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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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how her little girl ended up saving the day. >> another nasty round of storms headed our way. who is about to get pounded? your news is next.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. get ready for some severe storms. live radar shows a system moving in bringing thunder, lightning and torrential downpours. it slammed into baltimore and washington, d.c. within the past hour. it's on track to roll through here soon. here's just taste what's heading our way this is video into our newsroom from washington, d.c. you can see the flag on top of the white house kind of whipping around as lightning is flashing moving life to wilmington parts of delaware will be the first to see the storms. it heads into our area. this one may keep you up tonig tonight. >> good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. you'll want to make sure your
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windows closed very tightly this evening. >> kathy orr is tracking just when these storms will hit and how severe they're going to get kathy. >> right now we have severe storms in baltimore and washington. they're moving east at 25 miles an hour. they have a history of 70 miles an hour winds and right now they're heading toward the eastern shore of maryland and will be moving into delaware. i do anticipate they will will be weakening as they move toward the delaware valley, but here they are moving right up the i-95 corridor. some light showers already moving into southern parts of chester county and also new castle county, delaware. now, as we move forward, you can see our computer models showing where the storms will be. the best chance of seeing the heaviest rain those drenching downpours in a line you can see it a through chester county, delaware county and points to the south and east as the storms move up the i-95 corridor, they will weaken. as we look into the future, by about midnight, 1:00 a.m. over philadelphia and south jersey and then lifting up toward new york and weakening during the errly morning hours but still a chance of a few spotty showers and definitely clouds come
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tomorrow morning. so this is what we expect. drenching downpours through about 3:00 a.m. some thunderstorms imbedded in them and where we see the heaviest rain we could be seeing some localized flooding. definitely some ponding on area roads. coming up we'll talk more about that heat and humidity how long it's going last, relief in sight in the seven day forecast. i'll see you later in the broadcast with the seven day. >> all right, kathy, thanks. moving life to trenton make sure you know what weather is coming your way and when. with our fox 29 weather app you can see live radar and get alerts sent right to your phone. search for it in the apple and google play stores. >> germantown another gathering on the block for little boy got caught in crossfire. his mother in tears tonight described what it's like watch the six-year-old fight through surgery after surgery. fox 29's shawnette wilson spoke with her. she's life at saint christopher's hospital. shawnette? >> reporter: lucy, his mother says he is so strong. she says he is actually begging
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to go home and ready to start first grade but he's just six years old this little boy has no idea that this is long way off because of the damage someone did to his tiny body. (inaudible). >> brown stood before her east germantown neighborhood grief stricken and heart broken. she had just left her six-year-old son mahaj still in the hospital after being shot last week. >> i wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. pain no parent should have to bear. >> reporter: 10 bullets pierced his tiny body. when police say gunmen opened fire near ashmead and clarkson street. he was one of several people shot. mahaj was in car with a relative when it happen. he's had seven surgeries in the five days he's been at saint christopher's. >> he still has to do therapy, physical and mental.
