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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 23, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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developing this morning a stabbing in new jersey send one person to the hospital, what we're learning right now. plus a disturbing crime, inside of this camden county home. investigators say a to year-old was beaten to death and who police say was behind the murder of the two-year old. another child caught in the cross fire this little boy is now in the hospital what his family heard help those gunshots rang the out. tens of thousands office people starting recovery process as president obama prepares to visit the a area. and the emotional plea, to the president, right now. >> all right. good day it is tuesday august 23rd, 2016. >> we are waiting for time
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because people ravaged from the flooding there in louisiana we will get to that in a minute. first lets talk with our weather with sue serio. please, don't change a thing. >> right. >> yes weeks liked yesterday, let's give you another. it is a ten out of ten today. same weather pattern in place as yesterday. no rain to show you on ultimate doppler radar, but, i'll tell you what, it is that, and i said this yesterday we were going to come in and say oh, feeling that first nip of autumn in the air. 65 degrees with the 5-mile an hour wind and 63 percent relative humidity. that is where we are at philly international right now but look at mount pocono. 46 degrees at the moment. fifty-four in allentown and lancaster. 56 degrees in trenton. fifty-seven the atlantic city international and 58 degrees in wilmington. those are temperatures, dew points are down and we're expecting another nice day with 84 degrees our high
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temperature and sunset time is now 7:45. if you are keeping track with those things and the fact that the days are getting shorter. that takes care of tuesday. it is still august. heat and humidity will return we will tell you when in that seven day forecast, so bob kelly, here's another. >> got to love it. chilly up there in the poconos. >> how about it, right. >> get me blanket, snuggie and we are ready to go. 4:02. here's is what left over from an overnight accident. this is a live look from the schuylkill westbound on the schuylkill expressway right before you get to route 202, and early, early morning accident that actually involved some sort of tour bus, i know that because i passed it on my way in. but the left lane is block here. light volume at the moment but everybody is tapping their brakes to see what is going on no brakes tapping here because we are shut down on the expressway, overnight construction. we're closed between schuylkill and brought street until 5:00 o'clock this morning. the also septa trolley blitz
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continuing until 5:00 so none of the trolley lines are operating in the tunnel in center city. everything terminating at 40th and market and from there shuttle buses will take to you center city because both on the market frankford and subway they are using shuttle buses until 6:00 and then trains until 5:00. then trains role until every 20810 miss. chris and lauren back to you. police are investigating a stabbing at a high rise apartment complex. >> sabina kuriakose is live at the scene. good morning. >> reporter: this is a huge apartment complex here in collinswood. it is behind the heights on west browning road at the white horse pike. police say late last night around 10:30 officers came here for reports of a stabbing. by the time they arrived one person was critically hurt. that person was rush to the hospital. no word yet on their condition at this time. we have reached out to collinswood police, as well as camden county prosecutor's office who tells us they will have more information later
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this morning. as of right now what we know is one person was critically hurt during a stabbing at heights of collinswood apartment complex. we do not yet know any news on the motive in this stabbing. according to the apartment complex web site they do have guarded lobbies here. when you enter. we don't know if this person was a resident or was somebody visiting this apartment complex. that is very latest, guys, back to you. >> we will find out more later. thank for the developments. now a developing story in overbrook where a it the just ended moment before the beginning of the show. police tell fox 29 this started as a domestic dispute at the a home on north 63rd and west jefferson street around 12:30 last night. two a adults, two juveniles were inside the home at the time of the barricade. there was a weapon inside that home. the one person was taken in custody. a south jersey man accused of killing his girlfriend's two-year old sonnies due in court. >> authorities say 24 year-old beat the toddler inside of a pennsauken home over the
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weekend. dave kinchen, outside the courthouse, dave, good morning to you. just a horrible story. this kid was just two. >> reporter: absolutely just two years old. so horrible. this arraignment will happen within eye sight of the hospital where this child died, jack tricoche will be arraigned on murder charges in camden after the death of his girlfriend's three-year old boy. rapper from a suction catheter was all that was left of the scene at a home on the 5900 block of mansion boulevard, in pennsauken. it is where first responders answered a call of an unresponsive child just before 11:30 saturday night. investigators say tricoche had beaten the boy so badly to the point where he died just a short time later at cooper university hospital here in camden leaving neighbors in disbelief. >> i'm a pastor so things like that happen. i don't know why, what would
