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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  August 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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lauren here, ten as far as the weather goes. >> nothing else needs to be said. >> nope. >> except we'll show you in the -- the number anyway, you already know what it is, we love when we're in double digits. it doesn't happen that often in the month every august which is usually hot and humid like it was last week. i said this earlier. why couldn't it have been this weather during the convention last week? but no. anyway, comfortable start today, temperatures in the 60s, bus stop buddy has his sunscreen ready to go. it is 68 degrees right now. and we'll head up into the mid 80s by the end of the day in mount pocono, 53, 63 in reading, trenton has 61, 61 degrees in atlantic city, clouds, cleared, and yesterday's high was 85 degrees, just delightful. and today, we take another. another high of 85. another day of low humidity, down to 66 degrees, for another pleasant night.
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of course things will change, probably over the weekend, more about that coming up. but lot of sun glare for you right now, bob kelly? >> you got it right, sue. 7:01, on the money. good morning, everybody, sun glare working your way up 95, coming from delaware county, headed up toward the airport. sun glare, everywhere. you know the normal spots. even westbound here, on the schuylkill expressway. jam from the boulevard out to belmont. that's just your normal rush hour volume. we had an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike between ft. washington and valley forge. that's still causing a delay. starting to see delays again out in that king of prussia interchange. now we have a problem on the eastbound schuylkill expressway. disable right near montgomery drive. so as we drop on down, go for a ride here, slow going from approaching city line, around the curve, and into montgomery, that's going to cause delays if you are coming into center city. afternoon baseball, 1:05, south philly, we meet you there. again, you can see a lot of unusual traffic volume around that lunchtime hour. and then, bamm, instant traffic jam, once that game is
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over. for the evening rush hour, mike and lauren back to you. >> let's get back to frightening news out every glands. the woman killed in london, this knife attack, it was a rampage, basically, a lot of people stabbed. well, she is an american. five others were injured in the attack in the center part of the city. this is a place called russ else square. very famous there in london. this happened yesterday. authority have arrested the attacker, they also say no evidence of kad call is agents in this attack, how they know that already not sure. no word on condition of the other people that were stabbed the attacker has not been identified but again is in custody. >> billionaire carl icahn said he's lost money. >> now the casino ready to close, looks like it will be open for another month or so. steve keeley on the story in atlantic city. getting worse and worse, steve. >> reporter: well, also getting worse, and quite a difference from when we were
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here day one of the strike july 1st, look at the sour mood on the picket line and the way less numbers. remember there were hundreds out here that day, down to two here at 7:00 a.m. we saw few moreover night, chanting, but these guys entheusiasm for being on strike, and are hopeful of going back it work really down now, after the announcement from the taj mahal owner yesterday. and the people on the pick line, by the way, fellow bell man, cocktail servers, bar. , only make up half the staff. other still inside not on strike, blackjack dealers, retail, restaurant, all lose their jobs, too, if this announced shutdown happens after labor day weekends. one irony, the day and the weekend we celebrate america's working people, being the last day of work, for so many people here. 2100 with the casino hotel staff, hundreds more, who work in these restaurants and retail shops. >> carl icahn hasn't talked to
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the workers since june 30th. nothing other than what he put them out on strike over, and now, because he doesn't know how to deal with workers is that stand up for themselves, he has decided to take his ball and go home. it is playgrounds bullying tactic, and i believe that it is not going to work with the workers. >> reporter: the last state numbers released show the taj grossed $51 million just in the first three month of this year, 2% less than the same time in 2015. but still tens of millions of dollars that the remaining seven atlantic city casinos hope to dif i up after this september shutdown proving darwin survival of the fit he is theory of evolution doesn't just apply to the animals on the island but also to the casinos here on absecon island, too, mike, lauren? >> islands to island, and the friend are up where i believe off the coast of equidore, isn't it? i think so. sue, can you look that up?
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the galapagos, the big turtles and stuff, close to equidore? >> where the philly phanatic is from. >> that's right. just to the, that would be, the west of the northern part of south america. thank you, good night everybody. >> off the coast of the west coast -- >> you're on it. >> from kansas. >> fifth grade i learned my geography from sister lou ella. >> she would be proud. >> she hears me. >> guy spent a lot of time in court. >> two days after he was release from the prison, child endanger. conviction, expected back in court today, jennifer joyce? >> reporter: lauren, yes, date of retrial could be issued today. this comes two days after monsignor william lynn was released from a prison in northeast pennsylvania. he served nearly his full three-year sentence, lynn was the first us roman catholic church official ever to be charged or convicted of
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helping to shield child molesters, his 2012 conviction has been twice overturned. days ago the state supreme court throughout the case saying the trial judge let too many church victim testify not directly linked to the case. lynn's attorney says because his client has already served 33 months of his 36-month sentence, the mack mum sentence he could receive in the new trial would be two month. the district attorney's offers explains why this case is so important to them. >> the d.a.'s office position that this level of institutional sexual abuse and the cover-up that ensued is something that the victim serve justice people of the commonwealth deserve to delve into this and have this matter come to a conclusion in accordance with the law. >> lynn's attorney said since his client was release from the prison two days ago, he has been staying with relatives, again, is expected to be back here at the cjc for
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hearing later this morning, mike, lauren? >> thank you for. that will we'll stay on it. seven # 07:00. >> police investigating two separate shootings in fair hills most recent happened around 2:00 a.m. man shot in the back and the leg along north american street. police officers took him to temple hospital. he's expected to be okay. >> and then the other shooting, happened just before 9:00 last night, on the 3,000 block of north second street. >> officers returned this man to the hospital. he's in critical condition over at temple university hospital. so far, no arrests have been made. and one person dead this morning after being hit by septa train in delaware county, this happened around 9:30 last night. a septa spokesperson says the train traveling on the media elwin line hit the person near the fernwood yeadon station about 90 people, were evacuated from the train, transferred to buses, so they could complete their trips, that victim has yet to be identified. >> brutal assault of 11 year old boy from a playgrounds in north philadelphia has police
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pleading for the public's help. >> this is just horrible. authorities are seeking a group of four teenage boys, most of them 14 and 15 years old, investigators say, the 11 year old boy was playing basketball at the olney recreation center, when the other teens chased after him, caught up with him, cornered him in a nearby alley, pulled out handgun, made him take off all of his clothes, and them started punching him. this happened july 12th. so, why are we learning about it now? police released the picture everyone of the teen suspect yesterday. >> i think it is terrible, one, where are the parents? up see, i have my crew. where are their parent at? >> to be 11 and have to go through that? you know, it is not right. >> police say the reason for the attack, unknown at this point. asking anyone with information to contact the special victims unit. police patrols have been stepped up in the area since that attack. okay, so the hectic commute for all of the septa regional rail riders is going
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to return to normal but in a few months. >> who is saying that? >> it is progress i have. >> now, get this, i would get out a sharpee, septa announced its silver liner five cars will return safely to the tracks starting at the end of this month. so that would be about three weeks from now. >> in august. >> end every august. hang with me. the ends every august. so septa removed a third of it cars off the rales a month ago, as you know, avenge nears found some cracks under the carriage of the cars. now, working around clock, they're running tests. >> yep. >> septa officials say they expect the full fleet, like all 120 cars, will be back in service by? >> november. >> november 6th. so, they'll roll them out like a karat a time, try to do ten cars per week. and so they'll all be back, 120 of them, by november the
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sixth. >> schedule improvement, more cars, and then the full fleet, and back to normal. al over the course of the next, you look like you're dancing, that is good. >> yes, the robot. >> good for you. >> i could pop and lock here in a second if we have time. all right, seven doctor ten. >> pole numbers out this morning. a new fox pole shows hillary clinton 49 to 39% lead over donald trump, that is four points better than mrs. clinton had in polls that were taken a month ago. >> so we've had two conventions, one in cleveland, one in philly, since the last pole was taken. >> right. >> and both candidate got a bump after their convention. >> they did. >> 61% of the voters in this particular pole viewed clinton as dishonest. but the majority believes she is more qualified to be
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president than donald trump. isn't that sad? >> it is. >> we think you're dishonest -- >> but we should vote for you. >> all right, doug luzader will breakdown those numbers, because that's what he does. hey, doug? >> reporter: good morning, well, there seems to be a feeling among many republicans that while donald trump may have time to turn this thing around, things are going to have to change very quickly with this campaign. >> wouldn't that be embarrassing to lose to crooked hillary clinton? that would be terrible. >> reporter: battlegrounds state, lashing out at hillary clinton, this is what his republican allies want to see more of instead of the multiple distractions of recent days. but is this the sign of newly focused candidate? numbers for trump are trouble with the new fox pole showing him ten-point behind hillary clinton. there is thought now including party chair and trump supporter newt gingrich.
