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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  August 12, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. giant flame has been shooting out of the ground in south jersey after a gas main caught fire. that flame burned for hours just feet from the garden state parkway. it is finally out tonight. good evening to you i'm lucy noland. fox 29's is a bean if kuriakose live in egg harbor township. sabina? >> reporter: lucy, we just got update from south jersey gas. they confirm this fire is now out and the gas main is secure. but still no word from ac electric or south jersey gas on how exactly a live power line came down on a guardrail right next to a busy roadway. 20-foot high flames burning for more than eight hours. well into the night. gas crews working to install new valve to starve out the fire.
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south jersey gas tells us a live electrical wire crashed down on to guardrail along ocean heights avenue in egg harbor township just before 2:00 thursday afternoon. officials say electric current from that line zapped through the metal guardrail and ignited an 8-inch gas main. no one was hurt but hundreds lot of power for several hours and traffic through this main roadway remains tied up. fire so high we note at a banks could see it driving down the garden state parkway. >> there wasn't a lot of smoke but there was lot of flames. yeah, i was scared because i thought it was going to come over at the highway to the parkway. >> reporter: and at this point the appears most people have their power back. again, we're still waiting to hear how exactly this power line that officials tell us caused all of this actually came down. lucy, back to you. >> no power means no ac and that's tough in heat like this. on your radar dangerous heat hitting our area. looking live at the ben franklin parkway many of us close to the
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mid 90s today. and it's only going to feel hotter tomorrow. a lot of folks are doing whatever they can to beat the heat. for many that includes jumping in the water and when you look at the radar you cannot see any relief in sight. live look at reading right now. get ready for several days that feel hotter than 100 degrees oh, my, kathy orr starts our team coverage tonight with your first forecast at 11:00. kathy. >> excessive heat, oppressive heat whatever you want to indicate it won't be fun over the next 24 to 48 hours. we have some showers and thunderstorms to talk about on ultimate doppler you can see them through the north and west through the poconos over in it tonight everything will be moving through. it will be a dry start to the morning. and tomorrow looking for a high of 96 degrees. it will be an official heat wave that excessive heat warning will continue. it will feel more like 110 to 111 on a high end of that scale tomorrow and saturday. here's a look at the stick factor. saturday feeling like 111 we'll be chasing a record high as
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well. 106 sunday. 100 will be the feels like on monday. the record is 99 degrees for saturday. we'll be very close. forecasting 97 it's going to be super close. here's a look at your extended forecast. you can free your weather authority, 96 tomorrow. 97 on saturday. sunday going for high of 94. monday the heat wave rolls on. it breaks on tuesday. still quite warm, though, through the mid period of next week. those shore temperatures pretty sticky as well. high heat, high humidity, peeking over the weekend in the 90s. that's the very latest from the weather center. lucy, we'll zen it back over to you. >> talk to you soon, kathy. thousands of fans spent tonight trying to beat the heat as the eagles opened the preseason if the at the linc against tampa bay. they weren't the only ones sweating it out. as kathy just said we got daysing that. fox 29's brad sattin has more tonight from south philly. >> reporter: eagles won game one of their preseason schedule and suddenly the heat doesn't
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seem to matter as much. >> time to bust out the football and the grill. but in this heat shish kabob wasn't the only thing cooking outside the linc. >> it's hot. >> steamy all right. the feels like temperature pushing 100 degrees before the first ball was even snapped. >> 101 tailgating, 90s, yeah, just drink. >> reporter: of course water he means. >> little breeze did help but with the kick off to the eagles season, boeing a hot sweaty mess was secondary to more important concerns like winning. >> hey, if you're a true eagles fan it don't matter about the heat. it doesn't really matter. you'll be out here regardless. >> reporter: do you prefer january tailgating or hot sun august tailgating. >> october. (laughter). >> reporter: keep winning for january and my guess no one will care much about the cold either. at the linc brad sattin fox 29 news. ain't that the truth? we're looking live at south philly our weather could have ratch continues online at 24/7.
