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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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a terrifying pattern involving robberies at a dozen philadelphia businesses. what police say armed robbers are after. all eyes are on pennsylvania's top cop who may testify today as trial of the attorney general kathleen kane continues. plus this... >> florida's governor confirming a 17th case of the zika virus in this sunshine state. how they are using all resources available to stop the virus from spreading. good day it is august 9th, 2016. lauren johnson sleeve lesson this tuesday. >> i know. >> when i walk outside first thing i felt sue serio was my hair. >> um-hmm. >> you feel it swelling. >> yes. >> so you are feeling higher humidity and dew point this is morning. the it is definitely more sticky then yesterday. it is also cooler.
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70 degrees, but calm wind and 93 percent relative humidity. our sun won't rise until 6:08 as these days get shorter. sixty-five trenton. sixty-three in lancaster. very comfortable to the north and west of philadelphia but further south you go it will start to feel stickier because these dew points are inching up closer to the actual temperatures. so, lets get right to our high temperature for today, which will be 88 degrees. we only got to 85 yesterday. we had more cloud cover then expect. but today mostly sunny skies, warmer, and humid with wind out of the south east at the 5 . so not too much breeze today. it will in the be bad but it will be when we get to the seven day forecast. how is tuesday morning going so far, bob kelly. >> so far so good. 5:01 on this tuesday. we are off to a good start other than bad hair days later today. north on the boulevard left lane still taken out here
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between kelly drive, and broad street. so leaving from say schuylkill heading northbound just one of the left over work crew is still out there. hello to the bennie. no problems at all at ben franklin bridge coming into downtown. all of the bridges are looking good. market frankford, broad street subway line they have just started running with the trains here this morning, you know, overnight busing operation new complete, and trains will run all morning, all day long, eight to ten minutes on the market frankford and subway. that is your best option. free parking is back here down at novacare complex. septa made service adjustments over the weekend. if thinks your first day back to work after the weekend. maybe you took monday off. they made adjustments on the four lines. timing adjustments on the first three here and then three extra trains added to the war minister line, for the morning rush hour. chris and lauren back over to you. thanks very much. police are looking for several gunman behind a dozen break ins of businessness philadelphia. >> officers say that there is a connection, now the feds are getting involved.
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steve keeley is live on this at police headquarters, steve, good morning. >> reporter: fbi violent crimes task force coincidently just across the street from police headquarters which is right across the street from chinatown. that is where these business owners all got together. look at the surveillance video. this is from just one of the 12 different hold ups since may. the these break ins, 11 of the 12 happening between four and 6:00 a.m. this is the time this is going on. what the problem is people that run these chinese restaurants on many street corners all around philadelphia, there is hundreds of them, lot of them live in apartments above the restaurants. the guys that go to the restaurants know this. they know one other thing. they have atm's because they don't use credit cards. it is strictly cash businesses. asian business owners here in philadelphia are notorious and being known by crooks as people who horde their cash in their house and wait for a lot of cash before they deposit
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into an asian bank and that is why these folks are being targeted. >> the defenders are dehanding money. the one guy has a handgun. because people are not compliant and they do not understand they are smashing them with fist, the gun. >> we close around 12 or 1:00 in the morning, and then we have to stay up. we could not sleep. we cannot sleep. we have constantly checking security cameras to see if there is anybody. >> reporter: no one has been shot so far, in one has been seriously injured but people have been injured because they are being tied up and many of them have been slug in the head with these guns. and no injuries if you don't count fearing your own life, for that. and a lot of them, did fear they were going to get killed and ones that have not been hit at that meeting yesterday with 180 different business owners, all of them now living in fear, fearing they will be number 13. chris and lauren. >> unlucky three if it pans out that way, steve, thank
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you. opening statements set to take place in the criminal case of the pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. jury was select yesterday. >> we're learning who could be called to testify. dave kinchen on this for a second day in the row in montgomery county, good morning, dave. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are learning more about high names that will be likely testifying here, in this week long case, against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. we also know that kane left the montgomery county courthouse yesterday after lawyers and the judge spent all day questioning potential jurors. six men and women were seated to serve late in the day out of the pool of 100. the judge asking all jurors if they knew that certain key witnesses including powerful figures like judges, reporters and ex-staffers who may testify in the trial that was including philadelphia d.a. seth williams and former pennsylvania supreme court justice mccaffery, also kane's former first deputy bruce beamer and her current chief
