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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  August 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 11:00. we're following breaking news tonight. two children shot in south philadelphia. good evening i'm iain page. lucy is off tonight. police say it all started when 13 year old boy was playing with a gun. fox 29's chris o'connell is live at children's hospital of philadelphia. chris? >> reporter: iain, right now 12-year-old girl is in stable condition here at children's hospital and just next door a 13-year-old boy is also in stable condition. both accidently shot. police responded to the 2100 block of south edding terrace in southwest philadelphia just -- after 8:40 tonight. they learn the 13-year-old boy somehow was playing with the gun and shot himself in the hand. that same bullet went through the boy's hand, striking the
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12-year-old girl in the knee. police say someone took the boy to the hospital but so far they have not found the gun they believe was you've in the shoo shooting. >> we believe the theen-year-old was handling or playing with a gun when that gun discharg disc. we believe accidentally it went through his hand that pull let after going through the 13 year old boy's hand passed through and then went into the 12-year-old girl's right knee. 13-year-old boy we're being told after firing the shot exited the rear of the property, still carrying the gun. >> reporter: now police say there were adults, two of them, inside the home at the time. no word on if charges will be filed against those adults. but public affairs has told us arrest has been made tonight. unclear on who that was. the good news is tonight, iain, both of those children are expected to survive.
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>> that is good news, chris. thank you. developing to night deadly shooting scattering evidence across south jersey garden state parkway backed up in a standstill while investigators gathered what they could. that's just one scene in this bizarre shooting that killed one person and hurt five others. the garden state parkway to the ac expressway in busy what were all involved. now investigators are working to try and figure out exactly what happened. our dave schratwieser live at state police barracks in hammonton. dave? >> reporter: iain, the new jersey state police actually shut down the eastbound lanes of the atlantic city expressway earlier tonight for about 45 minutes while they looked for ballistic evidence then they reopen the highway. they have found multiple weapons they believe are related to this shooting but so far no arrests and no motive. >> this all shot up. look at it. >> reporter: this bullet riddled ford expedition pulled into the wawa on tilton road near the atlantic city airport after a wild shooting on the ac
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expressway left four people wounded and one dead. >> i think it's scary, like, i live literally five minutes, not even, from here, and just to hear about it is -- it's crazy. >> reporter: new jersey state police shut down the expressway monday night looking for evidence. they say the occupants of the suv were the victims of a gun battle just before 3:00. more than a dozen shots struck the moving vehicle taking out the passenger side windows and rear tire. second vehicle was found few miles away on the garden state parkway one person in that car had been shot in the head. >> the people involved in this shooting new each other. this was not random act. >> i feel sad for those people that were in there, too. were they young? were they old i don't know. >> reporter: state police recovered multiple weapons at a third location nearby. several guns were used in the he can change of gunfire. >> obviously extremely dangerous to everybody involved. not just the inn tendonned target. >> i feel bad.