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see safety tips for this extreme heat and of course your newest forecast. tonight friends and family gathered in northeast philadelphia to remember the sinking spring family who died in what police are calling a murder/suicide they celebrated the lives of meghan short and three young children all four died from gunshot wounds and so did their father mark and their family dog. their not yet saying police aren't who pulled the trigger over the weekend. the funeral for meghan and her three children is tomorrow. mark has a separate memorial service. police had row lease more details in their investigation on monday. meanwhile, east germantown residents came together tonight for recall toll spread a message of hope and peace after violence rocked their neighborhood. two days ago, a stray bullet hit a little girl as she played on the street. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live at police headquarters. shawnette, you were at that rally tonight. >> reporter: lucy, residents tell me that before the shooting happened the street would have been full of children outside playing.
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but this evening it was just the opposite. >> philadelphia cease fire set up on the 6300 block of wood stuck street in east germantown this evening where a six-year-old girl was hit by a stray bullet during a shootout here tuesday night but the group was met by residents and children afraid to come off of their porches because of what happened. but after hearing the message from neighborhood active visits an local minister who brought free water ice and pretzels to the children residents slowly came out. >> i'm nervous. kind of afraid to let them be out here on the block, you know, with stuff happening it really has nothing to do with the kids. >> i think they should be a able to come out, but i mean everybody is nervous. you don know things happen in broad daylight. the so unpredictable. >> back here live philadelphia cease fire handed out information to parents on signs to look for, signs of trauma to look for that their children who
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may have witnessed that shooting that happened tuesday night. lucy? >> thank you, shawnette. police arrest add man they say was tricking teenage boys into sending him nude photographs. they caught up to brandon speech this morning. investigators say he posted as a girl on social media to get teenaged boys to send him nude pictures. neighbors in north philadelphia tell fox 29 that speech work at the duck curry school on diamond street and at a local daycare over the years. police say speech has been using the online ruse for three years now. philadelphia police say two men burglarized a local supermarket and had to work re really hard to do it. surveillance video shows the break in on august 3rd at the point save supermarket on the 1200 block of point breeze avenue. police say the men got in through a large hole they broke through a wall. they tried to force open an atm and despite quite a struggle could not do it so they called an audible and settled for some consolation prizes u. ps packages, cigarettes little bit of cash as welly.
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jerry sandusky lawyer says the former penn state assistant football coach will soon take the stand and testify during an appeals hearing whether his conviction should stand. his attorney expects jerry sandusky to testify at length in the three day hearing that gets underway tomorrow. the 72-year-old sandusky did not take the stand during his 2012 trial. a decision that's among the issues he's raised his original lawyers did not represent him adequately a jury convicted jerry sandusky of sexually abusing 10 boys. he's now serving a 30 to 60 year prison sentence. in one camden county town the battle is on between leaders and residents about a new business. a costco for cherry hill is only in the application phase. but residents are worried a recent zoning change would create big problems. monday night township officials approved an ordinance that would allow gas stations under certain circumstances. local leaders say it's decisions based on what's good for the and tire township.
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residents think traffic will only get worse in the already busy area. >> we were not told of any plans of gas tanks. gas fumes i worry about the safety of our children. part of that is focusing on economic development, neighborhood revitalization. highway revitalization. >> lawyers fighting the zoning but he said no comment when we reached out. take close look. police say this guy swiped a woman' purse right out of her car. and where he targeted her will leave you shaking your head. and take good look at this. what police say this person did inside a local market. that's quite a sketch. a mom was trying get her daughter ready for school when she realized she is short on cash much the gesture by this american she is never going to forget. >> today president barack obama dropped his summer play list so the twitter severe would know what he's listening to on these summer nights. if we have a first family and
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this must be the first play li list. itaipu concludes the beach boys, also, on the list, good vibrations. as we take live look out over the ben franklin parkway. that doesn't sound like the beach boys to me on this steamy
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♪ she's at church inside. he's breaking into her car outside. new castle county police are looking for a thief who struck in the parking will in the church. it happened tuesday afternoon just before 1:00 on brackenville road. he got away with the woman' purse which had money and credit cards in it. isn't you shoot it we use it. >> they snapped up pictures of that gas main fire sabina kuriakose showed you at the top of the broadcast. this is what it look like this afternoon. not long after that fire broke out. gas crews are working to install a new valve to stop the flow of gas. it all started when a live electrical line came down and made contact with a guardrail igniting the gas main. thankfully no one was hurt in this one. and what better way to cool off on hot day than a pool.
