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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  August 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a woman and left her for dead in galloway township last night. the latest on that investigation this morning. he made a deal with the devil, she's the devil. he made a deal with the devil. >> more controversial comments from donald trump, this time directed at hillary clinton what led to him calling his political rival the devil. plus, a brawl, at a wawa, it has philadelphia police asking a lot of questions, who they want to talk to after this mala, that sent fists and food flying. food fight. in a new travel warning from the cdc about zika and the u.s. where they are saying woman should avoid traveling. it is a popular vacation spot. >> you better believe that. i like miami. good day, it is august 2nd, is it tuesday. >> it is tuesday. >> tuesday august 2nd, my friend bill's birthday, within of my best friend. >> it is migrate grandmother's
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birthday. >> hold on, is she still with us. >> yes. >> really. >> i mean, i appreciate you are asking. >> your great grandmother is alive at 102. >> we will show her to you. >> 102. >> we have to solute her. >> yes. >> make some smucker jelly or something like that. >> yes. is she seeing anybody. >> what is wrong with you. >> majorly something is wrong with me. >> we have a seven today. >> i love seven. >> improved from yesterday at least, but still muggy this morning. we have seen a couple of showers but we will eventually see some sunshine, and muggy the doggies still with your pal and mine, bus stop buddy pool side today. we will see umbrella just in case you get a stray shower. we see a few popping up on radar but few and far between. so not much to concern you about there. we have fog in the mountains and out in lancaster county, reduced visibility, there.
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temperature range from 64 degrees in mount pocono to 72 in reading and wilmington. and down in wildwood, new jersey we have a muggy 75 degrees, heading to about 82 degrees today. not too hot. ninety's are long gone for a while. sunset time 8:13. that is your tuesday forecast. seven day just ahead. here's bob kelly. >> 6:02 on this tuesday morning. we will get things started with an accident on i-95 southbound i-95 when i said it was ice cream sandwich day this is not kind we were talking about here about five cars all sandwiched together, southbound i-95, in the construction zone, right here near cottman avenue. that is causing a a bumper to bumper jammo from academy into downtown philadelphia we have had some earlier rain that moved here. so some roads are a little wet depending upon where you begin and end your trip. forty-two, delays toward 295. good morning to the route 73,
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maple shade, no problems there heading toward tacony palmyra. bryn mawr avenue is blocked at broad acres road due to a down tree that occurred on the overnight and a crash on the eastbound pennsylvania turnpike, between route 29, and the valley forge interchange, mike and alex back over to you. >> lets get to galloway township new jersey hit and run, deadly this happened around 10:00 lets get to jenny joyce there at the scene, jenny. >> reporter: good morning,al he can and mike, it happened just before 10:30 in gala way township at white horse pike and sixth avenue. police identified victim as 27 year-old aubrey service of ocean county. police say she was walk ago across the street in the crosswalk when she was struck by an suv. police say the vehicle was in the left lane and ran a red light. service was hit, propelled forward and pronounced at the scene. police believe that the car involved is a silver, older model chevy tahoe or suburban,
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a model from the 1990's which should have front end damage, police are asking anyone with any information, to call the police, and as we are standing here we do see some cameras at the intersection, perhaps there is video police will release later. we have got this press release and all this information a short time ago so this story is still developing, mike and alex. >> okay, lets get back -- thanks, jenny. lets get to lee cap an the guy who had 12 girls in his home. >> that was back in june, and he is due in court today. dave kinchen is live with more. hi there, dave. >> reporter: good morning to you. every have one remembers this story, of course, because weights so receptive across the nation, so many people outraged about this story. lee kaplan will face a judge this afternoon for prelimon sex charges after 12 girls were found living in his home for years. kaplan was 51 at the time of his arrest. investigators say he was living with 12 girls age 18
