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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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evening. take look at the temperatures across the region. right now in philadelphia 93. 93 in wilmington. 94 in millville. it feels much warmer like 100 in millville. the heat index feels like reading in dover is 102. excessive heat warning for philadelphia and its suburbs continues through tomorrow evening at sunset. it will feel like it's over 102 to the south and east and to the north and west where he see the orange that is an advisory for the feels like readings to be around 102 degrees or slightly blow tomorrow. ultimate doppler shows some showers and thunderstorm moving toward lancaster and baltimore. some of those will make it into our suburbs some showers expected later tonight in the philadelphia area. so this evening, here's what you can expect. hot humid at 7:00 o'clock in the upper 80s. by nine muggy 84. spotty shower or storm bite 11:00 o'clock hour. the main threat will be some heavy downpours and a few lightning strikes. coming up we'll talk about the slight risk for severe weather that comes tomorrow.
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we will have a break in the humidity after the storms and weekend relief but this could end up being the longest most oppressive heat wave of the entire summer. more on that with the seven day when i join you inside. >> all right, kathy. thanks. happening right now, the dangerous heat wave again proving to be deadly as authorities now say a fourth person has died in philadelphia from heat related issues in the midst of excessive heat warning people around the city are doing anything they can to cool off. let's get out to sabina kuriakose live in dilworth park outside philadelphia city hall tonight. sabina? >> reporter: iain this is has got to be the happiest place right now in the city. these kids frolicking in the water fountains here just enjoying a good time. wow they're escaping the heat as we have been through the out the city all day today it's exactly what people are trying to do. beat the heat. but especially hard for people who work outside at strenuous jobs. isaia price heard the warnings about the heat.
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but he's got work to do. >> i deliver food downtown. >> oh. >> yeah. >> that's hard job to have in this heat. >> it definitely is. >> reporter: he packs as much water as he can lug on his bike. >> water bottles here, another in the back here. >> reporter: and stops in the slate shade on kelly drive telling others to heed this warnings. >> just drink. drink, drink, drink keep yourself hydrated if you don't have to be out in the heat don't. >> reporter: with four confirmed heat related deaths in philadelphia three of those all people over the age of 65. it's those vulnerable populations the city is trying to target. >> we're out all day long. >> homeless out reach workers sam santiago hitting the streets handing out water and especially designed packets. >> you got to make sure they all hydrated. >> reporter: trying to get disadvantaged to come in from the sun even for a little while. >> the city provides to make sure that everybody comes in. that we can put them somewhere. >> reporter: ac's blasting, red hot heat didn't discourage
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some athletes, no shade on this bensalem soccer field. plenty of water. >> no shade no. >> reporter: just routine walk to catch the train was -- >> exhausting. >> today's ask accessory that bottle of h20. >> make no mistake the hot weather catching up with even seasoned athletes. >> when did you start feeling it? >> just now. just now. my god it's really really hot i need to sit down i need water. >> even the news crew got friendly reminder. >> got to stay cool. >> reporter: good advice. that we serve certainly took today. now that code red continues into tonight. so the city asked if you see anybody out on the streets that looks distressed from all of this weather, call them and they'll send out a homeless out reach team to take a look and make sure they're okay. iain, back to you. >> sabina, thank you. right now devastation throughout louisiana as deadly flooding ravages the state. at least six people have been
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killed after torrential rain and rising waters have hit the area. emergency crews have had to evacuate more than 20,000 people since that flooding started on friday. at least 10,000 people are in shelters. president obama has declared a major disaster area in owes every louisiana as residents and officials gear up for more rain in the forecast. the developing now milwaukee wisconsin remains a city on edge after a police shooting on saturday sparked two nights of violent protests and now the city's mayor is urging calm as police say officers were fired upon during demonstrations last night. fox's caroline shively has the latest. >> the community was victim of disorder and the damage more than anybody else. >> reporter: violence over a fatal police shooting erupting in the streets of my walk key for second straight night on sunday coming one day after 23-year-old sylville smith was shot and killed by a black police officer. police say smith ran away from officers during a traffic stop saturday then turned toward them
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with gun. monday in another attempt to calm the violence the mayor of milwaukee called for footage from the officer's body cam to be released. >> i believe the video will provide a lot of context as to what's going on. i understand the way the law operates. um, i'm going to you were again that it be released as quickly as possible. >> reporter: meantime police say shots were fired in three locations during demonstrations sunday night. >> seven of our officers were injured last night. four milwaukee county sheriffs were injured by flying rocks and bricks to knees, ankles, hands and shoulders. >> reporter: angry protesters nearly 200 of them hit the streets of milwaukee last night demanding justice for what they consider police brutality against blacks. >> we have all the ingredients for this sort of thing. all the police shooting does act as an igniter. we have unhe is capable poverty in the city of milwaukee. millwork key is the sixth poorest city in maryland.