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cause it or what and they are quiet people. >> quiet neighborhood. you rarely see policeman and when you do it is because something is drastically wrong and on sunday my daughter noticed that there was police coming in and out. so we had no eye de. >> reporter: they are told the police had been there all day, that day one can only imagine the grief inside the hospital saturday night, try coach was charged with first degree murder, in the long after the incident had happened. neighbors say that the mother, the son, and the live in boyfriend had just moved to that neighborhood recently n fact many say they never even saw the two-year old, and, of course, you can imagine that they are watching this very closely the arraignment is scheduled for 1:30 in camden. back to you. breaks your heart. jerry sandusky returns to the central pennsylvania courtroom for day three of an appeals hearing. >> his defense team is focusing on conflicting statements from a man identified as victim number two, lawyer for victim two
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testified yesterday he believes that his client was the boy seen in the shower by a former assistant coach. however, shortly before sandusky was arrested police say the mandy need sandusky ever abused him. victim two settled a child sex abuse claim with penn state but did not testify at sandusky's criminal trial in 2012. g.o.p. presidential candidate and indiana governor i should say, g.o.p. vice-presidential candidate, and indiana's governor mike pence the is set to visit bucks county today. trump campaign says it will be a town hall style affair from 4:00 p.m. in plumstead at worth and company that makes heating and air conditioning ventilation systems for larger buildings. tickets are available on trump's web site. doors open up at 1:00. before that pence has a private event in king of prussia. president obama is set to tour historic flooding damage after many critics say that the president took too long to
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visit the largest disaster in the u.s. since super storm sandy. >> just help us. the just don't know what it takes, just help us. don't headache us jump through all these hoops. some of us just don't have have anything. >> reporter: emotions are running high as new numbers have been released as to how much damage was done because of that storm. more than 2800 people remain this shelters a week after it started. the storm and flooding have damaged an estimated 60,000 homes, more than 106,000 people have registered for federal disaster aid with the state saying 20 million-dollar has been distributed to individual so far. the white house is now you responding to criticism against the president. >> i can tell you what the president has been focused on is response on the ground and people whose lives in louisiana has been turned upside down by this terrible flooding event and the response that you have seen from the federal government has been effective. the president has been focusing on the response, and
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not frankly as concerned with the optics as all of you appear to be. >> louisiana's governor is pushing back who said president should have come sooner. governor john edward saying he asked the president to let the local government get out in response mode before the president made a visit. meanwhile that devastation impacted a local family a teen flood victim is staying with relatives in lehigh county while another family member is preparing to go to louisiana to help clean up. fox 29's shawnette wilson has their story. >> surreal. it was almost like an apocalypse movie. >> reporter: seventeen year-old levi thompson describes the devastation in his hometown of denim springs, a half an hour outside baton rouge after torrential rains flooded parts of the louisiana >> everything that was in the house, not in the attic is unsalvageable. >> reporter: it has been just over a week since it happened the levi is in bethlehem with family while his mom and dad are in a shelter back at home
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trying to rebuild. his family has been sending videos of the area before and after the water receded. >> contents are out here. >> reporter: levi doesn't know when he will return home and can't shake images he left behind. >> waiting through waist deep water. it wasn't just water, it was mud, sticks, spiders and snakes. my whole street was just a river. the water was really strong. >> reporter: levi's cousin who is he's staying with in moment plans to travel there to help the family with clean up. levi tells me his high school sustain damage and remains closed for now. in bethlehem, shawnette wilson fox 29 news. tens of thousands have flood victims in lieu san air relying on the american red credits for help, mostly coming into the headquarters right here in philadelphia red clockworkers say they have answered about 15,000 calls in
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the the last week. many coming from people in dire situations for not able to get through to 911. center is open 16 phone lines compared to the two they normally use. 4:11. an apartment complex in chester where a six year-old boy was hit by a stray bullet this morning james wright continues to recover at chop from a gunshot wound to the hand. the boy was sitting outside with his friend yesterday afternoon at 4:00 when someone started to shoot near eighth street. neighbors say more than a dozen kid were playing right there when the shots were fired. >> the guy was standing there and he was shooting down towards the guy who was sitting outside with us. >> i'm trying to gather up all of the kids and push them up in my house. >> police collected several shell casings from 150 feet from where the boy was shot. no arrests at this point have been made. media ali is back home now that the 2016 summer games are come to an end in rio hear what she says that she will never forget after landing.
