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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 29, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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a teenager is hospitalized after a triple shooting in south philadelphia. the lateness a live report in just a moment. plus reports of the active shooter brought a scare to hundreds of travelers at los angeles international airport, what police are saying right now about the false alarm. two-year old boy hit and killed in the street, what witnesses saw just seconds before that crash. also a warning for woman targeted on the sidewalk, where police say a serial groper may have just hit again. >> good dan it is monday, august 28th, 2016 thanks so much for waking up with us. lets get right over to sue serio for monday morning forecast, hi there sue. >> last weekend of august, big milestone there lets see what we have heading in the
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morning. we have some cloud, and were some showers that impact pocono mountains but they have dissipated. just some cloud cover in berks county lehigh valley this morning. the it is pretty pleasant morning at 73 degrees. we have 87 percent relative humidity. appropriately muggyish, 6:27 is your sunrise time. other temperatures 67, mount pocono we are at 70 in trenton. sixty-nine atlantic city. 66 degrees in wildwood. dew points in the 60's so they are not as bad as they could be, we will see dew points rise today and especially tomorrow. so yesterday it the became official we had heat wave number six with 90 degrees as our high temperature well a above that average of 84. ninety-two should be the high today. we will move in the four day heat wave with sun, cloud and possibility of the pop up shower or then are storm later in the day. that is your forecast for monday, last machine in august, and 4:01, bob kelly is
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on rakes this week so we will look at traffic all week long. starting off with a look at this water main break. this could be a big problem as we head into rush hour, because it is on the southbound side of roosevelt boulevard, right here near ridge and this is not something that is generally cleaned up very quickly, so, as things get more crowded this morning we will keep a closer eye on that. keep that in mind just getting up and planning to take roosevelt boulevard this morning. ben franklin bridge from the camden side everything running smooth for now. accident on the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension, it is in the northbound lanes, the right lane is blocked between lansdale and quakertown, and another accident in lower merion this one at lenola road, watch out for that one as well. that is traffic for your monday morning. lots more to tell you i'm sure, lauren as the morning goes by. >> thanks very much. violent night in the city of philadelphia triple shooting in grays ferry land three dollars people in the hospital and police say all of those
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victims are teenagers. fox 29's jennifer joyce is at southwest detectives with the the very latest, hi there jenny. >> reporter: hi lauren. relief in this case because we are hearing all three victims are in stable condition at both presbyterian hospital as well as chop. police say these three teens should not have been out overnight, past midnight and past their curfew. shooting happened in the area have of 27th and tasker street, three teens were found in various locations, a 16 and a 17 year-old were shot in the leg and a second, 16 year-old was shot in the lower back and then taken to chop. police say this was a shoot-out. there were two side firing off at least 12 gunshots. >> we don't know right now if any of these three victims was the intended target or if they were struck with stray bullet and there is a possibility that some of these victims may have been involved in the shooting, they may have been firing shots also, we are not ruling that out.
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that is always a possibility. although no weapons were recovered by the time we got here somebody could have handed the gun off to someone else. >> reporter: police say no one has been arrested at this point. they are still looking for those involve. one of the shooters have been driving an older model white vehicle possibly a nissan, investigators planned to go to the hospital and interview all three victims. they also, planned to take a look at surveillance camera both police and private surveillance cameras which will hopefully provide some clues in this case, lauren. all right. jenny, thanks much. all is clear at los angeles international airport following a report of the active shooting late last night. police are confirming what was mistaken for gunshots really just turned out to be loud noises. the false alarm triggered evacuation and massive search throughout the airport. airport officials a say someone wearing a sorrow costume was detained but it is unclear if that person had any connection to the evacuation. investigators are looking in the cause of the loud noise.
