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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> he is the founder every isis. he is the founder every isis, he's the founder. >> more controversial comment coming from donald trump, what he's blaming president obama for, and the words he used to get his point across. >> good day everyone, it is the 11th of august, 2016. interns just brought down the philadelphia daily news, right in the middle here is the sexy singles spread. all abs all the time. >> i went to the party yesterday, where they introduced all of the singles. >> so good day to show off those abs with this kind of weather right, sue serio? >> lucy noland in there? >> she is in there. >> anyway. we have excessive heat warning in effect, through saturday, throughout this time, it will feel like during the day 105 or more. the entire time starting today take care of yourself and those who need to you take care of them. let's face t the elderly, children, pets, everybody.
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six out of ten, weather by the numbers, speaking every pets here is muggy the dog. bus stop buddy taking a dip in the pool. it is a sticky start with temperatures already in the 70s and the 80s, with 81 in philadelphia, at 5:00 in the morning, oh, 75 in lancaster, we go up to the mountains, hazleton has 70 degrees, 76 in reading. oxford, 77, 78 in atlantic city. greenwich township, 79 degrees, and lewes, delaware, 77. so, we have couple of areas of green showing up on radar, but really not a big deal. we had couple of showers in lancaster county earlier. they're dissipating. 93 degrees was the high yesterday. twenty-fifth time we've reached 90 or above in 2016. here comes number 26 with 93 degrees, hazy sun, a lot of cloud cover, humid, pop up thunderstorms, and that's the drill for the next well at least through the weekends, maybe even beyond. we'll check the seven day forecast, coming up.
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hunker down, bob kelly. >> you got it. >> hunker down and fill up the freezer with the freeze pops for the kids. good morning, everybody, 5:02. hello ft. washington. a live look at route 309 right near the turnpike, kind of quiet. left over work out on the turnpike, crew near willow grove, another one down near the downingtown interchange. looks like we have the green flags ready to go here. so we're open on the vine street expressway, traffic moving again, between the schuylkill and broad street. so we're ready for rush hour. same deal in south jersey, left over crew here along 29a but otherwise, good to go on 73 for the shaders coming in toward maple shade. an accident in newtown square, media line road, right at the west chester pike. as sue mentioned, eagles football tonight. that's going to throw a lot of extra volume into our evening rush hour. then on your way home tonight, when the game is over, the vine street expressway will be closed beginning at around 10:00 until 5:00 tomorrow morning. currently the traffic lights are out here along that stretch of the ben franklin parkway.
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again with the game tonight, we will see an unusual evening rush hour, folks maybe scooting out of work early, to go home, get changed up, and then head down to the game, also going to see some different traffic patterns on the schuylkill and 995, and the broad street subway, adding extra sports express trains, for the football fans, chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank you. developing news out of north philadelphia, the search for a man wanted for targeting local teenage boys on line. >> yes, police say, he would lure his victims into sending explicit images of themselves. steve keeley standing by live at police headquarters with the latest on this, steve? >> reporter: special victims unit detective will say maybe they need to teach this in schools and reiterate to everybody watching, as well, when you're on line, and you're writing back and forth to somebody on some social website, a lot of times the person you think you're talking to isn't really that person, even detectives pose as kids to catch child preditors, and they know it is an effective way to get
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somebody to send back things. well, this guy, who is 30 years old, brandon speach, been arrested before, that's why he has this mugshot, that looks real recent for a 30 year old, police want to get another mugshot and arrest him again. well, what he was doing, posing as a woman on line, and talking to teenage boys like 14 years old. and telling them he's not only a woman but a woman who want to see them, without any clothes on, tore do things on video, then send it to him. and so he's been accumulating all of these pictures and videos for four years now and police are finally onto him, but then he knew, police were looking for him, and took off. >> we are very shocked that the person we new for so long has been around our children, working in our schools and day cares and no one ever know. i think every day i go to work that my kids are safe, and they're not. they're being molested and so
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we need to get to the bottom of the story. and we also need to know that when he got hired in these spots, that something need to get done. i mean, i'm really hurt. he was like a brother to me. i'm really upset. and then i have to go home and question my neices and my nephews and the kids and kids in the neighborhood. >> and so you heard her. she is upset, in the only did he have access to boys on the internet but work at the duckery school on diamond street somehow and that's why she was asking was there any clearance done based on his previous history, and also worked at local day care center near his home on chadwick street. where is he now? detective don't know but hopefully plastering his picture on tv like this will lead to good tip get him off the street and make get a lot more victims to come forward, as well, who may have sent him things or may have had some contact with him in person, and that police don't know about just yet. chris, lauren?
