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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we're used to seeing baseball players getting booted from games by umpires. >> very interesting. >> one ump decided to kick out a heckling fan. what the guy said that got him booted from the stands. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 nouse at 6:00. right now at 6:00 septa silver liner neat in the spotlight. today the transit agency announced timeline when those cars may safely hit the rails again. good evening, i'm lucy noland. i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for iain page those cars were pull from the tracks month ago causing a big disruption in service for riders leaving a lot of people frustrated. fox 29's chris o'connell is live outside septa headquarters in center city with a look at the plan to get back on track. chris? >> reporter: well, dawn, commuters may not like them but at least they have some answers tonight as to when things will return back to normal. septa officials expecting that full rail service for regional
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rail will return to normal some time in october. it's been a long couple of months for them or at least month any way for rail commuters when a third of its septa fleet was side lined because of manufacturing defects. for the thousands of passengers each day, what that meant jam packed trains, delays, a modified train schedule, frustration. septa today says after some final fatigue testing is done on these trains, repair cars should be showing up on the rails by the end of the month they'll roll out 10 per week through september and then october the rail system should be back to normal schedule. officials say they want to make sure the fix is the right one. >> we're going to work, you know, as hard as we can to get the cars back, um, but in the end, um, you know, safety is -- has to be the top value and so to not have had any kind of, you know, derailment or issue that
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could have resulted in a loss of life or even injuries is, you know, that's a great thing. >> reporter: septa managers say all 120 defected cars will be back on the rails by november. the transit authority says this has hit them big time in terms of money. this has cost septa over million dollars and coun counting so fa. as to who will may pay for the defect problem, officials say they're lawyers will be answering that question in the coming months. dawn? >> actually that's a hint right there. isn't it thanks so much, chris. septa ordeal started one month ago today and the agency has done lot to try to fix the problem. on july 3rd, septa announced discovery of the defects on 120 rail cars. in the week of july 11th, septa put 18 leased passengers car into service all bore read from other transit agencies. that next week, another 10 leased cars took to septa rails. and the agency changed up
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schedules to address massive overcrowding on several lines. on monday septa started collecting fares at the platfo platforms five center city stops because the crowds have been too crowded to collect payment during the rides. another atlantic city casino is set to close managers for the trump taj mahal casino announc announcing today it will shut down for good after labor day. the news comes a mid a workers strike by members of unite here local 54. the tropicana entertainment group which manages the taj mahal says the strike played a role in this decision. statement in part reads currently the taj is losing multi millions a month and now with this strike we see no path to profitable. and the atlantic city mayor don guardian also releasing a statement about the casino closure saying in part "it is unfortunate and disappointing that no resolution was found to keep the taj mahal open with the hopes of making it profitable again".
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the mayor goes on to say "although these are still tough economic times, atlantic city has been resilient for over 160 years and we will continue to do so, as we rise to meet any challenge ahead of us". the closure of the casino will cost 3,000 workers their jobs. the casino was opened by presidential candidate donald trump back in 1990, 26 years ago, but it is now owned by billionaire carl icon. four other atlantic city casinos also closed in 2014. leaving just 7ac cassone notice now. isn't your fox 29 weather authority. another comfortable day across our area. you know what, actually i would go so far to say absolutely fantastically gorgeous. >> it was 10. >> i agree. our cameras caught lots of folks enjoying the warm breeze in washington square park. meteorologist kathy orr standing by with how much longer the cooler temperatures will stick around. i'll give you five bucks to make it stay another week. >> taken. >> how about 10? >> okay. >> i'll go 10.
