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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  August 13, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> goods morning, welcome to "good day" philadelphia. on a saturday, august 13th, got the coordinated blue, good morning, karen hepp. >> trying to stay cool, because it is so hot. so if you have any of your hot jokes, how hot is it? i'm sure it is with us today. >> and going to play the hot songs, remember cool and the gang, oh, it's too hot. no? >> how hot is it, scott? >> oh, i mean it will feel like triple digits, still excessive heat warning, that's been extended through sunday, and it will be a long duration heatwave, as well. we will talk all about the weather, yesterday, high temperature was 97. but today will likely be the hottest day of the year. we will talk all about this oppressive heat and humidity, coming up, see kind of the steamy start, the philadelphia international airport, but right now, we want to talk a little bit about what is going
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to happen with weekend wendt ill, and also, sue serio. >> all right, we will get to that coming up. right now as we talk a little bit about those temperatures, you can see, what's happening, 82 degrees, look at the winds out of the southwest, 6 miles per hour, so, the current feels-like temperature, already this early morning, at 90 degrees. so stay hydrated, stay indoors, if you can, also, stay in the ac. looking at 81 millville. eighty-one right now in dover, 77 pottstown and allentown, low 70s in the pocono mountains. so, area wide for today, look at the temperatures, center city, 98 degrees, we have that heat danger going on, 90 hot and humid down the shore. the lehigh valley 96 degrees, couple of pop-up showers, even some thunderstorms. look at the current feels-like temperatures, already feeling like 92, as we move into wildwood. ninety-one, the current feels-like temperature in atlantic city. eighty-seven is what it feels like in wilmington, and as we go hour by hour, across the
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philadelphia, for today, you can see, by noon, 94 degrees, but it will feel like 106. by 4:00 p.m., 98 degrees, it will feel like 109 stiffle degrees. so that's where the danger will occur. as far as ultimate doppler right now, dry and quiet start. we could have couple of pop up showers, even thunderstorms, we will spell it all out for you coming up with the seven day forecast. >> scott, thank you. >> right now, police are investigating a shooting in hamilton township mercer county. >> here's scott. >> we'll go back to that in just a moment, i'm pretty sure you said 109 degrees? >> heat index. >> yes. >> 7:03, couple every technical difficulties at this time. we'll take quick break, re group, get it altogether, and dave will continue on twitter and facebook to share your hot thoughts. it is so hot, our computers
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are jamming up. >> we'll work it outright after this. stay tuned. i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves!
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you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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rough across the area, outside of our you starts at 4th and market, out and about. heat and humidity, continues across the area, there could be a couple of pop showers and storms during the heat of the day, but this is going to be a long duration heat wave, yesterday, it was officially the fifth heat wave. today, we'll continue to see temperatures at or above 90 degrees, we're talking at least seven to eight days out of this. likely to be the longest heat wave of the year, let's talk a little bit about the near record here for today. the forecast high is 98 degrees. yesterday, we hit 97. the record for today is 99 set back in. dangerous feels like temperatures across the area, pretty much the entire region looking at the excessive heat warnings, we have heat
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advisories along the shore points and into the poconos mountains for those feels like temperatures above 100 degrees. so heat wave number five will roll on, started as we move toward the next several days, you can see wednesday 93, that was the high, 95 on thursday. 97 was the high temperature yesterday in philadelphia and today i'm going to go 98 degrees. at the normal new years this time of year year is 86, 82 atlantic city, we have 82 currently philadelphia. 77 in potts, 77 right now in allentown. low 70's in the poconos mountains, and 76 degrees currently in reading. look tulle current feels like temperature. how your body reacts. already feels like 90 in millville, 90 in dover, 87 is what it feels like in
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wilmington, feels like 78 in pottstown and feels like year degrees right now in eye witness town, you want to take it he says if you're going outdoors. of as we look at ultimate doppler yesterday afternoon and evening, a couple of pop-ups showers and thunderstorms, main storm track is to the north of us, take a look at the flood concerns, we're keeping talk abouts on flood warnings and also heifer fall, some locations in louisiana could pick up close to a foot of rain before all is said and done. this is controlling our weather, this big bermuda high, so we're getting those winds out of the south and west, that is pumping in all of the heat and all of the humidity. so we'll go hour by hour, once again, a few afternoon pop-up thunderstorms, mainly north and west of the area, much of the region will stay dry for today. but once again, by 2:00 in the afternoon, isolated pop-up showers and downpours, not everyone will see it, don't cancel any of these saturday
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plans, the main story is going to be the oppressive heat along with that humidity when you step outdoors, here's 8:00 once again, most of the area will be dry. if you're headed down the shore, not much relief. 99 degrees for the high today, 90 on sunday, feels like temperatures will be well above 100 degrees, water temperatures mid to upper 70's don't forget the sun screen and also stay hydrated. the moderate risk exists today for rip current, only swim where that he is lifeguards are present. let's talk about the forecast in the mountains. it's going to be steamy, we're looking at high temperatures topping out upper 80's today, 84 degrees for tomorrow, a better chance in the poconos mountains for those pop-up showers, even thunderstorms, so just keep an eye to the sky, and when thunder roars -- head indoors. high temperature t98 degrees,
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once again, the record is 99. it will feel like 111 for today, tomorrow, no the much relief, feeling like 107. 97 will be the air temperature as we move toward monday, it's the same song and dance, awayer talking about 91, pop-up showers and thunderstorms, tuesday's high 90, pop-up showers and thunderstorms, moving towards wednesday, looking at a high temperature of 90 degrees again, so once again, if we continue with that theme, we're talking about eight days with this latest fifth heat wave and then finally, near average by thursday into friday of next week, karen and bill, this is just ridiculous right now. >> seeing some of our towns, we live in allentown, they decided to wave the pool fees because of the hot conditions we're looking at. they want the kids and people to be able to get out and relax. also, re they were going to be
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closing a lot of our lifeguards go back to colleges and they were going to be leaving the area, close some of the philadelphia pools and decided to keep almost all of them open >> you'd think they could find some people in need of a job, they worked it out. you can't shutdown the pool, what scott was touche, heat index 109. i'm glad they worked that out >> we'll have a little about the couple they got married. there's lots that may have been going oh wedding. it is it's not a nice time. send us what you're doing, we are having ghosts in our machine, so to speak. it's the heat >> things are burning up. we will take a quick break and stay with you, good day philadelphia.
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good morning, welcome become to good day. it's 7:15. scott gave you an in-depth analysis of the weather. that picture, i'm just an amateur, looks hot. we will keep you informed. closing arguments are set for monday in the criminal trial against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. in case that's already seeing plenty of twists and turns, arguably the biggest one happened yesterday when kane decided not to testify and her lawyers didn't call a single witness to the stand. join me this morning to discuss the case, legal analyst ken roth ones in a whiler to to tell us everything about the case. good morning, ken >> shocking obviously to me, maybe less shocking to you that you didn't think she needed to take the stand and address any of the allegations. were you surprised?