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tragedy in west philadelphia when a little boy runs out out into the street, 23 month-old boy died after being hit by an oncoming suv on merion avenue last night. authorities say the toddler was outside, playing with his cousins when he got away from the safety of his mother judge us before 7:00 p.m. he darted between two park cars and then out in the road along with 4800 block at the same block that a chevy trailblazer was passing through. the driver could not stop in time. ameans cousin said she saw the entire things and described the disturbing scene. >> he said that he had gotten hit by a car. so, i came out, i walk in the street and went up there and i looked at him and he was just laying there, and he was bleeding bad from his head. >> by the time that she reached him she really didn't have time to stop, you know, because he was so short, so,
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the bumper hit his head. at the end of the everything he wind up under the suv on the driver's side, the back wheel. >> reporter: amean was raced to children's hospital in philadelphia where he was pronounced dead. the driver did remain on the scene. police arrived. authorities are investigating. serial groper may have hit again, a woman told police she was walking in south philadelphia saturday night when a man on the bike rode up and groped her. police are trying to figure out if it is same man connected to four other assaults earlier this month. at least one incident was caught on surveillance camera. latest victim a young woman assaulted on the 1600 block of bainbridge street. there is a similar description of the suspect in all of the cases, a hispanic man between 5-foot four and 5-foot six and any information you're asked to give police a call. charges have been filed in connection to tires being slashed outside of the home of philadelphia district attorney
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seth williams. a woman has surrendered to police. fox 29's steve keeley live outside d.a.'s office with more on who she is, hi there, steve. >> reporter: normally a minor crime but this makes a head line because hoist the crime against? normally district attorney seth williams parks his official vehicles right where we are this morning when he is at work but parks them at home, when not at work and when you are a public figure your personal life becomes public, seth williams is finding that out, object a weekly basis sadly it seems. his personal life in the head lines this time police say mystery of who slashed four of the tires, two car tires on both passenger side of two of his official district attorney vehicles in november of last year, it is 47 year-old stacy cummings who williams identified as his girlfriend at the time when he received a rolex watch if from her when elicted his $160,000 in gift. her father identified as a gift givers as well.
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she turn herself into philadelphia police yesterday even though delaware district attorney's office was handling the case, because lauren, obviously there was a conflict of interest in this case. the other question still in the answered is why it took mr. williams security details 12 days to report this happening in the first place which raise add a lot of questions in the media to begin with. >> all right. steve keeley we will wait and see what happens here. thanks very much. search is on for teen in the shooting last week. take a lot at photo on your screen. police a 18 year-old brian finada is wanted in bridgeton, new jersey. this happened august 25th on merion street. fired several shots at residents injuring five people who were sitting on the front porch of that home. if you are know where he is, please call police. reward continues to grow for information on the person who shot and killed this eight year-old girl in camden. the reward now sits at $50,000, for any information, that lead to the a rest of
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gabby carter's killer. gabby was hit by a stray bullet as she rode her bike outside her home last wednesday night. police say she was caught in the cross fire of the gang related shooting, family and friend remembered gabby as a little girl who loved to sing and read. they are pleading with anyone who could help find gabby's kill tore come forward. in trenton questions are being raised about what happens, moments before an off-duty officer hot and killed a hand at a family gathering. some witnesses say that officer saved lives while other friend of the man killed are demanding answers. it started after a funeral. fox 29's brad satan spoke to people feet away from where it all happened. >> he was one of my best friend. >> reporter: james says he watched an off-duty trenton police officer shoot and kill his best friend saturday night. investigators say 34 year-old alfred toe was shot dead when he went for an officer a's gun. it started earlier at this house where the cop was among group of people attending a a
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reception to pay their respects to a friend who had just died of cancer but witnesses say toe and another man got in the argument and toe walked to his brother's car and got a gun. his brother constantine toe looking to defuse the situation grabbed the gun but instead it went off and he was shot in the hand. >> he was trying to get the gun from him. he don't get in trouble at all. he accidentally got shot. >> reporter: constantine was injured but had the gun. witnesses say that is when off-duty officer stepped in with his own gun. >> put the gun down. >> reporter: witnesses say he handed the over and got on the ground as instruction and that is where versions differ. some say while constantine was on the ground his brother alfred rushed the officer who then fired striking alfred in the chest. they believe the officer saved lives. >> unaudible. >> reporter: alfred toe's best friend who was just feet away insist the officer never
