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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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toddler's mother is charged with the heinous crime. let's get out to fox 29's bruce gordon live in pennsauken. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, behind me here at the intersection of the mansion and frost hover sits what appears to be just another home in a quiet pennsauken neighborhood except this was the scene of unspeakable tragedy as you said a-year-old boy bite 10 to death alleged bile the boyfriend of the child's own mother. the wrapper from a suction catheter likely used by paramedics in a fruit less attempt to save a young life was the only hint of tragedy behind the walls of this corner home in pennsauken. neighbors are still shaking their heads. >> quiet, you know, leave in the morning come back toward the evening. regular ordinary. nothing peculiar or strange about it at all. >> reporter: now you hear this happened. >> i can't fathom that. we don't know people when things like this take place. >> reporter: police were call to the homey clown 11:30 saturday night for a report of unresponsive child. they raced to two-year-old boy
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to cooper university hospital but he died of blunt force trauma just after midnight. now they've charged 24-year-old zachary tra company klee live in boyfriend of the child's mother with beating the boy to death. neighbors say mom, her son and boyfriend had moved into the neighborhood only recently and kept to themselves. several neighbors said they had never even seen the 284 old. now, to learn of this unspeakable violence so close to their own homes -- >> it disturbs me. i'm a pastor so things like that happen, i don't know why, what could cause it. >> what drives a person to do something like that is unbelievable. we just don't know. >> reporter: zachary tricoch set to be arraigned in court in camden on tuesday. police not releasing the name of the little victim nor of his mother. we are told the boy's biological father was located. he lives in the area. was located and notified of this tragic death just today.
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lucy? >> tragic. all right, thank you, bruce. day two of jerry sandusky's appeal hearing has wrapped up in center county, pennsylvania, and lawyers for the former football coach focused on conflicting statements from one of the people who says sandusky abused him. defense lawyers say the man known as victim two settle add child sex abuse claim with penn state but then did not testify at sandusky's criminal trial. retired corporal from state police testified victim two denied any abuse by sandusky. today, that man's lawyer took the stan but did not offer any new information. the former penn state defense coordinate continues to insist that he is innocent. developing to night, in hunting park, philadelphia police are investigating the overnight murder of a man killed in front of his 13-year-old child what appears to be targeted attack. >> his girlfriend also shot is in critical condition. fox 29's brad sattin is following the investigation. brad? >> reporter: lucy, we can tell you that the victim in this case
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is a man well known to police. he's been in trouble before. it appears it's suspects in this case were after money when they didn't get it fast enough they opened fire. >> i'm sad today. it's a bad day. >> reporter: maggie figueroa can't understand why someone would shoot and kill 36-year-old hakeem rockman and do it with his kids in the house. >> he took care of his children. dressed them nice. they looked nice. there was no reason for that. >> reporter: police say rockman was well known to them with a long criminal record and he was a target. police say two men entered rockman's home they shared with his girlfriend around 1:00 o'clock this morning in the 3700 block of north seventh street and walked into the bedroom. >> they demanded money. and for some reason, the male with the shotgun shot both of the victims. >> reporter: rockman was killed. his 13-year-old witnessed the murder. >> i'm devastated. because now them kids don't have a dad and whoever -- if the kids did see it happen now they'll need counseling forever.
