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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  August 13, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. >> it is all about staying cool out there tonight as another heat wave has it feeling down right oppressive and it's going to be a few more days before there's any relief from this dangerous heat. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. today was the third time this year that temperatures have reached 97 degrees. that's the highest temperature we have seen this year. believe it or not, tomorrow could be even hotter than today. meteorologist scott williams has more on your first forecast at 11. scott it will feel like over 100 degrees tomorrow? >> it really is, dawn. dangerous conditions across the area. the high today 97 degrees and take look at some of the statistics. we're talking about the 28th 90-degree or better day so far this year. the fifth heat wave, it is
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official. day three. it will likely be a long duration event. look at the current feels like temperatures at this late hour. still feeling like 97 in philadelphia. feels like 98 in dover and 92 in atlantic city. much of the area now through the end of the weekend feels like temperatures over 100 degrees during the afternoon. that includes lehigh valley, i-95 corridor, south jersey, all of delaware. in fact as we talk a little bit about those temperatures, you can see 93 on wednesday. it was 95 yesterday, 97 today. we're looking at 98 degrees tomorrow. making it the hottest day so far this year. that big area of high pressure that bermuda high will continue to act like a heat pump across the area and those temperatures are going to soar. as we look at the extended forecast you can see feeling like 111 tomorrow. feeling like 107 for sunday. coming up we'll talk about pop-up showers and storms and a little bit of relief with that
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forecast. dawn? >> all right, thank you, scott. in today's oppressive heat we found a story of a broken air-conditioner and some unconditional love. fox 29s brad sattin crashed a wedding, no surprise, he joins us now from maple shade to explain, brad? >> reporter: somebody has got to do it dawn for sure a lost cities including philadelphia that have declared excessive heat warnings. everybody looking for ways to stay cool including newlyweds. behind me there was a reception that just wrapped up a short time ago. the air-conditioning was on full speed but that wasn't the case earlier at the church service. ♪ >> reporter: talk about breaking out in a sweat at your own wedding. not the that you can blame jazz minute and wilfredo sanchez being introduced here at their reception 30 minutes earlier with no ac in the church the bride was gushing all right. >> all i could think about how hot it was inside the church. pretty much dripping, and all our faces were glistening.
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>> we had fans but the veil over my face. i couldn't feel any breeze and it was crazy. so hot really. >> reporter: her photographer frank green brought back memories. >> i got married in 1988 and that day was 103 degrees. >> hot enough for you. >> reporter: the show must go on as it did a few miles away where the camden county police put on a carnival for the kids. the eight tubs of water ice and hundreds of bottles of water ran out before the halfway point. >> before stepping out of the car, thermostat said 100 degrees. oh, man. the kids bum come out here. they really want to have some fun. >> reporter: tanya williams had her own idea of fun. >> i think i'm going to buy me a little kid pool and sit in my backyard. >> reporter: a pool does sound good. how hot is it? so hot that the 82-degree air temperature inside the salvation army's community center pool almost felt refreshing. >> it feels a lot better than 104. it feels like outside. i'll take this any today of the
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week. >> reporter: so too will the sanchezs nothing wrong with little warmth on your wedding day. >> when you look back years from now, what are you going to remember? >> the heat. (laughter). >> for sure. (laughter). >> reporter: for sure. how hot is it. one car actually showed up to this reception on fire. it took our extinguisher to put that fire out. firefighters then arrived. does it not appear that the heat started the fire, dawn, but it certainly didn't help matters here tonight. >> all right, thank you, brad. mother nature is changing the city's plans about closing public pools. mayor jim kenney announce dad only eight of the city's 70 pools will close this weekend. initially, the city was going to board up about two dozen pools because of a lack of lifeguards. but this weekend's excessive heat warning forced officials to change course. the public pools are open tomorrow and sunday from 12 noon until 5:00 in the evening. the city's heat line is still active until midnight tonight. it will be back open tomorrow from 8:30 until midnight.