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>> the fact that she didn't take the stand or offer any witnesses at all, she didn't put on any defense at all. legally she doesn't have to, what she's basically saying is the commonwealth proven proven the case air bags therefore, she doesn't have to put on any defense, i think that's chancey based on the cay they put on against her. case started tuesday, when three and a half days, until half the day yesterday on friday. there were two witnesses that were prosecution witnesses that were former aids of hers, one was a josh morrow, a political consultant and another was a fellow named audit drain king who was her chief deputy at the time. the damaging testimony came from a josh morrow who basically said that he and kane planned the leak and lied about it. and to back in up. there was an audit tape, a
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telephone call. >> i don't understand that, even as i read some host legal analysis in this case, there were people who were saying the witnesses may not have had credibility. her attorney said the witnesses have no credibility but don't you have to explain that in your defense? that's the whole reason you put a defense on. righ right? >> well, i think you're right, but they tried to do that in cross-examination. the cross-examination of josh morrow, the political consultant that testified against her, he basically had lied several times to the grand jury previously. cross-examination of him was you lied before and the argument was going to be closing argument >> i neither conspired with anyone >> she prosecutes people. when she made the decision not to testify, pan you can?
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is she really that confident? do they not have anything to say? you said you were shocked. doesn't seem like a sound legal strategy. she should know better. >> well, when you say she should know better, she got up on the standing she'd somebody subject to some vigorous cross-examination. so i don't think she's overconfident, i think she thinks she got big problems, strategically, had he legal team felt the best thing to do was for her not to testify, for them not to put on any defense and basically for them to argue that josh morrow is a liar, elied then. he's lying now. >> clearly is losing in the court of public opinion, whether or not you go out and have a legal defense, the public is reading and hearing all of this. they sometimes go on the standing take stand to try to combat some of that or you let it linger? >> well, you know, you would
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hope that you could get on the stand and basically convince people that you're not as bad as the media as portray to do you to be but i have to tell you these lawyers on the prosecutors, i think they would cross-examination her for a long time and probably make her look worse. probably. in retrospect taking a look. probably the best thing for her the tack she's taken. we're find on you on monday or tuesday. >> let's get to breaks news, police are investigating a shooting. it happened in hamilton township in mercer county. many details but we do know it happened just about three hours ago on vicky court >> we'll try to get more information, steve keeley is there in hamilton township with the latest. >> reporter: it's at the lambertville work house or trenton state prison which are both pretty close away from here, you see hamilton police,
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also investigators with the hamilton township and mercer county prosecutor's office, if you look at the left past this american flag two doors away, you see some of the investigators with the mercer county prosecutor's office, they've been talking to the neighbors asking them what they knew about their neighbor and you look at that neatly kept white house with the light blue aluminum awnings and the neighbors tell us look at that front door, they believe somebody was shot here and the word we got from our breaking news network, which is always unconfirmed but reason we get first words on a lot of stories is they had a report of a man shot in the head, so sad news but we don't know whether that's live or not. you got people's rubber gloves in the walkway and the area he tapped. this is a cul-de-sac. i'm looking at one neighbor behind the red pickup truck
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staring at the investigation and we talked to this neighbor who grew up two doors from here, parents and she didn't hear anything. even though she got the indication that somebody as i was shot hereafter they asked her what they knew and what she told them is what she told iit was a young man in his 30's recently divorced but shared visitations. of you have a lot of domestic situations blowing up on weekends. investigators trying to learn what they can about any domestic history here but looks like another domestic situation that got violent and maybe a sad ending depend for the second week in a row. but that bucks county story that we had last weekend our viewers will recall, still no answers, which we're finally going to get maybe on hon up there. guys? heartbreaking. you mentioned in the neighbor not hearing something, re so often in the summer we have our air conditioners going so loudly that you don't hear when things can happen right next door
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because of the air conditioners running. >> reporter: especially in this weather and you can also see the condensation on the front door tells you she's got her air blaring and the back corner of her house, too, which is probably 45, 50 feet from the front door blown out and she didn't hear anything, seems like a lot of the neighbors didn't know much. they said the guy kept to himself, they didn't hear any shooting. didn't hear the glass break, like you said, re we got temperatures still feel like 99s in the middle of the night, everybody is going to have their houses sealed up maybe have a fan running too,s which will also a deaden any kind of noise >> not a lot of information right now but we know as more comes out, you'll be first on it. thank you as always. we were talking about the scorching temperatures here in the east. out in louisiana, they're getting massive amounts of rain. >> it's a crisis, why officials there decided to declare a state of emergency and why the worst isn't overyet >> it won't go away.
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pokemon go continues to be all the rage. we'll tell you how one local group wants to give you a new iphone just for playing the game. i'm rethinking this i'm on it. >> i believe it's fun and it's local. of we'll be right back we got a little later in the show, men, motorcycles and meat fillet day. we're playing your hot songs, steamy saturday morning, let us know your hot plans for trying to stay cool. we'll be right back.
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♪ it's going to be hot, to inspire you, motivate move you and perhaps cool you off, we're playing the hot songs >> hot child in the city tallentown, reading, down the shorecast wilmington, any neck of the woods, doylestown, media, we're all hot kids in the city, you walk outside, 82, and it smacks you in the face >> karen is a hot kid in the city. we'll get back to that. let's check in with sports in a minute. >> this is fox 29 sports i'm sean bell.
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alex rodriguez being forced out of the game last night was his final game, a-rod coming out to a standing ovation be first at bat, he gets an rbi double. tide the game up despite not allowing a-rod to start at third. he did get to play third in the 9th. the yankees win 6-3 and a-rod ends his unbelievably career in yankee stadium the phils minoring one of their greats, jim thome being honored. ryan howard with a the bases loaded in the fifth. of it's a grand slam. bases loaded. big time, old school move by ryan howard still go on to win 10-6. that's sports in a minute. let's take a look at some of this morning's top story, a
7:29 am
police officer is dead after being shot in the neck during a traffic to stop. it happened late last night in new mexico which is outside of el paso. the officer just got to the traffic stop when someone got out and started shooting. three men took off in that car and were later arrested. deadly flooding in the gulf area, a state of emergency in effect in louisiana after some parts of that state saw three inches of rain yesterday. one man died in baton rouge after he flipped into a ditch. nearly 150 people had to be rescued from high waters in another community. they're bracing for yet another round of possibly ten inches of rain through this weekend. a lot of people were watching netflix making a murder, a wisconsin man featured in that movie is set to go free after a federal judge overturned his conviction. brands dassey was found guilty.