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of staff philadelphia daily news reporter chris brennan, who is also a possibility in this list of people may testify. kane as you know is charged with leaking secret grand jury information ape then lying about it in a series of political squabbles from harrisburg with local officials all around the state. opening statements set to start later this morning and we will see if more has this all unravels, back to you. >> dave kinchen thanks very much. jailed local mob boss joey merlino due in court in florida today. 594 year-old is set to appear for a bail hearing in west palm beach. prosecutors will argue merlino should stay in jail on pretrial detention. fbi agents arrested merlino last week on federal charge's long with 40 others connect to organized crime. indictment contains charges such as racketeering, gambling, loan sharking, arson and fire arms offenses and health care fraud dating back to the year 201. merlino's attorney says he is fighting those charges. in wilmington a judge is
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decide if you go a 16 year-old should face charges as an adult in the death of her classmate. prosecutors charge the teen with beating amy joyner francis at howard high school of technology in april. they say that led to her death, and at a hearing yesterday police detective said that the fight left joyner francis with cuts and bruces, and her fingernails were ripped out. talk about a violent fight. authorities say joyner francis had a preexisting heart condition and physical and emotional stress of that assault contributed to her death. if the teen headed to trial faces charges as an adult she could get as long as eight years in prison. investigation into a berks county murder/suicide continues. new reports cite a neighbor saying the family was found dead the day the mother planned to leave with those children. police found megan and mark short with three children and family dog shot dead in their sinking spring home over the weekend. one neighbor said she followed the family on line after reading the couple's two years
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old had a heart transplant. >> it is a big strain on the family. like i said, i just followed willow's story and when i saw that it was the same family it is just devastating. >> she was very strong, very driven, to take care of her kids. definitely a very good mom. >> suicide note was found at the scene. police have not confirmed who pulled trigger but they have referenced domestic issues between that couple. a crash in north philadelphia a kills a little girl. police tell us one car was heading west on york when another car slammed into it at second. first car lost control hit a fire hydrant and then a building impacting and ejecting a three-year old. she died at the hospital. two other people hurt. their injuries not too serious no word if that child was in the car seat. an argument in the middle of the alcot the street in the middle of the somerdale end in the man's dead. philadelphia police say this happened around 5:00. two men were arguing. one started firing his gun shooting the other man six times. authorities found the gun
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2 miles away in the mailbox but still they have not found the shooter. emotional tribute for a kensington man gunned down in front of his two own children. family members gathered last night to remember 29 year-old terrell boggs, his daughter, ten and two years old, released balloons in his memory. police say boggs was shot as he returned to his braddock street home sunday morning. his two daughters with his 15 year-old sister were with him when two gunman opened fire. >> my niece is growing up and also their brother growing up without a father, and we have to live the pain of being there watching your dad die right there in front of your eyes. >> family members said officers arrested one suspect and they are looking for another, police have not released a motive for that shooting. let's talk some politics, another poll find democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton with an edge over her rival his name is donald trump seen here. monmouth university releasing a new poll shows clinton
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holding a double digit lead over trump. former secretary of state supported by 46 percent of voters, a 34 percent for trump. since dnc in philadelphia in late july polls have consistently shown clinton with an advantage over trump. donald trump is trying to reconnect after losing round. in detroit republican nominee laid out his plan for jump starting the economy. among the highlight trump is proposing an across the board tax cut and also wants to eliminate death tax, offer full deduction of all child care expenses and impose a 15 percent corporate tax rate. hillary clinton is focusing on her own economic plan at a micro brewery in florida. she spoke the with the owners of three daughters brewery in st. petersberg. the family run operation is a perfect example of the kind of business that will benefit from her economic policies. clinton's campaign said she will counter trump's plan with an address of her own later this week. clinton will announce overnight she will participate
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in all three presidential debates, and she challenges trum top do the same. g.o.p. vice-presidential nom behind me mike pence will be in pennsylvania today. the indiana governor will host a town hall in lancaster this afternoon. tonight he will attend a trump rally in pittsburgh. being the key battle group state, as pennsylvania is seeing a lot of presidential candidates swing through here. we will see that over the course of the next three months. after the break new details from the water park tragedy how officials believe this ten year-old boy died while riding the world's tallest water slide. a crackdown on distract driving, message coming from the local police department and statistics to back it up e f. you don't have to guess. my giant.
