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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 9, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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a string of burglaries across philadelphia but these guys don't stop there what they are after upstairs that has a lot of families worried. all eyes are on pennsylvania's top prosecutors, we have the names of the people, that could testify, at the trial of the attorney general kathleen kane. breaking overnight man robbed on the september bus what the suspect was able to take and if police were able to catch that person. good day it is tuesday, august 9th, 2016. >> we're rock out to a morning like this, 1978. >> we're rocking out. >> you said what is that you are listening to. >> yes. please turn it off. >> spare us all in the studio this morning. >> two worlds collide. >> 4:00 o'clock in the morning, how are you.
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>> great. >> you are going sleeve less because it is already 71 degrees. >> so hot the. >> hi there sue. >> it is a warm one. is if thing a little stick which 93 percent relative humidity. 71 degrees and calm win sunrise does not happen until 6:08. 54 degrees in mount pocono. cool and comfortable there. sixty-three in reading. lancaster 73. seventy-one in the city. we're in the 07's in wilmington and dover. sixty-eight in wildwood. checking dew points which we will in a little will bit, since nothing is on radar there is still very comfortable to the north of us, in the the lower 60's but see dew points in the 70's and we will get more humid today then we were yesterday. yesterday's high was additional cloud cover and maybe more than we expect. eighty-five was yesterday's high temperature but still pretty nice. we will go back to our prediction, of 88 degrees today, warm and maybe more
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humid with wind eventually shifting to the south east. now, the heat and humidity as we mentioned yesterday will return as the cliche says, with a vengeance and we will tell you when in the seven day forecast. bob kelly is here right now. how is tuesday morning looking so far. >> no thunder boomers this morning but we have them coming later in the week. good morning everybody. tuesday morning. 4:02. live look at tacony palmyra bridge looking good this morning. in problems or delays at all. we had an earlier opening the at burlington bristol bridge, live look at 42 freeway coming in toward philadelphia, light volume so far this morning. we are off to a good start. south on i-95 watch for an accident between ridley and 420 south of the airport they just opened up all of the lanes as you head southbound, speaking of the airport lets hope we have a better ride, in and out of philly today then yesterday with that delta airlines mess. so far everything is operating normally down there at philadelphia international.
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market frankford, broad street subway using shuttle buses until 5:00 o'clock. they will be running every eight to ten minutes. if you took the day off yesterday and first day back after the weekend septa made service adjustments on a couple regional rail lines. highlight here is there are four extra trains added on the warminster line. if you use anyone of the four lines here get the updated schedule available on septa's web site. we have it on our web site as well as they continue to him seven through the trains today. they are working out here on the turnpike between downingtown and valley forge down to one lane. chris and lauren, back over to you. police trying to find several gunman behind a deadly violent break ins throughout philadelphia. >> on victims were tied up and terrorized. steve keeley on this live from police headquarters. steve, good morning. >> reporter: this is so big that the fbi's violent crimes task force is now on this case. the lets get to the video. when lou at this surveillance video it is not as clear as
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authorities would like however, one thing that they think really stand out is a neck tattoo on one of these four guys that may spell out the name felicia. four guys seen on surveillance of the 12 businesses, that they have hit, just since may. eleven of the 12 hit between four and 6:00 a.m. right about now. they break in the business first, and then they go in the apartments upstairs where business owners live, waking them up, pointing a gun in their face. any language barrier with chinese restaurant owners is quickly mute. everybody understands in any language when a gunpointed at your head means n1 has been shot but some have been slugged with those guns. >> they are fairly targeting these people residing on the second floor which we have not seen in the city where they are targeting people in these, commercial resident on top of the floor. >> reporter: unaudible. >> there is no doubt as they continue to get more aggressive a and people start
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to learn about this and communication gap continues, there is a propensity for more violence to occur. >> reporter: businesses hit are scattered all around the city but just around the corner from police headquarters yesterday, 180 asian business owners a and family members courtesy of the chinese restaurant association, met with police in chinatown to talk about alarm systems, better locks and better surveillance. business number 12, coincidently hit yesterday morning before the meeting on haverford avenue. so far, two getaway vehicles spotted a black dodge and nissan minivan but they may be stealing cars and then just junking them. here's the key to the case, a neck tattoo with the name felicia on one of the four, and somebody just listening without even seeing that video may say i know somebody with felicia tattooed on their neck. chris and lauren. >> um, all right, steve keeley, thanks very much. opening statements set to take place in the criminal case of the pennsylvania attorney general kathleen
