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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  August 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00.
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little girl is fighting for her live tonight. she was just standing on her front steps when she got caught in crossfire. almost two dozen shots erupted on a philadelphia street tonight and one bullet hit the little girl. good evening, i'm lucy noland. the gunman is still on the loose. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live at the scene in east germantown. shawnette? >> reporter: lucy, this six-year-old little girl was rushed to einstein hospital where she had surgery. i'm told she's since been transferred to saint christopher's hospital for children. she's been stabilized there. in the meantime, this is about the fifth incident since july a shooting involving a child. at least the second where a child was hit with straw bullet and in this case tonight the careless reckless person responsible is still out there. evidence markers show she will casings from 21 shots fired near the 6300 block of north woodstock street in east germantown. a six-year-old girl playing on the porch of the home where she lives was hit by stray bullet.
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police got the call just before 7:00 p.m. about shots fired and a person down. they arrived to find six-year-old shot in the left armpit. they rushed her to einstein where she had surgery. police say the shell casings were from two different guns although so far they only have reports of one person scene running away from the scene. >> six-year-old is playing directly in front of her house. she was actually standing on the front steps to the house where she lives. it's something you are expected to do when you're six years old and it's not even 7:00 o'clock in the summertime on beautiful night like this. >> reporter: and back here live the scene just cleared within the past half hour. there are several businesses along this intersection including a church just across the street. police say they all have surveillance cameras inn clueing some homes also have security cameras they will be looking at that have it yod for any clues who did this. lucy, back to you. >> hope fell get that person off the street asap. thank you shawnette.
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>> on your ray car the start of another heat wave and storms on the way. looking live at reading. many of us are hovering around 80. but those temps are about to spike. meteorologist kathy orr is tracking the timing in your first forecast at 11:00. kathy. >> good evening, lucy. good evening, everyone many we're talking about heat, humidity and storms popping up waking up tomorrow to temperatures in the 70s. pretty much everywhere. 75 in philadelphia. spun in pottstown. 71 in trenton. little bit cooler in the poconos at 68. but with this, we see humidity and the possibility of some morning storms. this is our high resolution model that really picks up the intricacies of the morning forecast and you can see during the morning, 6:30am, fairly dry. a few showers in the lehigh valley but watch what happens late in the morning. storms coming across dover, south jersey, even down the shore. going for our morning stroll on the boards or breakfast you could run into some downpours. so anything we see that falls in the form of liquid rain is going to be more like a downpour because of the heat and humidity.
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then we'll watch high pressure building off the coast. our bermuda high classic set up for the summer and we see that surge of warmth bringing not only heat and humidity but excessive heat and temperatures will be challenging record highs by the weekend. tomorrow we start it off with a high of 90 degrees. scattered morning storms especially through south jersey. then mostly cloudy and humid during the afternoon. as you plan your day, 74 in the morning. by lunch time we're already in the 80s. close to 90 degrees by 3:00 p.m. and by the 7:00 o'clock hour, still 86 degrees. as we look ahead excessive heat watch will go into effect thursday through saturday. the peak of the heat will be friday and saturday. saturday the hottest day. 96 degrees. the humidity oppressive through the period and this will be a long duration of 5-day heat wave the first one of august. as you take look at the extended forecast 90 for wednesday. thursday 92. the official heat wave number five rolls in on friday. the peak of the heat and humidity saturday.
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and still hot for sunday. this heat wave will end as you can see monday and into tuesday but it still will be hot those shore temperatures will spike over the weekend. when we make it to 90 degrees on saturday. so even down the shore it will be tough to beat the heat. coming up we'll time those storms and show where you they will be not everyone will be seeing rain all of the time, lucy, i'll see you laterred in broadcast. >> talk toon, kathy. new questions tonight were you car wreck that killed a little girl. police say a teen speeding down york street hit a family's car so hard that it ejected the three-year-old from her seat. fox 29's dave schratwieser spoke some who know the victim's family. dave? >> reporter: lucy no charges have been filed at this important but police are investigating this as a possible case of street racing they're looking for second car an second driver in the meantime the family and friends of little esther palmer are in mourning.
