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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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erupts in west philadelphia sending three people to the hospital. what led to the sudden outburst of violence. >> plus tens of thousands of dollars littering this highway. why police say it was raining cash. your news is next.
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. ton night at 10:00 he looks people including a teenager are in the hospital after a shooting in west philadelphia. there are still a whole lot of questions tonight. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm joyce evans. it all happened around 9:30 this morning on the 100 block of north 55th street. brad sattin is there live tonight outside the penn presbyterian hospital with more on the very latest on this. what happened out there, brad? >> reporter: well, it's something police are still trying to figure out as bullets were flying as you mentioned about 9:30 this morning. not far from where we are here.
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what we know is that three people were shot. two of them are here at penn presbyterian hospital. one of them in critical condition. a 15-year-old boy was also shot. he is at children's hospital in critical as well. it may have all started we're hearing as the result of a jealous boyfriend. >> circles mark the spots of she have casings evidence of the shoot out that happened on 100 block of south 55th street around 9:30 saturday morning. under clear skies kids were playing gunfire erupted. >> it's a huge scene. we have a shotgun, three semi-automatic weapons out the there. multiple casings fired. as many as 13 people out there streets. 21-year-old man with three friends followed his ex-girlfriend home. shent inside and the men then began arguing outside with a 19-year-old friend of hers. >> 19-year-old unfortunately approached and their intimidat intimidating him. he's a only couple doors down
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from his house. the male begins to fire. >> his father and two brothers in self-defense pulled out their guns and began shooting back. >> they realized the shots are being fire at their porch. they returned fire striking the 24-year-old mail firing the gun. >> hitting a 15-year-old boy with him. one of the brothers was also shot. young men now fighting for their lives because another man police say was upset over the break up with his girlfriend. >> here's a perfect situation where you have guns, bullets are flying, and people are getting hit that have nothing to do with this. young men who just resolve these situations in better way. >> reporter: now tonight it appears that two of that group of four will actually face charges. i did speak to the girlfriend tonight. she tells me she and her ex-boyfriend had dated for about three years. they recently broke up. she said he was controlling and aggressive but she also says joyce she never expected anything like this. >> all right. brad, thank you so much for that update.
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in north philadelphia tonight police are looking for the person who shot a 25-year-old man in the head. it happened around 5:00 this evening on the 600 block of north 12th. police transported that victim to hahnemann university hospital where he remains in critical condition tonight. so far nobody has been arrested. turning to the fox 29 weather authority. still pretty warm out there tonight. another day of temperatures in the 90s but it's about to start feeling whole lot more comfortable. meteorologist dave warren has more now on when that cooler air is arriving. >> got to get through one more day with this heat and humidity. showers out there, very very isolated very few had some rain but if you did it was very heavy rain. this was just the last few hou hours. it worked. shower worked through northeast philadelphia right over the boulevard into parts of montgomery county take a look this was ray he flew his drone about 400 feet caught this storm. beautiful shot from chalfont the rain coming out of the storm.
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just that one single storm had a lot of rain as it went from southeast to northwest. gone now. things are pretty quiet on the radar for now. temperatures dropped into the mid 70s. lone 80 in reading. temperature of 80 degrees. it will be a bit muggy overnight tonight. the humidity starts to increase. tomorrow morning 72. north and west mild and muggy start few clouds 75 along 95. but very humid to the south 73 degrees that humidity works its way north and that will lead to showers and storms. they will be moving through the area tomorrow. some of these could be strong or even severe. i have new information and latest track when you will see these storms in your area coming up with the complete forecast. >> all right, thank you, dave. meanwhile, in louisiana, the slow and painful process of cleaning up after being hit by deadly flooding. the storm system dumped more than 20-inches of rain over four-day period leaving rivers and creeks overflowing and many residents caught off guard. it's being blamed for at least 13 deaths.
