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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 11, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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a warrant out for this man's arrest, police say he posted on line. >> plus breaking overnight, police investigating two separate shootings, where they happened, who police are looking for this morning. plus this: >> isis is honoring president obama. he's the founder of isis, the founder. he founded isis and i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> it is laughable, right? donald trump under fire again, plus what happened to the guy who climbed the trump tower yesterday? did you hear about this? >> i did.
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good day everybody, it is thursday, august 11, 2016. >> you can't make this stuff up. sue serio, 2016's been fun politically. fun weather wise the next three, four days. >> it will reminds us of the convention that was in town a couple of weeks ago, the excessive heat warning, it is no long area heat watch. it is a warning. it start today and goes through saturday. for these counties because these will be most impacted by those triple digit heat indexes. heat index will be until the hundred's starting today. six out of ten, in your weather by the numbers. right now we have 81 degrees in philadelphia, 4:00 in the morning, we have 81 degrees. you know where we're going from here, even with some cloud cover, we will get warm. seventy-one mount pocono, 76 in lancaster, we go down to millville, 79, same in ocean city, in lewes, delaware, 76 degrees. few scattered showers out in lancaster county, couple up in
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the lehigh valley, no big deal, system in central part of the state, seems to be deteriorating as it moves eastward. so we'll keep an eye on this situation, like we said, just few light showers this morning in lancaster county. you know you can never rule out a pop up shower or thunderstorm. so the 90s returned yesterday, with high temperature of 93 degrees. and guess where we're going today, back to 93. watch the sky of course, for pop up showers, and thunderstorms, hazy sun, humidity, winds out of the southwest, you know the drill, bob kelly, than is just the beginning. >> crazy, you said 81 already at 4:02 this morning. good morning, everybody, getting up, getting out on a thursday, live look at the vine expressway, closed both directions between the schuylkill and broad street. again it is all part of the overnight construction. i came through this detour this morning, which is the parkway, and kind of go around the circle there in front of the cathedral. the traffic lights are out in that construction zone. so, if you are coming into
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town for the next hour, just be careful. they're not blinking, just totally out. i actually didn't even realize i just went through the intersection, because there were no traffic lights. i don't know whether the lights are out because of the overnight work project, purposely, or whether they're knocked out and they have to get the crews throughout to hit the reset button. live look 95 northbound at cottman avenue, off ramp in northeast philadelphia, otherwise, good to go on 42 and 55, if you are coming in from south jersey, the commodore barry bridge, doing some work into pennsylvania, the flower street off ramp is closed all week. and are you ready for some football? we got it four. eagles, buccaneers tonight, south philadelphia the showdown. kick off at 7:00. that's going to throw a little monkey ben franklin notch our evening rush hour here. you will have a lot of extra volume headed into the stadium complex, septa running extra trains on the broad street subway tonight for all of the sport fans, again, shuttle buses running until 5:00 a.m. when they do kick in on the
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market frankford and the subway, trains run every eight to ten minute. back over to you. >> brutal. >> developing news out of north philadelphia, the search foreman wanted for targeting local teenage boys on line. >> police say he would coach victims into sending explicit images every themself. steve keel at police headquarters with more on this. >> reporter: this 30 year old guy used the same on line technique you hear detective use to go catch guys like him, posing as female, in this case, this guy was trying to convince and did in fact get teen under age boys to take leud pictures or videos of themselves and then e-mail them to him. his name is brandon speech. his last known address chadwick street in north philly. you see he has this previous mugshot because he's been previously arrested. but not arrested yet, not caught yet, in this case. so that's why police are putting out this picture and putting out the warning. and secondly, the real worry
