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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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august 29th, 2016. thanks for joining us at this early hour, 5:00 a.m. sue serio lets get over to you for a look at our monday morning forecast. >> yes, pretty much the same as yesterday, out and about, expect the same kind of day to day, nine out of ten. bump that down to an eight because it is in the 90's again. buddy is ready for a decent day. he will take a boat trip. i know kids are starting school today. we put buddy back at the bus stop after labor day just so you though but expect decent day with temperatures in the 60's and 70's if you are waiting at the bus stop this morning. the eventually we will get right back into the 90's which is where we were yesterday. here's radar and just, a little bit on the satellite picture that we put there a few clouds here and there, montgomery county, berks county that is about it. for us it is a quiet morning. 73 degrees in philadelphia with 5-mile an hour breeze. sunrise time is 6:27.
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we have 66 degrees in mount pocono. sixty-eight in lancaster. few cloud around wilmington. sixty-seven in wildwood. we will check with those dew points. nice and low, close to 70. so it is a little bit humid this morning but not excessively so. we did get to 90 degrees yesterday and that made it official that it was heat wave number six because we were in the 90's on friday and saturday as well. we will have day four of the heat wave today with a high of 92 getting in the holiday weekend in that seven day forecast, coming up but right new time to check traffic. bob kelly off this week. at a minute after 5:00 o'clock this is a big problem. it is on roosevelt boulevard, southbound side of the boulevard, a water main break that has the right lane blocked. again this is southbound roosevelt boulevard right near ridge avenue. you can see the approach to that ridge avenue exit. that is not causing too many problems just yet. mean while we will check i-95 this delaware county near high
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land avenue still dark out but everything moving just fine that accident in the the lower merion it is on menowa road in haverford and that is causing some problems there, and a accident in denver pennsylvania, out there by reading and lebanon, lancaster out there, it is, got the left lane blocked there on the part of the turnpike. remember get your new schedule for regional rails, paoli thorndale line, takes effects today, lauren, do not be surprised. >> all right sue, thanks very much. a violent night in the city of philadelphia a triple shooting in grays ferry landed three people in the hospital and police say all victims are teenagers. >> jennifer joyce in south detectives with the the very latest, hi there, jenny. >> good morning. all teens this stable condition at presbyterian hospital and chop but investigators are saying none should be in the hospital. they shouldn't have been out, past midnight and past their curfew. shooting happened at 27th and
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tasker street, three teens were found in various locations, a 16 and 17 year-old were both shot in the leg and a second 16 year-old was shot in the lower back and was taken to chop. thirty he lease say this was shoot-out there were two side firing off at least two gunshots. >> we don't know right now if any of these three victims was the intended target, or if they were struck with stray bullets and even pos built that some of these victims may have been involved in the shooting. they may have been firing shots. we are not ruling that out. that is always a oz built. although no weapons were recovered by the time we got here somebody could have handed a gun off to someone else. >> reporter: no one has been arrested at this point and they are still looking for those involve. police say one of the shooters may have been driving an old model white vehicle possibly a nissan, investigators plan to head to the hospital to interview the three victims. they are also hopeful that local surveillance video will
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provide some clues. lauren? >> jenny, lets hope they get what they need. all is clear at los angeles international airport following report of an active shooting late last night. local police are confirming what was mistaken for gunshots just turnout to be loud noise. false alarm triggered evacuation and massive search throughout the airport. airport officials say someone wearing a sorrow costume was detained during chaos but unclear if the person had any connection to the evacuation. the investigators are still looking in the cause of the loud noises. tragedy in west philadelphia when a little boy running out in the street, 23 month-old amean rory died after being hit by an oncoming. is uv on merion avenue last night. relatives say to the letter was outside when he was getting a way from his mother when he darted between two parked cars and out in the road in the 4800 block at the same time that a chevy trailblazer was passing through but the driver could in the stop in time. amean's cousin tells us she saw the entire thing and