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they're never going to forget this. >> reporter: rockman's girlfriend was critically injured but still was able to talk to police. her family identified by neighbors came to the house today but declined to comment. outside in the back, police found a shotgun and shotgun shells but continue to search for the two men. neighbors say rockman moved in with his girlfriend self years ago. they say the couple kept to themselves and his children ages five through 13 were not hurt and rarely scene. >> just on the porch. that's it. not, you know, running around or nothing. like i said, they were quite a couple. >> reporter: now the girlfriend remains in critical but stable condition at temple university hospital. the kids are staying with family members. police are hopeful that surveillance video in this area may lead them to the killers. iain. >> all right, let's hope so, brad, thank you. on to your fox 29 weather authority now. another heat wave officially over. some of us didn't even reach 80 today as we take live look over the philadelphia skyline. that's been different. but will this perfect summer
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weather stick around through the night and rest of the work week only one way to find out it. >> and that is to check in with meteorologist kathy orr. hey, kathy. >> well g afternoon two. good afternoon everyone. we're talking about saying goodbye to the heat and humidity for now in philadelphia the high temperature only 83 degrees. the normal high is 85. the first day that has been this cool since august 1st when it was only 80 degrees. wilmington 83. trenton 81. reading 80. allentown 78. look at the poconos. the high temperature only 67 degrees. down in the 50s overnight tonight. right now 66 in the poconos. trenton 79. millville 78. atlantic city at the airport it is 83 degrees. this evening temperatures will be falling through the 70s into the 60s even in philadelphia. feeling cool with a clear sky and low humidity even drier air working its way into the delaware valley tomorrow. morning temperatures ranging from 53 in pottstown and 50 in allentown. to 60 in philadelphia and
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63 degrees in wilmington little bit milder in dover but a very cool change so crack the windows, turn off the ac, it gets a break at least for couple of days. coming up we'll talk about the sunny stretch in the seven day forecast. it is comfortable for now, but the heat and humidity crank back up and by the weekend, we could be talking about another heat wave. this would be heat wave number six. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> yes, we're counting. thank you, kathy. caught police arrested the man they say killed a 24-year-old man this weekend in burlington city. tracked down samuel james late today in barrington, new jersey. prosecutors charged with james saturday spotting shooting death of byron turner. if i-year-old girl who ran from the gunfire is hurt but not sh shot. the bail set for james $1 million. prosecutors in central pennsylvania have charged a second person with a murder of a long-time penn state professor. state police say danielle give year helped george ice her, jr., plot the death of 56-year-old ronald bettig. investigators found bettig's
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body at the bottom of an 80-foot cliff in a rock quarry in center counsel. to ischler lured bettig there to harvest marijuana plants and push him. pair believed they would benefit from a will that bettig recently signed. >> a man stabbed inside an old city bar over the weekend died from his injuries. police say another customer stabbed 33-year-old andrew hazleton from blackwood, new jersey, inside the blue martini. following an argument hazelton died yesterday at jefferson hospital. police have not made any arres arrests. >> northeast philadelphia police looking for three people who robbed a 7eleven at gun point. you can see the guys bust into the tour store on welsh road. one of them ordered both an employee an customer on to the floor while another took some cash out of the register and from a customer's wallet. it all happened just after 2:00 of the morning on august 7th. if you recognize these robbers give police a call. >> in delaware, new castle county police are continue tolling investigate a violent home invasion that left an eld
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elderly man injured. police say this is surveillance video of the robbers red four door sedan he jumped into and drove off in. so i hope you got a good look at that thing. investigators say he robbed the 81-year-old man shortly before 12:30 in the afternoon on the 700 block of hartford road in eden ridge that man told police robber knocked on his front door and when he opened it, the robber forced his way inside and stole money, electronics, jewelry. a $20,000 reward now stands for information that leads to an arrest. back here in philadelphia, suburban charter school says it did not send out pro mowing al mailer that referenced a drug arrest at a nearby public high school. here's a picture of that mailer spreading on social media a lot of people commenting. postcard it looks like from the arts academy charter school says that a teenager was caught by liberty high school officials with more than $3,000 worth of heroin and cocaine. the caption reads, why worry about this type of student at school? the charter school says
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met its enrollment target and does not need more students. their attorney is forgetting the unauthorized mailing. whole bunch of children have new books to definitely into tonight. best book bus rolled into camden little league practice did today and best gave more than 800 children free books. the bus is part of a mobile literacy out reach program of the best travels across the united states and volunteers not only read to children they give them brand new books. a lot of kids will hug their books. there's a lot of pride in book ownership. kids like to be identified as readers and like to be identified as smart and they a are. they are those things. so a lot of times when i make repeat visits i'll see kids i've seen throughout the years tell me how many books they have now in their home watch their favorite things are. what they remember us reading. taking a book home is owning both that physical book and the idea that you're a reader. >> so true. best book bus targets communities where children may
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not have their own books. best has been to 48 states and donated more than half a million books. local firefighters had extra help battling a house fire over the weekend where residents rushed in to help a neighbor in need. >> hits keep coming for one of america's most decorated olympic swimmers. what companies announce dad they're dropping ryan lochte. howard. >> the eagles play the neck preseason game saturday night in indianapolis. now after the number sam bradford put up last season's third season game hear what he's looking for this time around and where is carson wentz and his injury rehab? all that's coming up in sports.
