time is 6:01 and we have a breeze out of the north east which will keep with us cloud even after the sun comes out, we could still see a pop up, then are storm, through about noon time today with the chance with much less then it was yesterday and look at this, 82 degrees a below average temperature. we only got to 80 yesterday so beginning of the trend that will be, not as hot as it was last week, sunset time 8:13, that takes care of your tuesday. we will go through the seven day forecast and talk about what to expect in the coming days but right now what to expect on the road right now. bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning. 4:02 on a tuesday, looking live at i-95, this is in northbound cottman avenue off ramp all part of the overnight construction up there in
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northeast philadelphia a. crews will be out there until 5:00 o'clock or so. ben franklin bridge looking good no problems up and over bennie, other areas are good to go but they are also working overnight on the vine street expressway, that is still closed until about 5:00 o'clock stretch from the schuylkill, over to broad street they will be closing it every night this week until 5:00 o'clock, the following morning, what a hot mess we had last night, on septa's regional rally with line from a ticket point of view. remember at the even of the day here evening rush they are now collecting tickets at township of the stairwell. think today in advance if you need a return trip, you need a ticket for that return trip get it early, so that you have it for anyone of the five stations there in center city. a new change up, novacare complex back opened for free parking for septa a commuters as part of the help that they are trying to get folks to use ab alternate. use broad street subway, you can park at novacare take train into downtown.
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frankford transportation center they have free parking up there at bridge street interchange. otherwise mass transit looking good, but no delays, chris and lauren back over to you. bucks county man who was found holding 12 girls in his home back in june are due in court today. he is facing multiple sex abuse charges. dave? >> reporter: who could forget this story. it was a shocker when he broke back in june and gained national headlines. lee kaplan is man at center of this and he will face a why this afternoon for a hearing on sex charges of 12 girls were found living in his home for years. kaplan was 51. investigators say he was living with 12 girls age 18 down to six months old. police say kaplan confessed to fathering two of the children with the 18 year-old. he was arrested after a surprise house call from a bucks county set of child
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welfare officers back in june and investigators allege the oldest girl was given to kaplan by amish pain daniel and savilla stoltzfus as a gift for helping them out of financial ruin. she was just 14 at the time that she was given to kaplan. now daniel and savilla were arrested as well. once again, lee kaplan facing a judge this afternoon on sex charges related to this case, that has had the whole country talking. back to you chris and lauren. dave kinchen thanks very much. a north philadelphia a community will say its final good bye to a fallen fire fighter. >> funeral for 42 year-old gabriel lee will be hell at deliverance evangelies church. >> he died on engine 50. he was a 17 year veteran of the fire department assign to ladder 12. his cause of death is under investigation. national night out is way to bridge gap between neighborhood and police. >> it is happening around our area tonight as part of the
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efforts include promoting importance of gun safety. jennifer joyce live at police headquarters, boy, this year, with all of the violence we have seen nationwide, it takes on more importance, jennifer. >> reporter: gun safety has become a major issue. we have seen tragedy after tragedy after children getting their hand on a family member or a friend's gun. the district attorney seth williams says all that can ab voided if you have a gun, get a a gun lock. the as recently as sunday night a five-year old found his grandmother's registered weapon in the drawer of her germantown home, picks it up, shoots himself in the hand. it was accidental but could have been prevented. thirty lease say four times in the past month a teenager or child has been shot or killed after getting their hands on a gun. the event like national night out help to educate families about these dangers, and the events for police and community pick up in west fill last night one day early to hand out gun locks and remote
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safety. >> too many innocent children are getting their hands on their parents guns, mom's boyfriend's gun, a gun they fine in the purse, a drawer and unfortunately they shoot their little friend or their family members. we have to stop that. this is something we can company to stop that. >> this is a good idea because you think of the ramifications what happens when the gun gets away there someone and not paying attention to it. >> time after time across the nation, up to 320 children are involved in gun accidents. while this won't fix all of the children we want to pack sure that the children are safe. >> reporter: national night out events continue tonight, city wide, officials plan to give out 1,000 gun locks over the next several days, tonight, also towns, a cross the country plan to host similar national night out events. lauren and chris. >> jenny joyce, thanks very much. and this morning we're looking for a cause of the three alarm fire doylestown in a business. fire sent three fire fighters,
