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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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good. right after labor day. this of course comes at the end of the longest strike in the city's history and cost about 3,000 workers their jobs. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. announcement came today and bring the number of casinos in atlantic city to seven yet another hit for the city that has been struggling to stay above water. today the president of trop can neighborhood taken many which runs the taj mahal said management decided it can no longer operate the money losing property in the midst of a strike. local 54 workers of the united union have been striking since july 1st. the central issue in the strike was restoration of health insurance and pension benefits. the casino's previous owners convinced bankruptcy court judge to approve their suspensions in october of 2014. well the union released a statement today saying carl icon is punishing workers for exercising their right to stri strike. republican presidential nominee donald trump opened the casino in 1990 but eventually
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brought -- bought by carl icon. trump wants owned the taj and two other atlantic city casinos but cut most ties with the city by 2009. trump kept a 10% stake in return for the use of his name but that interest was wiped out in bankruptcy court when icon took over in march. we of course will continue to follow this story and keep update on the air and on right now at 5:00 the search for killer. police say this man had just picked up his child and was driving home from work when he found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. bullets started flying on germantown avenue in a shooting that nothing to do with him. >> tonight that father is dead and the search for answers is well underway. fox 29's karen hepp is live for us at police headquarters with the latest. karen. >> reporter: so many elements to this that are so disturbing. it was about almost this time of day a little bit later so bright sunlight, really crowded germantown avenue. you know always packed with people. this father just pick up his little child from daycare when
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there's two groups of men a whole bunch of people could be as many as 15, 10 on one side, five on another, they get into a fight and they decide to settle this argument with gunfire. fresh faced hard working, by all accounts young father was a goodman. simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. he come here to pick up his three-year-old little girl from daycare. he walk her across the street to get her treat and then safely put her in the back seat of his car police say. the investigators pulled videos of what happened next. two groups of men started jawing back and forth police say. three pull out weapons and they start firing. >> i her the gunshots. it was a loft gunshots. >> reporter: ford was struck but his foot was lodged on the gas pedal and his car started slamming into others. >> his car crashed there and he was just on the gas for like two, three minutes. until they pulled him out. >> reporter: the crowd that rescued his sobbing little girl. her mother was on the phone as this entire tragedy unfolded. captain james clark says that ford likely saved his little girl's live.
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>> he is on the phone with his girlfriend. the girlfriend asked to speak to the baby. and at that point, he turns and gives -- actually giving the phone to his daughter. mommy, wants to talk to you. at that exact moment, the bullet strikes him in the head but if he's not leaping that way over the console to reach back and give her the phone, it may have struck her. >> reporter: neighbors say her mother has brought her to this make shift memorial several times. candles still burn from so many offering prayers and frustration over the violence. investigators vow to the family that bill ketch the gunman -- they'll catch the gunman. >> she's very very distraught and i promised her we would do our very best to make an arrest very shortly. >> reporter: investigators have excellent video they're interviewing people right now working to identify suspects. they do feel very confident right now at this hour. there is a $20,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and convict. also this heart broken family by all accounts excellent father and great guy has a gofundme
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page. we'll put that information right on our website ladies, back to you. >> karen, thank you. philadelphia police say the city has seen 165 homicides so far this year. that is up 8% from this time last year. the city ended 2015 with 280 homicides. highest total since 2012. a developing story for the first time prosecutors have charged a u.s. law enforcement officer with a terror related crime. police have arrested a washington, d.c. transit officer who they say tried to give material support to isis. authorities have charged 36-year-old nicholas young of fairfax virginia after an fbi stink. this is video investigators searching his home earlier tod today. the fbi says young bought nearly $250 in gift cards with the intention of giving it to isis but unknowingly gave them to an undercover fbi agents. court documents show he was on the fbi radar to 2010.
