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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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carved out and invested had in. terrifying surveillance video capturing the moment an armed man pulls a gun on the mostly older crowd that freaks the bar. even grabbing one customer and putting the gun to his head. >> i felt angry. i felt disappointed as you can see the video the way he was and the way he came in here. i was like, it was horrible. >> police say just before 2:00 wednesday morning minutes before closing time. when a man wearing a bandana stuck up frank's customers. taking cash and a woman's purse. the scared patrons hand over their valuables. new video obtained by fox 29 shows what owner frank describes the alleged gunman casin casinge business before busting in. black sedan can also be seen outside. eventually the gunman leaves disappearing into the darkness of early morning. now frank is determined to find out who did it and he needs your help. >> hoping and praying that this guy can get caught and taken off the streets and put him in jail where he deserves to be.
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>> reporter: and frank says the bar is taking additional security measures. if the suspect is described 5-foot eight in mid to late 20 20's. if you recognize him from that video call northwest detectives. dawn? >> pretty frightening thank i was seen ba in a. philadelphia police arrested one man and on the hunt for another in connection with the shooting death of an innocent man who wound up caught in the middle of a gun fight. last month 25-year-old ford was shot and killed in east germantown. according to investigators, he unknowingly drove between two men shooting at each other along the 5100 block of germantown avenue. ford was hit. his three-year-old daughter in the back seat fortunately was not hurt. police announced today they've arrest the 18-year-old jameel byrd on murder charges detectives are trying to find his accomplice 19-year-old saku monty. if you have 82 seen him, call police. wilmington police have
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arrested the ex-boyfriend avenue woman found dead in a trash can. police announcing 20-year-old idris merit charged with first degree murder of the death of miss precious hoskins. officers found hoskins body inside a trash can along the 800 block of east 22nd street on wednesday. merit is being held without bail tonight. tonight delaware state police are investigating just what happened after a serious crash on polaski highway in newark. authorities say that crash happened about 2:00 o'clock this morning when tractor trailer hit a pickup truck. the pick up caught fire and left four people injured including a six-year-old little boy. he's listed i list critical con. the road has since reopen. new jersey transit bus driver has died after the bus he was driving slammed into another in newark, new jersey, killing a passenger. it happened this morning police say the veteran driver at the wheel of the bus with no passengers inside slammed into a bus filled with passengers.
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17 people are hurt. six of them are in critical condition tonight. people who were on board described the terrifying scene. i don't know what happened. i just saw myself in the back. i was the only one in the back who was good. a lot of people is injured. i saw one guy was almost died. i don't know if he died. >> right now authorities are trying to figure out if the driver of the empty bus who had been driving for new jersey transit for 27 years they're trying to figure out if he may have run a red light. turning to your fox 29 weather authority. a nice warm day across the area. let's go live out to the ben franklin parkway in philadelphia month tonight. do not get you've to the good stuff. high humidity expected to make a come back this weekend let's head over to meteorologist dave warren with look. hey, dave. >> brief come back. what we have tonight more rain. you smiling in sea isle beautiful rainbow out over the owing that rain cleared out. got little sunshine once the rain cleared.
