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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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country and worldwide, so this will have a come minute necessity effect for air travel whether or not you are flying from delta this morning. obviously folks will be scrambling trying to get alternate flights. this happened about a hour ago, we started to see folks tweeting delta hey what is going on. board are dark, airline, planes are not moving. delta responded saying they were having computer problems and now all systems are down and all flights are grounded for just delta airlines. if you are traveling delta this morning you may want to try and check with them, if computer has been down there has been nothing on twit error facebook pages. if the computer systems are down that could be impacting their social media probably phone lines will be jammed as well. my suggestion if you are traveling delta this morning, hook up with one of the other airlines to be on the move this morning. northbound i-95, getting to the airport we have an accident right at the blue route, right here at 476, the
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ramp for buy route. an accident in the left lane, only the right lane is getting on through, again on the the northbound side, coming up from delco. good news for septa regional rail riders, they have made service adjustments and added some trains to the busiest line. there is three new trains on the warminster line and service time line adjustments on the following three. check in with either our web site or septa's when site so you good to go. sue, nice day to be standing outside on the train platform a a lot going on for a monday morning at 5:00 a.m. yes, it will be a nice one. i think you'll want to enjoy it like bus stop buddy is. he has sun screen even though sunrise has not happen. temperatures in the 60's and 07's and we are off to a comfortable start. we will give you a nine out of ten it is appropriately warm. it is in the upper 80's. it is supposed to be. here's the airport where we have got all those issues this morning. 76 degrees at the moment with
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62 percent relative humidity. that is not bad. we will be in the 80's by lunchtime, lower 80's and we should top off at 88 degrees. a nice and warm day. humidity, and the excessive heat are returning, we will tell you when in the seven day forecast, lauren and chris. >> sue, thanks very much. violent erupts overnight in the philadelphia area. let's begin with the deadly shooting in south philadelphia. a 28 year-old man is dead after being shot in the face. the shooting happened on the 2800 block of south seventh street, a weapon was found at that scene, no word of any arrests at this time. another deadly shooting in north philadelphia, a three three-year old man dead after being shot in the 1700 block of jefferson street. it happened around 9:00 o'clock last night. that victim was shot in the head, the chest, the torso, and shot in the arm. police say that they have not made any arrests. in southwest philadelphia police are investigating a shoot helping in and carjacking there that happened after midnight on wood land avenue police say two men shot a 31 year-old man multiple times, took off in his car. victim a's car was found a short time later just a few
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blocks from the scene of the shooting. and right now police are looking for those to men, the victim was taken to penn presbyterian in critical condition. in northern liberties, where police are investigating a double shooting around 11:00 , philadelphia police say a 28 year-old man was shot multiple times, a three three-year old was also shot once in the leg. both victims are at hahnemann in stable condition no arrests have been made. two women are in the hospital this morning after being stabbed. it happened in the 4700 block of north 61st street in west philadelphia. little information about the stabbing has been released but we do know both women are in stable condition, and right now police are still investigating what led to that stabbing. the entire berks county family, found dead, in their home in what officials are calling a murder/suicide. >> investigators revealing that the family may have had domestic issues while caring for a sick child. jennifer joyce live in reading with what we know about the family so far, good morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. that is something that the
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berks county advertise trick attorney's office continues to look into. we know all five family members and dog were found inside the living room of the family's berks county home on saturday. and investigators showed up to this sinking springs home after a relative called police asking for a welfare check. person told officers that three three-year old megan short failed to show up for a lunch date and was concerned. when police entered the home they found all five family members dead, 40 year-old mark short's mom, megan and three children le ana, five-year old mark junior and two-year old willow. willow was well known in this community and beyond. the toddler was born with the congenital heart defect and underwent a heart transplant at just days old. short family situation garnered a lieutenant of -- a lot of support as the family work through major medical hurdles. district attorney's office says family was dealing with domestic issues. mom, megan talk openly on social media about ptsd
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related to her baby's medical condition. yesterday we talk to the family friend who said she last saw megan two months ago and she seemed okay but understands that the family has been dealing with a lot of stress. >> it is tough. i experienced depression, anxiety. i know how it is. we have to be strong as parents for our children. that is a family that had to deal with medical expenses that they may not have been able to pay for, may have needed help, things get overwhelming. you just don't know what exactly happened behind those closed doors. >> reporter: district attorney's office says it found a note left behind, and it also found a gun lying next to one of the adults inside the home but at this point the district attorney's office has not said which adult was behind this shooting. lauren and chris? >> jenny joyce, thanks very much. this morning jury selection gets underway in the montgomery county courtroom in the trial for kathleen kane. >> pennsylvania's attorney general answering questions and accusations about corruption, perjury and abuse of power.
