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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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a 2-year-old hit and killed in the streets. what witness es, saw just before the crash.
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live from center city in philadelphia. this is fox 29 news at 10:00. right now we're following breaking news, a heartbreaking accident in west philadelphia. police say an suv slammed into a 2-year-old boy on marian street. that toddler died at the hospital. i'm iain page. lucy is off tonight. details still coming in: sabina sounds like the little boy ran into the street. >> reporter: that's right. iain, according to police and family member, they tell us this little boy ran into traffic as he was playing outside but some of his cousins.
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you can still see police holding the scene along the 4800 block of marian avenue. we spoke with family, they identified this little boy as amin rory. they share this heartbreaking video with us they took just later month to show you this little boy's personality. one month shy of two years old. police say he darted between two parked cars before running into the street it all happened about 6:45. now, we took video at the scene just after it happened for you. the family tells us amin was playing way small group of kids when the chevy trailblazer suv apparently didn't see him in time after he ran into the street and the driver struck him. we're told it was a female driver who did stop and she did stay on the scene. we talked with amin's cousin.
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the details are upsetting. let's listen to what she told us. >> they said that scooty had gotten hit by car. i came out and went up there. and i looked at him. and he was just laying there and he was really bleeding bad from his head. >> by the time she reached him, she really didn't have time to stop, you know, because he was so short. so he, the bumper hit his head. at the end of everything, he winded up under the suv on the driver's side, next to the back wheel. >> reporter: now, amin was rushed to chop where the family said doctors worked tirelessly. despite not having a pulse on this little boy he was pronounced at about 7:15. family tells us they have had concerns about driver speeding. the community tried to have
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speed bumps installed, but tonight, of course, lease still working to figure out exactly what happened in this situation. the very tragic. a family losing a 2-year-old child tonight, iain >> so sad, thank you. also delving tonight, a serial groper may have struck again. a woman told police she was walking in south philadelphia around 11:00 last night when a man on a bike rode and groped her. now, police are trying to figure out if it's the same guy connected to several assaults earlier this month. check this out. at least one of those incident was caught on surveillance cameras. police say the guy has been trolling for victims since the beginning of month, the latest victim assaulted on the 1600 block of bainbridge. a special victims unit is still investigating whether last night is connected to four others. similar descriptions of the suspects in all the cases. a hispanic man between 5'4" and 5'6". if you get any information, please call police.
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in trenton-question about what happened moments before an off-duty police officer shot and killed a man. some witnesses say that officer save lives. what we know 34-year-old is dead. it started at a funeral. brat satin spoke to people. joins us live at trenton headquarters. >> reporter: as you mentioned there are conflicting stories tonight coming from the mercer county prosecutor as well as women who asked not to be identified but they were near where this happened. they are saying that alfred toe was aggressive toward the officer. one of toe's friends who was also there said that was not the case. >> one of my best friends. >> reporter: james says he watched an off duty trenton police officer shoot and kill his best friend saturday. investigators say 34-year-old alfred tow was shot dead when he went for a gun in the officer's hand. it started at this house where the cop was among the group of
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people attending a reception to pay respects to a friend justified died of cancer. they say they got into an argument and tow walked to his brother's car and got a gun. his brother looking to diffuse the situation tried to gab the gun but instead it went off and constantine was shot in the hand. >> he was trying to get the gun. after he got shot. >> reporter: constantine was injured but had the gun. witnesses say when re that's when the off-duty police officer stepped in with his own gun. >> put the gun down. >> reporter: witnesses say constantine handed it over and got on the ground as instructed. that's where versions differ. some say while constantine was on the ground, his brother alfred rushed the officer: they believe the officer saved lives >> if the officer was not hit. >> reporter: alfred tow's best friend just feet away insists
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the officer never identified himself. saying alfred only saw a man pointing a gun at his brother and never lunged at the officer. >> how do you know if you're an officer you're not identifying yourself. if your a plainclothes officer put your badge on top >> at no point did you hear him identify him? >> no. >> reporter: also claiming the officer had been drinking at the reception. >> he was intoxicated. they didn't check his blood record. did they ever do that? just going to let it slide. >> reporter: there's no word on the name of this officer or his status on the force. we expect to learn more from the prosecutor in this case tomorrow. iain? >> thank you. reward continue to climb for information on the person that shot and killed a an 8-year-old in camden. the reward is now up to 50 thousand dollars. for any information that could lead to the arrest of gabby carter's killer. she was hit by a stray bullet as she rode her bike outside her home wednesday. she was caught in the cross fire
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of a gang related shooting. family and friends remember gabby as a little girl who loved to sing and read. they're pleading with anyone who can help find gabby's killer to please come forward. >> reporter: on your radar in the middle of anywhere latest heat wave, here's a live look at wilmington, at least at the 90, and it's not over. police out in center city as we start to dip down into the cooler temperatures, tone get two used to it. kathy orr the heat wave going to keep going. >> it's going to keep going. we have it here, yes, we had our sixth official heat wave today and right now, on ultimate doppler we have storm going through central pa. they're expected to fade as they get close to the delaware valley. as you can see, today was the 14th 90 degree day this month. we continue the heat wave. friday 93, yesterday, 93. today, we made it to 90. tomorrow, we'll get to 90 again. right now, temperatures mainly in the 70's with the exception of millville at 69.