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he traveled to libya twice in 2011 to meet with rebels. we'll take you live to his fairfax home that agents have been searching through throughout this day. president obama today cut short the sentences of 214 federal inmates most commutations in single day in more than a century. among the 214 are 67 inmates serving live sentences. the white house says most of the prisoners were serving time for non-violent drug crimes. president obama has commuted 562 sentences during his presidency and that is more than the nine passed presidents combined. >> happening right now, better understanding tonight of when septa's broken train cars will be ready and raring to go again. septa officials announced today it expects its silver liner five cars will hit rails again. they make up one third of its entire regional rail fleet. septa yanked those cars from the tracks a month ago after engineers discovered structural deficiencies. fox 29's chris o'connell is live
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outside septa headquarters in center city with what the plan outlines. all right, chris, what do you know? >> reporter: well, lucy, i do know there's some welcomed news for septa regional rail riders. as you know, dealing with long lines, jam packed platforms and trains for the past month. there is some end in sight. septa announcing today that plan they are expecting full service to return by the regional rail system sometime in october. later this month, it will be putting those repaired rail cars 10 per week back into service as they are repaired by mid november all of those defective silver liner cars should be repaired and back on the rails. you may remember 120 of those cars were taken out of service in early july because of a defect found on weight-bearing equalizing beams. well, septa's brass says the last month has taken its toll on commuters. >> we see what our customers are
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going through. it's nothing we ever wanted for them, um, i think, you know, people are ad adjusting as much as they can, and you know, we appreciate the sacrifices and the inconvenience that they're experiencing. >> reporter: now, septa is also said that the defect problem has also affected the bottom line. this is cost the transit authority more than a million dollars a month and that price tag keeps going up. cost they say they will try to recover from the rail car manufacturer, dawn. >> reporter: all right, chris, thank you. well, a pleasant change in the fox 29 weather authority. here's life look at allentown. the cooler temperatures continue today and also got a huge break from the humidity. let's check in now with meteorologist kathy orr to see how long these comfortable item manies will stick around. it was really nice today, kathy. >> dawn, a great day to be outside. high temperatures so far mainly in the 80s.
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we'll look at 70s in atlantic city at the airport. only 79. 72 degrees in the poconos and lancaster 79 so far. ultimate doppler you can see a few fare weather cumulus clouds. otherwise, a deep blue sky showing that low humidity. right now, 83 in the city. 80 in millville. 72 in the poconos and allentown checking in at 82 degrees. this evening temperatures will be falling through the 70s. some clouds at 9:00. by 11:00 o'clock partly cloudy the temperature of 72 degrees. another evening with low humidity at least for now. it will be a quiet end the work week humidity will return we still have our eye on some storms saturday we'll talk more about witness seven day forecast later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> all right, kathy, thank you. vice-president joe biden is in philadelphia tonight to speak to the world affairs council. the event starts in just over an hour at the hyatt at the bellevue in center city. the council will honor the vice-president for his leadership of the president's initiative to accelerate research toward cures for canc
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cancer. vice-president biden lost his own son former delaware attorney general beau biden to cancer in may of 2015. meanwhile republican presidential nominee donald trump visited florida today but some suggest the battle of another kind is already brewing between trump and his campaign staffers and the gop. >> hillary clinton is in the purple state of colorado pushing her plans for improving the economy. here's fox's joel waldman. >> reporter: donald trump in daytona, florida a tacking his favorite target hillary clinton. the two separated in sunshine state by just a fraction of 1% taj points. >> we let isis take this position. it was hillary clinton that she should get an award from them as the founder of isis. that's what it was. >> reporter: far from the florida battleground, a five-day feud with parents of musli muslim-american war hero is threatening to throw trump's campaign into turmoil. trump refusal to apologize or back off the controversy has
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some republicans like former e-bay ceo meg whitman and congressman richard hannah endorsing democrat hillary clinton. donald trump's campaign manager says all is fine inside the candidate's camp despite fox news reporting trump allies are planning an intervention after what they're describing as a disastrous 48 hours. >> he's in control of his campaign. and i'm in control of doing the things that he wants mow to do. >> reporter: hillary clinton stopping in colorado today a state she leads by eight points according to the average from real clear politics. as her running mate tim kaine made his way to north carolina to drum up democratic support. >> every time you get to the details it's just believe me. well, i got a question for you. does anybody in this room believe donald trump? >> no. >> reporter: when asked about trump's non endorsement of house speaker paul ryan his running made was quick to support ryan's
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re-election calling him a long time friend and strong conservative leader. joel waldman fox news. >> break with that. umpire had enough the trash talk from one spectator at the phillies game. told him to get out. tonight we're learning more about the baseball fan who got wild up and struck out. plus an lgbt pride flag burned in a n city. police are on the case and the mayor says he will make sure justice is served. you have seen him report on the world of sports on fox 29. that guy sean bell diving in and learning a new skill. his brave journey. new at 6:00 dozens of children get free day at the philadelphia zoo but their visit wasn't just a win for them. the unique way the zoo also benefits.
