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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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good morning we have breaking news we are following for you, a violent crash in camden, new jersey. a car takes down a utility pole and several parked cars, dave kinchen racing to the scene to give us very latest. also developing on fox 29 a bizarre deadly highway shoot-out brings hundreds of cars, to a complete stop in south jersey. who investigators are talking to hoping to solve these crimes. police searching for answers after they say a 13 year-old boy accidentally shoots himself and a 12 year-old girl, where the kid were and what they were doing before the shots were fired. plus this... >> we're devastated with what has happened today because we have lost everything. more than 100 fire fighters battled flames after fire engulfs a century old presbyterian church in west philadelphia. but no one was hurt but what could not be saved. >> we are looking for another place to worship.
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thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning at 5:00 o'clock august 302,016th. sue has some good news. >> yes, she does. lets get right to it because why wait for it. >> humidity is down. that is always good news in august. we will give you a nine out of ten for that very reason. bus stop buddy is pool side, off to a pleasant start. temperatures in the 60's and 70's but doesn't feel too sticky out there. 37 degrees with 57 percent relative humidity a and breeze out of the northeast at 9 miles an hour. 6:27 is your sunrise time. other temperatures to check 51 in mount pocono. in wrightstown we have 65. atlantic city at the airport, 68. close to 07 in wilmington and dover, delaware. so in rape to show you on radar. the lets get to the forecast today. it is a good one. high of around 90 degrees. we may only make it to 88 or 89, and it will hit the current day of the heat wave, sunset time 75:00. tuesday, not that bad, we will
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talk about how much better it the gets, over the who will take weekend coming up. and bob kelly, of course, on vacation this week so at 5:02 we will check traffic for you and start off with a look at, the schuylkill expressway at montgomery drive, we have everything running smoothly at least at this point, heading over to new jersey, route 42 freeway also running smoothly. we have an accident to tell but in montgomery county, up in perkiomen township at pennypacker road, all lanes are block there because of of a pole is down, and you can use schwanksville road as your alternate. we will tell you about some of the delays, with septa trolleys, during made in america this weekend, and well, actually everything will run on a weekend schedule route ten, 11, 13, 34, and 36, we are encouraged to take trolleys, and the el just to get to publish transportation. and take the train as well. regional rails running on the weekend schedule also.
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>> always good advice. 5:02. lets get to this breaking news out of camden, new jersey. a car crashing in the bunch of other cars at ninth inn haddon avenue knew. we are hearing car crash in the utility pole first. two porsches were destroyed. our dave kinchen heading to that scene. it looks like a real mess. we will get information an pass it along in the live report. in cobbs creek one person dead after being shot multiple times and police need your help identifying the victim. the shooting happened just after midnight behind furniture store near 55th and sansom street. a victim man in his 20's was shot execution style four times including one shot to the head. right now police are combing through surveillance video from the furniture store and nearby homes, in hopes of finding the shooter and identifying the victim. now to a bizarre deadly shooting in south jersey with evidence spread across two major highways and it includes a wawa. >> this ending with one person dead, four others injured, take a look, up investigators
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trying to piece together what happened as steve keeley is on this from the barracks in hammington. what a mess, steve. >> reporter: it is now up to seven known guys involved in this with three different vehicles all playing out on the ac expressway right at busiest time of the year, labor day week. this midday, expressway fire fight. the seventh guy, found farthest yet from the shooting scene at the shore, he turned up in philadelphia late last night at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania with the bullet wound to his arm. he is in custody and philadelphia police who at the last report were looking for the car he got to fill any which may be the third vehicle, new jersey troopers were looking for based on all of the calls from the witnesses on the expressway who watched the shooter at 3:00 p.m. yesterday, which got shut down, for an hour last night, by new jersey troopers, who needed to to that so they could search the shooting scene and that is where they have found guns, bullet shells and car parts. a machining the car parts, look at the what was missing
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from the suv, found at the wawa, this was 2 miles from the shooting scene, both rear view mirrors were blown ought, windows blown out and back tire shot out. they have found rubber from that plus car parts from that that put that, suv at the shooting scene along with another car that was 5 miles away and that is where the dead guy was in. >> indicated in fact this was a moving, you know, situation where gunfire was being, aimed at cars, that were moving, obviously extremely dangerous to everybody involved, not just those intended targets. at this point we don't know whether it was members from one car shooting at another one or whether it was both cars or more than two cars. we just don't know so i don't want to speculate. >> i think it is scary. i live five minutes from here and just to hear about it, it is, crazy. like there is so much going on