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a number of rainbow pictures coming in tonight with a one shower but things on ultimate doppler radar looking clear right now. see these showers popping up right in south jersey right in atlantic, cape may county right along the sea breeze front that developed cooler air moved in just bit. triggered these showers. but things are dying down right now. along the parkway all clear. ac expressway looking good. if you're driving down the shore tonight. can't rule out a lingering shower. there's still a few picked up by the computer forecast right about 7:00 o'clock. keeping around the area till say about 11, 12:00 o'clock. clear tonight. moisture will begin to work its way into the area tomorrow. increasing humidity. just as hot today we hit 90 degrees. more showers could be developing maybe as soon as 12:00 o'clock. bit more numerous than we had today. still at 90, this could be the beginning of a potential heat wave. a short heat wave because we're only looking at three days at most of temperatures about 90 degrees. the high today is at 90. the humidity increasing. here's what we have coming ups were he we can look live out
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over old city. great night tonight. humidity starts to increase. weekend storms late sunday followed by a cooler breeze big drop in temperatures and the latest on tropical form fiona all of that will come with the complete seven day forecast. i'll have that when i come back in just a little bit. >> all right, dave, thank you. a big change today for the school district of philadelphia involving it's younger students. >> they've decided that kindergarteners cannot be suspended for discipline problems. move many say should have been made years ago. fox 29's bill anderson reports. >> i have a kindergartner and i would be live individual if i got a call that he was being suspended. he's just starring school, right? >> reporter: right. >> yeah, that's crazy. >> reporter: admittedly i'm not a parent like many of the parents i spoke to told me the new school district policy banding suspending kindergarten students seems like common sense. >> i believe it's ridiculous because kids her age they too young to get suspended. >> we want our children to be in school as much as possible so
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any time they need to be at home in my opinion it's got to be for something that, um, it's terrible. >> reporter: beginning this school year the revised code of conduct no longer allows for suspending kindergarten students for reasons even five-year-old should be able to understand. >> one thing that we know is we can't teach young people if they're not in school. and at that age, removing a child from school then removes them from the opportunity to learn. >> reporter: it was almost unanimous among the people that i spoke to that five-year-olds learn very little from being suspended but active visits told me it still happens a lot. >> there are about 400 and 500 suspensions of kindergarteners last year about 1500 suspensions of first graders and 1900 suspensions against second graders. >> there are other things that we can do to resolve conflict. >> dr. height told me he agrees with parents and has wanted to end the policy for years. but unfortunately, it's just not as easy as it may seem.
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>> there's great deal of training that had to take place prior to these young -- prior to us implementing such a policy. >> reporter: bill anderson, fox 29 news. >> in delaware, a 16-year-old girl charged with the death in another 16-year-old girl will not face adult charges. a judge today rejected the request from prosecutors to try the girl as an adult. this all stems from an assault inside a bathroom at wilmingto wilmington's howard high school of technology. prosecutors 11 the 16-year-old suspect repeatedly hit amy joyner francis in a pre-meditate add tack. joyner francis had a pr pre-existing heart condition and the medical examiner ruled the attack contributed to the sudden cardiac arrest. that 16-year-old will now be tried in family court on charges of criminally negligent homici homicide. well the fbi is now involved in a juniata park attempted bang robbery. take good look at this woman. police and the fbi say she went into a pnc bank on the 1,000 block of east erie avenue and
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showed a demand note to a teller. it happened on tuesday. she did not get away with anything and left the bang soon after. if you know anything, if you know who she is, police want to hear from you. federal judge is considering whether some documents related to the new jersey bridge gate scandal should remain sealed. a judge is hearing the case of two former allies of governor chris christie. a judge was presented with the request yesterday to keep unredacted filings sealed. prosecutors claim those papers could implicate people who haven't been charged in the scandal. bill baroni and bridget kelly have pleaded not guilty to charges in connection to those lane closures of the george washington bridge. ♪ tonight you decide 2016, donald trump visits louisiana. he surveyed the damage from the historic flooding that killed 13 people and displaced thousands more. >> the republican nominee stood in solidarity with residents and expressed regret. neither hillary clinton nor president obama have been to
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louisiana since the deadly flooding hit. president obama is set to visit next week. hillary clinton was off the campaign trail today. >> well slightly good news about pennsylvania's unemployment rate. it remains steady last month. the job less rate stayed at five-point 6% in july. after five months of increases it saw it rise from four-point 6% back in january. that's according to the state department of labor. now although it did not go up, last month, the state's unemployment is higher than the national average right now the national unemployment rate is at four-point 9%. police say suspect got into it with an officer during an arrest but this k9 wasn't having it. how he helped take down the bad guy. >> sean? >> chris, ryan howard received great news today as he ends his career there will be no cloud hanging over his head. ryan talks about getting past those accusations later in sports. >> and no man's land how princeton is scrubbing its campus of that word. ♪