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dave kinchen is life in norristown where proceedings are set to begin in four hours from now. dave good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is as attorney jennies facing obstruction of justice and litany of other charges here and after the highest court in the commonwealth decided no to the intervene, in the case begins attorney general kathleen kane, jury selection beginning at 9:00 a.m. kane was wanting the court to look at her claim that the gland jury that investigated her was unconstitutional. first female attorney general in the commonwealth's history is accused of leaking secret grand jury information and lying bit under oath. the attorney for kane said lawyer who served as special prosecutor, and ran the grand jury did not have the authority to act as a prosecutor. meantime this trial will see kane up against several former allies including two former aids. this trial coming towards the end of the rough four years in office marred by a pornographic e-mail scandal and political squabbles.
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>> no audio. >> law license over her fill any arrest and was accuse egregious conduct that he she kept working with. all they he did not seek reelection. jury selection set to start at 9:00 a a.m. at montgomery county courthouse. it is unclear how long jury selection will take. back to you. >> all right dave, we will keep an eye on that. we are following breaking news in pakistan, a bomb exploded outside of a hospital. at least 53 people have been killed, several others injured this happened in the southwestern city. at the time of the blast officials say a hundred lawyers and others gathered at that hospital. the body of a prominent lawyer who was killed in an earlier shooting was being kept there. officials are not saying if this has anything to do with that explosion n1 has claimed responsibility for that attack. we will bring you more information as soon as we get it. back here at home in southwest philadelphia police are searching for the person or people who shot and killed a man as he was filling up at
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a gas station. it happened around 2:00 o'clock yesterday morning at bp gas station, on the 6600 block of essington avenue. police say that the 37 year-old man was pumping gas into his motorcycle when bullets started flying and hit him in the head. medics pronounced him dead at the scene. so far no arrests. here in olde city a a man fighting for his life after someone shot him in the head. police say one bullet hit the 27 year-old around 4:00 o'clock in the morning at callowhill. police rush him to hahnemann university hospital where he is in critical condition. authorities are in the sure why someone targeted this man but they are considering robbery as a motive. police have not named any suspects. the criminal justice center will reopen after close forgo three days because of an elevator accident. sheriff's sergeant is still in critical condition after the elevator crash right through concrete ceiling of elevator shaft. debris felon to a second elevator hurting a woman inside. doctors and treated and
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released her on thursday. both elevators involved are out of service while the investigation continues. johnson and johnson heading back to court hearing start in the first of hundreds of new jersey trials linking the company to talc powder to cancer. earlier this year johnson and johnson was ordered to pay 72 million-dollar to the family of the woman who died of ovarian cancer. doctors say the cancer was link to her use of the baby powder and shower to shower for dozens of the years. new jersey is third state to try to talc powder cancer cases. state official announce medicaid recipient can get coverage for over the counter mosquito repellant. medicare center and services allowed state to cover mosquito repellants when prescribed by an authority health professional. move comes after multiple people were infected with the virus, in miami. veterans and others, in new jersey, waiting on governor christie to decide if they will be allowed to legally treat their ptsd with
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marijuana lawmakers have sent a bill to christie's december thank allows marijuana to be used to treat ptsd if it is not treatable with conventional therapy. if he does this new jersey will be the 18th state to allow medical marijuana to be used, for that purpose. there is a new round of attack ads in the presidential race, you may be hearing that centones lot between now and november. donald trump on the offensive, and he is challenging hillary clinton's statement about fbi investigation in the private e-mail server. clinton tried to clarify her statement, listen to this. >> i may have short circuited and for that i will try to clarify. >> two clinton super packs releasing a national ad featuring a gold star mother who lost her son to the roadside bomb in iraq. clinton's campaign running an attack ad highlighting trump's rocky week. >> she took a little short circuit in the brain and she got problems. i mean if we had real people this would be a real problem
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for her but i think the people of this country don't want somebody that is going to short circuit up here. >> trump expect to unveil his economic plan today, clinton will counter pun watch a major economic speech on thursday in detroit. 5:11. some relief for septa riders, septa is adding more trains to the tracks, where more railcars will be running for today's busy commute. and tragedy in kansas city authorities looking into how a ten year-old boy died in the world's tallest water slide. details on that investigation coming up next.