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>> trump is still behaving like as though it was the primaries and there were 17 candidate. he has not made the transition to being the potential president of the united state which is much tougher league, people are going to watch you every single day, they are going to take everything they can out of context, and he's not yet performing at the level that you need to. >> while hillary clinton is battling her own problems with trust issues, the party has circled the wagons to some degree after bitter primary. the trump meantime didn't exactly help unify his own party liters by refuse to go endorse paul ryan in his primary next week. >> a problem, with his own party. he's only got 78% of republicans, mitt romney in 93, that's 15-point difference >> well, we'll see whether donald trump stays on trip today. he has campaign appearance in maine. hillary clinton is going to be in las vegas, back to you guys. >> doug, thank you so much. see you tomorrow.
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7:13 now. >> vice president joe biden was in philadelphia last night, to speak to the world affairs council, at the hyatt at the bellevue in center city. the council honored the vp for his leadership of the president's initiative to accelerate research toward cures for cancer? and vice president shared his greatest regret in not seeking the nomination for the presidency. >> i have decided after my son succombed to neuroblastoma that it just wasn't appropriate for me to run. and although i had a brief press statement, i said, and i don't even know what made me say it, that i said in effect one regret i have in not running, i would, if i could do anything as president of the united states it, would be to pro side over ending cancer as we know it, because i think it is possible.
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>> as you know it, he said the main reasons he didn't run is because of his son who died last year, beau biden. >> more than 200 federal inmates received a message from president obama. you know what he said to them? >> request for clemency granted that includes five men from our area, three from new jersey, the president commute dollars the sentences of 214 inmates nationwide, 67 of those serving life sentences and almost all of them were for non-violent drug crimes, president commuted the sentences of 562 people since taking office and that's more than the past nine presidents combined. >> wow. all right, somebody let sue out, too, years ago, and now she works in television. >> that's right, just trying to get me back in. high pressure in control today. thank goodness that's out. dominating our weather keeping any other weather system at bay for awhile. this is the cold front we're watching for saturday, that's the next chance we have of rain. so we have the rest of today,
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and all day tomorrow, to enjoy good weather, and if you have got ticket to the ballgame today oh, how lucky you are. afternoon game, 82 degrees when the day begins, beautiful day, don't forget the sunscreen. the humidity still low, enjoyable day at the ballpark, especially if we win. 68 degrees in philadelphia right now. fifty's to the north of us. 65 degrees down in wildwood. walk on the boardwalk, gorgeous this morning, and that is where, by the way, kathy orr will be little later on for orr down the shore, five p.m. and 6:00 p.m. news meet her at the convention center in wildwood. eight a degrees today, tomorrow, 90 saturday before the thunderstorms hit. then it is back to nice weather for sunday, so sunday definitely your outdoors day of the weekends, don't think whole day saturday will be a wash out, watch out in the afternoon for the thunderstorms popping out after we hit 90 degrees. bob kelly, boy, it is bright out there. >> definitely got a lot of sun glare, and an accident, maybe
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even caused by some sun glare, all taken place here on i-95, northeast philly, northbound lanes of 95, an accident, right here, at bridge street. now again during the morning rush hour, that sun glare is really strong on the northbound side, it is right at the bridge street ramp here, right in bridesburg. so again it is catching folks that head northbound, into a jam, and that's jammed up from pretty much, say, allegheny avenue, up to bridge street, where the crash there is in the left lane. good morning to bellmawr, new jersey, you can see the shadow, cast by the sun here, so, certainly sun glare coming in from south jersey with some delays hitting in toward 295, and eastbound, on the schuylkill expressway, delays around the curve, then another delay as you work your way in toward montgomery with disable, that's off to the shoulder. mike and lauren, back over to you. >> all right, so, phillies will go to the sweep this afternoon against the giant in south philly, taj this them 12 innings to pull it out over san francisco.
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>> listen and watch. >> halfway, bronco hits the end of the bat. base hit. home: the the phillies win it five to four, here in the bottom of the inning. let's let the celebrations begin. >> yes! >> a walk off, pick up the game winning hit. the bottom of the 12th. did you stay all the way through the end of the game? phillies and giant finish offer their series, this is going to be a beautiful day for a game. 1:00 this afternoon at citizens bank park. lauren? >> that will be fun. >> let's go. >> we should go. >> did you decide to go, robert? >> i'm not going to go. >> you weeny. >> you're not going to go? >> do you want to go? >> what's the point if you're not there. >> what's the point if i'm not going to go? >> no party if you're not there. >> not a party without mike. >> sorry to disappoint, ladies and gentlemen. let's talk about the olympic start, i know what you are saying, no, the opening
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ceremonies tomorrow night. already start in the rio. >> already win over new zealand. carli lloyd scored the first goal in their two to nothing win with her head. but the big story came around hope solo. >> our goalie, very famous at this point, she posted that a few days ago, before she left for rio. she is worried about the zika virus. before the start of the games, hope got on instagram, she also includes the caption: not sharing this. get your own. >> oh,. >> to protect yourself, when in brazil. apparently the fans in rio didn't like that. so every time she touched the ball, either with her hand or punt philadelphia, they did this. >> they're screaming zika. zika. and then they booed her after the game. hope solo said she enjoyed the fans and she had a great time
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at the game because they won and she just kind of blew it off. >> ya, anyone -- >> i mean, it is something to be concerned about. >> i guess the caption? if she just posted the picture without the caption it could have been okay. >> she is trying to keep people out of the country. come down and support us. all right, what would you do? treat it like kings, most of the olympic competitors will be staying in the athlete village during the game. but not the nba basketball players. how these athletes will be living luxuriously, they're millionaires. they don't want to stay in the stinking dorms. >> the holes in the water ... >> mosquitos. >> so i'll show you where they are staying. here's jen. >> hey, guys, getting you ready to go back to college. who better than our fox 29 interns, see all of their colleges that they go to. so kylie goes to temple.
7:20 am
on the list of do not bring, there is alcohol alcohol and stuff like that, but glow in the dark soap, why not? >> seriously. >> end of the year ... >> so, another no. georgetown, you say the one thing that people make the mistake and bring too much of? >> bringing too many clothes. you're not going to need everything you think you do. you'll end up wearing the same thing every day anyway. so, save it all for winter break. >> i love it. >> all this hour, what not to do. tweet us, tell us some of your advice. now here are your lottery numbers.