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six-year-old on psych meds because he was fully awake when all of this happened. >> reporter: she says by the grace of god her son is talking from his hospital bed. but she says one of the toughest things is explaining to a six-year-old why he's strapped to a hospital bed and in an out of surgery. >> that's the doctor's way of giving all your super powers back. you know, you lost your super powers when the people shot you. so you get your super powers back through the iv's and stuff. >> reporter: those who gathered to hear her speak at the rally organized by philadelphia seize fire were moved to here's about mahaj and his mother's sweep to end gun violence. >> he showed me there is god. (inaudible). >> reporter: and back here live, she says when the police officers scooped up her son to rush her to the hospital that night he kept asking the police officer why did someone to this to me. gave us all chills when she said
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that at the rally tonight. in the meantime she wants to thank everyone for their kindsness. she is he friends even strangers. lucy? >> poor little guy. praying for him. all right, shawnette. double shooting in philadelphia's nicetown neighborhood has left one man dead. skyfox flew over the scene at 18th and wingohocking streets. police say a gunman shot one person inside a store and a second person outside just past 3:00 this afternoon. one of the victims died at the hospital. police have not released the condition of the second man. so far no arrests. developing and disturbing news out of wyssonoming neighborhood. two guys stormed into a man's home and then shot him in the head. he is now at a local hospital. >> meanwhile police are on the hunt for whoever pull the trigger. fox 29's dave schratwieser life at philadelphia police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: lucy, the 22-year-old shooting victim is clinging to life tonight in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the head from point blank range in the meantime police scowering the
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neighborhood look for the two suspected shooters. police say it was just after 5:00 wednesday afternoon when two armed men approached this home in the 4800 block of comly street in wissonoming and forced their way inside. >> two males kicked in the front door actually knocked it off the hinge. >> i just heard a bunch of screaming and gunshots report roar this neighbor asked not to be identified after three shots rang out during the home invasion. a 22-year-old man was shot in the head in front of three family members. the gunman fled across the street and up this alley behind an apartment complex. >> the shooter fired from point blank range. >> detectives say they found a semi-automatic handgun inside this dumpster specially trained k9 was brought in after witnesses told police both suspects tossed aware their weapons as they ran from the scene. >> it's scary. really scary. because we could -- i could have been walking to the store or something, you know. >> this is a home invasion shooting.
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we're not certain of the motive. >> reporter: as the police helicopter hovered overhead, searching for the suspects the victim's father arrived at the house and spoke with police then left. the victim's mother and two brothers were inside at the time of the shooting. neighbors say the streets here are getting month more and more dangerous. >> sad. it happens every day. it's just like were does it end like every day somebody is getting killed. >> reporter: now, again, the victim is in critical condition no one else in the house was injured. police say there are several surveillance cameras on the block and near that apartment complex they hope video from those cameras will lead them to the suspects. iain? >> all right, dave, thanks. philadelphia police say the man they were after after a string of home invasions of asian business owners throughout the city has turned himself in to police. anthony campbell facing a list of charges investigators say he worked alongside norman bowen who was arrested earlier this week to break in asian businesses, burglarize them and then head upstairs to where the
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owners lived, tie them up and take their belongings. >> tonight it is official, pennsylvania has new attorney general and kathleen kane is out. kane was all smiles as she walked into her office building this morning. she submitted her resignation tuesday morning a day after a jury convicted her of abusing her power as state attorney general. prosecutors say she leaked grand jury files and lied about it under oath. kane says she believes resigning is the right move for pennsylvania. >> it's bittersweet. i loved my job. i am proud of the work that we've done. at the same time it's time for me to focus on other things and it's time for pennsylvanians to continue to move forward. >> a judge swore in bruce castor as pennsylvania's new ag today. kane sentencing is set for october 24th. sky fox over philadelphia mills today after a group bus bd in there to steal jewelry. police guys armed with sledge hammers took gold and diamond rings from. zales july row store in the mall. so far no suspects.
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big honor tonight for police officer who escaped death after a gunman shot him seven times. the borough council honored folcroft officer chris dorman along with other officers for their heroism. fox 29's chris oh connell was at tonight's ceremony. chris, overdoer mon was actually talking about when he'd like get back on the streets. >> reporter: yeah, if you can believe it. quite the fitting tribute, lucy for some hero officers here in folcroft tonight. honored for a shooting that could have and probably should ever turned out much differen differently. nearly two months ago, he was shot seven times by an armed suspect. tonight, an official thank you. >> commendation of valor which is the first time folcroft police department history. patrolman christopher dorman. >> folcroft police officer chris dorman is back in uniform as he and his entire department was being honored.
