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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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autopsy against as the case moves forward. another law maker in hot water, philadelphia's district attorney seth williams making way with pretty pricey campaign gifts. that is the accusation, just how much did he admit to taking. hillary clinton returns to philadelphia today, what she is hoping to encourage people to do ahead of the election. we're in the middle of the heat wave yet again and it turned deadly yet again. number of deaths now blamed in the rising temperatures. good day, it is hid will of august the 16th, 2016, thanks for waking up with us. >> we have to wish sue serio a happy birthday. she's off but today is her birthday as well as madonna, and who was the other person she shares a birthday with. >> and steve carroll. >> um-hmm. >> and who else, di. >> elvis's death anniversary is also today. >> i will never for get that day in 1977. i had gone to the move
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business my brother. my my pick up, and she was streaming in tears. she turned up the radio. elvis just died. >> wow. >> heart break for her. >> i think we all remember that, old people in the room. >> well, sue is home, chilling, hanging out so guess who is here scott williams woke up early to come in and relief her. >> i'm doing well, happy birthday to sue as we talk about this dangerous heat, it rolls on here. looking for a high of 95. that will make it the third second 90-degree or better day this year for philadelphia and day seven of our, at heat wave. scale of one to seven, weather by numbers today. we will give it a seven because of the oppressive heat and humidity. look at the current temperatures and the humidity. 100 percent is humidity in lancaster. 100 percent this dover, millville. we have a couple cloud and scattered showers moving away from the shore but another chance by this afternoon. temperature wise, 77, it feels
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like 79, you see uniform temperatures in the mid to upper 70's stepping outdoors and you will feel that humidity when you step outside. as we go hour by hour by this afternoon pop up showers and downpours but look at this number, 95 degrees, it will feel like triple digits when you factor in the humidity. we have a slight chance for some severe weather across the area. we will talk about that coming up, bob kelly. >> scottie, good morning. 5:02 on a tuesday morning, we will get up and started. live look here they are still working at king of prussia mall, this is 202 north bound right at gulf road at that traffic light you hit before you have to hit that turn into the king of prussia mall. live look curb side on the freeway as headlights work their way in toward philadelphia, nothing major, just some left over construction out there, from last night, looking good on the northeast extension between lansdale and mid county, no problems coming out of the collegeville. keep in mind if this is your
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first day back after weekend service add justments on the four following septa regional rail lines and good news they have added two trains the lansdale line. one at 6:23 coming out of the penlynn and on your return trip home a new 4:10 train out of the suburban station. hillary clinton coming to town with the campaign event, probably around that lunchtime hour. event starts at 1:15 but expect jammos in west philadelphia a around forty-ninth and chestnut. back over to you. pennsylvania's top law enforcement official is thousand a quick felon. the jury fining her guilty on all counts. >> it took the jury just a few hours to reach their verdict. now kane has to deciding whether or not she will step down as the state's attorney general. steve, is there a clear path to her staying in office. >> reporter: politics is strange, the gay that would prosecuted her add he won the election for montgomery county district attorney is her top assistant. her second in command is bruce castor long time montgomery
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county district attorney who just lost election on get his old job back to kevin steel. that is man who successfully prosecuted kane, had a two hour closing yesterday, so after the conviction, castor puts out a news release scheduling a news conference for 1:00 p.m. today and obvious question is he going to assume as acting attorney general. he also ran for that office way back when and lost in the primary to tom corbett. so kane's lawyer said whether or not she will finally resign now that she's a quick felon would be sorted out in the coming days. she was captured by tv cameras quickly exiting this building from the back of the courthouse into her big black suv, without comment and or her familiar shine. >> when you look at the situation we have here and it seemed like we had somebody who felt that she was above the law. that is not the case because in one is a above the law.