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>> all right, steve, we'll keep an eye on that, thank you. >> one man dead after late night shooting in north philadelphia. >> this happened after 10:00 last night on the 2900 block of germantown avenue. police say they were in the area when they heard the gunshots. that's when they noticed a man with several gunshot wounds, and another man running from that scene after a brief pursuit. a 23 year old man was taken into custody. the gunshot victim was taken to temple hospital where he died. >> now, to hunting park, where police are investigating another shooting. this happened just before midnight on the 3800 block of north percy street. police say a man was found with multiple gunshot wound. he was taken to temple hospital in stable condition. no arrests have been made. >> 5:06. search will resume on the schuylkill river today. a man jump off chestnut street bridge, two other men jumped in after him. police were able to rescue them. crews spent hours searching for the other man, but have not yet found him. a son arrested for the killing every his mother and her boyfriend. nineteen year old joshua trunk
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charged with killing janice trunk and her boyfriend can he thin their apartment in ambler. prosecutors charged joshua trunk with first degree murder, been arraigned and denied bail preliminary hearing set. >> learning more about the investigation into murder suicide in berks count that i claimed the lives of a family of five, including the dog. the berks county district attorney's offers announced it will hold a news conference monday. police found a mom and dad, their three young children and their dog all shot in their sinking spring home over the weekend. how much, investigators have not confirmed who carried out the shooting. celebration of life services are plan for today and tomorrow to remember that family. >> one of kathleen kane's top aides testified against her yesterday in court, bruce beamer took the stands in the case against kane, it was day two of testimony. he says kane told him the grand jury leak was, quote, no big deal. when he said they needed to investigate. beamer says kane later asked him to try to block the
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special investigation launched by the state supreme court. but it never came to that. prosecutors say kane was on a mission for revenge when she leaked the grand jury information, and then lied about it. >> thirty-two people face charges in a massive auto theft insurance fraud ring. philadelphia district attorney, seth williams, says the ringleaders owned cheap auto. he says they faked inspections, replace dollars vehicle id numbers, and made fake insurance cards so they could re-sell stolen cars mostly from local car rental companies. williams sales the theft ring cost the companies half a million dollars in lawsuit. >> spring season football is here, tonight the birds will take on tampa bay. >> dave kinchen now live outside lincoln financial field. it all begins today. >> yes it, all does, and, you know it, could be for better or it could be for worse. i know one thing, it will be hot as a hot day as it could be this evening, especially with humidity for this game tonight. but we also are getting some
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insight as to what could happen when the birds open up their pre-season action against tampa bay tonight. first off the lane johnson situation, the eagles off inch i have lineman as you know reportedly facing ten game suspension for violating performance enhancing drug policiment league has no comment. waiting on hearing whether they are going to take a sample b in that case also this would be major loss no doubt if he is suspended. and it is also the first time we will see head coach doug pederson calling the shots, in front of the fans. what will the fan opportunity see from him? we know he has ruled out ten players for the pre-season game tonight, including wide receiver jordan matthews with a new injury. speaking of players, getting some insight on the quarterback situation, sam brad for will have limited play, then chase daniel, then finally we will see carson wentz in the second half. regardless of who plays and who doesn't, birds are back, of course the heat will be the -- feeling the heat, fans will be feeling the heat, without a doubt, trying to stay cool any way they can.