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identified himself, saying alfred only saw a man pointing a gun at his brother and never lunged at the officer. >> how do i necessity if you are an officer or not, if you do not identify yourself. at least put your badge up so we can read. >> reporter: at no point did you hear him identify himself. >> no. >> reporter: claiming the officer had been drinking at the reception. >> he was intoxicated, they didn't check his blood or whatsoever. did they ever did that. they will just let it slide. >> reporter: brad satan fox 29 news. happening today, two united airlines pilot set to appear before a judge, both accused of being drunk before trying to fly a plane from scotland to newark, new jersey. it happened saturday. pilots were scheduled to fly 141 passengers to newark, new jersey. united said pilots age 35 and 45 have been removed from service, pending invest facial. they are due to appear in court today. flight was delayed for ten hours, while the airline
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rounded up replacement pilots. coming up, mtv video music award were more than about music, why kanye west said you start to feel worthless. things that have gone on in this country for years and years and never been addressed and they need to be. political stance or career suicide colin kaepernick opens up about why he refuses to stand for the national anthem, and how 49ers fans are protesting the quarterback on social media.
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runners pack the streets of south philadelphia yesterday. race started at eighth and south streets and continued through several neighborhoods, including bella vista, south passyunk square and the 6.2-mile race concluded with the post race festival for the game, food vendors, and tents. runners say philadelphia is a great environment for this annual race. >> most of them go through fairmount park. this goes through city streets. i'm looking forward to that. >> as you will get out through will notice when broad street run is there so many people out there just cheer you on. you don't know who they are. you're like go, you got this. it is a rewarding experience i would say. yesterday's winners were margaret dido and jonathan foley in mens. and sue, the weather yesterday, they had fantastic running weather, right. >> it was, it is amazing all
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those folks are smiling. that is what i'm saving for my next life, running. anyway, hurricane gaston is really powerful now. category three hurricane. luckily it is in the middle of the atlantic ocean. if you were at the shore you probably noticed impact on the rip currents, dangerous rip currents, flags were up, 120 miles an hour wind with that storm, again, luckily not a threat to land mass. we have two storms not name, tropical depression number eight off carolina coast which has been brushing by the outer banks there, but that could have an impact on our rip currents as well throughout the weeks for folks taking this week at the last week before school starts, after labor day. and then tropical depression number nine bears watching, that is a center around cuba, and that is expect to strength men to a tropical storm and impact florida and maybe eventually the east coast of the you had. very active tropics right now as we zoom into our area, we will see cloud moving into berks county and lehigh valley
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but precipitation that we had earlier from a weak disturbance is pretty much drying up. as we look at the future cast a slight chance of the pop up shower or then are storm say anytime after 2:00 but we will talk about isolated, hardly anything is showing up on this computer model, so if you see a stray shower it will be a rare occurrence but there will be possibly a few around later in the day as you walk outside right now it is on the muggy side. 37 degrees in philadelphia. seventy-one wilmington. sixty-seven in mount pocono. and dew points, still are not too bad. so as we continue to craft our seven day forecast we got numbers working on the word, 92 degrees. that is day four of the heat wave. we may not make it to 90 tomorrow. we could on wednesday. the close call tuesday and wednesday. still warm but not quite as oppressive as we head into the holiday weekend with temperatures in the the lower 80's on friday, saturday and sunday. so that is your almost ready, seven day forecast, as we check traffic on this monday
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morning. we will start off with this water main break. again, early so you can get by this part of the roosevelt boulevard which is near ridge avenue but it will be probably a big problem as they try to clean this up, closer to rush hour when it gets crowded. i-95 at cot hand avenue everything is normal as we head into this city, this morning. we will take a look at that eventually, and a accident in lower merion once again at menowa road, watch out for that as well, and then the pennsylvania turnpike westbound between reading, lebanon and lancaster we have an accident there with the left lane blocked. so, that is a look at your traffic, lauren. >> thanks very much, sue. police in chicago say two brothers are behind bars after cousin of chicago bulls dwayne wade was shot and killed over the weekend. murder continues to send shock waves throughout the country. "fox news" correspondent brian yenis says this is a part of the much bigger problems.