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kane, the jury was select yesterday. >> we are learning how who could be called to testify in this case. lets go to dave kinchen with the latest on this, dave in. >> reporter: good morning. opening statements are set to begin this morning at the montgomery county courthouse, now that the jury is seated in the trial of the pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane, kane left the montgomery county courthouse after lawyers and the judge spent all day questioning potential jurors. six men and six women were seated to serve, late in the day, the judge asked all jurors if they knew the potential witnesses who might testify in the trial including philadelphia district attorney seth williams, and former pennsylvania supreme court justice mccaffery, that could testify here. kane is charge with leaking secret grand jury information and then later lying about it in a series of political squabbles. opening statement set the to begin today and a trial that could take at least, one week,
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here in norristown. back to you. >> all right dave, thank you. jail, local mob boss joey merlino has a date in court today in florida. the 54 year-old is set to appear for a bail hearing in woes palm beach federal court in a new round of charges. fbi agent arrested merlino last week along with 40 others and authorities say that the people arrested include members of the five organized crime families. the indictment, contains charges such as racketeering accounts gambling, loan sharking, and firearms offences and as well as health care fraud dating back to 2011. today prosecutors will a argue merlino should stay in jail. his attorneys say he is fighting the charges. breaking news now out of northern liberty, police are investigating a robbery on a september bus. this happened just before 3:00 d and spring garden. police say a man was on board market frankford bus when another man stole his cell phone. that man was later arrested. in word on the charges. sky fox over a nasty crash in north philadelphia that has
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killed a little girl. police tell us one car was heading west on york when another car slammed into it at second yesterday. first car lost control hit a fire hydrant, and then a building. impact eject a three-year old. she died at the hospital. two other people are hurt. we're told their injuries are not serious. no word if the child was in the car seat. investigation continues into what led to a murder/suicide in berks county, police say they found a mom, dad, three young children even the family dog all shot to death in the sinking springs home. a nab or has suggested that the mother was planning to leave her husband and take children with her on the very day police discover them all dead. police have not confirmed that suggestion. police in evesham township are cracking down on distract driving in an effort to keep people safe. they say distract driving is an epidemic on new jersey's roadways, and it is time to speak out. mets age from police is that distracted driving kills and they have the numbers to back
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that up. >> our recent statistics has shown that almost 60 percent of our crashes, in 2016 were as a direct result of distract driving. put the phone down. both hand on the steering wheel and just pay attention. you put yourself in danger but the other by stoppedders and motorist they are in danger when you are driving distract. >> police there have pinpointed areas where they see a lot of accident, and they are aggressively going after people who they think are distract. time right now 4:09. delaware toddler found wandering alone in the park is safe and reunited with his mom yesterday evening police found the boy walking alone around wilmington park. the mother left the child with his stepfather who is believed to be with the boy at the park. it is unclear how they gotten separated. investigators do not suspect foul play. horrific details about how a boy was killed at a water park. officials say it was a neck injury that killed a ten year-old on the world's
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tallest water swab. caleb died on sunday riding the slide in kansas city. he was this a raft with two women who suffered facial injuries. injuries happened on the hill after the big drop, on the water ride, 168-foot tall water slide who has been a top attraction. the park is expected to reopened tomorrow, the slide is expected to stay closed. let's talk politics, with the election, coming up, it is november 8th this year, if you are keeping tabs. just three months away. donald trump and hillary clinton are on the attack. hillary clinton said she will participate in all three presidential debate and challenges trum top do the same but there is bad news for trump, 50 former national security officials who have served in republican presidential administrations from richard nixon to george w. bush signed a letter to the american people saying that they are not voting for donald trump. the letter expressed doubts about hillary clinton as well. trump responded calling those who signed that letter part of
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the quote failed washington elite who made the world such a dangerous place, end quote. meanwhile, monmouth university released a new poll that shows hillary clinton with a double digit lead, the former secretary of state is supported by 46 percent of the vote's cord to go this poll, 34 percent pulling for trump. since the dnc in fill at polls have have shown clinton with an advantage over trump. center for criminal justice back opened after an elevator accident closed it for three days, what we have learn about the condition of the injured, sheriff sergeant. the race to save a dolphin in the local creek that was set free.