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down to six months old on his home in street road in trevose. police say kaplan confessed to fathering two children with the 18 year-old. he was arrested after a surprise house call from bucks county child welfare officers in june. investigators alleged some children including the oldest girl were given to kaplan by amish parents daniel and savilla stoltzfus for helping them out of financial ruin as they were about to lose their farm. she was just 14. daniel and savilla were arrested as well. lee kaplan facing a why for a prelima at 3:45 this afternoon and we will continue to follow this story that has made headlines nationally. back to you. >> thanks, dave. a former philadelphia church official imprison over his handling of the abuse complaints, will ask to be released after being grant aid new trial. it looks like it will happen. monsignor william lynn is the first person ever to be charged and convicted of helping the roman catholic
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church shield child molesters within its ranks. lynn, has been in and out of prison, as the courts have twice thrown out his convictions. he served only three years of a three to six year sentence, and is due to be paroled in october. prosecutors have have not said whether they hoped to retry the long time secretary for clergy. 6:06. there is still no word what caused a three alarm fire on main street in doylestown yesterday. it took three hours to get this fire under control at luxury bath fixtures. five people including three fire fighters, a peco worker and bystander were treated for heat exhaustion. part of the roof collapsed during the fire, business was not opened when the fire broke out. well, authorities releasing new details about the involvement of two former temple police officers, in a deadly assault of the young woman last week. this is really horrible. police say 47 year-old aaron
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wright, handcuffed his girlfriend, he has two children with her, to a bench, a work out bench and then beat her with a baton possibly a police baton during an argument last week. this happened in germantown at her house. twenty-four year-old joyce died as a result of this beating. now the police officer's best friend marquis robinson, lived on the second floor of this home. police say he joined in on the a salt moving her body around while the other guy beat her, both men have been charged. victim's cousin said that she was days a way from moving into a women's shelter to protect herself and her two children. horrible. police are still trying to figure out who killed two people inside a montgomery county apartment, 54 year-old janice trunk and 44 year-old kevin milton-smith were killed sunday night at the forest garden apartments in ambler.
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trunk's sister tells us that she lived in the apartment with her 19 year-old son who was not at home. police say killer shot trunk and smith several times, in word on a motive or any possible suspects, in that case. septa's new ticket collecting policy led to long lines and some pretty upset commuters last night. why the agency says that it is not expecting the trouble today. we shall see. plus more zika cases for mosquitoes in florida prompts a warning from the cdc what they are saying about traveling to the affect area.
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leading to licensing lines at suburban station here. the recent defect, with septa's silver liner fleet,
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120 cars, translated in to crowded trains, and conductors unable to collect tickets. we were riding for free. septa says lines should be shorter today, especially this afternoon, as people adjust to the new policy. we shall see about that. we will have cameras there. there will be less of a rush of people buying monthly passes, they think. well, 6:11. donald trump at it making more controversial comments on the campaign trail, hear yes is calling hillary clinton the devil and warning of unfair election in in. >> the devil? a new law takes effect in texas today, allowing students to conceal weapon, on college campuses. yeah, take guns in the classroom. but will that last? find out who is trying to block it in court.