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back to you. >> go birds. to the white house now. more controversial comments from donald trump this morning. this time trump is calling president obama basically a terrorist. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis, the founder of isis, he is the founder. he founded isis. and i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. co-founder. >> the comment came at a rally in fort lauderdale last night. trump placed blame on the president and hillary clinton for the rise of isis in iraq in syria. meanwhile, donald trump's comment on the second amendments and rival hillary clinton reportedly raising alarms with the secret service. cnn reporting the agency has spoken to trump campaign
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regarding his comment that could insight violence, how much, trump denied in a tweet any conversation happened between the secret service and his campaign. trump says he was not implying anything about violence, of course the second amendment ask the right to bear armsment and brief scare in hillary clinton rally yesterday in iowa when protester tried to storm the stage. you can see the clinton, hillary clinton there, kind of pause during her speech for a moment. while secret service went up there. the protester was part of an organization called direct action everywhere if you care, who actually tweeted that they were trying to get on stage to speak to her. secret service on edge after trump's comments about the second amendment. so of course they were vigilant, as they always would be. a 11:00 the time. >> up next, sailing trip takes terrifying turn down the shore, the moment two kids and their family friend new they were in trouble, and who returned in to save them. plus a man makes his way up the side of trump tower. captivating people all around
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the country. why he says he did this.
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and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. walk outside, see how muggy it is, the same way it will be tonight at the game. if you are headed to the link for the first pre-season game of the season, be prepared to perspire. hot and humid, when the game begins at 7:00. it will be about 88 degrees, and feel even hotter than that, probably feel like it is around 90-ish.
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even when you are leaving, and it is 83 degrees, it will probably still feel like it is close to 90 degrees, even whether it is dark. so the excessive heat warning starts today at noon, officially it, will feel like it is between 105 and 111 throughout this time period today through saturday. now, by saturday, we could be flirting with a record, forecasting high of maybe 97, the record is 99. generally, the record during the triple digits, because there has been some time in the past when the actual temperature has reached triple digits. but it is 81 degrees right now, 79 in wilmington and dover. seventy-seven in allentown. 78 degrees in wildwood. these dew point are really up there now, in the mid to upper 70s, but closer the dew point gets to the actual temperature, the more humid it is. if you get a chance tonight it, might be a good time to watch the percy meteor shower if it is clear enough. because this is an event, where you could see 150 to 200
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meteors per hour, just lay on the grass there, look up at the sky, again, if you don't get a thunderstorm, and if we don't have too many clouds. >> let's get right to the seven day forecast. a lot of those seven days are in the 90s, as you see, 90's, 90s, 90's, all the way through sunday maybe even monday, and we keep that chance of thunderstorms, in the forecast, even after temperatures drop down into the 80s. they won't drop that far. the excessive i have heat today through saturday, bob kelly? >> i don't know about you, but if i laid on the grass tonight to watch that meteor shower, i would be out cold in a second. >> you know it. >> good morning, everybody, 5:16. here is a live look at i-95 in delaware county. i have no problems at all working your way up from say wilmington, headed up toward philly international airport. we get ready for a thursday morning rush hour. live look at the 42 freeway, coming in toward philly. starting to pick up some volume.