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>> it's nice to get recognition but i was just doing my job that day and it could have been anybody else in law enforcement it could have happened to and i was just the unlucky one who got there first. >> late june when doromania part-time officer with just a year on the force was dispatched to seemingly routine call for drug activity. moments after responding, dorman was shot in the face, leg and chest. police arrested a career drug dealer for the shooting. and just four days later, dorman was released from the hospital to a hero's welcome. two other officers sergeant william bear and officer david dee petro were also given commendations for valor and heroism for helping save dorman's life after he was shot. >> from his being able to survive to capturing the bad guy, everybody stepped up. it was just incredible to watch. >> reporter: official proclamations came down from congress, state and county authorities. thanking folcroft and surroun surrounding departments for their service. dorman spent the last month and
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a half visiting doctors and doing physical therapy. and get this. he's actually bored and can't wait to get back patrolling the streets of folcroft. >> i was ready to go back a week after the incident, but obviously doctors wouldn't let me do that so as of now i'd like to be back before summer is ov over. >> reporter: now dorman will have to go through firearms training and psychological evaluations before being allowed back on the street, but when that day comes, he says he is not going to be afraid at all. he's going to treat it just like any other day. live in folcroft, delaware county, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. ♪ one little girl's trip to work ends at gun point when a crook marchs in to rob the pla place. >> next thing i looked down. when i looked up i seen the gun in my face and she was like right there. she was like mommy, mommy! >> what that little girl did next her mom says saved their lives. attacked at the playground.
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one mom is furious and wants big changes. what launched at her son could have left him blind. >> wanted in brazil. olympic medal winning swimmer ryan lochte has some explaining to do. why they think he lied about being robbed in rio. >> they called their baby's birth a miracle. weighing a little more than a pound. they knew something wasn't rig right. the local couple's race to save their son and the doctor who finally solved a live impacting mystery.
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♪ terrifying moments inside a local dunkin' donuts as man marches in, pulls a gun on a woman with her young daughter
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just inches away. that mom, though, kept her cool to keep her daughter safe. she says what her little girl did next stopped that man in his tracks. >> fox 29's dawn timmeney spoke to that mom and her daughter. >> reporter: 26-year-old brenda garcia thought it would be fun to bring her daughter brianna to work at dunkin' donuts on north front street in olney on monday. she wanted the seven-year-old to see what mommy does and brianna was excited. >> she brought her coloring books and everything. it was just like a normal day. >> and snacks. >> and snacks. >> reporter: but several hours into garcia's shift, a nightmare started to unfold before her eyes. with her innocent daughter watching in horror. this is the chilling surveillance video. it was just after 4:00 p.m. a customer or so she thought came in and asked for a bottle of water. garr so ya placed it on the counter. >> next thing i know i looked down, when i looked up i seen a gun in my face. when i seen the gun, i seen my life in seconds because he pulled the little thing back.
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>> reporter: as frightened as garcia was, she was more afraid for her little girl. standing right there by the counter. >> she was like mommy, mom mow. >> garcia tried to reassure her daughter is he was okay. and told her to just step back. >> so she stepped to the corner and the guy was just like give me the f'ing money. >> garcia says with that, her little girl yelled its out. >> she started screaming a scream that beyond i swear everybody heard her outside and that's when he look at her and he left. he just walk out. >> reporter: robber was gone. it was over. everyone was okay. brianna was trembling as garcia ran to comfort her daughter. >> just ran to her and hugged her. she was shaking just panickin p. >> reporter: as a mother it breaks her heart that her daughter had to go through such a traumatic experience but she believes brianna saved their lives. >> her screaming saved everybody. because the first thing, f i would have made any move he would have shot me. i saw it.
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he would have just shot me. >> brianna is staying very close to her mom's side since the attempted rob breach this little girl who loves to play on her scooter and is looking forward to first grade just wants to put it all behind her. police are hoping that someone recognizes the man in the surveillance video. they say if you see him dork not pledge him simply call 911. as for little brianna and her mom, they're just hoping he's caught for fear the next time someone could get hurt. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. firefighter is recovering to injuries tonight after working a fire in south philadelphia. this happened on the 1300 block of south broad street just after 1:00 this morning. philadelphia's fire commissioner wouldn't say how the injured firefighter got hurt but did say that he was in stable condition at a local hospital. fire officials are saying the hot weather was a major challenge for crews who also had to battle that fire in the middle avenue downpour. witnesses say it was chaotic. >> there was someone yelling, um, when i ran out of my
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apartment building, i yelled and knocked on my neighbor's doors just because i didn't know, you know, what was going to happen so i figured they should know. >> everyone did get out of the house safely. investigators say it took about two hours to get the fire under control. no word about what may have started that fire. remembering a top cop. former philadelphia police commissioner john tim mon 93 has died. he led the department in the late '90's and early 2,000s. timoney work his way up in the ranks in new york city before coming to philly in 1998. fox 29's dave schratwieser shows us how the city is remembering him tonight. >> reporter: from his if you day on the job as philadelphia police commissioner john timoney was all about reaching out to the community, putting more police on the streets and modernizing the department. >> on the ground kind of guy. i mean, you know, we have that expression of cop's cop. he definitely was that. >> he was a true change agent. and he was one of those people that you could point to and say, he was an example leadership.