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off to a rough start because of a fender-bender, one of those five car pile ups, it all occurred in what would have been the left lane here, police quickly pulled off, and moved everybody off to the shoulder new backup is making it a hot mess for the gang leaving northeast philadelphia we're heavy from academy road down through cottman avenue a 25 minute
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trip already out of the gate. we had early morning pop up showers, that moved in, and pretty quickly, as quickly as they moved in and showed up on the radar they were out of here. we will see some road could be wet. we have a puddle out front like grand mom squirted down front sidewalk there this morning. forty-two and 55 starting to see delays as you work your way through bellmawr through construction zone for shaders and gang in mount laurel, cherry hill starting to see delays on 73 as you head in toward 295. overnight, down tree, still with us, bryn mawr avenue shut down in lower merion, right at broad acres road. so watch out for local detours this morning, so far so good on the blue route, no problems yet on the schuykill expressway. we had an early morning crash on the turnpike just east of that route 29 interchange. and if you are using mass transit, head up for everybody that uses septa's regional rail lines. remember they are collecting tickets at the top of the
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stairs for the evening rush hour, so, for anyone that is leaving center city, this afternoon, grab your ticket, today, so you can walk right on into the station and right down in the platform. sue, last night it was a hot mess for everybody heading home. >> every day is different hot mess, just been a lot of that this summer. also, we have had unsettled weather, ever since the week when these pop up showers and thunderstorms and we are still seeing them appear on radar, and almost leave as quickly as they do appear although we have widely scattered showers in the pocono mountains this morning right around mount pocono it is raining lightly at the moment. that possibility continues, through the rest of the morning, and we have some pop up, possible, cloudy skies, around and they may linger through early afternoon with more showers possible in it isn't until evening that we will start to see beginning of the end of this weather pattern. high pressure building in and eventually, dryer air moving in as well. so it should be a decent night
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at the ballpark. phillies back in town for a three game series with the san francisco giants, we will start at 7:05, few cloud, lower humidity, 80 degrees when the game begins, no jacket required. looking ahead to the first part of the in of august which began yesterday, it looks like we will probably have temperature around average, maybe even a little bit above throughout the first part of the month. it is in big heat wave, in the forecast, at least not yet. lancaster has only a mile and a half visibility so it is getting foggy there this morning. temperatures 73 degrees in the city. mid 07's in wildwood. mid 60's in mount pocono. dew points upper 60's that means it is still humid but not oppressively so. so 82 degrees, not bad, 84 tomorrow and 85 on thursday. these are best two weather days of the week with low humidity wednesday and thursday, starts to get warmer and thunderstorms on saturday after we get to 90 degrees,
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mike and alex. thanks, sue 6:18. more cases of zika in florida prompted cdc to issue a new advisory that says pregnant woman should not travel to the zika transmission area. ten new infections have been found bringing total up to 14. new cases are said to have been likely transmitted by mosquitoes and all cases have been found clustered in the same square mile, miami dade county. more than 1600 people in the u.s. have been affect with zika in recent months all while traveling abroad. this is first that started and happened in one place in florida. >> so what you are telling me is if you are planning to have a child don't go to miami is that what the cdc is saying. >> that is a head line. >> don't get to miami, wow. donald trump continues his push to win over bernie sanders supporters from hillary clinton. during his speech here in pennsylvania yesterday he compared sanders to support of hillary clinton to making a
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deal with the devil. >> he made i bad deal. he should have not made a deal. he would have gone down as done something really important. once he made that deal, and believe me, he has buyers remorse, if he would have just not done anything, get home, go to sleep, relax he would have been a hero but he hade a deal with the devil. she is the devil. he made the deal with the devil. >> hillary clinton's campaign had no comment on donald trump calling her the devil. clinton campaigned in the nebraska yesterday with billion air warren buffet, who recently endorsed her for president. of course, he fridays omaha, nebraska. >> donald trump is still warning that the election could be rigged this november. trump made a statement at a campaign stop in ohio, yesterday. we reiterated last night on "fox news" channel. >> i'm telling you november 8th we better be careful because that election will be rigged. i hope the republicans are watching closely or it will be taken away from frustrates. >> trump says democrats fixed
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primary so senator bernie sanders could not win in reference the two leaked e-mail scandal that led to the removal of debbie wasserman schultz from the g.o.p. chair. the primary would have been stolen from him if he didn't dominate the voting. lets get to the latest poll numbers that show hillary clinton with a slight lead overdone old trump following democratic national convention which is typical have after national conventions a slight bump. clinton earned a seven-point lead over trump according to a new cnn. >> that is not slight, that is big. >> in a head to head match up clinton tops trump 52 to 43 percent. hillary clinton picked up a narrow lead in pennsylvania following dnc. >> it will tighten as we get to november. 6:20. jennaphr fredrick you know her, look at that instagram pick, i saw that over the weekend. one on one with will smith? what does this philly guy really think about the the new sixers pick, ben simmons, number one in the draft. he is in a new movie called suicide squad.