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>> oh. >> not again, riders stranded on a roller coaster this time at hershey park, how staff was able to help get those people down.
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a warm welcome home for medalist mia alley, she arrived at 2:00 this morning. >> family and friend were there to feet her with her 15 month-old son, titus. even they she had a long flight ali took time to sign
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autographs, take selfies, you name it. she had a special message for her supporters. >> it was great. i mean honestly i never dreamed of anything like that in my life. i got to meet cool people from different sports. i got the to share a bond with my teammates that will be memorable and i will never forget. i want to thank my supporters and i want to thank everybody that came here and my family. >> ali took silver, yeah, you cheer. >> yes. >> she took silver in the 100-meter hurdles with her teammates brianna a rollins and christie kaplan this gave the u.s. the first sweep in the event and only seventh in the history of olympic track. >> she grew up in germantown. she went to west catholic high school. he credits her friend and tamly as inspiration for doing so well. >> that is all in flight. you get off a flight like that, exhausted, jet lagged but she had to turn on the personality. >> and her son was wide awake for all of it too. >> cute kid little titus.
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>> you get at ward for, i don't know, weather of the week. >> can i have a gold medal? we predict it. it came true. this is the latest tropical storm gaston and wind are sustained at 40 miles an hour. it is expected to strength men to a category one hurricane but in the middle of the atlantic ocean. we're also watching this disturbance here which hasn't gotten a name yet but good chance not only becoming a tropical storm but affecting some land masses, the caribbean first, maybe florida avenue that and with the looming labor day weekend, weekend after next that is one we have to keep an eye on. fiona is a tropical depression, not too far from bermuda but not expected to affect the east coast. that is the tropics. here's what is going on with us. high pressure is in control. our cold front still well off shore, one that came through on sunday with that rain and took away our humidity for a couple days.
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yesterday, today, tomorrow, three day special with low humidity and hardly a cloud in the sky. now with that radiational cooling that means the temperatures are definitely on the cool side. look at mount pocono. 46 degrees. sixty-five in the city. fifty-eight in wilmington. we are heading to a high of 48 today. yesterday was 83. another nice one tomorrow with the high of 87. humidity comes back on thursday we're close to 90 back to the 90's on friday still hottest day of the seven day forecast and we could be putting together another heat wave that could last through the weekend. not necessarily excessive, because we will be right around that 90-degree mark but still hot and humid because it is still, bob kelly, august. you got it, sue. 4:17. good morning, everybody. on a tuesday, the 42 freeway, no problems, at the moment but crews are still out here over in bellmawr or 42 ape 295 all coming together. keep that in mind working toward the city.