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peco employee and bystander to the hospital for heat exhaustion. you can see flames shooting from the roof of the luxury bath features on main sleet in doylestown. call came in around 5:00 last night and it took about three hours to get this under control. >> when i first came into doylestown i saw like flames and could smell them from 5 miles away or smoke 5 miles away. it must have been burning a lot harder back then then it was right now. >> officials say that part of the roof collapsed in the back of the building so they pulled fire fighters out and immediately began tackling this from the the outside. they brought in water tankers because pressure was low in the area due to the fire overnight. officials don't believe it was that way when it broke out. parole has been planted for seeking release. u.s. supreme court ruled to ban mandatory life terms for minors. the four men being released after hearings last week have spent decade in prison for crimes that they committed as
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minors. they are now you in their 50's and 60's. state parole board chairman says he expect to take a few years to review all 500 cases in our state, 300 are from the philadelphia area. philadelphia police trying to track down people responsible for a brawl inside of a local wawa store. this is video all over social media now. not everyone in the video was involved so we are blurring it to protect those innocent parties. police say a group of men and women entered the store on torresdale avenue friday night in tacony and got in the fight with the store worker. according to investigators that led to the group throwing punches and merchandise all over that store. >> at some point this time it appears that another individual tries to intervene and stops them from doing this in terms of fighting. at that point it looks like this male that intervened, is assault piled a number of different individual inside the wawa. >> reporter: investigators are looking to see however start that had chaos.
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all right. sunday night donald trump says gloves will now come off and boy, did they last night. donald trump taking on hillary clinton and democratic party. during his speech here in pennsylvania. republican presidential nominee using her former challenger bernie sanders against her, listen to this. >> he made a bad deal. he should have not made a deal. he would have gone down as doing something really important. once he made that deal and believe me, he has buyers remorse. if he would have just not done anything, go home, go to sleep, relax, he would have been a hero but he made a deal with the level. she is the devil. >> you heard right, he called hillary clinton the devil. clinton's campaign had no comment about being called that but at a rally in omaha, nebraska yesterday, hillary clinton attack trump on his readiness to lead as president. >> for the life of me i don't know why someone runs to be president of the united states who thinks and says we never
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win anymore. our country is full of losers. well, he could not be more wrong. >> clinton will continue to campaign in nebraska billion air businessman warren buffet, he is latest business leader to endorse her. latest poll numbers show hillary clinton with a growing lead overdone old trump following democratic national convention. clinton earned a seven-point bounce over trump according to a new poll. in head to head match up clinton trumps 52-43 percent. hillary clinton pick up a narrow lead in pennsylvania following the dnc lauren. the 24 year-old woman found murdered in germantown. now two former temple police officers are charged in her death and what neighbors say she was manning to do just before she was kill. first of its kind in pennsylvania and not only are we giving you a rare inside look, we will tell you how to see it in person.
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for the first time we have a look at new completely temple of philadelphia church of jesus christ have of ladder day saints. >> church opened up for a special line side. new temple at 17th and vine street, the first mormon temple in pennsylvania and will serve tens of thousands office people from throughout the area. temple will offer tours to the public for a limited time this month and next but you do have to reserve a spot in the fox for more information. we have seen this go upright there along the vine street expressway the last couple of
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years. beautiful building. >> it is gorgeous. >> but, prettier on the inside. hi sue. >> hi, good morning. the skies on that video were nice and blue. that may not be the case earlier this morning but eventually we do expect some sunshine. we are looking at a lot of thunderstorm activity to our north. some off shore, some to our south and not much going on right now but it is still humid enough, still unstable enough we could see, some pop ups, and mostly showers, throughout the rest of the morning, and you see we're sock in with clouds this morning as you look at the future cast through 7:00 o'clock and pop up showers possible through early part of the afternoon let's say. it is not until after five or 6:00 o'clock tonight we will see some clearing we have been longing for and to get that humidity out of here. it does look like with the northeasterly wind we have, it will blow clouds a way by tonight. for early part of the newly minted month of august it