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all right. good morning. welcome back. 4:14. an insect that has destroyed 100 million arbitraries is now in philadelphia parks and rec officials say this bug the emerald ash gamer has been identified in west philadelphia and northeast philadelphia a more than 200,000 trees in philadelphia are arbitraries. researchers in the preservative or preventive or they are taking preventive steps is what they are trying to do as sue looks at the me in difficulties tane. sue said city will lose them to the insect if something is not done to eradicate this. >> all right, sue serio, good morning to you. >> that is deceiving, very pretty color, emerald is why it is called the emerald ash game but destructive.
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so far we have had four heat waves one came in may. we didn't have any in june. we had three during the month of july. we are preparing for another one, later on this week. it looks certain we will be able to string three days together in a row of 90 degrees or above and that constitutes a heat wave. hot temperatures, coming out of the southwest, we have been, warm, but appropriately warm as we said yesterday for the month of august and we also have this bit of rain around norfolk, virginia moving northward eventually and then touch off a few thunderstorms but not today. right new we cannot show you anything on radar, nothing is there we will talk temperatures walking out the door. very cool in mount pocono. sixty-four. sixty-three in reading. seventy in dover. 68 degrees in wildwood. now our dew points are starting to inch up close to 70 in philadelphia. 70-degree dew point in dover starts to feel more sticky
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outside but still very comfortable if you are north and west of us. here's our little dew point scale once you get in the 65 to 70 range it starts to get uncomfortable but, by thursday, we will talk oppressive, humidity, once again. so with 91 degrees on saturday we have two days after that including yesterday, that we're in the 80's. eighty-five with the high temperature yesterday. today sunny and warm around 88. more sunshine then what we saw yesterday. then each day, through the weekend, as you can see here, we will show you, not only sunshine, but a chance of thunderstorms. so anytime heat and humidity build up you always have that chance of the thunderstorm. so it gets repeat thetive but we are setting up for heat wave, number five, bob killie austin saw your thunderstorm graphic there with the phillies and said that is not going to be fun at the game. he said thunderstorms coming through. 4:16 on a tuesday morning. cool shot, of the schuylkill
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expressway, near girard avenue and city sky line all lit up there, they are about 25 floors up, on the new comcast tower a at least with the construction lights coming into downtown philadelphia they are working downtown. vine street expressway shut down until 5:00 between the schuylkill expressway and broad street. you know the drill, jump off at spring garden, 30th and south and use anyone of the numbered streets to work your way back in center city. down in delaware naamans creek road closed at ogden that will be with us all week. coming over commodore barry street ramp to flower street blocked all part of the construction. we had an earlier accident on 95, that is gone no problems there in delco. market frankford broad street subway using shuttle buses until 5:00 as part of the overnight construction. then once they kick into gear at 5:00 they will run their trains every eight to ten minutes. again, your best option to avoid regional rail mess that we have been dealing with but some good news, from septa,
4:18 am
this started yesterday, they have made schedule adjustments on the lansdale doylestown trenton and manayunk line and warminster line. they have added four trains i believe during the morning rush hour and that is all as they tried to adjust to the services, requirements that they need for the morning rush hour with those silver liner trains still out of service. chris and lauren, back over to you. >> thanks very much. bob. car crash in northeast philadelphia leaves two people injured including a police officers. authorities say the officer was responding to a call when cruiser collided with another car, on between the second and montgomery avenue around 11:30 yesterday morning. police say that the officer should be fine after treated at roxborough hospital. medics treated other person on the scene no word what went wrong. an argument in the middle offal the cot street in somerdale ended with a man's death. philadelphia police say it happened at 5:00 last night. two men were arguing, one started firing his gun shooting the other man six times. the authorities found the gun