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i feel sad. >> reporter: all of the shooting having timms winter the age of 40. some had prior con tack with police here in this area. multiple weapons recovered but no arrests at this hour. iain. >> dave, thank you. on your radar tonight, end to this heat wave may just be in sight. here's a look at will morning ton after our fourth straight day above 90 degrees. meteorologist kathy orr here with your first forecast at 11:00. >> iain, day was day 15 of 90-degree temperatures in the month of august alone our second heat wave and it will be breaking in the seven day forecast. overnight 69 in the city more comfortable in the suburbs going for 60. mainly clear skies. tomorrow morning when you wake up, temperatures mainly in the 60s with a few exceptions the poconos 59 degrees. and waking up in dover and wildwood temperatures will still be bailment 70's. tomorrow' high temperature 89. so that would mean we would break this heat wave but it's going to be a close call. as you plan your day, breakfast temperatures in the 70s. by the noon hour outdoors for
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lunch talking about 80s afternoon 87. the evening temperature at 7:00 o'clock still 84 degrees. we have to talk about the tropics. we have two tropical depressions that are likely to become tropical storm hermine and ian as early as tomorrow. and that means some problems down the shore through wednesday and possibly over the labor day weekend the rip current risk will be moderate. a rough surf and east swells two to 3 feet. on your seven today forecast here's a look what we expect. some heat tuesday and wednesday. late storms wednesday some showers early thursday. busts the heat thursday, friday, saturday temperatures will the 80s and look at sunday and monday. for your holiday weekend. very comfortable iain with temperatures in the 80s. we'll talk more about the tropical impacts later in the broadcast for now we'll zen it to you. >> kathy, thank. $76,000 is now being offered if someone can lead police to a person who killed eight-year-old gabbie carter. fox 29 has learned that the funeral for the little girl will take place this saturday at the
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faith holy temple church of god and christ in cam. gabbie died last week after police say she was hit by stray bullet on the streets of cam. if you know anything at all, please call police. >> investigator it's are looking for cause of incredibly massive church fire in west philadelph philadelphia. the fire at the good shepherd presbyterian church on lansdowne avenue in overbrook broke out this morning. even late tonight crews still on the scene but earlier in the day, more than 120 firefighters and personnel struggled to containment no one was hurt but there was a close call for one man who was in the shower on the third floor of the building and had to be rescued. >> i cop see down the hallway at all. um, felt my way down and somehow ended up in the middle room and ended up finding that went dough there. it was really hard to breathe. >> he did make it to the roof where firefighters could get h him. historic church is over 100 years old and was home to several church congregations and community events. it appears the fire started in
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the basement but there's no word yet on what started it. tonight residents in montgomery county pleading for answers after months of concern over their water quality. this meeting comes after officials found contamination in water near two naval air stations. fox 29's sean it i shawnette wit the meeting. you spoke to some of those residents. >> reporter: iain many of those residents say they have been to meeting like this before. held by different officials but tonight, some of them left with the same feeling that they didn't get the answers they'd hoped for. >> i've had cancer. my mother has had a cancer. many of the other things they mentioned high cholesterol and thyroid problem a loft auto immune diseases. >> right now i'm drinking bottled water. i'm giving my dogs polled water i'm so scared. >> reporter: residents packed the auditorium they are desperate for answer about a problem with contaminated water plaguing their community for
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years. will it was organized by brendan boyle, pat meehan and michael fitzpatrick. officials say the water issue stems from the former naval air station willow grove and. >> when they found out that those chemicals were harmful they took no meaningful act. >> reporter: and all three representatives say that they have sent letters to the cdc asking for health monitoring and for blood testing to be covered for the residents. iain. >> shawnette thank uh-uh union representing striking workers from the trump taj mahal say they've got proposal they hope can prevent the casino from closing for good after this weekend. unite here local 54's latest plan epp concludes more breaks and workers would take on more health care costs. it costs $1.3 million more than casinos owner called icahn's last proposal casino is set to close after labor day. the woman had slash the tires of vehicles outside the home of da seth williams was
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apparently his girl friend. stacey come ming turned herself in to authorities yesterday she was label as the da's girlfriend on some financial disclosure documents. the delaware county da has charged the 47-year-old after the incident happened back in november. police say the cars that come ming damaged were part of williams security detail. mayor jim cep ooh spoke briefly about the charges. >> she shouldn't have done it. she apparently admitted doing it. she shouldn't have done it. really has nothing to do with me and we have a lot of problems we're dealing with in the city on a regular basis including kids being shot in the street and people trying to get work and people trying to get they are lives in a better situation. that will play out with the district attorney's office in delaware county. >> status of seth williams and stacey cummings relationship is unclear right now. new jersey state police are warning tonight of some heroin marked with the batman logo if you look close enough you can see the batman on the label
