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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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a father murdered in a violent home invasions what else those mask men did inside the home. flames ripped through a row home this germantown how fire fighters risked their own lives to save others trapped inside. archdiocese of philadelphia says it will close a number of local churches next month, reason behind that decision and what it means for parishioners. good day everyone it is august 22nd, 2016. >> i cannot believe kids are going back to school. i told sue i was at target in cherry hill. watch out for carts all up and down the aisles, throwing things in, kid screaming, yelling, papers, lists. >> well, you love kids. >> i do have love kids but i was happy i didn't have any of my own yesterday. >> that hole back to school thing can get expensive. >> we took our daughter back on tuesday and we made a trip to target before that. all i need is a backpack. a cart full later we were
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finished, for now, anyway, weather by the numbers today is a ten out of ten. maybe if you are doing, something out of doors, you will actually enjoy to it day. buddy is here with the sun screen, sunglasses. even to take a walk outside day, pleasant start with clear skies in the 60's and 70's, the cold front from yesterday, moved through, it is not even cold in the wake of that but certainly cooler then it was with clear skies and in precipitation to show you at all. here's the temperature in philadelphia, right now 71 degrees. 8 miles an hour wind out of the northwest and northwesterly wind usually mean dry air and that will be the case with 75 percent relative humidity now. it will be going down. wind will be picking up, a breezy day but hopefully for you pleasant so. fifty-nine in mount pocono. lovely 68 in trenton. sixty-one in lancaster. seventy in atlantic city and 59 in dover delaware and our
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dew points are going down. in the 50's very pleasant. lower 60's isn't bad at all. 63-degree dew point in philadelphia. our high temperature is 83 degrees, mostly sunny and our favorite word in the summertime less humid. it will not last forever. we will tell you how long it will last in the seven day forecast coming up. monday morning bob kelly, how are you doing. >> back at it, welcome back, happy belated birthday. great to have you back here at 5:02 on a monday. nice and quiet in southwest philadelphia base of the the lath bridge at 26th and pen rose folks stack up here just waiting for light to turn green. no problems on the bennie. green lights coming in downtown. we're good to go. we are damp and wet from that rain why from yesterday. pennsylvania turnpike in problems through philly over to valley forge inbound on the schuylkill, a couple of tree limbs off to the shoulder there they got knocked down during the height of the storm
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yesterday just look out for that. staying in the lane you will be okay coming into downtown. two separate work zones will cause havoc all this week. ninety-five at girard, normal three lanes will be opened for the rush hours, but in the off peak hours, midday and overnight you'll see extra crews out here, 95 at girard and also 95 in northeast philadelphia, up near cot hand avenue and also those princeton on and off ramps, 422, again, work zone this week they are working both directions right here near trooper road, keep that in mind in and out of the kop. one accident in darby boro, lansdale avenue at gulf road. the chris and lauren, back over to you. a deadly home invation in hunting park. >> a father is killed in front of his own kid. his step mom also a victim of the shooting, dave kinchen live at the scene, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you we understand family has taken those children away while police speak with other
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family members about what happened here, and medical examiner just pulled their vehicle up here at this property on the 3700 block of north seventh street, police say shooter knew the victims in this case. police telling us that a pennsylvania year-old man was shot and killed in his upstairs bedroom and police say his six kids boys and girls were in the house at the time and in some cases with some of them in the same room, all between five and 13 years old, police say suspects likely broke in through kitchen window and they demanded money. victim's 40 year-old wife was shot twice with part of her face and jaw blown off according to investigators. she's the stepmother of the kids and she's at temple university hospital in critical condition right now, police say they are looking for the shooter and another man, who is wearing a mask, at least one person wearing a mask. they found mask and shotgun and bag full of shell casings as well. there are surveillance cameras in the area.
