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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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and the latest stretch of dangerous heat is well underway and this one could be the worst one yet this summer. how long will we wait to get relief? we'll break it down in the fox 29 weather authority. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 nouse at 6:00. first at 6:00 day two in a brutal dangerous heat wave. and we are just getting started unfortunately. from old city to allentown and everywhere across our area you could not escape this heat unless you were inside air-condition. so hot sounds like beginning of a joke but it's not. we are under an excessive heat warning right now. >> but along with all of that heat, we are also watching ultimate doppler radar for the chance of storms. good evening everyone i'm chris o'connell in for iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. we're in the midst of heat that could be the harshest so far this summer. let get straight to meteorologist kathy orr who went all the way to ocean city to try to beat the heat. kathy?
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>> we are beating the heat this afternoon it's amazing lucy and chris. we're talking about heat and humidity combining to make it feel like it's between 105 and about 110 over the next couple of days. and we have a really nice sea breeze a wind out of the south southeast right now in ocean city and you can see the flags whipping and also the umbrellas whipping in the breeze no one is leaving because they know if they step on the boardwalk it is going to be oppressive and excessive. take look at today's high temperatures well into the 90s everywhere. the high today in philadelphia 95. the only place in the 80s the poconos. this is what it feels like. well over 100 in most locations still at this late hour. 112 that's what it feels like in dover and that's where the maximum temperature and humidity. down the shore temperatures not much cooler. we are catching a little bit of a break in ocean city with sea breeze. the temperature is 89. on the boardwalk in ocean city or i should say atlantic city 83. and in voorhees it is 94. the ocean water temperature 83 degrees earlier this morning
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that is a new record for the water off of atlantic city. the old record 83.1 degrees set back in 2011 and these records date back to the early 1900s. so we're talking about real record warmth in the ocean and it will be cooling with these southwesterly winds over the weekend. excessive heat warning continues for the philadelphia area and its suburbs. it will feel like 110, 111 by tomorrow afternoon. we're looking at also a heat watch elsewhere across the delaware valley. as we continue to see the heat and humidity build. we will have your forecast from the city to the shore for the weekend and track how long the excessive heat lasts coming up with your seven day. i'll see you laterred in brought cast isn't thanks kathy. >> we are on top of breaking news coming out of atlantic cun tee right now. a gas main fire in egg harbor township causing quite the spectacle as you can see skyfox surveyed the scene on ocean heights avenue. police are warning people to stay away. >> fox 29' is that so ben in a kuriakose live near the scene with the very latest.
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what's up there, is a bone in a? >> reporter: eel chris, you can see behind me the flames here still blazing there in the distance. we did a rough estimate of about 20 feet high. they are just by actually the garden state parkway there. flickering with this wind here and you can see crews still on the scene here still very very active out here. we do have new information here at 6:00. we're told the gas company is trying to put in a new valve in to close the line. they're working to get this fire out. it's been already about four hours now, more than four hours since all of this happened. we're toll it all started around 1:45 when the gas company got a phone call they were told that a life electric wire came down on top of a guardrail and we're still not exactly sure exactly how that wire came down. but apparently, it sent electric currents through the guardrail. then traveled to an 8-inch gas main that then ignited and is causing all of what you see here. now we're told, of course, this
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gas main while it's 8-inches under very high pressure that's why those flames are so high right now. we do know that the electric company has been out here. they have shut off power in this area we're told actually those lines that were near at the life ones had fell and all the lines near it there have actually melted because of the heat from these flames, and kathy was talking earlier about the heat. the weather that we're dealing with you can imagine how hot it is down there for the crews. they're trig to put this fire out. we're told even the ground is hot down there. so, again, crews right now wor working to get a valve in place to get this old gas main 8-inches under control and closed so they can put this fire out. but again four hours and there's no estimate right now how much longer it will be for this fire to continue burning. again, we do know about 500 people without electricity right now. no word on exactly how many people without gas at last check the gas company said they don't have any customers without gas but we'll see if that changes. guys, back to you. >> sabina kuriakose live from