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good morning. welcome back. a live look at philadelphia international airport where delta, bob kelly is having all kind of trouble. >> we talk about this an hour or so ago, all flights for delta are grounded right now, all because of a computer outage. this is going to cause delays, worldwide. delta airlines saying that all flights are grounded because of this computer failure, and that again, even if you are in the flying delta or maybe not even flying until later on today, obviously a scramble right now. if anybody is holding a delta ticket expect to go fly out of philadelphia or coming from l.a. into philadelphia, we will be looking for alternate means of transportation, maybe running through the airport to the rental car counter, or
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most likely trying to flip to another airline. so expect delays, and a lot of confusion at philly international beginning this morning with this delta airlines situation. we will stay on top of it throughout the morning. we have a live look at one of our penndot cameras right at intersection of the frankford and girard. almost like right in front of the sugar house casino to give you an eye tea. took down one of the traffic poles, and all of the traffic lights are out, at this intersection. obviously traffic is block as well. this is right across the street from septa's route 15 trolley hub, so probably the trolleys are not going to be able to operate this morning. i just sent a message to heather redfern and hopefully will get back there quickly. are buses going into motion as opposed to the trolleys. the route 15 trolley using buses this morning and southbound lanes of i-95 still dealing with this accident right at the blue route right at 476, just at the northbound
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ramps so it is causing delays north and south on i-95 this morning. septa made some service adjustments over the weekend based upon new cars that they acquired iron just getting feedback from delays from the customers. so service adjustments on the following four lines, good news there, sue is that there have been four trains added to the warminster line but will it be a nice day to be standing outside the lath form. >> not too bad as far as humidity is concern. it is august. we're expecting an appropriately warm day but this rain that you see down to the south in north caroline ace not expect to arrive here, yet and yet is the keyword because it is a stationary front now that is causing that rain down there, but eventually, by wednesday it starts to move northward as a warm front which means warmer times are in store for us. we will see in the future cast for today, no rain. tomorrow, in rain. wednesday, well, that is a different story by ten in the morning we could be seeing pop
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up showers and thunderstorms but all on and off throughout the day possibly on wednesday and then we will see about thursday, friday but we're also expecting hotter weather. right now it is not too bad. 76 degrees in philadelphia a. 69 degrees down in dover, delaware. we will checkup in hazelton where it is a cooler 57. west chester has 72 degrees, looking down atlantic city at 68. in lieu is, delaware 68 degrees as well. other temperatures include 61 degrees in pottstown and 60 in poconos. it depend where you are how cool it is. looking at the seven day forecast we will see the warming trend. eighty-eight today. eighty-nine tomorrow. we will hit 90 by wednesday. it could happen tomorrow actually but it does look like we will be able to string together three days of 90 or above and you know had that means, chris and lauren, a heat wave. >> oh, fun. >> yes. >> sue, thank you. septa's adding more trains to the warminster and lansdale line for today's busy commute.