4:19 am
2 miles away, hid men a mailbox but they have not found that shooter. sheriff sergeant injured in the elevator accident at philadelphia's court building partially paralyzed now. paul, owens is paralyzed from the waist down. last week the elevator he was in the in the criminal justice center crash right through the ceiling. he is still in a medically induced comb a they reopened yesterday with limited access to the elevators. >> we are assisting the court and as we did security for the courthouse, we will make sure that crowd control is under control and trying to get people inside the building and out the building as quickly as possible. it is working very well. >> right now authorities are investigating why that elevator malfunction. an emotional tribute for a kensington man gunned down in front of his own two young children, family members gathered to remember 29 year-old terrell boggs, his daughters, ten and two years
4:20 am
old, released balloons in his memory. police say he was shot as he returned to his braddock street home sunday morning. his two daughters with his 15 year-old sister were with him when two gunman started shooting. >> my niece is coming up and their brother growing up without a father and you just have to have the pain being here watching your dad die right there in front of your eyes. >> family members say office's rested one suspect and they are still searching for another. police have not released a motive. new video shows rescuers banding together to rescue a dolphin from the shallow creek in south jersey. it took crews from the marine mammal stranding center two tries to get the bottle nosed dolphin out of the creek in middletown ship. hours later they were able to free that dolphin in the delaware bay. aim's not sure how he got the stuck in the first place. rescuers raced to help a second dolphin entangled off the coast on friday but that dolphin died. so guess what. >> yeah what.
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>> we are two days away. >> yeah. >> from the eagles first preseason game. >> wow, coming fast, opening day is september 11th this year. >> right. >> yeah. >> with injuries, and quarterback controversy, yes, many want to know what the coach will expect come thursday. this morning we will talk to quarterback carson wentz on playing his first game and coach doug pederson coming up next in sports. thanks, chris murphy, but first your winning lottery numbers. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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you can read the plan here.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. we're moving forward to actually seeing eagles this is the just practice foot the ball but playing a game thursday night. they play at the link against tampa. malcolm jenkins, jason peters, jordan matthews and whendell smallwood will in the play. some others are questionable. not a question in my mind that the fans are looking forward to seeing one player in that game and that is topic for eagles carson went. head coach said wentz will play most of the second half, his first game in the nfl. >> i don't get real nervous. it is just a game. i don't sweat too much. i just have fun witt. if anything i will calm down excitement because i will be real excited but i will be ready to play. i will just go out there and show what i can do. i will in the try to blow anybody away or do anything i will play ball. i'm not trying to play out of body or anything but just play
4:25 am
ball and show what i can do and rest will take care of itself. >> i want to see timing, accuracy, decision making with him. i want to see, you know, he will be able to move our offense. >> i want to see that. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. let's talk phillies. >> yes. >> it is, this is alex should read this do you wantal tokes read this or you. >> you should. >> phillies continue west coast trip last night opening three game series in los angeles, verse dodgers and familiar face, chase utley, you know him right. >> yes he flied out to left field to start the game for dodgers but all l.a. from there. i love how we work in the chase utley reference. dodgers scored five runs in the first inning and never looked back. phillies starter zach eflin struggled in this game giving up seven runs in just three innings. dodgers go on to win nine-four. howard will have have more on that throughout the year, okay, in sports in one minute.
4:26 am
the jury set for case against pennsylvania's attorney general. >> trial set to get underway right, dave kinchen. >> reporter: that is right, opening statement set to begin today and we're learning who may be called, as potential witnesses to testify, those names, after the break kaine.