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they are working on i-95 at girard. they will be out during midday along i-95 up near cottman avenue. keep that in mind for gang up and down northeast philadelphia, the overnight ramps, the ramps are closed until 5:00. later today same deal as yesterday, schuylkill eastbound crews setting up shop at 9:00 they are cleaning out the drains, and also getting some of that debris, that formed in and dropped down from the storms over the weekend. here's a live look at westbound schuylkill expressway right before 202, early morning accident involving a tour bus and a couple of vehicles, there was a fuel spill to go witt. they are out there mopping that up as you head west like this fellow right here, hit the breaks, right before the 202 interchange but it is in that stretch where there is in overhead street lamps so it comes up fast. we're still shut down on the vine street expressway, both directions between the schuylkill and broad, and until 5:00 o'clock this
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morning. chris and lauren back over to you. >> bob, you are looking sharp, bob. 4:19. prosecutors in new jersey say they will not file any federal charges against the police officer who fatally shot a hand during a traffic stop in december 204. thirty-six year-old jeremy reid did not listen to orders when he stepped out of his car with his hands up. shooting was captured on dash cam video. prosecutors say that there was insufficient evidence to pursue criminal charges. an investigation is underway after a police chase turned deadly in north carolina victim was sentenced to death. police reports say a highway patrol trooper tried to stop daniel harris for speeding violation, on thursday, and after a short chase the man finally pulled over. authorities say harris got out of the car and got into an altercation, and that is when police say the officer opened fire, killing harris. harris was not armed during the incident, according to reports, he appeared to be trying to communicate with the officer, in sign language. all right.
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how to bridge the gap between police and some communities that they serve. coalition of the naacp chapters outlined policies that they think will help. group came together at montgomery county courthouse yesterday, police from norristown join them. group's recommendations include establishing civilian oversight committee toss work with police, promoting positive activities in the community and developing clear policies on racial profiling. some unscripted moments came when police accepted some of the responsibility for poor community relationships. >> we have come a long way toward creating it. we have to step up and fix it. i stood here the president knowing what he was going to say, what was the most comfortable thing? no but right thing to do to be here and if we will collaborate it has got to start right now. >> it was all about policing and naacp acknowledged the community of the responsibility to work more closely with police. local residents are trying to pump brakes in the major
4:21 am
natural gas pipeline going in near schools. sunoco project would carry highly pressurized liquid gas through delaware county. a planned vote was postponed as residents pack the meeting to oppose the project. safety one of the major concerns of the people who live there and spoke out at a middletown township meeting yesterday. sunoco planned 350-mile pipeline would transport hundreds of the thousands of barrels of natural gaza cross 17 counties to marcus hook. the planned route has it going right in front of the glenwood elementary school. >> so let's suppose we're standing here and god forbid a pipeline were to explode. it is not 10 feet, 20 feet, 30 f feet. >> some feel point to incidents in april where an underground gas line exploded in, one from sunoco was present at that meeting. but in a statement the company ace it far exceeds federal safety requirements and says that the safety of our neighbors and of our employees is most important aspect of any work that we do.
4:22 am
another ride has malfunctioned in less than a week at hershey park, roller coaster stop in the air yesterday. >> i don't know if i want to go on anymore rollercoasters, i usually love them. >> me too good this happened along the side winder ride. the ride was coasting down when it got stuck. crew where is called and carefully walk 27 people off of that ride. park officials are trying to figure out why this happened. this comes after the park's fahrenheit roller coaster was briefly stuck mid ride for about six minutes on friday. >> keep your seat planted on the ground, chris murphy. >> i will do that. >> i will just try the check late next time in hershey. real slow chocolate right, the indoor one. i will do had. >> that is more safe. >> 4 miles an hour. >> yeah, i can't imagine being stuck up like that. i get claustrophobic when i know i'm stuck. if i necessity i cannot move. >> i would freak out, and restraints would unrestrain, hold me in.
4:23 am
by the way, this saturday is the game sam bradford will get the most playing time, right? this is third out of four preseason games, right. more on that coming up in sports in one minute. >> but first your winning lottery numbers.