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right now. >> reporter: initial thought this this might be craziest road rage case ever gave way when state police talked to some of these victims and fun out they all know each other, no innocent bystanders shot that they know of and dead guy 23 years old from pleasantville. chris and lauren. >> thanks, steve. lets get back to the breaking news that violent crash leaves a path of destruction in camden. >> dave kinchen is up and ready to go. what have have we learn. >> we have just got to the scene here let me step out of the way and show you ninth and haddon avenue knew. actually i should say haddon and newton avenue in camden. this vehicle here one of the many mangled up, this sedan, which if you make it out you can see the engine block that was just shoved out of this vehicle from this crash, a violent force. we understand that the vehicle involved that started this
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crash, snapped a pole into two, hit two porches and hit multiple cars, five cars we believe, and driver of the car that struck the vehicles had to be extricated from the vehicle and taken to cooper university hospital, initially placed, in critical condition in the hospital and happies not too far from where we are right now. so thankfully it was a short trip to get to the hospital for e ms, but a major crash scene here. just how powerful, the impact was, the block of that engine. we will go to some video and show you a better collection of images of what had happened here in the 2:00 a.m. hour, again, a reek will losing control apparently and we don't know the order of the crash, sequence here but we know multiple cars, five cars hit, two porsches, also, a utility pole snapped into two. the driver of the car that struck all of these objects, had to be extricated from the vehicle and taken to cooper
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university hospital placed in critical condition, as we come back out here live here. that is what we have. we're waiting to talk with investigators to get a better idea how all this happened and a updated information on the injury as well. back to you. >> dave kinchen, thanks for race to go that scene. we will check back. developing in south philadelphia a 13 year-old boy playing with the gun land himself in the hospital with the 12 year-old girl both of them were shot. gun accidentally fire this happened inside a home on eden terrace just before 9:00 last night. thirty he lease say one bullet hit both children. luckily their injuries were not life threatening. >> we believe the 13 year-old was handling or playing with the gun, when that gun discharged. we believe accidentally, it went through his hand, and that bullet after going through the 13 year-old boy's hand, passed through and then went into the 12 year-old girls right knee. a 13 year-old boy we're being told after firing the shot exited the year of the rot
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still carrying the gun. children remain hospitalized in stable condition, office are say they are still investigating how the teen got the gun in the first place and who would even belong to. reward has been up to $76,000 for information leading to the person who killed eight year-old gabby carter. fox 29 has learned that the funeral for gabby will take place for saturday at state holy church of god and christ in camden. gabby was caught in the gang related shoot-out last week, she was shot in the head as she rode at eighth and spruce streets in camden as she died days later. people living in montgomery county pleading for answers after months of concern over their water quality. >> they had a meeting a after officials found contamination in water near two naval air stations. fox 29's shawnette wilson was at that meeting. >> i have had cancer. my mother has had cancer. many other things that they mentioned that are problems with high cholesterol and thyroid problems, a lot of auto immune diseases. >> right now i'm drinking
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bottled water. i'm giving my dogs bottled water i'm so scar resident of hatboro, warrington and warminster township pack the who are shy homeschool this evening. they have a problem with contaminated water plaquing their community for years. panel discussion was organized by bren on boyle, pat meehan and michael fitzpatrick. the water issues stems from the former naval air station in willow grove and naval air warfare center in warminster. >> when they found out that those chemicals were harmful they took no meaningful action. >> reporter: shawnette wilson for fox 29 news. okay. so all three representatives say that they have sent letters to the cdc asking for health monitoring and blood testing for people living in that area. affordable care act also known as obama care need to draw in more uninsurance americans if the program is going to survive. according to a new federal report just over 11 million people signed up as of march, however many enrollees have been sicker than expect and
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have spent more on health care then insurer predict. open enrollment starts in november. there are fears more insurers may bail if enrollment growth is weak. hillary clinton's agenda promises to put mental health treatment on par with physical health. she held out her plan to i am roof mental health care yesterday. her proposal calls for expanding early intervention and mental illness, increasing training for police providing mental health care for non-violent offenders and investing in brain and behavioral research. as for g.o.p. presidential nominee, donald trump he will clarify his immigration during a speech in arizona tomorrow. >> okay we will see what he says about that. at 5:11. we lost a real legend, gene wilder is gone. >> yeah, he died at the age of 83. >> ♪ come with me and you'll see a world of pure imagination ♪ >> two time oscar nominee is
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best known for willie wonka and chocolate factory. other movies you might remember him from are from young frank stein. >> frank stein. >> okay. >> and the producers. the actor/writer died late sunday in stanford, connecticut from complications stemming from alzheimer's disease. >> if you do not know his work, his comedy stood the test of time. young frankenstein, these are my personal favorites, blazing saddles is fantastic and then check out stir crazy, a great one with richard pry or. >> yeah. >> and silver streak too. i can go on and on. >> movies and music that is your thing. >> especially. fight ago begins oppression in america, san francisco quarterback quarterback colin kaepernick refused to stand during the national anthem. now an eagles rookie just got right involve in the controversy.