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>> reporter: two brothers behind bars arrested in the shooting death of basketball star dwayne wade's cousin, darren and darren sore else are facing first degree murder charges. both are documented gang members and on parole for gun charges. >> this reprehensible act of violence is an example why we need to treat happen bit you'll offenders in the city of chicago. when will enough be enough. >> reporter: three two-year old nykea aldridge was killed friday afternoon in chicago as she was pushing her new born, in a stroller, near an elementary school. >> she wasn't aware that her short life was standing as example for what is a clear failure in the criminal justice system here in chicago. just another mother who wanted her children to get an education just like any good parent would. >> reporter: civil rights leaders across the country are saying this murder is indicative of a much larger
4:20 am
problem. >> too much gone, too much violence, drugs. we need to address the issue. >> reporter: according to the chicago tribune there have been 455 homicide in chicago, already this year. compare that to the 490 murders in chicago, in the whole of 2015. investigators say aldridge was not the intended target of the shooting, her baby was not hurt, and is being cared for by family members. in new york, brian yenis, "fox news". and gun violence was a topic at mtv video muse ache ward. ceremony took a serious turn when kanye west took the stage last night in new york city. >> and one kid came up to me and said three of my friend died and i don't know if i'm going to be the next. you have to think like, you know when you are a senior and it is like last month and you just don't feel like doing anymore work, if you feel like you are seeing people dying next to you you might feel like what is the point, like
4:21 am
life could be starting to feel worse in a way. >> west also addressed issues of poverty, and announced to the audience that he loves all people. controversy surrounding san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick, football player refusing to stand during the national anthem at football games. kaepernick sat while star spangled banner played between 49ers and green bay packers. the last night he had this response when asked if he will continue to sit out, while the flag is being raised at the game. >> yes. i will continue to sit, i will continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed. to me this is something that has to change and when there is significant change and i feel lick that flag represents what it is supposed to represent in this country ups representing the people the way it is supposed to, i will stand good the oppression he is speak about police brutality. he spoke of the deadly police involved shootings that made headlines across the country. he said he is getting lots of
4:22 am
support from his teammates, many he said grew up in the area where he has seen firsthand police brutality. of course, fans have something to say about what he did. take a look, several fans are taking to social media, burning the quarterback's jersey, this is just one of those examples. >> you can die every single day defending that flag you refuse to stand for and i won't stand for that. this jersey was the worst $50 investment i have ever had. you mr. kaepernick if you don't love our country get the bleep out of it. so here's your jersey. >> wow. >> this is just one of the many social media posts showing fans burning kaepernick's jersey. 4:22. money nor seniority was an object when it came to the eagles first round of cuts, players being released from the team this morning. but first your winning lottery numbers, good luck to you.
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phillies starting pitching has been awful lately. before yesterday they gave up 44 runs in the past five days. and then vince velasquez trying to regain his form and stop the bleeding. velasquez hasn't won since july 8th, phillies lost their last seven games, when he started.
4:26 am
luckily, velasquez will change his form and went five innings giving up one run in seven strike outs. phillies got their biggest run from their new guy, that is right aj ellis stepping up with a big double to left, bringing home two runs. phillies hold on to to a five-one victory. to the little league world series, new york taking on south korea for championship, two-one, top of the innings is, south korea with the chance with two runners on but brian hardless shuts them down. new york with the win, getting the little league world series title, first for u.s. since 2011. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. 4:26. jenny joyce live at south detectives following breaking news, good morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. what police are saying about this shoot-out coming up next.