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you can see to the north and the poconos 67. we'll see temperatures starting off in the lower 70's. by lunchtime, 86. afternoon, 90. by the evening, still looking at 86 degrees at 7:00 p.m. we'll talk about how long the heat is going to last. holiday weekend weather, coming up quickly, and of course, keeping an eye on the tropics, which could impact the shore chang we'll talk more about that with potential rough surf and dangerous rip current coming up. a woman turned herself into police in connection to a november incident involving seth williams and his cars. the district attorney in delaware county is now taking over a case against 47-year-old stacey comings, she flattened the tire, she's been charged with criminal mischief and charged with an instrument of
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crime. it happened before 1:00 this morning near the re intersection of roosevelt boulevard and rising sun. driver stayed at the scene, no charges have been filed. a 40-year-old victim was taken to einstein hospital. a new jersey transit officer hailed a hero jumping on the track to save a man's life. joyce evans is here, joyce, this guy had seconds to spare. >> maybe not even that. quick thinking, a strong arm and a soft hart coming together at once. prompting an officer to face down a train. trying to save a man on the track in see caucus new jersey. he had under 30 seconds from the start of this video, no time to judge, no time to reason, just timing. a train is barrelling toward them but the man sprawled on the track is scene wedging his knee inside the lately. police say he was resisting officer ortiz's attempt to rescue him, but ortiz does not let go. facing certain death, he tugs at
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the man, it's all or nothing now. >> well tonight, officer ortiz is recognized for his incredible act of bravery. police have not yet identified the man on the tracks or why he was out there. only that he is alive tonight. thanks to a cop who just would not let him go. iain >> incredible. thank you. police in scotland arrested two united airlines pilots this weekend on suspicion of being drunk before a flight. this happened yesterday at glasgow airport. the pilots were scheduled to fly 141 passengers to newark, new jersey. united says the pilots, ages 35 and 45 have been removed from service pending an investigation and the two are now are set to appear in court in scotland. flight was delayed about ten hours while the airline tried to wind up placements. looking live at the parkway
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as with parts of eakin's oval shutdown ahead of next week's made in america festival. already starting to set up for the two-day music festival. the main road closures begin tomorrow and continue allow labor day. most expected to be back open for tuesday september 6. the big headliner, brianna and cold play. you can find the full lineup on our website, head to a live look in south philly, make sure you're ahead of traffic problems before you head out the door with the fox 29 traffic authority. watch the morning news and good day philadelphia starting a the 4:00 a.m. what started like a normal life turn terrifying for a plane packed with passengers >> i looked up and then i kind of held him close to me. looked back and and saw metal flapping. >> what the airline is saying happened to this engine mid flight and
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these three guys marched into a convenience store and head for the clerk cell phone. what they grab next police call despicable. 700 linden street >> no, 7. >> 70 a witness frantically calls the 911 after a deadly shooting. the call that landed one dispatcher on leave tonight.
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♪ one man is dead after his car slams into a utility pole in new jersey. one officer told us it was the nastiest crash he's seen.