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do you want to see a movie called suicide squad? i don't want to be part of that. >> everyone is waiting to see this movie. >> i don't want to be part of that squad. really. >> okay. there's one place where america's pastime is preserved for all time. ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ discover something one of a kind in new york. ♪ new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda?
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toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. eagles had a shorter practice which was a scheduled ra. after a day off today eagles are back on wednesday with three hour practices. one thing that is different with the eagles team this year under doug pederson compared to chip kelly last year are pauseness practice to correct the coach's perceived as teaching points. chip kelly would not, would not do that, would wait until meeting rooms. it is in the done that way right now. >> the only way we will get better, only way. i don't want to take too much time away because we are still working off of a play clock but that instant feedback is valuable. >> some coaches will say let them correct in the film room. i real hi am all in on doug's belief and philosophy and system of make quick corrections on the field, don't belabor it but immediate feedback. there is nothing like
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immediate feedback. >> trade deadline came and went yesterday. in trade. most likely out there, jeremy hellickson, he is stale for the time being. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. ryan loche, he and i are link forever, ryan loche is ready for the olympics in rio debuting a new hair style for his swimming events. >> wow, look at that. >> yes. >> it looks like, the guy in d.c.,. >> doug luzader. >> richard gear. >> silver and white color. in the caption he said rio ready. i remember when iowas in high school chase daniel, he is from texas, he went to this big football school event, every school is a big football school. >> yes. >> this is south lake carroll. well, anyway, every time they would get to the playoffs everybody would bleach their
6:26 am
hair blonde. blonde. you know, all blon. very diverse group. >> yes. >> everybody was no matter what you were it was very strike to go see. >> that is when they shaved their head. you get rid of all of the hair on your body. >> they to wear swimming caps. >> that is true. >> i'm sure his legs are shaved. >> yes. >> we do a check. >> who shaves his legs, does he shave his own legs. does a swimmer shave his own body. >> nair. >> maybe they get wacked. >> maybe. >> that is painful though. >> his mind is working. >> it is six credit 26. here's jenny joyce, general i. >> police tell us a 27 year-old woman was hit by a car and killed last night here on the white horse ike in galloway township. the driver who hit her took off and they are asking for your help this morning, dave. local man is back in court
6:27 am
on sex charges after 12 girls are found, living in his home, we will give you an update have after the break. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows...
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police are looking for a suv like this one, right now. plus, a request for freedom. when the first man, ever convicted for the miss handling of abuse complaints, within the catholic church,
6:30 am
will ask to walk free today. and disturbing new details about the former temple police officers charged in the beating death of the woman in germantown. did authorities miss signs of boost from the pass. something kind of fun today, look at jen fred, one on one with will smith. >> kind of fun? this is epic. this is will smith. >> well, okay, don't over state it now. >> okay. >> are you not excited about will smith. >> i don't know if i would use the term epic for this interview. >> epic in the fact that we have will smith, i think that is cool. >> do you know what he weighed in on. >> you probably met him so many times. i never met will smith. this is exciting stuff with the number one stunner. >> i shine every summer. >> he is a innings isers fan and he weighs in on number one draft pick ben simmons it is positive, right. >> no, he trashed him. >> no, he didn't. >> tuesday august 2nd, 2016.
