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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  August 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a two year-old boy beat ten death police mace an arrest in the disturbing crime in a camden county home. we're tracking a developing story in collinswood this morning, two people stabbed in the apartment complex, one was sent to the hospital, what police are saying about this crime, right now. plus a plea to the president. in the wake of the devastating flooding, in louisiana. what some are asking of president obama as he prepares to tour the state, later today. good day, everybody, it is august 23rd, 2016.
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>> i wanted to kiss sue serio right on the lips yet. >> do you mean right now. >> get a room. >> yes. >> and, we will see that. >> good thing he is sleeping. >> you know what if you walk out this morning, you may need a sweater depending where you are, because it is very cool up in the mountain today. bus stop buddy ready to take a hike, and wear that sun screen. it is a cool start.
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good morning, everybody. it is 6:02. we are good to go, this morning, and all of the majors like blue route here looking good coming out of the mid county no problems on the bennie up and over into downtown, but if you use the walt whitman bridge, we have a brand new traffic pattern here this morning, some construction here in the center lanes, center, toll plaza lanes, of five, six and seven will be closed. when you come over whitman into philadelphia it is always a little confuse to go begin with because we have to figure
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out whether you do a cash lane, e-z pass lane, sometimes lanes are closed bottom line construction today, so expect delays coming in the city. northampton bustleton pike water main break at lower holland road, otherwise turnpike looking good, schuylkill not bad at the moment but later today around 9:00 o'clock same deal as yesterday, penndot will be cleaning out drains down to one lane from gulph mills into city avenue beginning at 9:00 a.m. this morning. mike and alex, back to you. developing this morning two people are in the hospital after jumping from windows to escape a fire in west oak lane. it happened at 3:30 this morning on the 7800 block of mitchnor avenue. victims have minor injuries. fire was placed under control after 20 minutes. police in new jersey are investigating a stabbing at high rise apartment complex. >> lets get right outside to sabina who is on the scene there, hey there what do you see. >> hey, good morning, guys. at least two people may have been stabbed inside this apartment complex, in
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collinswood. let look at video from last night just after it happened, authorities still combing the scene. police are not saying what may have led to the stabbing, we do know a at least one person was critically hurt. no word on the condition of either victim this morning. 10:30 when officers responded to west browning road here. just off white horse pike. police found the victim and possibly another victim who had been stabbed this morning. investigators left a few short hours ago. police may have somebody in custody but that has not yet been confirmed. at least one person stabbed and critically injured, possibly two. we are waiting for more information from the camden county prosecutor's office and we will have that as soon as it happens. a man will be arraigned on charges that he killed his
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girlfriend, two-year old son. in camden county, authorities in pennsauken township say he is 24 years old. zachary is his name. he beat the toddler to death saturday inside the home, on the 5900 block of, mansion boulevard, and someone called 911 to report the unconscious little boy, he later died at cooper university hospital, neighbors, of course, are stunned. jerry sandusky continuing his fight to have his convictions thrown out or get a new trial. it is third day for an appeals hearing. yesterday's testimony focused on statements given by victim number two. that man, settled with penn state based on the claim he was victim seen in the shower by a former assistant coach. however state police corporal says victim two denied sandusky abused him. neither defense or prosecution either called to the stand to testify during the trial. shot by a stray bullet,
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and this morning, james wright continues to recover at chop, from a gunshot wound to the hand. the boy was sitting outside with his friends yesterday a afternoon around 4:00 when somebody started shooting near eighth street. neighbors say more than a dozen children were playing when the shots were fired, no arrests have been made. we will stay on that one. now to a developing story out of overbrook where a barricade situation, ended just a few you minutes ago. just as we went on the air here. philadelphia police tell us that this all started as a domestic dispute, at a home on north 63rd street, and west jefferson. this is around 12:30 this morning. two adults, two juveniles were inside the home at the time of the barricade. we have been told there was a weapon inside that house, one person has been taken into custody but it is over now. a man stabbed inside olde city bar over weekend has died from his injuries. another customer stabbed, three three-year old andrew hazel ton from blackwood, new jersey inside of the blue
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martin i following the argument. he died sunday at jefferson hospital and police have not made any arrests. prosecutors in new jersey say that they will not file any federal charges, against a officer who fatally shot a man during a traffic stop in december of 2014. police say 36 year-old, jermaine reid did not listen to order from the officers, when he stepped out of the car, with his hand up. the shooting in bridgeton, was captured on dash cam, camera, prosecutors say, that there was inphysician evidence to pursue criminal charges. we will get that dash cam video aim sure quite soon. 6:07. family, friend and, colleagues will say good bye to former fail a police commissioner john timmeney. special mass will be held in insuring later this morning. john timmeney served as commissioner of the philadelphia police department from 1998 until 2001. he died last week after a battle with lung cancer.