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bob made mention to this. they added trains and they will run during morning and evening rush hours. septa also changed sometimes from the trains running from manayunk and trenton. so check the schedules. it comes after the agency yanked a third of the cars off the track because of the structural defects. you can see a full list of septa's new schedule changes on fox speaking of travel pain the at the pump is a little bit lighter. national average for i gallon 2.12. that is 57 cents less, than one year ago according to gas, to fill up in philadelphia, it will cost but more than the average of $2.17. new jersey is a bargain lauren dawn johnson. >> um-hmm. >> if you go to new jersey the average there is 1.90. >> filled up yesterday in new jersey. officials are warning of potentially deadly doses of heroin making rounds in south jersey. over the weekend narcan treatments for use for revived three people who used heroin stamped with the name red snow man or superstar. prosecutors say that doses of heroin marked with those names
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can be turned over to police departments in gloucester county. with no repercussions. a man in critical condition following a shooting in camden someone shot him just before 3:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon this happened near intersection of the ninth street and karl miller boulevard. police are investigating but do not have a suspect or weapon used at this time. tragedy in a water park in kansas city. a boy has died on the world's tallest water slide. fox's kelly wright reports that the park remains closed as investigators try to figure out what happened. >> we are sad end. >> reporter: young boy dies on the world's tallest water slide, the incident happened sunday at sugar one water park in kansas city, kansas. >> we honestly do in the know what happened. that is why a full investigation is necessary. we have to understand what happened. >> reporter: family of the zero year-old caleb swab is now mourning his loss. he is son of the kansas state
5:20 am
representative. park goers are shock by the news. >> i hope they take report precaution toss protect kid from now on. >> reporter: water slide is german for crazy and drops riders almost 170 feet at 65 miles an hour. >> water slide was removed from the park web size after the accident but then added it back, shortly thereafter. the ride has an age limit of 14 years old which is older than caleb. >> to be honest this is not something we have experienced. safety of our guests is a priority. in addition to the safety what happened on the ride, all of our staff is affect. >> reporter: water park is closed as an investigation is underway. >> our life guard are critical and it is very critical for them to know and focus, and for that reason we felt it was wye wise to close the park. >> reporter: it is not clear when the water park will reopen n new york, kelly
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wright, "fox news". up next a big change is set to kick in for tobacco industry how f.d.a. hopes new regulations will help crackdown on kids who smoke. >> here are your winning lottery numbers, good luck. huge a. today, guns can be bought over the internet, or at a weekend gun show. and if the wrong people get a gun... we know what can happen. pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics. toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families.
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light & fit crunch. university of pennsylvania is getting a big boost to help
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in the fight begins alzheimer's. >> school is getting machine toy help fun clinical trial. nantz institutes of health will give university of pennsylvania 8.8 million. penn was select for renewal funding based on exceptional stride it has made over the last 25 years, particularly in identifying critical factors in the development and progression of dementia associated with parkinson's disease. starting to day f.d.a. tobacco products regulations will extend all e cigarettes, cigars and hookah tobacco. all sales will be prohibited to minors. f.d.a. does not expect this to impact adults. goal, to crackdown on the number of kids smoking. before this rule, there was no federal law prohibiting retailers from selling e cigarettes, hookah or cigars to people under the age of 18. according to a new study using sun screen may not help prevent skin cancer. >> research certificates tested 1600 people for more than four years. they didn't find a difference
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in new cancer cases based on whether participant used sun screen or not. experts say that it is best for people to talk to a doctor about sun damage and preventive measures for their specific skin type. scientists say until more research is don zoomer should still use sun screen. absolutely, yesterday i was at margate. i was so happy to see as i walk a long the beach people still vague and rubbing down and get in the ocean you come back out and see white all over you, that is good. >> reapply. according to this new study might be a waste of money and time. >> let's do it to be safe rather than sorry. >> i wear a stupid had but it keeps the sun off. >> i didn't wear a hat. i took my sunglasses off, because i didn't want a sun glass tan. i didn't want to you look at me funny. >> i will look at you funny, all right. >> did you hear about a big win in the water for u.s.a., who is adding another gold to his trophy collection, yep, after a successful splash in the pool.