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black unemployment at 32%. >> the mayor also announced 10:00 p.m. curfew strictly enforcenforced are a all teenags starting tonight. caroline shively, fox news. meantime as authorities maintain smith displayed gun recent fused to drop it an autopsy confirms smith was shot in his chest and arm. this appears to support the police count police shootings are investigated it department of justice. >> developing story out of berks county. we've learned new details about a horrific murder suicide there. more than a week after a five person murder suicide in syncing spring. district attorney now says that a father and husband pulled the trigger. the victims his wife and three kids ages eight, five and two. fox 29's jennifer joyce has the heart-breaking details from reading. >> reporter: a week after the short family of five was found dead inside their sinking spring home, the berks county district attorney's office pointing the
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finger at father and husband mark short. >> mark short committed homicide of his wife, three children and the family dog. >> reporter: before killing himself police say he wrote a murder suicide note and left it on the dining room table. investigators say short admitted some guilt but faileing to 92 specifics at the victim's family's request. police say 33-year-old meghan short and the couple's three children leanna, mark, jr., and two-year-old willow were found dead in the living room with blankets and pillows wearing their pj's. >> this was a very, very unfortunate incident. >> reporter: police say meghan and mark were in the process of separating at a recent timeline of events sheds light on the case. in june, the couple got into a verbal fight at a hotel in philadelphia. hotel security intervened. on july 18th, sinking spring police were called to the short's home for an argument. nothing physical, no charges were filed.
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meghan short was advised to get a protection from abuse order. she never did. one day later, july 19th, police say mark short purchase add handgun and ammunition from a licensed dealer in lancaster county. meghan leased an apartment in bucks county and mark short was demoted at work. on august 5th, police say short took his three children to her see park for family fun trip, hour later on august 6th the day meghan was set to move into her new apartment the family was found dead. immediate shock, sadness, grief. gripped this berks county community. >> wherever we lose youthful innocent human beings it's never easy for a community to recover. >> reporter: district attorney's office could not say whether or not mark short had a diagnosed mental illness but they did say he was emotionally distressed over the separation between he and his wife. reporting from the berk county
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courthouse i'm jennifer joyce fox 29 news. >> prosecutors in northampton county charged the man they say fired a gun improperly at a gun club in and sent bullets into nearby homes. timothy fry now facing a list of charges tonight. the da's officer says two residents nearby reported to authorities that their homes were being hit by bullets. one of them even enter add bedroom. prosecutors have charged fry because they say surveillance video yo from the gun club shows him breaking the rules and firing his weapon in restricted areas. >> the errand shots were a direct result of himming not being designated areas and shooting outside those designated areas. and we're confident that if people used a gun according to the results and regulations there should not be errant shots that would go into homes in the future. >> gun club revoked fry's membership he adds the club already improved its facility as few years back to make sure bullets did not hit 94 by homes.