10:19 pm
>> reporter: timoney was all about change. he led the men and women of his department from the front line whether it was here in philadelphia deputy commissioner in new york or as police chief in miami. >> very confident guy. very colorful guy. i mean if you were around him at all for about five minutes, you picked up on that. >> he wanted to talk to people in the community and he wanted to talk to cops. >> reporter: timoney led the department here through the protest heavy republican national convention in 2,000. he initiated com sad, a weekly meeting of commanders to review crimes and crime patterns. he utilized bike patrols to keep the troops mobile and fighting crime wherever it happened. >> he had no patience for people in this uniform who didn't respect the rights of others but also people who didn't give it their all. >> reporter: in miami he also brought change. he reduced officer involved shootings and at one point no officer there fired his gun in a 20-month period. his officers also helped capture philly cop killer john lewis who fled to miami after the murder
10:20 pm
of officer chuck cassidy. >> we ache for the families and the other members of police department. obviously philadelphia has a spot soft in my heart. >> reporter: he wasn't without his critics he could be loud and direct unafraid to express his opinion he spent his later years as consultant overseas in bar ran. he was respected worldwide for his knowledge of policing, his courage and his leadership. >> i thought he was fantastic police commissioner. he will be missed. >> reporter: john timoney was a real warrior he lost his for-month battle with cancer at a miami hospital tuesday night. tributes were paid in miami, new york and philadelphia today. his funeral range. are still pending. dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. caught in the act, that's a postal worker dumping boxes of mail into a dumpster. what a business owner found in that pile of male just thrown out. talk about finding a diamond in the rough.
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one couple's trip to a thrift store with a shocking ending. what cost them only a quarter that could be worth some big bucks. your next pizza delivery could come with a lot more than your favorite pie. what is so special about the box you might even forget to eat the pizza. ♪ now, with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening, everybody. watch for some new traffic patterns set up here along the freeway and 295 in south jersey, and then the philly folk festival opens up tomorrow up there in harleysville. see a lot of extra volume coming off of the northeast extension. tomorrow is the big night dinner end n blank where will it be a and. we'll have a hint and have the forecast when we see you bright and early tomorrow starting at 4:00.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ postal worker in florida out of a job tonight accused of of dumping mail. authorities say a camera caught her in the act. among the male that did not get delivered real estate flyers which cost the advertisers $2,000 a month to send out. also, dumped personal letters throwing mail of course away is a federal crime. that's punis punishable by as ls five years in prison and 250,000 fine. the investigation in exactly what happened continues. flood waters are finally starting to subside in louisia
10:25 pm
louisiana. and the focus now shifting to finding shelter. fema trying to make a plan that will find homes for the tens of thousands of people who lost everything to the flood waters. officials say more than 40,000 homes were destroyed. the floods that killed 12 people are the worst in the state's history. fema says it will look into lining up rental properties for those left homeless it's also considering temporary housing units. >> you decide donald trump is hoping campaign shake up will build up his poll numbers. meanwhile hillary clinton spent this day hid hitting the rem can on his economic policy. this morning trump met with law enforcement officials as he continues to try to paint himself as the law and order candidate but the main focus around the republican today was the announcement of two top republican strategists as his new campaign manager and campaign ceo a mid sagging poll numbers they are expected to push the republican nominee to emphasize substance over style. >> i think this is a campaign structure that look like it's
10:26 pm
been built to allow donald trump to continue being donald trump just more effectively than he has been over the last few wee weeks. >> meanwhile hillary clinton was in ohio today where she hit trump hard on his economic policy claiming it's a benefit for wealthy people. clinton also dismissing trump's campaign management change as meaningless. >> they called their baby's birth a miracle. he weighed at a little more than a pound but they knew something wasn't right when they got him home. the local' local the local coups race to save their son. >> coming up at 11:00 new details about the man who scaled the trump tower looking for the presidential nominee. what investigators say his parents had to do with -- >> kathy is or tracking your forecast. >> this just in. severe thunderstorm in effect for kent county, delaware. these storms have a history of damage winds and torrential downpours. we'll track the storms coming up when we come back. for all those pokers,
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everything naand it doesn't take is so wholesothe whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. developing news out of wilmington, delaware. investigators are trying figure out how a woman's body ended up in a trash can.
