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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  August 26, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 11. breaking news out of the gate in philadelphia. hazmat crews have taken over a block in juniata where some type of chemical is leaking on the 3600 block of g street. i'm lucy noland. authorities evacuated the area for a short time. fox 29's is a bone in a kuriakose just arrived on the scene. sabina, what's going on right now? >> reporter: lucy, let's take you right to the zone here. you can see police and fire department have this whole section of g street block off. we're at g street and erie. the fire department says this is an on-going situation but they do have it under control. it took them about three hours to get to that point. let's take look addd video. this happened about 6:18 pure lake corporation a resin making company. g street manufacturing plant on the 3600 block of that street.
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the fire department says when they got here they assessed the situation and realized they had to call in the hazmat team a large tank was leaking some kind of a liquid or gas. we're not sure exactly which one. and they say there was some kind of potential for an explosion. now, of course, this was a very fluid situation so earlier we were told there were evacuations. now we're being told that there were not evacuations but that the fire department was simply restricting access to two buildings and the streets of course you are now closed off to people and vehicles coming in and and out much the fire commissioner just gave us an update a short time ago. he was limited on specifics. kept everything a little bit vague but he says there's no danger outside of this area. he says there's some kind of a chemical process going on in the area that they have blocked off and he says that officials are monitoring that situation until that chemical process runs its course. but he has not said and would not say exactly what kind of chemical we're talking about here. now he gave us an update. let's listen to what he toll.
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>> chemical process that, um, has gone outside of its normal limits. outside of its normal parameters we're having to monitor very closely to see what happens with that process. whether it returns to its normal limits or exceeds the parameters that are normally specified nor process. >> reporter: and back out here live, that was fire commissioner adam thiel. nobody was hurt in this situation and the fire depth says it does have it under control. but they say there is still the potential for danger within this area but they have monitoring it very closely. lucy, back to you. >> thank you very much, is a bean n on your radar temperatures are about to spike. looking live at will morning ton right now ahead of what may be our next heat wave. several days straight of 90-degrees or hoy that's what happens. meteorologist kathy orr is here with your first forecast at 11. >> it does happen. it happened lot this summer, hasn't it? >> six. >> this will be six. the second heat wave of the month of august. we did not have any heat waves in june. believe it or not but three in
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july. the heat will be building again with high pressure anchored off the mid atlantic that jet stream well into canada. on the west getting little cool. still sizzling in the east. overnight, 74 in the city. 64 in the suburbs. partly cloudy, mild and increasingly muggy overnight. when you wake up tomorrow morning you'll notice it will be warm and it will be humid. 74 in the city. 74 in trenton and wrightstown. in ac dover 75, millville waking up to 76. refreshing in the poconos but still 70 degrees pretty mild for this time of year. average high for this time of year 85. today we made it to 87. 94 tomorrow. saturday 90. sunday makes it an official heat wave. 94 degrees the high tomorrow in philadelphia. hot and humid and with the humidity it will feel like it's around 100 degrees in the afternoon. by lunch time, already 88. so we'll be sweating it out in the afternoon 84. in the evening 89 degrees and not even catching a sea breeze down the shore. so it's going to be hot pretty
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much everywhere. your extended forecast from the weather authority friday 94. saturday, sunday, monday even tuesday in the 90s. with a few pop up storms. we break the heat wave wednesd wednesday. but still some heat and humidity right into the end of next week and that is labor day weekend. we'll talk more about your forecast from the city to the shore and the tropics coming up later in the broadcast. lucy. >> sounds good, kathy. fire at a manufacturing plant in edgemoor, delaware, has sent three firefighters and that includes a teen to the hospital. skyfox over the scene this afternoon at the iko manufacturing on hay road. paramedic tell us all of the injuries are hee related with one, 34 year old firefighter in critical condition. the two others are stable. authorities say welding started the fire. in camden neighbors are in shock and angry over what has happened to this beautiful little girl. a stray bullet he hit her last night in the head. she's been fighting for her life