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♪ new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at ♪ the phillies won last night but it's what happened to a fan in the stands that's getting a lot of attention tonight. he was ejected by the umpire. now the video is make the rounds on social media. fox 29' bruce gordon is live outside citizens bank park with the details behind this much talked about moment. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, dawn. look the official a 10 dan dance for last nights phillies game were you 23,351 fans by the middle of six inning that number was reduced by one in an incident that will be added to the ever growing list of
5:15 pm
philadelphia sports fans behaving badly. >> not far from the phillies ticket window at citizens bank park sits a sign warning fans to refrain from interfering with other fans ability to enjoy the game. little did they know that the game's umpire could actually enforce that rule. >> coming from philadelphia doesn't really surprise me. >> reporter: nothing surprises you. >> nothing surprises me. not here, no. >> reporter: top of the sixth inning of tuesday nights phillies/giants game home late umpire bob donaldson stopped the game. >> get that guy out of here? >> he's hearing it from the stands. he is actually going to eject a fan. when was the last time you saw that happen. >> reporter: eject add fan from a section behind the giants dug out. in post games comment to a pool reporter davidson claimed the fan repeaterly made vulgar remarks and add add comment about 69th street that led the ump to give him the thumb. >> they're getting this guy out of here.
5:16 pm
bob davidson has ejected a fan. >> the fan will use his first name jeremy explained himself on wip radio pennsylvania morning. >> honest whole he came home over i didn't think he was looking at me, then when the guard came down i figured out, hey, man he is looking at me. so i just -- i left. i said nothing offensive, right? >> reporter: fans in that section reportedly cheered the ejection. and we must say the fans we talked to on this day seemed okay with an ump clamping down on behavior that makes it uncomfortable for families in the ballpark. >> i real dollar think it's great. because some of the fans are -- can very arrogant, you know, and the players are out there to play ball, not to just to be abused by the fans. >> i think some fans get reall y obnoxious hasn't wants to sit next to that? >> reporter: you like the idea of the ump throwing little power in there. >> i do. >> reporter: giving him the thumb. >> yup. makes it more enjoyable for everybody. >> reporter: we were unable to reach jeremy by phone or at his home in delaware county.