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>> good, good man, nice guy. g.o.p. vice-presidential candidate and indiana's governor mike pence is set to wrist it bucks county today. the trump campaign says the event will be at a town hall style affair at 4:00 p.m. in plumstead. okay. at worth and company, which makes heating, air conditioning, units, ventilation systems for larger buildings, but before that, pence has a private event in king of prussia. so has donald trump gone soft on immigration? his immigration policy. his changing stance that some democrats are accusing him of flip flopping on this big issue. he says no. ryan lochte continues to pay for his mistake in rio why his encounter in the gas station is now costing him millions of dollars.
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i just want to follow the law. we looked a great meeting over the week went hispanics and
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leaders of the hispanic community and we discuss add lot of different things and this was one of the many things discussed. >> trump says he wants to come up with a quote fair but firm immigration policy, campaign source say trump is still fine tuning his plans, no word what he plans to deliver his speech. many democrats have been quick to pounds on trump's new policy toward immigration accusing him of flip flopping. >> he said about 18 times yesterday, it is not a flip flop. we shall see. document in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation could be made public a few weeks earlier then expected, a federal judge is ordering the state department to look at nearly 15,000 documents, it got from the fbi, fbi is not recommending charge is a begins her but document were part of the investigation into her private e-mail use. the judge wants a plan from the state department by september the 22nd on how the documents will be released.
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the state department said we will try to but don't know when we can get it done. 6:11. in the wake of the devastating floods hear what some are asking of president obama as he prepares to travel to louisiana today. we have new details about the death of that little boy at the disney resort in florida avenue being attacked by the alligator that killed him. warning given less than a hour before the deadly attack, maybe it could have saved him.
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6:15. >> cleaning up after the storm staggering numbers have been released from the crisis that is the louisiana flooding, more than 2800 people remain in shelters, estimated 60,000 homes, more than 106,000 people have registered for federal disaster aid, with the state saying that 20 million-dollar, is distributed to individual so far. in today president obama set to tour the flooding damage in southern louisiana after critics said that the president took too long to visit largest disaster in the u.s. since super storm sandy. >> just help us, just don't, no red tape, just help us. don't make us jump through all these hoops. some of us just don't have anything. >> i can only imagine what they are going through. louisiana's governor is pushing back at criticism to
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that the president should have come sooner. governor john bell edward said he asked the president to let local government get out of response mode before president obama a maid a visit. he said it would be too much. he wanted to keep his resources and focus on is what happening there and addressing the flooding. 6:16. here comes sue with another ten. >> yes, for us today but we thought we would look at radar throughout the country and focus on louisiana since that is where his visit is today. it will stay dry. no rain there. none in the forecast for today, anyway. for us, same situation in, rain around. lets take a look at tropical storm gaston forming yesterday, in the atlantic just off the west african coast with 50 miles an hour wind. it is strengthening in the category one hurricane. this is one we're watching a tropical wave that could possibly come toward puerto rico, haiti and eventually maybe toward east coast of the united states in time for
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labor day weekend. that we have to watch. fiona we are not too worried about because it is dissipating. next name, i looked up official pronouncing, we have gaston now and this is hermine. if it had an o it the one hermine just like harry potter, just so you know. look at the temperatures. they are so cool this morning. cape may 62. fifty-five in atlantic city. sixty-two in philadelphia a. fifty-two in valley forge. look at perkasie a chilly 48 degrees on a august morning. a rare treat. 84 degrees today. eighty-six tomorrow. low humidity days for tuesday and wednesday and then by thursday, it starts to get sticky, once again, friday still looks like hottest day of the week. we have a cold front coming through friday night that will take temperatures down but not very much and it will still be, well, probably in the 90's through the weekend which could give us another heat wave. we are getting used to that. >> beautiful yesterday, it looks like another good one on