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police say heroin with this stamp might have caused 49 overdoses in camden since last tuesday. no one has died yet. state police are asking people to help spread the word to help save lives. >> we're less than a week away from the made in america concert on the ben franklin parkway it's already affecting commutes. crews are hard at work getting everything in place and ready. city officials want drivers to know about a handful of road closures around the area. closing lanes at i concerns oval. official shut down spring garden between pennsylvania avenue and the parkway. more closures will roll out in the days to come. for a full list head to fox fox dramatic moments when a crane tips off this bridge with workers inside. see how crews were able to pull them to safety and we are all hate sitting in traffic. it could be more dangerous than you think. while researchers say it's actually bad for your help. weeks away from the season premier of empire. what famous tv mom is joining
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the cast with rookie and lucio lucious. election day draws closer to the fbi is warning state official about hackers. the bureau is add vicing increased security in voting systems. meanwhile the latest real clear politics polling average shows clinton leading trump eight points in our swing state of pennsylvania. ♪
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♪ in juniata police are looking for three men who robbed a chinese restaurant. you see the guys in this video. honey garden on the 1400 block of lycombing street. the guy threatened employees at gun point and got away unknown amount of cash. the workers faces were injured. this all happened last wednesday around 11:45. so if you've got any information or know anything please call police. you see it you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your neighborhood. so dawn what's going on tonight. >> well, iain, our fresco user joseph larson at the scene of a fire in glenn olden it broke out at an auto shop there and the crews in delaware county fire crews say a call in for this fire at monroe muffler just before 7:00 tonight.
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they are able to get it under control in about 10 minutes. no one was hurt. investigators are still working to figure out exactly what caused that fire. and tonight in elmwood a car crashes into an auto zone store. this was on south 70th street after some sort of pursuit. fresco users sent in this video showing the car sticking out of the building. one person was rushed to penn presbyterian. we're not sure yet what condition they're in or why police may have been tailing them. the good news is, no else was hur. when you see news happening, take out your phone and shoot it and then make sure to use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. you could earn some cash. iain. >> dawn, thanks. this is definitely not how two crane workers wanted their day toned. official say they were working on bridge in compton rhode island when the crane they were in tipped nearly on tots side. the workers were left dangling over the water. officials say a second crane was sent in rescue two workers flapped bucket on the dangling crane. they were okay. pennsylvania governor tom wolf says pennsylvania needs to dee
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criminal allies small amount of marijuana possession. the state should act because too many people are going to prison for marijuana possession and that's clogging prisons and hurting families. philadelphia did he criminal arrived amounts of small amounts of pot two years ago. large turtle is being cared for down the shore as she because apparently hit by a body. they found her near the oyster creek nuclear power plant in brigantine. they was una able to use her back flippers now as she's recovering local fishermen are voluntarily dropping off about a dozen crabs for the turtle to eat each day. staff tells us the locker head turtle may never be able to return to the ocean. >> she can survive but she can survive in the wild in order for sea turtles to lay egg they have to climb up on the beach dig a hole with their rear flippers only and deposit the eggs. she couldn't do that. >> the federal government is now looking for permanent home that
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accommodate the turtle. she could live another 40 years. in your health tonight, federal officials issued an emergency order for zika screening the test which is eighty two toughed screen patients showing zika symptoms who meet the center for disease control's criteria. those include fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes just last week in the us there were over 2500 zika case reported. in your health also tonight, traffic jams are just not just tress still. experts say they can actually make you physically sick. research says the pollution that gathers inside cars in traffic and at red lights has a higher level than that found in moving cars. cars that are stopped can have as much as 40% more pollution in them. the good news there's a simple way to help cut down on all that when possible. scientists suggest to keep those windows closed. and the fans on recirculating the air. >> if you're looking for a place to park in center city philadelphia, there's newly roane know 58ed parking
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graduating just for you. ppa officially reopen the garage at eighth and arch streets. they went $3 million worth of renovation. it also operates an optic sent by wills eye it's the latest project that's moderniz modernig city's east market district. >> all right. phillies rainbow flag flying at citizens bank park. pride night mlb price president of social, billy dean throughout the first pitch. he came out after he left the team. the washington nationals won the gym game. >> what's on our ray door night. >> the good news is on radar tonight. something we're what happening carefully tropical depression number eight off the coast of hatteras moving to the west and to the northeast out to sea. it will create some swells as far as the surf is concerned
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down the shore and for our delaware beaches for the next couple of days. then the next threat is going to be tropical depression number nine in the open waters of the gulf. it's going to move toward the north and east make a landfall along the west coast of florida as a tropical storm later this week and then once again off the coast of the mid atlantic toward the holiday weekend. so that could kick up the surf again. down the shore over the next couple of days rip current risk will be moderate to high uv index will be high temperatures will be in the 80s for your tuesday. 90s for wednesday. the increasing rip current threat will continue and then possibly resurface over the weekend with tropical depression number nine. here's a look at your extended forecast so heat and humidity mainly for your wednesday with late day storms. possibly lingering into thursday morning. this will be a front that will bust the heat. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and into monday for the holiday weekend temperatures looking great. highs in the 80s. lows in the 60s perfect holiday weather we have to get there.