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egg harbor township tonight. happening now, friends and family are remembering the berks county family whose lives were tragically cut short last weekend. police are calling their deaths a murder/suicide. >> a mom and dad, their three young children and dog are all gone and it has rocked the community. memorial is happening in northeast philadelphia to honor the short family. that's where fox 29's dawn timmeney is. dawn? >> reporter: lucy and chris, certainly a sad occasion but this is a celebration of life for a young mother and her three children who died last saturday in an apparent murder/suicide. today familiar and friends are here at the givinish funeral home in northeast philadelphia to pay tribute to 33-year-old meghan short, her eight-year-old daughter leanna, five year old son mark, jr., and little will willow. two years old who survived a heart transplant only to die a tragic death. now, meghan the mom is being remembered as quote an awesome mom who put her babies above all. leanna was witty and sassy and
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loved to read. mark, jr., had charmed people with his if he can smile and was sweet but still rough on the outside and of course little willow was known as a warrior from birth who loved life. the happiest child ever who loved donald duck and mini mouse. now the four were found shot to death along with meghan's husband mark saturday afternoon in their sprawling sinking springs home in berks county. they were found in a living room. each had been shot. gun was found next to one of the parents police are not saying who the shooter was. but they did find a murder/suicide note. now investigators have cited domestic issues. but that's all that they are saying. an article in a berks county newspaper did say that meghan short had planned to move out of the family home the day that the bodies were found. now, a mass will be held funeral mass will be held tomorrow for the mother and the three children. investigators say they will hold a news conference on the status of their investigation on monday
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after the family members have been buried. but, lucy, just a heartbreaking tragic story and today friends and family coming together to try to remember the happy moments. >> all right, thank you very much, dawn. scary moments at a central pennsylvania amusement park. little boy has fallen out of a roller coaster. emergency crews airlifted the boy to a hospital after he fell from a ride in the amusement park. the boy was conscious after the fall. park officials have not said the ride malfunctioned and authorities have not released any other information about the boy. this comes four days after a 1084 old boy was decapitated when he rode a water slide in kansas. in philadelphia's point breeze neighborhood, police say two men burglarized the supermarket and they had to work really hard to do it. surveillance video shows the break in on august 30 at the point save supermarket on the 1200 block of point breeze avenue.
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police say the men got through a large hole in the wall they broke into. then they tried to force open an atm and despite quite the struggle they were not successful. so they settled for some consolation prizes. some ups packages pretty much anything they could get. cigarettes, somebody cash. >> former political consultant just told jurors he conspired with pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. pin a jury leak on her chief deputy. consultant josh morrow testified today under a grant of immunity. morrow said he and kane craft add story two years ago saying adrian king leaked secret files to a newspaper. he says kane wante wanted to ems her rival prosecutor. she's fighting charges of perjury and corruption. >> needle exchange program going statewide in delaware until now it had been confined to the city of wilmington. governor jack markell signed legislation authorizing statewide expansion of the program. it will allow drug addicts to he can change used needles and syringes for clean ones provided
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by the division of public health. goal to reduce the spread of hiv, hepatitis and other diseases. tonight the night eagles fans have been waiting for all summer long. the first chance to see the 2016 philadelphia eagles. >> i'm excited. >> i am, too. >> i know but this is going to be he can treatmently hot out there. the hot weather exactly doesn't scream if the ball weather. >> no. >> let's head down to the lincoln financial field. fox 29's brad sattin in south philadelphia where fans are getting ready for some football and i'm assuming beverages will be contracted down there. >> reporter: the assumption is correct i'm sure, chris. i can tell you, though, if i'm going to be hahn never it's kind of mellow right now. maybe it's because obviously it's the first preseason game. maybe because it's 93 degrees out here but it feels like over 100 degrees. the start of the game they're saying it will be 88 degrees by the fourth quarter it will drop down to 84 degrees. but it's going to feel about 10 degrees warmer on the field and then you add those 30 pounds with the helmet and the pads, it's going to be a hot one on the field but let's take to you
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some of the tailgating some of these guys and girls have been here since were you noon today. so they are ready for some football for sure. the games, the bands has been playing. the grill masters we got behind one of the grills earlier. it's about 120 degrees behind a grill right now. game time is 7:00 o'clock. so that's, what, about 50 minutes from now. there's a little bit of breeze right now and certainly as the sun goes down it will start to feel a little better. as i look around here fans sta starting to head into lincoln financial some of them as i mentioned have been here for upwards of six hours. they're ready for some football. and for their first look at carson wentz. >> do you prefer january tailgate organize hot sun august tailgating? >> october. (laughter). >> what's the difference, right? >> yes. >> a little hot. you got to move around. you don't move around you ain't think about the heat. >> how are you moving around? what do you do. >> you do jumping jacks or what. >> no, just grilling, moving. >> it's hot. really hot. >> reporter: you know we mentioned january tailgating.