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jennifer joyce has the details from winslow township in camden county. >> reporter: this is the aftermath of a horrific crash caused by speed. according to investigators. police say some time after 4:00 a.m., the driver of this hand accord was to flying through berlin new jersey. raced down cross keys road, turned left on to chews landing and failed to negotiate a curve near sicklerville. the driver nailed a utility pole. it split in half. the roof and driver's side doors ripped off and the plan thrown from the car. investigators say he died at the scene. >> you hear signs up and down that road all the time. it's nothing out of the ordinary. >> reporter: he lives behind the crash scene, he says there are accidents here all the time. >> every intersection is dangerous but when there's only one vehicle involved, you know, you kind of, you know, driver error. >> reporter: police say no one else was inside the vehicle at the time of the crash. investigators searched the car and found various belongings,
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including bright green shrubs still in tact. sticking out the back of the vehicle. the camden county prosecutor's office is handling this investigation, detectives are working to determine where this man was headed and what led up to the crash. in camden new jersey, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. in manayunk, investigators are working to try and figure out what started the early evening fire. broke out around 4:00 this afternoon in manayunk avenue at an apartment building, crews got it under control about 45 minutes later. fortunately nobody hurt. two brothers been arrested in connection with the shooting death of dwayne wade's cousin. 32-year-old and i cwas killed i chicago. they were charged with first-degree murder. both are documented gang members and on parole for previous gun charges, aldridge was not the
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intended target >> she wasn't aware that her short life would stand as an example for what is a clear failure in the criminal justice system here in chicago. >> there have been 455 homicides in chicago already this year compared to 490 in chicago in all of 2015. you decide 2016 for both presidential candidates are playing defense today. democrats addressing allegations surrounding dough nations to the clinton foundation. while on the republican side, donald trump's campaign manager focused on his assistance on immigration. christian fisher explains. >> reporter: neither candidate held public events sunday. hillary clinton spent her day attending campaign fund-raisers.
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while. the clinton foundation donors were given special treatment. while secretary of state >> when republican meet with their donors, they call it a meeting. when democrats do it it's called a conflict. it's not pay to play unless someone says i gave someone 50 cents to have a meeting. >> on the republican side, donald trump's campaign manager made her own rounds with the press. working to clarify any questions surrounding trump's immigration policy. what he has said is no legalization and no amness is that he. he also said this week if you go back to your home country, if you'd like to come back to the united as an immigrant you need to apply to the many different channel that is allow people to apply citizen ship or entry to the united states legally. we all learned in kindergarten you stand in line and wait your turn >> his campaign says he's
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acknowledging there's a massive problem with illegal immigration while hillary clinton's plan is to ignore it >> hillary clinton is, she's is for catching the beast for the sanctuary cities that harbor illegal immigrants >> the next big events for both campaigns will be wednesday, hillary clinton will be in ohio and donald trump has a big rally planned in arizona. dozens of organizations banding together all in the name of camden their goal is to save the community. today's celebration all day long in stanley park, included a book bag give away, free haircuts, food, face painting, even a chest tournament. many of the organizations partnering together for today's event a nonprofit organization serving the youth of cam. they hope today continues that mission. about 5,000 people attended the celebration. runners competing in 10k. they continued through several
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neighborhoods: the 6.2 mile race finished with food vendors and we're tents. philly is a great environment for this annual race >> they go through fairmount park, how to streets. >> broad street run there's so many people out there who cheer you on, you don't know who they are but they're screaming like you got this >> it's a. today's winners. the quiet neighborhood rocked by a violent home invasion and shooting. but they say that's not the most shocking part. >> didn't see that one coming, that's for sure. no clue that was going on. >> what police say that happened in the house for some time leaving neighbors stunned, and confirmed two grown men find out they were switched at birth as babies.
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it doesn't end there. why this news is packing such a punch in their small community.
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sflfrnlt scary moments. scary memories for passengers from new orleans to oral. >> i had my 5-year-old sitting next to me. i kind of held him back and saw metal flapping >> southwest airlines confirms there was a mechanical issue with the number one engine. the pilot was forced to divert the jet to pens cola. passengers say the plane was smoking and lost al attitude fast. >> hearing how it could have been way worse. we're definitely grateful that safe and watched over and we had a good pilot
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>> they did, all 99 passengers and five crew members doing fine. the nstb is investigating. southwest says the plane has been grounded and they will cooperate fully. washington, dc transit authority making sure they're ready in case disaster hits. you can see smoke coming from that train near pentagon station. turns out it's part of a drill, firefighters ands first responders walked across the bridge bringing some of the volunteers posing as passengers off on stretcher, the dc transit system carrys about 700,000 people every day. a florida neighborhood says they had no idea what was going on just a few doors down the street. police say two men drove four hours to tampa. armed with tasers and kicked in the back door of this home. the man inside opened fire. then took off. neighbors called 911 and when deputies got there they found the injured men in a massive marijuana grow operation that caught the neighborhood by surprise. >> didn't see that one coming. that's for surely no clue that
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was going on. >> i'm incredibly shocked. this is the quietest neighborhood >> both men shot have nonlife-threatening injuries. investigators did spend the night removing the marijuana plants for evidence. no word on where the man who was inside during the home invasion and shot the other two. faces covered these three guys march into a convenience store and head to the counter. load up on cigarettes. even the clerk's cell phone. what they grabbed next police call despicable. 70? >> number 70. >> a witness frantically calls the 911 after a deadly shooting. the call that landed one dispatcher on leave tonight. and kathy orr tracking your forecast. we're talking about more heat and humidity building across the region. heat wave 6 rolls on. we'll take a look at when it breaks coming up.