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for people in north philadelphia that know him, like the woman you will hear, or that have children that know him, is that he worked for a philadelphia public school and local day care center, as well, that you see in our video. >> very shocked that the person that we new for so long has been around our children and working in our schools and day cares and no one ever know. and i think every day that i go to work that my kids are safe, and they're not. they're being molested and so we need to get to the bottom of the story. we also need to know that when he got hired for these spots, that something need to get done. i mean, i'm really hurt. he was a brother to me. i'm really upset. and i have to go home and question my neices and my nephews and the kids and the kids in the neighborhood. >> well, there may be even
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more victims and more things in this neighborhood that police don't even know about yet. so they're now asking anybody who came in contact with this guy, who maybe was too embarrased to tell police or even their parents about it, to come forward. chris, lauren, how long has he been doing it? how many kids affected this who knows. but he's been doing it from 2013 until just last week. so that can give you an idea how many victims he may have lured on line. >> years worth of work. thanks, steve. >> one man dead after late night shooting this happened after 1:00, 2900 block of germantown. police say they were in the area when they heard gunshots. that's when they noticed a man with several gunshot wounds, another man running from that scene after a brief pursuit, 23 year old was taken into custody. the gunshot victim taken to temple hospital where he died. no word on if any charges have been filed at this time. >> hunting park, police
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investigating another shooting, this happened just before midnight on the 3800 block of north percy street. police say a man was found with multiple gunshot wounds. he was taken to temple hospital in stable condition. no arrests have been made. >> memorial services have been released for the family killed in a murder suicide in berks county. today celebration of life service will be held for megan little iaian a, mj, willow. the family of five including mom, dad, three young children, all shot in their sinking spring home over the weekend, the service will be held add givnish home off academy road from 6:00 to 9:00 tonight. and memorial mass at our lady of grace cemetery. news conference is planned for monday to release more details in the murder-suicide. investigators have not yet confirmed who carried out the shooting. at one time he was one of kathleen kane's top aides. yesterday he had a lot to say against his former bows, pennsylvania attorney general,
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bruce beamer took the stands in the case against kane for second day yesterday. he says kane told him the grand jury leaks was, quote, no big deal. when he said they needed to investigate this. beamer says kane later asked him to try to block this special investigation watched by the state supreme court but it never came to that. prosecutors say kane was on a mission for revenge when she leaked the grand jury information then lied about it. the search will resume today for search foreman in the schuylkill river. skyfox over the river last night, words a man jumped off the chestnut street bridge. two other men jumped in after him to help. police rescued those two men, but they spent hours looking for the first one who went under just before 5:00. divers searched for him for hours with no luck. police have called off that search until today. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump under fire this morning for comment he made at a rally in fort lauderdale, florida. this time he took aim at the
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president calling him the founder of isis. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he is the founder of isis. okay? he is the founder. he founded isis. and i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. co-founder. >> during the rally last night, trump placed blame on the president and hillary clinton for the rise of isis in iraq. and in syria, and repeated his claims, the political system's rigged, pointing his finger squarely at the media. >> the eagles pre-season starts tonight. >> that's why i wore my green today. all eyes will be on rookie quarterback carson wentz. dave kinchen, you're live outside of the link this morning, what's going on? >> where is your green? >> reporter: well, i tell you
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one thing, we'll be seeing a lot of red, because it will be hot. it is in the 80s, sue said it will be much hotter by game time, of course, much more humid, as well. a lot of things to watch for tonight in addition to the heat, we are talking about a lot of different things we could look for in this pre-season action against tampa bay tonight. first off, the lane johnson situation, eagles offensive johnson, reportedly facing ten game suspension for violation of the nfl drug enforce many policy. hear they are waiting on the b samples in that case, that would be a major loss, though, if he is suspended. also, of course, the first time we would see the new head coach, peterson, calling the shots, what will the fans want to see from doug pederson? we noel not pen place tort including wide receiver jordan matthews with knee injury. speaking of players we will see how much the quarterbacks will play after all of the carson wentz mania.