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described that disturbing scene. >> he said that he had got hit by a car. so i came out and walked in the street and went up there and i looked at him and he was just laying there, and he was really bleeding bad, on his head. >> from the time she reached him she really didn't have time to stop, you know, because he was so short, so the bumper hit his head. at the end of the everything he wound up under the suv, on the driver's side, the back, next to the back wheel. >> amean was raced to children's hospital of philadelphia where he was pronounced dead a short time later. driver remains on the scene as police arrived and authority are investigating. serial groper may have struck again a with man told police she was walking in south philadelphia saturday night when man on the bike rode up and groped her. police are trying to figure out same man connect to four other assaults earlier this month. one of those is dents was
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caught on camera. latest victim young woman assaulted on the 1600 block of bainbridge street. is there a similar description of the suspect in all cases, hispanic man between 5-foot four and 5-foot one, if you have any information please call police. now to our top stories woman surrendered to police link to vandalism outside home of the philadelphia district attorney seth williams. fox 29's steve keeley is live with more about the woman accused of slashing his tires, hi there steve. >> reporter: sadly we do a lot of tire slashing stories but this is not typical tire slashing, idiot i can for no reason multi care neighborhood random vandalism case. investigators say this was domestic personal thing, woman district attorney just identified as his girl friend in 2012 through 2014 and recently submitted financial disclose another gifts to publish officials statement, 47 year-old stacy cummings turned herself in with a lawyer yesterday by her side to philadelphia police headquarters where the paperwork on the charges said
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that she admitted this on wednesday to investigators. the two charges criminal mischief and possession of an instrument of crime that whatever she used to puncture four tires on two city taxpayer own vehicles assigned to the security detail and driver park outside seth williams home last november. it was delaware county district attorney who took on the case to prevent obvious conflict of interest here for philadelphia d.a. she was released on her own recognizance, normally no big deal but, of course, it had philadelphia police put out a news release so makes another embarrassing he had head line in a very uncomfortable summer for d.a. behind this hot and humid summer. another embarrassing front page poking at personal meets public life of the district attorney giving philadelphia daily news this morning something beside the eagles to feature on a monday after a pretty good preseason game. that tells you how people at daily news feels about this case. >> wow. all right. steve keeley, thanks very much. search is on for teen
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connect in the shooting last week, take a good look at photo on your screen. police say 18 year-old brian finata is wanted from a shooting in bridgeton new jersey on august 25th on merion street. police say he fired several shots at a shotgun injuring five people who were sitting on the front porch of the home. if you know where he is, please call the police. reward continues to climb for information on the person who shot and killed an eight year-old girl in camden. reward now sits at $50,000 for information leading to the arrest of gabby carter's killer. gabby was hit by a stray bullet rode a bike outside her home last wednesday night. police say she was caught in the cross fire in the gang related shooting. family and friend remember gabby as lit girl who loves to sing and read. they are pleading with anyone who can help fine the kill tore come for. in trenton questions are raised about had happened moments before an off-duty officer shot and killed a man at a family gathering, some witnesses say officer saved lives while other friend of the man killed are now
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demanding answers. it started after a funeral. fox 29's brought satan spoke to people just feet away when it all happen. >> he was one of my best friend. >> reporter: james said he watch an off-duty trenton police officer shoot and kill his best friend. thirty-four year-old alfred toe was shot dead, when he went for a gun in the officer's hand. it started earlier at this house, where the cop was among group of people attending a reception to pay their respects to a friend who had just died of cancer. the witness essay toe and another man god in the argument and toe walk to his brother as car ape got a gun. the his brother constantine toe looking to diffuse the situation tried to grab the gun but instead it went off and constantine was shot in the hand. >> he was trying to get the gun. >> unaudible. >> reporter: constantine was injured but had the gun. witnesses say that is when off-duty officer stepped in with his even gun. >> he said put the gun done.
