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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  August 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11.
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we begin with breaking news tonight out of camden. this is video just into fox 29 from the bb and t pavilion some sort of fence collapsed you can see the crowd watch as someone is brought out on stretcher wiz khalifa and snoop dog are performing to night. the show stopped. we have not confirmed exactly how many people were hurt. authorities are not yet saying how serious the injuries are. of course we'll stay on top of this story and bring you an update as soon as we have one. federal and state investigators fanning out across the region today to search properties connected to well-known union leader john dougherty. good evening i'm dawn timmeney. investigators could be seen swooping in and out of dougherty's properties all day with boxes full of evidence, but it's still not clear tonight exactly what they were looking for. fox 29's dave kinchen joining us live now in center city. dave? >> reporter: dawn, we do know that john dougherty and his attorney looked over the search warrant while investigators went
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in and out of his house. but the big question tonight remains, why? night, numerous boxes filled with documents and electronic records sit inside the federal building in center city philadelphia after a day of seizure. the fbi and irs working in concert taking box after box from ibew local 98 boss john dougherty's south philly home. >> nothing for anybody to find? >> no, there's nothing there. i'm the most vetted guy in philadelphia in 20 years. >> reporter: evidence of something also taken from the electrician's union headquarters training facility and doughert dougherty's bar. bobby heenan saw his city hall and district offices stormed as part of the probe. still unknown tonight what exactly are the feds looking for in that evidence. >> lots of things that going on with unions. they have pension funds a lot of other things a lot of members. so who knows what the actual probable cause could be for the
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crime. >> reporter: there's also late word tonight this investigation may involve a building in south jersey. meantime, a source close to the union says that they are undergo routine audits and multiple levels of scrutiny. dawn? >> dave, thank you torments night is not the first time we've heard of trouble surrounding john dougherty. there were accusations of violent toward the union leader earlier this year. back in february a non-union electrician said dougherty hit him in face. that worker said dougherty struck first. dougherty spokesman said he was not the aggressor. >> we broke this story and onion line. just look for links on our home page. all right. let's get a check now of that weekend forecast. meteorologist scott williams here with a first look at the forecast at 11:00. scott? >> hi, dawn. it was a nice friday, nice end to the week but big weekend changes will unfold across the area as we watch a frontal boundary that will pick up some
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moisture, heat and humidity. a broken line of showers and thunderstorms expected for a part of the day tomorrow. 85 was the high today. right now 76 philadelphia. 77 in wilmington. as we take a look at future feels like temperatures, by tomorrow afternoon, you'll notice the difference. it will feel very like a summer like afternoon. 97 feeling like temperatures at 2:00. philadelphia. feel like 97 at 2:00 in the dover. feeling like 96 in reading take a easy with the heat and humidity. we'll take you hour by hour. morning errands, breakfast, mostly cloudy skies. maybe some patchy fog in spots. temperatures top out in the low 90s. that seven day forecast will show you that we're going to warm things up maybe even another heat wave. much more to come in the broadcast. dawn? >> all right, scott, thank you. interpretations are high in chicago night after some graphic videos were made public today. they show seen surrounding a deadly shooting in which which weren't 18-year-old suspected
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car thief was shot in the back by police. on july 28th, police say paul o'neal crashed stolen car into a police vehicle and then fled into a residential area. one video shows police officers shooting the car car replying down a street. another shows police handcuffing o'neal as he was bleeding. mortally wounded having been shot in the back. 91 of the videos clearly show o'neal, however, being shot. police say that's due to one officer's body camera not recording at the time. they are looking into why it was not working. o'neal's sister is calling for answers. at this .3 chicago police officers have been suspended after initial investigation found that they may have viola violated department policy. a break in shooting that injured a 10-year-old little girl police say they have identified the men who shot her in north philadelphia. unfortunately that little girl -- fortunately that little girl is okay. police are focusing their
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efforts on finding the suspects. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose joining us live from north philadelphia. sabina? >> reporter: dawn, you won't believe what the alleged shooter may have said to this little girl. i'll let her tell you for herself. >> he said he don't give an f about me being shot. >> reporter: chilling words from the man who allegedly shot her according to 10-year-old milan a child caught in the crossfire of a gun battle that raged on her north rosewood street last thursday. police searching for these men, 23-year-old rich hold opens and 29 steven kearny. authorities believe the two were shooting at another man when milan happened to be crossing the street at the same time. grade schooler in the wrong place at the wrong time. bullet still lodged in her arm. lucky her family says to be alive. >> thank god that she made it. >> that hurt my feelings. i just want him lock up in prison. >> reporter: if you know where either of these two men are, call northwest detectives.
