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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  August 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11.
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>> prayers for piece in philadelphia's germantown neighborhood tonight. the scene of a rash of gunfire that lately has injured not one but two, six-year-olds in matter of days. good evening, i'm lucy noland. those prayers happened tonight at a rally in a neighborhood that has seen too much tragedy. fox 29's shawnette wilson was there live at 35th district police headquarters now. shawnette? >> reporter: lucy, you can imagine this community is crying out for an end to the violence and others are pleading with the community to speak up about what they know. >> 25 years ago this gun killed my son the same gun that shot that six-year-old should not be on the street today. >> reporter: sherri ryan stood before this east germantown community with a raw and heartfelt testimony about her son terrence. she and others affected by gun violence along with community groups fighting against the problem were part of a rally today at ashmead and magnolia.
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it's where several people including a six-year-old boy was shot last week. >> the rally was organized by the philadelphia anti-violence coalition. and for a father who already lost his son, a passionate plea for residents to police their communities along with law enforcement. >> we know who they are f yes. >> we know ya'll. just because it's your nephew or your brother or your cousin we got to give them up. we got to give them up before they kill somebody else. >> that's right. >> reporter: also at the end of the rally some of those organizations gave out free gun locks to the community. lucy, back to you. >> thank you, shawnette. on your radar tonight storms are moving out but the heat it's sticking around. meteorologist kathy orr is here with your first forecast at 11:00. >> we have a few showers out there, lucy. i'm not seeing any lightning with these storms. they are to the north and west of the city through the lehigh valley and extenting westward to the north of harrisburg. slowly creeping southward toward allentown toward northampton
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county and berk county, and i do think by the early morning hours few showers draping down in our northern and western suburbs maybe even philadelphia while most of us are sleeping. it's all associated were with a cold front and wee see a drop in humidity during the early morning hours and tomorrow as a result. watch this front move through during the morning and midday hours of your wednesday. behind it, lower humidity. even though temperatures will make it around 90, 91 degrees across the region, you will notice the difference. even deep blue sky compared to that milky white sky with the humidity as of late. so overnight tonight, temperatures will be quite warm. 78 in the city. 72 in the suburbs. a few scatte scattered showers a spotty thunderstorm. otherwise partly cloudy with a southwesterly wind. tomorrow the winds begin to shift out of the northwest. a drier wind for us. wake up to temperatures in the 70s for most of us and poconos a refreshing change a morning low of 68 degrees. by the afternoon, none in the city. partly sunny, muggy, with that
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northwesterly wind. now as we look ahead as you plan your day temperatures will be warming up rather quickly. and by the afternoon, we are back in the 90's. our he can tepped forecast calls for high temperatures in the 90s for wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, maybe even sunday. that would make it a 12-day heat wave by tomorrow it will be the longest heat wave of the summer. you can see we break the heat on monday as far as the 90s are concerned. you can see storms are possible and then by tuesday temperatures below average the normal high for this time of year is 86 degrees. coming up we'll take look how low that humidity goes and our next chance of storms in our forecast. lucy for now we'll send it back to you. >> talk to you soon, kathy torch night police are investigating a nasty fight on the streets of frankford. witnesses say it started with scratching and hitting then it took a far more violent turn. they say that one woman actually bit off the finger of another woman who is now recovering at a
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hospital. dave schratwieser is live outside philly police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: lucy, witnesses told us tonight that this fight started with app argument over 20 bucks and quickly got out of hand stretching from one side of the street to the other. >> it was terrible. you know, it was terrible. >> reporter: witnesses who saw tuesday morning's street brawl between two women here say it started in this backyard and ended on the street corner when one of female fighters getting her index tipping bitten off. >> why would you bite somebody's finger off? report rt it was just after 11:00 when fire rescue and police responded to penn and bridge streets where they found the 20-year-old victim with her finger chewed off. she was race to do local hospital, then temple university hospital where doctors tried to reattach the finger. >> she came out like muhammed ali. report roar this woman's sister was one of the female fighters taken in for questioning. she asked not to be identified. she says it started with an argument over money.
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>> the girl owed my sister $20. that girl stuck her hands in my sister's mouth scratching my sister's jaw in the process my sister, you know, bit her finger because her hand was in her mouth. >> that goes to show uh-uh never know who you going to run up against. >> reporter: still no update from the hospital on the victim's condition and police are not saying at this hour if any charges will be filed in this case. they continue to talk to both sides in this fight. lucy. >> all right, dave. former montgomery county da bruce castor the job of attorney general brings with it a big learning curve and veal to learn fast he'll become acting attorney general tomorrow night. kathleen kane will resign at close of business tomorrow. that comes just one day after a jury convicted her of perjury. her resignation places castor in a job he has long sought. he'll work to restore confidence in the office and told reporters kane called him yesterday. >> until this afternoon when she
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did ask my opinion and i told her that i thought it would be very difficult for her to remain in light of the developments in montgomery county. i don't know that anybody is prepared to assume a job of this nature. i certainly have spent my entire professional life learning how to run a large government operation. >> castor says a state supreme court justice will swear him in and he's hoping that his parents will be there. in wilmington, police arrest add woman who they say poured bleach on someone inside a target. 39-year-old lataka mason turned herself in to authorities today. police say a verbal altercation over shopping carts quickly escalated last week and then mason grabbed bleach, then pour he had on another woman. it also poured over a one-year-old baby. prosecutors charged mason with among on the offenses assault and ending the welfare of a child n frankford police are looking for two young men who robbed a grocery store.