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>> verdict, conviction on all count was a crushing blow. i will not say otherwise but we have in the lost our resolve, we will continue this litigation, we will continue this fight because we believe that our client has been wrongfully a accused of this conduct. >> reporter: most serious of the nine guilty counts are those two felony perjury charge that he is each carry seven year prison terms, sentencing the judge said will be within the next 90 days, incarceration judge certainly warned would be immediate if kane tries to retaliate against any witnesses in that case and the judge said is that clear mrs. kane? yes, your honor. the last public word we have heard from kathleen kane since she became a convicted felon. >> steve keeley, thanks very much. new report shows philadelphia district attorney seth williams has disclosed more $150,000 worth of gifts,
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information that was previously left out of the mandatory financial statements. >> lets look at the cover of the daily news, it read seth taking, pricey roof, trips, and eagles tickets. philadelphia inquirer reports those gift totaling $160,000 range from personal to professional. the paper says williams released the statement in an effort to be transparent. the gift were accepted between 2010 through 2015. so for five full years last december. our own jeff cole ever asked williams if he used campaign fund that would have been a mistake in williams said he had not. spokesmen for d.a.'s office received to us williams campaign office for a comment on this new report. in you decide 2016 hillary clinton back in fail a for the first time since the democratic national convention. >> so during her campaign stop later today as democratic presidential candidates is hoping to encourage more people get out and vote. dave kinchen live outside west philadelphia high school where there will be a crowd later
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today. >> reporter: that is right, hillary clinton may not have been born and raised in west philadelphia, but perhaps she feels like it, since she spent so much time here and such a significant part of her campaign, so far hillary clinton is back in west philadelphia afternoon rally and meet with supporters and volunteers launching a voter registration effort in wraps most contested battle ground state in pennsylvania between clinton and trump. democratic presidential nominee will continue her message of being stronger together while talking jobs and the economy. clinton campaigns with vice-president joe biden in scranton yesterday, appealing to white working class democrats there, biden took on his role as 2008 vp candidate, role of attack dog and rip into donald trump saying he is unfit to lead. >> someone with this judgment cannot be trusted. there is a guy that follows me right back here who has the nuclear code so god forbid if anything had to happen to the
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president and the codes are with the office. he is not qualified to know the codes. he can't be trusted. >> clinton's campaign says her philadelphia visit about getting vote tours register ahead of the october 11th deadline. clinton lead trum in pennsylvania by more than nine points according to a real clear politics average of polls. meantime clinton is battling back against allegations by house republicans, and getting ready for their perjury allegations, dating back to the e hail scandal at the state department, back to you. >> thanks very much, dave. rough couple weeks for donald trump but republican presidential nominee is looking to get back on message with a speech about how to defeat global terrorism n ohio yesterday he laid out his plans for defeating isis. proposed increased screening, including a questionnaire to make sure anyone entering the country supports our american values. >> a new a roach which must be
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shared by both parties in america, by our allies overseas and by our friend in the hid will east, must be to hold the went of radical islam. >> part of the trump's policy plan includes temporarily suspending issuing visas to countries with a history of exporting terrorism. another person in philadelphia has died from heat-related issues during this recent current heat wave. that total number is up to four. investigators say three deaths are people over the age of 65. populations that are most affected by climbing temperatures include elderly, children and home less. experts advise that you stay indoors with the air conditioning on for plenty of water and wear light colored breathable clothing indoors. remember city has set up a heat line if you are having trouble with the heat. health department nurses are manning phone to help with the problems. number is (215)765-9040.
