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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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good evening everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. good news fort weekend it only gets better from here on out. let's head to have meteorologist scott yell williams an check of your all important weekend forecast. >> hi there, the heat has peak peaked. talkly temperatures in the low 90s feels like temperatures in the triple digits. hazy sunshine. fair weather cumulus clouds outdoors right now but look at the temperature in philadelphia. 92 degrees and once again it felt even hotter when you really factor in the humidity. how your body reacts. it feels like 93 degrees but look at the winds out of the west at 13 miles per hour. temperatures across the area what it actually feels like, it feels like 101 in dover. feels like 98 in millville. look at the feels like temperature in wilmington. 94. feels like 95 in lancaster even down the shore with the land breeze it feels like the upper 90s right now in atlantic city. so it stays warm by 7:00 o'clo 7:00 o'clock. 86 degrees. low 90s by 9:00. upper 70s 11:00 o'clock tonight.
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the 3d satellite we're dry and quiet but take look to the south. we've been watching this area of disturbed weather around the bahamas. that could turn into something tropical hermine moving toward the florida straits then eventually perhaps even in the gulf of mexico. but we'll stay dry, we'll stay sunny for the up coming weekend but the humidity won't be as bad for tomorrow. but it is still going to be hot just less humid as woe work your way toward your saturday. so, of course, we'll be keeping tabs on the temperatures. but also down the shore there will be an increased risk for some dangerous rip currents and that is because of another tropical system well out to sea. it's name is gaston we'll be watching that. otherwise, high pressure will be in control for the weekend and once again we have gaston well out into the open waters and the potential is there around the bahamas for hermine. we'll be monitoring that situation. it was looking pretty ragged but starting to get little better organized. we have men he tee of time to watch that but it could be a
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threat fort gulf. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you so much. right now at 5:00, several septa officers and a good samaritan are being hailed heroes they all jumped into action when a rider started to have a heart tack. >> the group used cpr and that likely saved the man's life. our bruce gordon has the story tonight from 30th street station after talking with those officers. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, chris, in live sometimes it helps to be in the right place at the right time with the right skill set. well unidentified septa passenger is alive tonight in part because just the right fellow passenger happened to be nearby. >> 22-year-old daniel cordero's girlfriend just missed his moment in the spotlight. it's not every day your significant other joins police to save a life. >> just phenomenal. i'm glad he's all right. that's what you hope for. you always hope for best. do what you can and hope for best. >> reporter: around 4:30 thursday afternoon, when the 911 call came in from 30th street
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station. middle-aged man down unresponsive on a market frankford train car. the victim of app apparent heart tack. security camera footage shows transit police officer james mayo went rushing to the scene with his partner doing chest compressions. just behind them is cordero. he had arrived moments earlier for his commute home. >> i saw the crowd on the platform and i thought oh great septa is late again. (laughter). >> but then i realized that that was actually not the case, and there was an emergency. >> reporter: victim wasn't breathing. his pulse was faint. but mayo kept up with the chest compressions and core dairy pulled from his backpack the pocket cpr mask he carries with him. he's certified emt. as he put it to use, mayo's partner justin matthews over the chest compressions. victim started showing signs of life. >> our training paid off. sometimes you're in training you're like, it's training. but most memory kicks in and everything clicks together well.
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>> reporter: with fire rescue now on scene, the victim was quickly wheeled to street level for the trip to hahnemann hospital where he was last reported in stable condition. >> when we were taking him up, he was awake and alert and sort of out of it. so -- >> reporter: clearly he was going to be okay. >> he was fine, yeah. better than when we got there. >> reporter: that's for sure. again, no name released on that heart attack victim but we do understand that he is going to be okay. cordero is villanova graduate who opening to into medical technology field as a grown up so to speak. all i can say is, if i'm in trouble, i want him nearby. chris? >> no kidding. lucky guy there. bruce, thanks. police in delaware have arrested a woman in connection with the murder of a delaware state university student last month. 46-year-old cheryl jennings of new castle charged with murdering 19-year-old malcolm evans. police say jennings shot the student near the entrance of the rutledge community in bare while he was driving to his part-time job.