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ever since and police are trying to find who pulled that trigger. fox 29's chris o'connell talk to the girl's neighbor live at cooper university hospital. >> reporter: well, lucy, according to family that little eight-year-old girl still remains in critical condition tonight. fighting for her life we're told here at cooper university hospital. meanwhile, just about half a mile away from here camden police are on the hunt for suspects. >> camden police canvassing the neighborhood stopping cars and handing out flyers where little eight-year-old girl was shot in the head wednesday night. friends identified the little girl as gabbie. shot while riding her bike outside her camden home. now, her friends who barely understand what happened live in fear. >> my daughter is in there crying all morning. like, my son telling me he just hope that he can live to be an old man. why are kids feeling -- kids
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shouldn't have to go through this. >> reporter: report police say at least two people were firing shots when one of those bullets hit little gabbie who neighbors say wants to be a cheerleader some day. her babysitter ran to her side after the girl was shot. >> i seen the hole in the baby head. and i checked to see was she breathing and stuff. this is wrong. it shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: $6,000 reward is now being offer for information leading to an arrest of a suspect. >> we believe that this has gang activity tied to this. um, you know like i said this is all hands on deck. >> reporter: now, i just got off the phone with the gabbie's aunt. she tells me it is still very touch and go. gabbie is scheduled for procedures tomorrow including a brain scan. we should find out more on her condition. but she's still listed in very critical condition. police tell me tonight they're stepping up patrols. we were out there. that is the case. police are flooding that intersection.
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of course, they encourage anyone if they have any information on this case to please call camden police. lucy? >> so many prayers going out for gabbie. thank you, chris. a philadelphia police sergeant is incredibly alive and talking after a car slammed into him in manayunk. the video is tough to watch. as you can imagine. it happened at 1:00 this morning along main street. 55-year-old joseph cane, jr., you saw him just right there talking to another officer who was making a traffic stoply then a car comes into view and that sergeant suddenly out of frame. the car hit him so hard he landed 15 feet away you saw his shoes he flew out of his shoes. the driver just kept going. a tow truck operator spotted that driver tipped police who then tracked down and arrested him. >> thank god that that tow truck operator was in that area to be able to listen to what was being provided over police radio and able to be alert enough to know that that was the vehicle and being able to flag down one of our police officers and be able to stop this individual before
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he hurts somebody else. police arrested 21-year-old colin murphy of schwenksville he facing a bunch of charges including dui the officer is in the hospital and stable. we now know who fell at a ziplining course in new castle county and died. state police say 59-year-old tina werner of felton died yesterday after she fell 35 feet from the top of the platform. investigators say she was waiting down a zipline at the go ape rope course. she died at a local hospital. go ape says she completed training and that training instructs people to stay who are nass intoed safety system but "participant witnesses have stated that at the time of the accident the participant had unfortunately disconnected herself from the safety system". they say their thoughts are with werner's friends and fami family. a philadelphia father is pleading for your help to catch the person who murdered his son during a violent weekend in the city.
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police say the gunman shot and killed 21-year-old nasir robinson as he walk to deli at the corner of g and hilton just before 1:00 a.m. last saturday. his death is one of four murders in a 36-hour stretch. robinson was an aspiring dancer who loved teaching his moves to neighborhood children. he leaves behind a one-year-old son and another son born just four days before he died. >> it hurts. it hurts that he's not going to see his dad tomorrow. he's not going to know his laugh, not personally. he'll hear about it. we'll make sure he hears about it but he's never going to know the warmth of my son. my son was a loving, kind, humble young man. >> philly police have no suspects nor a motive in the murder. a $20,000 reward now stands for information leading to an arrest and conviction. you decide 2016. donald trump and hillary clinton are sparring over racially charged rhetoric. trump was in new hampshire and continued his efforts to focus
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on african-american and latino votervoters he says clinton andr democratic office holders let down black voters. meanwhile hillary clinton is in reno never they have and called out trump for using what she calls inn inflammatory and dangerous rhetoric during his campaign. >> from the start, donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. he is taking hate groups main stream and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> it's the oldest play in the democratic may book. when democratic policies fail, they are left with only this one tired argument. you're racist, you're racist, you're racist. >> back and forth came one day after trump called clinton bigot during a rally in mississippi