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police are hoping it will give them visual clues is too who these suspects are. police say there were other home invations in the area but at this point there are in the city but at this point they are treating this one as a separate isolated case right now as they investigate a 35 year-old man killed, a father of a six kids, some of those kid in the same room when he was shot, his wife shot in the the face. the she's at temple university hospital in critical condition at this time. back to you. >> so sad, dave kinchen thanks very much. tragedy in the germantown section of the city. one person dead in the fast moving house fire, four others were injured after that fire ripped through a two story home on the block of the street last night. fire fighters rescued two people, inside the fire was out in less than 15 minutes but not before fire fighters risked their own lives to save others. >> they brought one lady out the front door, and then they took somebody else, from upstairs. so they had to go through the house and upstairs and they brought them off the roof, and
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then they were trying to resuscitate them on the roof. >> no word on a cause of the fire just yet the red cross is helping these victims. in south jersey a killer is on the run. >> police say a man wanted for murder of the 24 year-old man over the weekend. is a bean occur cozies live with more on the gunman that they are searching for, sabina? >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren, shooting happened in broad daylight as school aged kids played outside. there have been shootings in the city in the past year but nothing like such a brazen attack according to the police chief. authorities say they want this dangerous criminal off of their streets, here he is, his mug shot 26 year-old samuel james from burlington city. he has been men to frequent camden. authorities say james sprayed ten round on a street full of children and neighbors just before 7:00 saturday evening as everybody was outside enjoying a summer evening. now he allegedly struck 24
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year-old byron turner in the head, killing that young man. a five-year old little girl was also hurt. initial reports indicated that she may have been shot or grazed by a gunshot but now police say she was not shot, she was injured running to safety from the gunman. now yesterday i spoke with the father whose nine year-old girl was playing with the injured girl when shoots rang out. he said the small children are now terrifying that the gunman will come back for them. >> she was shaking, you know, crying, they were all shaking and crying because they don't see stuff like that. they don't see stuff like that on tv. >> my daughter was for one they don't even want to come outside now basically. she was like no, daddy, a bullet can come back here. there is in one playing in the yard now. it don't make no sense. >> we're sticking together and we're going to overcome this ape hopefully real soon we will have the perpetrator in
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custody. >> reporter: that was burlington city police chief alan snow. yesterday, he said detective were working 24/7 around the clock to get this guy off of the street. he also pledged unity with the community. he said they are not going to let this first homicide in the last couple of years tear them apart and if police officers and chaplains going door to door comforting neighbors this suspect considered armed and dangerous police still hunting for him this morning. if you see him call 911, guys, back to you. thank you very much. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky heading back to court today trying to get his child abuse conviction overturn. sandusky was in court earlier this month in center court where he testified and denied molesting those boys. former penn state assistant football coach is hoping to have his 45 count convictions, thrown out, or to get a new trial entirely. sandusky claims his former defense lawyers made many
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mistakes during his trial. jury convicted sandusky of sexually abusing ten boys and now serving 30 to 60 year prison sentence. authorities have charged a second person in the death of a penn state professor whom they say was push off of a cliff. three two-year old daniel guyer of lemont, pennsylvania charged with first and third degree murder, conspiracy and other charges. police also charge 39 year-old george ishler, junior. investigators say the pair lured 56 year-old ronald bettig by telling them to hard vast marijuana they killed bettig to get money from his will. moving to nicetown where they have detained a person of interest in connection with the deadly assault. this happened around 7:30 yesterday morning on the 4100 block north broad street. they found a man in the 30's on the street with blunt force trauma to the head. he died at temple university hospital, police have not yet released motive. east mt. airy a fight over a woman prompts someone to
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start shooting what began on the party in the 8,000 block of mansfield street ended with police, sending the people to einstein hospital early sunday morning, they questioned a 28 year-old man who had gunshot wound to his legs, he told them he was heading to the party when he got in the fight with a man over a woman. so the man shot him and took off. police are on the hunt for that shooter. bensalem a fire fighter is recovering after getting burned battling a fire there broke out around 1:00 yesterday afternoon in the barn on 1,000 block of tennis avenue. fifty fire fighters were on the scene working for about 45 minutes to put out that fire, the flames, also damaged a nearby home, a neighbor described what he saw happened and how his wife stepped into help. >> i was in my bedroom watching tv, we looked out, flames were shooting out of the barn roof, eight or 10 feet. they got here quick. everything was under control. he was on my lawn there throwing up from smoke,
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inhaling the smoke abe my wife gave him some water. >> investigators not yet said what start that had fire, we do not know how badly that fire fighter was injured. philadelphia has announce three dollars local churches will close next month, the delarose a church in frankford and saint cecelia church in coatsville and saint john the cross church in roselyn will all close on september the 16th. all of the church congregations have already merged with nearby churches. the archdiocese say cost to maintain those buildings is one of the reasons they are closing. a thin blue line how one local community is showing support to police officers.