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he lost control of his car and crashed. police say evidence shows the victim and jennings did not know each other. they credit the public with helping find the killer. >> throughout the investigation detectives in conjunction with delaware crime stoppers received tips from the public regarding this case. on august 24th, the investigation continued with the arrest of cheryl jennings. >> so far police have no motive for the shooting. jennings is also facing two weapons charges from the jul july 9th incident. to a developing story out of chester county. the search for the murderer or murderers of a homeless man. police found the victim this morning in backyard off an all alley. he was shot several times. fox 29's karen hepp is in coatesville with the very latest on this senseless act of violence. karen? >> reporter: 911 call came in here to the coatesville police. it was just before 6:00 o'clock this morning. it happened in backyard. a lot of people in this neighborhood don't have air-conditioning so the windows
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were open, and they heard this very disturbing scene. this is where a troubled soul lost his life around 6:00 o'clock this morning in a backyard of a if you have neighborhood in coatesville. police say, he was shot several times. >> all my family, they said it sounded like bazooka with eight shots and i know they hit him three times. >> reporter: murder happened off of diamond alley. horrified neighbors snapped pictures of the disturbing seep. evidence markers all over the backyard. so many shots fired investigators had to dig them out of the soil. we know the victim was a homeless man from montgomery county. jim david runs a rescue mission where the victim stayed. he says live on the streets is rough here. >> sad. i mean ideal with the criminal element every day for 36 years i've been at city gate. i've seen where this corner right behind me 10 feet from where i'm sitting is a hot bed for open air drug sales. >> reporter: detectives from
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coatesville and chester county collected evidence for hours trying to gather clues to help them solve senseless crime that has neighbors worried. >> scary. it's scare reach i'm scared for my kids. i'm from el paso, texas i just moved here maybe a month ago. it's scary. it is really scary. >> reporter: police say they really still are looking for leads on this one. they do know who the victim s they know he's from pottstown. they're waiting to row lease his name until they notify the rest of his familiar. if you have any information call the police in coatesville. back to you. >> happy ending to night for a young girl reported missing in luzerne county, pennsylvania. police say three-year-old ava burn has been found safe in new york city. authorities issued an amber alert this morning after the young girl went missing two hours northwest of philadelphia. she was found this afternoon with her father 24-year-old robert burn. authorities did not immediately provide any other details. officials in dover,
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delaware, trying to track down a correctional center resident who never returned from an approved work leave. the delaware department of corrections says 37-year-old philip nelson left the morris community correctional center yesterday but he has not returned. the correction center works to transition offenders back into the community and is not secured like more heavily guarded prisons. if you have seen nelson, you're asked to give police a call. police arreste arrested a sn they say shot and robbed a pizza delivery driver in kingsessing in june. 22-year-old brian jones is charged with attempted murder, robbery and other charges. police say he jumped out of a third story window to escape officers yesterday but he didn't get very far. police say jones and 17-year-old donovan daniels are accused of kidnapping 35-year-old man while delivering pizza. police say the men stole his car and robbed him at gun point. daniels was arrested earlier this month. he's being charged as an adult.