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>> absolutely positively gorgeous, yes. a beautiful, beautiful day. not a cloud in the sky. a few weather cumulus moving in right now. look at these temperatures. 82 in the city. pottstown 78. very comfortable in dover. 78. reading at 80 degrees. so no complaints weather wise. if you're going to be out this evening, wow, what a great night. 7:00 o'clock temperature 80. 74 by 9:00 p.m. even at 11:00 o'clock, just re really pleasant to be outdoors with a temperature of 72. coming up we'll talk more about how long this quiet comfortable period lasts. we will see the humidity make a come back and that will set the scenario for some saturday storms. we know you want to be outside probably have plans. maybe even down the shore. we'll track those and time them out coming up later in the broadcast. >> talk to you then kathy. a first in our nation police arrested a law enforcement officer for terrorist relate the charges. federal prosecutors charged 36-year-old fairfax virginia after an fbi stink. the f bit. bi says the metro d.c. transit offer bought $250 in gift cards
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witness intention of giving them to isis but unknowingly gave them to an undercover fbi agent. court documents show young was on the fbi's radar since 2010. prosecutors say he also traveled to libya twice in 2011 to meet with rebels. right now police are searching for the killer of a father who's life was cut tragically short. police say the dad had just picked up his child and was driving home from work when the bullets started flying on germantown avenue. we're told the shooting had nothing at all to do with him. fox 29's karen hepp has the latest on what authorities are saying tonight. >> reporter: al forward for clearly loved his little girl. their smiling faces beamed from so many happy photos. police say the hard-working dad had just left his job and had come here to the children's nest to pick up his three year old last thursday. seconds later, he was dead, she was sobbing because gunfire had erupted all around them. >> we got his daughter out the back seat before anything though. the daughter was still strapped
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in. it was horrible because so many people was around seeing that horrific incident. you know what i'm saying? it was tragedy. >> just like in this photo police say al was driving and his little girl was in the car seat on the phone her mother who asked to speak with the baby. as he turned police say the bullet struck his temple. >> we believe that he possibly protected her and that bullet actually unfortunately could have struck and killed his daughter. >> reporter: prayer candles burn before a life in pictures. so many wonderful moments. but police say it was all taken away by two groups of men with bad blood and guns who didn't care about anybody else opening fire on a crowded street. >> it's sad when you can't go to work. take care of your responsibilities and just continue on with your life. and you got to be worried about if i get caught up in crossfire the next man dumb situation because the situation situationt taking thee lives be dumb situations it's not over anything that life should be taken for. >> reporter: police say they have excellent video of of the scene and are interviewing people right now to identify suspects.
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captain clark personally spoke with the heart broken family. >> i talked to them personally. she's very very distraught. and i just promised her we would do our very best to make an arrest very shortly. >> reporter: there is $20,000 reward in connection with this case. also, the heart broken family of the victim set up a gofundme page. we'll put the information right on our web page i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. bucks county police arrest add woman for hiding the whereabouts of her young daughter from the girl's father. lower makefield police arrested 48-year-old holly did he brass key yesterday. she has no fixed address investigators say she failed to return her daughter to the father and wouldn't tell him where the five-year-old was. police found the child unharmed in florida. investigators won't say who was caring for her there. she's in -- the mom in prison tonight unable to post bail. three men are under arrest after police say they were running an elaborate edible marijuana business out of their southwest home. these are police photos of some
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of the marijuana infused products, narcotics detectives sold out of the house from a 1900 block of federal street. investigators say the suspects were using social media to sell pot laced cookies, cereal bars, doughnuts and other products to customers. jason jones, shannon reynolds and mark grisham charge chargedh possession to intent to delive delivery. several months of the two suspects were featured on segment on marijuana edibles. >> vice-president biden is in philadelphia tonight. the even starts around about 20 minutes at the hyatt at the bellevue in center city. the council honoring the vice-president for his leadership of the the president's initiative to speed up research towards cures for cancer. vice-president biden lost his own son former delaware attorney general beau biden to cancer in may of last year. ♪ turning to you decide tonight democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton returned to the campaign trail in confidential today. where she talked about her plan to improve the economy.
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clinton leads in that state by eight points according to the average real clear politic. during today's stop in denver, the democrat hit rival donald trump for using manufacturers in china to make products for his line. >> drum was that in the battleground state of in order where he hit back at hillary clinton. decide a tumultuous week for the campaign he told people his campaign has never been more united he blamed clinton for the rise of i suss. >> empire had enough of the trash talk from one spectator at the phillies game. told him to get out. we're learning more about the baseball fan who got riled um and struck out. phone video shows the aftermath of a crash landing at one of the world's busiest airports. these images are dramatic. but it's what you don't see that might just drop your jaw. row howard? the game is football but something happened did at eagles training camp that hasn't happened here in years. and the phillies had another
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player go down to injury. all that's coming up in sports.