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three teenagers hospitalized the lateness a live report. reports roof an active shooter brought a scare to hundreds of travelers a the loss and looks international airport. what police are saying about the false alarms. a two career old little
4:30 am
boy hit and killed in the street, what witnesses saw just seconds before that crash. also he has been hailed a hero, a local cop jumps on the track to save a man's life while it was such a struggle to help him out. good day it is monday august 28th, 2016. the last -- 29, you are right, sue serio, last weekend of the month. how are you this morning. >> doing okay. >> can't believe it is almost end of august already, wow, but here we go as we head into the holiday weekend, and coming up, yes, it is only monday and we're thinking about the weekend, of course. we have a few cloud moving in the the lehigh valley and berks county and part of the montgomery county as well, which will keep things there getting too cool this morning, but it is really not a bad morning out there with 73 degrees. we have humidity but we have a bit of the breeze as well, sunrise time 6:27. sixty-seven in mount pocono. and, 73 as we said here in
4:31 am
philadelphia. sixty-six in wildwood. not a bad morning in at atlantic city where it is 70 degrees. dew points are not too high. once they get in the 70's that is when things get oppressive. we are closed in philadelphia, not perfect but it is still august. 90 degrees was our high yesterday and that made heat wave number six of 2016 official, we had 90 on friday and saturday and now sunday. we will have a four day heat wave because 92 should be our high today. with a slight chance of the pop up stray shower later on in the day. that is your weather for monday, we will have your week, and yes, weekend forecast, at least some of the who will take weekend forecast coming up in the seven day just ahead. checking traffic, this could end up being a big problem later on in the morning, on roosevelt boulevard, it is a the water hain break and it happened on the south side of roosevelt boulevard, you can see the crews there trying to repair that. remains to be seen whether that will happen before things get crowded. checking i-95 at cottman avenue having is looking fine
4:32 am
heading in the city, construction on the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension, northbound, that could slow you down later on and then in lower merion we have this accident, it is on manua road, watch out for that one this morning. lauren. >> all right. >> thanks, sue. three teenage boys are expect to be okay after being hit with bull nets grays ferry. police say that shooting happened around midnight near 27th inn tasker streets. lets get out to jennifer joyce live with south detective with the latest. >> reporter: detectives tell us they are heading to the hospital to interview the three victims involved in this to try to get some more information. they tell us at this point they don't know if these teens were involved in the shoot-out or bystanders. the shooting happened just after midnight in the area of 27th inn tasker streets. the three teenage victims were found in various locations, a 16 year-old and 17 year-old was shot in the leg and taken to presbyterian hospital a second, 16 year-old was shot in the lower back and was taken to chop, police say this
4:33 am
was a shoot-out there were two sides firing off at least 12 gunshots at one another while police don't know if the teens were directly involved in the shoot-out investigators say they shouldn't have been outside in the line of fire, they are under 18 and past curfew. >> should not have have been out this late, shooting happened right after midnight they should have been home, curfew, and we don't have a motive for shootings at this time. south detectives is on location, prosecution the scene and trying to get copies of those, somewhere. real time crime camera as well as private camera. police say in one was arrested at this point. they are still looking for those involved. police say one of the shooters may have been trying an older model white vehicle a nissan and as you heard police say they are also hopeful that police camera and private surveillance can help provide clues in this case, lauren. >> thanks very much. all is clear at los angeles international airport fooling report of the active
4:34 am