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definitely one of those hot yucky days ahead of us here, where the air-conditioning will be cranking this morning, no problems on the blue route, the schuylkill expressway, behaving at least at the moment, little left over work out here in the valley forge interchange. and an accident in newtown square, media line, the west chester pike, sue mentioned eagles, 7:00 kick off. south philadelphia. we will see some unusual patterns, dinnertime, into the evening rush hour, again, with game time at 7:00. probably be over by around 10:00 or so. so, if you are headed home from the game, remember, the vine street expressway will be closed at that point, between the schuylkill and broad street. broad street subway is adding extra trains for the sports fans, all through the day, running trains every eight to ten minute, chris and lauren back to you. >> mr. kill, thank youment time is 5:17 this thursday morning, surveillance video has released moments before a six year old girl was shot in east germantown tuesday night. a group of kids is seen playing with friends, then scattering when shots rang out. this is on the 6300 block of
5:18 am
north woodstock street. one of those bullets hit six year old nala in the left arm leaving her critically injured. police say man running down woodstock streets minutes before the shooting may have been the intended target. >> coming up the stems, my son, turned around, she was down. >> pretty girl, bubbley, when i see her, always smiling. >> i ran in the house. >> poor kids. police say man running down woodstock street minute before as we said may have been the intended target. >> three people this morning, after harrowing afternoon boating in the atlantic. >> fifteen year old scott and his sister out both withing family friends henry wilson when the boat started taking on water, the boat headed out margate when big commercial fishing boat, send huge wave crashing into them. the boat took on water so fast they were name to balance t
5:19 am
they put on their life vest and sent out a may day call. >> i was crying, like crying my eyes out, like what's going to happen. >> it started like tipping. and i was like there is nothing else to do. so i jumped off and started swimming. >> i reached over, i grabbed the boy, scott, i pulled him on board. and then his sister was in the front of the boat and she was reaching for me for help. >> trooper russell ryan with the marine unit was able to rescue all three from the water before the boat overturned. he said he felt more accomplish when the little boy spoke about feeling at peace as soon as he laid eyes on him. no one was hurt. >> 5:19. an aid to new jersey governor chris christie told a colleague the governor flat out lied about the bridgegate scandal during a 2013 news conference. that's according to a new court filing released yesterday. governor christie denies lying or any involvement in the george washington bridge lane closures. the transcript of the text from christina appeared in court filing by attorneys
5:20 am
representing bill baroney, who faces charges next month, the former deputy executive director of new york and new jersey, prosecute verse charged him with helping or orchestrate those infamous lane closures for political revenge. >> a reporter with chasing news, airs here on fox 29, asked the governor all about this, and she got a very blunt response. >> does it anger you? >> of course it angers me. who? what person? who? >> no, i'm not going it answer. chasing new jersey? you just hire people from chasing new jersey? >> the reporter says if anything, she is disappoint the with the governor's response specially since he is
5:21 am
a state leader. she told us it is also ironic he called her stupid, since they both graduated from the same college. >> from bridges to skyscrapers, man who scaled the iconic trump tower in manhattan, now hospitalized undergoing observation. that man used suction cups and climbing gear and started scaling the side of trump tower around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the stunt was captured on live television all across the country. after about three hours, he made it all the way up to the 21st floor. that's when officers grabbed him, through an open window, pulled him to safety inch inside. he told police he wanted donald trump's attention. >> he explained to us he want add personal meeting with mr. trump. and he post add youtube video on tuesday, that youtube video explains that he is an independent researchers, he wanted to meet with him, that's the reason he was climbing this building. >> the climber, 20 years old from virginia, no charges have been filed just yet. >> 5:21, this morning, still ahead, a warning if you live
5:22 am
in philadelphia, why your life may be in danger. and not for the reasons that you might think. >> here are your winning lottery numbers.
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>> alarming results about the harmful effect of air pollution in the city of philadelphia, pennsylvania. >> smog blamed on the early death of 126 people in the city every year, also healed
5:25 am
to the hospitalization of 284 people here annually. according to new study by the american thoracic society in new york sit. researchers found excess air pollution causes 75 deaths in the pennsylvania suburb, four in camden count. >> i all right, new jersey congressman frank says the zika crisis is getting worse and more funding is needed. he's calling for congress to authorize $1.9 billion to better educate the public about zika, and develop a vaccine, congressman says the specific mosquito that causes zika is prevalent in the garden state. >> in your money this morning, chipotle trying to win bass kuk tomorrow ers with a little liquor, offering free or discounted alcoholic beverages, part of new happy hour promotion. the move comes after declining sales, following multiple food-born illness outbreaks last year, the promotion is only happening in a handful of midwest states. it is running through the ends of september.
5:26 am
>> our chipotle won't have that. girl scout cookies are addicting, your addiction is about to get worse thanks to two new flavors. >> so for the scout's 2017 season, introducing two new versions of its classic smors cookie, one crispy gram cookie dipped in a cream icing, with chocolate shell. the other, a sandwich style cookie with chocolate marshmallow filling. all part of selling cookies for 100 years, don't get too excited, not available until january. >> but at least available in our area. >> in our area. >> good. in our area don't, in south philly to be more specific, a team called the philadelphia eagles is ready to launch the new season you. >> like my green? >> i do. >> let's hope my green helps them win big. >> yes, i tell you still excited about the new girl scout cookies announcement. my face getting wider and wired. just as ex excited about the eagles tonight. also, see new things on the
5:27 am
field. talking players, and of course the coach after the break.