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>> not as hot as last week. >> nike doing away with part of the golf business they've been part of for years. and, are the us basketball stars, playing in the olympics down in rio? they don't want to stay in the olympic village, because they say it is dirty, lauren. so where would you stay in you're a big time millionaire basketball player? >> just chart area luxury yacht, and don't pay for it. >> what? >> apparently multiple reports this morning are saying that fits co, which sponsors some of the olympics, luxury yacht, 196 rooms, took out the old beds, put in new beds, 7-foot long, so the basketball players, and that's where the team usa men's and women's teams will be staying. look, i don't think the men's basketball team has stayed in the olympics village since 1988. to tell you the truth. >> oh, is that right? i didn't know that. >> ya. and this one, this yacht is like super armed. they've got hundreds of
7:25 am
federal agent outside. they have a bulletproof gate that's put up around it. as they say in the lap of luxury, but now they need to win. >> lauren, they'll win. lauren, i'm not making sense of this. this yacht has 100 rooms, that's impossible. >> 196 rooms. >> that's a cruise ship. >> that's a yacht. >> not a yacht then. there is no yacht has 200 rooms. >> righty guess what you're saying. >> put up a picture of this stinking thing. >> he wants to see it. >> it is a cruise ship. >> about an hour ago, okay, a cruise ship. >> cruise ship? >> still fancy. and lauren, i can't imagine that the players want to be stuck out at sea. they want to get off and do some things. >> it is rio. >> i want to be copa cabana beach, the nima beach. >> if you can say it. >> what beach? >> it is epanea. >> it is beautiful.
7:26 am
>> i actually met and in kansas, could you get this song ready to go, meet the girl -- i actually -- how fast was that. >> i know. >> fast. ask and you shall receive. >> so what's the opening young? ♪ tall and tan and something something the girls from ... each man she passes goes ♪ >> actually, that's the woman, the girl -- >> was she beautiful? >> gorgeous, and i met her daughter who was 17, who had just entered the girl contest. >> really? >> beauty pageant. and i went to it, the mom took me to watch her daughter in the beauty pageant. >> of course you were asked. >> we'll punch up the yacht now. look. >> it is a cruise ship. >> dang. >> but lauren, like i say, can you imagine all of these players want to be stuck on a boat with each other? no way.
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>> there is a lot of security concerns in rio right now. maybe they don't want to get stuck getting involved in anything like that, or having to sign autographs, you know? i don't want to speak for them, but maybe they do want to stay on the yacht this time around. >> hey, lauren, see you tomorrow. >> okay, enjoy. >> ♪ tall and tan and something something ♪ >> the -- steve keel any atlantic city. steve, what's up? >> reporter: like a krause ship, atlantic city also on the ocean. but taking on water and maybe singing even further into the ocean, with another casino shutting down.
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it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us.
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>> clock 306789. >> breaking this morning, woman killed in london knife rampage, was american. what we're learning about the knife attack. >> lauren to for alec ex and sue has your wetter. >> it is a ten out every ten today. no matter where go, to the mountains to the shore, stay by your pool and the backyards and you'll have a great day just don't forget there it is,
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bus stop buddy, your sunscreen, comfortable start. temperatures in the 60s, here in philadelphia, at the airport, 68 degrees. with 6-mile per hour breeze, out of the northeast, basically, it is a repeat of yesterday, with 55 degrees, in mount pocono, 66 in reading, down in wilmington, 67. and we have 65 degrees in wildwood. that's what it is like right now. eight a degrees was the high temperature yesterday. let's do it again, with high of 85, and low humidity, once again, and high pressure in control, tonight, down to 66 degrees. but, of course, this weather pattern will change, right in the middle of the weekend. unfortunately. we will talk all about that, and give you the rest of the that seven day forecast, coming up. hi, bob kelly. >> sue, good morning, everybody, 73:00; grab your coffee and let's go. we have some delays on the schuylkill, 95, even early accident here, north on i-95, right at the bridge street ramp. so this is impacting everybody, coming northbound, and i wouldn't be surprised if the sun glare had something to
7:32 am
do with it here, as we've been dealing with some wick sun glare all morning long, and live look downtown, stacked and pack here from broad, over toward 30th street station, trying to get that train out of the station. septa regional rails, same scenario as we've been dealing with the shortage of cars, expected delays, and, make sure that you have your return pass, get it this morning, so you're good to go for the afternoon rush hour. eastbound on the schuylkill, disable near montgomery, also dealing with some sun glare out near the conshy curve. an accident southbound lanes of the blue route, right near the schuylkill expressway, there, in conshohocken. and if you are ready for some baseball, we got it for you, 1:00 this afternoon, that will throw a lot of unusual volume during the lunch time hour, and then instant traffic jam, once, that game is over. mike and lauren back to you. >> from here we take it day-by-day, we're still on strike. and still with either we come to some type of jet lment, or the place is closed down.
7:33 am
>> taj mahal will close, the fifth casino to shut down in atlantic city since 2014, fixture on the bore walk, for 26 years now,. >> and so steve keeley fixtures on the bore walk, hey, steve? >> reporter: well, the reason we are seeing just smaller picket line, than we saw on the first day, it even saw at 4:00 a.m., we were just told by a lot of the striking workers, they're rushing over to the union hall, few blocks from here, to fill up at a temporary food bank, because they know what's coming, unemployment, no money, and a bleak future, and so they're going to fill up fast on anything they can get to fill their kitchens, for what will be a long, ugly winter, coming up. because they know there is future bad news, because they saw this happen with the four other casinos that shutdown, and the 8,000 casino hotel workers that lost jobs and never got any new jobs once their unemployment ran out, because this industry really is struggling, started cutting
7:34 am
back even before the casinos were shutting down. the strange thing is the casino when they announce the shutting down said we would send out the warn notices, that's government mandated thing, stands for worker adjustment and retraining notification act, but it demands a 60 days notice, and they say they're going to shut down september 5th the day after labor day. do the math. that's only about half the time. so you have to wonder how they can sends out those notices, in the coming days, legally. anyway, looking at the casino striking workers tent on the left of this truck up there. and you can see, there, handing out thinning for the striking workers as well. so not giving up hope. that maybe something can be done before labor day weekend. but this ugly irony that when we celebrate labor day, and the working men and women of america, we're going to have the next day followed by 2,100 workers here at the trump taj mahal out of work. so lauren and mike, just more
7:35 am
bad news for atlantic city. you have to wonder what can this city just turn this thing around. it doesn't look good right now. the other seven remaining casinos are extremely happy because this place makes $200 million a year about, and so bigger pie for the seven casinos to split up. so they'll make more money as they say the rich get richer, like the borgota. >> the rich get richer. wow. 7:35, the first catholic off initial prison for trying to cover up priest sex abuse is due in court. >> a judge granted monsignor william lynn new trial, his release comes after the supreme court through out his con vine vick sean, lynn first us roman catholic church official ever convicted every helping to shield child molesters. avoid by transferring suspected preditor priest to his parish. the district attorney is vowing to re-try lynn even though his conviction has been overturned two times. breaking news now,
7:36 am
according to police, the woman who was killed in london knife rampage was an american. >> five other were stabbed in the attack in the center part of that city of london. it is an area known as russell square. this happened yesterday. authority have arrested attacker. they also say there is no evidence of radicalization in the attack. there is no word on the condition of the other people that were stabbed. the attacker has not been identified. but has been captured. yesterday we told you about the fan, ejected from the phillies game. right out of the stands at citizens bank park. there goes the ump. get outta here. >> upper darby! >> upper darby! >> well, now he's speaking out. hear what he has to say. in his own defense. >> okay.
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[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. >> at the top of the sixth inning, yes, at tuesday night's phillies versus the
7:40 am
giants game, ♪ so long farewell ♪ >> there he is. so, in a postgame interview, davidson, the umpire said, the fan repeatedly made vulgar remarks, sexual remarks, the fan, well, we'll use just his first name, i'm not sure why, trying to protect the guy in the stands? anyway, vicious journey had this to say at wip radio. >> obviously when he came over, i didn't think he was looking at me, then when the guards came down, then i figure out hayman he is looking at me. so i just said nothing? >> he said he said nothing offensive. he wouldn't give his last name, that's why we don't know his last name. just call me jeremy. there was a song jeremy. who did that?