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officials say around 4,000 people remain in shelters to night. more than 40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. >> we're going door to door. if anyone is unaccounted for, um, this is tight 95 hit community but if anyone is missing or whatnot, you know, we're going through and making sure everyone accounted for and taken care of. >> president obama has come under criticism for not visiting the flood ravaged state yet. white house says he's planning to travel to baton rouge on tuesday to get a first-hand look at the damage. and the tens of thousands of people who have had their lives turned upside down are now relying on the american red cross. >> the phone bank fielding calls from flood victims is right here in philadelphia. about 95% of all the calls made to the red cross come to the center city call center workers who are almost all volunteers have got about 15,000 calls in
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the last week. a lot of people who are calling in are in dire situations trapped unable to get through to 911 the center has open 16 phone lines in comparison to the two they normally use. >> a lot of it was the water was rising so quickly and they never experienced that before. so it was i'm calling you. what can you do for me kind of thing. >> some of them we've been able to rescue. they're in their house. they can't get out. how do we rescue them. we've been able to call the local rescue and law enforcement and get rescue to them. >> although the calls have slowed down today there's concern more rain is on the way and the call center is still on high alert. accused drunk driver is in custody tonight after police say he ran over two people killing a woman and that victim pawaw military veteran in wheelchair. sabina kuriakose shares how friends are remembering her li life. >> this is where the accident
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occurred. >> as soon as reverend walter horton heard the news saturday morning a woman in a wheelchair struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver at an energy of mascher street and lehigh avenue the reverend it had to be the beloved air force veteran he and other has tried to help. >> she deserve add better way of life after serving this country. >> reporter: 37 year old mother of two was struck by a 29-year-old drunk driver who allegedly ran a red light just before 2:00 saturday morning. authorities say the white ford pickup truck fled the scene striking an 18-year-old woman as he sped away. the military vet died at temple hospital. the teenager is okay. the driver from glenn olden is in police custody. police say the driver ran a couple more red lights before he was stopped here at the corner of kensington and west lehigh. you can still see a little bit of front end damage on his tru truck. air force vet was wheelchair and people say she panhandled for
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money. john is a limo driver and for years he tried to help the fellow vet by driving her to the va hospital. >> she got an honorable discharge. >> area contractor hell hector wanted to help, too. he gave the woman a free room to live in. hoping she'd get back on her feet. >> sweet person, sweet with everybody, liked to play with the kids and all that, very generous person. >> john, hector and so many others who visited the scene overwhelmed by the tragedy of a life they couldn't save. now, cut short. >> i just stood here and read my bible and asked god to bless her life, bless her soul and bless her spirit. >> the alleged drunk driver is in police custody. sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. a new jersey transit bus driver injured in a fatal bus accident involving another bus in newark, new jersey s out of the hospital tonight. authorities say he was driving a busful of about 20 passengers when he collided with another transit bus that had no passengers on board. the driver of the empty bus died
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along with 49-year-old female passenger on the other bus. nine people are still hospitalized. one with critical injuries. investigators are trying to determine if the deceased bus driver who had 27 years experience may have run a red light. and we now have fewer than three months before voter voting in one of the most contentious presidential elections in a very long time. both hillary clinton and donald trump are hitting the campaign trail hard. they're trying to convince oth others to make them president. >> fox's peter doocy has more from fredericksburg v have a. >> reporter: the presidential candidates are ramping efforts to court voters. republican presidential nominee donald trump met with the national hispanic advisory council mr. trump then spoke to voters saturday night in virginia. >> hillary clinton is a throw back from yesterday. our campaign is about creating a new american future. i'm going to do what's right for
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you. >> reporter: democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton is attending fundraisers in the vacation hot spots of nantucket and martha's vineyard. according to the reuters opinion poll, clinton leads republican presidential nominee donald trump by 8% taj points among likely voters the poll showing clinton was supported by 42% of americans who are expected to vote compared with 34% for trump. >> you see her gaining strength since her convention with women in particular. and she's trying to strengthen herself with blue collar voter that is she doesn't have right now. >> the trump cal cam paper is turning towards tradition forms of voter out reach placing its first ads in ohio, pennsylvania, florida and north carolina. in fredericksburg, virginia, peter doocy, fox news. heartbreak tonight in tougher keep authorities there say at least 30 people are dead after a bomb attack that targeted an outdoor wedding. near 100 more people wounded.