7:30 am
yesterday the judge overturned his sentence. to prosecutors had 90 days to decide if retry that case. at least you'll be by the water if you take part in this 18 is. the it's happening in manayunk at the am pie theater from 11:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. with the headliners, charlie muscle white and samantha fish. i can tell you this, wendy agrees, this heat is giving us the blues. >> it really is, sue, we'lling singing the blues, feels like temperatures by this afternoon in the triple digits, look at this near record heat for today. the forecast high 98. the record for today is 99 set back in 20 or a 2. 98 for the high in center city,
7:31 am
the heat will peak for today. oppressive humidity, stay hydrated in the shade in the atlantic city and stay safe. we're looking at the potential for an eight-day heat wave, which would make it the longest so far this year, last one during thing dnc remember that one was a seven-day heat wave. steamy, 82 but look at the due points, the measure of moisture already at 77. still feels like 90 in much of the area, 81 millville, 82 look at what it feels like right now at 7:30 on this saturday morning, '90s is what it feels like in philadelphia, 92 can you remember in wildwood and as we go hour by hour, look at the feels like temperature by 4:00 in wilmington. 108. it's going to feel like 109 in dover. this is the danger, reading it will feel like 102 stiffling degrees. stay safe, check on seniors,
7:32 am
pets, children, as we move toward sunday, not much relief. look at 3:00 feeling like 105 in the philadelphia area, coming up we'll talk much more about this oppressive heat and humidity and if we'll see relief with the seven-day forecast awful back to you. >> thank you. only a month old and pokemon go is one of the biggest games of the year. millions of people are playing getting outside, trying to catch all of those characters. there's a local organization trying to capitalize. we have ed harris valley forge tourism. not the famous actor >> younger >> what is happening that people can jump on and do >> pokemon it's a new website ouring or, valley forge tourism board has lawn'sed to make it year for people who love pokemon go to not only come out
7:33 am
to montgomery fox 29 great attractions, hotels, catch pokemon go while they're there and have a really great experience through the montgomery county. >> i think what's also interesting, i drive by places, there's a church near me and they literally have a sign that says pokemon go spot. give me an example of some of the fun places people can come and check that you want showcase >> one would be elmwood park zoo. they did a promotion last week if you showed up and showed your pokemon go ap on your phone you got half price admission. of over 1,000 people turned out. we have the valley fortunate casino resort, the national park in valley forge has over 70 poke ky stops. people are coming out to
7:34 am
montgomery county and making it is a weekend. we have 74 hotels and they want to make a weekend out of it. amazing shopping, great small towns, skip back village, ambler, conshohocken, it's it's all free parking. we're getting a lot of interest through pokemon go in montgomery county pennsylvania. >> that's smart and clever. you guys are capitalizing at the right time. that's awesome, i believe it's neat. we have to check some of those good things out. wait. i missed the big park. you can win something. not only is it free to do this, there's something people can win, that's what lots of money? >> this fall we're going to pick one poke master who uses the #pokemon go co >> say that again >> #pokemon company and we're going to give an iphone to the people who does the most pokemon
7:35 am
catches >> mine is phone. >> karen needs a phone. >> i think we'll give that to you. sounds good. . did you ever go to the state fare, music fest actually still going on in lehigh valley right now. when you go to the fair you can find what you're looking at. deep fried twinkies. >> i want that when i'm not at a fairly of how can i get it >> you'll have it in the comfort of your own home, plus look at this guy, excited about the guy coming in the is that your, why jill marineny is riding a motorcycle right now, karen gets to meet him. >> feel like just hit the lottery. maybe you did, there's the lucky numbers. >> i'm going out there too. stay tuned. of
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it's basically impossible not to sing this song, it is hot out there. you will feel it the second your face hits the humidity. it's the air you can wear. that's how hot it is out there. >> i like that. of >> isn't that cute? 7:38 is the time. how about hostess rolling out deep fried twinkie will be
7:39 am
available solely at the wal-mart. first time it's developed these products for the frozen food section >> it doesn't sound good. you eat occasionally when you go to the fair. moving on. most of us have to do with one computer screen. many argue that slows you down >> we're going to go to tech tank because there's a new product coming out. >> i'm anthony mongoluzzi and this is your tech bite. are you limited by one minor when you're on the road with your laptop. me, i need two monitors makes me more productive. now we can. there's a product coming out called slide enjoy. so simple, so creative, so cool.
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basically, what you do is you take the product, flood it into the usb port of your laptop and extends your laptop they don't three total monitors on the fly. you can take it with you where you go. this is one of the projects that are publicly funded. so people like you and i making this stuff up because there's a need for it. you want some more cool tricks? reach out to i#tech tag and we can continue the conversation online. . presidential hopeful donald trump is hitting the campaign trail right here in pennsylvania. >> his message about hillary clinton and what he says is the only way he can possibly lose the keystone state. plus you may have been the victim of this theft already because it affects millions of americans every year. there are simple things you can do to protect yours when it comes to what you carry on you. we're getting your comments
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coming in. celebrating the hot weather, it's hot blooded from foreigner. bill showed off his motorcycle. >> you're going to love today's show >> andrew is back from camp and watching good day. glad you had a great summer. welcome home. sunglasses for choir for this heat wave >> switched up a little bit. looks like she's got on his, he's got on hers. but that's all right. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ old school. two sings this? i know this one. of martha reeves and the vandal las. it's like a heat wave. 7:44. lots of news happening every single day when it comes to this campaign and election skyline. you decide donald trump hitting the campaign trail. the republican presidential hopeful spoke to voters in both erie and altoona yesterday telling supporters that hits rival was wants a big tax increase and he'll bring them
7:45 am
down, he says there's only one way he's going to lose pennsylvania in november. >> the only way we can lose in my opinion, i really mean this, pennsylvania, is if cheating goes on the. i really believe that. >> clinton has a big lead over trump of likely voters released just this week, shows clinton is ahead of trump 52 to 42. meanwhile, clinton campaign released her 2015 tax records yesterday. shows that hillary and bill clinton earned just over ten and a half million dollar. most came from her speaking appearances after releases her tax return, she continues to put pressure on donald trump to release his >> he refuses to do what every other presidential candidate in decades has done and release his tax returns >> he dismissed the release the