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string of burglar ace cross philadelphia but they do not stop there what they are after upstairs that has families worried plus new brutal details about what happened inside a delaware high school bathroom moments before and after a student died at the hand of other students. all eyes on pennsylvania's top prosecutor we have the names of the people who could be called to testify the at the trial of the attorney general kathleen kane. good day, everyone it is tuesday august 9th, 2016. lets look leach look outside our studios on market street between fourth and third if we can. there is a silver car right now, with virginia plates, okay. there is the bus. do you see this car right here? you wouldn't know to look at it, that this car could possibly, not only get a $301 ticket but get towed. lauren noticed this. you checked it out. we're familiar with this parking spot. >> our producer made the big announcement inside if anyone is driving a silver nissan
4:30 am
verse with virginia plates you are halfway into that handicapped zone. >> you wouldn't know it is a handicapped zone. >> it happened on your first day of work. >> very first day three years ago in october, i didn't know it was a handicapped spot because it is supposed to have a sign on each side that said handicapped. and then, the curb is not painted blue. >> no. >> and it is in the middle of the block. >> okay. >> this is a trick for the ppa, $301 ticket. >> even our very own traffic guy bob kelly had an accident to him. >> got the same ticket in the same spot. >> first day on the job, two years ago. lets go back to that shot because you are right, in the middle of the block, growing up here in the city they never put handicapped spots in the middle of the block and the meter, is low to the ground. when they put their trash out, they throw all of the trash around that meter and you don't realize it and little
4:31 am
blue sign is so small. plus, there is all, there is ten other signs, don't park here or there 3:30 to 6:30 on every other saturday or every other christmas ira loud to park there. >> good luck. >> funny i was out front on my first day interviewing the temple football team. we were live and in the reflection of the glass, i saw the tow truck go behind me with my car. as i'm talking to temple i'm saying that looks like my car behind me, right. back to you, mike and alex. then photographer said is that your car? i said it was my car. >> unbelievable. >> the rest of the the day was spent down there at ppa. you know the ppa, chris. >> they know to. northbound on the roosevelt boulevard, construction, right here near ridge avenue that left lane, taken out this morning, construction on the vine street expressway between the schuylkill and broad street, closed both directions until about 5:00 o'clock.
4:32 am
hopefully we will have have a better day to day then yesterday as far as delta airlines goes. no problems this morning down at philly international. they are still working on the pennsy turnpike between valley forge and downingtown, and the one lane is opened, as you head westbound, out toward the downingtown interchange. we had a water main break overnight over in burlington, new jersey, the one and 200 blocks of talbot street. the water, turned back on for the residents. that is good news for the kid that need to brush their kid and get a bath here this morning but repairs will be out there during the day just north of the burlington bristol bridge. market frankford, broad street subway they are using shuttle buses until 5:00 o'clock and ones trains kick in they will run every eight to ten minutes. i saw thunder boomer action on the seven day forecast, sue, is that coming today or later in the week. >> not today. >> good. >> we're okay today. this might be a last day for a while we won't have thunderstorms in the the forecast with 71 degrees.
4:33 am
93 percent relative humidity. it is sticky out there this morning then it was yesterday at this time and 6:08 is your official sunrise time. we have 54 beautifully cool degrees in mount pocono. sixty-five in trenton. over in lancaster we have 63 degrees. sixty-seven atlantic city and getting warmer in delaware with wilmington at 71 and dover at 70 degrees. nothing an radar we will check those dew points for you and still in the very comfortable range to the north of us and to the south of us we're starting to get closer to that 70-degree and that is when it starts to get uncomfortable. yesterday's high was 85. we will get up to that 88 today with mostly sunny skies. we will have that interesting, seven day forecast, coming up, chris and lauren. >> thanks very much, sue. >> interesting is one word for it. happening today, opening statements will start later today in the criminal case of pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. >> she's now in the fight of her political career that started two years ago.