5:17 pm
he's been quoted as saying he left the ballpark voluntarily to avoid further incident. the umpire bob davidson this is actually happened with him before. he through a fan out of game in milwaukee back in 2010 much lucy i'm actually going to be tonig tonight's game. it will be interesting to see the fans reaction as the umps specifically davidson are announced. >> looking forward to that, bruce. all right. philadelphia police officer hailed hero tonight after his quick thinking saved a man' live in matter of seconds. joel rice driving near broad street and bell feed avenue when he saw a car crash. rice rushed to one of the cars involved when he saw the driver slumped behind the wheel and unconscious. well, police say that rice got the driver out of that car in the nick of time. as soon as he did, that car well it did that's correct it burst into flames. the driver is in the hospital and authorities tell us he will be okay. well the democratic national convention has left town, the donkeys are still here. but not for much longer. today local officials announcing the final results of the donkeys
5:18 pm
around town program and the scavenger hunt that went along with it. delegations are now allowed to take the donkeys home. so far 52 out of 57 donkeys have been claimed. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell says the program was a success. >> donkeys were he can treely popular. the most we had the scavenger hunt and almost 2300 people signed up for the scavenger hu hunt. >> two people won the grand prize from scavenger hunt the prices include a philadelphia hotel stay, restaurant gift cards and tickets to more than a dozen philadelphia sports even events. >> not bad. >> all the donkeys will be off the streets by the end of the month. video that stunned people across our area. a man attacked a police cruiser sending that officer to the hospital. well torque night really a stu stunning twist from the suspect's family. >> the suspect's father wrote a letter to the local police and that letter is getting whole lot
5:19 pm
of attention. here's fox 29's chris o'connell. >> reporter: it was a shocking attack on police. a man identified as eric watson seen on videos ting a rock into the windshield of a coatesville police car last month. one police detective seriou sery injured with broken sternum during the arrest. but what's more shocking for police, what came next. a personal apology from the suspect's family. >> she wanted to apologize for his conduct. she wanted to check on how the officer was doing that was ended up being injured. >> reporter: watson's mother drove from north carolina, his father flew from jamaica. simply to say sorry. then there's this. a formal apology letter posted on the department's website. it begins "dear sir, it is with regret and admiration that i right your department this letter". it is written by eric watson, sr. a former police officer himself. he thanked the department for not using lethal force on his son.
5:20 pm
being in law enforcement he understood the severity of the attack and he understood how bad it could have gone. had deadly force been used. >> reporter: turns out watson's family with a long history of military and law enforcement hadn't seen him in years. until they saw news clips of him last week. his family believes watson may have been suffering from psychological problems. for coatesville police celebrating national night how the the thank you was a pleasant surprise to what could have been a tragic ending. residents here say cops already have a tough job. >> it's very important when you see police you need them you should go right to them. that's why they're there. to protect and serve. >> reporter: chris o'connell, fox 29 news. watson still remains in the chester county jail on $100,000 bail. police are also pushing to get watson the help that he needs. video shows the aftermath of a crash landing at one of the world's busiest airports. these images they're dramatic
5:21 pm
but it's what you don't see that just might drop your jaw. >> a dog was chasing a bird and went out impaled on fence. >> aww. >> believe it or not he's going to be okay. how he survived. >> and he's still in office but a big reveal today shows how the nation will honor president obama's legacy a look at what is in store. ♪
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more provocation from north korea it fired off two missile today's and one headed in the direction of a key u.s. ally in violation of un security council resolutions. one of the missiles exploded immediately. the other traveled 620 miles and
5:25 pm
into the sea of japan. these latest missile tests come a month after the u.s. and south korea agreed to establish an anti mills missile system in that country. north korea strongly objected. a flight from india with 300 people on board crash landed at due by's main airport this morning. it sent black smoke billowing into the air halting all flights at the middle east busiest airport. firefighter died fighting the fire but none of the passengers or crew on board were killed. six of those passengers are from the united states. so far no word on just what went wrong. an enormous cash payment in iran is raising eyebrows and questions across the country. >> critics are accusing the obama administration of paying a ransom for american prisoners which would be in stark contrast to long-land are standing american policy. they say it puts a bounty on all american's heads. we're learning the obama administration sent iran nearly
5:26 pm
$400 million at the same time iran released four americans in prisoner swap but the state department says the money is not part of an exchange. the obama administration is insisting its money the u.s. actuallactually owed the ear ran government trade tracing this back to the iran hostage crisis the 1970's. >> it's their money. $4 million in the trust fund frozen back in the late '70's, early '80's so this was a long standing claim. it was their money. we spoke to this at the time that -- that now with the prisoners release now with the iran deal done it made no sense for to us continue to drag out this claim and so we settled it. >> critics say the coincidence is in timing is too big to ignore. donald trump took to twitter today claiming hillary clinton started the talks with iran that led to the us giving iran the $400 million. a chilling moment in history for the first time a u.s. law enforcement officer has been charged with trying to help is isis. we'll take you to the officer's
5:27 pm
house for a look at what authorities are finding. and an lgbt flag burned in new jersey city. police are on the case much the mayor says he'll make sure justice is served. >> a few fare weather clouds out there right now but skies will be clear for at least the next couple of days before the rain returns. we'll check the chances for the weekend coming up. ♪ i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings.