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we noel be playing in the second half, sam bradford won't play at all. so chase daniel gets the start. but again, regardless of who plays, who doesn't, we know the birds will be literally feeling the heat along with the fans because it will be a hot one here tonight. back to you. >> yes, so hot, i can't even believe you're wearing a sport coat. >> there is a little bit after breeze, but i might end up taking it o that's why i brought out the polo. >> good for you. >> he looks sharp. >> he does. >> he captivated the country climbing more than 20 stories, straight up the side of new york city trump tower using suction cups. we have the moment police finally wrestled him inside. >> boy, did they wrestle him. it got rough. i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous
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>> we got to 93 degrees, the 25th time this year, we reached 90 or above. and yes, the start of our fifth heatwave. we can pretty much -- usually guarantees the weather but we can pretty much guarantee 90 days or above, high pressure in control, winds rotate clockwise around the high, that bridges in all of the moisture from the south and the southeast and the southwest and just all comes up from the low. so excessive heat warning continues today through saturday. officially kicks in at noon but it is already hot and humid out there, by the middle of the day today it will probably feel like it is well above 100 degrees. here is your forecast for the
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eagles pre-season opener, hot and humid at 7:00. about 88 degrees then. by 9:00 it is still steamy with 85 degrees. then later on, by the time you're probably leaving, it is still in the 80s, warm and muggy. we will probably stay in the 80s through the night. right now we have temperatures in the 80s at the moment. 81 degrees, 80 in trenton, 78 in pottstown, 79 degrees in wildwood, 71 degrees in mount pocono. but, yes, the heat index is going to be up there over the next couple of days. we will take a look at that and little more depth coming up. but as far as precipitation is concerned, little bit of rainout in lancaster county. we have 93 degrees for today, in fact, 90s all the way through monday, it looks like, with temperatures finally getting into the 80s, but the threat of thunderstorms does not leave us. so it stays pretty unsettled, pretty humid, the entire time. welcome to the real august, bob kelly.
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>> everybody just seems to be moving a little slower, just don't feel like doing anything. all chores have been canceled officially at my house. good morning, everybody, live look at the vine street expressway where we're still shut down vehicle traffic, between the schuylkill and broad street. overnight project, police are out here, they've been moving some -- actually what they are doing, taking the concrete beams that were used to hold part of the parkway up, and removing them, and then pulling them out of there in tractor-trailers. i know that because i passed it this morning on my way in. other thing i noticed the traffic lights are all out along that stretch here of the parkway leading into the construction zone. so heads up. i'm not sure whether they pulled a wire out, they turned them off purposely or whether or not they have to reset them before we get ready for the morning rush hour. some construction out in chalfont, good morning, route 152 closed again today at park avenue. that's a project that will last through tomorrow. same deal down naman's creek road. that's closed right at ogden,
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going to or from the king of prussia mall later today with the coupons, watch for work right at trooper road. they're going to be out there from 9:00 to 2:30, market frankford, broad street subway, using shuttle buses until 5:00. then the trains kick in and run every eight to ten minutes. e-a-g-l-e-s, how many times do you think we'll hear the fly eagles fly fight song? that begins tonight for the first of 10,000 times this season. 7:00 kick-off. so we will see a lot of extra volume headed down to the stadium complex. and these pre-season games are more like a family style. you got dad taking the two kids, i like to call it your brother-in-law game, the brother-in-law game, where you take your brother-in-law to the pre-season game, so you don't have to take him to the regular season game. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thank you so much. police trying to figure out what led to a deadly accident that killed a burlington county pastor, larry house,
4:18 am
community church in bordentown, house was on his motorcycle with his wife, leslie, when his bike collided with an s.u.v. sunday. house died from the crash, his wife remains in critical condition. >> so evidently this happened at the intersection of wood lane and smithville roads, in easthampton. their family says the pastor had a great passion for using his fate to reach out to other. >> he was just a man with a mission, and we just happen to be lucky enough to tag along and learn and do some of the things he got to do. >> accident investigators still interviewing witnesses, to figure out what led to that deadly crash. meantime at 4:18, south philadelphia, police looking for two men accused of stealing from a home depo. surveillance video shows them stealing a generator in a pressure washer from the store on columbus boulevard last month. the men put the stuff in their car then sped off. police say the merchandise is worth about 1800 bucks. if you recognize these men, police ask you to give them a call. >> huge donation is headed from new jersey down to