7:41 am
man out of the seattle. >> pearl jam. >> thank you. >> jeremy spoke yesterday at wip. fans sitting in that section with jeremy reportedly cheered, when jeremy was ejected. >> he was screaming out upper darby and some street names. >> upper darby. >> i didn't think it was offensive, but definately distracting. >> we have his phone number. i have his phone number. kit cat kline you have his phone number? have him call in, clear this up. >> jeremy, wake up. >> jeremy, okay. our bruce gordon caught up with other fans, they say, bravo. >> do think it's great. some of the fans are very arrogant, you know, and the players are out there to play ball. not just to be abused by the fans. >> i think some fans get really obnoxious us, who want to sit next to them. >> you like the idea of the pumps throwing little power in there. >> dow.
7:42 am
>> give it a thumb. >> make it more enjoyable for everybody. >> it is casino after anything when you take your kids to the game, somebody is dropping f bombs behind you. i promise never to do that again. >> in the hoax hour, cheering for fill any rio. we need some athletes to cheer for, this stinking olympics being going on for to weeks, right? >> yes. >> carli lloyd isn't the only olympic athlete from our area, she from delran, new jersey, right? >> we have ton of people we can cheer for. but you got to know their names, and a little bit about them. we will de that for you. >> okay. >> are you back in school? >> i'm back at school, at temple, getting advice from the fox 29 interns, we begin with whatnot to buy. and you said, don't buy -- >> organizers or anything like , that we really? >> yes. >> you guys agree? >> yes. >> they agree. we want to hear from you guys on twitterment back right after the break. >> okay, not buying it.
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>> beating the heat just got little harder. sorry, philadelphians, you cannot use the dumpsters as a pool. >> darn it. so, according to recent article in billy penn, the mayor's offers says in view of the committee to public safety and common sense, we will not issue permits for block party dumpster pools. >> the video you see on your screen is of a dumpster, pool
7:46 am
party, in new york. now i've seen these before. hang tech dumpster used pretty nice one there. >> very nice. >> back here at home, there were concerns on just how clean the dumpsters are, and the use of fire hydrants, to fill the dumpsters. >> have to do pretty massive cleaning every a dumpster before i would get into it. >> or in one picture you just put a plastic liner down in there. >> yes? >> just shoot the water in there, like a trash bag, cover it. >> if i invited you over to my house, and i took you out behind my apartment complex. >> ya? >> to the filthy dumpster, and i filled it with water. >> i would walk away. >> there is no way i zero could talk you into getting in it with me? >> not never. >> like a sandwich wrapper floating by? >> eww. >> a hotdog bobs to the surface? a shoe? >> it is boy and the in the water? that's discusting. no!
7:47 am
>> other things that people discard, kleenex? >> no, but i get it, you're in the city, like cement jungle, it is hot, you want to do something. >> i know. >> maybe a rooftop of a hotel? not the dumpsters. >> know dumpster diving for us, bob kelly. >> you got it, put your swim east away. 7:47. good morning shall everybody, delays on the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound, all because of earlier accident, sun glare, volume, working your way into norristown. sun glare on the eastbound schuylkill, coming around, your conshy curve into downtown philly. so, sun glare, but no delays yet here on the benny. you work your way up and over into downtown, philly, here is a live look at the sun glare, just showing you on the maps. eastbound schuylkill, bumper to bumper coming to a crawl as you work your way in to conshohocken. put about oh, say 29 minutes, we make it even 30, half hour into town. east on 422, about 11 minute from oaks in through king of prussia. mass transit, same situation, you want to make sure you get your evening return commute tickets on the regional rails
7:48 am
this morning, and again, those tickets are only collected at the top of the platforms, beautiful sunshine this morning, how long will it last? sue's got the answer coming up in 15 seconds. >> all right, we've got a look at the traffic real quickment want to update you on earl. it is now back to a tropical storm. latest update from the national hurricane center, made landfall at 2:00 a.m., in the city of belize, and at that time it had 85-mile per hour wind. now it is down to 65-mile per hour winds, but still, so much rain, so much wind at that part of the world, so we will keep an eye on the track of the storm, which sends it right toward central mexico. right now, we have high pressure in control, and it is beautiful. thanks to that hi, which is
7:49 am
coming down out of the north, we have low humidity, at least for now, and then by the time things build up in this cold front comes through on saturday, we go back to lower humidity. so, the timing of this storm on saturday, we've basically dry today, and tomorrow, but there we are, saturday at noon, and you see, quite a bit of rain rolling through, then the thunderstorms, say three, 4:00 in the philadelphia area, headed down toward the shore, about 6:00, 7:00. and then, everything is out of here, we have decent sunday. so as you look at this seven day forecast, we're in the 60s right now, we get to the mid 80s today and tomorrow. we look through the middle of next week. and everything looks great. there is only one fly in the ointment. >> when is it? >> saturday afternoon, thunderstorms. >> oh, ya, nice saturday afternoon. >> right? >> okay, by the way, guy on twitter just said tell lawyer then she's beautiful. let me see. brian mccarthy. >> brian, thank you. you're so kind. that's so nice.
7:50 am
>> what's your twitter? >> my whittle handle, brian, @laurendawnfox29. >> you can tell her yourself. >> but thanks for reading me the message. that's nice. >> 7:50. >> the eagles continuing training camp, donovan mcnabb had real interesting things to say in interview with billy penn. com about the decision to sign sam bradford, and then trade forecaster on wentz. >> some whatever he said. and now you sign, which was dumb, you sign sam bradford to multi year deal, and give him big mine, then you trade picks to move up to number two, that was dumb. i mean, nothing against carson wentz. but why would you do that that's just bad business decision, from the philadelphia eagles. >> oh,. >> now, i first learned about this from matt lombardo, out every training camp right now from 97.5, the phanatic. matt, was he just speaking for himself? or does very a job where he's supposed to do commentary?
7:51 am
>> well, mike, lauren, thanks for having me on. as we know, donovan mcnabb was just hired by espn radio. so he's going to be paid to make philly pro -- silly provocative comment like there is but it wasn't necessarily the carson wentz comments that jumped out at movement everybody's been debating whether or not they should have moved up for went, whether they should have resigned bradford, but the as nine statement that doug peterson was not brought in in 199 to mentor donovan mcnabb, when you look back at donovan's rookie year that was exact purpose. so everything that donovan said ma might have made sense, kind of overshadowed by the silly comments about doug peterson in 1999. >> so, what was the relationship between our now coach and donovan? was it andy supposed to be really good with quarterbacks, too? >> yes, mike, very similar to doug peterson bringing in chase daniels to help doug peterson learn the offense, help carson wentz learn the
7:52 am
offense, if you know chase daniels role, you know doug pederson's role back in 1999 with andy reid, stab was brought in to help donovan learn the offense, and nobody ever said donovan didn't make in his rookie year because he didn't know plays, just brought him along slow, and doug thereto kind of mentor him. >> the eagles players don't look that fit any more. what? >> behind you. >> wow. this is going to be a bad season. look at these guys. >> (laughing). >> those aren't the flares. >> we'll see how it plays out. they're hitting in training camp for the first time in four years, guys. so, yesterday was more physical practice, probably going to see that again today. and, what i want to look forward to today, guys, carson wentz looked better in today's practice than yesterday's practice, how has he adjusted to the game speed in this defense was flying around the ball yesterday. let's see that again this afternoon. or this morning, rather. >> doug hasn't really hitting hard, no joke. >> necessary week, pre-season
7:53 am
game? >> when is the first pre-season game, (natural sounds). >> next thursday. >> next thursday will give us a lot to talk about, whether it is with sam bradford does early in the game or what carson wentz does late, all about the quarterbacks, than conversation not going to die down during the pre-season. >> that guy in the flowered shirt, our linebacker going to be a long season. >> dressed for of the party. >> all right, matt, thank you. >> i don't think matt new what to think about that. >> he was confused by your question. >> i'm very confusing, i confuse a lot of people. you know whale ' do? i'll toss to jen, because she is trying to get people back to college. going to college for the first time a lot of these kids. >> yes, a loft kids. so of course our fox 29 interns, amazing, we'll talk about the freshman 15. all every these ladies are looking amazing, but one every them is going reveal what happened to her at that first semester of college? and other kids, girls and boys, we're at temple this morning. let's go temple.