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♪ welcome back with a live look at blue mountain from our pocono mountains camera. we definitely got break from the heat and humidity today. making it the perfect day to step outside. so of course how long will it last? meteorologist kathy orr will tell you coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. relief is in site for commuter who's row loy on septa's regional rail. the transit agency announcing a timeline for when it expects its silver line five cars to return to the tracks. those cars were removed a month ago after engineers found a structural deficiency in them. septa says starting in late august, 10 cars will return to service each week. septa hoping to have all of the cars back on the tracks by november. on top of a developing story in the washington, d.c. area. prosecutors just bought the first ever federal terrorism charges against a law enforcement officer in the united states. they say a patrol officer with the d.c. metro transit police was trying to help isis. >> fox's tom fitzgerald is near the officer's home in fairfax, virginia tonight where authorities have been collecting
5:31 pm
evidence. tom, how did investigators make this discovery? >> reporter: good evening lucy and dawn much this case sending shock waves to the national capitol region tonight. this is not a new investigation. according to court documents released today in regards to this, the fbi and the justice department have been investiga investigating officer nick young for more than six years now. how did they come across him? well, apparently, according to court documents, young allegedly had had contact with two other help who have been arrested and now convicted of isis related charges. we have been at the scene here at officer young's home in fairfax county, virginia, all day today. investigator it's and eighths from the fbi and justice department have been combing through this house. officer young is no rookie. had he been on the washington metropolitan transit authority police for more than a doze season years now. this affidavit filed in us district court today laid out a
5:32 pm
long history of both undercover contact and informant contact where young repeatedly allegedly spoke to his sympathies with the isis movement and late last month actually said a message to somebody that he believed was connected to isis. it turns out the entire time that officer nick young thought he was dealing with isis he was in fact dealing with fbi informants and undercover officers. he was arrested at the washington metropolitan airport terminal today for the charges on all of this he was arrested at work. that is where the subway system in washington, d.c. is run. he was brought to court this afternoon where he faced charg charges. he will back in u.s. district court tomorrow for a status hearing. >> tom, as you said the f bitch. has quiet bit of information on the officer. they've been following him for years and years and years. what are you hearing about him personally? >> reporter: you know it's interesting you talk to these neighbors in this place.
5:33 pm
living your police officers is not an unusual thing in the washington, d.c. area with the understandable security in this area. no one we talked to today knew that nicholas young was actually a police officer. the reason being for that, all the neighbors we spoke to said he would not respond almost to the point of being inn communique tiff with all of his neighbors. one woman described him as wei weird. another one said he was mysterious. another man told us if you would say hello to him, that he simi would stare at you and not respond. the only thing that one person told us they took note of officer nicholas young was the bumper sticker on his car. that bumper sticker read "israel should fight its own battles". >> fbi also saying they -- he was a troubled guy when he was a little kid he was torturing small animals. fox's tom fitzgerald live in fairfax, virginia. thanks much. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority and, boy, was it a gorgeous day, kathy. >> a beautiful day. with low humidity, deep blue
5:34 pm
skies and mild temperatures that were pretty comfortable. 83 right now. the high today 87. dew point temperatures in the lower 60s making it very comfortable. pottstown 80. wilmington 80. down the shore little bit of a sea breeze so temperatures in the 70s. ocean city 78. avalon 79. wildwood 79. cape may point checking in with temperatures in the upper 70s as well. if you look at the wind direction you can see what's going on here. in atlantic city we have on shore flow. a strong sustained wind at 15 miles an hour with a cooler ocean waters so that's why we have the cooler temperatures with a sea breeze down the shore. warm and pleasant with fair weather high pressure off the coast. the flow around it is clockwise so you're getting this ocean influence. keeping temperatures little bit below average but nevertheless mentee of sunshine. tomorrow in the mid 80s again with temperatures around 85 degrees. but another day of low humidity. the humidity is going to fall even further these are dew point temperatures. mainly in the 60s.