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jury deliberations have gun in the perjury and objection instruction trial of pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. closing arguments began this morning in the jury was charged this afternoon. our cameras spotted kane leaving court around 4:00 this afternoon only to return about an hour later. lawyer for kane blames the attorney general's former top aids for the leaking of grand jury information. kane is accused of of leakin leg secret material to the press and lying about it under oath. new at 6:00 a push to clean up camden. things aren't quite that simple. what this has to do with battle to save home with ties to this country's civil rights fight. could soon be big changes to the way many of you say goodbye to your loved ones. new jersey is among the few states that don't allow you to do a certain thing in funeral homes. how that could soon change. howard? >> the eagles they play again on thursday but they will be doing so without carson wentz. his broken ribs will keep him out for few weeks. how did does he get ready to play? wentz and the coach talk
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♪ new jersey lawmakers could soon end the ban on food and beverages in funeral homes. proposal that would update avert of funeral practices in the state and under the measure the food probe proa his big would be taken off the books. refreshments could be served or catered for friends and family of the deceased. the state is now among a handful that for bids refreshments at funeral homes. dr. martin luther king once lived in camden but that house according to the city is dangerous and needs to be demolish. now the community is coming together to try to save the landmark. fox 29's bill anderson spoke with some active visit who want the home mark as a historic site. >> reporter: it's a building behind me just another run down building in camden that should be demolished? >> take maybe 150,000 to $200,000 to fix the house.
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>> reporter: or symbolic example of dr. martin luther king's time in our area. >> i just can remember him and passing him and seeing nim had the house. i was at the time young also. >> reporter: when you look at 753 walnut street in camden, there's not much to distinguish it from much of the block. it's a boarded up house surrounded by vacant lots but at least one thing makes it different. >> i do know that dr. king lived here. >> reporter: yeah. >> while he was in seminary school. >> reporter: you remember him being there? >> yes. definitely. >> reporter: got the clear memory of him. >> very clear. once you get historical designation your property is placed on the register that opens up a lot of grant money. >> patrick did you have was study during king's live when he found the documents showing he lived in camden for a brief time. the house was owned by his seminary roommates family who still own it today. they're work wig the historical society to have it mark as a historic site. >> we would like to make it into sort of a museum/self rights
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center for the city of camden and make it the offices of the naacp sin the aacp were the ones who helped king navigate his way through his civil rights incident in maple shade, new jersey. >> the city says the house is dangerous and has to be repaired immediately or demolished. neighbors say that can't happen. >> there's not too many positive things around here. i think it will be good for the community. >> very positive thing for people and kids that live on the block will see a great man has came through the city of camden. >> reporter: the preservation moment recently got a strong ally in congressman donald nor crows who wrote a letter of support but the hunts and other want public sports so this area of camden can see some sort of positive in an area that desperately needs it. in camden, new jersey, i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. ♪ >> let's check back in with fox 29 weather authority now. i think it's still pretty hot out there kathy. >> it is pretty hot out there. i cream for din are in, iain. that's my suggestion. take look outside.
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you can see a little bit of a haze out there in center city philadelphia. heat and humidity combining to make it feel like it's in the upper 90s and lower 100s right now if philadelphia 93. the high today 94. it feel like it is 96. ultimate doppler we have some showers and thunderstorms one severe cell over baltimore and washington moving slightly toward the north and east by the time it moves into lancaster county and into chester county cecil county and new castle it will be in the form of some pocks of heavy rain that will be later this evening. between about 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. philadelphia we could see a spotty shower or storm. right now temperatures mainly in the 90's. from i-95 corridor to the south and east to the north and west in the 80s with humid conditions but inningly more humid overnight and during the day tomorrow. down the shore bit of a sea breeze in atlantic city at the airport and also on the boardwalk. also in beach haven on lbi. but for the rest of our shore locations, mainly in the 90's with no break but ocean water temperatures in the 70s. right now cape may point
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checking in at 83 degrees. our fox future cast shows the showers thunderstorms over baltimore and washington. moving toward the northeast. you can see some activity in our suburbs by 9:00 o'clock. some downpours as well and then they quickly fade with a few spotty showers by 10:00 o'clock and we clear it out. then during the daytime heating tomorrow we see more showers and thunderstorms in the possibility of a line forming to the west that would move through around the dinner hour in philadelphia and its suburbs but there is a slight risk of severe weather. and right now that is focused through the lehigh valley, berks county and the poconos. the highest risk would be for flooding rain and also for damaging winds. also a chance of hail with this but i really think the rain and the wind will be the main threats in that high risk area. overnight tonight, 76 in the suburbs. it will be a muggy 72 degrees. as well in the suburbs city 76. partly cloudy and muggy with some spotty showers and a few thunderstorms. tomorrow morning, waking up to some warm humid conditions.