7:46 am
tax returns, saying the documents they really want to see are the 33,000 missing e-mails identify theft can be a big problem >> i used to joke somebody should is steel mine they might improve my credit. of there are ways to protect yourself. of starts with what you carry with you. of. >> what crime impacts 50 million consumer every you're >> dui? >> identify theft >> does that many people have a computer >> not just computers, most happens the old-fashioned way, takes stuff out of your wallet or purse. the worst thing you can carry with you is your social security card. if a crook gets that they get access to your whole life. >> i'm never taking it out. burying this >> i always do the right thing, i keep the checkbooks right in the pool bag so the baby sitter
7:47 am
can write a check >> use a debit card, if your checkbook gets is stolen or lost, debit card built in protect. >> pass words have taken over our lives. do you remember all your pass words. >> yes, they're the same thing, but my dad has this thing, he has so many pass words there's for this pass words. >> check out an ap called last pass, put your pass words in there in your wallet or purse >> i'll bet you're going to tell me not to carry around my receipts, i leave them in my car, right there >> not good. instead of carrying them around, a crook can use them to break into your credit account, instead, use an ap like drop box or ever note on your phone, scan the receipt, put it in your cloud. deculture your wallet or your worst so creep doesn't get your
7:48 am
information pretending to be you. >> no wonder your wallet is so little and thin. that's your actually wallet? that the my wallet. ♪ . scott, this heat wave we're seeing hot songs take a looking out there. it's so hot you can wear it? what did you say >> the air you can wear. >> it really is. you step outdoor, it's like a sauna. you can't really walk a block out sweating feels like temperatures already right around 90 in the philadelphia area but by this afternoon, heat indices 110 to 111. that is where the danger will come into play. 82 the philadelphia international airport. winds it out of the southwest of the feel like temperature already at 90. this excessive heat warning has been extended down shore, all of delaware, north and west towards the lehigh valley, feels like
7:49 am
temperatures in the warning area 105 to 111. this is likely you bugging you but i have folks talking a little bit about an event that might bug you as well. >> i'm karen, that us is shawn, we're with the academy of natural as soon ass and we're getting rid of this year's fun fest. you can see many more insects like this through the museum. you can help build a termite mound. what kind of weather can we expect for bug fest this weekend. >> that's going to be a great event with all those critters out there. we're looking at hazy, hot and humid conditions. some steamy by 10:00 already 89 be 95 at 2:00 and look at 5:00, 94 degrees, once againing it is for a hike temperatures outside are going to be in the triple digits, take it he does.
7:50 am
82 right now philadelphia, we're looking at 82 in wildwood and atlantic city, but look at the feels like temperatures already at the shore in the low 90's. feels like dover 90 degrees as we go hour by hour, look at the feels like temperatures by 4:00. it's going to feel like 108 in philadelphia, 109 in dover. of even toward the lehigh valley, feels like temperatures right around 103 in allentown and then for tomorrow, we continue feels like temperatures right around 105. this sunday at 3:00 in the afternoon for the philadelphia area. this big bermuda high heat pump winds out of the south and west pumping up all of that tropical moisture. dangerous flooding along louisiana, re that moisture will stay off to our west. here's the front that will finally try to arrive toward the middle part of next week to put an end to our fifth heat wave. 98 today, 97 tomorrow.
7:51 am
91 on monday. 99 on tuesday. even into wednesday before we start to finally drop to near average by thursday and friday of next week. but keep an eye to the sky. there could be pop-up showers and thunderstorms by this afternoon. back to you. >> thank scott. has anyone ever face timed you when you're live on tv. >> someone is face timing me right now while you're doing the weather >> you're popular. i'm at work. >> here's soming is else you should know. the u.s. marine corp looking to bring more women into the service >> wheel tell you the unique way marine corp is reaching out to women >> local baseball diamond right now, but maybe some day -- you ever watch and think that, we're going to introduce you to the athlete to have the week. >> and hot blooded as we go to
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good selection scott, in
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the control room. it's time now to introduce you to our fox 29 athlete of the week. and today, fox 29 junior reporter zarah assad introduces you to arising baseball star in our area >> i'm here with the high school athlete of the week, jack her man from eastern regional high school >> when i started coaching i was a player who had extraordinary work ethic. he made team. he had a little brother used to play catch all time and they say that kids going to play for you one day, coach, that's my little brother, every day he would come and watch him and we would just be amazed at the tremendous skill that he had as a six, seven, 8-year-old kid. and that kid is. >> her man >> a center fielder and junior to be, he says he's been playing baseball as long as he can remember. >> coach chris said jack is a repair ty, as an athlete he's
7:56 am
fast. there's very little he's not cable of doing. >> one of the great things is his human till ty. very rarely do you have someone so gifted be so humble. that endears jack to his team mates. when jack is successful, you never hear the word i with jack >> he works extremely hard to train and it's his explain work ethic that sets him apart >> hard work is everything basically. hard work beats talent usually, so if you're working hard ungive it your all and show up every day with all the energy you can, you'll be successful. >> leading by a example coach chris says her man is extraordinarily popular not paw of his success on the field but because of his behavior towards others. >> he's celebratory of his team mates >> i was a captain last year, i tried to lead by example and help out the other captains >> her man already committed to attending the university of maryland in the future and hopes
7:57 am
for a chance to be drafted. >> i believe one of the things that sets him apart is his work ethic. one of the things that people lose sight of is that people who are successful in life have to work for it. and jack has exceptional work ethic in the weight room, here on our baseball field, he's partial about baseball. it shows in the way that he plays the game >> on behalf of fox 29 i would like to graduate you >> i would like to thank fox 29 and my family and friends >> if you have someone you'd like to nominate tweet us or post it on our fox 29 facebook page, use #good day. is it hot enough for you? it could be the hottest day of the year, sarah and carl got married. it was so hot, when will we finally get a break from some of this heat.
7:58 am
a button bunch of guys in motorcycles pulled up outside. of this guy is riding a motorcycle to our station, he's here outside and karen is little bit excited. >> we heard the rumble of thunder outside as these big bikes rolled up. i think he doesn't even have a helmet on. we'll show them off to you in a moment >> a rumble of thunder outside.