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♪ skyfox over a very green schuylkill river today. this is how things looked right near boat house row. so what exactly is it? water department officials recently told philadelphia magazine it's just some duck we'd. the river flows during most of the summer have been lower than average and with recent heavy rain it flush some of the duck we'd from upstream tributaries. bottom line sounds like you have nothing to worry about. summer unofficially comes to close and people head out for labor day. authorities in new jersey want to row mind everyone to drive sober. officers from across the garden state are cracking down now until september tim on drunk drives. all part of the drive sober campaign or get pulled over. state officials say driving impaired is one of the most prevalent crimes committed. nearly 18,000 people are killed every year as a result of drunk driving in new castle delaware police are crediting one of their k9 officers with helping
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track down an alleged criminal. police say ace and his handler officer corey, tracked down sidney messig who was running from police. he had just allegedly had a fight with police when they tried to arrest him and he ran away. well ace used his noes. used his scent to find him hiding under some burbs. messig had active warrants out for his arrest. he is behind bars tonight facing a list of charges. two weeks of fun in soccer coming to an end in kensington tonight. a closing ceremony was held for the 24th police district's youth soccer camp this annual event runs every august. it's coached by community members, police officers, firefighters and all kinds of other volunteers. and it's not just about the sport of soccer. >> they also learn valuable live skills such as team work, sport man ship and mentor ship. that's part of it. another thing that it does for us which is a win is it let's the kids know that police
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officers are approachable. that, we're their friends and we're hear to help them. >> sounds like great program. 40 children from the community participated in the camp this summer. princeton university is wiping the word "man" from its vocabulary. >> they're encouraging more what it calls gender inclusive terms. the new policy was reportedly sent out in a memo to the school's human relations department. the college fix reports that instead of "man" workers who use the word individual or human being or people it wants staff to be extra careful when talking about certain occupations that usually have the word man in them, for example, workers should say businessperson instead of businessman. ♪ >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. weatherman dave warren tracking some changes. >> weather individual wiping the word heat from the forecast. by the end of the forecast. that's what we're talking about.
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right now radar keeping an eye out for any showers. had few pop up right over cape may county and atlantic county. they are slowly drifting to the southeast. 90 it's hot again. this could be another heat wave looking at two, three days in a row here possibly a heat wave. sunday will be a little iffy definitely tomorrow with increased humidity. here's the numbers coming in. 74 in the morning. 85 by lunch. showers could be ending by around 6:00 o'clock there could be little more widespread starting around noon. and continuing till about dinnertime but ending with temperature of 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon. showers popping up you'll see them bit more widespread a bit more numerous right along 95 by 2:00 o'clock. here comes the moisture. heat and humidity on sunday. we'll start the day with mostly cloudy skies. if you get more clouds than sun that could keep our temperature down a bit but i think we'll get little bit of sunshine enough with that increased humidity that we could be able to touch 90 degrees. the end the of the heat is right there witness front moving through. it will slide through the normal
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and western between three and five. there's our weather on monday. so things do start to calm a bit. that wind picks up. the heat index peaks on sunday. but the storms sunday night we'll clear out by monday and the wind the gusty win out of the northwest 20, 30 miles an hour. as far as the heat index goes, really not talking about excessive heat. maybe topping about the mid 90s. little higher to the south. this is by one, 2:00 o'clock on sunday. there's a knife heat index at dover. so we've seen numbers like this before a lot higher. not really talking about excessive heat but noticeably higher than what we've dealt with today and all comes to an end there on sunday as the cooler air comes in. now as that front moves off the coast it will certainly keep what is developing in the atlantic from impacting much of the east coast. in fact may not even go as far west as bermuda. tropical storm fiona 40 miles an
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hour with the 5:00 o'clock advisory. it will continue to track to the northwest and then start to turn right towards bermuda but it weakens to a tropical depression as the front moves off the coast. it moves through here sunday. it will certainly weaken the storm and continue to steer it into the north atlantic. heading down the shore this weekend, well there's a low risk of rip currents. now we have partly cloudy skies on saturday. cooler breeze develops late in the day. late day storms on sunday. and also mention a hand breeze on monday. gusty northwest wind that could actually drop that water temperature into the upper 70s make it noticeably colder on monday. not the best beach day but only around for one day because we get nice weather with calm wind there on tuesday. saturday, sunday the end of the heat wave. close call on sunday. with the clouds around maybe keeping the temperature down bit but i'll put 90 in there. certainly it will feel like that with the humidity. now, monday it is windy and cooler. these are the actual highs. these were our low temperatures a few days ago but now it's our
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high temperature. nice change monday. that wind dies down tuesday. that's the perfect day. low temperature 63. that's in the morning. 80 in the afternoon. not bad there. it will start to get little warmer wednesday, thursday, and friday. we climb into the upper 80s with partly cloudy skies. here's our shore temperatures. again that land breeze on mond monday. still fairly mild there with a temperature of 83 but a nice day tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, look pretty good with highs mid 80s down the shore. >> hard to believe we're saying we like the 80s, right? >> i know. i'm ready for fall. i think. sean bell in with sports. >> don't do that. don't push away summer already. >> i know. >> we're getting good news from all teams right now. okay. yesterday in the preseason game the eagles got some great news from the secondary. they learned few things. doug pederson talks about that, and great news from ryan howard. his career coming to an end and he's get great news from major league baseball. hear that coming up next in sports.