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>> devastated because that little girl she was just pressure little thing. >> reporter: family and friends paid their respects at a make shift memorial to 384 old esther palmer tuesday night. she was killed monday evening in a crash that may have been the result of street racing. >> right now that's on-going investigation they are seep traveling down second vote at a high rate speed. >> don't make no sense ya'll took the life avenue little girl who was just -- who i was was happy, like, she was little gi girl. >> reporter: gabbie torres and angelica lopez fought back tears as they remembered esther. they went to the same together. >> everybody loved her. she was just -- she was just a really happy baby. i just can't explain it. i can't believe that this happened to us. >> reporter: police say esther was thrown from her family car after it was struck in a violent crash at second and west york. the 17-year-old driver of the striking vehicle was hospitalized. he has retained an attorney. the driver of the second car believed to be racing has not been found. >> racing in an open street knowing there's people out here
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that's out that could, i mean you can just hurt them. >> i can't believe she's gone. >> reporter: police are also investigating if the child was strapped into a child safety seat. they are also looking at surveillance video but, again, at this hour tonight, no charges have been filed. lucy? >> thank you, dave. tragedy in burlington township, new jersey, tonight. authorities say a murder/suicide has left a family dead. the diss trek attorney says ruben johnson jr. killed his wife mishanda on his son in home on sunflower circle. that little boy was only 10 years old. the superintendent of burlington county schools says grief counselors will be at the middle school tomorrow until 8:30 p.m. in philadelphia, police are using phone video to help them figure out who shot and killed a man during a street race. video from the group philly street race team capped cher the weekend shooting on essington avenue in southwest philly. 39-year-old robert ostiguin is,
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his family says was a father of six and a racing enthusiast. police and the victim's family are hoping this video going viral will help them fine his killer. >> he's been on the streets for about 20 years, more than 20 years. so he knows a lot of people. it's going to come out. everything is going to come out. everything that is done in the dark will come out in the light. >> family members believe that someone targeted ostiguin. if you know anything about this call police. and tonight philadelphia police are looking for burglar they say targeting daycare centers. they say he has hit several centers across philadelphia. already this month. fox 29's brad sattin live at 35 many district police headquarters. close to where some of those break ins actually happened. brad? >> reporter: lucy, only daycare centers we're talking about. there were actually two back in february but in the last week and a half, there were seven more police think it is all the same guy and they also think that his luck is soon going to
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run out. he's been cutting wires presumable toll kilt surveillance cameras but clearly cutting the wrong wires. police say several cameras in child care centers show the same burglary suspect targeting seven locations since last monday. in some cases getting into lock bocks and stealing thousands of dollars. >> i guess he worked until he just tour it apart and once he tore it apart out of the window he was able to climb through the window and ransack the office. >> reporter: the man is breaking in through back doors and windows in the middle of the night. in one case, pushing in an air-conditioner and then climbing you loot hole. once inside he is tearing up rooms, stealing electronics and other times leaving empty hand handed. >> to know somebody that is breaking in day cares looking for money instead of going out getting a job doing hard work as we're doing it's unfortunate but i know he's going to be caught. >> reporter: police hope the video makes him quickly recognizable to someone. >> he has a distinctive mustache f someone sees the video, still image, they shall know who he is.
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call 911. >> reporter: police do think this man is acting alone. they're actually planning a community meeting in this area tomorrow to talk about it. lucy? >> thank you very much, brad. opening statements for the criminal case against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane are over and testimony has already begun. prosecutors say kane was on mission for revenge against political fina when she leak grand jury information then lied about it her former tom aid bruce beamer took the stand today. he told jurors he was shocked when he saw the grand jury information in the philadelphia daily news in 2014. it had to have come from her office. he takes the stand yet again tomorrow morning. in in order, a judge has moved a bail hearing for joey merlino to friday. jailed local mob boss will appear in federal court in west palm beach. merlino began working to rebuild the philadelphia crime family in 2014. prosecutors charge merlino nearly four dozen others suspected mobsters last week.