4:34 am
dave kinchen near the courthouse in norristown with the very latest, hi there dave. >> reporter: finishing touches on those opening statements already likely in place when court begins today, later this morning. we can also tell you that the jury is seated in this trial against the pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. kane left the montgomery county courthouse after lawyers and a judge spent all day questioning potential jurors. six men and women were seated to serve. later in the day out of the pool of 100. now the judge also asked jurors if they knew the potential witnesses, a lights of powerful figures including ex-judges, reporters and ex-staff hours might testify in the trial. that list includes philadelphia district attorney seth williams and former pennsylvania supreme court justice mccaffery and kane's former first deputy bruce beamer and her current chief of staff philadelphia daily news reporter christopher brennan is also a possibility as some would who may testify in this case.
4:35 am
as you know kane is charged with leaking secret grand jury information and lying about it. also in a series of political squabbles she continues to serve as attorney general even though her license was removed by a committee but all this set to start with opening statements later this week. back to you. philadelphia police say is there a connection to a dozen violent break ins. >> they are searching for as many as four gunman. steve keeley is on this story, steve, good morning. >> reporter: police headquarters on the outskirts of philadelphia's chinatown and chinese restaurant association officers right over there, with police held a big meeting attended by 180 asian business owners. you see in our video yesterday, worried they will be hit next . twelve asian restaurant owner hit since may, 11 of the 12 broken in to right about now between 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. these guys go in the restaurant first on the first floor and then go upstairs where restaurant owners live
4:36 am
and where they are woken up with guns pointed at their head. some hit by the guns. none shot just yet. most tied up, ordered to give up everything, all of their cash and valuables. >> they were threatened by a gun. they pointed the gun at their head. >> well planned out obviously and this perception that money is there and these people have taken the opportunity to do this. >> they are very afraid. he was actually injured because of the way they tied him up. >> we want our member to learn from police headquarters and organization how to protect themselves. >> reporter: latest restaurant owner hit yesterday morning and in the surveillance police put out most identifiable thing is this tattoo on the back of the one guy's neck that seems to spell the name felicia, police say why are they being hit? four reasons. they live in apartments above
4:37 am
their businesses. most only do cash with their business, most asian business owners then often keep the cash, in their home before depositing it later in an asian bank likely to send home to family and this all adds up to make asian restaurant owner a reallies i target here in philadelphia and some people are starting to recognize that including these four. chris and lauren. >> steve, thank you. breaking news out of northern liberties philadelphia police are investigating a robbery on a septa bus. it happened just before 3:00 at second and spring garden. police say a man was on board the market frankford when another man stole his cell phone. that man was later arrested. no word on those charges. tragedy from one of our local zoos, four animals now dead, so is there a problem at the norristown zoo? the reason zoo officials say, no.
4:38 am
4:39 am
4:40 am
bad news to report for elmwood park zoo in norristown. animals have died in the past several most. vets say all of those deaths were natural and unrelate. size morning matilda the elk, she was 15 and suffered neurological disorder. lace was 24, one of the zoos oldest residents, diva, a long wool sheep suffered seizures at one of the great wolf sisters knox died at 15. the zoo is asking visitors to post photos of the animal or leave messages for staff on
4:41 am
facebook and instagram pages. 4:41. a 16 year-old's fate is still in the hand of the judge have after a wilmington judge heard testimony to deciding whether they should face charges as an adult in the death of her classmate. a police detective told the court yesterday that the fight at howard high school of technology left amy joyner francis with her fingernails ripped out. the 16 year-old died in april after that assault inside a school bathroom. prosecutors charge her classmate with criminally negligent homicide, and conspiracy. now authorities say, joyner francis had preexisting heart conditions and contributing factor to her death was the stress of the a salt. investigation continues into what led to the murder suicide in berks county. police found a mom, dad, three young children even the family dog all shot dead inn in their sinking spring home. a neighbor has suggested that the mother was planning to leave her husband and take the children with her on the very day police difficulties cover
4:42 am
them all dead. police have not confirmed that suggestion. 4:42. family, in philadelphia trip to philadelphia ruin, someone make off with their mom's purse with the passports inside. now they have them back. up next is what still missing that will leave you scratching your head.