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chris murphy enjoying the view of the parkway. the prettiest road in philadelphia. just pretty. it is a pretty nice morning. more humid then yesterday but not as humid as it will be and we have had, so far four heat waves in 2016, one in may, three in july, zero in june. we're about to get one at least in august. so, we're looking at southeasterly wind, jet stream will move to the north of us and it is very familiar, summer weather pattern. we will that bermuda high outside the united states and
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you know just going to be kind of sticky. very much like it was during the convention. so we have got this system to the south, eventually moving northward but not today. high pressure will keep it down to the south of us, but eventually, this high will move off shore, and let in some southeasterly wind today. once this warm front comes northward, it will get even hotter and more humid and more oppressive. as we look at the future cast, we will look at today we will see a few clouds but do not see showers popping up until tomorrow afternoon, you may get one, you may not and that is sort of the pattern we will have for the rest of the week. the here's thursday at 1:00 nothing going on to the south of us, showers popping up, philadelphia and northward but may not get one then. friday same situation and saturday looks like it will be the hottest day of what will be our fifth heat wave. 70 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-nine in dover. sixty-three in lancaster. fifty-two. nice and cool in mount pocono.
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this is the comfortable area north and west of the city, and they will get sticky further south. from 07 today we will zoom up to 88 degrees. sunny and warm. more humid tomorrow. we will hit 90 degrees f we don't on wednesday we will definitely hit it on thursday and friday, and saturday. that would make for a heat wave and then sunday we will throw that in for good measure as well. it may cool off a little bit in on by monday. but the unsettled weather, will continue. we will take a real quick look at those shore temperatures because we do have more comfortable temperatures at the shore today and tomorrow. we're in the lower 80's. so head to the shore if you can, bob kelly. >> could we go to the shore with you, are you driving? >> we will go down wildwood crest down that really long way to the beach. >> takes a half an hour to 40 minutes to the get to the water. five will 16. hello to the boulevard. still working here north bound with the left lane block between the schuylkill, past the kelly drive up in to broad street.