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you can also fine that number on our web site at fox philadelphia police have caught one of two men behind a string of robberies of asian businesses, more than a dozen incidents were caught on video surveillance this man anthony campbell still on the loose, campbell and another man seen on the photo on the right are accused of robbing and invading homes of the several business owners since may, on social media anthony campbell family and friend are urging him to turn himself in. business owners just want to see them both behind bars. >> it is still scary. >> i'm still afraid, is there one guy thats not yet been caught good campbell appeared to respond to facebook comment saying he plans to turn himself in today. in berks county new details emerge about a family of five killed in the murder/suicide. d.a.'s office say father and husband mark short was one who pulled the trigger on his wife megan and their three kid leana, mark junior and
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two-year old willow before turning the gun on himself. fingerprints and a net left behind. police say couple was breaking up and megan was set to move out the day she and the kid were killed. berks county community was immediately gripped by grief. >> these children were young and whenever we lose youthful, innocent human beings, it is never easy for a community to recover from that. >> in july investigators say police responded to the couple's sinking spring home for domestic incident, no charges were filed but police is a very next day mark short went out and bought a gun. he had a recent demotion and knew his wife was about to leave him with the kid. the d.a. could not say whether mark short had a diagnosed mental illness. former philly chase utley will be back in town tonight as phillies open up at home with the l.a. dodgers.
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utley laying in philadelphia for the very first time since he was traded last july as of right now, dodgers would be in the playoffs as a wild card team with the giant leading the division by one game. state of the louisiana continues to pick up pieces, following historic flooding, number of people out of their homes and forced in shelters. bullets flying from a local gun range hitting nearby homes? is it even possible? what officials are now revealing. all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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at least least six people have been killed after torrential rainfall in louisiana. >> this 48 hour storm forced tens of thousands oust of their homes. >> emergency crews rescued more than 20,000 people since flooding started on friday and at least 11,000 people are in shelters. the president issues a disaster declaration in louisiana but they are not out of the woods just yet. the storm system has moved in texas with the national weather service warning there is a danger of new flooding as water head toward the gulf of mexico. lets go west with two wild fires raging the state of emergency declared in california continues, fire in lake county, that is wine country north of san francisco, destroyed already 200 homes and in school for the rest of the week in that area another fire burning 180 miles north of los angeles has destroyed a dozen buildings and injured at least two people. we know they have had that drought, that they have been gripped with so it is dry there. scott, back to louisiana for a minute that wasn't a named
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storm this was a surprise where they got all this rainfall at ones. >> it was not a named storm but upper level low that sat over louisiana, a lot of lift in the atmosphere and squeezed out a lot of moisture over 2 feet of rain there. just devastating situation. for us, we have been dealing with the owe rest i have heat and humidity taking a toll on the delaware valley. a few pop up showers and then are storms this afternoon. some of those storms could be strong to severe, a long duration heat wave, today is day seven. mug you start for buddy. temperatures in the 70's and 80's as we look at ultimate doppler some included cover and a few spotty showers tea men issuing, down the shore we saw earl are heavier rain. at the airport 77 degrees. wind south at five. look at current feels like temperature at 79. temperatures this morning 76, waking up in wilmington. seventy-six trenton with atlantic city and wildwood and we have heat advisory and
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warnings along i-95 corridor, through today, so oppressive heat continues through this afternoon and as we take a look at the that risk for severe weather. you can see all of southeastern pennsylvania we have the risk for damaging wind, downpours, and also some hail. as we go hour by hour by 4:00 p.m. watching that threat of severe weather moving toward philadelphia i-95 corridor by five or 6:00 o'clock. keep an eye to the sky as we watch for strong thunderstorms in the afternoon. 95 degrees in center city. nine down the shore. ninety-three in the lehigh valley. we have that storm threat. as we go over the next seven days hot again tomorrow 92 degrees and then not as hot we're calling it bob kelly for thursday into friday with high temperatures in the upper 80's. ninety on saturday. pop up returns returns sunday into monday of next week. >> i just change the water in any flip and fill pool so i'm