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looks like we will have temperatures around average, our average will go down from 87 where it has been throughout the in have of july to an average high of 86. we will be there a little bit above throughout the rest of the month and we are watching that disturbance in the tropics we have been talking about yesterday, it is now just south of jamaica, could be a a tropical storm within the next 24 hearst, if it does and gets a name that name will be, earl. that is the next one on the list. there is another look at this, a lot of rain, in jamaica as a result of that disturbance. visibility only poor in mount pocono but it looks like we might get fog rolling into lancaster county only place fog could slow you down. right now temperatures in the 70's. sixty-seven in lancaster. sixty-five in mount pocono. it is still muggy out there witness dew points in the 60's, not the as bad as yesterday but still humid. oh, what a monday we had weather-wise with 80 degrees our high temperature and that
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was first time we have been below average since the 13th of july and we have a lot of hot weather in july but not so much, as we head into the week. the let's just say normally hot which means mid 80's. we could get up to 90 on saturday before we get those thunderstorms with the cold front that will cool us off a bit, on sunday, but after today we went have a chance of rain, until saturday. so, bob kelly can get hammock back out in your backyard. >> are you saying i need to get those chores done this week. >> no, i said hammock. >> i think i have a little bit of what lauren had. cancel those chores. 4:17. live look along 202 northbound we have blinking lights, cone zone, down to one lane here between route 30 and route 401 as we say good morning to malvern chester county, live look at 42 freeway coming from south jersey headlights heading toward that 295 interchange all crew where is out last night working out the
4:18 am
there on 202, working over here on 295 and 42 and they are also working downtown the vine street expressway remains closed here between the schuylkill, and broad street, you know the drill overnight until 5:00 o'clock, jump off at south street or syringe garden work your way over to the numbered streets there and i came by that new mormon temple this morning all lit up, they did a great job in cleaning up that whole area which has been a construction zone, everything is good to go all barriers are moved away and bam never know that it was just completed a couple weeks ago. no problems at all on the turnpike or route 422 and mass transit off to a good start as well. lauren, back over to you. zika virus continues to spread in the state of the in a and because of that the cdc issued a new advisory that says pregnant with man should not travel to the zika transmission area. ten new infections have been found bringing that total up to 14.
4:19 am
it is believed new cases were transmitted by mosquitoes. so far all cases are clustered in the same square mile in miami/dade county. >> cover your skin, cover your skin with long shirts and pants. >> more than 1600 people in the u.s. have been affect with zika in recent months and all of them traveling aboard. 4:19. pennsylvania top prosecutor is asking the state's highest court to throw out criminal charges against her. lawyers for kathleen kaine says grand jury that investigated her was unlawful and unconstitutional. request to throw out charges was made in court yesterday, one week before her trial is scheduled to begin. kaine argues in the filing the lawyer who served as special prosecutor and ran grand jury had no authority to act as a prosecutor. she is accused of leaking grand jury material and lying bit under oath, justices have in the said whether they will
4:20 am
take up kaine's request. police are looking for a man suffering from a case of road rage so bad he started shooting this happened sunday night on knights road and torresdale. police say a teen driver tried to make a turn but cadillac cut them off. two exchange word the driver of the cadillac pulled out a gun and shot at the teenager. he was not hit but he was able to get license plate information before the shooter sped off. police trying to find men who they said robbed a young man at gunpoint in north philadelphia this happened july 24th along the 1500 block of norris street. police say a 19 year-old man was hanging out with friend when three men walk up, investigators say one of them push a gun in the man's back and demanded his phone. they took off with his even if running north on sixth street. more disturbing details have been released in the murder of the young woman investigators say two former temple university police officers now face charges in her death. police say 47 year-old aaron wright beat his girlfriend 24 year-old joyce carway, during
4:21 am
an argument last week on the 4600 block of green street in germantown. his best friend marquis robinson lived on the second floor of that home and police say, instead of stepping into stop the violence the temple cop joins n victim's cousin says she was days way from moving in the women shelter her two children. >> unaudible. >> nobody seemed to be there but we just wanted to be here for her. i feel like i did nothing to save her and every time we called the cops, the cops new marquis, was a cap. >> james clark says his department is investigating whether the police responded to calls at that home in the past. the eagles get something new instruction from his their new head coach. >> so, a different instruction from the last head coach? we're talking about the new one doug pederson and old one chip kelly.