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
4:26 am
good morning i'm howard eskin. this saturday night eagles play their third preseason game and for starters this game is one where they play the most. now the third game was a big within for sam bradford last year. now eagles quarterback in his first year with the eagles lit the place up. the his numbers were off the chart. he threw three touchdown passes, ten for ten in the first quarter. i thought this was going to be something special. i was than the the only one. sam bradford knew the way people felt as well but he knows it is just a preseason game. >> after the third preseason game everybody thought we were going to the super bowl but i'm starting the game planing that go into preseason. i don't think anyone in our locker room really bought into the fact that because we looked great in the preseason game, it was going to be easy during the season. >> sixty-five, 67 percent
4:27 am
touchdown passes were there. you cannot, stress the practice that is involved. >> and that is sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. did you see the count down clock. >> yes, lots to say. i will go to my first eagles practice today. >> lucky man. >> you know vince papale, mr. invincible, he will sneak me in as a guest on his guest list. >> take videos. >> i don't think they will. >> don't interrupt practice. >> you can't take a camera at all. >> they don't want that stuff. >> i get to meet doug pederson today. can't wait. >> so far two and zero. >> report back tomorrow and let us know how it goes. 4:27. lets toss things out to dave kinchen good morning, dave. >> reporter: good morning. we're on a terrible story. a man will face a judge on charges that he brutally beat and killed a two year-old boy over the weekend. after the break hear how the child's mother first noticed
4:28 am
something was dreadfully wrong.
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a stabbing in new jersey, sends one person to the hospital, what we're learning right now. plus a disturbing crime inside of this camden county home, investigators say a two-year old was beaten to
4:31 am
death. whom police say is behind this murder. hits just keep coming for ryan lochte big brand dropping u.s. swimmer after revealing he was less than trout full about being robbed in rio. good day everyone it is tuesday august 23rd, 2016. you save some things up for rainy days, things you will do, maybe see hoff i, pay bills, write all those thank you card, or get a manicure, right. >> what is wrong with that. >> these are not on freak and today is not date to get these fix, perfect weather to be outside you cannot be outside. >> it is not my usual. i went on friday. >> blah, blah, blah, blah. >> there is no excuse for this. >> maybe she did some physical labor over the weekend. >> oh really. >> physical labor, really. >> all right. >> let's stop calling her out and calling this one, a ten out of ten. again, a ten.
4:32 am
basically if you liked yesterday you will be fond of today but today is off to a cooler start thanks to the clear skies then we were yesterday. yesterday at this time 72 degrees. today 65 at the airport. 5 miles an hour wind. sunrise 6:21. look at mount pocono 46 degrees. fifty-seven in reading. cooler in lancaster. fifty-six in trenton. even wilmington in the upper 50's. sixty-four in dover. sixty-two in wildwood and these dew points really gone down. they are all in the the 50's which means very comfortable, very low humidity. it was practically perfect with high of 83 degrees. today will be about 84 in plenty of sunshine and it will be another beautiful day. we will talk about when things change because you know they will in the seven day forecast. good morning, bob kelly. >> great day to grab a couple hoagie from his wawa and had lunch outside on the grass yesterday. we will do it again today. good morning. live look at schuylkill
4:33 am
expressway westbound, here's what happened, earlier this morning an accident that involved one of the tour buses and left a trail of leaking fuel for 20-yard or so. police have been out there not only cleaning up accident and putting down that oil dry that will clean up the gas that will hit before they can open up the lanes. we have had light volume right the new but what is tough is it is in that stretch approaching king of prussia where there is no overhead street lamps. vine street expressway still closed between schuylkill and broad street. from the schuylkill use 30th or south in center city. coming off of 95 use vine street local that closure will extra in effect until 5:00. same deal with the trolley lines all subway surface trolleys are terminating at 40th and market. septa doing work in the tunnel until 5:00, until which time buses, trolleys, trains will kick in at 5:00 and run every eight to ten minutes on the market frankford and subway. all through the week during the the day 422 watch for road
4:34 am
work outside in the king of prussia area between kop and trooper road. otherwise we are looking good at the airport. the chris and lauren back to you. in new jersey collegeville police are investigating stabbing that sent at least one person to the hospital. this happened at the heights department at browning road at 10:0 last night. one person was critically injured. we do not know of any other details. we will have an update when they come in. a a barricade situation in overbrook ended just before 4:00 this morning. in the last half an hour philadelphia police tell fox 29 this started as a domestic dispute at a home on north 63rd and west jefferson street right around 12:30, two adults and two juveniles were inside at the time of the barricade. we have been told there was a weapon inside this home, one person has been taken in custody. this story sure to break your heart a man charge with killing his girl friend's two-year old son. >> today the 24 year-old is due in court.