shooting late last night local police are confirming had was mistaken for gunshots. turnout to be loud noises. false alarm triggered evacuation and massive search throughout the airport. officials say someone wearing a sorrow costume was detained during chaos but unclear if the person had any connection with the evacuation, investigators are still looking in the cause of these loud noises. tragedy, in west philadelphia, when a little boy runs out in the street, 23 month-old amean rory died after being hit by an oncoming suv on mere beyond after new last night. relatives say he was playing with cousins when he got away from the safety of his mother just before 7:00. he darted between two parks are parked cars and out in the road of the 4800 block at the same time chevy trailblazer was passing through but the driver could not stop in time. amean was raced to children's hospital of philadelphia where he was pronounced dead a short time later. driver remains on the scene as police arrived and authorities are still investigating. a new jersey transit
4:35 am
officer hailed a hero for jumping on to the tracks to save a man's life. he had just seconds to spare as a train was barreling toward them. take a look at these moments, in see caucus, the officer had under 30 seconds from the start of the video, no time, to judge or reason just time to go, but train is speeding toward them but man sprawled on the track is seen wedging his knee inside rail. transit police say he was resisting officer ortiz attempt to rescue him. he does not let go or give up. he tugs against a pull of the man and match his height and weight. officer ortiz is recognized for his incredible act of of bravery. police have have not released identity of the man on the track or why he was out there only that he is alive. charges have been filed in connection with the tires being slashed outside the home of the philadelphia district attorney seth williams. stacy cummings turned herself in yesterday, authorities say that she flattened tires of
4:36 am
the two fords belonging to the city last november. the 47 year-old had been charged with criminal mischief ape possession of an instrument of crime. district attorney in delaware county is now handling the case we will have a live report coming up at 5:00 o'clock. later in the show beyonce took to the stage with the vma last night in new york city political message behind the stars performance.
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4:39 am
the democrats are addressing allegations surrounding their nation's bill clinton foundation and on the republican side donald trump's campaign manager focused on his stance on immigration. fox's kristin fischer explains. >> reporter: neither candidate held public events. hillary clinton spent her day attending fundraiser while her supporters took to the sunday shows to defend the pay for play allegations. namely that clinton foundation donors were given special treatment by the state department while she was secretary of state. >> when republicans meet with their donors with their supporters and they are calling it a meeting. when meetings do that they call it a conflict. it is not pay to play unless somebody gave someone 50 cents to say i need a meeting. meet with them because they want to bring a matter to your attention. >> reporter: on the republican side donald trump's campaign manager made her own round working to clarify any questions, surrounding trump's immigration policy. >> what he has said is no legal says, and no amnesty, he
4:40 am
also said this week, chris that if you go back to your home country and if you'd like to come back to the united states as an immigrant you need to apply through many different chan else that allow people to apply for citizenship or entry into the united states, legally. and so that is important. we all learned in kind garden to stay and wait in turn. he is saying that as well. >> his campaign says he is acknowledging there are massive problems with illegal immigration while hillary clinton's plan toys ignore it. >> hillary clinton is to the left of the barack obama on immigration, she's for sanctuary cities that harbor illegal immigrants. >> reporter: next big event for both campaigns is on wednesday, hillary clinton in ohio, donald trump has a big rally planned in arizona this washington kristin fischer, "fox news". overseas in italy authorities looking into whether negligence played a role in the number of people tied in that earthquake there. at least 290 people were killed when 6.2 magnitude quake shook amatrice last
4:41 am
week. officials vowing to investigate whether negligence or fraud in adhering to building codes for blame for high death toll. they are calling for efforts to ensure organized crime does not infiltrate lucrative construction projects in the rebuilding process. meantime pope is planning to visit with these devastated by that disaster. >> the readiness of which the authorities, police, civil pro and operating demonstrate how important solidarity is to overcome paper full trials. dear brothers and sisters i hope to come visit you to bring to you in person the comfort of faith? some 6,000 people have have no place to live, rescue workers are pressing on with the task of recovering bodies from the ruble, they say hopes of finding anymore survivors have virtually vanish. next up, beyonce took the stage of the vma's in new york city, political message behind the stars performance.