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good to go. 5:17. live look at the schuylkill expressway, no problems or delays in and out of the city this morning. the drives are quiet as we get ready, calm before the storm. northeast philadelphia a good morning to you 95 at cottman avenue no problems are delays between construction zone and center city. you can see here comes the crowd we are seeing pockets of volume and brake tap the beginning of the morning rush hour. we have a brand new traffic pattern anyone coming into center city 20th street overpass over vine street expressway will be reduced down to one lane as part of the next phase of that reconstruction and they will start working on broad street just north of city hall at callowhill right there in front of the school district buildings, so keep that in mind and we have a campaign event hillary clinton coming to town, doors opened up at 11:00, it doesn't start until 1:15 to wrap around our lunchtime hour with motorcade madness down there in west
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philadelphia at forty-ninth and chestnut and as scott just mentioned with the thunder boomers and storms coming our way later on today if you do have travel plans or dropping some would be off and pick up philly international whenever these storms come through like last night went in the ground stop and those delays lingered throughout the evening. keep that in mine, if you are doing traveling later this afternoon. otherwise we are looking good on the extension. this problems on 422 and off to a good start on mass transit, chris and lauren, back over to you. we have breaking news out of australia. police say man attack passengers on a train with the knife. at least two people we understand were injured. we understand passengers on that train wrestled the suspect to the ground. reports are received that he is a 60 year-old suspect. he had a knife. he injured those two passengers. we understand that he was understood to be german. much more still to come. 5:19 our time. federal appeals court rejected
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bill cosby's efforts to reseal his deposition testimony because many members of the public already know what was in it. cosby wanted to overturn a ruling that made document public. cosby admits to several affairs in his deposition and said obtained quaaludes to give to these women. deposition stems from a lawsuit filed by a woman at center of the criminal case on felony sexual assault charge. philadelphia police identified teenage boy shot and killed sun take in broad daylight. police say someone pulled the trigger on rodney anderson on the 2,000 block of east orleans street in kensington. first responders found him shot this is back inside of a car he died a short time later at temple university hospital. relative of young victim who spoke to fox 29 remembers him as i good kid who was involved in school sports. police are still searching for a weapon and a suspect. in center city a 78 year-old woman died after she was hit the by a car. this happened around 2:30
5:21 am
yesterday afternoon at intersection of the 16th and locust. police say woman was in the crosswalk when she was hit. medics rush her to jefferson hospital where she died. police say driver stayed on the scene. a man is arrested after prosecutors say he broke the rules of a gun club, sent bullets flying in the nearby home, timothy fry is facing a list of charges. prosecutors say two people who lived near the stocker ton rod and gun club told police that their homes are hit by bullets. one even enter the bedroom. surveillance videos shows him breaking rules and firing his weapon in restrict area. the shots were in a direct result of him in the being in the designated area and being outside those designated area we're confident if people used guns according to rules and regulations there should not be any shots the that would go into homes in the the future. >> should, should not be, would you want to live
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adjacent to this? d.a. that the club improved its facilities years back to keep bull frets hitting homes, the club has revoked fry's membership, do you think. >> um-hmm. 5:22. still ahead chase utley back this is city of brotherly love his first time since being traded last summer, what the police might have -- police would have planned. >> wouldn't it be cool if we heard this at the stadium tonight. here are your winning lottery numbers as well. iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown.
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she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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popular rittenhouse square hotel have been exposed to a data breach. >> the westin in philadelphia on 17th street is one of the 20 hotels in the country that may have been hit by hackers. officials at parent company says that unauthorized users installed malicious software, design to capture people's credit card information. company says incident is now under control and customers can safely use their credit card at all of their rots. that is little comfort with the data breach like this. >> scary stuff. fewer people are going out to drink and dine. >> instead, they are choose to go stay home and sort of the make dinner, have wine there. restaurant and bars business has dropped across u.s. new report shows sales decline, .2 percent since
5:26 am
december but food and drink sales, grocery stores are up 3 . blame this on money and lifestyles. food experts say it is cheaper to buy grocery then going to a restaurant. we know this to be true because you like to prepare chicken parmesan. >> stop it. >> if you go to an italian restaurant that might cost you from 25 to $32. >> well, maybe 18.95. >> here's the thing though we have byob's in the philly area. that saves you a lot of money. >> it does, true. >> next up 5:30 hillary clinton returns to philadelphia today. she might want to go maybe to ralph's and have a chicken parmesan but what she's really here to do. kathleen kane guilty on all charges, steve keeley. >> reporter: she put up no defense in her trial and now does she put up a fight to keep her job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
5:27 am
how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations
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and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here.