5:35 pm
once we get in the 50s that's more of a comfort zone and that happens tomorrow by about noon dew point in philadelphia 58. in trenton 59. so it will be even more comfortable than it is right now. during the day tomorrow, in the city, we're looking at temperatures that will be warming through the 80s but overnight tonight, 66. really good sleeping weather. crack the windows. let in the fresh air. we won't be able to do this that much longer because the humidity will rise again. the suburbs overnight 62. mainly clear with easterly winds. during the day tomorrow, the same thing. very pleasant. 85 degrees mostly sunny with wind out of the east at light 5 miles an hour. as we look ahead as you plan your today morning temperatures 66. by lunch 80 and in the afternoon 83. we'll peak later aft non by the din are in hour hovering around 80 degrees but nothing but sunshine as we take look at exclusive fox 29 forecast extended forecast thursday 85, friday 86. a chance of showers and storms late on your saturday.
5:36 pm
they'll be moving in during the afternoon from the north toward the southeast. sunday looks nice. monday 86. tuesday 86. wednesday 88. those are seasonal temperatures. shore temperatures looking good as well. peaking on saturday and then falling back in the mid to upper 80s. so all in all, august getting off to a very good start. we'll send it back to you. >> sounds good, thanks much. it's the pretty site but not a pretty smell. >> um-um. >> this is the corpse flower it's about to do something that thankfully for those of us with sense seive notices doesn't happen very often. >> he's still in office but there was big reveal today about how we will honor president obama's legacy. a look at what's in store. >> and these treats look delicious. why treats landed three guys in handcuffs after a bust at a southwest philly home.
5:37 pm
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♪ went now know president obama's presidential library going. chicago jackson park will be his library home. illinois launch the the president into politics. officials chose this site instead of three other proposed including hawaii and new york. mayor of chicago also a former chief of staff to the president. says the library is a tremendous opportunity for the city which has been grabbing headlines in recent years for sustained wave of violence. >> when you look at the one-two punch from the university of chicago to our museum campus here on the south side there will be jobs, economic growth and opportunity obviously for the entire city but specifically for the area throughout south side. >> the obama foundation says the decision process will take 12 to
5:41 pm
18 months and expects the center to open by 2021. the latest installment of the harry potter series leaving shelves like magic. >> it is. it's already become the uk fastest selling book in a decade and it just hit book stores at one minute past midnight on sunday. harry potter and the curse child sold 2 million copies in 24 hours in this country. fans have been waiting for this moment since news of an eighth book was rumored all the way back in 2013. people in london lining up over the weekend just to get their hands on a copy. >> i can go full crazy and go and discuss it with fellow readers and go full harry potter. >> retailers say this book is on track to become the fastest selling book in the uk in the past decade. i believe it. >> that will probably go global. right. >> a dog was chasing a bird wound up impaled on a fence. believe it or not, though, he's
5:42 pm
going to be just fine. how he survived. you've seen him report on the world of sports here on fox 29. but now our sean bell is diving in and learning a new skill. his brave journey. howard? >> the phillies have more injury problems. one of their starting pitchers has been placed on the disable list. eagles actually had hitting and contact for the first time in practice this year in long time. hear how the coaches and the players got into it.