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dawn, back to you. >> all right, sabina, thank you. in south philadelphia police are searching for two burglars who hit hotel. take look at the surveillance video from the penrose hotel. it happened back on july veepth on 20th and penrose. police say these men got into a room and stole a man's laptop, his wallet and other personal belongings. they went into the room several times to steal more items. if you reckons these guys, give police a call. well good news for some septa riders transit agency is adding more trapes to its warminster and lansdale lines. that announcement coming a mid transportation woes after one third of septa's regional rail cars were taken off the tracks due to defect. the added trains will run during morning and evening rush hour times. septa also changed some times for trains running to manayunk and trenton you can find a full list of septa schedule changes on officials say they will wait until sunday to decide when they will reopen philadelphia's
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criminal justice center. it remain closed today after a freak elevator accident yesterday. sheriffs deputy sergeant beau paul owens was and side an elevator car in the cjc when it crashed through a ceiling. the 50-year-old was crit until injury. if you need emergency protection from the abuse go to the center's basement which is still open. the attorney for jail boss joey merlino will seek bail next week and will take this case to trial. edwin jason says he spoke to merlino in federal prison and the 54-year-old wise guy has ever up tension of fighting the new racketeering charges against him. merlino was arrested yesterday in florida on federal charges with 40 others including members of five organized crime famili families. the indictment contains charges like racketeering, gambling, loan sharking, arson, firearms offenses as well as health care fraud dating back to 2011. >> i've been representing joey sin the mid '80s and every time
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we think we're out, we get drawn back in as they say. this indictment came out of the blue. i had no hint it was coming. if you've read it you see there doesn't seem to be a great deal of detail or substance it to. >> merlino first got out of prison on federal racketeering conviction back in 2011. well, what's been happening at a local dog park has some dog owners fed up. they say dog owners aren't following the poste posted rule. fox 29's joanne pileggi has the story from for us from the schuylkill river dog runs along the schuylkill bank. >> reporter: there's a list of rules for the dog owners and their pets at the schuylkill river dog park and adjoining park. some are complaining those rules are being broken. other dog owners and local residents are asking for pebble to do the right thing. >> you have people who follow the rules and then you have those that do let their dogs run around, you know, without leash and possibly not pick up after
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their pets. >> i'vely noticed this because the dogs are often let loose on this big playground which is really designed for people and i've also had my children bitten by dogs who have been let loose before. >> reporter: elene in a lives nearby. her kids love dogs but she says too many dog owners are letting their dogs roam free and park rangers should enforce the rul rules. >> i would say clean up after your dog, and follow the rules that are posted all over the park. which is keep them on leash. >> reporter: the department of parks and recreation says the regulations are enforce the. dog owners say everyone needs to do the right thing and follow the rules. i'm joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. >> up credible video shows the moment a sailboat explodes. who was and side the burning boat that rescue crews rushed to safe. and many of us had to switch to those chip cards to avoid having our credit and debit
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plans to renovate the ss united states seemed to have sung the ship which is bigger than the titanic has been docked
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in south philadelphia for decades. crystal cruises abandoning plans to convert the ship into a luxury ocean liner after study the company says it's just not feasible and it's too costly. it will however donate $350,000 to the conservation group that currently owns the ship. officials are trying to figure out what set off an explosion on board a sailboat off the coast of the fort myers, florida. it happened just before 2:00 this morning. officials say the boat became free from its mooring and the flames set a second boat on fire. the coast guard had to rescue a 70-year-old man on board one of the boats. he is expected to be okay. well, you see it, you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show you what's happening in your neighborhoods. chris, what's going on tonight. >> reporter: fresco viewer sending this picture from the wissonoming section, near tulip and benner streets. a car flipped on its side. this was around 5:00 tonight. dispatchers tell us medics took the driver to torresdale