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pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane guilty on all charges, what her team says about if, and when, she will resign. another law headachier in hot the water, philadelphia's district attorney seth williams spending a pretty pen which campaign donations just how much did he admit to taking. temperatures are expect to climb backup to the 90's, heat
5:30 am
turns deadly once again, the advice coming from experts here during the heat wave gripping the city. good day everybody it is august 162,016th here at fox 29, it is a national birthday, right. >> let go through famous birthdays. >> we have to start the with the most important. >> kathy lee giffords, 63, steve carroll is celebrating a birthday as well as i get to it. just hang in there with me. steve carroll. how oldies he, darn it? james cameron, 62. madonna, she's 58. but now go ahead make the announcement. >> no, you make it. >> sue serio, happy birthday. that is why she's off. scott williams is in for her. >> i took a long time getting to that scottie, i know. >> happy birthday to sue serio, that is most important, that is right lauren. weather by numbers on the scale of one to ten we will give it a seven because we have been dealing with this oppressive heat and humidity. it rolls on through today as
5:31 am
we look at your weather headlines we will continue to talk about the heat taking a toll on the delaware valley. a couple pop up storms by the afternoon some of which could be severe and long duration heat wave today will mark day seven. as we look at ultimate doppler a couple of left over cloud and showers down the shore but that is pulling away. look at temperatures at the airport 77, it feels like 79. temperatures pretty uniform mid to upper 70's, same song and dance to start but by this afternoon we have heat warnings on i-95 corridor and advisories elsewhere and we are looking at that slight threat for severe wet's cross the area. we will talk about that, coming up, but the high today bob kelly, 95 in philadelphia. >> it is already double seven's on your temperature gauge as you get ready to wake up, step outside trent door. 5:31. this problems the blue route 476 coming out of the mid county looking good on the bennie up and over in downtown
5:32 am
philadelphia bridges in good shape. watch for motorcade madness today campaign events west fill in area have forty-ninth and chestnut. but somewhere between 11 and 1:00 expect grid lock on the campaign trail. service adjustments on the four regional rail lines listed here and some good news we added an extra train on the lansdale line for the morning rush and within for the gang heading home out of suburban. and a new traffic pattern down to within lane on 20th street on the bridge that goes over the vine street expressway. chris and lauren back over to you. >> thanks, so much bob. 5:32. kathleen kane is waking up a convicted felon, jury just taking a few hours to find her guilty on all counts. >> now key at this point kane has to deciding whether or not she will step down as states attorney general. steve keeley live at montgomery county courthouse where this all went down, steve. >> reporter: you'll recall when we first started reporting this story when grand jury first indicted
5:33 am
her here in norristown she lost her law license after that in harrisburg. now she could lose her freedom with her convictions here by her trial jury. sentencing the judge said will happen in the next three months but if kane won't quit like she refused to do when indicted the state constitution says she can hang up up until the day she sentenced when her lawyer indicated he will try to fight and delay with appeals. >> it is a sad day for the commonwealth, the chief law enforcement officer of the commonwealth of pennsylvania the attorney general has been convicted of crimes involving abuse of power and lying under oath. >> for my client and her family, it is a tragic, you know, beyond any measure and something she has to deal with. she's a very strong women. she will deal with it. >> well, no comment from kane she went out back into her suv, without saying a word,
5:34 am
probably spent three seconds on the ground out here. we have an indication of what could happen today. suddenly after her convictions, bruce castor who was d.a. here scheduled a 1:00 n harrisburg. we will be there obviously. >> steve keeley, thanks very much. new report shows philadelphia district attorney seth williams has disclosed american $150,000 worth of gifts, it is information, that was left out offhanded try financial statements. >> so lets look at the cover of the daily news that read seth taking pricey roof, trips and eagles tickets. the philadelphia inquirer reports the gifts totaling american 160,000 doll arts worth of the personal and professional gifts. the paper says williams released the statement in an effort to be transparent. the gift were accepted between 2010 and 2015. so for five years last december our own jeff cole asked williams if he ever used campaign fund in a way that have been a mistake. williams answered he had not.