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all right. we're taking a look at the tropic and we still don't have a name for this storm right off the carolina coast, it is 95 miles away from cape hatteras, still number eight but it is very close to being a tropical storm, so there is the rape just off shore, so not a great week, necessarily, to be in the outer banks of the north carolina. tropical depression number nine, 35 miles an hour wind, once it reaches 39 it gets a name so we are close with this one too and we are watching the track of this storm, which
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is still getting organized in the gulf of mexico. almost there as tropical storm is expected to be, and this one will also affect us with rip currents by the time we will get into the thick of the who will take weekend. by saturday it is just off the cape hatteras but it will affect us. meanwhile we're now at 15 days of 90-degree plus temperatures, with yesterday's high of 93. and it was the 15th day of 90 degrees or more just for the month of august. seventy-three our current temperature. sixty-nine in wilmington. cool comfortable 51 in mount pocono. sixty-nine in wildwood. dew points are down. that makes a difference when you walk out the door, very pleasant feel out there, not too muggy or sticky. fifty-seven is our dew point in philadelphia. that is far away from the actual temperature, nice dry morning, so if we're working on a four day heat wave right now, it will be a close call today, thomas to whether we will reach 90 degrees. eighty-three with some showers and thunderstorms possible on
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thursday. this cold front will change our weather pattern all the way through the holiday weekend in the low to mid 80's every single day and as we check our shore temperatures lower 80's at the shore today and tomorrow and getting a sea breeze how about 70 at the shore for saturday and sunday. for the jersey shore. that is your seven day forecast, we will look at traffic right now on your tuesday morning, starting off with a look at, route 476, blue route, right there at the schuylkill expressway, everybody running normally right now, ben franklin bridge from the camden side, again, smooth sailing there, but there is an accident to watch out for here if you traveling through, montgomery county in perkiomen township, all lanes blocked because a pole is down, use advantagesville road as your alternate. trolley changes, not big changes during made in america but they will be opening up that center city tunnel for trolley services on sunday evening. that is extra for folks going
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home after the concert but everybody is running on a saturday, sunday schedule for trolleys, for regional rails as well, all made in america late night regional rail information available, of course, on guys. >> lets get to this developing story, this tuesday morning, philadelphia police are looking for a shooter or shooters, plural who sent three teens to the hospital. we broke this story yesterday morning. gun battle erupted around midnight yesterday near area of 27th and tasker where police found victims. a 17 year-old boy and two, 16 years old were told we're all in stable condition. authorities are investigating whether the teens were involve in the shoot-out or if they were hit by stray bullets. police say one of the shooters may have been driving is. authorities need your public's help, they are looking for a man, this man here who beat a woman and threaten to kill her and her four year-old child. pennsylvania state police christopher irwin benjamin
5:19 am
beat her in a two day period. she said that she would kill her if she left with that child. she was able to make it to a road where neighbors were able to call an ambulance. >> threatens a four years old. >> 5:19. police are searching for three men who robbed a chinese restaurant, in this video at honey garden on the 1400 block of east lycoming streets. police say men threaten the employees at gunpoint and got away with an unknown amount of money. worker faces were injured. it happened last wednesday around 11:45 at night. the wife of the former congressman anthony weiner says she has just had enough. >> yeah. huma abedin, well, she announce that had she's separating from him, of course, fat other have hear child, rob schmidt fills news. >> reporter: hillary clinton's closest aid huma abedin is separating after six years. abedin released this statement after a long painful consideration and work on my marriage, i have made the
5:20 am
decision to separate from my husband. anthony and i remain devoted to doing what is best from my son who is light of our life, during this difficult time i ask for respect for our privacy. this is after a new york post story revealed a new scandal third time anthony weiner publicly embarrassed himself and his family caught sexting with the 40 something divorcee who told post they have been in contact for 19 months but they have not met in person. most jarring photo the smaller picture on the cover, shows weiner now a house husband in his underwear laying in bed next to his toddler son. anthony weiner was a democratic congressman for state of new york until 2011 when he resign after a photo surfaced have of him in his underwear he has sent to a college student in washington state. >> documentary of my scandal. >> reporter: documentary released in may catalogue his mayoral run, story of redemption for a shamed politician, who wound up being
5:21 am