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police say officers responded to the 800 block of east 22nd street for suspicious death call and that's where they found the african-american woman. authorities think she's between 18 and 25 years old. they are right now working to figure out who she was. in moorestown, new jersey, fire investigators say last night's weather could be the cause of a fire that ripped through a townhome it broke out just aft 2:00 this morning along windrow clusters drive. fox 29 weather authority says there were lightning strikes in the area at the time but no one was hurt. live look right now at wilmington. your weather authority is tracking more storms on the way tonight. kathy has the timing of what you should expect. it's a lot and it's ahead. >> police confirmed one person has died in an accident from late this afternoon in camden county. two vehicle accident occurred around 4:30 on white horse pike in clementon. the road was shut down for several hours. police say three other people were hurt. we don't yet know how bad their injuries are. >> new jersey family is counting
10:31 pm
their blessings to night. they say a very special doctor at children's hospital of philadelphia saved their son's live not once but twice. >> fox 29's dawn timmeney with the story now of a premie's battle to beat the odds as a baby and beyond. ♪ >> reporter: sean friedman is your typical little boy. active, energetic and full of life. >> i'm four and a half. >> reporter: sean also loves baseball and soccer and karate. you name it, sean plays it. to say he keeps his mom and dad on their toes would be an under statement. but danielle and jordan friedman wouldn't have it any other way. >> this is how big he was. >> sean had quite a front entrance into the world. he was born prima cher on
10:32 pm
october 12th, 2010 at just 23 weeks. >> he was 1 pound, three point 8-ounces when he was born. he spent 111 days in the nic. at saint barnabas hospital in new jersey. >> reporter: friedmans were thrilled to finally take sean home at the end of january in 2011. but then in june, had he noticed something just wasn't right with their little miracle baby. he wasn't eating and wasn't gaining weight. >> you could hear him constantly breathing, um, and then he was turning blue also on occasion so you can see the struggles. >> reporter: after several appointments with ears, notice and throat doctors and few answers -- >> shall we take another look. >> reporter: the friedmans were referred to children's hospital of philadelphia and doctor karen zerr. >> the doctor took one look at him and admitted him. >> the next day sean was having emergency surgery to have a cyst removed. >> there was a large sift completely obstructing his
10:33 pm
airway he really didn't have much space to breathe through. >> by sunday before we left he was chugging a bottle. >> reporter: all was well for this little guy. but dr. did notice during surgery sean paralyzed vocal cord. >> good job. >> she couldn't to do follow him and over time it became a problem. >> his voice was quieter, raspy, it was hard to be heard in an environment that wasn't quiet. it was starting to affect him. starting to affect his socialization. >> his mom and dad worried that sean would have difficulty in school. that he'd be overlooked by his teachers because he was so soft spoken or that he might even be bullied. all legitimate concerns. >> a lot of kids have a lot of issues with their voice we don't think about related to just being embarrassed or not being heard or sounding different. >> reporter: so at three years old doctor performed an delicate
10:34 pm
surgery called lar renagel rein they are vision or nerve rewiring. the dr. taking a strong nerve supplying a muscle in sean's neck an tajing it to the weaker nerve in his voice box to restore his voice. >> green puppy? >> what was it like for you as a father when you finally heard that voice? >> i beamed with pride. because i knew my son was now able to be like all the other kids. >> reporter: it takes anywhere from three to 20 months for children to typically see the full results of the procedure. >> we're going to say the blue spot. >> the dr. checking sean's progress all the way. >> sean's voice is now 100%. >> that's great. >> there's nothing he can't do. >> the friedmans are absolutely thrilled with the out come. >> he has no fear of raising his hand and talking and speaking
10:35 pm