7:54 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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7:57 am
>> moments -- moms, dads, dropping off their kids to college, take me back to when i dropped my jessica over at ucla. kind of sad. >> you going to cry? >> well, go to target, you buy all of the stuff. >> stuff it in the car. >> a bunch of stuff you don't need, waste a lot of money. so we'll help you out. our fox 29 interns have done that, will save you some monday. >> i jen has you covered this morning, from the want and needs do you have divide those up, right, jen? >> absolutely. and here is the other thing, some of our interns, one every them, summer, she is a commuter student. not just talking about kids moving on campus, talking about all kind of student, now, we've all heard about the freshman 15. >> yes, for you, real thing. >> very real. >> freshman 35.
7:58 am
>> veronica. >> thank you for sharing this, i think a loft girls in particular go through this. so i'm glad you're talking about it, you begin with pictures? you admit probably little too thick? >> a hundred pounds, always skinny, i'm very small. >> then go to college. we have an after? >> yes. >> and these girls always see the by. we don't see what you probably see? >> i had to get a bunch of new pants, for sure, new pants. >> so what are the tips? number one, try a bunch of stuff but don't try everything? >> you walk in like wow, everything looks delicious. there are 5,000 delicious things my mom never let me have. you don't need to try a bite of everything. and you don't need more than one plate at all. >> okay, because you are saying there is a lot of prepared food that wasn't at your house, last san ya, pizza? >> everything you could all want in one place but you don't need to eat it all at one time. >> soda, because it was just there? >> i receive soda now, so soda not an option, but water
7:59 am
definitely the way to go if you can. >> salad? >> yes, the best thing is go to the salad bar first, maybe make yourself little salad. eat that, sit down. go back, you already will be full from the salad. plus you want some vegtables in your diet because your mom would want you to. and you might be happy later. >> yes, so, summer you're a a commuter student. one of your cost saving measures, bring intoed on campus? >> as a commuter i'm all day, usually thereto 8:00 to 9:00 at night. you want to be -- you don't want to go buy some stuff from starbucks or go get food like at the local grocery store or something like that, so, yes, definitely worth it. to bring your own food. bring little cooler like goody bag. >> real live tips, thank you very much. thank you for being so hon owes, by the way you look amazing obviously. so, the other thing we will talk about in a little bit like your needs. what do you actually need to get it done?
8:00 am
ladies, having fun. georgetown, rowan, temple, weaver all of the schools covered. >> now i know why there is no coffee today. >> what? because they're all busy? >> all at temple. >> can't call upstairs. >> thanks, jen. good day it is thursday august the fourth, 2016. they do more than get coffee, please. seriously. seriously. from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". another atlantic city casino falls and fails. the trump taj mahal closing it doors for good. who the owner is blaming, and why employees continue to fight. >> a local little league team honoring officers, given the ultimate sacrifice. >> all about teaching on the game every baseball, but i let these guys know more important things out these days than wearing a baseball game. >> what they did in their championship game that inspired the team to victory. >> back to school. yes, it is back to school time
8:01 am
already. college kids, get ready to go. we got you covered from navigating the laundry room to staying safe on campus. we're getting the scoop from local student. >> another kardashian crash. chris jenner's rolls royce slams light into another car. who is being blamed for the accident. plus which of her children rush right to the scene. >> ♪ >> hey, it is 8:01. we'll give you more information about chris jenner, chris jenner's condition. >> all right, hey, sue? >> got a ten. >> oh, we have a ten. >> again. yes, yesterday, was fabulous, we love it on august days when there is low humidity, just wish it could have happened last week, during the convention, but oh, well. comfortable start. we've got sunshine, bus stop buddy already for it, he's poolside this morning. and he's got the sunscreen, because we're all going to need it today. now, in philadelphia, at the
8:02 am
moment, 72 degrees, we have 76% relative humidity. don't see the haze in the air you did last week, 63 in trenton, 65 in lancaster, down in atlantic city at the airport, 68, already reached 70 in wildwood. but the dew point still low, plenty of bright sunshine, and another beauty today high of eight a, your sunset time is 8:11. bob kelly? >> 8:11, it is 8:02 right now in the morning time. good morning shall everybody, on a thursday, as we get you going, pennsylvania turnpike, slow going, from ft. washington, in toward mid-county. and then again over toward valley forge slow going on the schuylkill, lots of sun glare out there, especially coming around the curve. accident on the boulevard, northbound, at welsh rd., knocked over the traffic signal. right there by tiffany diner and the shopping mall. the ben franklin, not bad at all. i think we're kind of light week as far as traffic volume. busy vacation time these next couple every weeksment and here is a live look at 422,
8:03 am
barely moving here, eastbound, as you head in toward king of prussia. mass transit looking good. mike and lauren, back over to you. >> thank you, let's get you update what's going on over in london, deadly knife attack, say the woman killed is american. five other were injured, in the attack, in the center part of the city, this is around russell's square. they have arrested the attacker. also, no evidence of radicalization in the attack. not yet. there is no word on the condition of the other people injured, i don't know why we don't know that. the attacker has not been identified, but again, is in custody. monsignor william lynn due back in court today as just two days after he was released from prison when his child endangerment conviction was overturned. lynn served all but three month of his three year sentence since his high profile 2012 trial. philadelphia district attorney seth williams insists he will retry the case, a judge could set a trial date at today's hearing. >> all right, 8:03? >> billionaire carl icahn said he lost nearly $100 million on
8:04 am
his take over the trump taj mahal. >> now the casino is going to close. probably in about a month. so, we sent steve to atlantic city to check out another casino closing there, steve? >> mike, i don't know how they understand that they can close within a month, because they have to give out a warning notice, and by law, that is a 60 day notice of mass layoff. so we'll see if that date holds true. nobody point that out yesterday, i was surprised, by that, these guys haven't been asked, answering questions, just put out the press release, so looking at the picket line. look beyond the picket line, little atlantic city history for you. resort international, when merv griffin owned it, original owners of the trump taj mahal before it was the trump taj mahal, resort built the taj mahal, resort the first casino, to open in this town, back in may, 1978, this place has been open april 1990. resort originally built in 1868, chalfont hotel, named after a town, william penn is
8:05 am
burried. how about that for little history here in atlantic city, but seeing new history being made, as this place is scheduled to close, 2100 casino hotel workers, shutting down, but if you look at the sign there, you see a lot of other businesses, located within the hotel, and even though these people are losing their jobs, they're not losing their sense of humor, along with the white house sub shop that they have in there, they also a scores gentleman's club. one of the striking women here said hey we don't have it so bad. the women in scores are losing their clothes and their jobs, we at least keep our clothes out here on the pick line. good to see they have their sense of humor still even though they know bad news is coming. >> wow. >> scores. all right, steve, good one. 8:05. >> a local little league team from new jersey getting a loft attention because of their jerseys, instead of the players names and their team numbers on the back, the team deep side today do something different. >> do you consider -- little league? i was going to say arc ' too
8:06 am
big to be little league. >> the boys were -- >> little big for little league. >> yes, this he decided to honor police officers killed in the line of duty. our shawnette wilson met them. >> the way things have been lately with law enforcement, tragedies we've had, we wanted to remember our brother and sisters who have been lost. >> take a close look at the team's jerseys, something different about them. >> this is the back, found the names of some officers, and their badge numbers, we put them on the back of our jerseys. we have a badge of mourning band on our shirts, as well as the symbol line on the american flag. >> each players jersey bears the name of a fallen officer, instead of their own name. coach brenner says a parent came to him with the idea as a way to honor officers. it touched coach brenner, who is also a 14 year veteran, of the galloway township police department. and it appears the fallen officers were with the team in spirit, during the game.