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lots of kids splashing and playing in the pool at lack man playground in northeast philadelphia. the playground recently got a new spray ground as well as an asphalt track so kids could ride their bikes. city councilman brian o'neal says the improvements will improve the hierarchal of life for children and family in the community. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it. then make sure you use the fresco app and send that video to our newsroom. lucy. >> make a pretty penny while you're eight in berks county police are looking for the man who robbed a valero gas station. horse a sketch. interesting 67 of the man they're after tonight. it happened just past 9:00 monday morning at the store on the 100 block of revere boulevard. robber pulled a 95 and demanded money. if you somehow recognize this person, give police a call. in your health tonight, the drug enforcement administration has decided not to reclassify marijuana says pot will stay illegal for any purpose. this keeps marijuana as a
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schedule one substance putting in same class as drugs such as heroin, lsd and ecstacy. many states including pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware have laws allowing for medical use of the drug. >> there are million plus patients in these states that are using it on a consistent basis to help with hiv and aids and glaucoma and cancer and ptsd and even just general pain. >> the dea is however allowing increased study of marijuana by permitting more institutions to grow and use pot for research. in your money tonight, a major change for disneyworld. decades old tradition coming to an end. the main street electrical parade shutting down in october. and shipping west to disneyland where it first began. the orlando park featured the parade on and off since 1977. but its return disneyland in anaheim, california is just a limited run. new hope that citizens bank park many veterans have been checking into potential jobs
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there today. dozens of companies attended the event including bed, bath and beyond, children's hospital and comcast. people with military backgrounds could apply from all kinds of jobs from entry level on up. recruit military and home depot are hosting these events across the country. organizer tells us last year was a big success in philly. >> 100 veterans were extended job offers at the last event. always great to be in philadelphia. we have the blue collar, companies know to come here to hire great veterans and spouses. >> if you're a veteran and could not tend today check out their website for jobs that are still available. in arizona, a deputy's caught on camera doing something authorities warn no one should ever do. got him a ticket by the way. the video shows a deputy driving around a flood barricade and right through a road covered in water. the deputy got ticket for crossing a flooded wash. a violation his boss say is
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extremely dangerous. nobody knows how deep the water s sheriff says the deep tee was not on his way to call didn't not have authority to break the law. >> we look at the matter so i'm not very pleased with the depu deputy. his actions were inn appropriate and we're going to feel with that of deputy i have notice that they are under scrutiny by everybody. they're held to higher standard. >> the sheriff goes on to say the depth pee's actions were dangerous because another driver could have followed him right through. some pop-up storms around her because it's so hot out, kathy. >> heat and humidity making it oppressive and really muggy tonight, lousy it's not going to be comfortable until next week. in old city philadelphia you can just feel that moisture. it's still 85 degrees. the high today 95. temperatures will be back up during the day tomorrow. fox future cast shows any of those storms will be ending during the morning hours through the lehigh val and the poconos. tomorrow we see a partly cloudy skies but in the afternoon the storms fire up again.
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more like isolated downpours. they'll move energy move out. they'll dump a good dose of rain quickly especially north and west of the city. but after 5:00 p.m. some of these could get into south jersey. same goes for saturday. the morning will be dry. the heat of day and with the humidity after the noon hour those storms will be firing up mainly north and west of that i-95 corridor. rainfall estimates between one and thee inches of rain over the course of the weekend. bulls eye from trenton toward the northeast and also north of the lehigh valley through the poconos where you see the purple and the red that's where we anticipate we'll see the heaviest rain. overnight partly cloudy, 80 the low in the city. 74 in the suburbs. tomorrow 86. it will make it an official heat wave. that heat wave is going to roll on. down the shore it will be hot, it will be humid. it will folic it's around 100 degrees over the weekend. ocean water temperatures cooling into the 70s but that's still nice for this time of year. your extended forecast from your weather authority shows heat wave rolls on through monday,
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still quite warm on tuesday. wednesday 87. thursday 86. and look at these ocean water temperatures. they peak over -- i should say shore temperatures. peak over the weekend and then back into the 80s next week. this is the most oppressive stretch we've seen. the entire summer, lucy, trying to stay cool. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you so much, kathy. stranger random act of kindsness has a georgia mom and her daughter speechless. two were back to school shopping at bed, bath and beyond when the mom realized she was a few dollars short. she asked her fellow customers for coupon bed, bath and beyond has great coupons she got so much more an camera caught it all. a complete stranger not only gave the mom some coupons to cover her daughter's college supplies but she even gave her $100 in cash to cover the rest of the bill. >> wow! >> did he just paid a hundred dollars on top of the coupon. >> i had them for while.