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one last trip. >> um-hmm. >> and still wet after all of the rain we got yesterday. so muggy. >> it came down hard and heavy. >> we had someplace that he is got quite a bit of rain and some not the so much. we had a record amount have rainfall in reading, pennsylvania, almost a inch and a half and over an inch in wilmington delaware. the mount pocono, over three-quarters of an inch but atlantic city bear liz a tenth of an inch. philadelphia .6 inches of rain with our official total from yesterday.
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we needed rain movemently rainfall, .66 below normal, and we should have more but we will not get any in the foreseeable future. we have had one heat wave so far in august and it was a long one an eight day heat wave. we are not working on anymore now that we have a cold front that came through yesterday. and cleared our skies. so you'll notice a difference in how it feels when you go outside today, quite difference from the way it has, as our heat wave, is over, now. we have 71 degrees in philadelphia 62 in allentown. fifty-eight in hazel ton. we have 68 degrees, in millville and 69 in lieu is. things are getting more comfortable at day goes on, here is your seven day forecast. 83 degrees today. very pleasant. breezes will pick up but they will be north westerly breezes, kind of refreshing today after many days of heat and humidity. most of them last week. we have got dry weather all
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the way through weekend but it will start get hotter once we get into thursday and friday, and humidity will ramp backup gannon friday but we don't expect any rain at all in the foreseeable future, so, get ready for dry weather, bob, you have to water your own lawn. >> i will be cutting my lawn first from all that rain from yesterday. good morning, 5:16 hello northeast philadelphia live look at harbison and torresdale in northeast philadelphia will folks working their way out of the northeast working wye down towards i-95. everything is tamp and wet from that rain yesterday. a lot of 2308 accounts down the shore coming right back from the beach in the office. live look at freeway. we always see extra volume thrown in on a monday morning. coming back from the poconos, this morning, no problems or delays coming down to that northeast extension. so far so good on that purpose pike. schuylkill looking good rolling from south philadelphia through center city, out and in toward conshohocken.