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by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. 5:30 is the time. search on for this man targeting local teens. how investigators say he's luring them in. >> donald trump is sort of in trouble again.
5:30 am
this time, he decides to call the president a terrorist. we'll let you hear his controversial comments. >> it is the beginning after new era. eagles pre-season kicks off today against the buccaneers, the fresh faces you'll see on the field and the side lines, ben peterson. >> good day, august 11, 2016. >> so i cannot imagine putting on football pads, a helmet, everything else, and running around lincoln financial field right in the worse part of the heatwave. >> can you imagine putting on maybe an eagles t-shirt and going to cheer for them though? >> perhaps. sue, horrible football weather today, tomorrow, specially saturday, right? >> yes, they will have to keep those guys hydrated. remember the time they did the pickle juice? yes, bunch of years ago. anyway whatever it takes to stay hydrated, take care of yourself through saturday at least, is when this excessive heat warning is, where it will feel like 105 plus-plus, all throughout that time. muggy the dog is with bus stop
5:31 am
buddy today, shades, try stay inside or stay in the pool, of course. temperatures all the way in the 70s, and 80s, in philadelphia right now, 81, with eight a % relative humidity. little bit of shower activity showed up little earlier on radar. nothing right now. 993 degrees was the high yesterday. i think we're at least going there today. with pop up thunderstorm possible in the afternoon, look at this, by lunchtime, already at 88. and it is going to feel like it is in the 90s by then, so, steamy day, sunset time 8:02. and that takes care of thursday from the weather authority. we will talk about friday, saturday, sunday, how long this heatwave will last in the seven day forecast. keep it cool, bob kelly. >> going to have our iced coffee this morning, good morning, everybody, 5:31, live look here at the blue route, 476, no problems or delays at all, kind of quiet, busy vacation time these last three weeks here in august, folks coming in toward the city though with the headlight, 42 freeway, starting to see some volume pop, beginning of morning rush hour, now the
5:32 am
traffic lights out along the ben franklin parkway, right above that construction zone. right there in front. cathedral. they're out totally, not on flash at all. i'm not sure whether the construction crews maybe cut the wire by accident, or whether they turned them off and have to hit the reset button. but leaving the house, coming into center city right now, be aware of the light out on the parkway, football tonight, 7:00 kick off in south philadelphia, as sue mentioned, septa running extra sport express trains on the subway later this evening, and throughout the day, trains on both the market frankford and the subway running every eight to ten minute, and so far so good, with no delays. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, we appreciate you. developing in north philadelphia, the search foreman police say is sexual preditor targeting teenage boys. >> detective say he posts as a woman on line to get them to send explicit images of themselves. steve keeley with the latest on this. hi, steve. >> reporter: police know their search always get more successful when they are our viewers helping out. here is his picture, and here is his story. the special victims unit has
5:33 am
arrest warrant for this guy they arrested before, that's why they've got this mugshot. his name brandon speach, he spells it speach, he is 30, they would like to get new err mugshot real soon. detective say they have a clear cut case against him for having a whole bunch of nude explicit videos and pictures every under age boys, around 14 years old, he got them from the boys themselves on websites. he was talking to them on. posing as a woman and then asked them to undress and do things for him, and a lot of them complied thinking they were dealing with a girl, probably their age or just a little older. worse for a lot of people in north philadelphia, that brandon speach not only preyed on boys on line, but parent know him real well because he worked in the neighborhood around chadwick street where his last known address was at a philadelphia public school, the duckery school on diamond street, and day care center. they are wondering what he did
5:34 am