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health department nurses are manning those phones to help with any heat related problems. the number to call is right there on your screen. (215)765-9040. we have that information by the way posted on as well. and don't forget, you can always beat the heat with the fox 29 app. get the extended forecast, breaking news alerts sent right to your smart phone. that app is available on i tunes or google play. breaking news right now out of east germantown. police have just released these surveillance pictures of a vehicle wanted in connection with the shooting of a six-year-old boy. they are looking for a green mercury mountaineere with a roof rack and a spare tire on the back of that vehicle. growing outrage tonight that this little boy was shot just days after another a six-year-old little girl was shot in the same neighborhood a few days ago. four other people were injured last night in that latest shooting. fox 29's shawnette wilson live in hunting park where the little
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boy is recovering tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: well, dawn, yes, that little boy remains here at saint christopher's tonight. he was shot in the chest and leg and gunshots rang out again in another east germantown neighborhood this evening where a six-year-old girl was shot on tuesday. police in cars on bikes and in swat units swarmed the area of woodstock and madiera in east germantown before 6:00 this evening. they're looking for two gunmen who shot a 34-year-old man who was taken to einstein. >> this is a continuation of a vicious cycle of killings. >> reporter: reverend robert shine passes church a block from where it happened. he watched as residents period at the crime scene from their porches in this area for the third time this week. >> that's the great fear that parents are reluctant to have their children playing out in the street. >> reporter: just last night, gunfire rang out in another east germantown neighborhood of ashmead and clarkson. police say 50 shots were fired. six people were shot.
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the youngest victim is six-year-old mihaj brown who was in a car with an adult who was driving him home. rival groups opened fire in the neighborhood. >> reckless, disregard for life and now you have a six-year-old fighting for his life. >> reporter: bullets also pierced several homes including juan williams' house. >> it hit right here. you can see that would have been my head if i was standing here. >> reporter: no one has been arrested in any of this week's shootings including the 6300 block of woodstock where a sick-year-old girl was hit by a bullet tuesday. neighbors are fed. >> we should instill in our children how to respect each other and if more parents were like that more adults were like that then it would be better out come in the community. >> it's reprehensible there continues to be this black on black crime. >> reporter: and we want to give you another look at those surveillance pictures of one of the suspect's vehicles used in
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the ashmead shooting. police tell us eighths mercury mountaineere with a roof rack and also has a spare tire on the back. and back here live, the mayor's office tonight offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in both of those shootings involving the six-year-old children. dawn, back to you. >> all right, shawnette, thank you. the defense rested its case today in the perjury and obstruction trial of attorney general kathleen kane. kane did not take the stand. she also decided against putting defense witnesses on the stand. prosecutoprosecutors say the det leaked secret grand jury information and then lied about it to get back at a political foe. closing arguments are set for monday. if the jury finds her guilty, a judge could sentence kathleen kane to up to seven years in prison. jerry sandusky was back in a courtroom today denying the child molestation charges he was convicted of four years ago. the former penn state assistant football coach is hoping to have his 45 count conviction thrown out or get a new trial.
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the 7284 old says he was not properly represented by his legal team. the jury convicted him of sexually abusing 10 boys. sandusky is serving a 30 to 60 year prison sentence. his hearing continues on august 22nd. a fight at one local target sends a mother and her toddler to the hospital. police say it all started when a shopper was blocking the aisle with her cart. that reportedly made another customer so mad she used a common household product as a weapon. fox 29's sabina kuriakose reports from wilmington. >> reporter: delaware state police say this suspect poured bleach on a customer inside the wilmington target on brandywine parkway after app argument over a shopping cart last week. a one-year-old child in the cart was also struck with the bleach. >> you never know who will snap don something weird. crazy. >> reporter: state police say it was just before 6:00 last thursday evening when the suspect seen in this surveillance still began an argument with a 24-year-old woman who she accused of
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blocking a target aisle with her shopping cart. authorities say the victim then moved her cart to let the woman pass. instead of calming down that's when the suspect allegedly jammed the victim's cart with her own. causing another argument. police say the suspect then dumped a bottle of bleach on the victim and splashed the baby. >> that's really bizarre. i mean why would anybody pore bleach on somebody. >> reporter: police are still looking for this suspect. she was last seen getting into a white car along with another man. luckily the victim and the child are both okay. target did not get back to us for comment. in wilmington, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. tonight in you decide polls show hillary clinton is polling ahead in battleground states. that poll conducted by nbc and wall street journal shows the former secretary of state with leads in florida, virginia and north carolina. and more split in the gop. frustratefrustrated republicansd letter to the head of the rnc