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nothing out of the ordinary there along the shoulder, straight away i noticed big old tree branches that probably fell down during the height of the storm yesterday, kind of laying off to the shoulder there then all this week expect delays on i-95. ninety-five, at girard avenue. this is outside of the rush hours, and then they are also going to be working up here on i-95 at cottman with extra closures, lane restrictions and closures on that princeton avenue ramp. during the day heading to or from the brand spanking new expansion of the king of prussia mall watch for construction on 422 right at trooper road, chris and lauren, back to you. >> 5:17. police after rested the former girl friend of dj creato. the south jersey man accused of killing his own son. authorities charged 18 year-old julia stemsky with reckless driving. record show bucks county teenager is now released from jail from the incident earlier this month. authorities say stemsky was an influence in the murder of the
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brendan creato in haddon town sip last october. toddler's father dj remains in jail accused of that murder. authorities say dj's motive was to win over stemsky. >> 5:18. one south jersey boro is proudly supporting its officers with a simple gesture you can see these photos in oaklynn boro displaying a thin blue line, the boro's department of public works painted line in the middle of the road which stretched for five blocks. this gesture is being well received on social media with more than 100 shares. nearly a year to the day since her daughter ran from home rosie o'donnell and chelsea come out on the other side they pose fod they're selfie on instagram showing their reconciliation. caption reads chelsea and me #hope lives. chelsea is one of the five rosie and then wife kelly adopted chelsea in 1997. coming up on 5:19. in chester a local organization is giving back. >> and it comes at the perfect time. that is the back to
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schooltime. yesterday was third annual book bag give away hosted by strive every day for greatness. dozens of new backpacks given to children there. the organization which was started by residents of chester hopes to inspire kid and she them you can make something of yourself no matter where you come from. >> find a way to bring everybody together and get us all and a vision to know you have good things coming out of chester and that these kid could be one of the good things, potential, doctors, lawyers. >> how about an extra bonus for the give away. bags were stuffed with other school supplies like pencils and notebooks. >> i like the little kid with his jacket, tie and backpack. >> adorable. >> that is great. we have to turn to the ugly business of politics. >> all right. so donald trump hoping to get his campaign back on track and most national polls showing him losing battle ground states such as pennsylvania.
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trump promoted a message of diversity. he has been speaking about issues affecting african americans and meeting with influential hispanic leaders. he is headed to yes today to stop in akron. trump stump. hillary clinton spent the weekend off campaign trail focusing on fund raisers in nantucket, and massachusetts. august 2nd clinton's campaign reported it had 58 million-dollar bank, the campaign credited last month democratic national convention with the boost in fund raise nothing july. prices at the pull in pennsylvania is usually higher, another delaware valley state being added to the list, who is next, answer just ahead after the break. >> winning lottery numbers. here they are. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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millions of jobs. you can read the plan here.
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how mar juan ace packaged, label and then transported. these guidelines are only a draft and officials are asking for input from the public, feedback must be submitted by august 28th, the program is expect to be fully. you may have noticed,
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higher gas price necessary new jersey, triple a mid-atlantic say average price of the gallon of regular is now 1.92, that is up a pen friday last week but that is also much lower from the year ago when were you paying 2.34. national average is $2.14, gas price necessary numbering will likely continue to stay stable, or slide in the coming weeks. things to watch for in the fast approaching labor day weekend, of course, they are dealing with that tax issue of an increase. we will keep an eye on that. well, t mobile is gunning for customers who want unlimited date a they announced new options but they carry several calf use yachts. you can get unlimited freedom plan to give them unlimited talk text and high speed date at mobile one plan starts section sixth. the video is streamed and standard definition. you have to pay extra if you want high definition streaming. sprint, similarly restricts video quality and
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also limits hughes i can streaming quality. >> following the t mobile/sprint thing ceo's going at each other, they are going nasty. >> wonder why we are showing at&t video. that is who i have and i was grand the fathered in. >> why is it always grandfathered in. >> can you talk about that on the conference call today. >> call in and talk about that. >> we're following breaking news, dave kinchen following a deadly home invasion, hi there, dave. >> reporter: hi, hunting park man is dead shot and killed in front of his, children, his wife, also shot, in the hospital right now, and, why investigators believe, that they, the attackers knew the victims coming up after the break.