5:43 pm
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♪ democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton and vice-president joe biden have released details of their augu august 15th campaign stop in northeast pennsylvania. the duo had planned to visit scranton last month but that trip was scuttled after the deadly police shootings in dallas on july 7th now the campaign will stop at 12:45 at the riverfront sports complex in scranton. doors will open two hours earlier. olympic torch has arrived in rio just ahead of the summer games. countdown is on for the 2016 summer olympic. olympic torch arrived by boat at naval base in rio today steered by a crew of brazilian olympic sailors. the crew handed the torch to
5:47 pm
rio's mayor and meanwhile members of the team u.s. a picked olympic swimmer michael phelps to carry the us flag during friday's opening ceremo ceremony. well one of the big concerns in the lead up to the games has been the transmission of the zika virus. now officials say it look like it's been transmitted by mosquitoes right here in the united states and researchers are racing to produce a vaccine. >> they are indeed. in florida, leaders are stepping forward to try to stop the zika outbreak in its tracks. they got big job. fox's bryan llenas has their battle. >> reporter: researchers around the world are racing to produce a vaccine for zika as the pentagon announces 33 u.s. military members have contracted the mosquito born virus. and more than a dozen people in miami are believed to have become infected from bites. >> there's this unprecedented advisory for pregnant women not to -- to avoid the wynnewood district and that's rocking the community it reminds zika is not just a public health emergency. it's also an economic one. >> reporter: zika is linked
5:48 pm
with severe birth defects including microcephaly a condition which causes a baby to have a smaller than usual skull. the national institutes of health announcing wednesday the launch of a clinical trial of an experimental vaccine and scientists at mit are using programmable genetic material to fight zika. >> more work to be done as it relates to developing vaccines. >> reporter: transmission of zika in the connell continue nem u.s. has many state leaders being proactive in prevention with aerial insecticide spraying campaign. vacuuming stagnant water off the streets and laugh visied available to homeowners free charge. >> all the steps together will help protect new yorker from zika. >> the department is of health is going to work with every state agency to do what they need to do. >> reporter: despite the cdc's unprecedented warning urging pregnant women to avoid travel
5:49 pm
to specific area in miami authorities say they don't expect any major outbreaks in this country. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. north carolina we go. yellow lab is so lucky to be alive. >> he is. he is. incredible story. he impaled himself while he was trying to jump over fence much this is wilbur. >> wilbur! >> he was he's about 90 pounds. he's a big boy. >> yes. >> he wound up in terrible position on saturday while trying to jump over this fence to chase some birds. he ended up impaled on one of those posts. firefighters had to use the jaws of live to cut out a section of that fence and then they rushed wilbur to a local animal hospital. >> with the training we have if you're impaled by something we don't remove it we package and send you to the hospital. >> it did not hit any major organs so his youth there, rectum, bladder were all okay. >> he's a lucky boy. >> yes. >> wilbur's family is taking steps to make sure this freak accident never happens again.
5:50 pm
they're buying rubber guards to prevent the dog from getting injured in the future. good idea. >> yes. in new jersey police are now on the case of a flag burning over the weekend. someone set fire to an lgbt flag that was flying outside of a home and had been since the orlando nightclub shooting. >> tonight jersey city's mayor says this case will be treated as a hate crime. fox's arthur chen has the story for us. >> reporter: as the intolerance led to the deadliest mass shooting in mass shooting vigils fort orlando victims popped up all over the countries and jersey city among those that stood tall. it was then natalie found a pride flag rolled up outside her doorstep she put it up outside her business. >> ever since then it's been great little spot it i keep a little of set of chairs outside and people come by and take picture with it. i felt this great positive energy about bringing this little bitty symbol of love and acceptance to this corner of injuries see city. >> reporter: but this is what's left of that flag today.
5:51 pm
that symbol of acceptance too much for some who's idea of voicing an opinion involves vandalism. natalie found the flag burnt down. the salon is across the street from city hall where the mayor told us the minute is and will be prosecuted as a hate crime. >> it doesn't reflect jersey city at all. we have the largest lgbt community in the state of new jersey. we're proud of that. and, you know, we will investigate this. there's video footage and, um, we'll pursue aggressive. hate has no mace here. >> reporter: no one wants to believe as much as natalie who is hoping good will come from what's happened here with chance to make this point. >> i want to kind of just be more about more than just, you know, someone destructed my property. it's about, you know, love and acceptance and we're all here in this world together and we all need to learn to get along the. >> reporter: as fort video that the mayor mentioned, police see two suspects in. they would not release it to
5:52 pm
fox. when police can identify suspects on their own, they do not release it out to the public. perhaps that's what's happening. arthur chen, fox news. it is pretty site but not a pretty smell. this is the corpse flower and it's about to do something that thankfully does not happen very often. and coming up, at 6:00, relief around the corner for septa rights what septa is now saying about its timeline forg forgetting its silver liner fleet back on the rails. >> plus dozens of children get a free day at the philadelphia z zoo. but their visit is not just a win for them. the unique way the zoo is also benefiting.