5:17 am
light volume. they are not bothering anybody. hopefully they will be out by beginning of the rush hour. northeast philadelphia live look at i-95 southbound heading in toward center city. we are in good shape no problems on the pennsylvania turnpike leaving south jersey, heading in towards philadelphia take a look at this little cutie, one of my little jammers here, little lea is all ready for olympic swimming finals today. get out little flip and fill pool we have goggles on thanks to mom and dad for sending in the picture there she's a cutie. no problems from wilmington delaware looking good up i-95. they have construction there at 202 to look out for. then we will slide on up to burlington, new jersey where we had a water main break overnight. good news is that the repairs have been made. they turn water back on. yeah kid you have to take a bath and brush your teeth this morning. watch for repairs throughout the day on talbot street just north of the burlington bristol bridge no problems or delays on the market frankford or broad street subway and we
5:18 am
are looking good at the airport. chris and lauren back over to you. police in evesham township cracking down on distract driving, it is all in an effort to keep people safe, of course. so they say distract driving is an epidemic on new jersey's roadways and it is time to speak out. message from police is distract driving, kills, and they have numbers to back this up. >> our recent statistics have shown that almost 60 percent of our crashes, in 2016 were as a direct result of the distract driving. put the phone down both hand, steering wheel just pay attention. not only put yourself in danger but other bystanders and met the wrist and they are in danger and we are driving distract. >> police there pinpointed areas where they have faced a lot of accident and they are aggressively going after people who they think are distract. >> sheriff sergeant injured in the elevator accident at philadelphia's court buildings is partially paralyzed. paul, owens right now paralyzed from the waist down. last week the elevator he was
5:19 am
in the criminal justice enter crashed through the ceiling. fifty year-old is still in a medically induced coma. cjc reopened yesterday with limited access to the elevators. >> we are assisting the court and as we did security for the courthouse we're making sure crowd control is under control and trying to get people in the building and out the door as swiftly as possible and it is working very well. >> authorities are still investigating why that elevator malfunctioned. officials say neck injury killed a ten year-old on the world's tallest water slide, caleb schwab died sunday while riding on this the schlitterbahn in kansas city. he was in a raft with two women who suffered facial injuries. injuries happened on a hill after the big drop. the park is expect to reopen tomorrow. actual slide, it is expected to stay closed. lets go to the developing story out of florida, rick
5:20 am
scott confirms that the 17th case of the zika virus in the state of florida. this time in palm beach county north of miami. florida state health department providing free testing for those who think they have had mosquito born virus. symptoms include fever, aches, and red eyes, they cannulas for up to a week. florida continues to fight for federal funding, officials say they are using all of the resources available to stop the virus from wenting. >> brought in additional screening to deal with the mosquitoes and we have seen our efforts have doubled. >> obama administration has been calling on republicans to a have prove $2 billion worth of funding to fight zika, officials say money will run out by the even of the summer. sad news to report from the elmwood park zoo in norristown, four animals have died over past month. vets say all of the deaths were natural, and unrelated. the zoo mourning man filled at elk, the monkey, and long wool
5:21 am
sheep and knox a gray wolf. elmwood park zoo is asking visiting to pose photos or leave messages on the the facebook and instagram pages. new video shows rescuers banding together to rescue a dolphin from the shallow creek in south jersey. it took crews from the tje marine mammal stranding center two attempts on sunday to get the bottle nose dolphin out of the creek in middletown ship. hearst later this were able to free him in the delaware bay. they are not sure how he got stuck there in the first place. up next, delta continues to recover after computer outage forced thousands of cancellations and delays. what the airline is new doing for passengers affect by the glitch.
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delta giving $200 vouchers for pass evening hours suffered from significantly delayed flights yesterday. >> 200 bucks. >> i think that is good. >> computer outage forced cancellation of the thousands of flights worldwide yesterday morning and we saw it play out on the fox 29 morning news. we were all over this story a lieutenant of people with delayed or cancelled flights were stuck at philadelphia international. delta says a fraction on of
5:25 am
the 6,000 scheduled flight, went off as scheduled, passengers also requested full refund or changed their flights over the next few days, without penalty. a new law that went in effect that will allow 11,000 business as cross the state to sell wine, to go. the changes in alcohol sales laws were approved earlier in the year. law allows places such as pizza shops to sell beer to go to serve alcohol and casino could apply to serve alcohol in the overnight hours. you may notice something different if you visit a boardwalk. >> in place of the wooden planks wildwood crest is trying out a new look and feel. >> they have installed mathed walkways, and goal, to improve accessibility to the beach. because you have to walk, so far, to get out there. so, the surface makes it easier for wheelchairs, strollers and stays cool because sun heat up that sand, and burns your feet. >> um-hmm split is being tried out for just this summer and,
5:26 am
of course, officials down at the peach want to know what you think. feedback is welcomed. >> i remember taking the kid to the beach and you have to grab the stroller and then walk it all the way. you cannot get stroller through the sand. >> you know how far the beach is. >> yes. >> in low tide, there is that. >> drama. >> yes. >> well, what happened. >> what watched was we are moving forward because we talk about that story and now we are running tight on time. next up at 5:30 new details released in the beating death of the local student. brutal moment that went down inside a high school bathroom. also steve keeley on a unsettling pattern of robberies, steve. >> reporter: it is happening this time of the the day between four and 6:00 a.m. all chinese restaurant scattered throughout philadelphia problem is where these restaurant owners live.