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let's hope that we're tailgating in january on our way to a super bowl. but i guess really we should get through this first preseason game first guys. >> first things first, brad. thanks. we're not done at the linc. >> here's howard eskin with a look what's coming up in sports. >> coming up in sports well take look at the first game. even though it's a preseason game, it's big. and we'll tell you the players that won't may tonight. the mares that will and the player that everybody is waiting to see coming up in sports.
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♪ battle is on between local leaders and residents in one camden county town. at the center it all the push to build a costco store in what's already very busy area. residents are saying traffic a major concern. >> fox 29' jennifer joyce caught up with people from both sides of the argument in cherry hill tonight. >> reporter: this costco is only in the application phase. but with a recent zoning change residents fear that a possible costco could bring with it gas
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stations and a lot more traffic. >> this road right here has become a freeway. >> reporter: kerry fears speeding traffic on this local road will only get worse cost costco store proposed for vacant lot comes to fruition. >> we were not told of any plans of gas tanks, gas fumes i worry about the safety of our childr children. there's no area any longer for them to ride their bicycles. >> reporter: gas tanks were not a possibility when she moved in because of zoning restrictions. monday night, that changed. cherry hill township spokesperson bridget palmer confirmed township council voted to amend the b4 ordinance to allow for gas stations under certain circumstances with the goal of improving market abili ability. resident and township council candidate rick short says he was at monday's meeting and sides with the opposition. >> just over populating the area with gas stations and our residents don't want the and they spoke very loudly at the
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meeting and the township just didn't listen. >> reporter: recent in a margolis and rick short are members of the facebook group cherry hill united. a group rallying against the zoning change. >> the members of cherry hill united will not sit back quietly and watch this disaster be brought into this community. >> reporter: palmer says the township's ears are open if costco plans are approved local leaders will work with the community to address traffic concerns. the township says its decisions are based on what's good for the entire township. >> part of that is focusing though on economic development neighbor revitalization, highway revitalization, and generates revenue and allows us to invest back into the community. >> reporter: the results a lawyer involved in this case fighting the zoning change. i reach out to him today to see where his fight stands right n now. he says no comment. in cherry hill, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. ♪ >> kathy orr back down the shore today. beating the heat. she's smart. in ocean city. >> kathy i went into the bank
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today. i walk past woman she said go right passed me i'm just here for the air conditioning. >> i love it. (laughter). >> free air conditioning. >> it's that hot. >> you do those kind of thing when the heat index is 110, right? you find excuses to do all kinds of crazy things. we were crazy and we came down the shore. we were craze so like a fox because we have beautiful sea breeze and i want to introduce to our guards here this is shaken. shane lives in ocean city. but he goes to school in west chester. let me tell you west chester today it felt like about 110. what do you think it feels like here. >> today it feels like 75 it's wonderful out here. i love it down here. >> what is the one thing everyone is talking about? the warm water it's been really warm recently. pretty exciting. hopefully a lot of people will come down this weekend have a good weekend to work. >> it will be a business so weekend. how long have you here till tonight. >> tonight heim here till 8:00 p.m. >> perfect. save to go in the water till 8:00 o'clock because shane is here. thanks shaken. >> you're welcome. >> we appreciate it. take look at all the people in the water because these beaches
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are guarded. the ocean water temperature ate 83-pint three. we cooled down couple degrees that's why we have a nice sea breeze. take look at the temperatures. in philadelphia 92. none in millville. down the shore right now we're looking at a temperature in ocean city of 87 degrees. the ocean water temperature is 83 degrees. the factor the peak of the heat the next couple of days when it will feel like 108 friday, saturday 111 and down the shore this weekend temperatures in the 90s. but it will feel like it's warmer we are counting on that sea breeze late in the afterno afternoon. now, we also have to talk about the storm that is could be popping up for more on that, let's turn it back to the studio and my colleague scott williams. hi, scott. >> hi there, kathy. thankful for that sea breeze down the shore, but a little farther inland look at what's happening in sections of bucks county, also, mercer county. we're looking at some rainfall rates over 2.5-inches per hour. that has prompted some flash flooding concerns especially once you move just north of the hopewell area also plumstead,