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♪ a flight from india with 300 people on board crash landed at due by's main airport this morning. that accident sending black smoke billowing into the air and halting all flights at the middle east busiest airport. firefighter died while fightin g the pfeiffer but none of the passengers or crew on board were killed. six of those passengers are from the united states. so far no word on what went wrong. a philadelphia police officer is being hailed a hero tonight after his quick thinking saved a man's live in a matter of seconds. officer joel rice was driving near broad street and bell field avenue when he saw car crash. rice rushed to one of the cars involved when he saw the driver slumped behind the wheel and unconscious. police say rice got the driver out of the car in a nick of time. as soon as he did, that car burst into flames. that driver is in the hospital
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tonight and authorities say he will be okay. ejected from baseball game are not uncommon but what happened at citizens bank park has whole lot of people talking right about now. last night an umpire ejected a fan from the stands. only in philly, right? bruce gordon has the story. >> reporter: fans stepping up to the phillies ticket window at citizens bank park once again found themselves reacting to behavior that was not suitable for all audiences. especially a short tempered umpire. >> that's craze zoo. that is lot power. i can't even imagine that happening to me. i don't see how and why. >> reporter: that's a lot of power for an ump to have? >> yes it is. >> reporter: in the top of the six many inning home plate umpire bob davidson stopped the game. gave the old heave hoe. not to a player -- >> get that guy out of here! >> oh, no, he's hearing it from the stands. he is actually going to eject a
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fan. when was the laugh time you saw that happen. >> reporter: davidson later explained to pool reporter he had heard enough vulgar comments from fan in a section behind the giants dug out. decided to toss him from the stands. >> getting these guy out of here. >> reporter: that fan will use only his first name jeremy explained himself wednesday morning on wip radio. >> on honest whole he came over i didn't think he was looking at me. when the guard came down i kind of figured hey, man he is looking at me owe sigh left. i said nothing offensive. right? >> reporter: a number of fans could be seen cheering the umpire's decision to bounce the unruly fan. and on this day after fans we talked to at the ballpark were still shaking their heads. >> what do you think about an ump kicking a fan out of the stands? >> well, hey, fans are getting really crazy today. so -- i'm sure everyone wanted to have a good time and umpire is trying to make sure it was safe and family oriented event. so it probably is a shame that that could happen to -- to the
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game. ruined it for some people i'm sure. >> it's philadelphia. what can i say? probably deserved it. >> reporter: we were unable to reach jeremy by phone are a the had at his delaware county home. he's been quoted as saying he left the ballpark voluntary to avoid further incident. as for the umpire bob davidson he's actually done this before. throwing a fan out of the a game in milwaukee back in 2010. fun at the old ballpark. at citizens bank park i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. it's not only in philly there. we go. it was beautiful day for trip to the philadelphia zoo. >> yup. today a group of children got to check out all the animals free more than 100 kiddos with disabilities from variety club camp headed to the zoo. the children had fun feeding hippos and bears and giraffes vegetables they actually grew at camp. that's so cool. they also got to do face painting. had some fun with music and danced all part of the annual zoo day organized by first trust bank. >> they had per fact day for it. as we head back to your fox 29
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weather authority. here's a live look along the ben franklin parkway it was a nice, dry, comfortable day across the region. we just want to bottle this. >> yes. >> kite kathy orr. >> wouldn't it be great if we can keep it till like december? >> yes. >> i know. sorry. >> sorry, can't do. wish i can. take look at these fair weather cumulus clouds. a deep blue sky. a true indication of comfortable weather. and we will stay in this comfort zone at least for the next couple of days. right now in philadelphia 82. the high today 85 degrees. the normal high is 87. dew points sitting in the lower 60s so that's still a little bit uncomfortable. but right now we're seeing those dew points falling. so the humidity will continue to sing over the next 24 hours. right now in the poconos, it is 70. in philadelphia it's 82. millville 78 degrees. we do have a sea breeze. so it is cooler down the shore. sustained winds at about 15 miles an hour on shore flow keeping it cooler that sea
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breeze making its way inland to hammonton where is only 78 but not made it to voorhees where the temperature holds at 82. there's your wind speed that is moving on shore. and you can see even millville southeasterly wind at about 10 miles an hour. philadelphia we have a southeast wind now at about 8 miles an hour. so warm and pleasant again. that on shore flow continues with high pressure to the northeast. tow hers again tomorrow will be comfortable with a partly so mostly sunny sky. the tighe high temperature 85 and then the humidity begins to increase as we work our way toward the weekend. want to update you tropical storm several now hurricane ea earl. maximum winds right there, cat one storm at 75 miles an hour. it is moving westward at about 14 miles an hour. it is only about 150 miles to the east of belize. it is expected to make landfall as early as tonight. if not tonight, tomorrow morning. as we look ahead to our future temperatures here's a look what we'll be waking up to. in philadelphia mid 60s. 60 in the poconos. 70 in dove.