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officials say it happened in a southeastern town near the syrian border. they say it appears to be suicide tack and may have been carried out by curdish militants or isis. it comes only a month after a failed military coo in the country that left more than 270 people dead. a sign posted on the door of a high school in arkansas is going viral tonight. the lesson the school says its teaching. they found their soulmates in each other but this local bride is battling an incurable disease. their journey as she fights harder every day just to move. >> sean? >> dawn the phillies have lost three out of their last four games. they through their best pitcher on the mound to stop the blee bleeding. jeremy hell licks son looking to right the ship much that's culling up next in sports.
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olympic swimmer gunnar bentz is back home after being detained in brazil. now the athlete is giving his take on what actually happened on the night of the alleged robbery. teammates ryan lochte, jack conger and jimmy feigen are accused of of lying to authorities about being robbed at a gas station. bentz never made a false statement. he adds that he never saw anybody break down a restroom door but he says he did see lochte tear down a sign from a building. bentz says security guards forced him to pay $20 for the damages then he had to donate
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$11,000 to a charity in brazil before he can get his passport to get back to the u.s. >> meanwhile olympic swimmer ryan lochte says he's sorry for the way he explained what happened that night in rio. the six time gold med list issued an apology on instagram and said he was sorry for his role in taking the focus away from the many athletes fulfilling that are dreams of participating in the olympics. concerns tonight from business owners on philadelphia's jewelers row. they're not happy at all after plans came to light to demolish buildings to make room for high rose condos. jew restore owners saying these plans were kept under wraps and nobody sought community input. toll brothers will respect the streets history and work with the neighborhood going forward. jewelers row is the nation's oldest diamond district. the preservation alliance for greater philadelphia has launched an online petition against the new development. even though kathleen kane has resigned her post as pennsylvania's attorney general,
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a state house panel is still looking into impeaching her. kane handed her resignation in after she was convicted of perjury earlier this week. the chair of the house sub committee says her conviction underscored the need to impeach her. he says "impeach many many is the only mechanism that can ensure kane will not serve another elected office. well f you're planning a trip to the nation's capitol heads up. the washington monument yup is closed again. if you're familiar with the washington monument you know this is nothing new. the the elevator is once again the problem keying people from going to the top of the monume monument. crews are giving the elevators a full evaluation to find out why it's experiences these outages. fox's sarah simmons has more from us from the national mall. >> reporter: people come from all around the world to visit our nation's capitol, and one of the star attractions is the washington monument. but when you finally make your way up here to the front door of
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the washington monument many times this is what you'll see. monument closed due to maintenance needs. >> we came from canada to see the washington and they came here yesterday it was closed. and they came here today we just came here, we didn't know it's closed. it's being prepared. it's disappointing. >> how disappointed are you? >> very very disappointing. people come from far away. to see something film we were hoping to come back on sunday and be able to go top. last time i was here i was in fourth or fifth grade. i was hoping he'd get to go with me gone to the top. >> when you heard the elevator was down it will be down for the next 10 days. >> it's a bummer, yeah. we were hoping to get up there. >> reporter: closures are clearly a disappointment and 10 days seems like long time but here's the thing. the monument has been closed 24 times since 2014 for elevator issues. so they need to figure this out.