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they came in such great use today. it's a great day. >> it's a great day. >> i love that. in total the woman covered more than $160 in school supplies. honor for some of philadelphia's youngest heroes. national liberty museum hosted the 16th annual td bank young hero celebration in old city. organizers say the 12 children identified an area where liberty was well lacking. took action to make positive change. today's keynote speaker 1584 old alexa bray biehl. she founded bag of books. program that collects new and gently used books to give to children in low income communities. great stuff. and great stuff for eagles fans. sean bell in the house. >> lucy, what else am i going to talk about, writ? it's all about football. it's all about the eagles. i'm excited. fans are excited. everyone should be excited. i'm going to break down the good, the bad and the
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eagles football is finally back. we're all excited. but we do have a lot of questi questions going into the season. doug pederson in his first season as a head coach and then there's carson wentz. can he real be that guy, the future of this franchise? the good actually was carson wentz. i was hundred% sceptic a guy from north dakota that didn't really play real football in college. we didn't know much about him. today he actually showed why he was the number one pick in the draft. he's athletic. got out of a lot of trouble. through darts when he got in trouble. showed a real calm while in the pock. the bad, those wide outs come on, man, dropping passes once again the same problem from last year showing up again. you can't drop passes especially when you're dealing with a young quarterback in the future. just carried on. had at least five drops much that's real problem. finally, the ugly the biggest problem of all the second team offense was absolutely terrible,
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awfully lane johnson will miss 10 games. jason peters deals with health issues injuries. those guys can actually play this year. if they do, it's going to be real real problem. but again it's only the first preseason game. plenty will change an lot will happen but doug pederson has a lot to deal with coming up this training camp lucy. >> thanks so much, sean. soup model christie brinkley defending her ex-boyfriend john mellencamp i didn't even know they were boyfriend girlfriend after new york post gossip article called him a right wing red neck. she wrote that the article is unfair. the reporter wrote brinkley broke up with mellencamp because she couldn't take his political opinions and red neck ways. brinkley says none of this is true. did you know know they were boyfriend girlfriend. >> no. >> i didn't know. kevin hart is typically known for his jokes but now the funny man is hoping to do some rhyming. comedian has signed deal with motown records to drop an album this fall under his altar ego
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chocolate dropper. the album should hit stores this fall. i sat next to him at one time on an airplane. i didn't know who he was. everybody was saying -- i look and i said are you somebody like famous? and he's like oh no, no, no. >> chocolate dropper. >> i think they thought you were the famous one. >> no, no. straight ahead tmz and dish nation. stay tuned for chasing news and the simpsons. we're back here at 4am for your fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". the eagles played well. >> they did something. >> sue serio and bob kelly have your weather and traffic covered all morning and
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good morning, four people shot including a six year-old little boy, in east germantown why some are now concerned about the violence happening in this neighborhood. back in court will jerry sandusky take the stand and testify in his appeals trial is this hear what his lawyers to have say coming up next. gas main erupts in chains, a bizzarre chain of. eagles fans waking up happy after last night's big win, how did rookie do and new coach and quarterback. we have break down later in sports. good day it is friday, all 12th, 2016. >> it was not football weather at lincoln financial field last night. really warm. you need to stay hydrated because we are in the middle of the heat wave. let me see what you have over here. this looks absolutely disgusting


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