out. >> to be able to hear your son from all the way at the top of the house yelling dad! come here! that's great. >> let me hear how you have been doing at karate. what did you do with your voice. >> sean is also very aware of just how special doctor zerr is. >> she fixed me and put the tubes in and then she took them out and then i was feeling much better. >> reporter: what would you say to dr. zerr. >> thank you. >> when she was able to do for us not only once but twice is just amazing. >> just wonderful to see he's done so well despite all the medical issues that he's had when he was baby. >> sean is now good to go. no more follow-up visits to chop. he starts kindergarten in couple of weeks feeling the full benefits of his surgery. a little boy with a big voice now teachers will have no
10:36 pm
problem hearing. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. >> cute little guy. wanted in brazil. police say the olympic medal winning swimmer ryan lochte has some explaining to do. why they think he lied about getting robbed in rio. attacked at the playground. one mom is furious and wants some big changes. what launched at her son she says could have left him blind. and your next pizza delivery would come with a lot more than your favorite pie. what is so special about the box. the box itself that you might forget to eat your pez is a.
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♪ california's governor issued a state of emergency after a wildlife exploded size. flames that forced tens of thousands of people from their homes. the drought stricken land in burning in southern california. that's one fire. it's tinder dry. blue cut fire which flared tuesday that would be yesterday continues to surge burning through 30,000 acres. it exploded so quickly in the triple digit heat. authorities refused to let people go back to their homes to save their pets or their belongings. in your money, you can now pick up a bottle of wine at some grocery stores in pennsylvania.
10:40 pm
the state liquor control board approved 84 applications for grocery stores to start selling wine. the board began accepting requests last week. governor tom wolf signed a bill that loosened pennsylvania's liquor laws and welcomes grocery stores into the mix. nearly 100 applications to sell wine are still pending. pizza hut wants to give you more than just pizza in your next delivery. it now would love to turn knew a dj. ♪ >> the chain introduced what it's calling the world's first playable dj pizza box. the cardboard box battery powered has decks, mixer, volume control and other buttons built into the box. it connects via blue tooth to computer or smart phone. don't know yet on when you'll be able to buy it here in the u.s. so olympic swimmer ryan lochte is now wanted man in brazil. >> two of his teammates were pulled from their flight back to the us by authorities in brazil.
10:41 pm
this all stems from that report that they were robbed at gun point in rio. a brazilian judge wanted the swimmers to stay in the country as police investigate but lochte is back in the u.s. his teammates are still in brazil. lochte told rio police a robber stopped the cab he and three others swimmers were in. u.s. olympic committee says it is cooperating with brazilian authorities who are not quite sure if the robbery actually happened. lochte's attorney says it did happen. one couple' trip to thrift store ended up with something most of us only dream about. what cost them a mere quarter that could be worth some really big bucks. and kathy orr tracking your forecast. >> yes we are tracking a severe thunderstorm moving east along the east shore of maryland no mazes like dover and kent county, delaware, and southern new castle county. this storm has history of damaging winds and drenching downpours.
10:42 pm
we'll continue to track the storms. i'll have the seven day when we come back. david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..."
10:43 pm
if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising. get between you and life's dobeautiful moments.llergens by choosing flonase, you're choosing more complete allergy relief and all the enjoyment that comes along with it. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only control 1. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. with flonase, more complete relief means enjoyment of every beautiful moment. flonase, six is greater than one, changes everything. ♪
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♪ florida mom trying to get her local officials to remove wild peacocks from a park she says one of them attacked her son.