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at 5:25, following this horrible story of an apparent murder suicide out of berks county, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the that is right a family of five is dead but berks county advertise trick attorney is telling bus the case up next. i approve this message.
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good morning a violent night, four shootings and a double stabbing all in three hours. where police are investigating right now. tragic discovery, a family of five dead inside their home during what police are calling a murder/suicide. clues now coming to light. criminal trial against pennsylvania attorney kathleen kane business to get underway which is expected to happen in court today. it is monday august 8th, 2016. lets toss things over to bob kill which some breaking news, hi there bob. >> good morning. 5:29. coming up 59:30 with problems on delta airlines in the only here in philadelphia but potentially worldwide as delta's computer systems are down and all flights are grounded, it all started just rolling out of here at 4:00 o'clock this morning. when we first went on the air delta confirmed that their systems are down, a and all flights are grounded, now they have just put out another message that flights that are already in the air, are okay to continue, their trip, and
5:30 am
land at their destination but all flights ready to take off are grounded. so this is going to have an impact worldwide here, folks are going to be scrambling looking for another airline to grab another seat to get in or out of town. if you planning to travel in the air this morning especially on delta be prepared for delays and check ahead with the airport and airlines. here's a live look at an accident, look at this tractor trailer smack dab in the building. took down the light pole. this is girard avenue at frankford avenue. they are across the track of the route 15 trolley. septa's route 15 trolley will put shuttle bus necessary play and expect delays and there are service adjustments on the following regional rail lines this morning. the good news is there is four trains added to the warminster line. that is good news for folks, who don't want to be standing out in the heat here over next couple of days. >> i think they are getting back on track. okay. yeah.
5:31 am
anyway we're off to a comfortable start this morning, happy monday, weather will not cause you any problems. buddy has his sun screen regardless, it is a good idea, we do have 76 degrees, but only 62 percent relative humidity. in the summertime that is good. sunrise time 6:07. we have just a few cloud around on radar and it was a sunny sunday. yesterday's high was 89 degrees. average high is 86. we will be right around there again today. eighty-eight. mostly sunny. we will call ate prep eighthly warm for august but temperatures are going up, so is humidity. we will talk about it the in the seven day forecast, coming up, chris and lauren. >> sue, thanks very much. 5:31. we have a weekend tragedy leaving neighbors in shock when police found an entire family killed inside a berks county home. >> investigators at this point are calling this an apparent murder/suicide. jennifer joyce live at district attorney's office in berks count which a closer
5:32 am
look at this family, jennifer. >> reporter: still a lot of questions about this when the berks county district attorney's office has been working on the case since it broke on sat take when we were told, that a family of five was killed in an apparent murder/suicide, all five and a family talk found dead inside of the living room of the home investigators showed up to the home which is in sinking springs after a relative called police asking for a welfare check. person told officers that three three-year old megan short failed to show up for a lunch date and was concerned when police entered the home they found all five family members dead, 40 year-old mark short, mom, megan and three children eight year-old leana, five-year old mark junior and two-year old willow. willow was well known in this community and beyond. the toddler was born with the congenital heart defect and underwent a heart transplant at just days old. short family situation garnered support through fundraisers and facebook as
5:33 am
the family work through major medical hurdles. the family was dealing with domestic issues. mom megan talk openly about ptsd related to her baby's medical condition. yesterday we talk to a family friend who said that she last saw megan two months ago and she seemed okay but understands that the family has been dealing with a lot of stress. >> just had to deal with medical expenses that they may not have been able to pay for or may have needed help. things get overwhelming. you don't know exactly what happened behind those closed doors. >> reporter: district attorney's office say they have found what appears to be a murder suicide net left behind. investigators found a gun lying next to one of the adults. at this point they have not said who pulled the trigger even though they did say domestic issues within the family and we're hearing about megan's ptsd. we do not know which one was behind shooting, lauren and chris. >> jennifer, thank you.