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but the park service planed to a full val weighing so they can figure out why it keeps breaking down and they're looking for additional information they need to build an entirely new elevator control system so hopefully the 10-day closure will allow them to get to the roost this problem. >> in south philadelphia tonight legendary barbara streisand brought down the house in a rare life concert. ♪ >> sound going, right? the mega star's voice filled the wells fargo center tonight. streisand is the only recording artist to achieve number one albumalbums in all six decades r career. and tonight she sang hits from each decade and performed songs from her new album. advice san has recorded 52 gold,
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31 platinum and 13 multi platinum albums. >> not too shabby. >> no, not at all. >> in manayunk heavy lifting going on for very good cause. many turning out for dead lifting competition. sweat fitness held a block party competition on main street and all the proceeds going to northern children's services which helps local at risk children. other manayunk businesses like winnie's came out to provide food and drink for all that participated. group came together to show support for law enforcement this afternoon in delaware county. they passed out yard signs at the upper darby police station. it read that, "we support police" and they had 200 signs to give away and they're planning to give out more at other locations. the please touch museum had families visiting galaxy far away today. lots of people out to celebrate the things that are all star wars. inn clueing a meet and greet with some of the iconic characters and live size r2d2. as you can see it was not only a
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day that children enjoyed. lots of adults star wars fans were there as well. i can believe i missed it and i can't believe i missed this. it was raining early this morning in texas but it wasn't water coming from the sky. almost $50,000 littered this busy highway. why police say it was raining cash in texas. and thousands of people are out of their homes in louisiana after devastating flooding ravaged parts of that state. now there's a new set of problems for people who are trying to pick up the pieces. ♪
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♪ it is an image haunting the world and today the paramedic who saved his young boy the syrian boy is speaking out. he says said he was struck by the little boy's silence as he pulled him out of the rubble of building hit by air strike. he hopes the ill match will send a message to the world about the hundreds of innocent people who are being killed every single
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day. yet another danger facing people dealing with all that flood damage in louisiana. the contaminated water is threatening enough to people's health but now they have to worry about these alligators t too. caskets have been dislodged from cemeteries and tossed all about in the floods. slammed into a wildlife refuge and that allowed 30 alligators to escape. the owner of these alligators says that it could take up to weeks for him to round them all up. >> we're going to catch them and then control them but please do not come here. there's water rising over alligator bayou flooding the homes. so we need your cooperation. do not come in this area. don't ride your bike down here. stay away until all the construction is underway and all the water is gone. >> well so far three of those escaped gators have been recaptured today. a two-year-old little girl who was in the back seat of a car that was stolen outside a
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dollar store in south florida is safe and back with her family tonight. miami gardens police say the child's dad pulled up right in front of the store, was inside only minutes, when he came back outside the car was gone. along with the little girl. police issued a be on the look out for the stolen yellow mitubishi eclipse. late last night the toddler and small dog who were in the car with found safe. but it was nearly three hours later and about 15 blocks away. >> a high speed chase through downtown los angeles comes to an end with crash and several arrests. it happened late last night when the driver was wildly weaving through traffic without any lights on. police say the people in the car were throwing bottles out the window during the chase. car loft control and slammed into a storefront when it made a turn. now, after the violent crash four people jump out of the car and took off. one suspect was in custody within minutes and police arrested two more short time later. but there still may be one
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person out there on the loose. a late night bus ride turns tragic for one woman. what came flying through the window just inches from where she was sitting. if your air-conditioner has been working overtime in the summer's multiple heat waves, you're not alone. what doctors say sew those air-conditioners are doing for your health in condition to keeping you cool. dave. >> speaking of heat waves, could you looking at another one here. we hit 90 degrees yesterday. and we're up to 93 today. could see 90 tomorrow but that would be it. back to the 80s as that cooler air comes in. storms we're talking about that. we'll have updated track with the complete forecast coming up next.
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs
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consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs] ♪
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air-conditioners have been cooling private homes since the 1950s. since that time, heat related deaths have steadily declined in the united states. >> and doctors say people are more productive actually in cooler temperatures. fox's ashley fuentes has more from new york. >> reporter: with the summer here people are running the air-conditioners full blast. >> my air-condition it's been running all day. >> reporter: some say it helps them get through the day. >> it gets me through without dying. >> it's a blessing. it's so good. you can't stand without it. >> reporter: it turns out the machines keeping you cool may be good for you. air-conditioning not only cools the air inside but helps take out the humidity. and that's the function that doctors say makes air-conditioners so helpful. >> you're able to work. be more productive, when you're cool and calm and collected rather than being outside where the heat is just brutal. the humidity is brutal. >> reporter: it's recommended to keep the thermostat between 73 and 78 degrees.