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hospital. no word to the extent of their injuries. tonight investigators trying to figure out what caused a fire in philadelphia's olney neighborhood. it broke out just after 5:30 this evening on the 4900 block of north third street. fire officials say they were able to get the flames under control after about 20 minutes after they arrived to the row home fortunately no one was injured. and in bucks county, fire crews worked to battle fire at a restaurant along main street in new hope it broke out around 8:00 night fire crews got things under control in about half hour. no one was hurt. when you see news happening in your neighborhood, make sure you take out your smart phone and shoot it. then peak sure you download and use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. dawn? >> chris, thank you. well, this picture of a high schooler without shoes is attracting a lot of attention. customer took this picture of the wal*mart worker in his pink socks after he gave his shoes away to homeless man but this stan out teenager phil pow well
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says he did it because he was homeless at one point himself. he says sin the third grade he's been living in cars and motels and shelters so when he saw someone in need, he acted. >> i feel like, yes, he need shoes, he needs them bad. he said yeah, i need them. he said thank you sir. >> phil enjoys his job at wal*mart for now but hopes to join the navy after high school. in your money tonight, is that chip on your debit and credit card really protecting you? american retailers are spending millions of dollars to switch over to the new chip card reader system but security experts say crooks may have found way to work around it. the magnetic strip on cards is imbedded with a code letting card readers know they have the chip but hackers can rewrite the code in the strip making it act like a chip less card again. then they can steal the card information. the code can be rewritten because emery trailers do not
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encrypt transactions through their payment machines and this makes card information vulnerable. amazon is shipping so many package these days it needs its own planes much the company rolled out its first branded jet part of a cargo fleet that will deliver packages for amazon's prime members. amazon plans to have 40 planes over the next two years. tonight in your health more and more women who get pregnant are either overweight or obese. that's according to brand new report by the centers for disease control. researchers found in 2014, 50% of women had a body mass index that was way too high right before they got pregnant. the cdc says this contributes to the oh obesity epidemic in the united states. the report also found that about 4% of women were under wait before becoming pregnant. the cdc urging women to become as healthy as possible prior to pregnancy. experts in florida have confirmed a 16th case of zika. likely spread by mosquitoes in
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the miami danger zone. in order senator is calling on lawmakers to return early from august recess to pass the president's $1.8 billion zika funding request. fellow congressman from in order agrees something needs to be done now. >> we don't want people to be scared of coming here. so from my perspective whatever it takes to get this done, whether it's a special session, senate went into tomorrow to form a session i'd be pleased think as we. we need these funds. >> cdc still says the only active zika transmission zone is in this one square mile bock just north of downtown miami although one of the local cases is not tied to a visit here. how that happened remains u investigation. well, too little or too much sleep may be a risk factor for stroke and may also hinder the sufferers' ability to recover. rr researchers reviewed 29 studies and found sleep disorders like inn psalm noah and sleep apnea are related to
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stroke, risk and recovery. sleep disturbances wer disturbae prove length in stroke patient that is the general population. they should be diagnosed and treated for any sleep disorders as way to protect their health. findings appear in the journal neurology. time now for look at your weather authority. the big question on of one's mind, of course, scott, the weekend wet. >> yeah, dawn, today we got break from the heat and humidity for the weekend the first half it will be hot and humid and also we'll be dodging a broken line of scattered showers and storms. so here's the timing for tomorrow's rain. lehigh valley, pocono mountains between 11:00 to 2:00. philadelphia area north and western suburbs bean 2:00 and 5:00 not of one will see it. south jersey and delaware between 5:00 and 8:00. gusty winds, heavy rain and the heat. 92 degrees for the high temperature in philadelphia tomorrow. down the shore, 84 degrees late afternoon and evening storms. 86 for the high temperature on
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sunday. the pocono mountains, cloudy, some fog tomorrow morning. early showers, 83 for the high. 79 degrees on sunday. the weather authority extended seven day forecast showing you the hot and humid conditions for tomorrow. as we move toward sunday, lowered humidity nice again and as we move toward tuesday, wednesday into thursday temperatures at or above 99 degrees so another potential heat wave for the middle and latter part of next week. dawn, back over to you. >> all right, thank you scott. sean bell here now with preview of what's coming up in sports. sean? >> dawn, brett fab was one the most hated greats of all time when it comes to quarterback. hated for not retiring early. hated for switching teams. hated for continually to get that paycheck. i'll tell you why all of that is absolute nonsense coming up next in sports.