7:59 am
8:00 am
f it's hot and only getting hotter. the heat wave taking hold of the delaware valley and we prepare for what could be the hottest day of the year. that will tell us when we'll finally get a break from this. also, jill on our show, why this actor and model is bringing a motorcycle. he's got it parked outside of our station along with another bunch of fine human beings and we will show you and explain the good cause and mission they're on. from the fox 29 studio, this
8:01 am
is good day philadelphia weekend. 99 percent sure i haven't heard the name geal said this often >> it's about equal time. i think we do a lot during the week, we get a lot of women on the show, i like to help the ladies out and they're watching on the weekend. >> you're kind of a champion of the cause? is that what it is >> i'm trying to help people. >> for the under dog >> you got it >> good morning to all of you. it is so hot, it's not like we're -- it's not like a chill cold on it. it's a right on my neck it's crushing down. >> we got to think cool thoughts today. take a look at the expected high. of we have a lot of sunshine. it's going to be hazy, hot and it's going to be downright humid. of we could come close to record high temperatures. we'll talk about all of that
8:02 am
coming up. let's check in with sue serio and weekend wendy >> here's something fun you can do because it is peach season after all and things will be peachy in new hope for the peach festival and summer sidewalk sale. this will be fun from peach treats to a my eating contest, live music, pick your own peaches, a sidewalk sale with clothing and home goods, i wish we could call the forecast peach? >> i hope they have peach ice cream. that would be good on day like today. we're looking at a high temperature expected around 98. the record for today is 99. we will come close but we know that it will certainly feel closer to 105 to 111 style stifling degrees. the philadelphia international airport no current airport delays, 84 is the current temperature, already feels like 94. we're talking 8:02 on your
8:03 am
saturday morning, that's the danger across the area. 98 degrees for the high temperature in the city, down the shore, 90, still feeling like 100 down the shore, 96 in the lehigh valley with the pop-up isolated thunderstorms, look at the feels like temperatures across the area. feels like 92 in wilmington, 98 degrees already is what it feels like in wilmington. of feels like 90 in trenton and 97 is what it feels like in millville. pretty much the entire area from the city north and west down the shore, all the delaware, we have that excessive heat warning for feels like temperatures once again well above 100 degrees. a 40 percent chance for those pop-up showers, mainly north and west, but look at the red temperatures, those are the feels like temperatures by noon, 106 in philadelphia. by 4:00, 109, we'll talk much more about this oppressive heat and humidity after traffic. bob? >> good morning everybody.
8:04 am
we got a rega, ta on the river. also mayor's cup championship run. of going to be hot one along belmont play toe and fairmount park. expect jammos. coming in and out of the city. through the weekend, the septa trolley blitz is long, there's no running the trolleys in the tunnels, 40th and mark they will take you into the neighborhood. the flip-flop coming into the city. of see you bright and early back hear tomorrow for good day philadelphia weekend. >> thank you, bob. right now, police are investigating a shooting in hamilton township new jersey, of course, that's in mercer county. >> police are not releasing many details but we know it happened about four hours ago, the address is vicky court where steve keeley is right now with the latest on this one. good morning, steve. >> reporter: unfortunately, no new information in the past hour
8:05 am
for you just waking up, this is a suburb of trenton hamilton and what you're looking at is the house owned by a corrections officer from either trenton state franchisor in lambertville and the neighborses were asked by detectives if they went door to door this morning, what they knew about this family here, and they told them this guy kept to himself but recently divorced but share custody with his x wife and would have visitation and usually the exchange happens on weekends from this angle, tom likely showing you the front door that's shattered and from the questions they got from detectives here, the neighbors believe somebody was shot. they know hear any shot, there was a report from the breaking news network somebody was shot in the head, an officer and we don't have any update on whether the man is dead or alive at some
8:06 am
hospital somewhere. the authorities said they could say nothing, they told us to talk to the public relations person who is not obviously answering any calls on a weekend, especially this early on a saturday. but this is a nice neat cul-de-sac. all the neighbors lived here a long time but few knew much about this corrections officer that they said would be couldn't jean yell, say hi, but we'll see detectives in their beige pants and golf shorts, they've been here hours had now, they've talked about everybody they can. a lot of the neighbors are home. they answered the door, questions but didn't have many answers for the authorities here. fact they were asking neighbors what they know about this domestic situation tells maybe the police have never been called for a domestic situation before. here we go again on another weekend, we had two murder suicides reported in the past week. south of here, down in mt.
8:07 am
holly, that followed the berks county one we did last weekend. awful news for family issues in the philadelphia area in the past week. >> so sad, re steve, thank you. 8:07. a stabbing at gino's steaks. outside of the popular spot in south philly >> he was stabbed on south 9th street. 2:00, 3:00 this morning, taken to jefferson university hospital with unknown injuries, we don't have a motive for the stabbing at this time sfwlj in northeast philadelphia there was a fight that broke out over the night at benny the bump bar, many people know that. just thing as you just pointed out there, happened about 2:30. of one person was taken over to aria health with unknown
8:08 am
injuries. heat advisories are across the area with temperatures soaring and experts say the best place to be is in a pool: the camden county put on a free cardinal for kids and they have lots of ice and icy treats. handing out bottles of water. and this couple got married, jasmine and alfred o. is that he looks beautiful and her flowers are gorgeous. here's what they had to say. >> all i can think about was how hot it was inside the you church. >> we were pretty much dripping and all of our faces were glistening >> had the veil over my face, i couldn't feel any breeze. it was crazy. >> she was amazing's her makeup is perfect. she looks so gorgeous, they say
8:09 am
when they look back at their weddings, they will never forget the heat >> absolutely. that's your memory. >> staying with the heat theme, thank you very much. philadelphia mayor jim kenney reversed plans to close the public pools, only eight of the city's 70 pools will now close this weekend. initially the city was going to close them down, about two dozen because of a lack of lifeguards, that is weekend's excessive heat warning forced officials to change course >> when your skin is burning all day long, it's a great place to relax and get the cool chill >> they begged me to come to the pool. i would like to be under the air all day. but i mean, it's good for them to do. it's really hot. >> get up and enjoy. public pools are open today and sunday starting a the noon. open until 5:00 p.m. an east germantown neighborhood in fear after a rash of recent shootings including two 6-year-old
8:10 am
victims. >> time kids getting hit, unrelated shootings. of they're proven guilty woodstock looking for two gunman. . also a 6-year-old mahaj brown was struck just riding in a car with a grown up trying to take him home. officers say they were rival groups and this child was caught in the cross fire, at this point, neighbors are fed up. >> that's the great fear that parents are reluctant to have their children hang out in the street >> our children in our children how to respect each other, and if not more parents were like that, more adults were like that there would be a better outcome in the community >> no one has been arrested including the 6300 block of woodstock where another 6-year-old, this time a 6-year-old girl was struck bay a stray bullet. the mayor's office is offering a $10,000 reward in both of those shootings involving those
8:11 am
6-year-old children. there was a fight that send one mother and her toddler to the hospital. >> all you can do is shake your head. it all started when a shopper was blocking the aisle with her cart. wilmington investigators say this woman got into an argument with another female shopper while they were in the target store on brandywine parkway. the woman in photo we just showed you accused the other lady of blocking the aisle with her shopping cart. police say as the lady moved her cart to let the woman pass, they going to in an argument and that's when the woman in the photo dumped a bottle of bleach on the other lady. also hitting her one-year-old child, who was just sitting in the cart. >> people need to chill out. relax. you know, in this country. of we gotten so wound up in ourselv ourselves people don't seem to care tomorrow, at shame >> police say the woman and her child who got bleach poured on them thankfully are ok, are still looking for the suspect.