5:34 am
violence erupts overnight in the philadelphia area let's start with this deadly shooting in south philadelphia. a 28 year-old man is dead after being shot in the face. that shooting happened on the 2800 block of south seventh street. a weapon was found at that scene no word of any arrests at this time. another deadly shooting in north philadelphia, a three three-year old man is dead after being shot on the 1700 block of jefferson street. this happened just before 9:00 . victim was shot in the head, chest, torso, and shot in the arm. police say they have not made any arrests. in southwest philadelphia police are investigating a shooting and carjack ago this happened after midnight on wood land avenue. two men shot a 31 year-old multiple times and then took off in his car. victim's car was found a short time later just a few blocks from the scene of that shooting. and right now police are looking for those two men. the victim was taken to penn presbyterian hospital in critical condition. let's combo to northern liberties where police are investigating a double shooting around 11:00 at brandywine street. philadelphia police say a 28 year-old was shot multiple
5:35 am
times, a three three-year old man was also shot once in the leg. both were taken to happen man, no arrests have been made. two women are in the hospital after being stabbed, this happened in the 4700 block of north 61st street in west philadelphia. little information about that stabbing has been released but we do know that both women are in stable condition, right now, police are still investigating what led to the stabbing. this morning jury selection gets underway in montgomery county courtroom in the trial for kathleen kaine. >> so pennsylvania's attorney jennies answering accusations of corruption, and abuse of pur and perjury. thinks all set to get underway at 9:00 this morning, dave. >> reporter: yes, that is when jury selection begins after kathleen kane's team failed to get state supreme court to intervene in this case. kane wanted the court to look at her claim that the grand jury that investigated her was unconstitutional and she's first female attorney general in the commonwealth's history accused of leaking and secret
5:36 am
grand jury information and lying bit, under oath. as we said all of this begins at 9c o'clock and then there will be a lot to watch out for here especially after jury selection takes place. another legal drama here in norristown. we will send it back to you. >> yes, emphasis on another. five credit 36 the time on this monday morning. up next a big night for world's most decorated olympian. how michael phelps eased his way to his 19th gold medal victory. and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m
5:37 am
what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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good morning i'm shawn shane bell. everyone was dying to get some football back. the ready for colts/packers but the nfl they just dropped the ball in a major way. game was cancelled because of poor field conditions. we have had all year to to this. problem was, that the use of the wrong paint on the logo which made the field tough. come on nfl had are you doing. you had one job to to. quick note on the eagles in training camp, defense continues to get best of the owe even if. d looked great while offense looks sluggish. it looks like they are getting used to getting hit in practice. to the phillies taking on padres up by two, and the padres had aaron altear is hot. he tries to rob him of the home run. but just could not get it enough, and that tied the game at five.
5:40 am
no worries, tommy joseph has your back. the clutch go ahead single to give the phillies a six-five win. sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. what a night for america's olympic swim teaming. >> the most decorated olympian adding another gold to his medal collection. we're talking about michael phelps. he is 31. still rocking the waves. all right. remember he quit after the lon on games in 2012. well, he is back big time in rio as team u.s.a. ease todd victory in the four by 100 free style relay. phelps is now, a 23 medal winner, 19 of those 23 are gold, that has extended his record as most decorated olympian of all time, second goal of the night after katie le decky produce gold medal in the 400 free style. >> i had looked up rest of the
5:41 am
schedule. today he swims at 12:44 in the mens 200-meter butterfly. and then he gets a daze off tomorrow. >> right good and then on wednesday, he is in meant 200 individual and then thursday mens 100 butterfly. >> that is like you last week on thursday and friday, you did all six hours, two days in a row. so top that michael phelps. six straight hearst of anchoring. >> i don't win any gold medals. >> but you are good as gold. >> you are so sweet. >> a big rally in northeast philadelphia, how community comes out this big numbers to support the cities law enforcement community.