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new charges could land him back in prison for 20 years. a warning tonight before you head down the shore for your weekend. what towns are are you asking to do tonight before another deadly accident happens. and a five-year-old stumbled on something on a walk with his daddy. even he knew it was a big deal. the history-making find. you start young could extend your life. new study finds reading is not just good for your brain. it's good for your overall health. researchers at yale university tracked more than 3600 people older than 50. they split them no three groups. those who read books freakily much sometimes and never. they found that book readers lived almost two years longer than those who did not definitely into the pages of books. ♪
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♪ frankford the awnings of three adjacent row homes have collapsed. authorities tell us people that live in two of the homes on the 4700 block of melrose street can go back, though. no one is injured from what happened this morning. the residents can get into their homes from the back while crews make repairs to the front. all right. you see it and shoot it our fresco users helping us show what's happening in your neighborhood. chris, what's going on tonight? >> well, lucy, mayors in jersey shore towns are urging beach
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goers to follow the rules. this in the wake of several after hours rescues that have recently happened. the wildwoods mayor all three them telling the public to never swim without a lifeguard on du duty. why? especially because of recent rip tides within the past few, work days, officials say there have been two major rescues. when the lifeguards were off duty. one person in wildwood died two days ago. a fresco user in juno less beas caught this giant piece of a whale sculpture coming off boat part of an alaska wail project which hopes to educate the public about conserving the mammals. the organization said it raised nearly $3 million to construct this bronze life size whale. and in tucson, arizona roads are flooded after huge rainfalls there. the national weather service issued a flash flood watch there until thursday. the two tucson fire department says it had performed eight water rescues and helped dozen of stranded drivers all within a
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two-hour period of rain today. fortunately, no injuries have been reported. of course, when you see news happening in your neighborhood make sure you tack out your phone you shoot it and use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. lucy. >> we got fresco users everywhere even in juno, alaska. >> yes, we do. >> they're making money doing it. tonight in your health local researchers are working to fight the zika virus. the fda has approved a zika vaccine to go through clinical trials in and researchers developed it right here in philadelphia. a team from the wister institute says it's vac keen is very different than others because it's dna based which means unlike many traditional vaccines, it does not use life or even killed viruses. as of now, no approved vaccine is yet available to the public. >> dna has the possibility to be a disruptive technology which would,, what i moan by that is, advance us much quicker to the point of developing new drugs and therapists for human beings.
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>> the researchers also hope to use dna vaccine to fight other diseases some day like hiv and ebola. in your money, the fallout continues from one of the travel clinches of the summer. delta airlines canceled hundreds more flights today on top of the 1,000 flights yesterday. power outage grounded flights worldwide. delta canceled more than 300 flights today and passengers around the world say they are fed up. >> we've been taken off the plane twice, and we've been given every excuse under the s sun. >> incompetence. but, you know, what are you going to do about it? >> delta is also offering refunds and waiting fees delta ceo issued a public apology. travel experts say the airline needs to make a serious invest in many now backup systems to make sure this does not happen again. all right. get ready for what's grabbing headlines as the world's first interactive gaming coaster adventure goes live really soon.