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urging the chairman to stop supporting trump's bid for the bows of white house but the chairman up tow dude trauma tap rally today in pennsylvania showing a united front. the question still remains will trump release his tax returns? he did speak about tax today's but not about his. >> highest taxed nation anywhere in the world, folks. she wants to tax us more. so we'll be lowering your taxes very substantially. we'll going to be simplifying the whole deal. you won't need h & r block any more believe me. >> hillary clinton released her 2,015 personal tax returns tod today. pundants say it puts more pressure on donald trump to do the same. drivers in pennsylvania will now have to make sure all car seats are facing backwards for children until they are two years old. it's part of a new state law that went into effect today. police will issue warnings for the next year for drivers who don't comply. but after that, violators will
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be slapped with $125 fine. advocates say facing children toward the back of the car dramatically lowers their risk of death or serious injury during crashes. one of the men featured in the hit netflix series making a murderer is a free man tonight. why a judge decided to throw out the conviction. and do you like to listen to music while you work or exercise? well, some doctors also enjoy music while they operate. the reasons some fought to keep their tunes in the or. >> and when you go-go to the fare you can find a lot of food even twinkies how you'll soon be
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♪ tonight police identified two men wanted in a recent rash of disturbing burglaries in philadelphia. police say that 33-year-old anthony campbell and 29-year-old norman bowen are wanted in at least eight of the 12 incidents. authorities say these men have been targeting asian run businesses that are attached to their homes. once inside they have tied up the victims and robbed them at gun point. police are asking for the public's help. >> horrible situation and we're just happy at this point we've identified individuals but we need the public's help in telling us where they are. we know they're out there somewhere in this area and we're
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asking please turn yourself in or have someone who noes them to tell us where they're at. police say anonymous tip led them to the robbers. they are considered armed and dangerous. a wisconsin man featured in the popular netflix series making a murderer is set to be free after a federal judge overturned his conviction. brendan daffy was found guilty of helping his uncle kill a woman. he was 16 at the time. but today a judge ruled to overturn his life sentence saying investigators coerced a confession. prosecutors have not 90 days to decide if they want to retry the case. well, you see it, you shoot it fresco users are helping us show was is happening in your neighborhood. so chris, what do you have for us tonight? >> well, dawn, fresco user lisa shirley captured some storm damage from new hope, bucks county, bucks county fire department says they responded to several locations today for storm damage reports of trees down and other things. fortunately, no one was injured.
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and a brand new street name on the 1900 block of cecil street in philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood. councilman kenyata johnson host add renaming of the street to marshall moore way. it's in recognition of moore and her dedication to the community in southwest philadelphia. when you see news happening, take out your phone and shoot it and use the fresco app send it to our newsroom. dawn. >> chris, thank you. n your health to note, there's growing debate in the medical field about whether music in the operating room helps doctors concentrate or if it's a distraction. studies find from the university of miami that those who listen to music finished their work faster and are more productive. one doctor in texas says he and other staff members convinced management that they needed their tunes. >> some of the older doctors will listen to smooth jazz or those kind of things. some of us younger doctors will listen to classic rock or newer type music in the background. >> we're still very focused on
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what's going on and very aware of every detail. >> well the rule at the heart hospital is when performing surgery or a procedure for the very first time, the music is off. zika virus is not stopping people from visiting the sunshine plate. 800 americans plan to visit florida. 70% were concerned about the virus less than 10% changed their travel plans because of it. this comes less than week after health officials reported local transmission of the zika virus in the miami area. tonight in your money, a fried delight popular at state fares is headed to store shelves. yes, hostess is rolling out a frozen deep fried twinkie. they'll be available solely at wal*mart for the first three months and then they will make their way to other stores. >> the product innovation is really inspired by consumers who have been deep frying their own twinkies at backyard barbeques
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and state fares for number of years. >> this mark the first time hostess brands developed a product for the frozen food second. well it's not just mick jagger and rolling stones who are saying goodbye ruby tuesday. popular chain announced today nearly 100 of its restaurants will close for good. that's about 13% of its 724 locations. it comes after a decrease in business. in fact the company shares have dropped more than 10%. ruby tuesday says it had try to give employees who lose their jobs positions at nearby locations if possible. on your radar, another steamy night across our area. scott williams, tomorrow is going to be dangerously hot? >> yeah, dawn, tomorrow feels like temperatures will approach 110 degrees in the philadelphia area. it will likely be the hottest day of the year. but at this late hour, the current temperature in philadelphia 86 degrees. after a high of 97. and look at this. it still feels like 97 degrees when you're stepping out right