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heat wave will end tomorrow with a-89. >> all right. kathy. thanks lot. weekend looks great. howard accounts coming up in sports g 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick found a strange way to get across a message which created a lot of negative reaction especially to patriot tick americans. i'll have a comment. that will be coming up next.
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for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies.
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mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ i love this country. don't like the taxes but i love the freedoms we have and what most of us know they stand for. freedom of speech is our right. but what san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick has done is defeat the real purpose of freedom of speech.
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he as you now know i'm sure would not stand during the playing of the national anthem in friday's game his quote i am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color ". we should understand his mother is a white italian. his father is black. both those parents put him up for adoption and he was raised by a white family. it may not have been that way in another country. he is in a country that because of many rights we have has made over $60 million. but here is the biggest reason colin kaepernick is an idiot by doing what he did, he changed the issue. he changed the narrative to get attention for an issue i think he believes in but not standing he didn't bring attention to what he deems unfair to people of color. instead he has created a fire storm because he would not respect the flag of his country.
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he disrespected his teammates and his many fans but the biggest disrespect is the to the help and women of the armed services that are fighting for him to give him the rights and wealth that he now has in the united states of america. iain. >> all right, howard thanks hollywood is mourning the loss of a legend tonight actor gene wilder has died at the age of 83. the list of classics is long producers, young franken stein, blazing saddles among them. actor passed away after complications from am heim mers. felicia rashad is joining empi empire. rashad will reported have recovering role as the mother of a character played by taye dig diggs. mariah carey will also debut this season playing a singer named kitty. season three premieres 721st right here on fox 29. >> love those name.
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>> kitty, lucious, cookie. >> honey boo boo. >> franken stein. >> in the movie he actually said it's franken steen. (laughter). >> that's what he said. >> speaking of that more entertainment news on fox 29. tmz and dish nation then stay town for chasing news followed by the simpsons all coming up tonight on fox 29. we're back here at 4am for your fox 29 morning news and good day physical. see sue serio will have you covered there. we'll see you tomorrow.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: after the v.m.a.'s, diddy, kanye and jay-z all went to dinner at the same place and brought the little ladies. who's the biggest couple at the table? >> j & b. >> beyonce and jay-z. harvey: does kanye think it's him and kim? >> no, i don't think he can possibly think that. >> this coming from a guy who thinks i'm leonardo da vinci. justin bieber to be -- skipped the v.m.a.'s but he still went out. he did some karaoke. he did "great balls of fire," jerry lee lewis. harvey: that's a hard song. >> wasn't jerry lee lewis dating a 14-year-old? >> he married his 13-year-old cousin. >> don't you want to stay away from that? harvey: i totally forgot. >> drake and rihanna, they went to up and down after the v.m.a.'s. i felt like drake put his heart out there. he said --


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