4:22 am
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. eagles had a shorter practice
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which was a scheduled practice. after a day off, today the eagles are back on wednesday with three hour practices. one thing that is different with the eagles team this year under doug pederson compared to chip kelly last year are pauses in practice to correct coaches, perceived as teaching points. chip kelly would not, and with in the do that and would wait until meeting rooms. it is in the done that way right now. >> the only way we will only get better. i don't want to take too much time away because we're still working off the play clock but at the same time that instant feedback is valuable. >> on say we will let them play, we will check in the film room. i'm all in on doug's belief and philosophy of system make quick corrections on the field. don't belabor it but there is nothing like immediate feedback. >> trade deadline came and went for phillies yesterday in, trade, most likely the amount there was jeremy hellickson, he is staying for the time being. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
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runners from around the world gathering in london, england for the beer mile, world classic. competitors have to drink one beer, before running each lap, up to four beers on a standard athletic track. what do you think about this. participants say strategy is key. >> really. >> bizarre. >> would i get the worst cramp, and. >> and barley and hops. >> there is water, maybe that will help. >> 4:26. gun safety subject many of been talking about recent violence across the nation. >> and they will take part in something to help fight this problem, good morning. >> good morning, chris and lauren, children getting their hand on gun, major problem resulting in tragedy this week city plans to hand out thousands of gun locks to try to prevent these tragedies. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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that kills 99.9% of bacteria. max cover is another great way to lysol that. a man faces a judge today, what is expect to happen in court today. punches thrown, at a local wawa, what led to this brawl, now hunt is on for these
4:30 am
people. plus... >> i'm telling you november 8th, we better be careful because that election will be rigged and i hope the republicans are watching closely or it will be taken away from frustrates. >> controversial comments, donald trump this hot water, again, this morning why he believes the election is rigged and why he is calling hillary clinton the devil. >> he actually said that, she's the devil. we will have much more coming up. it is 73 beautiful degrees out there. >> it is already august 2nd. >> it is, it is yesterday, and sue was a six ape you added one making it a seven. >> still muggy but we have a chance of stray shower in the early part of the day but by end of the day we will start to feel lower humidity. by tomorrow, for sure. so, here's the map of ultimate doppler right now, no precipitation at the moment but we will keep an eye on things because we could get a a pop up here and there like we have been, ever since the weekend. quarter mile visibility in mount pocono our foggy spot
4:31 am
this morning keeping an eye on that as well. temperatures range from 65 in mount pocono to 67 in lancaster. seventy-two in trenton. we have 72 atlantic city and muggy 75 in wildwood. here in philadelphia we have 73 degrees with 84 percent relative humidity, stuffing million i. 6:00er see one is your sunrise time and plan on some sun with cloud. again, still muggy in the early part of the day but our high for the first time yesterday was below average and will stay there today. average high is 86, 87 degrees. we're talking about 82. that is pretty pleasant. no the bad at all. >> not bad at all, 4:31. good morning everybody. tuesday morning getting up and out vine street expressway still closed until 5:00 o'clock. overnight projects, all this week every night closed from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. following morning between the schuylkill and broad street. what a hot mess, we had, down here in center city last
4:32 am
evening. get ready for another one. if you are leaving, center city aboard the regional rail line between three and 6:30 p.m. so evening rush hour make sure you have your ticket in advance. get that ticket this morning so you are good to go for later on this afternoon as you leave the five suburban, i should say five stations here in center city heading out to the burbs. market frankford line is using shuttle buses until 5:00 then trains kick in, her they are running trains every eight to ten minutes. that is great alternative to the regional rail situation. plenty of free parking at frankford transportation center and in south philadelphia so you can gain access to the subway they have free parking opened backup at novacare lot and all access roads in and out of the navy yard are back in business as well. outside we will go the two live look at the blue route 476, road are dry and no problems on the majors and as i mentioned mass transit looking good. chris and lauren back to you.
4:33 am
this story made national headlines after a bucks county map was found living with 12 young girls inside his home. >> he will appear before a judge today. dave kinchen live with the story. good morning, dave. >> reporter: good morning. story that had the whole nation talking here this afternoon lee kaplan will face a why for a prelimon sex charges, up to 12 girls were found living in his home for years. kaplan was 511 at the time of the arrest. investigators say he was living with two girls age eight down to six month-old at his home than street road in trevose. police say kaplan confessed to fathering two children with the 18 year-old and was arrested after a surprise house call, from bucks county child welfare officers, in june, and investigators alleged that some of the children, including the oldest girl were given to kaplan by amish parents daniel and savilla stoltzfus as a gift to help them out of the financial ruin as they were about to lose their farm. she was just 14 at the time.