10:31 pm
>> the idle setting what makes you feel comfortable. >> reporter: cold air can help those with sinus problems. >> even in the winter i say open up your refrigerator and breathe in the cold air make the sinuses less congested. >> reporter: most people aren't sure what they would do if they didn't have it. >> i would cry. >> i'd be miserably. >> i would send myself to antarctica. probably still a few air-conditioners running out there tonight as we take live look at allentown. but we all may get a break very soon. meteorologist dave warren is back to tell when you say the heat and humidity will finally take a break, dave. >> it's in the near term forecast but before that happens we're looking at showers, storms, few of these storms could be strong to severe. right now it's pretty calm into the upper 70s. temperatures nice and comfortable. mid to low 70s overnight tonig tonight. still 80 there in reading. but it's pretty where it will be by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. here's the problem tomorrow. surface wind coming in from the
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south upper level wind from the west. different directions at different levels of the atmosphere that can organize thunderstorm that's why we're talking about the chance for strong or severe storms. triggered by this front as it moves through the area tomorrow so different sections will see the storms at different times. here you go. we'll start off in the morning. just a few showers it there but as that front approaches from the west, here's a line of stronger thunderstorms. these have the potential to be strong or severe. two to 5:00 o'clock into the north and western suburbs. by six or 7:00 o'clock, right through philadelphia. seven to 9:00 o'clock it's off the coast. so it's starting about three or 4:00 o'clock. now the storms will move off the coast by monday and here's the relief we're talking about that wind picks up drops the temperatures and humidity on monday. watch for these storms late afternoon they could be severe and with that damaging wind or hail. watching the tropic here few areas of low pressure keeping a close eye on also tropical storm fee open in a the latest advisory not quite in yet.
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that comes in just before 10:00 o'clock. expected to still be a tropical storm and the track from the national hurricane center starts to turn it to the north. it will interact with that front which moves through the area tomorrow and weaken the storm near we are mud today to tropical planner. 76 look for clouds to be increasing. could touch 90 degrees again with showers or strong thunderstorms. those storms will be ending there by sunset with a temperature of 76. if you're down the shore, you will see showers and thunderstorms late sunday and monday that land breeze develops with that gust over 20 miles an hour. 90 to 81. a big drop in temperatures between sunday and monday. so those two days will be little stormy. first one sunday then breezy on monday. here's the two winners of the week. tuesday and wednesday. highs right near 80 degrees with bright sunshine. lows into the mid to low 60s. it's nice and comfortable low
10:34 pm
humidity. it will start to heat back up by wednesday, thursday and friday. we have showers back in the forecast and down the shore it looks pretty good with lows into the mid to low 80s except for that land breeze on monday. heats up though by the end of the week climbing back into the upper 80s. >> were you would you, monday and tuesday look good. >> tuesday is perfect. >> tuesday, wednesday, write it down. >> thank you. >> sore throat. thanks, dave. in texas, it was raining money. police say that during a high speed chase penny in an suv south started throwing thousands of dollars in cash out the window. deputes recovered a total of $48,000 off the side of of the highway. five men in the car were arrested and charged with tampering with evidence and evading arrests knowledge word on who that money belongs to. a sign posted on the door of a high school in arkansas is going viral tonight. the lesson the school says it's teaching. >> a couple in virginia banned from a restaurant for the way
10:35 pm
they treated their waitress. what they left her instead of a tip. ♪
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a note that an arkansas private high school posted to warn parents is going viral tonight. school officials say it's all to teach students a lesson in problem solving. the note reads quote if you are dropping off your son's forgotten lunch, books, homework or equipment, please turn around and exit the building. your son will learn to problem solve in your absence. a lot of the reaction has been mixed in the more than 3,000 comments. it's been shared more than 117,000 times. wow. instead of getting a tip from her customers a waitress in virginia gets what she calls a quote nasty and racist note. sadie, says that during their meal a couple refused to speak to her and they would only nod their heads. now, it was an uncomfortable situation that took a turn for the worse when she went to get
10:39 pm