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67 in millville. good sleeping weather indeed. 85 for your high tomorrow. mostly sunny skies. a great day to get out. if you're planning your day, 60s in the morning. 80s in the afternoon. by dinner 79. on the exclusive seven day forecast from your weather authority, 80s across the board with the exception of saturday when we touch 90 with some showers and storms. now we'll send it over to howard and sports. all right. kathy, the phillies they lost a player that was supposed to be a big part of their game to. i don't think it's good news. and something happened today at eagles practice that hasn't happened in three years. hear from the coach and the players that talk about what happened. that's coming up in sports. i approve this message.
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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♪ the eagles changed things dawn at training camp. it was supposed to happen but it's actually archaism for the first time in thee years. sounds crazy but believe me, this is true. they were really two new elements at practice beginning today the. practice was close to three hours which didn't happen under chip kelly. remember that's three years. but more than anything else, there was hitting. actual contact, strange, but again, under chip kelly there was never any hitting. philosophy now is different. >> tackle football. it's a physical game and, you know, the other thing about it, too, just that competition. knowing that that we're actually going to put the pads on and go
6:25 pm
to the ground today. >> whenever you get a tackle it's a level of intensity you usually don't get, um, it's always fun going up against the guys on the team and trying to see who can win the day. >> guys embraced it today. it was extremely competitive even thought it was very beneficial for our team. >> the phillies have some more injury problems. this one starting pitcher aaron nola supposed to start tonight for the phillies against the giants but that won't happen. this afternoon nola was placed on the 15 day disabled list with an elbow strain. so tonight just up from aaa lehigh valley a pitcher by the name of phil klein. i've never heard of this guy either but what -- what the manager is not worried about nola. >> not great concern. we feel at least the medical people feel it's not going to amount to whole lot. however, that remains to be seen. we'll see how he reactions after rehab. >> sometimes fans don't know when to get out of the way. it happened last night. let's go to cincinnati. joey votto trying to catch foul
6:26 pm
ball and that's his fan. he wasn't happy. he yanks the guy's shirt. obviously somebody said something to him he signed the ball for him and went over to the guy and he wasn't yanking his short any more. but when you're at home, the fans are supposed to help you. >> it's not interference because it's technically out of the field of play. >> right. >> stay out of the way! >> all right. >> tell them, howard. >> he'll be sure to join us tonight for the fox 29 news at 10:00. lee to you traffic stop puts a police officer's live on the line when driver nearly runs him over. what the driver admits was happening in his back seat that had him so distracted. >> and that will do it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. we'll see you back here at 10:00 and for our new show at 11:00. have yourself a great night. looks like traffic doing pretty good out there. inside edition is up next.
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all in one. purina one. >> diane: college party massacre. >> reporter: the beautiful college student. cops say murdered by her ex and the haunting photo he posted before the shooting rampage. then, after his worst week ever -- >> get the by by out of here. >> is the republican party really preparing for donald trump to drop out of the race? and shocking twist in the osbourne's cheating scandal. sharon in tears. she says he's a sex addict. >> it's quite embarrassing to talk about. then, look out. >> now the wind is going real -- >> blogger verses the bolt of lightning. >> oh! >> were you terrified? and america's got talent horror as


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