when he was in those jobs there, and how he even got the jobs in the first place if he's got history of doing stuff like this. >> steve, thank you. >> one man dead after late night shooting in north philadelphia. it happened just after 10:00 last night the 2900 block of germantown avenue. police say they were in the area when they heard gunshots. that's when they notice add man with several gunshot wounds, and another man, who is trying to run from the scene after a brief pursuit, 23 year old was taken into custody. the gunshot victim was taken to temple hospital where he died. >> now, to hunting park, where police are investigating another shooting. this one happened just before midnight on the 3800 block of north percy street. police say a man was found with multiple gunshot wounds. he was taken to temple hospital, as well. he is in stable condition, no arrests have been made in that case. >> it begins tonight. at least the pre-season does. right in south fill. >> i all eyes will be on rookie quarterback carson went. people also paying attention to the new head coach, as well. >> and doug pederson definitely taking over for
5:35 am
chip kelly. ousted in the latter part of last year. real quickly, dave, i think lauren right here is showing us up by having the for thought to dawn the green. >> reporter: yes, those are the right colors too for college, you can't go wrong with the green at all. it is almost like a holiday, un official holiday of course, because it is the first pre-season game. we will see a lot when things unfold tonight when the eagles take on tampa bay this evening. first off, the lane johnson situation, eagles offensive lineman reportedly facing ten game suspension for violation of the nfl performance enhancing drug, not commenting, officially, hearing they are waiting on what's called the b sample in terms of drug investigation. but this would be a major loss if in fact he is suspended. also, first time we will see new head coach doug pederson calling the shots, what will the fans want to see from him, besides the game winning plan of course. we know that he's ruled out ten players for the pre-season game tonight, including wide
5:36 am
receiver jordan matthews with a new injury. speaking of players we have some insight on the quarterback play, sam bradford will have limited play then it is chase daniel and finally we will see carson wentz, and wentz mania itself. he will play in the second half. so let's get ready for some fun, fun, fun. it may not be official but it is football in this town, and it's always official. >> i love football season, i'm excited. >> it will be great. we need a good team, too. let's turn to politics, if we can. more controversial comments from donald trump this morning. every morning there is something new, right? this time the republican presidential nominee is actually calling the president the founder of isis. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he is the founder of isis. he is the founder.
5:37 am
he founded isis and i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. co-founder, crooked hillary clinton. >> so if you yell it, does it necessarily make it true? the comment kate at a rally in fort lauderdale last night. trump placed blame on the president and on hillary clinton for the rise of isis in iraq and syria. 5:37. up next, popular eagles player goes undercover. brent celek posted as a worker at a local wawa. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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>> good morning, i'm howards eskin, eagles play the first time with new teach, new coaches, tonight against tampa. if you care the eagles are a three-point favorite. over 20 new players. they'll be playing for the eagles in this game. now it is a change for some players, play themselves on the team, some players can play themselves off the team. it does mean something to a lot of the players. >> it is kind of mind-boggling, but just definitely trying to stay in control. because i know i still have a job to do, i got assignment, i need to work it out. i'm just trying to stay relaxed and ac like i've been here before. >> a loft injuries. a lot of excitement. a lot of plays, simple as that. >> the phillies ended their west coast trip with a win. to la. jeremy hellickson, only giving
5:41 am
up one run, the phillies up three-two, how about ryan howard playing his final game in a phillies uniform, pinch hit double. go onto win it six to two. >> that's right sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> all right, just came across your e-mail? >> eagles tight end brent selleck might be great at running, blocking and catching. how do you think he does though serving cup of joe? >> celek went undercover at employee at a low walt wawa. customers only had one thing on their minds. >> like when you get here in the morning at 3:00. first thing go where? >> right to the coffee machine, and filling up the mug. >> that's all you care about. >> check this out. >> come in here every day. >> ya. >> all about consistency, baby, i like brightening people's days up. my boss made me wear this today. i am the number one coffee filler. number one. did great job get that coffee, man. >> i got to get my bicep cups