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and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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5:30 am
november 8th is election day. >> it will be here before we know it. >> today is august 9th. >> we are three months away. >> creeping up. >> yeah. >> less go to sue serio because temperatures are creeping up. >> i wish i could give you a nine for august 9th but we will go with an eight because it is more humid then yesterday. still a nice day. eight out of ten, i will take it. here's budd which his t-shirt on and ever press even sun screen maybe getting ready for a boat ride, dock side buddy says mild start with temperatures in the 60's and 70's out there and here is a look at what we have at the airport. it is pretty calm 70 degrees. 93 percent relative humidity. 6:08 is your sunrise time. other temperatures in the pocono mountains it is lovely, nice and cool, sweater weather, 52 degrees. sixty-four in trenton. sixty-three in lancaster. sixty-seven, in wildwood, and, 65, in atlantic city. so yesterday, we got the to 85 .
5:31 am
average high 86. just right for this time of the year today will exceed the average a little bit. little bit more humid but tolerable, sunset time 8:05. it is still a nice licensing day to enjoy we will tell you about stickies coming back in the seven day forecast and possibly heat wave number five. good morning. >> talk about sticky, we could have a sticky situation if you fly delta this morning. i just check with the airport so far, four flights this morning have been cancelled board delta out of philadelphia international. what i'm thinking here is that yesterday's snafu in the morning they didn't have have all of the planes lined up and staged properly for the rest of the day, so that these flights are ready to leave here this morning. so there is some confusion at the delta counter. folks are lined up. if you are intend to go fly delta this morning check with your airline, or if you flying
5:32 am
via another airline get down there or at least check in and grab your seat because obviously is there four flights of delta passengers looking for another way out of town this morning. live look the a the blue route 476, near delco this fellow off to the shoulder approaching the saint david, villanova interchange. little bit of fog here, i'm not sure if this is with us for morning or not but hazy shot of i-95 in delaware county. make sure your head lights are on as we roll out of the driveway, up and down delaware county 95 there wilmington heading up to the airport so far, so good. we have a water main break from yesterday up in burlington. one and 200 blocks of talbot street. they were able to get the water turned back on. so that is good news. they will be out there making repairs throughout the day. this is north of the burlington bristol bridge. chris and lauren back to you. police say is there a connection between dozen violent breakness happening at philadelphia businesses. >> we understand that there
5:33 am
could be as many as four gunman, steve, involved in this. >> reporter: is there definitely four because they see them on surveillance. where police headquarters is, it is right on outskirts of chinatown and chinese restaurant association and police held a big meeting attended by 180 different asian business owners yesterday worried they will be hit next and be number 13. twelve asian restaurant owners have been hit since may. eleven of the 12 hit right now between four and 6:00 a.m. what happens is these four guys go into the restaurant first on the first floor and then they go upstairs where restaurant owners live in apartments and that is where they wake up owners at gunpoint. some are hit by the guns, none shot so far but nearly all tied up and ordered to give up everything that they got. >> they were threatened by a gun. they pointed gun a at their head. >> well planned out obviously and there is a perception money is there and these people are taking opportunity to do this. >> very afraid, they tied them
5:34 am
up, and he was actually injured because of the way they tied him up. >> we want our member to learn from police headquarters and different organizations how to protect themselves. >> reporter: we really cannot see the faces of these four because they are wearing masks but one of them didn't cover up is that to on the back of neck. that the is most identifiable thing so far from any of the surveillance from any hold ups because police think that this tattoo read the fee hail name felicia. if you know anybody with the name felicia tattooed the on the back of the neck they are probably only one in the city with that and they may be part of this crew. that is the break that police are looking for. the reason asian restaurant owners are being hit really four main reasons. they live in these apartments above their businesses and customers know that. mostly only cash business something customers know because they don't take credit card and many of atms in the lobby or out front.