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new jersey's six flags great adventure is about to open a new ride it thinks you'll want to check out. riders of rage of the gargoyles that's its name will become virtual reality fighter jet pilots as they battle gargoyles, of course. the track length is just shy of 1400 feet. features plunges and turns like, you know, roller coaster do's. you'll wear virtual reality head sets and see high def imagery, however. you can instantly lock on a moving target by using your head. the ride is slated to open on september 24th at the amusement park in jackson, ocean county. i don't know about you kathy orr, this one sounds like a fun one to me. >> do you like roller coasters? >> i love roller coaster. >> you can go with my daughter. >> i'll go. >> shows a big roller coaster girl. not i. ultimate doppler i'll check the weather for you. ultimate doppler showing a few clouds out there. a few sprinkles earlier but generally dry and that's the way it will stay during the overnight by tomorrow morning, things are going to begin to change. let's start off with your
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extended forecast. during the day tomorrow, we'll see some morning spotty showers. some downpours especially through south jersey in the morning. the high temperature 99. that starts the weather role and by friday we have heat wave number five the first heat wave of august. we continue to heat saturday. it will feel like it's about 105 to 110 i just did the numbers for saturday. sunday still hot at 92. monday the heat breaks but there's still threat of a shower or storm. when a cold front finally moves through. still warm on tuesday but we should get into some drier air. shore temperatures will be warm. tomorrow lower to mid 80s and then the heat is on. the heat peaks down the shore on saturday. now take look at the humidity. the next couple of days. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, high and i think by saturday it will be very high making it feel oppressive inn dangerous to be outside especially for folks that have breathing problems or asthma. as we take look at the next 48 hours. we see some spotty showers tomorrow morning this one up the i-95 corridor. it's a downpour because it's so
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humid. down the shore even on the boardwalk you could see spotty morning showers. they could increase during the mid to late morning and then after the noon hour we see breaks in the clouds and then more activity through the lehigh valley late afternoon. thursday i think most of the activity will be focused to the north of philadelphia in the suburbs in the lehigh valley. south jersey catching a break. if you're down the shore thursday, it look like you will have a dry day. that is the very latest from the weather center. lucluce we'll continue to tracke heat, the excessive heat watch goes into effect on thursday. >> thank you very much, kathy. we have some breaking news cupping in a child in critical condition tonight this all kind of sketchy information right now police have told us that someone rescued an eight-year-old child from a swimming pool in winslow township, new jersey. now the crews responded to the home on scenic view drive just before 5:00 this evening and transported the child to children's hospital. authorities are investigating what happened here. in georgia, five-year-old boy made impressive discovery
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while out for a hike with his father. he found a rock that turned out to be an artifact from the civil war. little logan says he knew something was different about the rock and immediately gave it to his dad. took it to park rangers. >> daddy, this is not a rock. this is metal. i looked close and there was some solder. >> i started looking at it and spherical shape like it would be a lead shot. >> good eye there. park rangers say the artifact could have been some of the ammo used by soldiers the park museum is now going to exhibit it. >> howard eskin, what you got? >> tim tebow, okay, so he can't play football any more. so now he wants to may baseball in the major leagues. are you kidding me? i'll have a comment coming up next. ♪
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♪ they are times where people and in this case players just don't get it. i'm talking about tim tebow.
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so many fans got crazy about this guy in college and i got that. he played on national championship with the university of florida. fans got carried away because he was one of those players that was polite and the parents just want their daughter to date this guy. he was always in the limelight. it's obvious he was a problem but that light is not shining on him any longer. he's a guy who was pure in many aspects tremendous religious values. clear al quarterback that got away with not being a player that was good at throwing the football in college but in college you can get away with that. in the nfl it was clear he was not close to the caliber of being an nfl quarterback. after espn stopped kissing his rear end, he missed the stage. now his latest gimmick. he says he wants to play major league baseball. oh really? the last time he played baseball was 11 years ago in high school. it's time tour tim tebow to say goodbye.
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tim, we've had enough. at least i have. time to stop begging for attention. he has zero shot, that's zero i've got one last comment. this is a joke. lucy? >> thought you might work nitwit in there somewhere. >> he is. >> thank you very much howard. i love tim tebow. reunited and it feels so good for fans last night members of in sync were back together but don't get any ideas. the band is not making a come back they met up in la to celebrate jc's 40th birthday. this picture went viral of the crew. first time they were altogether since 2013, my friends. howard i know you keep track of all this stuff. >> i do. >> were you excited about it? >> he likes in sync. >> you know does he. >> i like taylor swift, too. how about that? >> so do i. back here at 4:00 a.m. have a good one.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: well, justin timberlake seemed to say that this would never happen, but nsync reunited for one song. ♪ happy birthday to you >> everyone got together at the nice guy for j.c.'s 40th birthday. >> that means j.c.'s the favorite because justin doesn't go to anyone's stuff. >> no one goes to chris' dude. >> chris doesn't even go to chris'. >> one candle. >> the rock apparently hates some of his co-stars on "fast and furious 8." some conduct themselves as stand-up men and true professionals while others don't. candy asses. harvey: jason statham is a suspect. scott eastwood is a suspect. >> i feel like it's tyrese. >> why, because he's black? >> the rock is black. >> oh, yeah. >> zac efron. he went on to tinder.


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