4:19 am
nicaragua. >> we mean big, but not money. air national guard and joint base mcguire-dix lakehurst sent firetruck to central america yesterday. the truck originally came from the princeton fire department. it is going a group of volunteer firefighters in nicaragua, where they desperately need it. master sergeant with the guard originally from the country came up with that idea after the princeton fire department retired the truck. >> i believe in helping other. we hear, do something in life, and to me it is helping. >> a project called the denton program made this donation possible to help organization use space available on military cargo aircraft to transport humanitarian goods to countries in need. >> okay, now, to story that captivated the entire nation yesterday, investigators looking into how 20 year old was able to climb up outside of donald trump's headquarters. >> scaling the outside of trump tower. you have seen it in new york
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city. the young man was able to get 20 stories high on the trump tower without being detected. fox news correspondent brian yanis reports from new york city. >> reporter: it began around 3:30 p.m. eastern wednesday. the security officer came out and said what are you all doing? we said there is a guy over there going up the side. >> man using suction cups and climbing gear, began scaling the side of trump tower. donald trump 58 story building. >> he took his basketball short off, but he had like more shorts underneath. then he stood on the very end of the ledge, and started applying the suction cups. >> trump had the home and offers in the building and the tower served as his campaign headquarters but the candidate was far from the building as this all unfolded making campaign stops in virginia and florida scene was enough to prompt a massive police response. closing streets, causing traffic backups right at rush hour, in busy mid town manhattan. and it generated droves of
4:21 am
onlookers. police deployed large airbags under the climber as precaution. and officers began removing parts every windows and events to communicate with the climber, who played a game of cat and mouse climbing away, trying to avoid police. finally just after 6:30 p.m. eastern police pulled him inside the building of the 21st floor, down on the streets, cheers erupted. >> he explained to us that he wanted a personal meeting with mr. trump. and he post add youtube video on tuesday. that youtube video explains that he is an independent researcher and he wanted to meet with him, and that's the reason why he was climbing this building. he will be psychologically evaluate dollars and placed under arrest. >> climber identified as 20 year old male from virginia, came into new york city and stayed at a hotel yesterday. he says in a youtube video he want add personal meeting with donald trump. he's now at bellevue hospital under mental evaluation. in new york city, brian yanis, fox news. >> yikes. >> listen on side note here, i
4:22 am
hope malcolm jenkins, the other guys on the defense were watching the take down by the police, they grabbed him, tackled him, took him over. we need good defense tonight. >> will they even play though? >> the stars will play like three plays, and get them off the field. >> chris is talking about the game that's finally here, the eagles play the first pre-season game tonight. but, are the players ready for the big game? howard talked to some of those first timers. hear what they have to say next in sports. >> winning lottery numbers.
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>> this is fox 29 sport in one minute. good morning, i'm howard eskin. eagles play the first game with what's really their new team with new coaches tonight at home against tampa. eagles three-point favorite. over 20 new players will be playing for the eagles in this game, it is a change, where some players play themselves on the team, and others can play themselves off the team. but these games mean a lot. >> it is kinds of minds boggling. definitely trying to stay in control. i know i still have a job to do. i got assignment, need to work it out, so i'm just trying to stay relaxed and act like i've been here before. >> a lot of energy, a loft excitement, a lot of plays being made. simply that. >> the phillies game west coast trip with a win. but not good sign. in l.a., jeremy hell innings
4:26 am
son leaves the game with a stiff back. and the phillies were down one-nothing when freddie galvis in the seventh inning hits three-run homer. how about those phillies? they win a game in l.a. they win it over the dodgers. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. okay, sudden lost, sports cast or john saunders. >> espn announced he passed away yesterday. he hosed the show the sport reporters, as well as doing play-by-play on various sports, and he hosed stanley cup and world series coverage, cause of death has not yet been announced. he's survived by his wife and two daughters, he was 61 years old. >> oh,. >> how many tributes going out to him on media yesterday. most touching from robin roberts. sad day for the sporting worlds. >> just 61, wow, we'll find out what caused his death coming up, i'm sure. meantime wanted by police for praying on young boys. >> the search is on for police