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>> reporter: witnesses say he handed the over's got on the ground as instructed and that are where versions of the story differ. some say while constantine was on the ground his brother alfred rushed the officer who fired, striking alfred in the chest they believe the officer saved lives. >> this officer was... unaudible. >> reporter: alfred toe's best friend insist the officer never identified himself saying alfred only saw a man pointing a gun at his brother and never lunged at the officer. >> how do i know if you are an officer or not you do not identify yourself. at least put your badge up, so we can read. >> reporter: at no point did you hear him identify himself. >> in. >> reporter: always claiming officer had been drinking at the reception. >> he was intoxicated. they did in the check his blood or what so ever. did they ever do that? they will just let it slide. >> reporter: brad satan fox 29 news. happening today two united
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airlines pilots set to appear before a judge both accused of being drunk before trying to fly a plane. it happened saturday in glasgow airport. pilots were scheduled to fly 141 pass he can tours newark, new jersey. united says pilots age 35 to 45 have have been removed from service pending an investigation. two are set to appear sometime today in the scottish court. flight was delayed for ten hours while airline rounded up replacement pilots. coming up, two brothers behind parse in the shooting death of basketball stars dwayne wade's cousin why leaders are saying this is part of the much bigger problem. back at home legal fees involving new jersey's bridge scandal are piling up, nearly three years after traffic lanes were closed, the millions of dollars people in the garden state could be responsible for paying.
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all right. our monday morning we have a look at the tropics paw we got our 5:00 o'clock update from the national her cape center. hurricane the georgia ton still a category three but weakened to 115 miles april hour wind still way out to sea but still affecting rip currents at the shore. tropical depression eight is still a depression hasn't gotten a name yet with 35 miles an hour wind. we need to get it up to 41 miles an hour, and same for tropical depression nine right around cuba so one near the, carolina coast will keep a closer eye on that one because that will combine with the hurricane to affect rip
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currents at the shore even though we don't have any rain right now and none really in the forecast for today. i should president say none, a slight chance of the pop up shower or thunderstorm anytime after 2:00 o'clock but they will be isolated if you get one at all maybe 20 percent chance of that happening, later on in the day. right now our temperatures in the bad for an august morning. 68 degrees in lancaster. sixty-five this mount pocono. sixty-eight in dover delaware and atlantic city, international at 67 degrees. checking dew point they have in the inched in the 70's yet but they will before the even of the day. we're expecting another hot one. average high for late august is 84. well above average for us since friday when we got to 93 n saturday. ninety was our high on sunday and we will expect 92 today. that makes a four day heat wave. could be five or six if we make to it 90 both tuesday and wednesday. these two days will be close calls. then on thursday, cold front comes through and really changes or weather pattern as
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we head in the holiday weekend in a good way because we see temperatures, down in the lower 80's, very comfortable temperatures, and not nothing oppressive with heat or humidity friday, saturday, sunday and probably monday as well. that is your seven day forecast, it is monday morning. the lets see if we have any travel problems. we have a water main break. we are looking at traffic camera here, it looks like right lane is still blocked and probably will be. oh, two lanes are blocked. roosevelt boulevard southbound just approaching ridge avenue, so, the scene a lot more cars on the road right now. you might want to avoid. that now route 42 in new jersey, freeway still dark but traffic running smoothly. we will watch that for home coming shore traffic later on this morning. and that accident in lower merion at arm haverford and manoa road, watch out for that one as well. we have supplemental bus service since we had problems with the trains on regional rail and it begins on tuesday,
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day after labor day for chestnut hill east and west for fox chase line, and media elwyn, so make sure that you get your news schedules for that and paoli thorndale line because that news schedule go into effect lauren to day. thanks very much. pennsylvania's acting attorney general bruce castor says he will in the release report that focuses on inappropriate e-mails sent between governmental workers. he said report is on hold until people named in it has a way to respond to any allegations. cast took door over ag's office after kathleen kaine resigned earlier this month after a jury quick her of perjury. the state senate is expect to vote on bruce beamer, officially taking over that position tomorrow. now to new jersey where money is piling up in legal fees involving the bridge scandal. nearly three years after new jersey traffic lanes were closed, leading to the george washington bridge, the cost, continues to mount. taxpayer footing the bill one