5:35 am
and then asian business owners are notorious for keeping all of their cash in their homes before depositing it in a asian bank sometimes waiting up to a in to do that. all that is adding up to make all of the asian restaurant owners that you see throughout this city targets for this crew of four guys doing this since may and probably going to keep doing this until they are caught. >> at least one of them is really conspicuous that felicia in the back of the neck tattoo. >> give away. steve keeley, thanks very much. opening statements will start later today in the criminal case of the pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. >> you can say she's now in the fight of her political career. dave kinchen at the courthouse in norristown with more, hi dave. >> reporter: we know opening statements will begin now that the jury has been seated here at montgomery county courthouse in the trial against pennsylvania attorney general catalan kane. kane left the courthouse after lawyers and the judge spent all day questioning potential jurors. six men and six women were
5:36 am
seated to serve late in the day out of the pool of 100 that were interviewed. judge asked all jurors if they knew potential witnesses powerful figures in the state including judges, reporters and ex-staffers who might testify at the trial. list includes philadelphia d.a. seth williams and former pennsylvania supreme court justice mccaffery and also kane's former first department bruce beamer and her current chief of staff, philadelphia daily news reporter christopher brennan is also a possibility. kane is charged with leaking secret grand jury information and then lying bit in a series of political squabble was elected and appointed officials. opening statements set to start this morning. this trial could take about a week although it could go longer then that. back to you. >> just see how it plays out. jailed local mob boss joey merlino due in court in florida today. 594 year-old is set to appear for a bail hearing in west
5:37 am
baum beach. prosecutors will argue merlino should stay in jail. fbi arrested him on federal charges with 40 others connected to organized crime. the indictment contains charges such as racketeering, gambling, loan sharking, arson and fire arms offenses as well as health care fraud. this dates back to 2011. merlino's attorney says he is fighting foes charges. in wilmington delaware a judge decide if you go a 16 year-old should face charges as an adult in the death of her classmate. prosecutors charged the teen with beating amy joyner francis at the howard high school of technology back in april. they say that beating, led to her death. in the hearing yesterday, a police detective said that the fight left joyner francis with cuts and bruises and her fingernails were ripped off. authorities say joyner francis had a preexisting heart condition and the physical and emotional stress of that assault contributed to her death. if the teen headed to trial faces charges as an adult she could get as long as eight
5:38 am
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can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] good morning i'm howard eskin. we are moving forward to see eagles not just practice football but play in the game. thursday night eagles play against tampa. malcolm jenkins, jason peters, jordan matthews and when dell
5:41 am
small wood will in the play. now to the question in my mind who the fans are looking forward to seeing. one player, yes, their first pick carson went. head coach says wentz will play mess of the second half. it is his first game in the nfl. >> i dent get real nervous with this game. it is just a game. i don't sweat too much about it the i have fun witt. i will calm down from the excitement because i will be excited. but once that first snap comes i will be ready to go. i will show waste can do i will not try to blow anybody away or do anything. i will just go play ball. i'm not going to try to play out of body. i want to show what i can do and the rest will take care have of itself. >> i want to see timing, accuracy, decision making with him and him being able to move our offense. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. phillies continue their west coast trip, last night opening up a three game series in los angeles verse dodgers. a familiar face chase utley,
5:42 am
he flied out to left to start the game for dodgers but it was all los angeles from there. dodgers scored five runs, in the first inning and they never looked back. phillies starter zach eflin continues to struggle, giving up seven runs in just three innings. and his era in the last few games, 13.85, dodgers win this game nine-four. after the break new poll numbers in the over tonight exchange she downhillry clinton is challenging donald trump with.