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tap. good morning, 6:18. live look at a tractor trailer accident here, this is new hope yardley on i-95, it is i-95 southbound, there is the exit from yardley, you've got a tractor trailer, a couple of vehicles involved here and there is a fuel spill as well. coming over scudder falls bridge or leaving new hope interchange or yardley watch out for delays. the here's a closer look for fire fighters it looks like it punctured the fuel tank here so there is a fuel spill. they are throwing bags of sand down. only one lane opened south of i-95. traveling light out at belmont and levering mill road. it is going to be a while. when they go to that trouble to put up stop signs it will be with us for at least a day. more than just hitting the reset button there. coming from new jersey on the the freeway, and typically use walt whitman bridge, heads up, a new traffic pattern got set up overnight for this morning,
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typically confuse to go begin w there is so many lanes on the walt whitman. when you come over decide which ones are opened do you have cash, e-z pass, three lanes in the center are closed all due to construction and then water main break up in northampton bustleton pike right at lower who will an road, mike and alex back to you. investigation underway after an officer fatally shot a deaf man in north carolina lauren, what happened. >> a highway patrol trooper tried to stop 29 year-old daniel harris for speeding on thursday. have a a short chase man pulled over. authorities say he got out of the car and got in the some type of altercation with the trooper. then he opened fire killing harris. last night a community held a vigil for harris. mourners placed candles outside his home in char the lot. his brother sam spoke at that vigil. he said if the office are had known his brother was deaf he would not have been shot. harris was not armed during the incident, according to reports, he appeared to be trying to communicate with the
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officer, via sign language. crowd funding site has been set up for harris that has raised $14,000 already. no word if any charges will be filed in that case. >> my goodness. >> 6:20. lets take you back to florida now. chilling new information about the alligator that killed a toddler at a disney resort, this is about two and a half months ago. the resort staff has been warned about the gator's presence and warning came 45 minutes before it attacked lane graves the little boy. according to a state wild life report a family visiting a report told the employee about seeing the reptile lurking 5 feet from the beach. several other guests also reported seeing the same alligator swimming in the lagoon just before the attack. so lane's parent have said punily they don't plan to sue walt disney world over his death but this new discovery may change their mind.
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well, fresh off winning a silver medal in rio a local olympian arrives back home overnight. nia ali, what she had to say about her experience at the olympics. there she is. hi nia. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no.
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. this saturday night eagles play their third preseason game and for the starters this game is one where they play the most. third game was a big within for sam bradford last year. now eagles quarterback in his first year with the eagles, lit the place up, his numbers were off the charts. he threw three touchdown passes, ten for ten in the first quarter. i thought this would be something special. i was than the only one. sam bradford knew people felt as well but he knows it is just a priest season game. >> last year after the third preseason game everyone thought we were going to the super bowl but it is very little game planing that goes into preseason. aim sure green bay didn't game
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plan to stop us. i don't think any one in our locker room really bought into the fact because we looked great in the preseason game it would be easier in the regular season. >> i want to see the completion percentage, 65, 67 percent, love to see a touchdown pass in there. >> that is sports in a minute i'm howard eskin. we've got sad news to tell you michael brooks, lasalle basketball great, died at 58. his sister says that he suffered a massive stroke yesterday during a hospital stay, near his home, in switzerland. back in 2011, brooks was diagnosed with something called plastic anemia syndrome that attacks bone marrow and immune system. brooks was a stan out forward a at west catholic high school during his career, at lasalle, he scored, well, close to 2700
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points. what a player. 6:25. let's call it 6:26. here's dave? >> reporter: we're following a sad story here a man will face judge today in camden on murder charges that he beat a two-year old boy, of his girl friend, you will hear, how the girl friend first noticed something was dreadly wrong, sabina. good morning, dave. investigators in south jersey are trying to figure out exactly what happened behind the walls of this apartment complex, they were called here last night for reports up to two people stab, what we know about what went on here and condition of those victims coming up after the break. we are back in a few minutes.