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new jersey newspaper is quoting a ten million-dollar bill, meanwhile, two former allies of the new jersey governor chris christie have been indicted and face trial next who, a third pleaded guilty, christie has in the been charged. police say speed was a factor in the fatal car crash in wins le township. investigators say a honda accord was flying down cross keys road when driver turn on to chews landing road and slammed in the utility pole. impact, split the pole in half, tore the of roof and driver's side door off. one man lives nearby say accidents happen in that area way too much. >> looking down that road all the time, it is nothing out of the ordinary. every intersection is dangerous but when there is only one vehicle involved, you know, driver error. >> police say man died at the scene, detective are working to determine where he was headed and what led up to the crash. hopes for finding anymore survivors vanished in central italy. rescue workers are stressing
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on to recover bodies from the ruble of the last weeks earthquake. officials vowing to investigate whether negligence or fraud and adhering to building code for blame for high death toll. fox's kelly wright reports some 290 people now have been confirmed dead. the death toll continues to rise after last weeks devastating earthquake in central italy. the rescue crews continue to look for survivors and bodies beneath the ruble. demolishing buildings that are dangerously close to falling down. >> you can see behind me fire fighters working with the mobile ladder trying to remove roof tiles lose and a chimney not stable. >> 6.2 magnitude earthquake completely destroyed several towns, thousands are displayed from their homes with many living in tents, or their cars. >> all these days i have been living in the car down near the river toronto and you this bishop said he will speak to the civil row text and in the
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tent i can put holy sacrament. >> reporter: pope now planning to visit region and met with those devastated by loss of their homes. readiness of which authorities, police, civil protection and volunteers are operating demonstrates how important solidarity is to overcome such painful trials. dear brothers and sisters as soon as possibly hope to visit you to bring to you in person the comfort of faith. >> at least one town is grateful they didn't see shore damage. versea in central italy is near epicenter of the quake but saw very little damage due to a governmental program, that strengthened buildings. >> the project does not take place here then it would be in the same situation like the people in amatrice. >> reporter: museums across italy will toe nate all ticket sales from sunday to the rebuilding effort. in new york, kelly right, "fox news". two brothers are behind bars in the shooting death of basketball star dwayne wade's
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cons nykea aldridge was killed friday afternoon in chicago as she was pushing her new born near a stroller near school. darren and darwin sore else. both are documented, gang members and on parole for gun charges. civil rights leaders across the country are saying this murder is indicative of a much larger problem. >> is there too much guns, too many violence, drugs, and we have to address the issue in a comprehensive way. >> investigators say aldridge was not the intended target of the shooting her baby was not hurt and is being cared for by family members. gun violence was topic of the mtv video muse ache ward. ceremony took a serious tone when kanye west took to the stage last night in new york city. >> one kid came up to me and he said three of my friend died and i don't know if i'm the next. you have to think like when you are a senior and it is last month and we just don't
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feel like we are just doing anymore work. if you feel like you are seeing people dying right next to you you might feel like what is the point, you know, like life could be like starting to feel worse in a way. >> west also addressed issues of poverty and announced to the audience that he loves all people. back here at home driving around ben franklin parkway is about to get a lot tougher this week because they are setting up for made in america. road closures start today and continue through labor day, which is next monday, crews have already started to set up for two day festival for saturday and sunday most road are expect to be back opened for morning rush, on tuesday, september 6th. big headliners are rihanna and cold play, you can find full line up on our web site, fox and that is a live look at the preparations, already underway for hade in america. 5:22. political statement or career suicide. colin kaepernick opens up why he refuse toss stand for the
5:23 am
national anthem and 49ers fans are respond willing back on social media but first your winning lottery numbers, good luck to you.
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this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. a mean. >> testing.