10:45 pm
it happened yesterday near orlando. the mom says she was at the park with her two-year-old son when aggressive peacock charged the boy and scratched her son's face and head. >> turned for two seconds and one was like flew up in the air and had his claws on his head. it was flapping its wings. there was a scratch a millimeter from his eyes. so we're lucky that he really has both of his eyes. so really dangerous. >> crews installed signs in the park reading, wildlife may become dangerous or aggressive but that mom says she's not heading back until those birds are gone. trip to the thrift store may have uncovered a diamond in the rough that could be worth some big-time money. only costs one couple a quarter. >> yeah. fox's bill, shows us what they discovered were they opened up their purchase. >> i can remember when i was seven years old i told my mom i wanted michael jackson to come out of my birthday cake. >> amber never got that birthday surprise but she'll settle for what and she and her hub mike came across couple of weeks ago.
10:46 pm
>> she's like, babe, babe, babe, this is signed. no, no way. >> unknowingly the couple bought a michael jackson bad cassette album that appears to be autographed by the king of pop himself. >> this was once in lifetime find for us. >> they found it right here at heavenly treasures in concord. it's a thrift store that the herndon family regulars shops at. >> they were in the music section and noticed the michael jackson cassette being sold for about as low of a price as you can find. >> michael jackson's bad sitting there for 25-cent. you don't pass that up. >> reporter: as you can see amber's 10-year-old son is a huge michael jackson fan who loves to dance so a few days after they bought the cassette she opened it up to show him some pictures of mjs moves. and there it was. what appears to be an autograph from mychal jackson himself. >> i definitely freak out.
10:47 pm
i literally could not breathe. couldn't speak. i just sat there blinking my eyes because i just could not believe that this was sitting direct until front of me. i just could not believe it. >> as soon as she said it's signed and i saw her reaction, i can feel in my heartbeat in my neck. >> reporter: they noticed the marker had gotten stuck on the folds of the page that means it's not a print. so they got on the internet to compare it to authentic michael jackson autographs and they believe it's real. >> i looked on google like compared like every little detail of how the m is and the little star at the bottom and everything. >> it doesn't look like a print. i've seen a lot of prints. it does -- it does look real. i'm super happy for them. >> susan lambert is a co owner of the thrift store and if you think she's bitter about letting the cassette go for just a quarter, think again. >> my husband's favorite saying, we don't want every dollar we just want our dollar. >> i would assume this ranks as
10:48 pm
one of the coolest moments you guys have had as couple. >> absolutely. >> i don't know. (laughter). >> we've had pretty cool moments in yeah, we have. this is definitely the best fi find. >> so cool. >> no word tonight on what the couple plans to do with that tape or if they're even thinking about trying to sell it. >> all right. so we've got some big weather moving in right now. kathy orr you've been on top of this. we had severe thunderstorms last night, too. >> absolutely. some strong storms last night and tonight we're tracking two severe thunderstorms. these came out of the south and the west through baltimore and washington. they're speeding toward the east across easton which is eastern shore of maryland. there's one severe cell that is headinheading into sussex count, delaware. the other one coming straight out of baltimore and washington heading toward kent county and also the southern part of new castle county, delaware. that severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 11:15. we'll did track on this. this storm moving east at 45 miles an hour has a history of 70 miles an hour gusts. it will be in smyrna by 11:04. dover by 11:02 and in bowers
10:49 pm
beach by 11:13. some torrential rain and frequent lightning. hundreds of lightning strikes associated with this cell. in sussex county, delaware, this severe cell moving out out of easton moving east at 45 miles an hour. that severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 11:45 and moderate to heff vo rain in the southern part of chester county, right now taking over the southern part of delaware county northern part of new castle county moving toward the northeast. i think it will will make it right through the central part of chester county possibly lower montgomery and head toward the north and the east. so not all of us will be seeing the rain but especially philadelphia south and east will see the heaviest. right now 85 in the city. it feels like 87. the high today 91 degrees. you can see some rain cooled temperatures in lancaster 76. philadelphia still quite warm. millville checking in at 75 and dover we have a temperature of 79 degrees. down the shore a bit of a sea breeze with temperatures comfortable in the 70s this
10:50 pm
afternoon. we'll be back up well into the 80s tomorrow. fox future cast shows those storms moving especially to the south and east of i-95 corridor and then moving offshore then another broken line moving through during the early morning hours. we could start the day with a few spotty showers at 7:00 a.m. with mostly cloudy skies. our bob kelly will not be talking about sun glare tomorrow morning for the rush. but by the afternoon, we'll see some sun breaking out across the delaware valley. so still hot during the day tomorrow. it will be humid again with a high temperature around 90 degrees. and that means that the heat wave will be rolling on. so our forecast overnight tonight, calls for low temperatures in the 70s. we with showers and storms especially south and east of the city. the high tomorrow 90 degrees with afternoon sun. orr down the shore tomorrow in atlantic city on the bay side gardeners basin live at 5:00 and 6:00 here's a look at your extended forecast. heat wave continues through sunday. the heat breaks monday and then tuesday and wednesday much more comfortable with high temperatures in the 80s.