8:07 am
>> our championship game, we are down couple of runs, last inning, said, hey, doing it for you guys, we came back and won it. >> the team brought home the trophy, but what they did is about much more than that. >> it is all about teaching them the game every baseball. but i let these guys know, there are more important things out these days than winning a baseball game. you know? teach them life. >> whole team's here. so whose team is that? the whole team. coach? >> good morning. >> so just missing two players? >> yes. >> hi, guys. >> hello. >> mostly high school? >> yes, freshman and sophomore's. >> congratulations, first of all. >> thank you very much. >> way to bring home the trophy. >> thank you. >> whose idea was this? >> one of our parents, they own a business, creative designs, i'd tended the funerals in dallas for the
8:08 am
slain officers there, and when i returned home, it was presented to me that they wanted to -- the team wanted to do something to show their support for law enforcement. >> you're a police office nerve galloway township? >> yes. >> what year. >> about started my 13th year. >> thank you for taking care every us. >> also in the marines? >> yes, did i serve in the marines. >> cool stuff. >> you also maybe worked out now and then? >> day or two, yes. >> what made you want to go down to dallas to honor the fallen police officers? >> just something that i hold close to my heart. you know, brother and sisters who are out doing my job, putting their life out there. and giving their life life to protect and serve their communities, and you lay down your life for another, just respect, i think should be be given to go above and beyond. >> okay, so i don't know it, seems like these officers were casino of thinking every you when you were down there. tell me how the game end in the. >> champion clip game, battled all day, three games, hot and
8:09 am
humid. these guys were digging deep. championship game. we were tide, going to the bottom of the seventh inning, hat at bat. >> here we go. >> the boys, you know, they're out in the field, actually the top of the inning. they said looking at the jersey, remember, we are doing it for these guys. and just like wow, they get it. and next thing you know, we get up to bats. >> who got the winning hit? who did the walk off? common here, my man. so what's your name? >> dave. >> where do you live? >> south jersey? everybody turn around, show the different officers. everybody has a different -- are these the officers? >> these are from dallas, weaver dallas, baton rouge, some other departments in texas, bellaire, trooper, new jersey state police. >> badge numbers. >> the names and the badge numbers. >> on the back of the jerry? what message are you trying to give to these young men? >> i just want these guys to know that, hey, you know, police officers, we're, you
8:10 am
know, fathers, you know, sons, we each have an every day job that we love to do. >> yes. >> and this is just what we chose to do. and could comma time where it will cost us our life, we're okay, we are we want to make that sacrifice. >> turn it back around, see your fails, parents are watching. >> a lot of pictures. >> coach, con yacht graduations. >> mike, thank you very much. >> congratulations, guys, sorry i called awe little leaguer. >> okay, hey, by the way, watch where you walk. >> why? >> because if you go to disney, disney world, right? >> yes? >> looking into technology that takes pictures of your feet, kind of we are, isn't it? >> ya? >> not some type of fettish. why they say you have nothing to worry about, but first jen is back in college. >> we woke up like this. >> flaw lows. >> in is something you absolutely need.
8:11 am
a do for college? >> yes. >> essential. >> we'll talk about it when we come back. >> fox 29 interns helping us through it. that's right. sleeping on a table in a dorm in a lobby.
8:12 am
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>> ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> so, whose birthday is it, michelle, or barack obama. >> it is our president's birthday. >> oh, okay. >> guess how old he is today? >> i know how old he is. he is 55. >> don't you wish we had that side by side, first started? and now? >> well, i believe mill keyway will key can get that done, before we're through talking, so you want him like from the inauguration? >> inauguration to now. >> that would be seven and a half years ago, how has he age in the. >> yes. >> i mean, he still looks good for 55. >> you know why? because he stays trim. i think that helps. >> yes? >> sue, let me tell you this. >> oh,. >> now, that's mill keyway at her best. >> look at that. >> really nice job. >> just a few, seven and a half years.
8:15 am
>> that's a rough job, man. >> it only shows it in his hair, though, no -- not in his face. >> little bit. >> little bit? >> that's when he was smoking. >> he was pretty skinny. >> fuller? >> you know, i've always like it when the president was older than me. just feel better about yourself yes? >> that's why i love the fact that hillary and donald trump are both in it, so boom, back to somebody older as president. >> right? >> makes you feel younger. >> makes you feel young. >> i know, i know, we'll hang onto that for as long as i can. if that happens. all right, anyway, and it will, either way, anyway, tropical storm earl, yes, now tropical storm. but whether it made landfall at 2:00 in the morning, this storm was a hurricane. with 80-mile per hour winds, it hit belize city. now it is moving further inland. and will continue that progress into central mexico, so that is what's going on with earl.
8:16 am
72 degrees in philadelphia, right now, six a lancaster, 65 mount pocono, 70 in wildwood, it has been a delightful morning, very comfortable weather wise, and rest of the day, how about mid 80s? today and tomorrow. ninety on saturday, with more humidity, then some thunderstorms, in the afternoon. so, that ruins your day, then just move your party to sunday. nice again, high of 86 degrees. bob kelly? >> mike ' having one of those dumpster pool parties. 8:16, morning, live look at the schuylkill expressway. westbound, an accident, just west of 476. so just past the blue route, it is taking out the left lane, look like even had some folks stopping on the opposite side of the barrier here, jumping over to try to help. so again, westbound, where you will see that big delay. and quick delay here, jammo on the benny from south jersey up and over into downtown. mike and lauren, back over to you. >> calm down. >> you don't have any kids
8:17 am
going to college, flight you're done with that. >> done, done, it was stressful, though. >> there are a loft parents in will try -- cry, spend a lot of money, take it seriously. >> blow a bun of of money. let's go back to jen over at temple university in one of the dorms there. trying to save some money. hey, jen? >> you know what is difficult? hurting cats. a/k/a five fox 29 interns. kiddingment okay, you ladies have been keeping it real, telling us what we need, what we don't need. okay, so we begin with emily. good morning. >> good morning. >> it look like you want to focus on these ladies? >> right. definitely need a comfortable like bed set when you go to college, but more importantly you need comfortable mattress pad. ladies can we see what's going on under here? yes, okay. so whether you have the time or not, during college, you want to sleep a l best way to do that comfortable mattress pad. feel this. look at that. >> you also like it is bed bug resistant? >> bed bug resistant, also important. >> okay.
8:18 am
>> so these are the things if you are moving onto campus. you say you definately need? >> surge protector and sex tension cords, because rooms aren't set up in the most convenient ways. you need electric. >> external hard drive. >> worse nightmare writing a paper, so back everything up. >> i love my gorgeous intern, the need is a mirror. >> mirror. >> need a mirror? >> need a mirror. >> some people just are compute willing. you're a commuter student. you say you're numb burr one thing is a jacket? >> jacket annum brail in case if it is cold or if it rains, you never know, you don't have the luxury to just go back to your apartment. so this is perfect to bring. >> you also said we talk about it earlier, food. but having a water battle -- bottle. fill it every morning? >> fill it every morning, have it in your car if you're thirsty you don't have to spend so much money at starbucks. >> parking pass snip. >> yes. get a parking pass. because sometimes commuters
8:19 am
think that you don't need a parking pass. and you can get away with it because you're only there couple every days a week. but i got a ticket. and it was actually more than the actual parking pass. so just go with the parking pass, just buy it. >> i love that you have like also thought ahead, you might lose your keys? >> yes. >> so i think bringing an extra pair of keys is always just good. because you never know, if you're far away from where you live, you're going to be stuck there, and you're going to have to call your mom, and they're not going to be happy about that. >> all right, so, i lover these ideas, because people are commuting, and they are here. ladies, looking good, very prout of you guys. very proud. by the way, this will probably be on their resume tape at some point, so hire all of them. common. >> well spoken. >> all of them. >> i think maybe our best group of interns ever. >> i think so too. >> i say best semester. >> great debate is on. >> this is going to be fun. do you wear cargo short,
8:20 am
seriously? specially the khaki ones? why this one clothing item is causing relationship issues. let me gave you a tip, fellows. >> oh, throw them away. >> get rid of them. i'll tell you why. >> but first, clearing for philly in rio. carli lloyd not the only olympic athlete from our area, we have a list, mike will tell you how to pronounce their names. >> here is the thing. we'll have two weeks of the olympics, i want to clear for our local people. you can't cheer for them if you don't know them, know who they are. >> agreed. >> we give you the list of energy rye owe, representing us. >> okay.