5:35 am
spokesmen for d.a.'s office referred us to williams campaign office for comment. hillary clinton making a campaign subpoena right here in philadelphia the first time since dnc. >> of course we hosted dnc in fill late july. she's back now in the middle of august. dave kinchen is live at west philadelphia high school where she will be later today, hi there dave. >> reporter: perhaps this could be a political encore with hillary clinton coming back to town sheer. she will be rally with wig supporters and meeting with volunteers launching their voter registration efforts here in pennsylvania, perhaps the most contested battle ground state between clinton and donald trump. democratic presidential nominee will continue message being stronger together and talking jobs and economy. joe biden in scranton yesterday, appealing to white working class democrats both pounds on donald trump's foreign policy positions including his military
5:36 am
strategy a against isis. >> he talk about sending ground troops, american ground troops. well, that is off the table as far as i'm concerned. >> i was proud, my son beau served for a year in iraq, came back highly decorate solder. i must tell you, had donald trump been president i would have thrown my body in front of him, i really mean it. >> clinton's campaign says her philadelphia visit is about getting vote tours register well ahead of the october 11th deadline. clinton lead trum in pennsylvania by more than nine percentage points this is real clear politics average of polls and clinton is, bouncing back against house republicans who laid out their perjury allegations against her so she's fight ago this battle as she continues on the campaign trail in philadelphia. back to you. >> from hillary to donald it has been a couple rough weeks for him but republican
5:37 am
presidential nominee is looking to get back on message with a speech how to defeat global terrorism n youngstown, ohio donald trum laid out his plans to defeating isis. he row posed a questionnaire to make sure anyone entering other country supports american values. up next chase utley back in the city of brotherly love first time since being traded from the dodgers what the phillies might have planned for his big return.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
eagles have one more day of training camp that within today before they go in the regular season practice schedule. carson wentz got smoked. he has two fractured ribs not just one. the most teams don't blitz in the preseason game. either way he got the hit good. what he does at practice is now just watch, likely will in the play until final preseason game september 1st. >> you can get mental reps, film study, you can still interact with the players, maybe more extent, interacting with the receivers, talking about what you expect as a quarterback and we certainly expect no slowing down the process as far as growing mentally. >> nfl means business when it comes to the use of performance enhancing drugs. nfl issued warnings to the steelers james harrison, packers clay matthews and julius peppers if they do not being interviewed according to
5:41 am
aljazeera purchase of ped's. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. chris's super stoked and phillies fans are because chase utley will be bob in town tonight. >> he business dodgers now, batting .250. he is playing back in philadelphia for first time since being traded about a being in july. as of now dodgers would be playing in the playoffs with the giants leading by one game. so, i mean, he took our fightin phillies to a world championship in 2008. only team he had played with, until he was traded in july. so phillies at the time were planning a good bye night but it wasn't finalized, with the dodgers until after the game in july. we never had an official send off. >> it will be good to come back home today,. >> it would be interesting to go see if see if at the ballpark they play his walk up song cashmere, which is homage to the home players, right. >> we can assign that duty, if
5:42 am
you want that assignment, to you want to go and report back and tell us what you found out. >> yes. >> i will talk tour boss bit. >> really. >> do you have a good inside line with him. >> um-hmm. >> so up next, we are sticking with sports and we will head to rio di janeiro, do you want to go. >> yes, can i have that assignment too. >> details on the two big upsets last night for team u.s.a. so disappointing.