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doctors were able to save the victim. police in bensalem trying to find a couple accused of of pickpocketing an unsuspecting mom as she sat with her children at lunch. authorities say the entire crime was caught on surveillance vid video. it happened on wednesday inside the chick-fil-a on verizon boulevard. investigators say the man reached into the mom's bag which was hanging on the back of her chair. according to police, the other woman sitting with the accused pickpocketer was acting as look out. authorities say the duo used a mother's credit cards to purchase nearly $2,000 worth of gift cards. in montgomery county, a car slams into the side of a home and causes a gas leak. skyfox over the scene this afternoon on 100 block of devon drive this is in trooper township. that's where police say a car hit a natural gas meter on the side of the house. you can see peco crews working the scene making repairs. peco tells us it was the homeowner's personal meter season connected to the house. there are no reports of any
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injuries. hazmat incident at a burlington county chemical plant sends one person to the hospital. skyfox over cvc specialty chemicals on route 73 in maple shade. authorities tell us fire and hazmat crews responded around 10:30 this morning. no other details about the incident were immediately available. no word on the condition of the injured person at this time. pennsylvania's acting attorney general bruce castor won't be releasing a report that focuses on inn appropriate e-mails center between government officials. the report is on hold until people who are named in it have some sort of way of responding to any allegations. bruce castor took over the ag's office after kathleen kane resigned earlier this month after a jury convicted her of perjury and obstruction. the local hospital turned storybook fairy tale. castles and all. giving children with serious health problems an escape. we're taking you through the enchanted halls of the place
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family's call truly magical. and a co-pilot fired for being drunk on the job. what the pilot of that plane did the moment he says he realized his partner was under the influence. vice-president joe biden in wilmington today to talk um. to amtrak but you have to hear what got him a little choked up during the announcement. >> the dee finance got underway for mob boss joey merlino in the latest federal indictment against him. hear about the tipster who helped bring the gangster down. ♪
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breaking news. police arrest a gloucester county man accused of killing his parents investigators say 28-year-old ryan kohl's murder the his mother and father inside their west deptford township home on penn field drive. police say the couple owned a mantua township music store and their son worked with his father there. police have not said how ryan kohl's killed his parents. they say that will be determined following autopsies. turning to you decide tonight. the presidential candidates turning up the race rhetoric on the campaign trail tonight and even the white house is noticing. fox's lauren blanchard reports from washington. >> reporter: the white house now weighing in on mud slinging from both presidential campaigns as neither hillary clinton nor donald trump backed down from saying the other is worse for minority voters. >> there's no denying that, um, some of the rhetoric that we
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have heard from presidential candidates has been counter productive. >> reporter: the clinton campaign out today with another new ad attacking trump. >> what do you have to lose? you live in poverty, your schools nor good. you have no job. >> the last thing we need in the situation room is a loose cannon who can't tell the difference or doesn't care to between fact and fiction. and who buys so easily into racially hinged rumors. >> reporter: but when pressed last night if she would out right call trump a racist, clinton deflected. trump campaign advisers saying her new rhetoric is just a way to shift focus from controversy over the clinton foundation. >> she's using that as a distraction and to take away from the constant scandal and list of corruption that she's had hitting her all week. >> reporter: trump is in las vegas today still trying to make his case to hispanic leaders. while clinton leaves campaigning
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up to her running mate tim kaine for the day. >> donald trump values are not american values. they're not our values. >> reporter: while clinton may have a commanding lead over trump in the newest quinnipiac university poll it shows with just 11 weeks to go voters see her as the more dishonest candidate. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. >> new trains and fresh tracks are soon headed to the amtrak rails. vice-president joe biden in wilmington today with amtrak officials to announce the deal. the federal government will loan amtrak $2.4 billion for up grades. that money will go to buy new rail cars and make track improvements along the northeast corridor. biden has long history with amtrak. the station even bears his name. the vice-president got emotional today talking about how close he's become with amtrak workers over the years. >> they're the guys and women on the phone when things went bad. even though i hadn't been on the road every day, they were the
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guys that showed up at beau's funeral. they're the people who have been with me my whole career. >> the lone will help increase seating on trains between washington and boston by nearly 40%. two alarm fire in this heat it happened about 2:45 in upper providence montgomery county. sky fox over the scene this afternoon along roberta boulevard. no one was hurt in the fire. still no word yet how it start started. well new recommendations from the federal drug administration about blood donations. the agency says all blood should be screened for the zika virus. previously the fda only required screenings in areas with active zika cases like puerto rico and parts of florida. new order comes on the wake of the first locally acquired zika cases in the continental us. more than 40 people in miami dade and palm beach counties in florida have been diagnosed with the virus since officials
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announced its appearance earlier this month. zika is primarily spread by mosquito bites as well as through sexual contact. well, did you giffinly extra love today? >> yes, and berkeley. >> and berkeley. i gave chester my love today. hope you did. it's national dog day. day to show off how much you love your furry friends. >> lots of people posting on social media some great pictures all across our area people are doing their part to help pups in need to mark this day and fox 29's bill anderson joining us in the stewed development i know you got a whole lot of puppy love today, bill. >> reporter: i had fun today. i was all over the area seeing how people were celebrating national dog day. from fundraisers for dog parks to the local shelters people showed love for our fur babies as dawn calls them and of course my first stop no surprise i ran into a friendly familiar fox 29 face. it wasn't planned. >> guess what we're doing? you want to know what we're doing.