5:42 am
in today. >> you want to spot me for a second? >> wawa work out. >> what can i do for you? >> you're good? >> get my work out in. some customers did recognize others, other had no clue who he was. after his shift, celek took pictures and signed autographs for the fans. >> okay, from football, to the olympics. we'll stick with sports. head to rio, the splash, member of the us women's team made in the big pool to bring home the gold.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
so hot out there already. yesterday we were predicting 90. we got 93, the 25th time this year that we reach 09 or above. and the start of course of the fifth heatwave, which we've been warning but since monday, will even get hotter and hotter and hotter each day as we get into the weekends with the continued flow out of the south, thanks to high pressure off shore. so the excessive heat warning starts at noon today, and then goes all the way through saturday evening, each day it, will feel like it is between 105 to one is 111 and the worse is saturday. look, in philadelphia, already 81 degrees and 80 in trenton, it is 70 in mount pocono, 79 in dover, 78 in wildwood, and the dew points are up there in the 70s, as well. so the eagles pre-season opener tonight, kick off 7:00, 88 degrees, very, very humid. sticky night, all the way around, stays in the 80s, but
5:46 am
even by 11:00 it will feel like it is close to 90 degrees, the feels-like temperature out there at the linc. 93 degrees today, 94 tomorrow. that's when the heatwave will be official. then we keep it going, through saturday, which, as i just said, is the worse of it, where it could feel like 110 or more. and then sunday still pretty hot. even with temperatures going back to the 80s maybe by the middle of next week, still pretty humid, pop up thunderstorms. getting familiar with this, bob kelly. >> i told you on monday, you just record one, and you're done, you know, good morning, everybody, live look downtown philadelphia. the ben franklin parkway, where i was telling this morning, when i came in this stretch here, the traffic lights are out, from the stretch approaching logan square, logan circle, all part of the construction zone, so that will be hot mess for our morning rush hour. the city crews out there to hit the reset button, let's go to the map.
5:47 am
eagles tonight, 7:00 will throw a lot of extra volume for our evening rush hour, then when the game is over, look out, because everybody is headed home. you're going to have to hit the vine street expressway construction project. and if you are hungry, you know it thursday, today's breakfast spot, the collegeville firehouse, the whole community coming together for breakfast on the front lawn of the firehouse, food, fun, firetrucks, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., getting ready for the big car show this weekend. so see you there later this morning. coming in from new jersey, just your normal volume on the freeway as you work your way in toward 295, they pick up all of the construction, all of the ramps are open. so good to go there. hello to gulph mills. no problems at all here on the schuylkill expressway. the headlights there, headed out toward king of prussia. and the benny all lit up, looking prep which no delays at all coming into downtown. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> okay it, may look like just a friendly baseball game. players took the fields with
5:48 am
much bigger mission winning. police officers, philadelphia versus new york sit, and they're playing to help the families of their fallen brothers in blue. trenton thunder letting police officer borough their field, it was philadelphia police taking on the nypd in a charity baseball game. all of the money raised will benefit the philadelphia fraternal orders of police survives ores funds, help families like kim, her husband, john, was killed in the line every duty in 2009. >> just a way to remember that people still care for police officers, and have respect for them. >> you know, we don't want to forget the memory. we don't want them to think that we forget. >> philadelphia police department will return the favor in a couple of weeks with charity baseball game to ben it the nypd. team usa continues to dominate in the pool. >> yes, the women brought home another gold last night, the four by 200 freestyle relay, here it is, take a look.