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a fourth person has died during this august heat wave. investigators say three deaths are people over the age of 65. the population's most affect by climbing temperature include the elderly, children and, of course, the homeless. homeless outreach workers are doubling efforts offhandedding out water and supplies. >> the city provides support to make sure everybody that comes in we can put them somewhere. >> just drink, drink, drink, if you don't have to be outside in the heat, just don't good meanwhile athletes and people who exercise outdoors are warned to be staying hydrated. remember city has set up a heat hot line to help if you are having some trouble in these extreme temperatures. health department nurses manning the phones to help, the number (215)765-9040. you can also fine this on our web site. >> serious stuff. >> it is, yesterday i saw someone handing out bottles of water, from the back of their car to people that were standing around.
5:46 am
>> handing them out, or charging a dollar good handing them out. >> so cool. >> that is great. >> it is kensington, frankford. >> do that again today, right scott. >> you have to stay hydrated, listen to your body, light colored clothes and head outside to the pool. bus stop buddy has the right idea. muggy start out there. we're talking about temperatures in the 70's and 80's this morning. by this afternoon 90's again. so as we plan your take by lunch temperatures in the upper 80's. by this afternoon 95. by 7:90. scattered showers and thunderstorms popping up as well. we will talk about a possible severe weather threat in a few moments but right now as we look at ultimate top letter we have had scattered showers across the area late last night, a few syringe also down the shore but we have had a big area of high pressure bermuda high, wind out of the south today off to the west. this will be the cold trent that will bring an end to the heat wave. 77 degrees right the now.
5:47 am
it feels like 79. looking at these temperatures 76 millville. seventy-six in trenton as well as wilmington and once again you can see with that front approaching off to the west we have heat, humidity, showers, thunderstorms could turn severe for parts of the area. especially highlighted area in yellow we will keep an eye to the sky. as we go hour by hour, dry, mug think morning but by four or five or 6:00 we are watching for potential line of severe weather moving toward the area and once again we could have damaging wind, hail, thunder and lightening. so when then are roars head indoors. otherwise that seven day forecast showing 95 today. not as hot for tomorrow high of 90, upper 80's for thursday and friday. today will be the last day of that real oppressive stifling heat, bob kelly. what about the road. >> we're in good shape, scottie. 5:47 on a tuesday morning. hello fort washington n problems at all here along
5:48 am
route 309 where it takes you up and over the pennsylvania turnpike. looking good on i-95. we are seeing volume pop working your way in towards downtown, scottie just mentioned look out for those p.m. storms on the the way, leading with us delays at philly international. i just talk to my oldest daughter she's stuck in charlotte because of the storms last night and that situation at jfk. they missed their connecting flight by a minor two and spent the night at charlotte airport. so again, the airlines playing catch up, obviously this morning from the situation that happened yesterday and as scott mentioned we could have the same scenario later on today. met or cade madness with the campaign event in west philadelphia doors opened up at 11:00, event not until 1:15. just watch for delays in west philadelphia in the area of forty-ninth and chestnut. market frankford and broad street subway we're running trains every 20810 minutes. we have free parking at novacare and up in the great
5:49 am
north east at frankford transportation center. back over to you. time 5:49. federal appeals court rejected bill cosby's effort to repeal his deposition, testimony because many members of the the public already know what is in it. cosby wanted to overturn a ruling are made those documents public. cosby admits to several affairs in that deposition and says he obtain quaalude toss give to woman he hoped to seduce. it stems from a lawsuit that is from a woman in the criminal case in the felony sexual assault charge. authorities in new york may know what caused scare of jfk over the weekend. loud cheering and celebrating by travelers, watching the olympics on tv, may have caused the noise, that spark 911 calls. police responded to a call of shots fired, in a terminal, sunday night. terminals were evacuated, nothing was discover. investigators reviewing surveillance video to figure out exactly what happened. speaking of the olympics huge upsets for team u.s.a.