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you're looking live at ben franklin parkway and driving around that area will get harder because part of the eakins oval are shut down ahead of next week even's made this america festival. our cameras were outside on the parkway already starting to it up for two day music festival. main road closures start today and continue through labor day
4:45 am
most roads are expect to be back opened for morning rush on tuesday, september 6th, big headliners are rihanna and cold play. you can find full line up on our web site, fox i can't believe, sue serio it is almost time for us to celebrate labor day where did the summer go. >> crazy. everything goes so quickly especially when we're having fun. this is no fun, hurricane gaston is a powerful hurricane up to category three, 120 miles an hour wind. luckily in the middle of the atlantic ocean but has affect our rip currents at the shore. we have watching two systems, tropical depression eight, off the carolina coast expect to strength men to a tropical storm and nine is expect to strengthen. we will get a 5:00 he clock update and see if they will get names, next two are hermine and iain. we will see what happens with that. we will had some showers this is central part of the state earlier in the morning. they have dissipated a few
4:46 am
cloud around. no precipitation. even though there is a slight chance in the forecast not too much is showing up as we look at afternoon, we will see cloud rolling through with the weak disturbance later in the day, you can see sprinkle or two or shower or two don't be advised but not real likely. we have temperatures in the 60's and 70's. it is 66 in mount pocono. same for wildwood, new jersey. 68 degrees. now in dover. dew point in dover is close to 70. same in philadelphia as those depoints rise so does humidity. we did have the heat and somewhat humid, especially on friday, but then we will take a way humidity and kept away heat on saturday. ninety-three, 93, 90 yesterday is your official heat wave, today 92. >> still warm tomorrow. we may not make it to 90. it will be a close call though, on tuesday and wednesday, and then, after a shower with the cold front on thursday, it looks like very comfortable weather heading
4:47 am
in to labor day weekend, check it out with 80 degrees on friday, 82 on saturday. eighty-four on sunday. first look at the weekend is looking good. cross your fingers. that is your weather authority forecast checking traffic, we have crews working on the water main break on roosevelt boulevard, southbound side of the boulevard, with the right lane block as you're approaching ridge avenue. so, watch out for that. ninety-five cottman avenue everything normal heading in the city this morning at least for now, and a new weekday schedule is in effect, starting to day on the paoli thorndale line. so get a new schedule for that and supplemental bus service on select regional rail lines begins the day after labor day tuesday, september 6th, for chestnut hill east and west, fox chase line, hand i young, norristown and media elwyn line. so regional rails things changing around lauren just a little bit.
4:48 am
>> sue, thank you so much. in manayunk investigators are working to figure out what sparked a fire, broke out early yesterday afternoon on the 3900 block at a apartment building there crew where is a able to get it under control about 45 minutes later, fortunately no one was injured. dozens of organizations banded together yesterday to help the city of camden. their goal, in their words, it is to save the community. celebration went all day long at family park. it included a book bag give away, free haircut, food, face painting and chess tournament. organizations that partnered are non-profits serving camden's youth. they hope to continue that mission. the children across the street we had banners and games and face painting for the children, and there is plenty of food, there is vendors all over. you can get tested for allergies. we had some of the church organizations, out here.
4:49 am
>> about 5,000 people attended that celebration. well, the eagles making some roster moves yesterday cutting their roster down to 73 players ahead of tomorrow's deadline. two big names on the list chris givens and ruben randall, both signed as veteran free agents but disappointing throughout training camp and preseason. philadelphia has a new championship team and this morning we will help them celebrate, the philadelphia soul won arena bowl 29 friday night, beating the air zone rattlers, 56-42. the teams second ever championship. we will throw them a parade right here at fourth and market this morning around 7:55. several players and dancers will be here to celebrate the big win. new york's madison square garden was place to be last night as stars and fans converged for mtv music award. twenty moon man trove writes handed out but who really won the night.