their check. she says the couple wrote, we only tip citizens on the tip line of the receipt. >> it shouldn't even matter. and, like, i just feel like it's just rude and disrespectful. i had never met them. i've never done anything to th them. >> well the owner of the restaurant says that couple is now banned from they are restaurant. incredible surveillance video shows a girl's close call with a bullet on a bus in portland oregon take a look. this is the moment the bullet pierced the window and barely missed the passenger. you can see the girl jumps and sinks down in her seat. the incident happened earlier this year but only now being released by the bus company. portland police are investigating but at this point they don't have any suspects. federal ages arrested a fugitive who they say went to great lengths to disguise himself. take look at this. two photos here. you're looking at the same person. authorities say 31-year-old sean
10:40 pm
miller was arrested on drug trafficking charges at a home in massachusetts. now, he disguised himself as an elderly man as you can see there. they even say that he went -- he didn't match the description at first but one of the agents recognized him right away when he was on the run since april. they found their soulmates in each other but this local bride is battling an incurable disease. their journey as she fights harder every day just to move. c1
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the chicago tribune is reporting that it may have uncovered the colonel's secret recipe in story publish on the paper's website, a reporter says he stomach stumbled upon the
10:44 pm
recipe in a scrapbook in the home of a nephew of colonel sanders. it ton canes photos of the founder and his wife as well as many other original photos. the paper printed the recipe which calls for a mix of herbs and spices. the spokesman for kfc says that recipe isn't theirs and that the real recipe is safely locked away inside vault. all right. a peaceful evening for one colorado family took quite a turn when a group of raccoons decided to break into their ho home. surveillance video caught the crime on camera. not one, not two, not three, but four hungry raccoons jumped on to their porch. grabbed the screen, tore it down, and got into the home. the masked bandits almost made off with the dough, bread dough that is. fortunately no one was hurt but they're shaken over this. several people are recovering after a horse escaped during a fare.
10:45 pm
witnesses say the horse was tied to carriage when something spook it yesterday. the animal broke free, ran through the midway pulling the carriage along with it. the crowd tried to scatter but at least five people ended up going to the hospital. the horse was eventually captured and put back in its penn. one florida couple reliving the sweetness of their wedding over and over again in a very unusual way. check this out. every year for more than six decades that would be 60 years, ann and ken frederick celebrate their wedding anniversary by nibbling on a piece of their original wedding cake. heard of that before but for 60 years? the couple got married in 1955. do the path. they've been eating that same fruit cake for 61 years. they keep it frozen. they add a little brandy to soften it up. >> i said you know something the caterer gave my mother the top layer of our cake and i've got that. why don't we he's a piece of
10:46 pm
that to celebrate and that's how the tradition started. >> it's a little tough but it's cake. >> yum. >> they keep that cake inside a coffee jar in their freezer. okay. well a courageous bride from our area found her soulmate while an incredible disease incurable disease gradually make it harder for her to even move. >> yeah. it's a tough story. karen hepp shows us their incredible journey together. >> i was immediately drawn to her. >> reporter: kathy and chuck don't have a conventional love story. >> he was actually the first one to message me. >> they met on okay cupid five years ago and have shared so many adventures. their first date was 11 hours. >> we met about two week later at ihop. >> it just seemed like someone i've known forever. >> reporter: getting down the aisle wasn't an easy journey. kathy has a very rare disease
10:47 pm
and just moving is difficult. >> i was diagnosed with fibroid dysplasia... >> it is a rare disease that basically creates like a second skeleton in your body. i have extra bone in my legs, in my arms, in my back, in my jaw, um, wherever there's trauma, bone gross over that area and immobilizes it. >> while it's true kathy does move very slowly, she refuses to let obstacles stop her from living a full life. >> is that a phone. >> no that's our clock. >> had a little infatuation with fire trucks. >> she has fire trucks and loved them everywhere. she knew a being a firefighter was out of the question figured something else she could do. >> i wanted to be a dispatcher sips i was in ninth grade in high school. >> reporter: kathy is good at making her goals a reality. she graduated high school and
10:48 pm