4:35 am
dave kinchen live outside camden county courthouse with more on this, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. absolutely tragic at 1:30 when this arraignment will take place. zachary tricoche arraigned on murder charges this afternoon this is death of his girl friend's little boy, a rapper from a suctioned catheter was all that was left from the scene of the home this is 5900 block of mansion boulevard in pennsauken where first responders answered the call of an unresponsive child just before 11:30 saturday night in a 911 call the mother reportedly said that the boyfriend was trying to wake her baby up. she said in the call that she saw bruises on the boy's chest. investigators say 24 year-old tricoche hat beaten the boy so badly he died a short time later at cooper university hospital leaving neighbors in disbelief there was no signs of a problem or anything like that. that took place in the the house. i cannot believe that took
4:36 am
lays. leave in the morning, come back in the evening. regular, ordinary. nothing peculiar, strange about it at all. now you hear this? i cannot fathom that. i guess you don't know people. >> reporter: tricoche was charged with first degree murder. originally there was a lag in information because authorities were trying to find the biological father of the child and notify him of the death which authorities have since done. neighbors say mother, live this boyfriend and child moved to that home recently. many never even saw the child before, and, of course, they will be watching this tragic case, as it develops, in the court system today an arraignment at 1:30. back to you. >> all right dave, thank you. jerry sandusky returns to the central pennsylvania courtroom for day three of his appeals hearing. >> his defense team is focusing on conflicting statements from a man identified as victim number two. lawyer for victim two testified yesterday and he believes his client was the boy seen in the shower wye a
4:37 am
former assistant coach. shortly before sandusky was arrested police say the mandy need sandusky ever abused him. victim two settled a child sex abuse claim with penn state but did not testify at sandusky's criminal trial in 2012. g.o.p. vice-presidential candidate and indiana governor mike penc s set to visit bucks county today. the event will be a town hall style affair at 4:00 p.m. in plumstead at worth and company which makes heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems for larger buildings. ticket for the event are available on trump's web site, doors opened up at 1:00 p.m. before that pence has a private event at the king of prussia hall. family friend and collogues will say their final goodbyes to philadelphia police commissioner john timmeney. mass will be held in st. patrick's cathedral in new york. he served as commissioner of the philadelphia police department from 1998 until 2001. timmeney died last week, after a battle with lung cancer.
4:38 am
in northeast philadelphia police are looking for three men who burst in the 7-eleven and robbed it the at gunpoint this happened earlier this month at the store in the 2900 block of welsh road but police just released this video. one of the men ordered both an employee and customer on to the floor while another took cash out of the register and from the customer's wallet. if you recognize these roners give police a call. well, olympic are over, maybe ali raysman now has time to date. nfler now asking the gymnast out, and what her answer is coming up. >> really athletic kid, right, if it gets to that point.
4:39 am
4:40 am
today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete,
4:41 am
which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to great days. more trouble for ryan lochte. >> four major companies have dropped one of america's most decorated olympic athletes. what a fall from grace and richest, right. so gentle hair removal and mattress company air weaves announced last night they have cut ties with lochte. the olympian lost ralph lauren and speedo. speedo it says it could this is conn down behavior that is counter to their value. the company says will donate $50,000 portion of lochte's fee to the global charity save the children. >> someone says you can buy a little or you can lie a lot, a lochte. >> part of this too is, maybe you are willing to look the other way at the 22.
4:42 am
now he is 32. he shouldn't have a inn descretion like that and then the with the cover up, lies, changing story and everything else. that is where advertisers say is there too many good athletes to put our advertising dollars behind. >> it is true, michael phelps had a fall out with his dui. he recovered from that. you never know what can happen. his issue was how he described not telling the truth. he kept saying, exaggerating, and just, say a lie. >> he said, over exaggerating. >> which is kind of redundant. he had problems with his communication. >> now that the olympics are over maybe ali raysman has time to date is this who is this guy who wants to take her out. >> she's 22. >> she's ready to date. >> we will be right back.