4:50 am
>> ♪ >> tonight's biggest buzz was about beyonce her videos won eight moon man trophies bringing her lifetime total to a record 25 and she started the show with the 15 minute there her ground breaking lemonade album. it touched on many headlines from police brutality to girl power and then there was brittany spears return to the mtr stage. >> ♪ >> brittany spears made an appearance at the award show after a hiatus, also hitting the stage ariana grande, nick jonas, future and just performing kanye west debuted his latest music video, and, of course, rihanna performed a
4:51 am
total of four times throughout the award show. she received the michael jackson video vanguard award but moment before her acceptance speech had that has a lot of people talking this morning. >> she's someone, she's someone i have been in love with since i was 22 years old. >> one of my best friend in the world, all my adult life i have looked up to her even though she's younger than me, living, breathing legend. >> drake presented the singer with a special award and as you just heard he confessed his love for her during the speech. it is rumored that the two are a couple but neither has confirmed that information. >> other big story of the night is u.s. women's gold medalist team, one of the members was missing from the award show last night. when team took to the stage to present beyonce with an award everyone notice that had gabby douglass was not on the stage.
4:52 am
it turns out she was hospitalized sunday night due to an infection and she could not make the show. well wishes to her. next hour fox 29 morning news legal involving bridge scandal piling up nearly three years after traffic lanes were closed. millions of dollars people in the garden state could be responsible for paying.
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4:55 am
a toddler is killed in west philadelphia 23 month-old amean rory died after being hit by an on coming suv on merion avenue last night. relatives say toddler was playing with cousins when he got the away from the safety of his mother just before 7:00 . the driver remains on the scene. search is on for teen connected in a shooting last week, take a good look at photo on your screen. police say 18 year-old brian finata is wanted in a shooting in bridgeton, new jersey. this happened august 25th on mere beyond street. police say he fired several shots from the shotgun at residents injuring five people, who were sitting on the front porch of that home. if you know where he is, please call police. police say speed was a factor in the fatal car crash in winslow township. investigators say honda accord was racing down cross keys road when it turned on chews landing road and slammed in the utility pole.
4:56 am
impact split the pole in half, tore the of roof and driver's side doors off of that car. driver died at the scene. police say no one else was in the vehicle at the time of the crash. the eagles have made their first round of cuts among those left off, ruben randall and chris givens both signed as veterans free agents but were disappointing throughout training camp and the preseason. other players released include 2015 draft pick andrew gardener, nick perry and john depal man. team could be interested in two players from the philadelphia soul who just won the championship. all right. 4:56. jenny joyce live following breaking news for us this morning. good morning, jenny. >> good morning. three teens shot overnight all are in stable condition, what police are saying about this investigation, next.
4:57 am
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4:59 am
breaking news right now three teenagers are hurt and hospitalized after a shooting in south philadelphia. lateness a live report. in california reports of an active shooter brought a scare to hundreds of travelers at los angeles international airport. what police are saying right now about the false alarm. two-year old boy hit and kill in the streets what witnesses saw just seconding before the crash. a warning for women targeted on the sidewalk, where police say a serial groper, may have just hit again. today is monday,
5:00 am
august 29th, 2016. thanks for joining us at this early hour, 5:00 a.m. sue serio lets get over to you for a look at our monday morning forecast. >> yes, pretty much the same as yesterday, out and about, expect the same kind of day to day, nine out of ten. bump that down to an eight because it is in the 90's again. buddy is ready for a decent day. he will take a boat trip. i know kids are starting school today. we put buddy back at the bus stop after labor day just so you though but expect decent day with temperatures in the 60's and 70's if you are waiting at the bus stop this morning. the eventually we will get right back into the 90's which is where we were yesterday. here's radar and just, a little bit on the satellite picture that we put there a few clouds here and there, montgomery county, berks county that is about it. for us it is a quiet morning. 73 degrees in philadelphia with 5-mile an hour breeze. sunrise time i


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