5:43 am
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here we are, in approaching the middle of august and we have already had four heat waves this summer, we're working on number five, it will be happening, by the weekend we should be in the middle of it, with hot and humid air from the south. once that jet stream moves to the north, all bets are off for summertime. we have some rain, storminess well to the south of us, virginia, and north carolina coast, it is all part of the frontal system moving northward probably tonight into tomorrow, and let in even warmer air and also up crease possibility of pop up showers and thunderstorms. we have a few reports of fog around this morning. very isolated, millville has reduced visibility. wrightstown around fort dix has reduced visibility to only half mile there, but we have seen fog in a few other place these morning. keep that in mine. it could slow you down heading where ever you are heading
5:46 am
this morning. 07 degrees in philadelphia lap caster has 62. allentown 61 degrees. pottstown is 61. hazel ton 57 degrees, lovely morning up there. levittown 64. 65 degrees in atlantic city and down in lieu is delaware we are starting off with 66 degrees. pretty nice morning. 86 degrees is our average high. we had right around average yesterday with 85. more cloud cover then we thought but 88 degrees with more sunshine today and then each day after that, we will be in the 90's starting tomorrow, we will have that ever present chance of the pop up shower or thunderstorm and with each day with more and more humidity we will build up to saturday where we will be so oppressive that temperature in the mid 90's will probably feel like it is about 105. that is when we will get lazy, bob kelly. so stay inside in the air conditioning. >> definitely for sure.
5:47 am
5:46. good morning. tempers will be hot this morning if you fly dealt, we all know about the situation from yesterday. with all of these flights cancelled yesterday they called it staging. they cannot and they don't have the opportunity to move planes around. they are expecting anywhere, maybe up to a thousand flights to be cans told day alone throughout or around the world. so check with the airline this morning. so far, four flights have been cancelled this morning out of philadelphia, philadelphia international, check with delta before you head down to the airport. they are offering refund. we mentioned it earlier. they are offering a voucher for your troubles but there are folks that went down to the airport this morning that obviously did not hear about all this. so if you are flying delta in and out of philadelphia or anywhere today i would check with the airline to make sure you are in good shape. eastbound to the pennsylvania turnpike an accident right before downingtown interchange. all lanes block route 130
5:48 am
southbound at columbus boulevard because of an accident right before you get into the burlington bristol bridge interchange and this is what steve keeley's tire looked like this morning. he was not on pothole patrol, when he was coming over the betsy ross bridge, the betsy ross bridge ramp to south i-95, he hit the pothole and then had to drive through the construction zone on his rim there, and, head up to anyone who uses betsy ross bridge, and there is a big old pothole southbound to the ramps on i-95. chris and lauren back to you. tourist thanking creative police work and power of social media after her bag was stole when her family's passports inside. misses tad a left her backpack with her cell phone, scrollery, family passports, after she left it on a septa bus. she contacted police, chief thomas nestel used social media to spread message of that stolen bag. he offered to trade the
5:49 am
family's backpack for no arrests the message spread, and that bag was turn in within 24 hours in my eyes it was a good decision focusing on trying to help people as to what the police should be doing, and we can provide a second chance for somebody that made a mistake. >> thank you, thank you, thank you very much. you made it possible. thanks to them this vacation has happy ending. >> police say other items such as make up, clothing were not returned but she says that she's still really grateful. turning to you decide 2016, and another poll find democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton with an edge over her republican rival donald trump. >> monmouth university releasing a new poll that shows exactly what lauren is saying, clinton hold ago this double digit lead, former secretary of state is supported by 46 percent of the voters, to trump's 34 percent. that is a huge differential right now, since the dnc in
5:50 am
philadelphia last month, polls have consistently shown clinton with that advantage over trump. donald trump trying to reconnect with voters in detroit. republican nominee laid out his plan for jump starting the economy, machining the highlights of his economic plan trump is proposing an across the board tax cut. hillary clinton is also focusing on jobs and the economy this week. trump says democrats are not doing enough and his plan is what the country needs. >> it will present a night and day contrast to the job killing tax raising poverty inducing obama/clinton agenda. >> clearly outrage to us me that somebody that claims to be so successful has done it by stiffing hard working americans. >> clinton's campaign says that she will counter trump's economic plan with an address later this week. the clinton also announcing she will participate in all
5:51 am
three presidential debates, and she challenges trum top do the same. >> absolutely. i have a challenge for chris murphy. >> welcome back. >> pretty good cut do you remember the super bowl you made chile. >> i made, some chicken for y'all, chicken parmesan he makes eggs in the morning. >> welshing we kind of lived together for just a while. it has been great. >> i challenge to you beat bobby filet, one of the most famous chefs in the world. >> nicely done. >> here's the challenge. he makes a pretty good shrimp scampy can you beat bobby flay's. >> this is one trick upon i only dish he makes is chicken parm. >> are you ready to make shrimp scampi, are you willing to do it live on television. >> i will do it for today the first time. >> love every second of that. >> give me your face.