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republican presidential nominee donald trump is lanning and speech wednesday on illegal immigration. trump tweeted out he will deliver the speech in arizona his position on to deport an
5:26 am
estimated 11 million immigrants here illegally has been unclear in recent days. meantime democratic leaders are coming to the defense of hillary clinton about so-called, pay for play allegations. critics say clinton foundation donors were given special treatment by the state department while she was secretary of the state. donna brazil says it is not unusual for supporters and activist to seek out private heatings and no evidence that clinton did any favors on behalf of foundation donors. film showcasing president barack obama and first lady michelle obama's hit the box office this weekend and numbers are out on how much it earned. >> this is not a date. >> how will it look, first cute guy that walk through the doors. >> you think i'm cute. >> i didn't say that. >> south side of you earned more than 3 million at box office in the first week end of release, limited release film finished 13th at the box office. 5:26. lets get to jenny joyce following some breaking news
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for us, hi, jenny. >> good morning, three teens were shot overnight, all are in stable condition, were they involved in the shoot-out or were they bystanders, south detectives sorting out details. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us.
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from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
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three teenagers are hurt and hospitalized after a shooting this south
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philadelphia. latest on the investigation and how victims are to go right now. plus reports of an active shooter brought a scare to people traveling at los angeles international airport. latest on that false alarm. and then this. >> it is things that have gone on in this country for years and years and they have never been addressed and they need to be. >> political stance or career suicide, colin kaepernick opens up about why he refuses to stand for the national anthem and now, the 49ers fans are reacting on social media. good day it is monday, august 29th, 016. i said his name three times this morning. i am one for three, maybe one for three. >> you will never for get, colin what. >> capper, he is so dapper. >> all right. >> and a little controversial right now. we will talk about that coming up. we are off to a mild start. bus stop buddy enjoying for him the last week of summer vacation. i know schools in the suburbs are starting today, philadelphia public schools started officially next week
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after labor day, so we will put it back to the bus stop then. temperatures in the 60's and 07's. our mild start this morning. it is not excessively humid but we have a few clouds around this morning. not a big deal. no precipitation to show you on ultimate doppler radar. lets check that temperature at the airport 73 degrees. just a 5-mile an hour breeze, sunrise time is not until 6:27, really starting to notice these days getting shorter in the last few days of august. 65 degrees mount pocono. seventy-one, cloud any reading. sixty-eight in lancaster. sixty-four in millville, new jersey. in wildwood we are at 67 degrees. dew points remain in the 60's which means it is not owe rest i havely humid just yet but we could get more humidity by end of the day. so off to a mild start in the 70's by lunchtime we are at 86 e current heat wave which came official yesterday 92 degrees our projected high temperature
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with sunset time at 7:36. that gets you through monday but of course we are anticipating labor day weekend. we will talk about that coming up in the meantime time to check traffic at 5:32 on your monday morning. a big story this morning will continue to be this water main break on southbound roosevelt boulevard, approaching ridge avenue. now we have two lanes block only one lane getting by, on this southbound section, of course, this is where folks head from the north east, into the city, and busiest time of the day is coming and i think we will have a lot of problems there on roosevelt boulevard so try to avoid that if you can. we will move to new jersey checking route 42 freeway a lot more volume maybe some folks heading home from the shore this morning instead of the last night but so far no delays, accidents out near pennsylvania turnpike westbound way out around reading, lebanon, lancaster area place called denver pennsylvania, that part have
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of route 222 there and a accident this lower merion still out there, manoa road in haverford, to slow you down a little bit this morning, lauren. >> thanks very much, sue. 5:33. three teenage boys are expect to be okay after being hit with bullets, in grays ferry. police say shooting happened around midnight near area of 27th and tasker streets. lets get out to jennifer gist live at south detectives with the very latest, hi there, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren police say they are heading to the hospital to interview the three victims of this shooting, at this point, unclear whether or not they were involve in the shoot-out or they whereby standers. shooting happened just after midnight in the area of 27th and tasker streets. the three teenage victims were found in various locations, a 16 and a 17 year-old were shot the in the leg and then taken to presbyterian hospitals and second, 16 year-old was shot in the lower back and was taken to chop. police say this is a shoot-out there were two side firing off at least two gunshots at one