8:21 am
it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood.
8:22 am
he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! >> i have a date in rio tomorrow at 7:00. >> you better get on a plane. >> oh, on tv. >> oh, oh, oh. the summer olympics, yes, opening ceremony tomorrow night, but oddly, weirdsly,
8:24 am
strangely, already playing soccer. and it count. carli lloyd from delran, new jersey, she scored a header last night. >> good for her. >> but there is a lot of other athletes that are there competing. >> yes. >> from our their. >> here is the deal f we have to endure two weeks of this we need to know who we're rooting for. let's root for local people. for instance, track and field. >> did you track and field. >> i did. >> english gardner. >> running the 100, from voorhees, new jersey, then the 10,000-meter run, oh, that makes my legs hurt. >> ouch. >> i know. mariehe'll hall, and nia ali, and daryl hill, he's competing in shot put. from darby, pennsylvania. >> so you have a hall and a hill. >> all right. english gardner? that's jim gardner's caughter. >> no it is not. >> over at channel -- >> no. >> swimming, competing in the
8:25 am
100-meter butterfly, now, that is hard. >> oh. kelce worrell, and then from westhampton, in the 800-meter relay, sierra from west chester. >> i'm trying to practice. >> real developed your pecks. >> really? >> the butterfly. >> oh, i could never do it. do you think sean will learn to do that when he swims? >> sean bell? >> he's still floating. okay, it is basketball. >> yes. >> elena. >> you toll me, deldon. okay, from wilmington. >> she went to play one year at university of connecticut, but then went back home to university every delaware,. >> oh, good for her. >> kyle from philadelphia, nb armor something? >> oh, yes, yes. >> two coaches, coach dawn staley, from philly. >> played at temple. >> played at temple, coached,
8:26 am
then coaching the game now south carolina. >> then this coach gino, you help me was hat name. >> coach gino oreima. >> from norristown, pa. >> when i look at the words, my brain thought to say it, you know what am i trying say? >> what you are trying to say you've been up since 2:00 this morning and you're del eastern just, is that what you were trying to say. >> exactly, love that you can read my mine. >> don't go in there. here is the thing. see the connection there? gino oriema recruited elena deldon, to go to his school, but then she had to go home take care of her family. >> looks like back wets did you that, you know the brackets? >> ncaa brackets? or olympic brackets, us, a usa. >> for march madness to rio. okay, that's not all. we also have local athlete, competing in field hockey, fencing, rowing, kayaking, cycling, shooting event, shoot
8:27 am
air guns. >> learned about it. >> and wrestling. so we will delineate all of them over the next two weeks. >> weaver to keep up with the local people to clear for the whole time. >> that's what we have for us here at fox. >> okay. >> here on the local people. >> we'll remember to reminds all of the viewers. >> look at this, fish face, swimming also starts saturday. >> so jenny joyce is trying to keep your kids busy. >> romp and role. >> romp and role, guys. so it is august, we still have few more weeks before the kids go back to school. are you running out of idea how to keep these little guys busy? at romp and roll. we have ideas for you coming up next.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> par the end don't be so
8:31 am
hard on yourself. we all fall short, it may be a good thing, the five parenting mistakes you should actually be making. >> one of them, just baffles me. >> yes, yes, involves act. >> it is barrel. so before you get in bed tonight, listen up. one common thing you're doing that is giving you automatic wrinkles. we get them already. >> all right. >> but then you're contributing to them by doing one thing. >> ii betty know what it is, the position in which you sleep. >> could be. >> well, whether i was a kid, when i was a baby, i have a face, looks like a catcher areas mitt now, i did all of the wrong things. >> i used to sleep on my knees, with my face in the bed. >> really? >> see -- >> with your little butt up in the air. >> you can do zero it over here. >> overhead camera. >> , forget it. forget it. >> now --
8:32 am
>> reach to make changes. >> anybody have a sledge hammer? here's sue. >> our pal bus stop buddy cute no matter what age. with the sunscreen, so you stay cute. comfy start today. temperatures in the 60s, now, inching into the 70s, here in philadelphia. 72 degrees, with 76% relative humidity, and it is in the 60s now, in mount pocono, where it was even cooler this morning, 68 in reading, down in millville it is 69 degrees, and 71, in wilmington, delaware. so beautiful start to the day. beautiful finish, as well. just beautiful. eight a degrees our high temperature today. hey, bob kelly, taking me out to breakfast today? >> you got it, we'll have smors french toast, smors french toast. >> where do you get that? >> oh, you're going to come with me, i'll show you. >> here's a live look, 8:32, gang, the westbound vine expressway, right before the
8:33 am
schuylkill, you think you're having bad start to the day? look at everybody, all out of their cars here, . >> it is august. are you tapped out? have you run out of things to do with the kids? are they driving you nuts? take them to romp and roll. >> it will look -- jenny joyce is there, and in the middle of balls or something crazy jen? >> good morning, guys, little hard to hear you. these guys are ready to go this morning. so, at romp and roll we are giving parents some extra ideas on how to occupy their
8:34 am
children's time. before they go back to school. so this is an art project. now, can you share what it is? and parent on arts and crafter, if they're not artsy theme. >> absolutely. project from our crayons to canvas, here at romp and roll. it is a class that's inspired by fine art. it is for the children around three to five years every age. our gym goes from three month to six years of age, so, up to six. but this class is for three to five class. the kids are inspired and learning a little bit about art education. so, we're really inspired by vincent van go stary night with lot of swirls and paint and our project, you can see, our kids are on their way to it. right now, what they're working on is their fine motor skills, and with the pipe cleaners that fine dexterity of their hands, learning to swirl them around. working with glue, using their imagination. >> so blue pipe cleaners, get the kids to work. so, we have another project that these children are working on, and this is fun.
8:35 am
this is right up any child's alley, i'm sure, if they can eat ice cream. making milkshakes over here. >> right. they are learning through fun and they're learning through something that they know. so who doesn't love ice cream? what better twi have a science class, with learning about how ice cream is made? >> can i feel this for a second? how do you do this? so you have -- >> so right now we have great big bag of ice, adding rock salt to it, that's the chemical reaction for the kids. again, this is from our philly science class. so inside this great big bag of ice, they're going to add bags of cream to vanilla, and sugar, and they're going to have that whole chemical reaction, that change of while they shake, shake, shake. >> are you guys ready to shake those? let's shake it. headache those bags and shake shake shake .
8:36 am
>> classes are $20 each. they have atlantic city classes, and if you don't live in the willow grove grove area, parent get creative. you can do this at home. mike and lauren? >> oh, so, you go as a parent with your child? >> uh-huh. >> this is the point, drop the kids offer, then drag them home. >> can you get a kid in a carseat by the way? (laughing). >> another kardashian crash. oh, chris jenner's rolls royce slams into another car. who is being blamed for this
8:37 am
accident. plus: which of her children returned to the scene party party party party, i approve this message.
8:38 am
donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> ♪ >> sixty years ago to this day, elvis presley. >> high! >> oh, so embarrased, driven by, live shots there, but never went inside. >> never went into the house?