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including common cold and flu viruses... to help protect your home and family. and now that lysol is the only disinfectant with box tops, you earn cash for your school, every time you lysol that. ♪ the brett favre hate has to stop. he's about to be inducted into the hall of fame. he's still hear the whispers.
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the further we get away favre's career the more we need to respect what he's done. eagles fans know a little something about disrespecting a quarterback and wishing you had anything close that what that guy was. favre received ridiculous amount of hate during his playing career especially during the e end. he almost retired bunch of times but came back to get the money. how can you hate on that? how many times have you wanted to quit your job but you didn't because you wanted to come back and get that paper. you didn't make millions. oh, wait. i don't have to come to training camp, put myself that was all that pain. i can just show up when it actually counts, when it matters? who wouldn't do that. some people are still mad at favre because he didn't play nice with aaron rodgers please. how many people are going to happily train the guy that the company brought in to replace you? not me. i'm not going to do it. it's not going to happen. favre threw for over 500 touchdowns. almost 72,000 yards and played
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the game with that type of joy, that type of fun, that we all want to see guys play this game. so please, stop the hate and respect this man's greatness. put respect on his name. dawn back to you. >> all right, sean, thank you. well, could prince's famous paisley park mansion soon hit the market? maybe tmz reports that it sounds like there's a legal battle brewing between the bank managing the estate and prince's familiar. the 60,000 square foot complex appraised at just over $7 million much the property isn't up for sale yet but tmz says the bank that has the property has already hired a real estate agent. all right. caitlin jenner says it's paparazzi that played big factor in last year's deadly car crash that she was involved in. according to dmz jenner says the car with photographer in it was chasing and tailgating her and they should pay for some of the damage. jenner also blaming the woman
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who was driving the car she hit saying she was on her cell pho phone. the los angeles county da did not file charges in that case. and that will do it for us hereto tonight at 11:00 o'clock. we're glad you joined us. more entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29 with tmz and dish nation and then stay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. we're back here at 7am for "good day philadelphia" weekend. again, thanks for joining us. have a great night an terrific weekend.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: somebody has got to tell the pope to check his garage because i think the pope mobile is missing because they put kris jenner's new rolls in it. >> we got her car going down the 101 in a glass box. identical to the one she just crashed on wednesday. harvey: who gets a car the next day after it's totaled? if you total your car, you think your insurance is going to get you money? >> no, i'm on the bus! >> justin bieber hooks up with a lot of hot chicks. however the girl he's been hanging out with in hawaii is unbelievable. >> she's so hot, it almost makes me angry for some reason. i don't feel good. i feel bad in my soul. it makes me angry. >> i got to tell you, charlie, anger is not my first emotion. [laughter] >> blake shelton and gwen stefani, they are getting married. harvey: doesn't it make sense to invite gavin to the wedding? >> it's like rubbing t


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