6:31 am
>> sue? >> we have to take a look at this view of the ben franklin bridge from here in olde city, how gorgeous is this sunrise? >> gorgeous. >> i know. best sunrise always have a few cloud mixed in and prepare for that with your shades but we will still see quite a few clouds especially this morning it is still muggy. temperatures are mostly in the 70's this morning. we don't have a lot to show you on ultimate doppler, and how a stray shower will pop up in cumberland county. be prepared for that. fog is cleared out nicely in mount pocono because it got worse in lancaster this morning. that could slow you town in your travels. 73 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-four in mount pocono. seventy-five in wildwood. still on the muggy side dew point is still up there but they won't stay up there for long. 82 degrees is our high. we will have clouds, some sunshine and a stray shower or two especially early in the day with a northeasterly
6:32 am
breeze, that is your weather authority forecast, at last, temperatures below average for a change, bob kelly. >> we will take that. good morning. 6:32 on a tuesday morning getting up an out, coming through downtown philadelphia we are tight here all stack up trying to get into 30th street station. we had a disable tractor trailer on the schuylkill which led to this delay right here. things could be wet, damp, we had early morning quick showers that sipped through our area west bun on the schuylkill heavy boulevard out to belmont, delays eastbound coming around the curve, also starting to see delays out there in valley forge. accident 309 and limekiln pike in the heart of the cheltenham n lower merion a down tree left over from last night bryn mawr avenue blocked at broad acres road. watch for some local detours. we have big old chain saws out there and if you use septa's regional rails, think ahead, grab your return trip ticket this morning. it was a hot mess last night. we will tell but that in a bit
6:33 am
but for five stations leaving center city you want to have your return trip ticket before this afternoon. >> bob? >> yes. >> you saw cheltenham, i say cheltenham, what do you go with. >> depending upon what side of the creek or creek you are from. >> cheltenham, cheltenham. >> i say creek. >> are you a creek. >> no i'm creek. >> would i say creek and cheltenham. >> if you say creek are you a cheltenham. >> i will throw cheltenham instead of cheltenham to keep everybody happy. >> okay. >> thanks, bob. >> i will switch back and forth. >> 6:33. well, search is on for a driver who hit a woman in galloway, township new jersey and kill her. >> police say it happened near white horse pike and sixth avenue around 10:30 last night. lets get to jenny joyce because we're looking for a particular car here, jenny. >> reporter: that is intersection, this intersection was closed for three hearst last night after police say an suv hit and
6:34 am
killed a young woman and took off from the scene. hit and run happened just before 10:30, police identified victim as 27 year-old aubrey service of ocean county. police say she was walking across the street in the crosswalk when she was struck by an suv, the vehicle was in the left lane and ran a red light, service was hit, propelled forward and row announced at the scene. police believe car involved was a silver older model chevy to help or suburban from the 1990's similar to the image you see on your screen. it should have front end damage. police are asking anyone with any information to please give them a call, mike and alex. >> thanks, jenny. it was a local story that made national headlines. >> this is after a bucks county man was found living with 12 young girls in his home. >> he is due in court this afternoon. dave's on this one, dave. >> reporter: yeah, mike and alex, national media will be likely watching this one again
6:35 am
too. lee kaplan will be facing a judge this afternoon for a prelimon sex charges after 12 girls were found living in his home for years. kaplan was 51 at the time of his arrest in june, investigators say he was living with these 12 girls age 18 down to six months old at his home on street road in trevose. police say kaplan confessed to fathering two children with the 18 year-old. he was arrested after a surprise house call from bucks county child welfare officers and investigators alleged that some of the children including the oldest girl were given to kaplan by amish parents daniel and savilla stoltzfus as a gift for helping them out of financial ruin as they were about to ruin their farm at the time. she was just 14 at the time she was given over to kaplan, daniel and savilla a were also arrested, lee kaplan facing a judge, this afternoon, for a prelimon sex charges as this case continues in the courts. >> back to you. >> unreal.