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>> this is a neat tan your lovely daughter amanda. >> they are rescuing two dogs. >> national dog day and people across the country are canine focused of course we spent the day in the area seeing how we could help. >> the summer is a really high intake month for us. so right now we keep getting dogs in but because it's so hot and people are going down the shore and on vacation we're not seem too many adoptions. >> hey. >> reporter: walking the aisles you can see the need for familiar tolls step up and adopt the dozens of dogs who by no fault of their own now find themselves in need of a forever home. >> there's an idea animal is in a shelter because there must be something wrong with that pet really that animal is here because their owner failed in some way or another. that's the the dog's fault. >> reporter: we're recruiting new camera person, right? you going to shoot the story for me. >> yes. >> are these your dogs? >> yes. >> and they need a place to play, right? >> yeah. >> in hammonton national dog day brings attention to a different cause.
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building the areas first dog park. >> we are doing a fundraiser to buy the fencing to encase our 2.5 acres of dog park in the town of hammonton the town was nice enough to give us this land, and we are raising funds right now. >> reporter: got it. >> got it. >> reporter: volunteers of ham mon tan dog park including my new camera person greta. >> good. >> you shooting yourself. >> come together to raise funds and on a day we celebrate dogs, we also celebrate their efforts. >> once we put the word out and donations started rolling in it was so exciting to see the kind of response that we got from people of our town. >> reporter: i'm coming to play some more. you were playing with me. now you're going to walk away. >> dawn, the free adoptions at act philly will go on until 8:00 o'clock tonight. so please folks go over if you're interested in creating a forever home for a friend and we'll make sure that we put up the link if you'd like to contribute to the hammonton dog park. let's together celebrate national dog day in fun fashion. dawn?
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>> i love it. great story, thank you so much, bill. controversy in a california neighborhood. clause in homeowners contract says only white people can live there. what company is doing to correct the the policy. >> if you're heading to the shore this weekend, beware the thing you need to know before jumping into the ocean that could ruin your visit. >> plus a judge heavily criticized for giving a stanford student convicted in sexual assault a life sentence is making a career change. why it means he won't be overseeing criminal cases any longer. ♪
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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♪ federal reserve chairwoman jannie yell land is hitting at raising interest rates. yell land says the case for a rate hike has strengthened in recent months in light of a solid job improved. she stopped short of signaling time table for the next rate hike. yellen offed a generally upbeat assessment in of the economy in a speech to bankers in wyoming noting in nation is well high or well below the feds 2% target. there are renewed efforts between the us and russia to deal with the civil war in syr syria. secretary state john kerry russia's foreign minister mee
5:25 pm
meeting in geneva to talk about the escalating violence there. us is hoping to enlist russia as a partner as the fighting becomes more intense with the addition of turkish ground forces in syria. the two leaders are hoping to forge a nationwide truce. the judge who handed down a controversial sentence to a stanford student convicted of sexually assaulting inn tock indicated girl is making a change. >> that judge is removing himself from criminal matters and switch to go civil court. judge aaron persky came under fire earlier this year after sentencing barrack turner to just six months in jail. turner sexually assault add girl while she was passed out. judge persky will now serve in civil court. it's a move he says he wanted to make to prevent distraction. still critics are calling for the judge to be recalled. a pilot is fired and accept to jail after allegedly trying to fly a plane while drunk corporate charter mape set to fly out of northern michigan
5:26 pm
yesterday before police got involved police say the co-pilot was removed from the plane right before take off. the pilot called police when he suspected his co-pilot of being under the influence. the man was given breath test and blue a .3 nearly four times the legal threshold for driving. no passengers were on the plane at the time. a bizarre case out of texas where a man is accused of be heading his wife. what happened in the home just before police say the violence occurred. plus, with italy still reeling after the aftermath of the deadly earthquake new problem plaguing survivors. why some are refusing to leave the dangerous areas around their homes. scott? >> chris, if you're headed down the shore this upcoming weekend find out how gaston could bring a danger to the waters along the shore next.