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♪ ryan howard cleared of doping accusations by major league baseball. a sigh of relief for howard and the phillies. he denied it from the very get go but it's good to hear mlb having his back and finally clearing his name. back in december, report by al-jazeera america a pharmacist claimed howard and several other
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players from all sports took hch. howard immediately called it a lie and sued them for the false claims. pharmacist recanted the statement. it became clear that this report was completely false. fraudulent but howard still happy to get his name cleared. >> i'm just glad it's behind me. that's about it. um, you know, the process is the process, and for mow i'm glad it's behind me and i can just move forward and focus on playing baseball. feel good. just trying to stay focused on the task at hand and just taking it one day at a time. i mean not trying to do too much but just enjoying my time out there. >> i think he deserves all the credit in the world. at any point during this he can have gone the other way but he didn't. he sticks up for his teammates. he's a good teammate. he work hard and in you he's being rewarded for it and i think that's great story. >> the eagles last night's pre-season game. there's big questions coming in to this season in a few
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different areas. the eagles offensive line suspect. the quarterback situation no clue. and the secondary, only the pr pre-season we can't jump top any conclusions but the secondary may not be as questionable as we thought. great plays from the cornerbacks he is specially from nolan carol he started the cam off with a pick six. starting to emerge as the number one guy in that secondary. great plays all day. carol, mc kelvin looking good right now. coach doug pederson couldn't ask for anything better from that group. >> the guys are just making great plays. balls are legit catchable balls and our guys are in position to make plays and they're doing it, and i've been real excited to watch our guys these last couple of weeks. nine turnovers in two games is pretty good. >> again, great news for ryan howard. >> yeah. >> any time someone is even questioned everyone assumes it's fact even when it's proven not to be. but major league baseball
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cleared his name. everyone has sort of said, okay, ryan howard this false is absolutely ridiculous. we knew that from the start it's good to hear major league baseball say all of that is bull. >> cloud of suspicion and i know it was preseason but the eagles are looking good. >> listen, defense, become defense. >> offense look awful on both sides last night. i mean it was awful to watch. but defensively we knew the front seven would be great. >> that secondary, average -- secondary's average defense will be great. >> i'm ready for football. >> all right. tonight at 10:00, this man is under arrest for something police say happened on delaware beach. it involves his 13-year-old daughter, a shovel and a seagull. the story only gets more disturbing from there. and that will do it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. we'll see you back here at 10:00 and 11:00. have a great night inside edition is straight ahead. ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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fancy feast medleys. ryan lochte's big apology after these headlines, can he ever recover from this blunder in rio? >> there's nothing better than a comeback. and cheers for his team -- jeers for his teammates. their unwelcome homecoming. >> do you regret what you guys did? >> their miserable flight behind this curtain back to the u.s.a. then, hey, that's my bike! and the 80-year-old guy's wild ride to get his bike back. >> i started hollering, hey, you're stealing my bike. then, donald trump, who done it? >> naked donald trump statues. >> who is behind the trump statues popping up all over america? and the former miss universe who says trump once called her miss piggy. she is


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