10:51 pm
wow! good weather to be outside. sean bell. >> kathy, eagles on the road in pittsburgh. everyone wants to get more reps but tight end zach ertz talks about what he doesn't actually want to do. chase utley had an unbelievable welcome back night yesterday against the phillies, but will he do it again? chase lookly to recreate that magic much that's coming up next in sports.
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
♪ chase utley had a dream night last night. crushing the phillies. two homeruns, a grand slam and five rbi's sticking it to his former team while getting the curtain calls and standing ovations at the same time. the perfect way to come back, but can he do it again? could we actually getting an encore. chase's night started off like it did last night. another standly ovation but after that it wasn't the same. chase grounded out here. he went -- zero for five with two strike outs not very good night. not the second encore night he wanted. to the second, freddie galvis baiting .235 but once in while he does this showing us why he's here. he hits a gap per into left. miguel franco puts on the jets comes in home. that's an rbi. galvis wept two for four on the day. jake thompson had a really rough time in the majors so far.
10:55 pm
never going passed five innings right there gonzales makes him pay with a three run homer. then in the seventh gonzales does it again. jake thompson went five innings giving up five runs. the phils lose seven-two. their second straight loss. pete mackanin on the struggling rookie jake thompson. >> i don't know how many of you guys golf or girls golf but, you know, you have to repeat your swing, and it's not that easy. so once you get -- you get that down, then you can throw your breabreaking ball your second dy carry pitches for strike at any time in the count. >> be happy because tomorrow we'll finally get a glimpse of real football. sam bradford will play at least quarter and the rest of the starters can play up to half time. the major key is getting reps in without getting hurt. tight end zach ertz dealt with head injury earlier in training camp in the first game eagles lost brandon brooks and carson wentz. so tomorrow ertz is hoping to get his work in and quickly get
10:56 pm
out. >> once i get in the rhythm of the routes and the catches and the blocking that's all i really needed in a preseason game. um, at the end of the day everyone just wants to stay healthy. we have a the coaches decide i'm up for it but at the end of the day i'm focused on routes, blocking and catches and then i'll feel good. >> all right. in the usc connor mcgregor at it again. he's always doing something. mcgregor trying to get revenge after getting knock out by nate diaz last fight. at the press conference mcgregor acting like a fool once again look at this nate diaz throws a bottle at him. mcgregor says i'll get everything i can get my hands on and throw it back to you. look at this. he's grabbing all types of bottles. people are fighting. look at this. they ned to go to the phillies because that's awful. that looks like no arm strength. it's not even making it. come on. what are ya'll doing? you know this is all playing. >> exactly. >> promote the fight. >> imagine that.
10:57 pm
>> that will do it for us at 10:00. lucy what's come up at 11:00. >> all new at 11:00 know new details about the teenager who scaled the trump tower look fort presidential nominee. what his parents had to do with the timing and your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. don't forget your powerball lottery drawing is next. ♪
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