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♪ earthquake in central italy is creating new housing emergency. survivors with nowhere to go are sleeping in tents set up by emergency services and many in devastated areas are worried about leaving because they fear their homes will be looted. meanwhile strong after shocks continue to rattle the area. >> access to key roads for first responders has been cut off after shocks caused even more damage. john huddy reports from italy. >> reporter: there have been near thousand after shocks following the deadly earthquake here. but this was the strongest. hitting just before 6:30am local time.
5:30 pm
magnitude of at least 4.7. damaging a bridge and cutting off a key access route to amatrice. causing more damage in towns that have been wiped off the map. >> translator: we enter very quickly because there are still after shocks. houses are dangerous and we just retrieved the search material things. >> reporter: now the focus turns to the recovery evident. the government has promised to rebuild but in the short term thousands are homeless and in need of assistance. government says it's assembling temporary shelters as a multi million dollars aid effort ramps up temporary beds will be laid out here both on the left and right. so that the displaced can sleep here. air-conditioners are also being installed for daytime use. >> reporter: meanwhile the survivors are starting to assess the damage. many losing their homes completely. others told they can't return till they rebuild. residents say they're grateful for the aid pouring in but also anxious to start the recovery process whenever and whatever it may be. >> translator: i have no idea what i'm going to do now because
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i had restructured the house two years ago. it was i was newell you now i don't know what to do. i'm 76. i don't know if i can rebuild. >> reporter: italian government declared a national dave mourning saturday. followed by a funeral service for the amatrice victims on wednesday. in amatrice, john huddy, fox news. ♪ and back to your fox 29 weather authority. one of the last weekends of summer. i can't believe it. where has the time gone? fox 29 weather authority says swimmers at both new jersey and delaware beaches however should be extra careful. rip currents are big problem tropical storm gaston is churning up the waters. as it moves north in the atlantic ocean. >> that looks pretty good out there, though. fox 29 meteorologist scott williams here. scott, pretty rough surf out there we know but some nice weather in store for the weekend it look like. >> yeah, it will stay dry. still a little hot, chris and dawn, that humidity will be more tolerable for the upcoming weekend. let's talk about that rip current danger really increasing the second half of the weekend into early next week all because
5:32 pm
of gaston. it will stay thousands of miles away from the jersey shore. but we'll be looking at some long swells and on shore flow and that water will pile up so the rip current risk will increase once again really sunday into early next week down the shore. so you'll want to swim where those lifeguards are. don't swim at night and as we take look at this graphic here kind of illustrating what to do if the rip currents tries to sweep you out to sea. don't panic. swim parallel to the coast. once again, watching out for an enhanced risk for rip currents for the up coming weekend through early next week. it's been hazy, hot and humid for your friday. 92 degrees right now. but it feels like the low 90s right now in philadelphia. winds a little breezy out of the west. look at the dew points. the measure of moisture in the atmosphere. any time dew points above 60 it starts to feel pretty muggy look at the scale. we have dew points in the low 70s in millville. 74 is the dew point in dover. and look at the current feels like temperature. dover feeling like 101.