4:27 am
say man posed as a woman on line? >> reporter: well, detective at this special victims unit say it is like that aerosmith video for their song sweet emotion where the kids on one of those 900 numbers, getting stuck on some house chick, ladies in a house code with curlers and ironing board. something like that. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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4:29 it morning, wants out for this man's arrest, police say he posed on line trying to get the attention every young boys, how long they've been watching his suspicious behavior. >> breaking overnight, right now, police investigating two separate shootings where they happened and who police are looking for this morning. >> and isis is honoring president obama. he's the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. he's the founder. he founded isis and i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> donald trump has done it again there is time he calls our president a terrorist, where he made those controversial comments, and what happened to the man who climbed the outside of his office tower in new york city. >> yes, climb trump tower all
4:31 am
afternoon yesterday, we had our eyes on that, meantime this thursday, august 11, 2016, we have an eye to the sky, because it is the beginning sue of a horrible heatwave, right? >> you feel when you walk out the door, how soupy it is outside. today is the day we now start an excessive heat warning, you remember yesterday, we told you it was a heat watch. now it is a warning. because it looks like it will be even more excessive hot and humid than we thought. six out of ten, your weather by the numbers, that may be conservative. it is looking in philadelphia 81 degrees, trenton has 80 already, 77 in allentown, you can't get whole lot of relief in the mountains, 07 in haste elton, 71 mount pocono, we go down to millville, 79, 78 atlantic city, dover delaware close to 80, 76 degrees in lewes. we've got a couple of stray showers hardly showing up on radar, a system that's kind of deteriorating as it is moving to the east, lancaster county, little bit of chester county, you might just see stray
4:32 am
sprinkle, no thunder or lightning at least not yet. 93 degrees was the high temperature yesterday. twenty-fifth time we've reached 90 or above. here comes number 26. your high temperature today will be 93 degrees, hazy sun, lots of humidity, pop up thunderstorms possible late in the day with all of this moisture in the air, it has got to go somewhere. that's why we see these thunderstorms popping up during hot and humid days. so that's today. we'll tell you how long this repetitive pattern will last coming up right now, bob kelly is here, keeping cool. >> yes, trying to, going to go for the iced coffee i think this morning, instead of the hot coffee. live look of the vine street expressway, still closed both directions. here's what they're doing, removing the concrete slabs that go over the vine street expressway here. you can see here they're backing the trucks up onto what would be the ramp for the schuylkill expressway. so that's the reason for all of this police activity. but with the closure, the traffic lights are out. i came through here this morning, if you are going to jump off and use for the next half hour or so, the parkway,
4:33 am
just be careful. because the lights are totally out. i'm not sure whether they're out purposely or whether they got knocked out, because the wires were cut, but just be ready and pay attention as you navigate through the detour around the art museum circle there. media line road, west chester pike, in newtown square, an accident. they are working along 295 as you come in from say delaware right before you get to the ramps for the delaware memorial bridge. there is also construction out along 42, the northbound ramp to route 130 there in bellmawr, still block, until about 5:00, 5:30 or so. the mark frankford, subway, using shuttle buses until a . then trains run every eight to ten minutes through the rush hour. septa's adding extra service on the broad street subway for tonight's eagles game. kick-off at 7:00. so that will throw some extra volume along the way for our evening rush hour. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much. developing in north philadelphia, authorities are trying to track down a man they say targeted local boys on social media. >> police say he would pose as
4:34 am
a woman, then coax them into sending ex police it images of themselves. steve keeley at police headquarters with more, steve? >> reporter: well the special victims unit has a nice clear color photo mugshot of this guy because they've he is dollars this guy before, that's why they have this shot of 30 year old brandon speech as a speach, they would like to speak to him, and get an even new err mugshot of him taken real soon, because detectives say they also have clear cut case against him for these nude explicit videos and pictures every under age boys, 14, 15 year old, mostly, he got them from the boys themselves, on social site, for the past four years. so he likely has lots of disturbing images, and guys like this often share them with other creeps like themselves on line, so they are probably spread all around the world. and these guys sent them because they thought they were dealing with some pretty girl. worse, for the north philly area, where he played on these