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for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ready for a hot start to the week? here's a live look at allentown,
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the middle of our 6th heat wave. and it's not over yet, as we move to philadelphia international airport. how long will we stay above 90 degrees? kathy orr has the answer just ahead. a 911 operator has been put on administrative leave after how she handled an emergency. answering a call about the murder of a delivery woman in connecticut. the dispatcher took a frantic call from the guy who was with the victim. police say four teens attacked a man and woman who were delivering food. that man, say he ran to a nearby convenience store to call for help. they can a look how it went down. >> no, no, no. 70. >> 7-0? >> number 70 >> 7-0? that's what 70 is. 7 and a 0? and they fled in the car. >> yes, fled in the car. hurry up >> they're on the way but i need to get information from you. what did the person look look who had the gun, sir
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>> one person. one, the other one no shoot. >> what did he look like? oh, my -- >> police arrested four teens in connection with that shooting. many calling it a new low, as thieves steal a donation jar for needy kids. take a look at this. they're looking for the three bad guys robbed on a convenient store wearing black winter clothing, grabbed the donation jar and cigarettes. also a cell phone from the store clerk. authorities are now offering a $1500 reward for arrests. two men from the same remote community in canada discovered they were switched at birth. they were swapped in had a government run hospital. authorities say dna testing has confirmed the mistake was made tate biological mother ended up raising swanson and swanson's
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birth mother raised tate. they say it's the second time it happened less than a career >> first time could be discounted as a mistake, the second time, in my view, is a criminal activity. >> canada's health department operate it's the hospital. health minister says they will hire an independent party to investigate cases of babies switched at birth. georgia police officer who saved a man from a burning car i was talking for the first time. this incredible video from daniel whitney's body camera. shows this rescue. the car is burning, the officer rushes in and saves the man just before the car explodes. this happened in may but the brave officer is only now telling his story. >> it was exceptional. it was amazing. the circumstances that i ended up being in. it's nothing that officers don't do across the country all the time. i happened to be the one that was there at the right time, got
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the right call and could make the sdifrts >> the driver of that car died in the accident. but authorities give the authority to whitney who says he saved the passenger's life. let's get a check on what's on our radar, maybe more hot weather? >> more of the same. of course we had our heat wave. today we made to it 90 and it will continue into the work week. outside right now, looking good in old city philadelphia, temperatures that are still mild. we're still at participate. the high for the day, 90, winds out of the south at eight miles an hour. we do have humidity. you step outside, it's muggy. in philadelphia, 78, millville 69, trenton. down the shore, you can see temperatures mainly in the 70's, not much difference from voorhees to ocean city. on the boardwalk in atlantic city it's 76 and wildwood also avalon checking in at 74. you look at the due points that true amount moisture in the
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atmosphere. 60's are muggy and will be overnight. 74 the due point in dover and that is approaching the opposed mark, especially when you add the daytime heating. you can see more heat coming this week with southwesterly winds, showers and storms in the central part of the state but they will fade as they move east tonight and a cold front approaches tomorrow but very limited moisture associated with this front. so we do think there's just a chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. otherwise, still going for temperatures in the the 90's with more humidity tomorrow and behind this cold front not so cold, more 90's expected. something new in the tropics, depression 9 to the southwest of miami this is a spaghetti plot. more of the commuter models pushing the storm becoming a tropical storm possibly by tomorrow. it will make land fall possibly in florida and moving back out
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to sea. we'll keep an eye on that. in the meantime tropics active. few clouds associated with the front. during the day tomorrow 92, partly sunny. during the day 92 in the afternoon, 90 tuesday, it will be close wednesday, 89, 90. a morning storm or sprinkle for your thursday, friday, sunny and pleasant and then you can see saturday and sunday as we head into the holiday weekend temperatures will be warm in the lower to mid 80's but that's actually below normal for a change. that's the latest from the weather center, iain, send it back to you. >> looks like a good weekend coming up. that will do it for us, on the fox 29 news at 10:00. keep it right here for sports sunday. ♪ on sports sunday, a look at
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the start of what are many cuts that will happen by the eagles. a look at a local hero. doesn't even play here any longer. and a look at what shape the eagles are in with the last of the important preseason games. randy graham will join the show coming up on sports sunday. david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david.


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