5:42 am
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delta's focus is to keep climbing. if you are flying dealt awe might keep waiting all day to day, right. >> definitely for sure. here's the latest from dealt a they are saying any flights that were already in the air and in route are okay, they will continue to their destination but delta airlines computer systems are down, and all flights are grounded and this will cause huge delays, worldwide, here. not just here in philadelphia, but, you know, around the world here. so folks right now waking up, the other problem i just noticed is that delta's twitter page, web site, facebook, nothing. the twitter page hasn't been updated for a couple days, phl philly international just said to go to delta's twitter page
5:45 am
there is in word about anything with the computer systems down. it sound like it is more than just their ticketing system it could be their entire computer network not being able to send out alerts, to travelers about this problem here today. if you are heading down to philly international, a, make sure you verify your ticket because there will be folks looking for an extra seat, if they can, so make sure you confirm, your seat, even if you are on another airline, and a lot of folks down there at delta trying to get another way in and out of town. the here's a live look at philadelphia police on the scene this tractor trailer accident at the girard avenue at frankford avenue. you can see police cars air cross the route 15 trolley tracks, as they tend to take care of this accident. this crash, took down the light poll, so the traffic lights are out at this busy intersection, and septa's not able to run the route the 15 trolleys past this scene, so they will have to use shuttle buses for at least a portion
5:46 am
of the line, and this will be something that will be with us for the morning rush hour, and again that crash there at frankford and girard. good news for septa regional rail riders on the four lines listed here, they have made serve us adjustments, adjusting sometimes of the arrival and departure trains. on the warminster line they have added four new trains, to help with, of course, regional rail system as we know, 120 of those silver line are cars were taken out of service. so that every day things get a little change up, hopefully getting better. so do check with septa on the current schedule. sue, back over to you. >> four more trains. >> we need more but we will take four. we've got a look at ultimate doppler radar which shows us a deck of clouds, above us, but, nothing, as far as rain is concern. we have to go down to norfolk virginia and then outer banks of the north carolina to find some rain. we're not expecting any today. that is expected to stay to the south. this is a stationary front
5:47 am
right now but as we see the week go along by middle of the week this starts to get on the move, from south street to north as a warm front, warm front means warmer air is below it and that will start to filter in along with the instability and chance of rain. so today, tomorrow, dry, and appropriately warm. by wednesday we are talking about pop up showers or maybe a thunderstorm or two and enough sunshine to get us in the 90's for our temperature when we see chance of rain with us at least throughout the day on wednesday. right the now 76 degrees in philadelphia 59 in mount pocono. 68 degrees in lancaster. close to 07 in dover. 72 degrees in wildwood. not too mug think morning. pretty comfortable with most of the the dew points, showing up on that map in the 60's. we did get in the 90's on saturday at 91 degrees no heat wave yet with 89 yesterday as we look at the seven day forecast, it looks like it
5:48 am
could happen if we get in the 90's on wednesday and thursday and friday all in a row. maybe even adding saturday to the mix for another heat wave, first one, of august is possible. so enjoy today and tomorrow, lauren and chris, not too bad. >> it sound like it will be humid too. >> um-hmm. >> my goodness, thank you, sue. 5:48. communities came out in big numbers in northeast philadelphia to support cities law enforcement. in mayfair along frankford avenue and cottman, the streets were packed with current and retired officers. friend and family members hoped to raise moral among law enforcement after a summer of protests, anger and violence. donna didonato is a retired officer from the between the second district and organized this rally after seeing coverage after eight police officers died during shoot initial baton rouge and in dallas, texas. >> i feel like they need community support and they needed to know that there was a lot of good people in
5:49 am
philadelphia that stand behind them. >> keep doing their jobs and do it with dignity, honor and guide us all the time. >> there have been protests by black lives matters. protesters want systematic reform within law enforcement. amazing story out of western pennsylvania has been making i had way on line. bride's father was part of her wedding even though he passed away a decade ago. >> arthur thomas walk jenny stepian walk her down the aisle. arthur is not related to jenny. the heartbeating inside of his chest belongs to jenny's late fat shore was shot and killed in 2006. thomas says he was on death's door and if it had this is been for her father's heart he would have died just a few days later. stepian says it felt like her dad was there on his big take. >> i was just so thankful that my dad could be with us here today in spirit and a piece of his physical being as well,