5:33 pm
it feels like 98 in millville. it feels like 97 eye right now in atlantic city. 96 in wildwood. with that land breeze it's pretty hot today but for the weekend we'll see more of a sea breeze with that on shore flow down the shore. so for tomorrow, we'll keep temperatures at or slowly above 90 but it will be a little less humid with winds more out of the north and northeast drier winds but also once again that rip current risk will be elevated. let's talk a little bit about the tropics. we've been watching this area of disturbed weather around the southern bahamas it was poorly organized a little more convection right now. it has about a 60% chance in the next five days to turn into something tropical. the next name on the list is hermine. look at the spaghetti plots. you can see taking it through the florida keys over the upcoming weekend and then emerging into the gulf of mexi mexico. the water temperatures are in the 80s so we can see some development some heavy rain can move back toward louisiana or perhaps even toward the
5:34 pm
panhandle of florida early next week. we have some time to watch that. in the meantime, watching your forecast down the shore. 86 degrees tomorrow. warm and breezy. on sunday mid 80s. that increasing rip current threat. the uv index will be high so don't forget that sunscreen. the pocono mountains warm, pretty nice for your saturday. 84 degrees. low 80s as we move toward sunday. so the forecast for tonight, mostly clear skies, it stays mild. we're looking at 67 degrees in the suburbs. low 70s in the city. so not quite as muggy for tonight with winds out of the north. 91 degrees will be the high temperature for tomorrow. but look at the wind direction out of the north and east. once again, it won't be quite as humid. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you none for your saturday. 90 on sunday so it stays hot but more of a dry heat for the weekend. low 90s into early next week. maybe a pop-up storm entering the forecast as we move toward tuesday night into wednesday. and then the relief.
5:35 pm
it comes into play. thursday, 86. for the high temperature and next friday we're looking at high temperatures right around 84 degrees. guys, back over to you. >> just in time for labor day. thank you, sir. france reverses course on a controversial ban of the burkin how today's decision will have a larger impact on what women can wear in row sort towns in the country. >> controversy in a california neighbor. a clause in homeowner crack says only white people can live the there. what a company is now doing to correct that archaic policy.
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♪ horrible story out of texas. man accused of of be heading his wife just hours after police visited the couple on a welfare
5:39 pm
check. police say a relative called them yesterday to check on the couple. but officers arrived they found no trouble and they left. two hours later, relative called police again to say that the man had killed his wife. the couple's two toddlers were home at the time but were not hurt. controversy tonight in california neighborhood. over a clause in homeowner contract that states that only white people can live there. >> it's hard to believe this is actual until writing. the exact wording of the clause in the lake hills bylaws reads quote no person except those of the white caucasian race shall occupy or reside upon the residential lot or plot in this subdivision, exempt when employed as a servant of a dough mystic in the household of white caw caution tenant or owner "that role has been in place since 1961 according to the do you mean. it was instituted because of the belief allowing non white boss lower property values. >> you got to be kidding me. that's ridiculous. they're just really awful.
5:40 pm
and racist and terrible. >> well the company overseeing that neighborhood says the action will be taken they expect the policy to be taken off the books at monday's meeting. local hospital turned storybook fairy tales castles and all giving children with serious health problems a wonderful escape. we're taking through the enchanted halls of the place families call truely magical. france reverses a course on the controversial burkini ban. how today's decision will have a larger impact on what women can wear in other resort towns. sean? >> chris jordan mat us will be out saturday against the colts. hasn't played all preseason because of a knee injury but he actually thinks that's a good thing for him. why he's saying that coming up later in sports.