5:34 am
another but police do not know if the teens were directly involved in the shoot-out. investigators say in the line of fire, they are under 18 and past curfew. >> they should not have been out this late. shooting happened right after midnight. shut have been home, curfew. we don't have a motive for shooting at this time. south detectives is on location and we are trying to get copies of those real time crime cameras as well as the private cameras. >> police say no one has been arrested at this point they are still looking for those involve. police say one of the shooters have been driving an older model white vehicle possibly a nissan and police say they are looking for that surveillance footage now, lauren. well, thanks so much jenny. all is clear at los angeles international airport following report of the active shooting late last night. local police are confirming what was mistaken for gunshots
5:35 am
turnout to be loud noises. false alarming triggering evacuationness a massive search throughout the airport. official says someone warn a sorrow costume was teatained but unclear if the person had any connection to the evacuation. investigators are still looking into the cause of those loud noises. tragedy in west philadelphia when little boy runs out in the street, 23 month-old ameen rory died after being hit by an on coming suv on merion avenue last night. relatives say toddler was outside playing when he got away from his mother. just before 7:00 p.m. when he darted between two parked cars and ran out in the street in the 4800 block. at the same time chevy trailblazer was passing through but driver could in the stop in time. ameen's cousin saw the entire incident and described it as it happen. >> he said that he had got hit by a car, so i came out and walk in the street and went up there and i looked at him. he was just laying there. he was really bleeding bad, on
5:36 am
his head. >> by the time that she reached him she really didn't have time to stop, you know, because he was so short, so the bumper hit helps head. at the end of everything he wound up under an suv on the driver next to the back wheel. >> ameen was raced to children's hospital of philadelphia where he was pronounced dead. driver remains on the scene as police arrived and authorities are still investigating. >> we are learning her about the woman charged in connection with slashing tires at home of philadelphia district attorney seth williams. steve keeley standing by live with her identity and maybe a possible motive. hi there, steve. >> reporter: it is not all of the people who hate hot, humid weather, most days in the 90's ever but you can put seth williams up there with among those who want this summer to end real quick. look at the front page of the philadelphia daily news, they is again on the philadelphia daily news likely more than any philly this summer.
5:37 am
when phillies office of fleet management needed to to paperwork and filling repair work order on the four tires slashed on two of the reek also used by the district attorney's security detail they this filed sergeant assigned to drive and guard the d.a. so 12 days, nearly two weeks after the tires were slashed last november 11th at the d.a.'s home police reports were finally file. cost to taxpayers to replace tires $845.64. ever since all that became public mystery over who slashed the tires was not known until last wednesday when the 47 year-old would hand mr. williams identified in his recently submitted gift financial disclose another forms as his girlfriend in 202/4, state i cummings admitted to investigators she punctured the tires yesterday she was charged with possessing an instrument from charge. but she could not remember exactly what she used to puncture the tires. so this morning, lauren, two
5:38 am
are seen in the happier moments smiling on the daily news front page but for sure neither likely in a happy mood today to see more permanent meets public life splashed on another philadelphia front page. >> that is not good. >> steve keeley, thank you very much. money, more seniority was an object when it came to the eagles first round of cuts, players being released from the team this morning.
5:40 am
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good morning i'm sean bell the phillies have been awful this season particularly this weekend. they gave up 21 runs in the first two games. luckily they were able to avoid the sweep on sunday. vince velasquez on the mound, phillies have lost their last seven games where he started but luckily velasquez, changed his form. strike out after strike out, he had seven of them in five innings of work, just gave up one run, and phillies, lose, aj ellis getting it done with the big run support. double to left. taking home two runs. phillies hold on to win five-one. preseason football texans/cardinals, look at that. on the screen, john sidehand reaches back, interception and goes to the house. he took that 69-yard. texans are clicking on all cylinders. brook oz we willer with the big touch town pass they win 34-24. sports in a minute.