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♪ fallout has gun from swimmer ryan lochte's scandal in row eighty seven speedo and ralph lauren ended their sponsorship deals with the swimmer. speedo says it cannot condone behavior counter to its values. the company says it will donate $50,000 portion of lochte's fee to the global charities save the children which helps poor children in brazil. ralph lauren is just not going to renew its contract. >> police in bensalem thanking some residents who rushed in to help firefighters over the weekend much this picture posted to the police department's facebook page shows people lining up to help with a hose. that fire broke just after 2:00 yesterday afternoon. one fire was taken -- one firefighter was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries and with the help of those residents the fire was under control in just about an hour. in montgomery county, civil rights groups are coming together to address the tension between law enforcement and african-american communities. >> coalition of naacp chapters outline policies they want to
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see changed our bill anderson here with closer look at those solutions. bill. >> reporter: lucy it was tense at times as groups came together to discuss ways to address the well publicized issues between the police and african-american communities. during today's press conference, local naacp and police laid out action steps that could be taken to dry and bring us together. the recommendations included stabbing civilian oversight committees to work with the police. promote positive activities in the community, and develop clear policies on racial profiling. there were also some unexpected moments with police accepting some responsibility for the poor community relationships. >> i think we've gone a long way towards creating it. we've got to step up and fix it. i stood here behind the president knowing what he was going to say. what the most comfortable thing, no. but it's the right thing to do to be here and if we're going to collaborate it's got to start now. >> reporter: policing was the focus of the press conference today, but it wasn't one sided.
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the naacp recognized that protesting alone is not necessarily the best solution acknowledging that the community has a responsibility to work more closely with the police. they want the community to address things like no snitch rules that block police investigations. they committed to meeting going forward they say they'll continue to work together and hopefully they will set some sort of precedence or establish rules that communities across the country could learn from. iain, really positive step. tense but they were talking to each other. >> that's a good sign, bill. thank you. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. that heat wave is finally over. >> such a perfect day out, kathy, just loving it. >> it's gorgeous. we'll have another and another and then things are going to change. we'll see that heat and humidity move on in and i just saw new statistic from the national weather service. i asked them where are we with our 90-degree days? because it feels like we could could be heading toward a record, and here are the numbers. so far this summer we have had
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32, 90-degree days. temperatures at 90 degrees or greater the record is 3690-degree days in the summer. and that record was set in 2012. so we could be on our way to a summer heat record. right now we're looking at a deep blue sky with camera shaking with gusty winds and temperatures in the 80s. little bit below average today with a temperature of 83 for the high. the normal high is 85. right now it is 81 in philadelphia with winds gusting to 20, 25 miles an hour. we see some 70s and 60s to the north and west. to the south and east mainly the 80s. 81 in dover. 80 degrees in wildwood. down the shore, keeping it warm with that northwesterly breeze. that land breeze temperatures even down the shore in ocean city 83. the boardwalk 80. and beach haven 81 degrees. dew points in the 50s that is what we call the comfort zone. low humidity just very comfortable conditions and look at the dew points or the humidity in the poconos. 44. that is bone dry. little humid still in dover with
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a dew point of 64. we'll see temperatures that are going to be mild and the air will be dry with a deep blue s sky. high pressure that will be building off the coast and another high building in over the weekend. so it will be increaselily hot and humid as this high drifts to the south. we get into what we call a return flow and those southwesterly winds will be kicking in ahead of this second front. so temperatures will be warm. it will be dry. and that means precipitation will be lacking and in august we're below average for the month precipitation about three quarters of an inch only 1.7 for your monthly rainfall. yesterday we picked up about a half an inch in philadelphia. but hire amounts in delaware. two, three, even reports of 4-inches in kent county. in the city overnight, 60 the suburbs 55. clear skies, comfortable, take a break from the ac. crack open the windows. get that fresh air in again. 82 during the day tomorrow. more comfortable with the humidity even lower if you can believe that. as we plan the day tomorrow, breakfast time 7am only 60.