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an arrest made in the the disturbing crime in the camden county home, whom police say beat a two-year old child to death. um-hmm. and jumping for their lives, two people hospitalized after jumping to escape flames in west oak lane overnight, where they jumped from, how far and how they are doing right now. local tractor nia ali is back home now that the 2016 summer olympics come to than a
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end. hear what she said she will never forget moments after landing. good day, everybody. it is august 23rd. 2016. >> she's back. >> well, she stayed for the whole thing, closing ceremonies. >> wouldn't you. >> if i went to the olympics i want to soak up every moment. >> i would be on the beach right now, sue just in one of ryan lochte's speedo. >> they are in shorter supply coming up. >> we will have that story, coming up just ahead. buddy has decided, it is a good day to to take a walk in the park in the wood and just remember your sun screen for later on. temperatures in the 50's and 60's right now and in the mountains it is in the 40's. we have a gorgeous sunrise, just happened, at 6:21. in the city, 62 degrees. fifty-five in reading. sixty-one in dover. and dew points are down in the 50's as well.
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so that is a good thing. it was 83 degrees, yesterday. we will get right around there again today with a high of 83, 84, another beautiful day with a few, less breezes, then yesterday but, of course, it is not going to last, we will talk about when humidity, returns, and then that is coming up in the seven day forecast so bob kelly how is it looking on the roads. >> looking good, sunrise right on time. we caught it. 6:31. a live look an example of the sun glare we will of today on i-95, schuylkill, all of your major roadways coming in. speaking of i-95 sun ready to hit the tree line here southbound i-95 an accident at yardley interchange, and it involves a tractor trailer there is yardley on ramp here and it looks like it will happen when it merged together so coming over scudder falls and heading south there is a fuel spell, fire fighters throwing down some sand there, and to kind of mop up the fuel. watch for delays, south on i-95.
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also up here in northampton the water main break at bustleton pike and lower who will an, traffic lights, out at belmont and levering mill road and coming in from new jersey, use walt whitman bridge head up a brand new traffic pattern this morning. they have the three inner lanes all blocked with construction, so, again, we have plenty of lanes opened but it is confusion to begin with over the whitman, so just watch for delays, coming into philadelphia this morning. mike and alex, back into you. two people in the hospital after jumping from the window to escape a fire. it happened 3:30 on the 7800 block of mitchnor avenue. they have minor injuries and fireplaced under control after 20 minutes. police in new jersey are investigating a stabbing at a high rise apartment fear over there. >> lets get to our sabina kuriakose live in collinswood, sabina. >> reporter: good morning alex and mike. reports indicate right now a that two people may have been stabbed inside of this
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apartment complex in collinswood. police are not saying what led to the stabbing. we do know one person was critically hurt. no word on condition of either victim. it was 10:30 when collinswood officers responded to here to west browning road just off of white horse pike called the heights apartment complex. to that is when officers found critically injured victim and possibly another person who had been stabbed. this morning there is no word on a motive in this case. police may have somebody in custody, we are told that has in the been officially confirmed. the lead investigators, camden county prosecutor's office, we do have calls and messages out to them for confirmation on exactly what went wrong here. folks just starting to wake up in the apartment complex. difficult talk to them off camera and none noticed what went on last night with the police presence out here and we will have much more information we will let you know. right now at least two people stab, one person critically injured inside this apartment complex late last night, mike and alex, back to you.