5:52 am
>> now do my arm. >> cupping. >> it is a big thing at the olympics. >> don't hurt her? michael phelps has 19 gold medals. >> sucking your skin up. >> you are doing it wrong. you will hurt her. >> chinese tradition and it works good do we have an example of the cupping from the olympics. do we have that? all these athletes they are coming out of the pool with bruises and stuff. that is what i'm looking for. >> let's do it on the air today. >> i will cup, look at that. >> what part of the body are you getting cupped. >> every square inch. >> what part of the body wasn't cupped there. >> alex will do it, kitkat kline will do it and we will do it. >> where are you going to get cupped. >> every square inch, did you miss that. >> not where i need a cup. >> eddie alvarez, ufc, one of the best. we're going to train like eddie alvarez.
5:53 am
try to cup him. you may lose your life. there is some good footage. >> he is an ufc fighter. >> we will see you guys. >> mike, so great to have you back. >> good to be back. >> eagles had some special guest visitors at training camp yesterday, how it was all thanks to someone for their service, we will be right back.
5:54 am
5:55 am
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look at that shot on olde city, tuesday morning, football season around the corn are and eagles have special guest visitors at training camp yesterday. you had senator bob casey and marine sergeant sam pecka got an up close look the at team as they get ready for the season. senator casey brought the sergeant as a way to thank the combat veteran for his service to our country. the sergeant could not have been more excited. >> i'm an huge eagles fan. this is a dream come true. i got to go to the training camp last year and i'm going to the game thursday but i cannot explain how incredible. i'm show thankful to be here and meet you and it is amazing sergeant pecka spent five years in the marines with one tour in afghanistan, and he is now a senior at temple
5:57 am
university. next up on good day a terrifying pattern involving robberies at a dozen philadelphia businesses, what police say group of armed robbers are after and all eyes are on pennsylvania's top cop who may testify today as the trial of the attorney general kathleen kane continues.
5:58 am
5:59 am
living in fear and fear and pressure. so frayed that i will be the
6:00 am
next victim. a terrifying pattern involving robberies at a dozen philadelphia businesses, who police say suspects are targeting right now. plus, kathleen kane heading to trial, jury has set opening statement for today and they are expecting in a couple of hours. big names possibly taking stand to take. is everything back to normal, computers supposedly backup and running at delta, but some customers, still feeling effects of yesterday's outage. every delta plane stopped, worldwide. what the airline is doing now to try to relieve the headache the day after. good day, everybody. it is august 9th, 2016. hopefully having a good day. it is good day philadelphia, hi. >> good to be back. >> hi, everybody. >> nice long weekend. >> yes, four day weekend. >> try to beat that? you can't. >> this is my monday. >> yes. >> that means a lot for us. >> okay. lets get to our numbe


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