5:42 am
i'm sean bell. the eagles making some roster moves cutting their roster down to 57 players ahead of tomorrow's deadline. two big names chris givens and ruben randall both signed as veteran free agents but were disappointing throughout training camp and preseason. philadelphia has a new championship team and this morning we will help them celebrate, really big. philadelphia soul, won a reen bowl 29 friday night beating the air zone rattlers, 56-42. this is the team's second ever championship. so they will have a parade right here at fourth and market with us later this morning. maybe around 7:45. come on out several players and dancers will be here to celebrate, that big win. did you see the vma's last night, of course, beyonce was on stage. well, political message behind that stars mega performance we will explain it coming up.
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starting off your monday morning, last monday in august, with a look at the active tropics, heading in to september, which is most active month for tropical development. we have possibility with tropical depression number nine town here around cuba and number eight off the coast of north carolina.
5:46 am
the possibility for these getting names, gaston is a category three hurricane in the middle of the ocean. we will see as the week goes by if any of this will affect our holiday weekend coming up. we have a few cloud around this morning but no precipitation and as we head into future cast we will see more cloud developing two or 3:00 in the afternoon and maybe isolated stray shower but very unlikely that you'll see one, but if you do maybe around, 8:00 o'clock tonight, don't be advised because you heard it the here. this is just a slight chance. 73 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-five mount pocono. seventy-one in reading. wildwood has 67 degrees. seventy in wilmington. dew points are not excessively high in the 60's. it is humid but not oppressively so. 84 degrees is our average high for late august and we have been well a have above average all through the weekend. high of 93. yesterday 90. that made it official. that has thousand had six heat waves this summer.
5:47 am
ninety-two today will make it day four of heat wave number six, and then that enough numbers for you? well, we have more. today, tommy should say 89 degrees. ninety on wednesday. then cold front comes through with the possibility of thunderstorms on thursday and gives us much more comfortable weather as we head into labor day weekend with friday, saturday, sunday temperatures in the low to hid 80's and quick look at sea breeze with the 85 degrees. that is your seven day forecast, let see the roads, our big problem as we have been saying all morning is southbound roosevelt boulevard. it looks like cars will still get by in the right lane but we have two lanes block near ridge avenue where this happened and, of course, you can't repair water hain break that quickly. we will see what happens rest of the morning. ben franklin bridge heading in the city from the camden side still running smoothly this morning. there is an accident in ago ton township at easton road there so watch out for that. there is an injury reported
5:48 am
with that accident as they investigate and in lower merion township an accident at manoa road around the havertown area, lauren, this morning. >> sue, thanks very much. new york's madison square garden was place to be as stars and fans converged for mtv music award. biggest head line came from none other than beyonce. >> ♪ >> beyonce won eight moon man trophies bringing her lifetime total to a record 25 and she stopped the show with a nearly 15 minute medly from her ground breaking lemonade album. it touched on police brutality to girl power. singer's backup dancers were shot down one by one. this was highlight by red light over each one. at the end her dancers ended
5:49 am
with a pose, in the symbol for girls. new for tonight's winner ... they took home for best new artist, bee april say won video of the year for normal nation, drake won for best hip-hop video for his song hot line bling, calvin harris won for best male video. controversy is surrounding san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. i can't get that name right, mike. football player refusing to stand during national anthem in football games. kaepernick sat while star spangled banner played at friday night's preseason game between 49ers and green bay packers. last night he had this response when asked if he will sit out while flag is being raised at the game. >> i will continue to sit. i will continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed. to me this is something that has to change and when there is significant change and i tiehl like that flag represents what it is supposed to represent in this country
5:50 am