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buckingham moving toward doylestown looking at some of that very heavy rainfall also some lightning. so over the next several days, the heat, the humidity will have about a 40 to 50% chance for some after and in and evening thunderstorms. bubbling up. but the main coverage will be north and west based on this storm track. so we'll continue to follow that, kathy, over the neck several days but you'll talk a little bit about the heat tonight at the linc. >> absolutely. scott we're talking about the eagles pre-game and it's going to be sizzler. take look at these numbers. temperatures in the 80s but it will feel like it's well into the 90s overnight tonight in philadelphia 80 degrees in the city. 74 in the suburbs. it's going to be warm. it's going to be humid and during the day tomorrow, the temperature 96 degrees. hazy, hot and humid on your seven day forecast we stay in the 90s until early next week. ocean water temperatures in the 80s. we are counting on the sea breeze to keep us cool. back here live, it's more of a
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wind than a breeze. we'll stay as long as we can. we'll see you back at the station at 10:00 o'clock. >> all right. soak it in, kathy, soak it in. >> let's get down to howard eskin down at the linc first pro season game with the eagles/bucks tonight starting about 40 minutes or so. howard? >> it's a nice breeze here, too. i like this weather. hot. that's what we like it. we'll take look at the players that won't play and obviously the anticipation of who will play and we'll talk to mike quick about that and that will be coming up in sports.
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okay. no malcolm jenkins, no jason peters no jordan matthews and no running back wendell small wood but the guy the people are looking for the quarterback. i talked to mike quick a short time ago because what he's looking for from carson wentz. >> i've enjoyed watching the guy in the preseason practices and i, too, would love to see him can't wait to see him in front of the bright lights in front of everybody on the big stage. it's one thing to do it at the collegiate 11 it's a whole other thing when you get to this level and everyone can't make that tran zig. i think that he can, but until he does it you don't really know. >> what else would you be looking for to in night's game? >> i want to see the guy that's going to emerge on the outside as the target. there's no one weapon on this offense that you know that you're going to feed the ball to. i think there has to be somebody that when this team is playing against other teams they think about, okay, this guy is the guy they want to feed the food ball to. someone has to emerge.
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this whole idea of not having a target it has to change. the entire identity this team it has to start tonight. >> lane johnson i don't know how he's going to get out of this 10 game suspension. how badly does that hurt the team? >> it hurts. it hurts whole lot because, you know, lane johnson is a guy who played the right side tackle but predicted to play the left side at some point. and he's a vital part of this offense in protecting the quarterback. the key thing in this game period is protecting the quarterback. if you don't have the protection and lane johnson big part of that protection, it really hampers what you can do as an offense. >> well i may have missed him but i didn't see lane johnson come out and why would you play him any way. he's out here? he is out here. i don't know why you'd play him any way because 10 game suspension it's likely to happen. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you so much how war. >> be sure to join us tonight at 10:00 o'clock for the fox 29 news at 10:00. family walk nos a wal*mart to
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shop. the problem, well, they left their toddler in the car. she is okay tonight. her dad and grandma say it was an accident. what police saw in the surveillance video say it proves they are lying. >> all right. so of course we have an excessive heat warning going on right now across our entire area that. means you know what you've got to do stay as cool as possible and check on your neighbors and your pets. >> heat line is open all communities. so be wary. it can be dangerous. >> check on your neighbors much make sure the dogs aren't out and stuff like that. >> thanks for joining. >> that does it for us at 6:00 o'clock. isn't we'll see you back here at 10:00 and our new show that starts at 11:00 o'clock. have yourself a great night. inside edition is up next.
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♪[ music ] what we've learned about the knucklehead who scaled trump tower. and how he did it. >> good luck. >> then the librarian accidentally shot by a cop. >> get down, get down! >> his troubled past revealed. >> i was afraid something like this would happen. >> plus green yuck at the olympic pool. it's spreading. and final 5 fire alarm freakout. >> we got our gold! >> then. ♪ i want to be a cowboy singer ♪ >> jonbenet ramsey murder mystery 20 years later. the unsolved case that can't be forgotten. >> two


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