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we're following breaking news this morning two people are in the hospital after jumping from windows to escape a fire in west oak lane. this happened at 3:30 this morning on the 7800 block of michigan inner avenue. >> victims have minor injuries and being treated at einstein hospital. fire was placed under control after 20 minutes. we will keep you updated as we will get more information into fox 29. >> 4:45. let's turn it over to sue serio who has a perfect ten today. >> you know heat and humidity is coming back. we're working on a rorrer. we had 36 days of 90 or above
4:46 am
in 2012, and that is most we ever had during a meteorological summer which is june through august. we're at 32 right now. we will see, what happens, high pressure in control. we have nice pleasant weather. we are no where near 90 degrees today. it is a cool start to the morning with temperatures in the 40's and 50's in most places because of the clear skies. overnight and high pressure in control. this is a situation that will continue probably tomorrow morning as well. look over 46 degrees in mount pocono. sixty-five philadelphia. fifty-eight wilmington. fifty-seven in atlantic city. the just hike yesterday we are in the lower to mid 80's depending where you are, 87 degrees tomorrow. humidity comes back thursday, friday, hottest day of the seven day forecast and we could be putting together another heat wave. checking those shore temperatures we are predicting a a sea breeze at most of the shore points in new jersey this day, this tuesday, and with a high temperature at the beach of 78 degrees.
4:47 am
we have that land breeze, bob kelly, yesterday with a stupid flies that we hate so much and it is going to be much better situation but you've got a terrible situation where on the schuylkill. >> yes, this is schuylkill sueby. it happened early this morning an multi vehicle accident westbound right before 202. it happened in what would have been the left lane here, the crash is gone, but it was involved with one of those tour buses and fuel tank snapped a hole and left a trail of fuel along the roadway. they are trying to clean that all up before they can open up the lanes to vehicle traffic. bottom line right now westbound schuylkill approaching 202 only one lane squeezing on through, and it is in that stretch where there is no overhead street lamps. it comes up. a lot of flashing lights. police, penndot trucks just be aware. speaking of flashing lights there they go police crews pulling away opening up the vine street expressway. it looks like they have the
4:48 am
westbound opened. here comes somebody eastbound wrapping up 15 minutes early there. if you are using the schuylkill or i-95 into center city for next couple days overnight we will to have deal with that close another. trolley lines are terminating at 40th and market until 5:00 o'clock and then they will use market frankford and broad street subway. they will run trains every eight to ten minutes. they are working on 422, shop's leather heading from say collegeville and king of prussia and flip flop they are working near trooper road beginning at 9:00. chris and lauren, back to you. how about this gold medal winner gabby douglass comes to the region. >> she will judge miss america pageant in atlantic city. she will pick 2017 miss america with panel of judges including businessman mark cuban, actress lauren marano. douglass made history this olympics she became first american gymnast to be members of the two gold medal winning teams, pageant will take place on september 11th, at the
4:49 am
boardwalk hall. september 11th, that is first eagles game too opener with the browns a lot going on. >> meanwhile douglass teammate ali raysman may have have time to date now that the olympics ended. >> she got asked out by former raiders player colton underwood. >> if you are ever in san jose and want to go on a double date with me, andrew and sean, let me know. >> he let me necessity about him before, he is very cute. i will go on a date with him. >> ahh, snap. when you see her body language do you think she's into it. she kind of seems like it. >> all this went down during area hugh sports did he segment. they exchange adorable messaging on twitter. >> have they met in person. in this looks like it hasn't. i don't get it with you kids. >> you kids.