college and got her dream job as an atlantic city dispatcher. she surrounded herself with wonderful pets but sean sure if romantic love. i want add dog and a parrot because a dog is a man's best friend and a parrot i can talk to forever. i wound up with two birds, five cats, a bearded dragon and a husband. >> reporter: true love against the odds. a beaming bride, a smitten groom. >> you may now kiss your bride. ♪ (applause). >> reporter: kathy is funny and witty, chuck doting and loving. soulmates. >> honestly for me it's just been amazing much she's my heart so anything i need to do to take care of her i will and i'm happy to do it. one, two, three up they go. >> they truly are a team creating solutions to every challenge. when her hands got stiffer, she learned to type upside down
10:49 pm
faster than most vokes right side up. a remote for the door, a chair to help kathy get to work. chuck makes sure she has what she needs and they can't help but smile. >> they truly feel just ducky check out the plate on kathy's car and the stuffed animals in the back. probably kathy's only regret she can't drive now. she misses that independence. neither of them noes what's neck on their journey. all they know they want to take it together. >> we can't worry about what's a year from now. we worry today and this week. >> what's now. >> you know, we make it work. >> example we can all learn from. kathy's disease is so rare only 800 people in the entire world have it. to learn more information come to our website i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. ♪ and breaking news to bring you out of burlington county,
10:50 pm
new jersey. police say two people 24-year-old man and a five-year-old little girl injured in shooting on the 100 block of east federal street this happened before 7:00 o'clock tonight. that little girl fortunately has non-life threatening injuries but the span in the critical condition. the gunman got away and still on the loose at this hour. no word on motive. we'll bring you the latest as we learn more. let's head over to sean bell for a preview of sports. >> one wide out says he's just fine. the other sadly needs playing time. the phillies their best pitcher on the mound to stop, jerry hellickson gets a solid night but could they get the win? that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ it's obvious sam bradford doesn't a reconnection with his wide receivers. the eagles back at practice today after the preseason game. the offense doesn't have any rhythm to it.
10:54 pm
part of the reason for bradford still not having the best rapport with wide receivers george matthews his best one has been out for weeks. so bradford and matthews missing out on opportunities to really create that chem tree that they need becoming week one but seems to -- some guys seem to think especially matthews, well, they don't really need all those reps when they start the season. >> i played enough football to where, you know, obviously i can do that. is it ever ideal new york city. i like to get reps and get out there and practice. whether i practice week one just week or whatever it may be i want to put 100% into it. >> dorial green-beckham another guy that hasn't had the reps he got here last week. head coach doug pederson decided to throw him in the game against pittsburgh so he can just sort of get some opportunities as much as possible. he was targeted twice and no receptions but still pederson says he just wanted to see him
10:55 pm
out there. >> felt comfortable putting him in the game, you know, it's pre-season, and, um, you know, i wanted to see him out there. i felt like putting him chase as well. chase could get him lined up if he needed to and teach him from the huddle some things kept it very small. i think he had two route combinations about all we gave him an couple of runs. just wanted to see him on tape and see him move around. >> little early preseason action the reigning mvp in mid season. first drive cam newton says ted ginn, jr., over the middle. he's out of there. nobody going to catch him. his 61-yard td. cam eight for 12, 165 yards. with a touch. the panthers wip 26-16. now to the giants and bills. i know the eagles still wish they had this weapon. lesean mccoy shady with the td from tie rod tailor over the
10:56 pm
middle. great reception. they would run the ball great this game. zero guards but still the td right there and the bills beat the giants 21-zero. to the phillies. jeremy hellickson has been the best pitcher for the phils this season. they won eight out of his last nine starts. he's won his last three decisions so trying to make it four in a row against the cardinals. hellickson at one point just absolutely shut down. today may have been his best perform man of the year. fast ball on speed pitch everything working. he wept seven innings, giving up two runs. striking out eight. in the fifth he gets run support. look at that. miguel franco with the single to left bringing cesar hernandez. that made the three-two. aaron al tower providing the insurance. great, great solo shot right there. that made it four to two.
10:57 pm
hellickson gets his tenth win of the season. hellickson secret the best pitcher out there. >> we like that. that is our news for this saturday night. "good day philadelphia" weekend starts at 7:00 a.m. >> don't forget your live power drawing is next followed by home free. have great night and thanks for joining us.
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