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breaking overnight a father murdered right in front of his kids in the violent home invasion whom police are hunting for right now. back in court jerry sandusky with another attempt to get his child abuse convictions overturn will charges be dismissed. cold front ushers in a pleasant change, sue serio doesn't say many days are perfect but this might be one. >> she brought back good weather. >> birthday last week. >> yeah. >> nia off to college. now here we are good weather. it is monday, august 22nd,
5:29 am
2016. >> sue, will it be perfect. >> i wanted for bearer of good news, when i got back and i am. it is a ten out of ten. boss stop buddy is taking time outdoors. we are off to a pleasant start. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. we have got sunshine with buddy. now philadelphia public schools don't go back until wednesday september 7th so usually we have buddy in line with that but we will see what happens. he is still off today. can't say that about everybody though. we have got cold front that came through yesterday and moved completely off shore, still raining in the boston area and cape cod but for us, we don't have anything to worry about. not only for today but the rest of the week, no rain at all. so, this is your vacation week, what a nice one. 71 degrees northwesterly breeze at 8 miles an hour. sunrise time is 6:20 in the morning. we have got 59 degrees in mount pocono very pleasant there. seventy-one for philadelphia.
5:30 am
sixty-eight in millville. 69 degrees in dover delaware. dew points are going down, in places where they are in the 50's and that is where humidity is very low. we have upper 60's in wildwood and that will continue, those numbers i should say will ten to go down, so we will get out of oppressive, uncomfortable and down into comfortable and pleasant probably by end of the the day-to-day where we reached 83 degrees. that is nice, below average, comfortable, sunny skies, less humid, breeze out of the northwest. that is ten worthy, bob kelly, ten, ten, ten. >> teacher is in the good mood first day back giving us a ten, back, birthday girl welcome back on a monday morning. 5:30. live look at the roosevelt boulevard getting up and getting out. we are ready to go another week or two of vacations for the kid and then school buses will start hitting the road. i took my daughter up to penn state over the weekend for her senior year, they were stack and pack there on that one lane in and out of the college
5:31 am
avenue there. no problems on i-95 rolling through delco this morning, coming back from the shore, folks like to do on a monday in the summertime. we will see some extra volume throughout the morning between the shore, up the atlantic city expressway and on the freeway but so far kind of quiet. everything damp and wet from the rain we had yesterday. then right after rush hour they will start working here on 422, all this week watch out for delays 9:00 to 3:00 right at trooper road between king of prussia and trooper road interchange and schuylkill looking good as well coming in bound that straight away around conshohocken curve there is a big old tree brand that much fell down from yesterday's storm off to the shoulder, they will be out there later today to chop that up. mass transit looking good, chris and lauren back over to you. breaking news a father murdered in front of his own children. >> police say victim's wife was shot in what police are calling a home invasion dave has the very latest from the
5:32 am
scene, dave. >> reporter: we can tell you he is in critical condition. homicide detective here on the scene of the 3700 block of north seventh street where a 35 year-old man was shot in his upstairs bedroom here. police telling us his six kids, boys and girls were in the house at the time all between age of five and three. we're told they were in the same bedroom where shooting happened. police say suspects likely broke in through a kitchen window and demanded money. 409 year-old wife was shot twice with part of her face and jaw blown off by investigators. she's stepmother of the the kid here. some of the kids as we said were in the same room when this happened police are looking for two people, the shooter, and another man and at least one person wearing a mask. >> based on witness account from the victims and some of the children we believe that the shooter is known to the 35
5:33 am
year-old home owner who was shot and killed. we do have a nickname at this time. so we're working on those leads at this time but it appears that this shooter, at least one of the shooters was known to the 35 year-old male who was shot and killed. >> reporter: search ongoing for two suspects there. police did find a second shell casings and shotgun in the back of the house. they also found the mask, police say there were other home invasions in the city but at this point they are looking at this one as a separate incident right now, again they are looking for two people who at least one of them knew victims in this case, back to you. >> dave kinchen live for us, thank you. tragedy in the cities germantown section. one person dead in the fast moving house fire there, four other people were injured after that fire ripped through a two story home on the block of clayther street last night. fire fighters rescued two
5:34 am
people. once outside witnesses worked to resuscitate them. the fire was out in is a 15 minutes but not before fire fighters risk their even lives to save others. >> they brought one late i out the front door and then they took somebody else there upstairs. they had to go through the house, upstairs and they brought them off the roof and then they were trying to resuscitate them on the roof. >> no word on the cause of the fire just yet, red cross helping these victims. now to a developing story, police are searching for a gunman who killed a 24 year-old man. >> police say this is furnished murder burlington city has seen in years. sabina kuriakose is live outside with more on the gunman they are searching for, sabina? >> reporter: chris, this man remains on the lose, a fugitive from justice. he is considered armed and dangerous. authorities said he had no problems about gupping down a man in broad daylight. his name is samuel james. he is 26 year-old.