4:43 am
4:44 am
you may notice something different on the new jersey boardwalk. >> go ahead. >> in place of the wooden
4:45 am
planks, wildwood crest is trying out a new look and field. boro installed mathed walkways made from polyester. goal, to improve accessibility to the beach. it makes it easier for wheelchairs, strollers to get around and stays very will cool in the hot sun. that is just being tried out for summer. they might not stay. they want to know what visitors think. they welcome your feedback. have you been to wildwood crest. >> no. >> are you planning any trips to wildwood crest. >> no, i haven't. >> do you know anyone who lives in that area. >> no. >> but i listened to every word you say. >> good luck on getting feedback. >> are you done. >> yes. >> hi, sue. >> here's the thing about wildwood crest, we have north wildwood, wildwood and wildwood crest. >> yes. >> wildwood crest, the beach is really long. i mean it is a long walk from the shore to the actual water. so, that is why they have those long boardwalks and i think it is, because the sand
4:46 am
can get hot if you don't have your flip-flops on, ouch, ouch, i'm telling you, it is a great idea, certain things we're familiar with, right. we have a frontal system in the south no rain for day. there it is, it is still stationary today. it will start moving northward thomas a warm front and it could give us some showers. especially further south you are from philadelphia for one more day high pressure in control but will start to slide off shore which will let in southeasterly wind and make things more warm and humid around here. as far as precipitation today should be dry. we will see a few cloud. tomorrow we could have a pop up thunderstorm in the afternoon, and on thursday we could have pop up thunderstorms in the afternoon, it is sort of the pattern that we will get used to in the summertime by this time in august where we will have sunshine and day may not necessarily be a wash out for you but get a pop up shower or thunderstorm it could be
4:47 am
intense. fifty-four in mount pocono. sixty-three in lancaster. seventy-one in philadelphia and wilmington. dew points, once they get close to the actual temperatures things get more humid. we are close to our actual temperature in philadelphia with a 69-degree dew point and that gets into the little bit uncomfortable range. so things will get more and more humid as time goes by. your average high normal high is 86 degrees. we will be close with that today at 88. we should reach 90 tomorrow depend how much cloud cover but we don't on wednesday, we probably will on thursday and that will still give us heat wave number five of 2015 and then humidity starts to get impressive as we head in the end of the week and weekend and by saturday bob kelly the heat index could be 105. >> ouch. >> all right. >> now, 4:47. got to cancel all chores during that heat wave, of course, you know that, northbound on the boulevard still doing construction, this is the construction down to
4:48 am
one lane between kelly drive, ridge avenue heading up toward broad street on that north bound side, live look at the freeway coming in toward philadelphia, curb side here headlights heading in toward walt whitman still working on 295, the i-95 construction zone, so far, so good working your way in toward downtown. the crews are out there between cottman avenue and then again at girard avenue. schuylkill expressway we had overnight work at girard. everything good to go. we are opened for business. no problems for gang coming from royersford. now on the commodore barry bridge coming from new jersey into pennsylvania, off ramp to flower street is going to be block all week, that is right there in the the neighborhood, all due to construction. they are working on naamans creek road in delco, right at ogden, that project is just off i-95 that will be out there until friday. hopefully we will have a better day at the airport. i know all of the situation we had to deal with yesterday with delta. everything is back to normal as far as arrivals and
4:49 am
departures for the moment at philly international. chris and lauren, back over to you. authorities say one officer was hurt after police responded to a disturbance at a dewey beach restaurant. it happened around 1:00 at rusty weather restaurant. police say after a fight broke out as police calmed down the crowd, they were forced to use pepper spray. during that time is when one was hit in the head with an object. he was treated at the scene and is expect to be okay. one tourist thinking creative police work and power of social media after her baggies stole when her family passports inside. they left her backpack along with the cell phone, jewelry and all of her family's passports. it was stolen last week after she left it on the september bus. she contacted septa police. chief thomas nestel used social media to express message of the stall even bag. he offered it for no arrest. message spread. it was return within 24 hours. >> in my eyes, it was a good decision focusing on trying to
4:50 am