4:34 am
daniel and savilla were arrested as well. police found a lot inside a house including a train set, antique train set and musical equipment and they could tell that the children had been living there for years. once again, kaplan will be in court this afternoon in the feasterville area to face a judge, back to you. >> dave, live in feasterville, thank you. a former philadelphia a church official imprisoned over his handling of have abuse complaints will be asked to release today after being granted a new trial. william lynn is first person ever charged and convicted of the helping roman catholic church shield child molesters within its ranks. lynn has been in and out of prison as courts have twice thrown out his conviction. he served three-year of a three to six year sentence and due to be paroled in october. prosecutors have not said whether they hope to retry the long time secretary of the clergy. coming up on 4:35. after recent strings of gun violence all across the city of philadelphia, you think
4:35 am
about the nation, orlando comes to mind, dallas, we have something going on tonight that is important. >> officers are using today as a chance to bond with members in their communities to talk about the importance of gun safety. jennifer joyce has a look at what people can expect at tonight's national night out, hi there, karen. >> reporter: good morning. it was first national night out in west philadelphia and comes as dangers of the gun safety pea come more and more of an issue in this city, according to police who say that four times in the past month a teen or a child has been shot or killed after getting their hands on the the gun. most recent happened sunday night a five-year old found his grandmother's registered weapon in the drawer at her germantown home, pick it up, shot himself in the hand but investigators believe it could have been prevented, with something as simple as a gun lock. the last night hundreds of the gun locks were handed out at a national night out event in west philadelphia, abe it kick off a night early to educate families and promote gun
4:36 am
safety. >> so much stuff we cannot stop, some shoot-outs on the corners we cannot stop but when a kid finds a gun in the drawer who thinks it is a toy and then shoots himself or a sibling, for that matter we can do something about that. if you have a gun get a lock. >> it is important my god because it is safety. it is a must. i have children in my home. i take them on the gun range with me. they have taken a train into delaware county, it is just an absolute must, there is no way you can have a firearm in your home without having a protection with a lock. >> reporter: events continue tonight, city wide officials plan to give out a thousand gun locks over the next several days and these event are seen as a bonding opportunity between the police, and the local community. lauren and chris. >> all right, thanks so much. >> jennifer mentioned the police, they are trying to track down a person who wreak havoc inside a local wawa. >> check out the video all over social media.
4:37 am
>> we will blur this for you, not everyone in this video was involved, police say a group of men and women entered on torresdale avenue friday night in tacony and got in the fight way store worker. according to investigating that led to the group throwing punches and they through merchandise all over the store. >> at some point in time it appears that another individual tries to intervene and stop them from doing this in terms of the vandalism they were taking part in. at that point it looks like this male that intervenes is, assault by a number of different individual inside the wawa. >> investigators are look at this surveillance video trying to identify all of the people involved. police say these two guys were after some cash and cigarettes so they broke in the local business. what one of these men haddon hits arm, that investigators hoped will identify him.
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district attorney in harrisburg brings synthetic marijuana for 20 overdoses just last week alone. emergency room doctors said they had to he revive one person and one person was in intensive care. some sort of chemical was in the synthetic pot marketed as darkness is behind the overdoses. evesham township new jersey police are in the mid of a rash of car breaks n they need any returning peoples stuff. police found this stockpile last week gift card, phone, jewelry, you name it, stolen out of peoples cars. police are not saying broke
4:41 am
in toes these cars but if any of this stuff is yours give evesham police a call. philadelphia police say this tattoo, could help lead them to one of the two men wanted for burglarizing restaurants in olney. the guy busted near back door of the main chinese restaurant on north fifth street last month. they stole money from a register and cartons of cigarettes. a new study shows pennsylvania state workers were paid 250 million-dollar, in overtime in 2015, the most in two decade. that is an increase of nearly 10 percent from the year before. in the analysis by sunday times of the scranton the paper find a five-year trend of increase in overtime. this is a contribute todd hiring freezes and unfilled vacancies. others are due to the doubling of the prison overtime since 2010 and security during the pope's visit. more drama for republican presidential nominee donald trump what he just called the democratic nominee that landed him in hot water.