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last night. armed with a gun this guy took down a man at a local auto body shop. he stole his cash, his phone, his wallet and his car. what happened next that makes this really creepy. police found this guy little guy wandering alone an busy local street near train tracks. police now know who he is. where his family is. we still have mystery on our hands, though. and can't get by without your morning cup of joe and maybe a few more cups throughout the day? might just be in your blood. why researchers
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♪ with a surveillance camera rolling a man with gun rushed into the dream team window tinting shop in kensington. he forced another man to the ground then rivaled through the man' pockets stealing money, credit cards and his id before taking off in the man's car. next he drove to the victim' home then rummaged through his apartment. didn't take anything. the mannose of. police later found the car dumb. police are now looking for the robber. $600,000 that's how much authorities say a bucks county man stole in vehicle parts from septa properties. montgomery county prosecutors have charged kyle allen with felon 93 burglary, receiving stolen property and other offenses. he stole hundreds of batteries, cat it will tick converters and
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sold them. he started doing this in january of 2015. you see you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your neighborhood. iain? >> was you got tonight. >> frees tow users recorded a pretty messy scene in hammonton atlantic county. a tanker full of liquid asphalt tipped over just after 5:00 along 13th street. about a thousand gallons of liquid spilled out. state department of environmental protection crews are working to clean everything up right now. the good news is, they say none of the as faults flowed into storm drains and nice weather to be outside in ardmore today. a couple of dozen people took part in what's called box lunch an book today. it was held at the zion baptist church the chance for the community to come together over lunch while helping tutor kids in reading the lower merion police department also lend a hand in this program. when you see news happens happening take out your phone and shoot it and make sure to use the fresco app to send to it our newsroom. you could learn some cash. >> thank you very much iain much
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police found the family of young boy wandering alone in delaware county. but he's not going back to them just yet. police say they found the little guy walking near septa train tracks on mcdade boulevard in collingdale this morning. his uncle was supposed to be watching him. the department of youth services now has the little boy while investigators figure out what happened. >> i'm glad that woman stepped up who found him and call 911. and the business that is gave us the video footage to look at what direction he came f it's a win/win today. good guys in the public won. >> police are crediting a witness who called 911 which helped save the boy. they don't believe anyone will face any criminal charges. in your health tonight, crave that first cup of coffee in the morning? not that i'm blaming anyone but if you did you might assign a little blame to mom and dad. researchers think your genes may tick dictate how much coffee you drink. researchers studied 1200 people and found that those with a
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specific gene variant drank one less cup of coffee day than those without it. study authors say people wise gene needless caffeine to get the same effect. in your money tonight how does a sugary drink tax affect people's drinking habits? new research suggests that tacking those drinks does indeed lead to fewer people drinking it. they got to pay more and maybe you lay off. study conducted by the american public association surveyed people living in berkeley, california that. town passed this kind of tax in 2014. research shows that in the four months after the tax hit people who reported drinking suga sugay drippings dropped by 21%. 1.5 cents an ounce tax on sugary drinks will take effect in philadelphia january 1st. much to the chagrin of many small businesses. we are marking a special anniversary. 100 years sin the national park service has been taking care of some of the country's most spectacular land marks and of course philadelphia is part of
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the celebration. independence national park is among the parks across the country that the park service look after. and today in old city national park service staff and the community celebrated with a picnic and games and a concert and much more. >> independence now historical park is one of those special places of the park service and hats lore i know you know lots more than independence hall and the liberty bell. the park itself was created by congress in 1948. >> park officials also sealed a time capsule not to be opened for 100 years. so we could think about 100 years but i'd rather think about the neck few days because kathy orr we got changes in the work. >> we have a lot of changes. it's back to the heat and humidity. outside right now temperatures are in the 70s and it does feel a little sticky. come tomorrow morning the same. it will feel like it's in the 70s and that's pretty much where our temperatures will be. the rise in humidity happens throughout the afternoon. and this is what it will be feeling like by four,