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thanks, sabina. now to a heart breaking story in south jersey man charged with killing his girl friend's two-year old son. >> ridiculous. >> today the alleged killer will face a judge, so davis on this one, dave. >> reporter: absolutely tragic case here, we can tell you this a rain. will be at 1:30 here at camden county halls of justice, zachary tricoche a 24 year-old will be arraigned on murder charges here in camden after the death of his girl friend's two-year old baby boy, a rapper from a suctioned catheter was only thing left at a scene, at a home on the 5900 block of mansion boulevard in pennsauken. now this is where first responders, came to answer a call of an unexpensive child just before 11:30 and 911 call the mother reportedly said that the boyfriend was trying to wake her baby up. she then said she saw bruces on the boy's chest that is
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also in the reported 911 call. investigators say tricoche had beaten the boy so badly he died a short time later at cooper university hospital and neighbors have been in disbelief. >> it disturbing me. anything like that happened. i don't know why, what could cause it, or what and they are quiet people. >> quiet neighborhood, you really rarely see policeman and it is because something is drastically wrong and on sunday my daughter actually noticed policeman coming in and out and we had no idea. >> reporter: one could only imagine the grief not just in the neighborhood but inside the hospital saturday night. tricoche was charged with first degree murder, originally there was a lack of information getting out because police say they have to find biological father and notify him of the death that has since been done. meantime neighbors say that they just started, seeing this family recently in the neighborhood, that they have just moved in recently they
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didn't see the two-year old before but undoubted they will be watching this case unfold again. an arraignment at 1:30 here in camden county at the courthouse now back to you. >> 6:36. jerry sandusky continuing to fight to have his conviction overturn, or get a new trial. it is third day of an appeal hearing for sandusky. yesterday's testimony focused on statements given by victim number two. that man settled with penn state based on the crime that he was a victim, victim, seen in the shower by a former assistant coach, do you remember that story? however, a state police corporal says that victim number two denied that sandusky abused him. neither defense or prosecution ever called him, to the stand to testify, during the trial. who knows why not. 6:37. a staffer working in the philadelphia commissioner's
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office has been identified as victim of a fatal shooting over the weekend. one gunman shot and killed 25 year-old leonard boyar the third in front of his mother's north philadelphia home sat the day night this was on the 600 block of north 12th street. no arrests have been made at this time and there is no word on a motive either. prosecutors in new jersey say, that they will not file any federal charges against the police officer who fatally shot a man during a traffic stop, back in december of 2014. police say, watch this, 36 year-old jeremy reid did not listen to orders when he stepped out of a car, with his hands up. new watch this. this is in bridgeton. captured here on this dash cam video. prosecutors say there was inphysician evidence the to pursue criminal charges. 6:37. coalition of naacp chapters outline policies they say will bridge gap between police and
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communities that they serve. groups came together at a montgomery county courthouse yesterday. police from norristown joined them. they established civilian oversight communities to work with police promoting positive activities in the community and developing clear policies on racial profiling. >> we've gone a long way toward creating it, we have got to step up and fix it. i sit here behind president knowing that what he was going to say, what is the most comfortable thing? no. but it is right thing to be here and if we collaborate it will start new. >> naacp acknowledged the community has the responsibility to work more closely with the police. local residents are trying to pump breaks on a major natural gas pipeline going near a school. it with the carry highly pressurized gas through delaware county. plan developed was postponed as residents passed a meeting to oppose this project. safety is a major concern who spoke out at middletown township meeting yesterday.
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planned 350-mile pipeline would transport hundreds of the thousands of barrels of natural gas liquids across 17 counties to marcus hook. plan is going right in front of the glenwood elementary school. >> so lets suppose we're standing here and god forbid the pipeline would explode, it is in the 10 feet, 20 feet or 30 feet it is many hundreds of the feet. >> some residents point to incidents in west moreland county in april where underground gas pipeline exploded. no one from sunoco was at that meeting. but cot says it far exceed federal safety requirements and says safety of our neighbors and employees is most important act that of any work that we do. well, a suburban philadelphia charter school says that it did not send out a promotional mailer with information about a drug arrest at a local high school. the post card looks like it is from the arts academy charter school, it says that liberty high school caught a teenager with more than $3,000 worth of
6:40 am
heroin and cocaine. the charter school says it has met its enrollment and target does not need more students. the school says their attorney is investigating an unauthorized mailing. >> so nia is back. >> that is right, it is. after making history in rio nia ali talk about her experience in rio after returning back home to philadelphia overnight. >> nicely done. struck again, riders stranded on a roller coaster in hershey park for a second time in a week, how staff was finally able to get those people down.