8:12 am
ing the time is 8:12. there's a fun family vacation, everyone is so excited but they can't bear it when it takes a brief bad turn after a family member goes missing >> here's the guy we're talking about. how he disappeared and the happy ruin thanks to the workers at the new jersey turnpike. they brought him home. >> really classy. having fun with science in the summer, there's a great event happening today. that's why you see those smiling faces, the whole family will enjoy plus there's air conditioning. of. >> getting pictures sent in, this one for pamela. her daughter, son-in-law, their 10th wedding anniversary, they celebrated. of happy anniversary. >> kathy backer, my three favorite people xoxox. >> from tamra, i wish this was in the forecast right now? let's not go too far with that. it's too soon to be talking about snow but thank you anyway.
8:13 am
8:14 am
♪ what's that?! a bird? no, it's gus, the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania! have no fear, wonder gus is here! wonder bucks! whaaa... wonder bucks, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300 grand! one can dream. you can say that again. (giggles) keep on scratchin'!
8:15 am
♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that looks good, that looks like a good way to chill out. cool off and enjoy your day. >> the wilmington waterfront is an amazing thing. get near the water. makes you feel cooler. it is exactly 8:15. play back this major milestone today for a local event that is so great.
8:16 am
it's the 30th year of the science in the summer, this is an event that teaches so many kids thousands of them about science and technology engineering and math, we like to call that stem >> joining us to discuss today's celebration, an astronaut from nasa. good morning to you. thanks for coming in and from glasgow smith-kline. >> nice to see you. >> you're not an astronaut but you're cool. >> we love science and we have a lot in common teaching these kids, she's going to inspire kids >> tell us what's going on. >> we got 1-200 kids. we've had kids studying chemistry, oceanography, maggism. we do it through the local library, franklin institute administers it. >> what do you tell the kids? they have to look at you, have
8:17 am
you been in space? have you been in space >> that's the first question i get and i have not been to space as of yet. hopefully that's the goal we've been training hard for that. i like to tell kids kind of three main things, the first, follow your passions. i like to tell kids do what scarce you take on things that intimidate you and i tell them to support their friends and those around them. >> we talked about minorities, under served populations. of these are not things a lot of these communities think they can aspire to. >> she's a female scientists and she looked around the lab and said i'm the only female, she went to the local library, one teacher a few kids be we make sure we're targeting minorities, females, kid that don't have a chance that day this, were he got 120 homeless kids, we've been on two native indian reservations and we're going to have astronomy, that's why we got christina to inspire the
8:18 am
next generation of scientists >> even for the kids that didn't do the camp, there's a big event happening what's happening. >> it's going to be phenomenonal at the franklin museum from 12 to 1:00. we're going to have exploding balls, we're going to have a hover chair. we're going to have just a great science demonstration. and celebrate with a woman who started it 30 years ago, dr. virginia cunningham, a scientist herself, another pioneer in science and hopefully inspire the next generation, were he know the next generation in the 21 it's century of job social security going to object the scientists and technologists, engineering your math. we hope that somebody like christina will be the person they aspire to be. >> inspire us. what's it like? it's cool dome, i'm geeksing out >> it's an exciting training program. there's a lot of things that are overwhelming but a lot of things we feel honored to be part of. to learn how to properly know the system, know how to do space
8:19 am
walks, know how to do the science on board. know how to fly super sonic jets, that's part of our training, we take to the space station, so we can make sure and kind of represent the hopes and dreams of kids that aspire to do that. and be sort of a part of the next generation, the part of something that's an international in nature that sort of brings humanity together. >> i grew up in north carolina in a small town. i like to tell people. where i grew up, i didn't see engineers much less female engineers. so really, it doesn't marry where you're from, you can basically follow your dreams as far as it will take you. >> i don't even like to fly, now i'm inspired. i want to go to space >> we have an international space anticipation mobile ap where kids can go touching a moon rock. of a big day today. >> you mean me. >> come on over. >> kids big and small. >> thank you. is >> we appreciate it. it's going to be a great day to go to the franklin institute, it
8:20 am
will have air conditioning on in there. scott it is too darn hot to be outside >> we're talking about that excessive heat warning and that includes sections of the lehigh valley, take a live look right now at the allentown area, where feels like temperatures there will approach the triple digits over the next several hours. the philadelphia international airport it's hazy, hot, it's humid, it's air you can wear, you're stepping outdoor, running your saturday morning errands and we're looking at air temperatures 84 degrees with the southwest wind at nine miles per hour and look at the current feels like temperature, already at 8:20, feels like 94 stifling degrees in physical, heat wave number five was official yesterday, but take a look at how we got to where we're at now. 93 on wednesday, 95, thursday, 97 was the high temperature yesterday and today's high 98 degrees. if we hit that, we'll be one degree away from the record high
8:21 am
for today's date of 99. the heat peaks today. but we'll keep the oppressive humidity late sunday, a long duration heat wave. time now 8:21 for our weather question. >> good morning. it is a great day for the swim here. can the weather tell us what the weather for the poconos will be? any chance of rain? probably not. >> doesn't look like you'll be escaping the heat in the poconos mountains, i can tell you that. we're looking at hazy hot and humid conditions. by noon, 84, 86 degrees at 2:00, those pop-up you say showers even a thunderstorm. as far as the seven-day forecast, we'll continue with the steam bath across the area, the heat wave will likely continue at least through the middle part of next week. bill and karen >> i'm getting used to it. i'm adjusting to it >> you don't have a choice >> had no options. the marine corp is looking to bring more women into the service
8:22 am
>> this is cool, they have a new recruiting process, there's a unique way, the people they're targeting, how to they're getting them what the marine core is doing to reach out to women. >> we've been talking about this, we got motorcycles this morning, celebrities who rode them in for a great cause, we'll tell you about it coming up next. >> we missed best part.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back, i followed the airport on twitter, no problems reported town there except for it is quite steamy. no worries if you're traveling or picking someone up at the airport. >> you know you work in news when you follow the airport on twitter. >> a little bit nerdy. you say marine corp looking for a few good women. marine recruitsers are trying to turn to high school sports teams to find the candidates. that makes a lot of sense. marine commander general robert miller says he wants to increase the number of women in the core to one in ten. good idea. makes sense. so yeah, when you're kids,
8:26 am
sometimes your favorite object you love, it's a little blanket, for one family, there was a child and it was a teddy bear >> the staff of the new jersey turnpike went above and condo to reunite one bear to his owner. the 12-year-old's mother of new york city tweeted out that the bear was missing as family was headed to vacation in north carolina. she said they stopped at a turnpike service area and that's probably where the bear fell out of the car. workers at the turnpike saw the tweet and asked its employees to check around the areas. they found the bear and tweeted a picture back to her. the missing bear is headed back home. >> they spent extra time, go out, scoured around. they found the bear >> that's a good mom. how many moms would have just go try to find a similar bear? go buy the bear at the local store and then replace it to swap it out? >> the bear was taking a vacation and then on
8:27 am
just arrived? >> yes, just came back. probably why i'm not a parent. another hot weekend but hotter the down the shore. >> we're i'm going to tell you the big hot events happening this weekend and the one hot concert you do not want to miss. they're here, men on motorcycles, call them hunks on harleys, whatever call them. it's for a great cause, we'll share it with you in just a minute. some photos coming in. i love this, freshman and senior up and out, never missing practice. of ehs, joseph dillon, the brothers football. >> karen i'll say it you're looking beautiful. i away go so far as say stunning in your blue dress on this saturday morning: by the way, they like the show >> and mat sends this one, i love this. to charlotte and kim getting ready to watch the eagles, the first eagles game for the baby. so cute. i love that.