6:36 am
>> 6:35. >> former philadelphia church official imprison over his handling over these chants will be asked to be released to day. monday or william lynn is first person ever charge and quick of helping roman catholic church shield child maine less tears within its ranks. lynn has been in and out of prison as court has thrown out convictions. he is due to be paroled in october. prosecutors have not said whether they hepp to retry. authorities have released you this details about the involvement of two former temple police officers in the deadly assault of the young woman last week. police say 47 year-old aaron wright beat his girlfriend 24 year-old joyce, during an argument last week on green street in germantown. his best friend marquis robinson lived on the second floor of the home. police say he joined in on the assault. both men have been charge. victim's cousin says she was days from moving in the women's shelter her two children. >> we ran over there, banged on the door, nobody seemed to be there but we knew we just
6:37 am
felt for her. >> i feel like i did nothing to save her. every time we called the cops, cops new marquis. >> captain james clark says his captain is investigating whether police responded to calls at the home in the past. police are still trying to figure out two people inside a montgomery county apartment. fifty-four year-old janice trunk a 44 year-old kevin milton smith were killed sunday nate at forest garden apartments in ambler. trunk's sister tells us she lived there with her nine year-old son who was not home at the time. police say killer shot trunk and smith several times, no word on any motive or a possible suspect. septa says it expects much shorter lines today as it continues to require pass evening tours get tickets before boarding trains, during the busy evening rush hour. change went into effect yesterday at five center city stations. tickets are collected on the platforms between three and 6:30 leading to some very long
6:38 am
lines at suburban station. recent defect for septa's silver line are sweep translated in trains and conductors unable to collect tickets. this is their solution. new policy is causing even more headache for passengers. >> i cancelled my train down here. >> it will be a hassle, you know, you get into your daily routine, and next thing i necessity i have to reorganize here. >> septa says lines should be short tore day as people adjust to the new policy. there will be less rush of people buying monthly passes. >> we shall see. >> they want to you buy those. >> 6:38. >> city officials and apartment i violence advocates coming together in north philadelphia, to promote gun safety. the group is organizing national night out events throughout the city. the that is happening tonight. 1,000 free gun locks will be given out. they are reminding philadelphians to comply with a new safe storage law
6:39 am
requiring firearms and ammunition to be lock up, and out of the reach of kids. the message is so simple, safety first. >> these kid that live in neighborhoods that are so impacted by their neighbors and their friends, and their family members being shot and killed. we have to do something. and although this is not the answer this is just the beginning. >> so these gun locks are free, will be handed out, at around 5:00 o'clock this afternoon, 32nd and cumberland streets, 53rd and park side and at 6:00 o'clock on the 2300 block of north 17th street. d.a. seth williams, city council president darryl clark, and gun violence educator scott charles, in our studio in just a little bit in about an hour or so to talk about this.
6:40 am
where you can get free gun locks. well, the state of washington has filed a 100 million-dollar lawsuit against comcast. the suit says comcast deceived customers into paying tens of millions of dollars in fees for a near worthless service protection plan. the state's attorney general says comcast also committed almost 2 million violations of the state's consumer protection policy act. 2 million. comcast officials say they are surprised and disappointed about the lawsuit. i bet. how about this, should this spread across the country. the controversial new law now in effect this morning in the state of texas. a allowing college students to have guns not only on campus but taking them into the classroom. some folks in texas are fighting back, what do you think. first of its kind in
6:41 am
pennsylvania, we will give you a first look inside, we will reveal new mormon temple set to open up for tours later this month. >> it is so beautiful right off the vine street expressway.
6:42 am
♪ ♪ the best way to get together,
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is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪ what's that?! a bird? no, it's gus, the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania! have no fear, wonder gus is here! wonder bucks! whaaa... wonder bucks, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300 grand! one can dream. you can say that again. (giggles) keep on scratchin'! alex holley, you have have an invitation to the wedding.
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>> isn't this marvelous. >> i said wow, i got this in the mail i opened it. it is for the new temple. >> the more man temple. >> invitation to tour the facility. >> yes. >> isn't that fancy. >> nice paper there. >> it is all gloss i. >> open it up. >> wait a second, it was yesterday. >> well, security clearance they just gave it to me. >> our mail department is too late. >> but here's the thing, we sent a camera and we get see it. >> yes, it is now finish. how long has it been under construction. >> a few years. >> philadelphia temple of the church of jesus christ of ladder day saints. it opened up yesterday. this is a first peak inside at 17th and vine. this is first mormon temple in pennsylvania and will serve tens of thousands office people throughout our area it will offer tours for a limit time this month and next month. >> i can tell you we didn't shoot this. this is footage that they shot. >> yes, it is beautiful.