help people is what the police should be doing, and we can provide a second chance for somebody that made a mistake. >> thank you, thank you, thank you very much. you made this possible. thanks to them, this vacation i have a happy ending. >> we love happy endings. thirty he lease say other items like headache up and clothes were not returned but she says she's still very grateful. you can now play ping-pong and maybe even meet the pope. >> for the price of 25 you this dollars. entrepreneur robert blackwell junior has created world unplugged and play day at the vatican. from august 29th until the 31st people can pay to meet the pope, play ping-pong and get one of the limited addition tables. the hope, for people to connect beyond the use of technology. blackwell says a portion of the proceed will go to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. deal off, it appears that the lay boy mansion can still be yours, break out the pipe and the robe, tmz is reporting that the deal to buy the
4:51 am
mansion for 110 million-dollar, fell through, sunday night. that is because the buyer wanted more access to the mansion then playboy founder hugh hefner was really comfortable with. the buyer, darren metropolis and hefner's people back and forth about a dozen times but playboy concluded his demand were unreasonable. the mansion is officially back on the market. they are being called the new odd couple, we're talking martha stewart and snoop dogg, so the two will join forces in the kitchen this fall, for a cooking show, wonder if he will take these glasses off. it is called martha and snoop's dinner party featuring the 29 stars preparing a meal for their celebrity friend. this will not be the first collaboration between stewart and snoop, duo first teamed up over the stove in 2008 on a episode of martha stewart living. >> speaking of wrappers, kanye west making headlines this morning, stop me when you have heard this before.
4:52 am
this time it is no the a bad reason. he has join the ranks of the elite group, he tops the list with michael jackson and frankie valley for the top 100 list. kanye west is tenth overall on those list of chart toppers. elvis pressly is still at the top of the list with 80, top 40 hits, lil wayne, second in line with 69 songs. a trivia question would be yeah, elvis. but lil wayne number two. >> glad you got that, bob said salt and pepa. >> it is pepa. >> you have lil instead of little. >> it is salt n pepa. >> yes. >> drinking just got easier in the state of pennsylvania, the new places that can now sell alcohol thanks to a new law and i hope that discourse we had didn't drive you to drink.
4:53 am
♪ ♪ the best way to get together,
4:54 am
is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
4:55 am
time is 4:55. new law that will allow roughly 11,000 business toss sell take out wine is in effect. law will allow places such as pizza shops sell beer to go, to serve, alcohol. casinos can apply to serve alcohol during overnight hours, new law will allow wineries to ship wine in pennsylvania, customers, you can only now get up to 36 cases per year. slowly pennsylvania is getting
4:56 am
with the rest of the world when it comes to alcohol sales. if you are tired of the long wait to get a drink at the bar there is a new app to speed up the process. beer me allows users to use their smart phone. the app was created and launched in philadelphia it takes just about 30 seconds to get your drink. handful of local bars accepting the app which can be down loaded from the app store or google play. i went home to atlanta a few weeks ago. i was texting, face timing one of my friend showing you can go in cvs and get like a prescription, a bag of chips, you can get bottle of wine and a card, and you can walk out. everything in one place. it is so weird to me here when you go in the cvs or supermarket and there is no wine or no beer. >> if you knew to town, two things the hot alcohol laws and pp thea. >> it is an adjustment.
4:57 am
>> 4:57. coming up next at 5:00, this is a terrifying pattern string of robberies happening across philadelphia, what police say all victims have in common. plus new poll numbers, and a new challenge overnight from hillary clinton. what she's now urging donald trum top do.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
a terrifying pattern involving robberies at a dozen philadelphia businesses. what police say armed robbers are after. all eyes are on pennsylvania's top cop who may testify today as trial of the attorney general kathleen kane continues. plus this... >> florida's governor confirming a 17th case of the zika virus in this sunshine state. how they are using all resources available to stop the virus from spreading. good day it is august 9th, 2016. lauren johnson sleeve lesson this tuesday. >> i know. >> when i walk outside first thing i felt sue serio was my hair. >> um-hmm. >> you feel it swelling. >> yes. >> so you are feeling higher humidity and dew point this is morning. the it is definitely more sticky then yesterday. it is also cooler.


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