8:28 am
. >> beautiful and stunning. that's pretty impressive.
8:29 am
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8:31 am
the hot weather music. people are actually up and about. you shouldn't be, still be inside watching us on good day philadelphia. let's take a look at some of this morning's top stories. jerry sandusky testified in core yesterday for his appeals hearing, he denied the child molestation charges he was convicted of. the 72-year-old did not take the stand during the 2012 trial. the former penn state assistant football coach is hoping to have his 45 count conviction thrown out or at least get a new trial. the hearing continues august 22. new weekday schedules will be in place for the lansdale, doylestown, west trenton, media elwyn and warminster lines. the changes include new departure and arrival time. septa is making the changes to help ease crowding along those lines as it works to fix a third of its fleet for emergency
8:32 am
repairs. scott, you know, what else can you say? hot, heat index, 109. give us some good news >> the heat wave will probably come to an end later next week, but i mean, it's going to be a rough go of things, folks, 98 expected forecast high for today. the record is 99. we know it's going to feel like the triple digits. stepping out doors, hazy sunshine at the philadelphia international airport. the air temperature 84 degrees, but look at what it actually feels like already. feels like 94 degrees here at 8:32. take it easy. in center city, the heat danger down the shore, 90 but it will feel like 100 down the shore today, the lehigh valley 96 degrees. a couple of pop-up showers, even thunderstorms, look at the feels like temperature already in dover. 98 degrees. feels like 97 in millville. feels like 90 in trenton, 98 right now in wildwood. as we go hour by hour, by, say,
8:33 am
noon, we're talking 94 degrees but the red temperatures, that's the feel like temperature by lunchtime 106 in philadelphia. of maybe an isolated pop-up shower or thunderstorm by this afternoon, 98 degrees by 4:00 but feeling like 109 stifling degrees. take a look at this twitter pic i got, i wish this was in the forecast right now, let it snow. of course, some folks are thinking cool thoughts. stay hydrated, stay indoors, in the ac, check on seniors, pets, loose fitting light colored clothing. we want to send things outdoors >> all i can say, ladies thank you, were he got all these to fine gentlemen here joining us this morning. >> all these fine gentlemen. >> >> i'm going to go down the line, they're out here riding for an important cause.
8:34 am
we want to tell you, they're raising money, all of for amfar. there's stuff in it for you. what's your name? and why are you doing this? >> cosmetic company they make amazing products that are fabulous for your skin, you're a rugby player >> yes, i am, retired. >> who are you. >> anthony. >> what bring out here >> supporting the great cause and riding with these guys >> what's it like when you're on this dude fest >> it's actually pretty cool. we've been doing this seven years now, we take it serious but we have a good time >> they raise a whole lot of money, what are you guys raising money for and how much >> we're raising money to raise awareness for fight against aids and try to finds at a cure and we've raised over 1.6 million >> what are you doing out here. >> it's right thing to do. it's about giving back.
8:35 am
i'm from germany. can you hear it? >> why is it so important. >> it's important to us, was i'm with amfar. it he wants us reach an audience, when we travel like this, it's amazing the number of people that we can get to with message >> what's happening today at the king of prussia mall >> start the bike right at 7:00. you can come see all of us. celebrate with amfar. we're going to get to $135,000 goal, we'll be at knew man marquis king of prussia. >> facials for women, whatever you like, got it covered. >> how about you what's it like >> everyone looks out for each other on the road to make sure we're safe. for a great cause >> people recommend you modelling sex in the city, a million different things. >> exactly. he knows what you've been
8:36 am
saying. >> lot of it going on. a lot of it going on that. >> why did you join this team. >> it's been five -- five years, an amazing cause, amazing human beings, and we're very close, we have to speed it up be find a cure and getting together to do this and it's common sense when we have a little bit of power, we have to use it for this kind of thing. >> they're cool about this and you got models and athletes, and manly men, they're doing stuff like this. it does help out when all of you guys are willing to take on cause like this and show that it's kind of cool to do this on harleys and raise money. >> we're providing >> let's see the bikes. that's the man part. >> which is the one we want to focus. look at this. what's this? >> this is a star course, it's a 2016. mr. luke over here designed this
8:37 am
incredible one. this will stay in the final store. we always see that at every single ride we do. but this bad boy i've been enjoying the past 11 days, highly recommend it >> are we borrowing bikes >> they're all kiehls bikes. >> we have to toss to break, we're going to put information on the screen, let everybody know. we're going to sign over here. >> i don't want to sign. >> karen, you sign. >> you do that. >> we'll be right back guys, stay tuned.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ ♪ ♪ sometimes it's better to just stay inside and look at how nice it looks outside. look at that. you would think it's a beautiful day, we just came in from outside, we know it's a little sticky. >> i think it's shocking how hot it is this early in the morning, i think that's what's surprising. never cooled down last night. >> scott, that's crazy. >> pretty bad out there. >> smacked me in the face >> 8:40 is our time. when, you know, you use all the different reasons some of the children cry, maybe they fell down, got a skinny, upset over silly things, the tv show they didn't get to see, there's this new trend, parents sharing some
8:41 am
of the funny reasons their kids cry and putting them out there on instagram. >> shaming their kids? anna shows her son having a fit because she wouldn't let him eat the trash. >> cara posted for her son, not letting him play with an open electrical outlet >> a mom posted this melt-down from her 7-year-old son, told him, stop throwing rocks. >> my gosh, my producer said his son my director, mike said his son cried because he caught one of his pokemons instead. brian, my husband always steals my kids' food, it's like one macaroni and cheese, give it back. and they try to give it back. >> that's not cute. you just showed a bunch of pictures of your kids having tantrums over stupid stuff. you just tweeted out your kids were acting like a brat.