6:45 am
>> gorgeous. >> there is no way we shot this. >> we could have shot this. >> there is no way we shot this. >> no, it is framed properly. >> stop that. >> information on how to do that is on our web site, if you want to see it or missed the invitation like i did, then, yeah. >> you know my first clue we didn't shoot this, can you rerack that ryan in the control room. very first shot. >> yes. >> there is no way we shot that. >> is that a drone. >> it is probably some kind of jib that mormons hired, right. >> can i read the card. >> if i fold it. >> we have a jib in the other studio, fancy place. >> yes. >> look at that, it is all glassy. >> what would you write on that. >> i could write you a notey will write you a note. >> oh, no. >> hi, mike. >> how do you write a net to
6:46 am
yourself. >> i just ruined your card. >> thanks a lot. >> probably a hundred dollar card. >> great penman-ship. in the state of thal bam, bob kelly. >> yes. >> they are demanding, cursive writing be caught. >> you clearly need to go back. >> do you remember that sister le vern in second grade with the solid lines on the top and bottom and dotted lines. they built an entire temple, quicker then they are able to do i-95 out here. 6:46. good morning, everybody. a live look at the 42 freeway here, look 42 is still under construction, temple is built and opened for business as construction trucks come in, cement trucks heading in toward the walt whitman bridge. good morning to delco. live look at the blue route 47, right here near route one, springfield but we are starting to see your normal rush hour volume pop on the
6:47 am
turnpike, on 422, a little hint of sun glare on 422, schuylkill running slow from conshohocken in toward center city. we have a down, an accident on limekiln pike and 309, to look out for, down tree in lower merion bryn mawr and broad acres and as we mentioned earlier you want to make sure you have your return trick for regional rail trip return home. you heard us talk bit yesterday. we rolled video from folks having problems last night. grab your return trip if you are leaving five center city a stations. is what the forecast like for today on your trip in? sue has the answer in 15 seconds. it is national coloring day. >> wow. >> today color in your
6:48 am
coloring books today. have a good time. very relaxing. it is an adult thing to do now. if you don't have a coloring book get one. we have little areas of rain popping up on ultimate doppler radar. mostly in the pocono mountains this morning but they are widely scattered and that is the deal. you will get sunshine or a shower. throughout the early part of the day lets say through early afternoon because we will see pop ups showing up through 3:00 in the afternoon, possibility is there. then after about six or 7:00 o'clock skies finally start to clear and we will get ready for better weather. still watching to see if this disturbance become a tropical storm. if it does it will get this name, earl. that is in the offing. >> earl? >> my name is earl. and if you are going to the beach today it is not too tropical, it will be a sea breeze, very nice though. temperatures in the lower 80's. 77 degrees surf temperature.
6:49 am
low risk for rip currents and seven is your uv index today. for us we have a high of 82. staying in the mid 80's. mike and alex, these are best weather days of the week tomorrow and thursday, less humid, our favorite word in the summertime, and then by the weekend humidity comes back a little bit. >> all right. >> it always come back around. >> will smith is in a new movie, i don't like the title of this. >> you don't know a lot about it. lets take a look and maybe you will change your mine. >> suicide squad. >> it is a marvel thing. >> how could that be a good title, suicide squad? >> all right. here's will. >> right back at you. >> worst of the worst. >> cheer leading trial. >> yikes, this looks bad. >> rough. >> it looks intense.