5:35 am
police say he fired ten round on the crowded street, saturday evening. it happened on the 100 block of east federal street in burlington city. twenty-four year-old byron turner was shot in the head and that young man later died at the hospital. a five-year old little girl was also injured when she was running away from the bullets. she was just so terrified. running away from the gunman. police say she hurt herself. james had been charged with murder. he is a fugitive. yesterday i spoke to the father of the nine year-old girl who was playing with the child who was hurt. he said kid are terrified. he said the community wants this guy off of the street. here he is talking to me yesterday. >> from when it was broad daylight, come on a person doing something like that don't care about nothing to do something like that. taking another person's life and you might wind up getting somebody else killed and for this to happen right where they play at, you know, there is a lot of kid on this block that would be out here playing, so that is why.
5:36 am
that is just crazy. >> twenty-four hour operation we ale take it very seriously and we're all working together to make this horrible situation come to a conclusion. >> reporter: that was police chief of burlington city. authority have been searching high and low for the suspects since sat kay evening a very extensive search but again this guy remains out there, back here live, samuel james had been known to frequent camden, he is from burlington city, and he is considered armed and dangerous. if you see him call 911, guys, back to you. thanks, sabina. former penn state cysttent football coach jerry sandusky is heading back to court today trying to get his child abuse convictions overturn. >> sandusky was in court earlier this month in center county where he testified and denied molesting boys, the fellow penn state cysttent football coach is hoping to have his 45 count convictions thrown out or to get a new
5:37 am
trial. sandusky claims his former defense lawyers made many mistakes during his trial and jury quick sandusky of sexually abusing ten boys and serving 30 to 60 year prison sentence. >> when eagles hit the field again you will see a new face or a new helmet with the face behind it. the free agent, home team just sign, in hopes of the beefing up the defense. but bob, the defense hasn't been the issue it is wide receivers. >> that is right. >> good morning, everybody. 5:37. i just heard from penndot we have work crews on the way today most likely the schuylkill expressway where everything is wet and dam from that rain. sue has the forecast and we will check the jam cams when we come right back. tool lock.
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[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500
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when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! i'm shawn bell bell, phillies offenses has in the been explosive but they have produce sod runs, but, that all went out the door, yesterday. they could not do anything with this guy mike lee, ryan howard has been great in the month of august. he is striking out right there. he dominated. he went seven scoreless innings and he got plenty of run support after that. vince velasquez got torched, second inning brandon moss with the solo shot. velasquez went six innings, giving up five earned runs, so one of which were home runs. phillies lose nine-zero. eagles signed linebacker steven tullock to a
5:41 am
three-year, three million-dollar deal. he played for jim schwartz when he was in detroit. detroit, also was d coordinator when tullock was this tennessee a. a lot of familiarity. tullock started 15 games for lions last year with 74 tackles. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. eagles now could have one of the best defenses in all of football they just shut out their lasso pope event. >> we need that. >> get the offence going we will i have good team. you have seen massive flames, ravaging parts of the california. >> how these fires are impacting people even hours away. >> yes.