5:50 am
several athletes expect to take home the goldened up short, woman as 400-meter race all came down to a dive. >> yes. >> wow. >> felix, here comes the base line. it will be, a dive by miller for the line as she -- >> we're in the in the pool but on the track. >> right the. >> she beat our american allison felix, felix took home the silver. >> and then simon biles ended up with the bronze medal because she struggled with a portion of her routine, had to grab on to the beam so she wouldn't fall off. yes. >> we will see it? eventually, probably. we have to wait a few minutes. we will watch the whole program. >> why not. >> laurie hernandez earned a silver medal. biles has one more event to go, her and ari will compete on the floor at some point we
5:51 am
will see her. >> there we go. >> it is right there. >> here it is. >> what is medal count. >> it is good, in our favor. u.s. has 75, china with 46, great britain were 41 and russia those dopes they have 35. >> russia not competing in track abe field. >> mike jerrick did you watch olympics last night. >> i did not see one second of the olympics. >> mike jerrick is here getting your day started, let's entertain you. >> he is here to entertain us. >> i'm here to entertain. >> do you juggle, you ever learn how to juggle. >> there you you go. >> i can skat. >> here's the thing, i cannot believe my daughters alive. >> why. >> i have two daughters. >> we know. >> i put them to bed as babies, in a deathly wrong way and majority of america is. >> we have a sleep expert coming in who are putting babe
5:52 am
toys bed in the wrong way. >> infants. >> infants. >> how are you at swaddling. >> aim not good. >> i don't make it tight enough like a burrito, you wrap it real tight. >> what did you eat. >> i ate a whooperito. are you feeling a day after. >> i'm a little bloated but it was pretty good. chase utley is back to the town tonight. we should go to the game. do you think it will sellout. >> it should, right. >> so we will play his top five moments, including the first hit he ever got. do you know first hit he ever got as a major league baseball was this... >> long drive, could it be, it is, outta here, grand slam home run chase utley. welcome to the show mr. utley. >> you know you will have a good career when your first hit is a grand slam. >> don't you miss the voice of
5:53 am
harry kalas. >> tweet your favorite ones. >> i forgot about this. >> one of the moments off the field. >> there is that part. >> yes. >> at the parade. >> yes. >> that was at the parade. >> what else. >> did you see this yesterday i saw acme grocery store, the acme, they are selling halloween candy already. >> what is this. >> it is not until october 31st. >> they are selling halloween candy already. >> ridiculous. >> you know what they do that, somebody is buying it. >> that is scary. >> up next a battle in camden to save a historic home parts the building played in our country's civil rights fight. >> christmas more after the break good do you want me to do it after the break. >> um-hmm.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
in camden a historic house where doctor martin luther king junior once lived could be demolished? that is if community activist can't come up with a plan to save it. house on walnut street is owned by relatives of the doctor king's roommate in seminary school and they remember fondly the times doctor king spent in this home. >> i do know that doctor king lived here. >> yes. >> while he was in seminary school. >> do you remember him being there. >> yes, definitely. >> got clear memory. >> yes, very clear. >> the house that is been listed as imminently dangerous by city of camden and must be immediately repaired or demolish, family has applied
5:57 am
for historic status with the historical preservation society and if approved federal funding for repair could be made available. next up, another dangerous day of heat expect to grip our area we will let you know if there is any relief in sight. verdict in and pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is guilty, we will tell you what could be next for the state's top prosecutor. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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we had somebody above the law. >> guilty parks attorney general kathleen kane is now convicted criminal but will she resign, what her team had to say, last night to us. plus, it is his for the taking, philadelphia district attorney seth williams forget to report over $160,000 in gifts. what we are learning, this morning. well, it is going to feel like a sauna again, temperatures, into the 90's again, look at that sunrise, and why city officials want you to take this heat seriously. i think we have been. and chase's back. >> he is back, chase utley making his grand return to the city of brotherly love. his first time in philadelphia, since being traded. now the question is how much love will we show him. >> i think a lot of love. will it be a sellout? he will have a press conference,


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