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another malfunction leaves riders stuck at hershey park and it happened, the sidewinder roller coaster yesterday. rescue teams say the riders rolling down the hill help it got stuck. crews carefully walk 27 people off the ride. park officials are trying to figure out just what went wrong here after fahrenheit roller coaster was stuck mid ride for about six minutes, on friday. all these store business roller coaster i don't know how i feel. i love roller coasters. >> toss it affect you when you hear about them. have you ever been on a stopped roller coaster. >> i have been/a stopped ferris wheel. >> that might be worse. >> you are just dangling
6:44 am
there. >> i was with my sister don't rock it. >> so, first thing i do is rock it. >> yes. >> final destination. >> ferris wheel. >> the of movie. >> where they escaped death and death starts chasing them. >> why would i want to see that. >> it is a scary movie. >> it sound like this show. >> you have never seen final destination. >> this is my final destination. >> where are we going. >> good morning, everybody. 6:44 on this tuesday morning and a live look at an accident here, tractor trailer southbound i-95 at yardley interchange, just south of the yardley on ramp. tractor trailer, couple vehicles, puncture the fuel tank here. there is a fuel spill and only left lane opened. we are starting to see traffic, building up here southbound coming over scudders and head south of yardley and that is your first delay. we have a crash south on the northeast extension at quakertown interchange.
6:45 am
just got a report, we are checking on a water main break cheltenham and washington right there by cheltenham mall where 309, ogontz, and cheltenham all come together there. sky fox is on the way, we will take you there when they arrive to see what they find, up in northampton water main break from earlier this morning, bustleton pike at lower who will an. water pressure could be tight and some work crews will be out there during the day. good morning to bellmawr, here we go delays on the freeway coming in toward the city and we will see extra delays coming over walt whitman because of a new traffic pattern, at the toll plaza traffic lights out at belmont and levering road ape the sunnies just popping up over the tree line hitting you in the forehead with sun glare there on your eastbound schuylkill. how long will sun hang with us this week? sue has the answer in 15 seconds.
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we are looking at temperatures because i think that is what will shock you walking out the door this morning. the it feels like fall, look at lancaster 51 degrees, allentown 53. sixty-two here in the city but only 46 in mount pocono. and 48 in a hazel ton. so, it is down right sweater weather there. 64 degrees ocean city. fifty-four in millville. fifty-five atlantic city. fifty-four in medford lakes. allendale is 57. dover has 61. we are keeping track have of how many 90-degree plus days we have had this year. we have had 32. in 2012, we had 36, during meteorological summer. so we are getting close to that record. when you see the seven day forecast, you will see, how many more. it is dry in louisiana as they continue to clean up there. here is our area nothing to
6:47 am
look at, as far as rain is concern. hardly a drop in the seven day forecast. there is a a very slight chance on friday night that we have a little shower or two but still not sold on that. eighty for today. eighty-eight. and more humid on thursday. friday is hottest day of the week. we could stay around 90 degrees both saturday and sunday. >> i'll take it, after yesterday, it sound amazing. hit just keep coming for what we have to call embattled u.s. swimmer ryan lochte. he a has lost endorsement deals were four major companies. so here they are, gentle hair removal and air weaves. why does he endorse a mattress company. >> he is tired. >> they said last night they have cut ties. earlier ralph lauren and speedo severed ties with the the olympian. speedo could in the conn down behavior count tore their values. company says it will donate a 50 you this dollars portion of lochte's fee to the global charities save the children. these companies making moves
6:48 am
in the wake of the scandal in rio laughing lochte and three other swimmers. >> what are the values of speedo. >> i don't know. >> when i saw this i say ryan lochte will in longer wear speed owe. people got a kick out of that. >> did they. >> obviously you didn't. >> no, i'm getting a kick. >> if he doesn't wear speed owe what will he wear he says he still wants to compete. >> loin clothh. >> orange jump suit, i don't know. >> bandana. >> what was it, hair removal, gentle breeze. >> yes. >> it is hair removal which makes sense for swimmers shave and stuff. >> yes. >> it is called what. >> gentle hair removal. >> that is what i like. it is a gentle hair removal. >> you wouldn't want anything else. >> no, in certain area. >> i saw that movie 40 year-old virgin. >> yes. >> kelly clarkson. >> have you ever been waxed.