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it happened in july on the 1300 block of unity street. police say the two guys asked for water ice and when the employee started scooping it, they attacked him. they got the register open and took off with cash. police think one of them had a gun. if you know anything about this, give police a call. delaware's attorney general has cleared a dover police chief of criminal wrongdoing. the chief faced allegations that he altered an internal memo about an officer shown on dam cash video kicking a man in the head. thomas webster the fourth says the officer caught on camera. and his attorney accused the chief of misconduct. but prosecutors say the chief did nothing wrong. webster faced charges of assault last year that kicked to the head of that man broke his jaw but a jury later acquitted webster. happening right now, the search is on for missing bikes and they're not just any bikes they are custom made for veterans. delaware county someone stole the truck that carried them and police are asking for your help to please find them. fox 29's chris o'connell is live outside tinicum philadelphia
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township police headquarters much what's going on, chris? >> reporter: lucy, tinicum township police really want to solve this crime. especially because who the victims are. a rental truck filled with equipment used by wounded warriors is stolen and police need your help to find that truck. nine customary come bent and handle pedaled bikes like these used by the wounded warrior project are gone, stolen from the parking lot of this renaissance hotel near the airport along with u-haul truck carrying them. >> it does have an impact older fact we have to purchase the equipment again. >> tracy farrell the wounded war i don't project says the gear was being used at a four hiv day soldier ride this past weekend in philadelphia. before the event was stopped in its tracks when the truck was stolen. the loss nearly $40,000 worth of gear. police are looking for the u-haul truck with the wounded warrior logo and arizona license
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plate ad21774. the organization is hoping someone will come forward. >> if it's been dumped or put into pawn shops or being strolled on some sort of social media site, perhaps the lovely public of philadelphia will help us retrieve some of that equipment. >> reporter: the wounded warrior project is now scrambling to try to find replacement bikes for their next soldier ride that happens next week end in have a have beach. if you know anything about this crime, please call tinicum township police. lucy. >> thank you chris. urn washed up on the shore in the middle of trash and debris. not the final resting place anyone would want. who found the remains and what they're doing until they find the person's family. if you need another reason to quit smoking we've got it. what could apparently happen in your life if you kick the habit. we're not talking about your physical health. adele already said she won't be playing the super bowl half time show. so could we get kanye west
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instead? who is pushing to get the controversial shall star on the main stage you'll watch right here on fox 29. here's yet another reason for you to swap out that sweet drink for a glass of refreshing water. researchers found that adults who traded one, 8-ounce sugary drink day for an extra glass of water saw their caloric intake from drinks dropped 6% taj points enough to make a big difference. problem is developing the discipline to do it. so good luck! ♪
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>> louisiana dealing with its worst flooding in hit reach more than 60,000 people have registered for disaster aid from fema. the flood waters have led to 11 deaths and destroyed tens of thousands of homes. 2 feet of rain fell in two days in some parts of the state. authorities are going door to door to check on residents. become here at home in feltonville police looking for the man who rode a bike to the 4500 block of north front street then left in somebody else's car. take a look. happened on july 25th. the guy hop flood the subaru started it and took off. if you recognize him or knowing anything about it, give police a call. to your health now.
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yet another reason to stop smoking. turns out more and more people will want to be around you if you don't smoke. for three years, researchers studied more than 1500 people trying to quit. by the end of the study, nearly 75% of those who quit reported adding at least two friends to their social circles. authors say people who quit found they became more socially acceptable to a much wider group of people. researcherresearchers hope thise point home to smokers and gives them another reason to quit. another study look at women's weight and their risk of developing cancer. these researchers found the longer a woman is overweight the higher her risk of several cancers. they followed more than 70,000 american women in the city. it found more women actually women who carry an extra pound for like quite a bit for like 10 years or longer seemed to have a greater chance of developing cancers in the breast, uterus, colon and kidney. why is something they're still
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looking no. all right. so you see it, you shoot it. our fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your neighborhood. iain, what's going on tonight. >> lucy our fresco users were on the scene of this fire in delaware county. we first showed you the view from skyfox at 10:00 o'clock. now we're getting a look from the ground. broke out around 8:45 along the three hadn't dread block of west 21st street in upland and officials tell us medics took one person to the hospital. we don't know the extent of their injuries. firefighterfirefighters did gets under control in about 30 minutes. wildwood today the ultimate summer smack down with tram car on one side and monster truck on the other locked in a tug of war after the bag and forth the monster struck comes out on top dragging the cram car over the line. the war kicked off monsters of the beach monster ruch races which starts qualifiers this friday the races will be this weekend. in egg harbor township some folks got an early preview of the atlantic city air show. the annual free event happens tomorrow but pilots got to practice today. among the highlights at
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tomorrow's show will be the us air force thunderbirds which will fly over the ac boardwalk. when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and to make sure you use the fresco happen to end it to our newsro newsroom. lucy. >> thank you iain n georgia a man taking a walk along the shores of a lake found something that definitely did not belong there. rory was walking along the makes of lake lanier he found a burgundy bag, opened it and found and urn the name miguel sand val was inscribed on it. now roy and his wife are trying to make sure it gets back to the man's family. >> i don't know that his family really wanted him to end up right here. where i found him. >> it's sacred. this was a human being that lived on this earth that had loved ones. >> the couple posted photos of the urn on facebook in the hopes the post might reach a family or friend. until they find that person, they'll keep the urn save right there in their dining room.