4:35 am
boys, many parent know him real good because he had just worked with their kids at both a philly public school and a day care center. >> the mood in the neighborhood is really low. the kids are shocked, more or less shocked, because he was so well known. he always did take care of a lot of kids working with kids for many years. i guess high school year, then right after high school, he worked at a school for unknown number of years. so it is more or less kind of shocking to us more than anything else. not, really don't quite believe it yet. >> i have my grandkids went to duckery, down there with him, knows him, you know, counselling them, helping them to get through duckery, you know, and that type of thing. so just well known. >> welshing his last known address north chadwick street. but he's gone since learning police have been looking for him. detective, chris, lauren have,
4:36 am
new address already for him when they do find him. it will be pennsylvania state penetentary somewhere. >> no doubt. >> breaking overnight, one man is dead after late night shooting, all happened after 10:29:00 block of germantown avenue, north philadelphia. police say they were in the area when they heard gunshot, that's when they noticed a man with several gunshot wounds, and another man running from that scene after brief pursuit, 23 year old plan was taken into custody. the gunshot victim was taken to temple hospital where he later died. no word on if any charges have been filed at this point. >> hunting park, police investigating another shooting, happened just before midnight the 3800 block of north percy street. police say a man was found with multiple gunshot wounds. he was taken to temple hospital in stable condition. no arrest haves been made. >> all right, time to talk politics. republican presidential candidate donald trump at it again and under fire again, this morning, and this time, for comment he made at a rally in fort lauderdale, florida.
4:37 am
he took aim at the president calling him basically a terrorist. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he is the founder every isis. he is the founder. he founded isis. and i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> during the rally last night trump placed blame on the president and hillary clinton for the rise of isis in iraq in syria. and repeated his claims the political system is rigged, pointing his finger squarely at the media. >> okay, will it be a winning season for our birds this year? >> four pre-season games, the first of which is tonight. dave kinchen is there outside lincoln financial field. hi, dave. >> reporter: you know, two schools of thought, pre-season games mean something, or
4:38 am
nothing at all, or maybe there is more schools of thought there, i don't know. those are the teams you always hear about. see what happens tonight. we also know that the birds are going to show us a lot in many ways over the pre-season action against tampa bay tonight. first off, duane johnson situation, we'll have to see what's going on there, because the eagles offensive lineman as you know reportedly facing ten game suspension for violating the nfl performance in answering drug policy, the league not commenting so far, but we're hearing that they are waiting on a b sample in this case. but, it would be major loss if he is suspended. this would also be strike two, by the way, if suspension takes effect, strike three would be lifetime ban. also the first we'll see new head coach doug pederson calling the shots watch will the fans with a to see from him besides a winning plan? we know he has ruled out ten players for this pre-season game, thirdly, speaking of players, we'll see how much the quarterback situation will change, while carson wentz will be second, starting in
4:39 am
the second half, and we know that sam bradford out entirely, so also, getting the start. >> dave, thanks so much. now, let's talk about the biggest dallas cowboys fans in our area, chris christie. throwing insults to local reporter after she asked him about the bridgegate scandal in new jersey, what he says that's making headlines this morning. #
4:40 am
4:41 am
>> top stories for you now at 4:42, an aid to new jersey governor chris christie says the governor flat out lied
4:42 am
during the 2013 news conference involving the bridgegate scandal. a transcript of a text from christina appears in court filings by attorneys representing bill buroni who faces trial next month, the former deputy director of the port authority of new york and new jersey, prosecutors charged him with helping orchestrate those infamous lane closures for political revenge. christie denies lying or any involvement in the george washington bridge lane closures. >> meanwhile, a reporter with chase news here asked the governor about all of this yesterday morning, here's his response. >> nope. >> actually lied? >> it is ridiculous.
4:43 am
>> what proof? proof? yes, i'm not going to answer that. chasing new jersey, just hire people at chasing new jersey? >> well, well, well. a reporter says if anything, she is pretty disappoint the with the governor's response, specially since he is a state leader respect also told us it is pretty ironic he called her stupid since they both graduated from the same college. >> all right, 4:43. warning, if you live in philadelphia, why your life may be in danger and not for the reasons you might think. here is a hint. you breathe this every day.