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the morning low in philadelphia 76 degrees. in pottstown 73. trenton 75. the morning temperature in wildwood will be 78. by the afternoon, 95 the high temperature in the city. some scattered storms toward the dinner hour and down the shore temperatures will be in the 80s. it will be warm with those ocean water temperatures in the 70s. on our seven day forecast here at home, 95 tuesday. that will be the end of the excessive heat but the heat wave would roll on until friday. that would be day 10 we break the heat saturday and sunday temperatures go below average for change by monday. we'll be happy for that. iain, back to you. >> all right. kathy, thanks. be happy to play golf. >> played in the heat other day. >> i did, too. >> man up a little bit. >> exactly. >> speaking of golf, a golf shot that none of us that play the game would want to take. it's not pretty. and carson wentz talks about how he can get ready to play football without getting on the practice field or in a game.
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that's all coming up in sports.
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okay. the eagles technically have only one day left of training camp and that would be tomorrow before they then go into what would be a regular season practice schedule. that doesn't mean anything changes for carson wentz. and what i'm told it's two fractured ribs not just the one.
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wentz got smoked in the game on thursday night. on a blitz. most teams don't even blitz in the pre-season. what is tampa doing? either way, he got hit good which caused the two fractures. so what does he do at practice other than just watch? likely not to planula in a game until the final preseason game on september 1st. >> it hurts pretty much everything i do but it will be all right. >> first time i ever had a rib injury, so again it felt weird. it was sore but i wasn't sure how to react to it. >> you can get the mental reps. you can still get a lot of film study. still interacting with the players. you know, maybe even more extent inter acting with the receivers. talking about what you expect as quarterback, and we certainly expect no slowing down the process as far as growing mentally. >> malcolm jenkins has been on the practice field for the last couple of days. he was one of the players out in the open practice last night. he told me he feels good and the
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team with many question marks makes it one less with jenkins back on the field. so what does he need to get ready for this season? >> everybody is probably going to have a different opinion on that. i'm a guy i feel like i need to, torque fine tune some things before i play. other guys, you know, don't necessarily need it. but me personally i'm one of those guys i like to get preseason reps. >> the eagles next game thursday in pittsburgh. phillies open series here tomorrow night against the dodgers and chase utley will be playing here for the first time since he was traded by the phils last july. today the conclusion of the rain interrupted senior open let's go to columbus, ohio. jeff maggart sitting on wall i don't want to see his feet but i see his feet. ugly toes. but he chips out but he goes from the ocean to the beach. usual you go from the beach to the ocean. ended up double bogie the hole. >> obviously he didn't win.
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(laughter). >> right. it wasn't a pretty sight. >> no, it was not. >> all right. >> we've got update now for you from the jury deliberations at the kathleen kane trial. jurors have asked for some exhibits of evidence including text messages. pennsylvania ag kane of course accused of of leaking secret material to the press and then lying about it under oath. of course we'll have update for you on the fox 29 news at 10:00 and check in any time online at be sure to join us tonight for the fox 29 news at 10:00. they found their soulmates in each other but this local bride is battling incurable disease. their journey as she fights harder every day just to move that comes your way tonight at 10:00. that will do it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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♪[ music ] airport chaos. all this because of the olympics? >> get down on the ground! >> did somebody mistake cheers at the olympics for gunfire? then, they're back, and they're angry. the dixie chicks' beef with donald trump. and johnny depp meltdown caught on tape. >> did something happen to you this morning? >> what depp's estranged wife is saying today. >> why did you leak that video? >> plus. >> i'm pregnant and i'm 55. >> the mom featured on the tv show. the unth


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