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iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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massive wild fires burning in california. >> they have been burning for weeks and now with people living hours away from the flames are feeling the heat. the thick, black smoke is filling the air and so it has been another, hazy, day, in san help say, yesterday the still raging fire near big sir killed conn person fighting it, countless wild fires demolish dozens of homes. san jose is two hearst from the wild fire but shifting wind are blowing smoke far and wide. >> it can impact everyone, it can give us watery eyes, itchy throat but really it is impacting people with respiratory conditions, children and elderly the most. >> so evidently that is an air quality official speak nothing san francisco, the foot of the
5:45 am
bay bridge. the big sir fire is burned through 81,000 acres over past few weeks mostly in the padres national forest. the that is in southern california near los angeles. fire fighters still only have that fire 60 percent contain. tornado splashed a trail of devastation through michigan over weekend there are reports of six tornadoes touching down through the state. weekend weather causing damage to homes, businesses and cars there, there are in reports of any serious injuries, officials from the national weather service still investigating whether these are actual tornadoes. 2016 rio olympic games came to a close last night. >> to you watch closing ceremonies. >> difficult not. >> the baton has been officially handed to toke ohio. >> spectacular carnival inspired closing ceremony in the official hand over to the 2020 games in tokyo. the colorful ceremony lasting
5:46 am
nearly three hours celebrated brazil's arts, the ceremony watched by billions around the world, not including present company however. future of the parade of athletes and extinguishing of the olympic flame it happened when everybody was just trying to take a selfie with guess who u.s. gymnast simone biles. she was stopped several times and remember she was carrying u.s. flag for closing ceremonies. she got stopped so much that the closing ceremonies were delayed so people can get in, one, two, three. >> she have to hold it up high. >> i was wondering how we have that i was because she's so tiny and you know when wind is blowing it blows witt. oh, manny hope it doesn't knock her over. >> i love her big smile. >> michael phelps not there he helpedded home to be with hits little one boomer. >> yes. >> boomer, the quarterback. >> i think of thunder boomer. >> that is what we're talking
5:47 am
about thunder boomers. >> sue serio we had thunder boomers yesterday and lightening as well. >> but all of that is gone right now and one thing we don't have to worry about is tropical depression fiona our next named storm of the season that happened last week headed toward bermuda but it looks like it will dissipate before it gets close to the east coast of the united states, so that one is probably not as worth watching as this disturbance off the west coast of africa. that could develop into our next tropical storm. if and when it gets a name it will be gaston. thinking of the beauty and beast. heat wave so far one in may, none in june. we had a rainy june. three in july, and one so far in august and that one included the hottest day of the year so far, which was august 13th when we got to 98 degrees and broke record for that day, so that is the peak of the heat so far this summer. things are much more
5:48 am
comfortable thanks to that cold front that came you this yesterday and did give us some rain but we will be rain free for foreseeable future. right now temperatures are on the comfortable side, 71 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-one in lancaster. lower 60's in allentown. hazel ton has 58 degrees, mount pocono, close to 60. mid 70's in washington township and millville, 68 degrees and 68 as well in lieu is delaware. we will look back before we look ahead our average high is 85 degrees and we have been well above average for the last week. we have an eight day heat wave we were just talking about last week and we have a break last thursday, back to the 90's over the weekend, 89 degrees, yesterday before the rain hit and then we have 83 degrees for today, sunny, breezy, delightful, sunny and nice on tuesday with a high of 48 and we will keep low humidity going through
5:49 am
wednesday. by thursday though it starts to get a little more humid friday hottest day of the week and we're still in the 90's on saturday but probably won't get another heat wave out of this one probably won't get three days in a row but we will have dry weather all the way through that seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> looking good, sue everything damp and wet from all that rain we had to deal with yesterday. live look at delco i-95 in delaware count any problems between highland and airport. this is a live look at blue route right here near i-95 in delaware county, getting ride in the background there nothing out of the ordinary but right after the rush hour here we go work crews coming to the schuylkill expressway, penndot will be working eastbound today from 9:00 to 3:00. gulph mills in the city avenue one of the jobs to clean out the drains that got clogged yesterday during the heavy rain storms. other job is to clean up the debris like big old tree branches laying along the shoulder of the roadway as you
5:50 am
head eastbound on that schuylkill expressway, again from 9:00 to 3:00 today. market frankford broad street subway, trains running every eight to ten minutes. they have free parking up there at frankford transportation center, and also down in south philadelphia at novacare center and they did some adjustments on regional rail lines as you get ready for monday morning rush hour just make sure you have a new schedule so you are good to go. >> look at what the cat dragged in. >> good morning,. >> yes. >> i have to get it together you did good. >> i like that shirt. >> thank you. >> and the tie combination and then you with the the bright blue, you have monday blues. >> i think it is turquoise. >> turquoise. >> here we go. >> a study i found over the weekend, freaked me out because everybody is on instagram. is there instagram depression.