4:42 am
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we're following breaking news out of galloway, new jersey, police looking for a driver in the deadly hit and run that happened just after 10:00 o'clock at the white horse pike and sixth avenue. police identified victim as 27 year-old aubrey service of little egg harbor, new jersey. >> service was walking in the crosswalk when a car ran a red light and hit her. she was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators are looking for a silver older model chevy
4:45 am
tahoe or suburban, 1990's model. jennifer joyce is arriving at that scene. sue serio 4:45 with the check of the weather. >> we have no rain to show you in our area on ultimate doppler. plenty if you want to travel to new england. a lot of thunderstorm activity there but doesn't mean we won't see a pop up or two before the end of the day. in fact there is a future cast, one computer model showing possibility north and west of the city before the morning is through. a mix of sun and clouds but quite a few clouds for philadelphia throughout the rest of the morning. sun will try to break through, still have stray showers showing up on the future cast through about one or 2:00 in the afternoon, it is not until after 6:00 that we will start to see included clear overnight and it looks a lot better then when we head into wednesday and thursday, the best weather days of the week with low humidity and whole lot of sunshine both wednesday, there you can see there, and thursday, looking good, hardly anything showing
4:46 am
up on radar there. phillies back in town for a three game series with the san francisco giants, starting tonight at 7:05 ape it looks like a pleasant night at the ballpark. eighty at game time. no jacket required with, of course, a tribute to phil collins who wrote that song about me. anyway, mount pocono, quarter mile visibility, perpetuate that lie. 73 degrees in philadelphia. seventy-three in wilmington. sixty-five mount pocono. seventy-five in wildwood. dew points mostly in the upper 60's to start your day and that is still in the uncomfortable range but we have moved down from oppressive, with our humidity and it will get better. yesterday we are calling it mundane monday, it is glummy cloud cover, we got to 80 degrees and yesterday was the first time since july 13th, that we had a high temperature below the average, we had that seven day heat wave you will recall last week. eighty-two today with a stray shower, less humid, tomorrow
4:47 am
and high of 84 and another beautiful day on thursday. new try it starts to warm up and get more sticky, saturday warmest day in the seven day forecast where we could touch 90 degrees. thunderstorms with the cold front late in the day saturday means we will take away humidity for sunday. so sunday looks like a good weather day and so does, monday and so does tuesday, quick look at the shore temperatures and it shows us an ocean breeze today, and tomorrow, and even on, thursday. it looks like a good week, to be at the shore. bob kill i. >> chris murphy is having a barbecue sunday at your house? that is great. love that. such nice people. make sure you send us with an actual physical dress we can put it in our gps, okay. 4:47. live look at the schuylkill expressway headlights coming into downtown no problems or delays at all. we are looking good here as we get started on a tuesday morning rush hour no problems up and over the benny into
4:48 am
downtown philadelphia a again, roads are dry, we are off to a good start here this morning. over however, overnight crew is still out there, vine street expressway shut down from the schuylkill to broad street. maybe another ten minutes or so jump off at spring garden, 30th or south and use anyone of the numbers streets. projects coming back here, you know, they basically took week off last week for dnc in town. they have a week to catch up there. no problems coming down that new jersey turnpike, or 295, we will zoom in, to the intersection of 206, and route 38, right here where mount holly and pemberton come together here. we have a down traffic signal which could cause some problems. later this afternoon last night was a mess. if you use regional rail lines and use any of the five center city stations this afternoon, to head back home, you can either grab your round trip pass, have your ticket in advance because you you are not able to go down on to the platforms, without your ticket. they are in longer collecting
4:49 am
fares on the trains for the evening rush hour, leaving center city, and heading back home. so for the five stations make sure you have your ticket in advance from the market frankford subway. they are getting ready to run trains eight to ten minutes. chris, back to you. donald trump taking on hillary clinton and democratic party during his speech in pennsylvania. trump is using her former challenger bernie sanders against her. >> because he made a bad deal. he should not have made a deal. he would have gone down as done something really important. once he made that deal, and believe me he had buyers remorse. if he would have just not done anything, go home, go to sleep, relax, he would have been a hero but he made a deal with the devil. she's a devil. he made a deal with the devil. >> well, hillary clinton's campaign had no comment on trump calling her the devil but at a rally in omaha, clinton attacked trump on his
4:50 am