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sweater weather but by lunch 77. afternoon temperatures around 80. and in the evening, looking at a pleasant temperature of 77. on your fox 29 weather authority extended forecast, nothing but sunshine right that was saturday with warming temperatures. it is back to the 90s as we look at thursday, friday and saturday that could be heat wave number six. warm again sunday and monday still dry with a temperature of 86 degrees. shore temperatures in the 80s as well. enjoy it while it's here. because you know what february will bring. >> that's right. thank you so much, kathy. (laughter). >> what? >> what are you guys doing. >> it's amazing what we talk about during the breaks here. why kathy is doing her tremendous weather -- >> i was actually listening to kathy talk about the weather. >> we can't talk about it. let's do the great untold. >> that's right. >> how is carson wentz coming along with his jr. and how does he get ready when he can't
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practice. i'll tell you on twitter. and this is the biggest game of the preseason for sam bradford. and the last until the regular season. bradford tells us how he's going to approach this game? that will be coming up in sports.
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♪ those eagles they're back on the practice field today getting ready for what is always the biggest pre-season game of the
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year. now, game three of the preseason is when the starters play the most. the starter cos go into the third quarter this game saturday night against indy. sam bradford had a terrific game in game three last year against green bay. we all thought this was going to be the second coming for a quarterback. bradford through three touchdown passes, 10 for 10, he was that was all in the first quarter. remember, that game three of the pre-season he takes look at it this time. >> last year after the third preseason game everyone thought we were going to the super bowl but, you know, very little game planning that goes into preseason. i'm sure green bay didn't game plan to stop us. i don't think anyone in our locker room really bought into the fact that, you know, because we look great in preseason game it was going to be easy during the regular season. >> i want to see the completion percentage be, you know, 65, 67%. you love to see touchdown pass or two in there. but, again, you can't press the
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issue. you got to let the game unfold and put him in position to be successful. >> when will carson wentz play again in the preseason or will he play? now he through today but it was with the trainer. i'm told there is a feeling in the front office that they don't want wentz to play in the final preseason game. that would be against the jets. they don't want to risk further injury. obviously wentz wants to play but said his mental reps help his learning curve. >> i get quiet bit. as long as you're locked in and i'm always asking coaches a hundred questions always trying to upped what's happening and pretend i'm in there and what would i maybe change or what my read be? i get quite a bit out of it. it was a homerun contest for the dodgers today. to since ninety three. all right. adrian gonzales, all right, then you go toll lows then you go sigeton and saeger a terrific rookie. 21 hits, seven homeruns, three of those homeruns were by adrian gonzales.
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he had eight rbi's. the dodgers within it 18-nine over cincinnati. just to let you know that ballpark is as little league in terms of size, not in terms of the way it looks as philadelph philadelphia. it is a homerun ballpark. >> dodgers struggle the first three games g that is lot of homeruns. >> be sure to join us tonight for fox 29 news at 10. it's a serious problem for millions of women of all ages. but now hope for women losing their hair. the treatment not only stopping hair loss but helping it grow back. that's tonight at 10:00. >> all right. that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we got to go out and have a little,, what do we call it when it's outside dinner. >> el-fresco. >> that's right. that dinner. >> iain is coming too. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have great in it. inside edition is up next. ♪
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♪[ music ] baby trapped underwater. >> how they saved little kennedy. >> saved our world. >> then zika virus panic. these pregnant moms refuse to leave their homes. >> i haven't been outside in three weeks. >> three weeks? >> and exclusive. leonardo dicaprio's car accident. then, it's war. donald trump vs. morning tv hosts. did he really just call her neurotic, and not very bright? and ryan lochte's apology tour. is it enough? >> i was highly intoxicated. >> the two major companies that just announced they were dropping him


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