5:51 am
>> what? >> yes. >> if you use black and white filter, be careful, you may be depressed a little will bit. if you filter things up with dark gray and blue hughs you might be depressed. >> you might need a help. >> over the weekend i was black and white blue and gray. >> hard week emotionally. >> do you want to talk bit. >> not really. >> it is half bagel half muffin, what is it, a mufgel that is a hard thing. >> you know, i had a muffgel but i had it lanced by doctor mike. >> what did that cost you. >> $6,000. >> how long did you wait in his waiting room. >> thirteen hours. >> i state overnight. >> that guy has a lot of patients. >> and i have none. >> we have a fashion show? guess what is back for the
5:52 am
ladies, the muffgel. >> you don't want to show off your muffgel. >> or your muffin top. >> muffin top. >> all that. >> muffin top can be alleviated with mom jeans, mom jeans are back. >> what? >> for young women in their 20's and 30's. >> anything 90's that is why we are showing you 90's tv show, 90's fashions are back. this means i'm really old. you know when something comes back around, the 90's are back around. >> i have a pair of mom jeans that my friend make fun of me for bearing. >> why would you wear them. >> i didn't know they were mom jeans. >> i saw a woman the other day on last thursday her jeans came way up here. >> the reason they call them mom jeans but they are highway jeans. >> were guys in the 90's
5:53 am
wearing acid wash. >> that was in 80's. >> i have many pairs. >> i will get to the bottom of this. >> did you see lauren's new earrings. >> beautiful. >> yeah. >> do you like them. >> they are fashion for, they are almost not there. >> they have a little dank i. >> they remind me of wind chills. >> did anybody go to the drake/future concert. >> no. >> you should have gone. >> where was you at? >> wow. >> we love you. >> so we will talk about everything else. >> hundred animals loaded off truck in new jersey, where they came from and what organization, says, their fate could have been much worse.
5:54 am
since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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5:56 am
beautiful day on tap, please join us at our school supply drive from 8:00 to 10:00 at clementon mark and splash world in clementon, new jersey. if you donate five items you can get a $15 admission in the park. you can have a chance to meet our quincy hard hoist will be there, all morning long, again, that is friday, from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. we are following breaking news out of hunting park, dave
5:57 am
kinchen, good morning. >> good morning to you one man is dead, shot and killed in front of his children, overnight, his wife, fight to go stay alive, shot in the face, who police are looking for, after the break. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
5:58 am
if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey.
5:59 am
thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. a father murdered in front of his children in a violent home invasion whom police are
6:00 am
hunting for right now. search is on foreman accused of committing the first murder one local area has seen in several years. what police in south jersey want you to know about the suspect. plus, threats to schools are increasing nationwide how police and school employees here in pennsylvania are dealing with the issue as student led back to class. it is a wrap in rio 2016 olympics have come to a even. special honor given to simone biles at closing ceremonies. good day it is monday august 222,016th. today is national tooth fairy daze. >> yeah. >> tweet us picture of your toothless kid. >> we want to see the best ones. >> your toothless kids and what is the going rate around your house, for the tooth fairy coming to your house. what is the fairy leave? monetarily now. >> okay. >> in 2016, you know, how


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