5:50 am
that was really special for us. >> what greater honor could a person have in walking the daughter of a man whose giving his heart to him, i can't imagine a greater honor. >> thomas traveled there new jersey, to swissdale for that ceremony. yankees a rod is not waiting until the even of the season toned his baseball career. >> he has had a rough year. a rod announced he will play his last game this friday against tampa bay rays from there he will move into yankees front office as a special advisor. rodriguez is a three time mvp and former texas ranger. let's not forget seattle mariners whoever wrote this script. he has been playing in the major league since he was 18. he is 41 for now but he will be linked to use performance enhancing drugs. he sat out all of the 2014 season and loss millions of dollars of his salary due to that. we will all remember when he was traded to the yankees as
5:51 am
probably the best short stop in the game. where would he go. they moved him to third base. >> makes sense. >> inside baseball. >> even without steroids he was great. look who is back. >> that is how you treat me you make me stan don't give me a chair. >> no, that is okay good i'll insist. >> we necessity these chairs are angry. >> do you want a blanket. >> no. >> do you want coffee or anything. >> now you are trying to be funny. >> thanks, chris. >> i know. >> how are you. >> this rahmer is running away. >> are you having prompter problems. >> i usually cause problems when a live, let's be honest but a, good to be back and you know, it is time for that time of the year, back to school, can you believe it. >> all right.
5:52 am
>> thousand get your children ready for their first day. >> she's the winner of chopped junior and she's from our area nine year-old loose friday bucks county joins to us make breakfast. and she knows what she's doing. it is also time for sexy singles. daily news is out with the annual list. >> look at this. >> who is that. >> my goodness. >> she looks good. >> so, there is a fox 29 personality inside this issue, okay. >> you know what is not hot. >> trump's hair there. >> sexy singles, interesting selection. >> yes. >> someone should just brush that off. >> let me ask you a question, have you ever been down margate and just stood there like that, hi, should i tip my foot in the water or not. how does this suit look on me. >> is that the voice. >> is that her voice. >> who stand like that. >> she's posing for a picture. >> that is her pose.
5:53 am
>> yes. >> a whole lot of love in the city of brotherly love how a handfull of volunteers are helping out the needy. we will tell but that after the break.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
we should have played a whole lot of love. put that anywhere, bob. weather held out for it's all love outside municipal services building in center city. volunteers handed out back to school supplies and even gave, free haircuts. >> there is love in philadelphia, and, you know, good people, if you cannot find one be one. so here we are giving back, with people hoff the same deal. we are glad to be something part of monumental. >> organizers also set up tables with educational materials, about health, social services available in the city of philadelphia. also big crowd were out the in northeast philadelphia for a fun twist on volunteers, the jewish relief agency hosted a mock olympics to make volunteering more interactive. 600 people came out to sort and deliver, food for 3,000 families in our area they had
5:57 am
food theme games and competitions all day. they serve five counties in the philadelphia area. coming up next on good day state's top cop head to court today, accusations that kathleen kaine will to have face in corruption, perjury and abuse of power allegations. plus a tragedy in a local community a family of five found dead in their home and what police call, a murder/suicide. what neighbors remember about that family in a live report from jennifer joyce.
5:58 am
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violent night claims two lives and send others to the hospital what we they about the crimes and including a carjack ago this ended up in gunfire. >> i hope that within day we will figure out what exactly happened. a tragedy with more questions, then answers, this morning, a family of five, including three young children, found dead and what police are calling a murder/suicide, was we hope to learn from investigators to take. plus pennsylvania's attorney general, on the other side of the law today. what is expected from kathleen kane's trial begins today, in norristown. well, it is obviously some breaking news that is happening at the airport. >> bob kelly, delta, a mess with their computers right now. how do people get information. >> i was just looking at their twitter page and facebook page. there has been nothing from


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