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now. so for the overnight, low temperatures in the city around 80. 74 in the burbs. we're looking at partly cloudy and muggy conditions for the overnight. now, take a look ahead. tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., feels like temperatures by 8:00, 95 in trenton it will already feel like the upper 90s in philadelphia by 8am97 feeling like temperatures in atlantic city but by the afternoon look at the clock. 3:00 p.m. it will feel like 109 in pottstown. 108 in philadelphia along with wilmington. even down the shore, not really escaping the oppressive heat and humidity. moving the clock ahead to sunday afternoon at 2:00 it will folic 105 in philadelphia. 107 in dover. so really no relief until the middle part of next week. the high temperature expected for tomorrow, 98 degrees. the record high for tomorrow is 99. se set back in 2002. so tomorrow morning it's a dry
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and quiet start but keep an eye to the sky especially north and west for pop-up downpours not washout but once again just have that backup plan. here's the clock at 5:00 p.m. the lehigh valley also moving into sections of bucks county, pretty quiet down the shore along with delaware as well. and then sunday morning it's a dry and quiet start but them during the heat of the day, watch what happens. some isolated pop-up showers and storms not out of the question. if you're headed down the shore, remember the sunscreen. 90 both days but feels like temperatures in the triple digits. water temperatures mid to upper 70s. the pocono mountains it will be steamy up there as well. 87 for the high temperature tomorrow. 84 degrees on sunday. once again some pop up showers even some thunderstorms. so as we look at that extended weather authority seven day forecast, feeling like 111 tomorrow the hottest day of the year so far. 97 still on sunday. monday still hot, none degrees. 90 on tuesday.
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and then as we move toward wednesday and thursday, finally trying to get back to the average high temperature for this time of year, dawn, which is 86 degrees. so the bottom line for the upcoming weekend stay safe, check on kids, the elderly, your pets and most importantly drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. dawn? >> all right, good advice. it's going to be hot. thank you. sean bell is here now, sean certainly a busy night in spor sports. >> busy night but everything was about a-rod. most hated great player of all time on the field and off the field he was a little bit annoying. a bunch of different reasons why that's so so we'll take look back at his final game and talk about how should you look at this guy. how should he be viewed in the group of greats. that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ all right. alex rodriguez played his final game in major league baseball. he went one for four with two rbi's and a six-three win against the yankees. ending a 22-year career after retiring actually being released in the middle of the season. that's how much rodriguez is hated by baseball and hated by his own team. the new york yankees. a-rod doesn't even get to be off the bench. he had to be a dh. a dh! not even play third base. he asked joe girardi to play third base but joe said no. ryan howard is in the same position. this is his last year, okay, the phillies are at least entertaining him letting him play not releasing him in the middle of the season. that's how much a-rod is absolutely hated. listen, post bond a-rod has been
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the poster boy for steroids. never tested positive, i know, but he admitted to using it several times. that's part of the reason why people really hate him especially because he's so talented. the guy never really needed to use it. but baseball needs to stop being so hypocritical. steroids saved your sports. mark mcguire, seam sosa homerun race made your sport relevant again. no one even cared. nobody wants to watch four hours of boring baseball. we want to see the long ball. look, a-rod annoying off the field. did dumb things but his career should still be celebrated he's a top 10 player of all time. he should still make the hall of fame because baseball had no problems with steroids when it saved your game and when you were making all of that money off of it. dawn? >> all right. thank you, sean. well, do you own harry potter and the philosopher's stone? turn to page 53. it might make you rich.
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about 500 editions of the word one wand printed twice on it in the list of what students to bring to hog warts f your copy of the books has those two magic extra words it could sell for thousands of dollars. i'm going home to check. one london bookstore is expected to sell one of the copies for $30,000. sequel to the all female version of the ghostbusters is unlikely because of a poor performance at the box office. the film is only earned $180 million worldwide. according to the hollywood reporter the film has to make 300 million to break even. the stars of the film had already signed on for two sequels before the film was released but with reported $70 million loss, hollywood analysts say a second film is unlikely. well that will do it for fox 29 news tonight at 11:00 o'clo 11:00 o'clock. we are back here at 7:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia" weekend. thanks for joining us and have a great weekend.
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stay cool. great weekend. stay cool. ♪
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