6:49 am
>> only for a tv segment. it is ridiculous. >> did you react that way. >> pretty much, geese, you saw what happened with he during my pedicure. don't be removal hair that way. well, olympic games in rio are over, all those closing ceremonies, on sunday still talk about it. >> big question i have now, how do they make their money how does this work. >> nia ali is back. >> she received a welcome at philadelphia airport overnight. family and friend there to greet her at 2:00 a.m. she said my goodness. >> including her 15 year-old son titus. he is a wake too for 2:00 a.m. she took time to sign autographs, take selfies, and she also had a special message for her supporters. >> this is great, i mean oppositely i have never dreamed of anything like that in my life. i meet a lot of cool people from different sports. i got to share a bond with my
6:50 am
teammates that would be memorable and we will never forget and i want to thank my supporters and everybody who came here. >> meet her tomorrow on this program we call, good day philadelphia do you think she will come. >> she grew up in germantown. >> i hepp so, and she must bring titus, so cute. >> bit of west catholic high school. >> she took home the silver in the hundred meter hurdles with her teammates. this gave the you had their first sweep in that event. >> they were one, two, three for sure. she was number two. out of storage space on your phone, it happens all the time. >> i get that notification storage almost full, so annoying. >> freakish way to clear out enough space without getting rid have of your pressure pictures and videos. >> i love this. >> it is very weird. you go to your app store and rent a certain movie. >> what movie would that be. >> i'll tell you you, it has a ring to it.
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it is friday. it is coming up fast. school supplies, our kid need it, eight to 10:00 a.m. in clementon park that great splash zone there. quincy will be there. by the way if you donate five items you you can get a 15-dollar admission to the park and splash around. so come on out we will see you there on friday.
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listen to this, if you plan on dining at chipotle, today, you'll be supporting a good cause. from 11:00 this morning to 10:00 tonight that restaurant chain is hosting a pennsylvania spca fundraiser across locations, in southeastern and central pennsylvania. and then over in south jersey. all you have to do is mention the fundraiser at the register, 50 percent of the proceeds will go to the spca, and our lauren johnson will be at chipotle in springfield, in the 8:00 o'clock hour if you'd like to meet her and take part. and atlantic city beaches going old school. >> for the beach's fifth concert some groups from the 90's will be hitting the stage. >> oh, baby. >> bell b id evo. >> oh, my god. >> and they will be giving you something that you can feel.
6:55 am
>> oh, yeah. >> he is a mighty good man. >> good one. >> it is september 22nd you can get tickets this friday. there is a limit have four tickets per person but this looks like it will be good. >> got a man, got a man, mighty good man. >> ♪ >> yes. >> i can kind of hear it. >> she was my favorite. >> oh, yeah. >> good song. >> don't be uptight. >> oh, lease. >> get a man, get a man, mighty fan man. >> um, um. >> all right. five minutes before 7:00 o'clock a couple big stories to tell you about, sabina will get it started,
6:56 am
sabina? >> we can tell you a man will be in camden county's court this afternoon on charges that he brutally beat and killed his girl friend's two-year old boy we are hearing from neighbors and what they may have noticed after the break. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet.
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fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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unreal an arrest made in a disturbing crime at a camden county home. who police say beat a two-year old leaving him to die at the hospital. and, a desperate plea, to the president. >> some of us just don't have anything. >> what those impacted by devastating flooding in louisiana are asking president obama as he prepares to visit the flood zone today. and a judge strikes down president obama's mandate on transgender bathroom in public schools. what it means for student and teach's cross the country as they prior to head back to school. is danger in the water. e case of someone contracting a brain eating ameba while swimming. we will explain if it could happen in our area.
7:00 am
>> some positive news. we will get to that in a second. >> weather has been great. >> huge. >> is that my coup. >> yeah. >> ten out of ten today. sorry. it is easy to get distract when it is so lovely outside. we have buddy ready for another lovely day out of doors, and we will have sun screen, of course, now that the sunnies up temperatures are still on the cool side in the 50's and 60's out there walking out the door, clear skies, and plenty of sunshine, rising higher in the the sky. northwesterly breeze at 6 miles an hour 62 degrees at the moment, as we look, okay, those temperatures we will update momentarily. 84 degrees is our high, mostly sunny skies and another beautiful day but, of course, things will start changing by tomorrow and thursday we will talk about that coming up, bob kelly you have got a jammo. >> we have a jam cams working


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