5:49 am
the us women ... and will he deck a. >> katie ledecky, the final leg of the relay, ledecky came from behind to beat australia allison schmidt, and mia, contributing to the win. ledecky now up to three gold, one silver, and four races so far. >> remember were you worried about the chlorine on her skin yesterday? now it has turned green. >> let's take it to the pool. epic last chapter in long running live i went first and second in the so many i final heat of the 200-meter individual medically. that final happened tonight. phelps has won that, three straight games, lockte always taking sill remember or bronze behind him. >> checking basketball. team staying a live in the olympics thanks to carmello anthony, he saves our game from being upset against australia. anthony gets three, three pointers in less than two
5:50 am
minutes, mid-way through the fourth quarter. he also became team usa all time lead scorer in the olympic last night, team usa next game tomorrow against serbia. >> let's lock at the medal counts. us has the most overall, 32, we have 11 gold, 11 silver, ten bronze, china, second, with 32 medals overall, japan in third with 18. and russia rounds out the top four with 15 medals. russia going to suffer, though, because it carpet compete at all in track and field. >> bunch of dope ers. >> ya. lori hernandez. >> sixteen year old from old bridge, break out star from the women's gymnastics performance, her family proud. >> her brother mark posted this sweet message to her on instagram. how proudest to give god the glory. guess first place, taking home when she get home? >> good day? >> no, might be her second stop. first stop wawa, because she wants a hoagie. >> of course. well, old bridge is up there northern part of new jersey
5:51 am
right? >> if you say so. >> okay then. >> you spent some time in hoboken, as well. >> yes, i have, an i have a condo in hoboken. >> i love when we introduce you it says you're here to entertain us. >> where does it say that? >> don't go back, something about you came to entertain. >> tada ... >> okay, so, there is a game tonight. >> why. >> yes. >> green? >> that was a mistake, i know you, lauren. >> i did not -- >> did you really? >> i pick my clothes on sunday. i toll this. >> and you new the pre-season game -- >> yes. >> up the best. >> yes! so this philadelphia daily news, even though it is pre-season, dedicate the front, look at this, plan b. isn't that a great headline? not much optimism for the season, see carson wentz play tonight, sam will play, chase will play.
5:52 am
>> the new coach. >> doug powder son. he'll be there, it will also be 128 degrees. >> ouch. >> in pads, in this? >> i need pads. some kind of soaking up pad. i'm sweating. just from walking here. i'm calling it the dj of dj's. >> yes? >> the national's, a thousand people applied for this. >> really? >> a thousand dj's they picked out the best, the top six. they will compete tonight in philadelphia. we have the winner of the world championship last year in tokyo in our studio today. >> are you going to spin off with him? >> spin off. he'll play for us. >> i think the world championships are here. >> from chill me? >> i think the world championships are in chile, too. >> maybe he's chilean.
5:53 am
>> sea bass? >> black ends sea bass? nothing like it. okay, on good day philadelphia, during the summer, on every friday go to different location. >> this location was the northeast. >> yes? >> on street corner during the show this woman had a sign, her pregnant belly. >> i their. >> yes. i whipped out my sharpee, do we have it? here it is. >> what we call a voice-over. so here we go. i signed her belly, live on tv. >> when you were holding belly was it kicking? >> ya. the baby has emerged from her bell. >> i oh, really? >> and she is going to bring that child, oh, by the way, she took the t-shirt off and maybe made a baby blanket out of it, with my name on it. >> are you going to sign the baby today? >> sign the baby? you kiss babies, you hug babies, sign babies in. >> you may be the first to sign a babe. >> i where should i sign it? >> in the forehead. >> we'll take a break, i'll let chris get his life
5:54 am
together. >> that will take longer than one break. >> signing my baby ♪ lovely way
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> huge donation headed from new jersey to nicaragua. air national guard sent this firetruck to central america, the truck originally came from the princeton fire department going to group of fire fighters nicaragua, where they desperately need it, master
5:57 am
sergeant originally from the country came up with this idea after the princeton fire department retired that truck. next on good day, the search is on for this man targeting local teens. how investigators say he's luring them in. plus, it is almost time to usher in the new era. eagles pre-season kicks off today, against the buccaneers. the fresh faces we'll see on the field. alec holly, mike jerrick, next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> this is good day philadelphia. he was a woman. well, on line. after your sons. this morning, police are on the hunt for that guy, who they say was targeting boys by posing as a woman. >> he is the founder of isis. he is the founder every isis, okay? he is the founder. >> shocking accusation from donald trump. which american he says founded a terror group. >> and a new era begins tonight for the eagles. but are you ready? are you excited? why some fans aren't feeling the normal buzz this time of year ahead of tonight's pre-season opener at the linc, against the bucks, and man, let me tell you this it is going to be a hot town in the city getting dirty and gritty. ya, i'm dirty already. live look at the parkway here as the city is under an excessive heat warning. just step outside of your house right now, just for a


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