4:50 am
>> you are supposed to meet in person and shake hand and smell the person and see if there is chemistry. how can you do this through messaging and stuff. >> i don't see cute messages they exchanged on twitter. >> oh, yeah. >> you got it. >> colt 345 thanks for the sweet video, looking forward to the meeting you with a smiling face. you are not into that. >> in. >> why? >> she may not like his muscles or anything. >> then she can find out when she gets on the date. that is what dating is for. >> you have to have this exchange first. >> this is how they do it now. social media is new way to date you meet, someone meet up at yahoo sports segment, you go out, maybe you determine this is not who i like and then you don't go out anymore. that is what date ising all about. >> obviously he resides in california. >> any shore questions you have about them before they even go out on the date? >> it will not work. >> never in a million years. >> let's talk about something that is marriage, it is call
4:51 am
the first family. >> they are tight. >> yes. >> sascha and malia. >> sheila peer on the september cover of the variety magazine. she appears in the magazine dressed in a black and white laced dress, you may remember the first lady has had a lot of firsts. she appeared as a guest on james corden car pool karaoke segment, numerous appearances on late night show, comedy sketches, tv sitcoms, she's the first lady on the cover of the variety magazine. >> so classy and beautiful there. >> always. >> boy, did she kill it at the dnc here in philadelphia with her speech. everyone said lets get her to run for president. she was fantastic. >> blown away. >> 4:51 on what is this tuesday. >> yes. >> join us on try for fun at our school sly drive, from 8:00 to 10:00 at clementon park in splash world in new jersey. >> here's the deal, if you donate five items you can get $15 add mission in the park and have a chance to meet our quincy harris who will be
4:52 am
their life all morning, again from 8:00 to 10:00 in the morning this friday. >> so today is supposed to be a day that the airlines lower the prices, right? because it is tuesday, it is called cheap flight take. but is it really worthy. we will let you know, in the next hour. >> maybe i will take that. be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who ows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses.
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let's look at your top headlines on line and social
4:55 am
media michael brooks, lasalle basketball great, seen here in his glory days, dies at the age of 58. his sister says he suffered a massive stroke yesterday during a hospital stay near his home in switzerland. in 2011 brooks was diagnosed with plastic anemia a syndrome that attacks bone marrow and immune system. brooks was a stand out forward at west catholic high school during his career at lasalle, he scored 2,628-point. big loss there. all right. police, and i should say gloucester county need your help finding this man charged with murder. they are looking for 31 year-old kevin mostly, charged with beating a man to death on pine street in paulsboro in march. police say the victim 36 year-old john scott died from a head injury in the attack. the mostly's last known address is on the 1600 block of south delaware street in paulsboro. a philadelphia suburban charter school says that it didn't send out the a promotional mailer that referenced a drug arrest of nearby public high school.
4:56 am
this is a photo of the mailer that has been quickly spreading on social media. post card that looks like it is from the arts academy charter school and states that the teenager was caught by official was more than $3,000 worth of heroin and cocaine, the caption reads why worry about this type of student at school? the school's board officials say that the attorney is investigating the unauthorized mailings. atlantic city beach is going old school for beach's fifth concert and some groups from the 90's are hitting the stage, we will tell but even vogue and some other, the free show will be in september on the the between the second, you can get tickets this friday. there is a limit to four ticket per person. dave kinchen, good morning to you, sir. terrible story you are following? >> reporter: good morning to you. a man will be in court today on charges of murder after beating, and killing a two-year old boy, according to authorities, we're hearing from neighbors this morning, sabina? >> reporter: good morning, dave.
4:57 am
well, police say somebody was stab inside this high rise apartment complex in south jersey. this morning the investigation continues, what we know, after the break.
4:58 am
4:59 am
good morning at 5:00 o'clock, a stabbing in new jersey, send one purpose to the hospital, the latest on the police investigation. plus a disturbing crime inside of this camden county
5:00 am
home, investigators say a two-year old boy was beaten to death and who police say was behind this murder. another child caught in the cross fire. this little boy is now in the hospital. what his family heard when those gunshots rang out. tens of thousands of people starting the recovery process as the president prepares to visit. >> unaudible. >> the emotional plea to the president, right now. good day, it is tuesday, august 23rd. >> are you freezing. >> here's what you didn't see, what you didn't see while we were reading that the whole time, lauren was like this and also coming up we have this, that and right when she came out she goes like this. >> it is cold in here. >> perfect outside? it is. >> it is, indeed,. >> which is why we're going double digits once again. ten is as farrah as we go in, our weather by the numbers. we're going max today. we do have have clear


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