readiness to lead as president. >> for the life of me i don't know why someone runs to be president of the united states who thinks and says we never win anymore. our country is full of losers. well, he could not be more wrong. >> clinton will continue to campaign in nebraska with billion air businessman, warren buffet. he is latest business leader to endorse her. latest poll numbers show hillary clinton with the big lead overdone old trump following the democratic national convention in philadelphia clinton earned a seven-point bounce over trump according to a new cnn poll. head to head match up clinton tops trump 52 to 43 percent, hillary clinton also pick up a narrow lead in pennsylvania, following the dnc. thirty-three daises how long casino workers have been than strike in atlantic city against trump taj mahal and now they may get unemployment benefits. more than 100 union members a period at the state house yesterday to support a bill
4:51 am
granting unemployment benefits to workers on strike for more than 30 days. measure was passed by state senate yesterday afternoon, and it still needs to be approved by democratic controlled assembly and republican governor chris christie. the central issue in the strike is restoring health care and pension benefits. casino ended while in bankruptcy two years ago. it is official mgm resorts international own all of atlantic city borg got a casino. they paid 589 million-dollar, it is the top casino. that transaction including borg got a casino hotel and nine gambling water club hotel next door in the marina district. someone in pennsylvania got luck think weekend with the lottery. >> that person is now two million-dollar richer. that ticket holder won in saturday power ball drawing, bound beverages on easton road in warrington bucks county sold that ticket that matches all five white balls, not the red ball, buyer opted for one dollar power play option which
4:52 am
doubles that prize, store owner tells us that the store has not heard from lottery officials just yet and store has no idea who the winner is. >> we just know it was a saturday drawing, honestly, we have a lot of regulars that play power ball, power play so we are hopeful it is somebody that we know. so we're very excited. >> in pennsylvania, someone also won a one million-dollar prize, 134,000 other winning ticket were sold across the state. happier meal? changes mcdonald's is making to popular menu items.
4:53 am
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4:55 am
weighing in on the 2016 presidential election it was a while ago that they did that. >> this video has attention after being featured on fox's you tube page as they asked important questions. >> it is 3:00 a.m. and phone's ringing in the white house who do you want to answer that call, hillary client on. >> hello, the situation room. i'll be right there. oh, it is for you. >> yes, from now on, it is always for me. >> or donald trump. >> not now, i'm on twitter. and elizabeth warren tweets too dam much, glad i exiled her. send. put my name on the lincoln memorial. make chris christie, for just laughs, make me some scrapple will eggs on a gold plate.
4:56 am
what? fine, i will be right there. >> my goodness some 16 years ago in the bart in the future a trump presidency, they just spray that tan on him, was predict. >> as you are reading they were injecting him with bow took, spraying his face. >> only thing they got wrong on there was his hair, was it wrapped up. >> he was sleeping. >> did he have on a bonnet. >> yes. >> you haven't had bonnet for the while. if you like what is this, big mac your way. >> you don't like mcdonald's. >> i don't eat mcdonald's. >> that is right you have no beef, no pork on your fork, anything else you are excluding. >> correct. >> you like the way your big mac with cheese taste with mcdonald's. the listen up. burger chain is changing some of its food recipes, fast food
4:57 am
giant says high fructose corn syrup will be removed from its sandwich buns, in addition chicken mcnuggets and several breakfast items will no longer contain artificial preservatives. exclusively search chicken not treated with antibiotics. >> that is good news. >> yes. next up, breaking news in new jersey police up investigating a deadly hit and run there the car you should object the look out for right now. new septa changes to tell you about, and we will right back. why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance...
4:58 am, and my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf, all that's left to remember. what! she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on! the long lasting scent of gain flings.
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we could brag about what's in new light & fit yogurt. but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging? new light & fit.
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we have breaking news a with man killed overnight in a hit and run in galloway, new jersey. the car police want you to be on the look out for right now. it was described as a house of horrors man accuse of holding 12 girls hostage in his feasterville home. is what expect to happen as they helped back to court today. travelers beware in the state of florida is under an advisory, well, here's a hint as to what it is about, the cdc warning about increased number of zika a cases. >> but he made a deal with the devil. she's the devil. he made a deal with the devil. >> controversial comments, donald trum in hot water yet again this morning, yes is calling hillary clinton the devil. sticks and stones will break your bones and names will never hurt me. >> yeah,


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