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♪ breaking news right now in the fbi investigation 92. bew union head john dougherty. political adviser to mayor kenney says there's a request from the fbi for documents from the mayor's campaign. the request was recently made in the campaign offices quote complying with it completely. campaign adviser jesse bradley was asked by fox 29 if this is a subpoena from the fbi. she told us it was quote a request. the mayor is represented by washington attorney james lamb this comes three weeks after state and federal investigators raided dougherty's home. bew local 98 headquarters and another dozen locations including the officers of bieb hee man. fbi followed with several other search warrants this week. fox 29 reached out to mayor
5:45 pm
kenney tonight. we'll let you know when we hear back. nemours hospital for children in wilmington delaware doing something amazing it's inspired by the man who started its mission. ai dupont whose staterly mansion and grounds are right next door and open to the public but you don't get to see everything. some areas are off limits. >> still the amazing views help patients their families escape into their image nations by just looking out the window. here's joyce evans. ♪ >> reporter: modern meets medieval. the parents and kids at nemours ai dupont hospital for children. >> you're not expecting it. >> reporter: because it's like something out of a storybook shooting through a cluster of trees. >> it's like a castle. >> reporter: quick glance is all most families get on their way in to handle serious ill issues with their children's health.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: awesome he is. backpack and all. >> it's his feeding tube the pump and the formula in there. >> reporter: that his binky and a toy in hand. aaron richards is off. >> slow down, bud. >> reporter: aaron's chronic intestinal conditions and multiple surgeries have made the hospital a second home to the spunky toddler. >> gentle, okay gentle. >> reporter: and his mom film we're here all the time. >> reporter: but it's this incredible view that bright tense days and spark imagination. >> there you go. >> reporter: for kids and grown ups a like. >> we always play make believe that rapunzel and the knight, the queen and her knights live in there. >> reporter: an escape for stephanie richards. >> i always what it would be like to go in there and see what it look like but... >> reporter: nobody is allowed inside. and that adds to the mystery. we hop add chariot to the enchanted kingdom to see if we
5:47 pm
might be able to get inside that forbidden tower. >> this is the key that unlocks the tower. but first the legend behind it. >> 77 rooms built by alfred i dupont between 09 and 1910. >> reporter: gift for his second wife alicia. refined and preserved by third wife jesse and the nemours foundation. hundreds of acres full of french inspired living quarters, grounds, structures and self sufficiency. >> reopening an area that we've had many requests for which is the mechanical areas mr. dupont's electric dino mows, central vacuum system, his ice making plant, his bottling plant ♪ >> reporter: more on that ice making and water bottling in a moment but across the way, the elaborate chauffeur's garage and living quarters.
5:48 pm
accommodating two separate families. some of the original devices are still in there. >> hello? >> reporter: there's small boat and a fleet of vintage vehicles. >> this model rolls royce here was made for the queen of england very first one off the assembly line went to her. the second one went to jesse dupont. >> reporter: fancy. >> she traveled in style. >> reporter: she and her husband arres are a are restingn style inside the private tower built in honor of dupont's parents. >> i don't know that there ever be a time when that's open to the public. >> reporter: we were allowed on the grounds. we were lucky to get this far but this is as far as we can go inside the final resting place of the the duponts. up top, the bell will toll every 15 minutes. ♪ >> reporter: finally, inside that forbidden castle tower. >> hello? >> it's an icon here. it's not quite as tall as the
5:49 pm
caroline tower but it's a landmark knots own right. >> reporter: okay. you make your way up about 210 feet high. >> huge. on a steal winding staircase. >> it's high. it wraps around an 18,000-gallon water tank. yup, hidden inside an elaborate castle clock tower. the estate' private source of spring water for bottling, making ice, watering the grounds, fountains and pools. jay shows us the original clock works. >> here we go. >> reporter: and the chimes. >> go ahead. >> hidden in the closet. >> reporter: and finally, there she is. look. >> out on to that balcony to weigh to stephanie and aaron. >> say hi. >> watching from that hospital window across the way. >> hi, aaron. >> look, she's waving. can you wave to her? >> reporter: stephanie? >> hi. >> it's truly magical.