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5:00 o'clock in the evening. 80s in the poconos. 90s north and west. 100 philadelphia south and east for the most part even in atlantic city at the airport it will feel like 101 and dover 101. elsewhere philadelphia, wilmington and millville even toward the shore in wildwood feeling around 100 degrees. tropical development possible over the next 48 hours and this could become tropical storm hermine. all of our spaghetti plots our models are pulling it now further south toward the gulf of mexico. and possibly impacting the mainland u.s. as early as next week. next tuesday, maybe next wednesday and we'll see if we see any of that remnant rain late next week as we head toward the holiday weekend. down the shore over the weekend a land breeze tomorrow it's going to be hot. a sea breeze building in over the weekend but temperatures still quite warm. ocean water temperatures mainly in the 70s. your extended forecast calls for heat wave to continue right through tuesday. still hot wednesday and thursday with high temperatures in the upper 80s. it certainly has been a hot
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august. we'll see how accept bodies as we get a little closer. lucy, for now it will be hot, tomorrow the hottest day of the week. >> i'm not prepared. thank you very much kathy. if you've ever taken train at 30th street station you know the sound of letters flipping over on the old school departures board. soon that classic sign will be a thing of the past. amtrak says it's removing the sign that has been there for decades and replacing the with a digital board. i'm a little sad about this. i like the tradition. amtrak says it's taking out the old board to make life easier for passenger. i'm wonder wagon you're thinking were you this shredder. >> it has the clicking sound. >> that's what i said. >> you got to have the alcoholic. >> you can stand there and just click. >> there you go. (laughter). >> lucy, tim tebow clicking al baseball where his future is but he's about to destroy the past if he d
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♪ the phillies rebuild under way.
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they will look under every and any rock for a pros spec. it's while they're due diligence and attend to work out with 19 other clubs for tim tebow in los angeles next week. now part of you roots for tim tebow still. there isn't phony bone in this guy' body. he is jenn wine, he is sincere. i get that. but the act is starting to get old real fast. open with tv jobs he wants to may baseball after 10 years of not playing it and after his nfl dream came to screeching but predictable halt. not everyone in baseball is thrilled with this latest decision. david hernandez call it a slap in the face to baseball. and phillies bench coach lower what bowa said tim tebow doesn't respect the game. i think tim tebow is shamelessly starting to walk the line of turning himself into a laughing stock. we remember brett favre as a warrior started more consecutive games than any quarterback in ffl history a guy who has more gold watches and more rubber
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chicken dinners from his retirement parties. how about steve carlton? he hung on the end of his career in philadelphia. left here in '86 and won 17 games. that was in 2.5 years. that was with four different teams. it was sad to watch at the end. it's part of how you remember lefty. neither guy could walk away. tim tebow is only 29 and he's not steve carlton and no he's not brett favre. but he's quickly earning the reputation being carnival act. it's time to walk away before it's too late. we want to remember the heisman trophy win are in tebow, two national championships for tim tebow in florida we want to remember tebowing. tim is about to hang around long enough to let the self inflicted body blows destroy who he really is. >> lucy. >> i love tim tebow. >> i know do you. he needs to go. >> hem land security now investigating the cyber attack comedian leslie jones. someone hacked her website and posted her personal information and nude photo jones team took
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down that website after the incident. the snl star vocal about facing racial and sexism comments online. just when you thought the ryan lochte drama had gone away, it dances right back into our lives. you know what's going on here, shredder. >> the em balanced swimmer just sign deal with dancing with the stars for next season. >> tim tebow can be do that as well. >> he might insiders say he signed a deal to appear on the show before his scandal at the rio summer games went down and speaking of that scandal in rio, brazilian prosecutors have now charged the gold med list with filing a false robbery report the conviction could be 18 months in jail. >> tim wants to try out for the flyers in september. (laughter). >> if he wants to and lethe let him more power to him. >> come on.
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neighbors shocked and angry after this beautiful little girl was shot, by a stray bullet. how the eight year-old is doing right now and what we though about the gun man. i wanted to know. every parent wants to know what happened, you want to know how did this happen? >> a grieving father, speaking out after his child is shot and killed. message he hopes brings justice for his son. video is really tough to watch but victim is okay. take a look a local police sergeant standing the street when an suv slams into him. what the witness did next to help catch the driver who took off. it hads been a dry spell for philadelphia sports franchise since the phillies won the world series in 2008, why you


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