6:50 am
>> yes. >> i might want to see it. >> are you expecting somethingtive rent. >> no. >> okay. >> what is that. >> romantic comedy. >> this is not romantic comedy. >> no, there is romance in it. >> my next ex-wife is in it, margot robbie. >> please. >> jared ledo who is supposed to be good in this. >> some people with will smith, so they are all playing characters treated by a secret government agency to take on dangerous operations. >> jen did an interview with him. how did it go. >> i don't know if it was epic. but it is good. there is a romantic comedy your ex-wife and joker are together, there is a little humor. >> yes. >> of course. >> you know how this is. lets talk about this realistically. we got invitation to go interview will smith, warner brothers pick up the travel. everyone in the building want me to ask their question of will smith. you alex. you mike. blah, blah, blah.
6:51 am
he was on fire during the press conference talking about naked cast members and philly, of course. we just had to ask him about what was going on. big red carpet held in new york and will had a side kick, jade even, the suicide squad, as you said, is a killer team. i had to ask him one of my own questions, what does he think about the sixers? >> speaking of your team, ben simmons, sixers we have to talk about that. do you think there is too much hype or will he be able to step up and be who he want to be. >> the thing about hype that is really interesting it is a double edged sword. hype is fan has particular because you get all of the eyes and ears, but sued side squad we are in the situation where you get, so much hype it becomes hard to ever live up to peoples imagination but i think ben is in a good spot. we are looking forward to good
6:52 am
things. >> they want to you play at the art museum with the roots on july 4th, when is dj jazzy jeff and will smith. >> i was at roots picnic i made a surprise appearance at the roots picnic. i will make my way back, in a surprise fashion. >> what you cannot see is carla dell a vine, and we will talk about all things hollywood not just with will but jared ledo, margot robbie round out the superstar cast. warner brothers paid for the trip. do you want to hear what i think. >> it is awesome. >> it is really good. >> it is like dead pool without all of the sex part so you will be able to take your children. >> i saw dead pool. >> you have to see that by yourself in your apartment. >> by myself. >> or netflix and chill. >> yes, i saw dead pool next to two old ladies and i was
6:53 am
embarrassed to watch it. i will take brody my 11 year-old to this, maybe not just landry. >> you said we had these questions for to you ask him, did you ask him those questions. >> i did. >> but some of them didn't go so well. >> okay. >> really. >> that is the interesting part. >> so again, mar got robbie is in this does she look good as she did in wolf on wall street. >> she's on fire. she's gorgeous. do you follow her on instagram. >> no, but i will. >> she's funny. she makes fun of the paparazzi. i asked her bit. but carla dellavine, thigh high boots, she was, really hot. >> i'm a fan of the thigh high boot. >> in the humid 90-degree subway we were in. >> i don't care what the temperature is. even if you have one boot on. >> because they are sweating in the boot and stuff. >> yes. >> leave them on.
6:54 am
>> it is 6:53. someone in the area is two million-dollar richer. is it you? we will tell you where a winning power ball ticket was sold in our area, on saturday. i mean you have to find this ticket worth two million-dollar.
6:55 am
6:56 am
[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it!
6:57 am
check your ticket, in pennsylvania. >> someone has won two million-dollar. >> that is right, that ticket holder, won in saturday's power ball drawing, bound beverages, that is the name of the store, bound beverages on easton road in warrington, that is where the ticket was purchased. it hatches all five white balls, but in the the red one. the buyer opted for one dollar power play option, which doubles the prize, the store owner tells us that the store has not heard from lottery officials just yet and the store has to eye tea who the winner is. were you in that store on easton road bound beverages. >> it could be you. >> yes. >> it is not me, i didn't go in there. >> i'm talking to the people at home. >> yes, you are talking to our people. >> hello, people. >> if you to win, who told to you check are ticket is this
6:58 am
give us a little will something. >> getting all selfish here. >> yes. >> so, give us some money, you wouldn't take it. >> i'll take it. here's the thing, i need your opinion on this on twitter. there is a new law taking effect in texas allowing college students at the university of texas in austin to carry guns on campus into the classroom. is that a good idea what do you think.
6:59 am
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