8:42 am
>> they're going to live on. >> they will be a bear a couple years from now. you get to high school, they will be sitting there going, mom, why did you do that? >> five years and we'll see what happens, where there's bill with his little baby crying and what he's posting. >> i'll never do it. tell him tough end up, kid, that's what i'm going to tell my kids. >> it will be a little girl? tough end up girl. >> is it ok to shame your kids on line? you can vote on twitter, use #fox29yes or fox29no >> shaping up to be a weird week at the shore, literally. today starts the weird contest week. >> i love when they do these things, eat funny stuff or try to do funny stunts, also, what else is at the shore this weekend. >> it's hot outside and no, it's not the temperatures. today is national fillet mignon
8:43 am
day. >> you can't cook it past medium. >> i'm asking you. >> medium rarely of >> difficult and intriguing questions coming up in good day philadelphia.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪. good morning, how are you doing? >> very hot outside. >> this is why it's good to do a lot things inside, you go to the big celebrities. you went to the kesha concert, she kicked off the f the world tour last week, and we can check out some of her performance. ♪ >> i love this song, just great and how i was the concert >> really well. she did a lot of cover songs with her contract she can't do any of her new music and everyone was like free kesha.
8:47 am
and i was in the center in the front getting footage, and she said you know what? come on in to the middle and everyone piled up behind me. it was my worst nightmare. >> we have the sports in atlantic city >> the sixth annual 5k triathlon in atlantic city sponsored by atlantic care and rothman institute race to rebuild which is a disaster relief fun and it's the only 5k in new jersey where you can swim, bike, run, camp out by finish line, good for beginners and experts and takes place tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. >> what are the other favorite events people follow. all of our parrot heads jimmy buffett >> jimmy buffett is in town at 4:00 in atlantic city for the beach concert. of jimmy buffett it's g love and special thoughts and it's the first of four beach concerts, the other three will be labor
8:48 am
day weekend. and blink 182. >> are these free >> they're not free but general admission tickets for today's concert >> how about legends in concert. >> i love legends. that's the longest running show of its kind in atlantic city. they have an all star cast of tribute a artists michael jackson, before it they superiors, lady gaga. of i had the opportunity to see them again. they will be there until september 4th. they've been seen by over 2 million people and celebrating 22 years in atlantic city >> i can't believe it's the second anniversary for one of the restaurants down there. how is it. >> mardarano's, i love it it is one of the best restaurants, steve will greet you. this picture is from my birthday, a little mar between had a martinny. they're having a event next week. they will be there performing along with steve marterano.
8:49 am
get your reservations >> they have the weird contest at the shore, give me examples of this what is happening >> in ocean city, this week is weird week. it's whacky not tack ky, the first day of the week on monday, they have a salt water tav fi skull's chambering contest, and the next day how the cookie crumbles, the next day is paperclip building you can build an eiffel tower. it's for all ages. of i love to see the kids. >> what would you do >> probably eat the cookies and -- i probably build something with the cookies, i like measuring things together. thank you so much. >> certainly a great weather to go to the shore, puts people in the mood. let's escape the heat. >> kind of dip your toes in the
8:50 am
water. water temperatures are kind of warm too karen, take a live look across the area, hazy sunshine, temperatures by this afternoon, look at this, near record territory 98 expected high in philadelphia. the record for today is 99. down the shore, hazy, hot humid, 90 today and tomorrow, feels like temperatures above 100 degrees. so stay hydrated. warm and humid in the poconos, pop-up showers and storms, the extended weather authority seven-day forecast showing you the extended heat wave likely an eight-day heat wave, not coming to an end until thursday, pop-up showers and storms look at your emoji forecast, dangerous heat, feels like temperatures in red, over 100 degrees. back out to you. bill? >> guys, we're sitting here having a conversation as we celebrate national fillet mignon, day. >> i'm learning all kinds of
8:51 am
things about what's going on here. all kinds of different fillet mignon. what's going on. >> we're finishing up the fillet basting. >> the interesting part when i go out and order a fillet, i want a fillet, you're telling me there's much more to it. what do we have here? break it down for us. >> these are fillets from our restaurants, 12 ounce prime fillet on the far end, 16 ounce bone in fillet and the one closest to us is the japanese a five fillet. >> that's the heavy hitter. >> that's the heavy hitter >> i'm going to hold this up now, the heavy hitter comes with a certificate of authenticity. where you can see the nose print >> that's the nose print. >> karen is out here, she's going to help. >> i like these things. >> tell us the difference. we were coming out, scott said do you cook it medium, well or
8:52 am
well? that seems to be overdoing the whole thing >> what do you recommend >> medium rare. >> never past medium >> depends on your taste, i think it's the juiciest way for a fillet. maybe crab, lobster, some -- >> nice options >> i love this man right here. i want the lobster. >> what's the difference? >> youngest guys what separates this from the rest. we offer prime beef, a lot of the steak houses are doing certified angus, but there's different gradings, re prime is only two percent of all beef in america gets graded prime. it's the highest rating, it's going to be the best flavor, to texture. it's going to stay really juicy
8:53 am
>> these are just all fill lin mignons >> exactly. a larger 12 ounce, prime grading, the bone in, so when it cooks on the bone, it will kick off some of that roasting flavor of bone and the japanese steak on this side which is the highest you can find in the world >> look at this, karen is sitting here knife in hand. ready to go. >> flying want to come on that in here, what was the secret when you cook this one? do you want to cut this one up for me? ? karen can eat. >> yes. what's your secret? do you like a the he don't pan? not so hot >> i started out in a very hot pan, season it really well. hot pan, cook it top, bottom and go around on the sides, for medium rare, even a medium, you never need to go in the oven, you can cook the it in the pan, the crust will give it good flavor and texture. >> we got to go to break shortly so we got to try i before we go to break, i'm going to leave the honor to you, sir.
8:54 am
>> why did you put it on that napkin, to drain a little bit of that extra butter off >> look how easily he's slicing through it. >> it's fillet. >> prime >> should be super tender. >> i like it like that. nice and pink inside. i'm coming over. >> the moment we've been waiting for. you're going to cut it in half? cut it and give me -- i can't cut his food. >> thank you very much. good stuff. >> good time steak house. let's do it >> cheers as we go to break. thank you very much. everybody can check this out, barkley prime. >> we'll be right back
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
♪ ♪ ♪ . summer in the city, yes it is, a hot town in summer in the city. thank you for spending your saturday with us, we've been having a lot of fun, this steak is off the charts. if you ever get a chance to go to the barkley prime. >> this is really good. you guys can handle this, i'm going to keep eating. >> we're on the at kin's diet >> how is your favorite. >> i like medium to medium well. i was asking about the dry age,
8:58 am
he said no >> that's the final word. we hope you have a wonderful saturday. stay cool and see you tomorrow morning.
8:59 am
9:00 am
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