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>> team usa continues their dominance in the pool. >> the women's brought home another gold in the four by 200 style re frail. katie ledecky, in the final leg of the relay, ledecky came from hine to beat australia, allison schmidt, lea smith and mia deroado. is that right? they all contributed to the swim. ledecky medal hall now up to three gold, one silver, in four races so far. is she good or what? she has one more race to go in the game. it is look to go take the gold in the women's 800-meter freestyle. >> all right, let's stick with swimming. michael phelps, lock i, edging little closer to an epic last night in long running rivalry. they went first and second in semifinal heat of the 200 meet ear individual med lee. that takes place tonight, phelps won the 200-meter at three straight games, with
4:47 am
lochte taking two silvers, bronze behind him. aim sure all he want is to beat him. >> one team. now, to men's basketball, the team staying alive in the olympics, thanks to carmello anthony. he saved the americans from an upset against australia, anthony hit three, three pointers, little more than two minute, mid-way through the fourth quarter last night he became team usa all time leading scorer in the olympic games, final score 98 to 88. team usa next game is tomorrow against serbia. >> let's take a look at the overall medal count as it stands now. the us has the most overall with 32 medals, that includes 11 gold, 11 silver, and ten bronze. china with 32 medals overall, japan is in third, with 18 medals, and russia rounds out the top four with 15 medals. and speaking of team us a and their medals, olympic medals and prize money remain taxable. >> even though the olympics, the us imposes attacks on the
4:48 am
world-wide income of its citizens, that means, all prize money, bonus money, and endorsements, endorsements, that's the big money maker. athletes who win a medal are required to pay taxes on the value of the medal. values determined when the medal is earned, a gode medal from rio costs about $564, silver costs about $305. >> dang. >> yes,. >> got to pay to win. >> got to pay the price. sue serio, how are you? >> oh, yes, always get their cut. now, we have a look at yesterday's high temperature. we predicted 90. weep got to 93, and that's 25 or 25th time, as often is said, nine the degrees day plus this year, heat already get to go me, started fifth heatwave of the year. so, it will be getting hotter into the weekends, in fact, we can pretty much safely say it will be worse than it was during the convention. and it was pretty hot that week. thanks to high pressure off shore. we call that the bermuda high.
4:49 am
the pca heat line, i wanted to pass that along to you, the number where you can call and get advice on whether you think, if you think you're suffering from heat stress, how to prevent heat stress, check on the elderly, of course, (215)765-9040 is the number there. e-a-g-l-e-s eagles pre-season opener tonight, hot, humid, coming offer the high in the 90s, when the game begins at 7:00t stays steamy through 9:00. it stays in the 80s through the whole game even when you are leaving at 11:00 at night or so. it is 81 degrees right now in philadelphia. it is 80 in trenton. it is 70 in mount pocono, 76 lancaster, 79 in dover, of course it feels worse than that. look at today. probably have heat index of about 102 today. tonight it is going to feel like 90 when you're leaving the game. then it get to up heat index of about 105 tomorrow. and even hotter than that on saturday. so, right now, looking at little bit of precipitation,
4:50 am
that's kind of breaking up in chester county, nothing real toy worry about there, and quick look at the future cast shows these pop up thunderstorms later on this afternoon, here is a few popping up, 5:00. you see how isolated they are, but intense, as well, so if you get one, you will probably get pretty heavy downpour and high winds, more popping up around 7:00 at night. more by 10:00 at night. most likely north and west of the city, but anybody could get one. 93 degrees again with the high yesterday, seven day forecast says 93 again today, 95 tomorrow, 996 saturday, with heat index of 110 on saturday. that's the worse of the year so far. it is still pretty steamy on sunday. we may break the 90s on monday or tuesday of next week. but it is still unsettled with chance of thunderstorms, and you see, look at the shore temperatures, they're well into the 80s, even through the weekend, and by sunday, even at the beach, it is in the 90s, bob kelly, so it will be
4:51 am