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face time is getting a run for it's money. google launch add brand new video chatting app today called duo. not too much different than face time, skype or facebook messenger it does have feature called knock knock which let's you actually see whose calling before you answer. duo app is now available for both android and i phones. google's marketing duo as a simpler more reliable way to see friends and family and talk to them. on your radar right now, what do you got, kathy. >> i've got a few showers an few thunderstorms right here on ultimate doppler, lucy. you can see them that was allentown and berk county. the second round of rain for reading we saw some strong storms earlier this evening there. as we take a zoom in through greenwich heading through allentown 476 and northeast extension and heading towards the southwest. upper montgomery and upper bucks showers and some of our computer models are saying even during the early morning hours maybe even to the north and west of philadelphia and the city itself
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seeing some showers before they move through south jersey and offshore by the time most of us wake up. now, we will be seeing sunshine tomorrow. lower humidity in the wake of a cold front and late in the day our front will stall to the south through extreme south jersey and delaware. so we could see a few showers or thunderstorms popping up there toward the evening. otherwise, tomorrow a partly cloudy day. not as extreme. 91 degrees for your thursday. still hot as well as friday. saturday day 11 of the heat wave could linger into sunday. and then after that, temperatures will drop with another cold front on monday. tuesday temperatures finally fall below average it will be refreshing change. shore temperatures in the upper 80s tomorrow. then mid to upper 80s through the weekend. until further notice by tuesday back down to 81 degrees. that is a look at our extended forecast. lucy i think the second half of august will be much cooler than the beginning. >> i'm kind of hoping so, thanks so much, kathy. it's how all kinds of people every day head from the delaware
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beaches and to the new jersey shore. and it's celebrating a big milestone. the cape may lewes ferry just welcomed its 45 millionth passenger marcus and jill of jackson, new jersey, bought their ticks just before tepp this morning the family won some ferry apparel an few trip for future travel. good stuff. >> ferry first started way back in 1964. all right. howard eskin what's on your mind. >> well many teams used to care only about having character people much that's obviously dwindling concern by themes these days. i'll have my comment about that coming up next.
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♪ there is what i think is a disturbing trend in sports. players with questionable off the field issues seem to get jobs more than ever. every team seems to take more chances on these players. now what happened to the days you would sign only character people? i'm not talking about players with parking tickets here either. we are talking about players with dui's players with domestic violence issues. there are too many problems with college players. but if you can play, teams will take a chance on you in the pros. it's in football mostly because the rosters are bigger but trust me, it's in every sport. i'm all for second chances, but not in all these cases. in our world of the workplace yours and mine mistakes like i've seen we would not have a
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job. i know we love sports. we love players that are talented, but where are the examples we should set for the kids that idolize these athletes? it's a trend that is becoming more depressing for all of us that we are sports fans. lucy. >> thank you very much, howard. actors johnny depp and amber herd settled their divorce in a los angeles court. today herd withdrew her allegations that the pirates of the caribbean star had been physically abusive toward her. but in may herd got restraining order against him accusing him of hitting her. the two released a joint statement saying while they're relationship was sometimes volatile, it was quote always bound by love. so some kanye west fans are hoping to see the super star on the super bowl tape. fans created a petition online to pressure the nfl to make it happen over the weekend adele turned down an offer to perform this february at the big game. but the nfl says it did not formally offered a spot to any
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performer yet no matter who takes the stage you can watch the super bowl right here on fox 29 of course. >> um-hmm. >> can't wait. >> i would have loved to have seen adele. >> me too. >> it's not her thing. >> i don't think it's most performers things because you get four songs. you're live in front of 2 million people. >> yup. >> it's a different situation. i just don't think performers really enjoy that. the nfl at one time asked them to pay the nfl. >> really? >> how interesting. >> okay. we'll have more entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29 with tmz, dish nation, maybe howard will make an eastern. thai tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. we're back here at 4am with fox 29 and "good day philadelphia". i've been waiting for rain over my little townhome. >> you'll have to wait. >> i know. enjoy.
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i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the
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