is representing people the way that it is suppose to i will stand. >> the oppression he is speaking about is police brutality, he spoke many of the deadly police involved shootings that made headlines across the country and he says he is getting support from his team hates many grew up in areas where they have seen police brutality first hand. fans have something to say about what he is doing. take a look at this several people take to social media burning the quarterback's jersey. check this out. >> people die every single day deeven ifing that flag that you refuse to stand for and i won't stand for that. this jersey was the worst $50 investment i have ever had. you mr. kaepernick if you don't love our country get the bleep out of it, so here's your jersey. okay. >> this is just one of the many social media posts showing fans burning kaepernick's jersey. >> colin kaepernick looks different. when he first came in he had corn rows. >> he looks totallitive rent
5:51 am
to me. >> how are you. how was your weekend. >> yes good did you stay up and watch vma's. >> i watched quite a bit of it. >> how was it. >> i like the opening. >> opening was good, rihanna. >> everyone loves rihanna. >> what do you think about her and drake. >> he has always loved her. >> he to say that. >> he tried to kiss her and she went, one of these. we have a bunch of highlights, what do you think of not having a host but a couple of, you know, kid and peel sitting there at the desk. they were at a desk like this. >> okay. >> but of course beyonce stole the show. we will play these highlights. brittany spears is getting heat because she was lip syncing, that is what she does. >> first time coming back in a while. >> she just signed another year in vegas, at her hotel show. it that is time of the year. get on twitter which schools are back in obsession i think a lot of the suburbs are back to school. are you going back to school
5:52 am
or sometime this week? i think philadelphia schools start the seventh the wednesday after labor day. >> kid to have get back in bed early, do their homework. >> speaking of that how to you get them to go to sleep now it is time to get back to will school. we have an expert coming in and they will teach us how to get them down to bed. >> gotcha. >> yes. >> i don't know if you saw it or not but philadelphia has a championship in sports. >> wow. >> mike what are you talking about? i'm talking to myself. philadelphia soul won it all in air zone. soul. >> soul train. >> we're on it. so we will have a mini parade, and when i say mini, i mean, mini. >> okay. >> out the in the crosswalk but soul players are coming. we have to celebrate something. >> we're excited about that. >> they are basically super bowl champs of arena football. >> maybe more people will come out and make our parade better? you know, the nova parade, it won't look anything like this but yeah if you are a soul
5:53 am
fan, come on out to fourth and market. you have to be here by 7:30. let's show them some love. >> it will be in the crosswalk. >> mini. >> it won't look like the villanova parade. >> thanks for that disclaimer. >> sure. >> in the next hour of good day he has been hailed a hero local cop dumped on to tracks to save a man's life why it was a struggle to help him out.
5:54 am
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5:56. a live look at olde city. dozens of organizations banded together to help the city of camden. their goal in their word is to save the community, the celebration went all day long and it included a book bag give away, free haircuts, food, face painting and chest tournament. many organizations that partnered are non-profit serving camden's youth, they hope to continue that mission. the children across the street we had bouncers, and games, and face painting for the children, and there is plenty of food, there is vendors all over, you can get tested for allergies, they have some of the church organizations, down here. >> 5,000 people attended that
5:57 am
big celebration. three teenagers are hurt and hospitalized after a shooting in south philadelphia, lateness a live report coming up in a few minutes. and a two year-old boy hit and killed in the street what witnesses recall seconds before that crash happened. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! by the time that she reached them she didn't really have time to stop. >> a two-year old dead after being hit and kill in the
6:00 am
street. what witnesses saw seconds before the suv hit the little boy. plus new overnight three teens hurt during a shoot-out this grays ferry, why police say they shouldn't have been outside in the first lays. and he is at it again. just days after police warn of the man on the bike groping woman in south philadelphia, another case reported. where police say this time he struck. good day, everybody it is august 29th, 2016. bob has the day off. hi sue. we have double duty this morning. we have a big gusher to start the week. >> we have had so many water hain breaks. >> where is this one. >> this one is on the boulevard, southbound, coming into the city on a monday morning, and, here it is a live picture of that scene, looking at the water cascading down on to the roadway. we have two lanes blocked. this is not a quick fix with the water main.


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