5:50 pm
>> what is she doing. >> reporter: joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> hello. more controversy surrounding the release of a highly anticipated film. the american film institute has postponed tonight's screening of birth of a nation. the film's director and star nate parker accused of and acquitted of raping a fellow penn state student back in 1999. while in 2012 that woman committed suicide. tonight's screening would have mark the first time parker has appeared in public since the case resurfaced two weeks ago. controversy has dogged the movie which is considered an oscar contender. other screenings have also been canceled. birth of a nation set to be released in theaters in october. it tells the story of the slavery volt led by matt turner. >> south african judge dismiss a appeal by prosecutors for a harsher sentence by oscar pistorius. he was found guilty of murder for killing his girlfriend in
5:51 pm
2013. the judge said the state's appeal to extent the six year sentence had small chance of success. prosecutors maintain the sentence was shockly light at the time and that the judge should have used a 15-year minimum as a starting point. pistorius shot and killed 29 yeared reeva steenkamp in the early morning hours of valentine's day back in 2013. claimed he thought she was an intruder. francis high court over turns a ban on so called burkinis in mediterranean resort town. the decision expected to have wider impact in other french cities. swimsuit crack down provoked controversy around the world. >> some defended the ban calling it an expression of secular culture. fox's kitty logan shows us what happened next. >> reporter: it was a ban that divided a nation and the world. now france administrative court ruled the burkini cannot be bannebanned on french beaches. court violated with lawyers who
5:52 pm
say the law violated privacy and freedom of liberty. >> our principal which is freedom of religion there will be violation, um, to this freedom. >> reporter: the ban had got criticism from around the world with demonstrations taking place across europe. protesters demanding an end to law targeting muslims and women. >> i think it's an outrageous attack on all women's rights. we choose what we put on our bodies, and but also i think it's an attack on muslims. >> reporter: others in france and elsewhere defended the ban as an expression of france's secular values and say the burkini does more harm than good in a culture that emphasizes intermission and dissemination. >> translator: i support without any mess he hit takes the mayors who have banned the burkini in order to preserve the public order. >> white house has said president obama will always support freedom of religion and democratic values around the
5:53 pm
world. in freedom of religion is something we hold dear in this country, and what's important about the right to a freedom of religion, every american citizen enjoys it. >> the ruling will mean that all 30 of the french resort towns that have issue the burkini bands will need to reverse their decisions. in london, kitty logan, fox ne news. a georgia man spent years looking for a donor after he was diagnosed with kidney disease. the donor he found, well, very close to home. how his wife stepped up to save his life. plus, new at 6:00, the defense got underway for mob boss joey merlino in the latest federal indictment against him. hear about the tipster who helped bring the gangster down. ♪
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
a georgia man spent years looking for a donor after he was diagnosed with kidney disease. turns out the organ he needed was right under his own roof. fox's marissa mitchell has more on this heart warming story. >> reporter: victor go tell smiling now in his barnesville home but his journey to happiness and strength took ti time. >> it's been real tough trying to find a kidney. >> reporter: doctors diagnosed with him with kidney disease three years ago and placed him on dialysis. his wife sharon was with him every step of the way. >> he's had bouts in and out of the hospital all the time. we have had things to do that he's been a diabetic for a long time ever since he and i were
5:58 pm
together. um, and amputations. >> reporter: gotell fox fox5 he tested five relatives to see if they can be donors then this wife sharon tried her luck. >> the kidney was with me all along and i didn't even know. i know if i did get one from her it was going to be good one. because exercise, eating right and drinking lots of water. >> reporter: the two are proud long-time members of bethel baptist church in barnesville. gotell serves that is there as deacon. the pastor james says says their union of 15 years has been inspirational to watch. >> two shall become one and in spirit -- spiritual and in the natural and in this case it is really really manifested in the life of this couple. >> reporter: in you they hope their story inspires others on their own journeys of hope and healing. >> from god to to use me to give him a kidney that was like god you're just really showing up doing your thing.
5:59 pm
>> pretty mazing story. this hot day our good day team found a cool way to stay cool and get children ready for the new school year. our own quincy harris was on hand at clementon park for the school supply drive stuff the bus campaign those who dropped off five news back to items got into the park for $15. bus stop buddy was there taking in all the fun. of course we want to thank everyone who came out this morning to take part in this wonderful event. ♪ >> delaware college student's live cut short. police say he was shot by a woman he never met. >> what happened here is the epitomy of a tragedy. >> what investigators are crediting for helping crack the case. >> plus septa officers and a good samaritan spring into action to help a rider suffering a medical emergency. how they all helped to save his life. ♪ live from center city in
6:00 pm
philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. breaking news right now fbi investigation of bew head john dougherty. a political adviser to mayor jim kenney who worked on his campaign says tonight there is a request from the fbi for documents from the mayor's campaign. the request was quote made recently and the campaign office is quote complying with it completely. campaign adviser jesse bradley was asked by fox 29 if this is subpoena from the fbi. she toll us it was quote a request. the mayor is represented by washington attorney james lamb. this comes three week after federal and state investigators raided dougherty's home b. ew local 98 headquarters and a dozen other locations including the offices of city councilman bobby heenan. fbi followed up with several other search warrants this week. fox 29 reached out to mayor kenney tonight. we'll let you know what one we back.


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