8:41 am
>> i can tell you something, that will curl your hair. i've never been to -- oh, i can't say it. >> can't say it? somewhere in philly, everyone will start the tweets. >> like people who live in new york, never been to the statue of lib earth. >> i correct. because i think when you live in a place, sometimes it feels tourist if you go visit site like, that right? >> i've noah person in this building never seen the liberty bell. two blocks from now. >> wow. >> megan kelly? megan kelly? >> why is she on my brain? meg can wilky? >> have you ever been to the liberty bell? >> use your head, nod yes or no. >> how long have you lived in this area? your whole life? >> i don't remember, but no. >> what were you doing on the class trip that you don't remember. >> i don't remember anything from my childhood.
8:42 am
>> wow, i'm sorry we brought that up. we have a therapist on staff. >> thanks. >> she is trying to block out her childhood. >> she said it so firmly, too, i don't remember anything from my childhood. >> says a lot, doesn't it? >> just went there. >> chris jenner, i hate to hear about this, in a auto accident. >> yes, not far from her home. >> callbassis. >> hilt her brand new rolls royce, yesterday, "tmz" said she might have broken her rib. khloe rushed right to the scene, still wearing her bedroom slippers, cyle was there, didn't have on any make up. >> oh, no. >> kanye showed up, then chris' boyfriends, cory gamble in atlanta, he was also there, damaged both vehicles, pretty significant, and this came a week after she bought that car for $250,000. >> but who showed one no make up on? >> kyle. >> i she should be arrested.
8:43 am
>> no, her lips were probably fine. >> oh, you don't say? >> i love when you try to have lips and you still don't have them. >> very thin. you need to push them together and out, not separate them, like that, there you go. that's better. >> jeff own at temple university, important top inning, college safety, because kind of go nuts when set free for the first time, jen. >> talk about college safety, also about making friends, these ladies, even though they're all gorgeous, they say they have friends that are nerds, and not like them exactly. so we will talk a little bit like. that will yes, boys, breaking news, you can befriends, with the squad.
8:44 am
whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it.
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> taking a look at bush kill falls, refreshing looking but you don't need to be refreshed like you did last week whether it was so hot. now it is real comfortable. we wished for that kinds of weather for the convention, but that's all over. here is the phillies forecast for today, day game, it will be just about perfect, beautiful day, 82 degrees,
8:47 am
when the game begins, don't forget your sunscreen, and let's hope they get out the broom, and sweep this series, with the giants, now, if you are headed to the shore today, another beautiful day with sea breeze. that easterly winds, five to 10 miles per hour, tent on the beach lower 80s, surround every temp about 80 degrees, moderate risk every rip current, make sure to swim near lifeguard. by the way, if you if you want to meet kathy orr in person, or down the shore day. >> i met her. >> me too. couple of time. yes, she is very nice. and you'll get that opportunity, 5:00, and 6:00 news, wildwood new jersey on boardwalk, where the big old convention center. you can't miss it, had some fun today. perfect day to play hooky and go down the shore i'm totally showed out. moms, dads, return to send their children off to college. prepping to have the talk
8:48 am
you'll be away from us as parent, i remember, going off to college, i was a mess. >> our interns gave us inside. they think talking safety, and what was the other topic, jen, to save the parent, must talk to their kids about? >> friends outside of their group, like the time, maybe you were in a click in high school, to break out of that, we will talk about that in just a second, but safety is a big issue, deal ya here good morning. >> good morning. >> important to have your mace with you. >> did you practice to use that before you started caring it? >> to be honest, no. it is horrible. what will you do in a situation, most likely going to freeze? that's horrible. so i always recommend, yes, practice beforehand. maybe not on people, that could be traumatic.
8:49 am
>> what's put the security phone number, as well as police department, in case you need it call them right away you have the number, you don't want to be fumble around and search for the number. >> and search for the blue lights. >> right here. >> if people don't know what that is, what is that? >> blue lights, run to press the button on it, it will sends message to the cops to come do positive they have light. supposed to see another blue light from every stands. >> very cool. >> transfigure safety to friends, different if you are on campus or commuter student. you say on campus, what are your tips? >> tips starting out ought freshman, my neighbors, kept my door open, grab hundred watch kids i normally wouldn't get lunch with, and i'm going through me senior year, i still talk to them, hang out few times. >> you have differs group of friends. >> yes, and even go, you know, like find your passion, mine
8:50 am
was tv, always in the studio, so that's where a lot of my friends come from, too. >> so commuter student that can be different. not until dorm room, what did you do to make differ ren kinds of friends? >> like she said, definately join the club. because that is where you are going to meet the people that hanging out with people. >> you also said ask someone to lunch you wouldn't ordinarily? >> talk to people in your class. you're not always going to be going to the events or the game as much as everybody else is. so talk to people in your class, make friends with everybody, it doesn't matter who they are. >> these girls some of the most intelligent first, most beautiful second girls i've ever seen. when you hear that they want to be friends with nerds like you, you say, did that happen to you when you were at temple? >> (laughing) no. >> why would the girls talk to you? >> because they would wasn't to be on tv and coy shoot their resume tapes for them.
8:51 am
>> so, ladies, and gentlemen, befriends with people outside of your comfort zone. >> outside your sick. >> i time to expand your horizons. explode. >> pop that bubble. get out of the bubble. >> pop that bubble. >> like a blister, like a big zit. >> i have a friends who loves to do that, as soon as she sees me, oh, can i get that? >> she pops sits? >> yes. >> she would do it to you if she saw you, too, but yes, every time i see her oh, can i see one. >> you know what's fun, somebody starts to sunburn, blister, and pop it, and it comes out, and then peel their backs in the skin? >> you know with a body part i do not ever touch of anybody he will's? their feet. >> ya, not a big fan of the
8:52 am
foot. >> but disney is. >> listen to this. why are the people down at disney world photographing your feet? >> they've got a foot fettish? >> i don't think that's what it is. >> what is it? >> has rush ryan taken over? why they are videotaping and taking pictures of your feet. >> they're focused on your feet? >> ya. >> feet? >> i hate my own feet. >> i'll tell you after the break. my whole dissertation. >> oh, this could be bad.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> 8:55, let's take to you disney worlds, disney lands.
8:56 am
disney worlds specifically in florida has received a patent, for a new type of technology. it is looking into tracking guests through their feet. >> so we'll use some censors and cameras, to identify particular visitors, they take photo of your feet, when you enter a theme park, and it will help them learn about the lives you look, the path you use to get around them, but they say they've no plan to use the technology, just one of the patent they file for every year, you know, all of the engineers -- >> looking into it? >> yes, but i don't know what. when i was there they just introduce that bracelet. >> oh, yes. >> scan it, and it has all of your things stored on their the magic bands, thank up, megan, has like your hotels, everything on there. and i was like oh, that's a little much. makes no sense to me. wouldn't it change when you change shoes. >> but they want to see once you get there, so say you go to magic kingdom, they want to see which rides you're going to first, so i guess tracking
8:57 am
your entire journey, which rides go to, did you stop over here, buy like the 50-dollar cotton candy, did you walk this way, or did you walk through here, did you see the castle? like they're trying to, ya, sorry i got your point. >> k. >> got the dream tickets to every stands, when you get a cure owe. >> mo churo in magic kingdom. go to epcott. >> epcott, please. i know people that say have you ever been a broad. >> i went to epcott. >> oh, what? wait. (laughing). >> have you ever been to paris? well, i was at epcott. >> they have the paris hotel in vegas. went to the paris hotel in vegas, is that good enough? >> oh, megan, you know. >> it means people have to stay with us, got to know the
8:58 am
foot fettish story. >> a parent, don't be hard on yourselves. fighting in front of your kids may be a good thing. we found this new research. the five parenting mistakes you should be making. including, well, it has to do with sex. >> it is surprising.
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