5:53 pm
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>> in wads rather unusual a traction is drawing a lot of visitors. i love these flowers. >> beautiful. hundreds of people are lining up at the national botanic garden to seat corpse flower in full bloom. large plant smells like rotting scent. it attracts flies to help it reproduce. it's raising a lot of curiosity. >> 2013 we had peak day we brought 20,000. i think we have far seeded that today. usually they stay hope 24 to 48 hours. sometimes up to three days. we expect to have full day tomorrow out of it before it will collapse. >> wonders of our world. the flour known as the tight tan
5:57 pm
hair room on public view since last month drawing more attention now that it's in full bloom native to madagascar that has lot of hab at the in peril. >> interesting. it's hard to tell how tall or strong any of us or tv are. i'm 5-foot eight. >> take sean bell he stands 6 feet 5-inch. >> s he looks invisible. doesn't. >> yes. >> as jenn frederick tells us, there's one thing that he cannot do. >> just yet. >> handing out money -- >> fox 29 sports guy sean bell and you'll learn three things real quick. >> he love his job. he's married. sorry, ladies. and he can't swim. >> it wasn't like there were pools around where you shall learn how to swim. we just made do what -- with what is around. >> in north jersey where sean and his family grew up, there were more basketball courts than swimming pools. >> i always knew it was a thing. you know the stereotype.
5:58 pm
black people can't swim. things like that. >> add to that growing up in an urban environment and the cost. sean can't swim he hasn't completely avoiding getting into the water altogether. >> you've been in the water. >> um-hmm. >> in the ocean. >> i go to the ocean. okay. >> how far deep do you go. >> i'll go to the ocean. i'll go as far in as about here and then i'll go back. >> reporter: things changed dramatically earlier today. sean went in all the way. it happened at the ymca in northeast philadelphia. live on good day sean took a huge step towards learning how to swim. he put his face in and within minutes he had those long legs kicking and splashing like an old pro. he even swam a few feet. he still has ways to go so we'll watch when he works with the team again next wednesday. but so far everyone is very
5:59 pm
proud. proud of him for today and proud that he's facing his fears he's truly an inspiration. >> i need pancakes. i need grits. i understand why michael phelps each so much. >> jenn fredericks, fox 29 news. >> my hats off to him. that's great. >> i know. >> we want to thank our sponsor the ymca for helping sean out. >> if you'd lick to give sean that an at at a boy tweet him your words of encourage many at sean bell fox 29. ♪ a father killed in his car with his child in the back seat. tonight we're learning more about the man who got caught in the crossfire of a gun battle. i mean you have a father, a hard-working guy never been in trouble with the law, and picks up his daughter and next thing you know he's dead. >> what police know tonight about who is responsible for the shooting. ♪ >> he's going to eject a fan.
6:00 pm
we're used to seeing baseball players getting booted from games by umpires. >> very interesting. >> one ump decided to kick out a heckling fan. what the guy said that got him booted from the stands. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 nouse at 6:00. right now at 6:00 septa silver liner neat in the spotlight. today the transit agency announced timeline when those cars may safely hit the rails again. good evening, i'm lucy noland. i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for iain page those cars were pull from the tracks month ago causing a big disruption in service for riders leaving a lot of people frustrated. fox 29's chris o'connell is live outside septa headquarters in center city with a look at the plan to get back on track. chris? >> reporter: well, dawn, commuters may not like them but at least they have some answers tonight as to when things will return back to normal. septa officials expecting that full rail service for regional


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