tough to find relief unless you just jump in the water. >> fudgey wudgey man will be busy. stack and packed, cooler there. 4:51, hello king of prussia. live look at 202, rid near the king of prussia mall, no problems or delays at all as you come up from west chester, headed in toward kop. downtown we go. starting to see traffic move again here on the vine street expressway. again, it has been closed for the overnight, but look at the traffic light, out this morning, along the ben franklin parkway. right at the circle there, in front of the art -- the cathedral, where they've been doing that work, that is now dark. so not sure whether they cut a cord or whether they turned them off purposely. but just be ready for that as you come into downtown this morning, as sue mentioned, eagles football tonight at 7:00. when you're headed home after the game tonight, the vine street expressway will be closed. so that's going to throw folks for a loop. folks that are typically not out at that hour, not coming home that way, will be hit
4:52 am
with the vine street expressway closure after the game is over. again, they usually shut it down around 10:00, 10:30 or so. accident newtown square media line road at the west chester pike. there is also some road work along 295 northbound, coming out of wilmington, as you head in toward the delaware memorial bridge. chris, and lauren, back over to you. >> in your health this morning, alarming results about the harmful effect of air plugs in philadelphia. fog is blamed on the early deaths of 126 people in the city, each year. it also is leading to the hospitalization of 284 people every year. this is a new study by the american thoracic society and new york university. so, researchers found excess air pollution causes 75 deaths in pennsylvania suburbs, 40 in camden county. and trying to get you back in the door. what popular chain is offering free booze with your dinner. hoping you'll stop in. straight ahead. >> chipotle i love you so much.
4:53 am
that's why i bought six of you... for when you stretch out. i want you to stay this bright blue forever... that's why you will stay in this drawer... forever. i can't live without you. and that's why i will never, ever wash you. protect your clothes from the damage of the wash with downy fabric conditioner. it not only softens and freshens... it helps protect clothes... from stretching, fading and fuzz... so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes. downy fabric conditioner wash in the wow.
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4:55 am
chipotle trying to win back customers with a little liquor. fast-food chain offering free or discounted alcoholic beverages as part of new happy hour promotion. move comes after declining sales following multiple food-born illness outbreaks here, but for some reason, they're not offering it here. only happening in the midwest. one tweet could score you eagles tickets. >> imagine that? part of promotion, called bank
4:56 am
on your eagles pride. all do you have do is stop by a twitter activated vending machine, tweet with the hashtag sundunn, eagles first pre-season game against tampa bay, and find it again sunday, during the open practice. top prize, home game tickets. so what are these twitter activated machines? >> i don't know much about that. that's new. >> yes. >> we'll see what happens. >> all right, speaking of the eagles, lots of new faces will hit the field for the pre-season opener later today. who those members are, we know one of them, carson wentz, right. >> yes. and all eyes are on him, right? plus, steve keeley on this developing story for us. steve, good morning to you, sir. >> yes, philly police detectives want you to take a good look at a guy we'll show you a mugshot of. they want him caught before he
4:57 am
gets any more boys to do.
4:58 am
every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants.
4:59 am
>> outside, the search on for this man targeting local teenagers how investigators say he's luring them in. >> plus, developing news, two separate overnight shootings leaves one man dead, another injured, where police are investigating right now.
5:00 am
>> he is the founder every isis. he is the founder every isis, he's the founder. >> more controversial comment coming from donald trump, what he's blaming president obama for, and the words he used to get his point across. >> good day everyone, it is the 11th of august, 2016. interns just brought down the philadelphia daily news, right in the middle here is the sexy singles spread. all abs all the time. >> i went to the party yesterday, where they introduced all of the singles. >> so good day to show off those abs with this kind of weather right, sue serio? >> lucy noland in there? >> she is in there. >> anyway. we have excessive heat warning in effect, through saturday, throughout this time, it will feel like during the day 105 or more. the entire time starting today take care of yourself and those who need to you take care of them. let's face t the elderly, children, pets,


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