a rare inside look at a career melt down as weiner, whose campaign was going well was caught, yet again sexting and using the name carlos danger. it all fell apart for the candidate and cameras just kept rolling. today donald trump released a statement injecting politics which read in part hillary clinton was careless, negligent in allowing weiner to have such close proximity to highly classified information. who knows what he learned and hoe told. another example of hillary clinton's bad judgment. it is possible that our country and its security have been greatly compromised by this. so far no response from the former politician, but anthony weiner's twitter account has been deact sprayeded. rob schmidt, "fox news". so sad when a child is involved, right? >> carlos danger, really. >> and i guess you don't learn your lesson the first time you did it, back again. >> he clearly need to get some professional help. 5:22. in louisiana new information about the gun man who killed
5:22 am
three baton rouge police officers last month. >> medical record show ex-marine did not suffer post traumatic stress disorder according to the veterans health, gavin long never saw combat in iraq but still told doctors he suffered from ptsd. he claims he suffers from the disorder because of a buddy of his showed videos of decapitated bodies. instead doctors diagnosed long with an adjustment the disorder with derested mood. also in the south a community in mississippi coming together to say a final farewell, to two catholic nurses killed in their home. mourners attending the mass for two sisters yesterday. sixty-eight year-old nuns were remembered for their commitment to the lives that they served, and police arrested long time convicted felon in the stabbing death. i still don't think they have named the motive yet why he did it. 5:22. scouts for major league baseball will have their eyes on none other than tim tebow. but does the former football layer have a chance. chris said that is not i great
5:23 am
swing. >> some scouts are saying there is no way he could play in the big leagues. i don't know. he has gotten strong. >> lets talk bit after lottery numbers.
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controversy over what a 49ers players was doing and not doing hitting home on friday night this is quarterback colin kaepernick, sitting down on the bench with the gator aid all around him while his teammates were standing there, along the side line during the national anthem. well, now this player with the eagles, evidently threatening to do the same thing. he is a rookie. his name is mike tarvarez, he is now saying he will stand with his teammate. his agent says tarvarez does not want to be a distraction to the team. his teammates had this to say about the whole brewing controversy. >> i feel it is bigger than football. a lot of people get upset when we use that stage to speak about things that are outside of football but at the even of the day, it is a sage that we have, we have earned. >> tarvarez is an undrafted player, he may not make the team. white house is now commenting on this controversy as well, it says it disagrees
5:27 am
with colin kaepernick's objectionable decision to stay seated during national anthem in protest but defended the 49ers quarterback right to freedom of speech. what about the nfl's response? nfl media is reporting the league position is that players are encouraged but not required to stand during the playing of the national anthem 5:27. dave kinchen following breaking news out of camden, good morning. >> good morning to you. one person critically injured after a multi vehicle crash here in camden on haddon and newton avenue, we will tell you how this could have happened after the break.
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with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! a highway shoot-out brings hundreds of cars to a complete stop in, south jersey. who investigators are talking to to get them to solve the mysterious crime. >> tire engulfs a century old presbyterian church in west philadelphia, no one was hurt but what could not have been saved. >> good day, everybody, it is tuesday, august 30th, 2016. >> so, it looks like this is what the last week officially of summer, and i mean, the kid are saying, oh, no we have to
5:31 am
sit in class all week next week. >> some kid went back last week, some wait until after the holiday. >> so is buddy getting last minute pool time in sue. >> we have had kids start in the suburbs and other layses yesterday but we always start buddy at the bus stop when philly public schools start after labor day. we're tradition list here we like school to start after labor day but at school or getting ready to school today good luck and i always told my daughter, be brilliant. pleasant start, 60's and 70's, you will need your shade and sun screen because it will be a nice one, nice and warm, we are at 73 degrees but 57 percent relative humidity. not bad. 6:27 is your sunrise time. we take a look at temperatures, there they are, trenton at 68 degrees. sixty-four this leading. sixty-nine in wilmington. already 70 in millville. dew points are down, no precipitation to show you,
5:32 am
today's high, 89, 90 degrees. close call whether we get day five of our heat wave and then tonight we are down to about 70 degrees and a little bit muggy, humidity returns tomorrow. wait until we see change in store for the holiday weekend coming up in the seven day tore cast, right now, time to take a look at traffic? still a little early out there and, of course, staying dark a little longer in the morning. we're checking route 02 right there at the schuylkill expressway, everybody is moving just fine, same story for ben franklin bridge, looking here from the camden side of the bridge, and everybody is okay there. an accident though, still out there in montgomery county, at perkiomen township, pennypacker road there, all lanes are blocked, and due to a down pole, schwanksville road is your alternate. trolley situation during made in america. we have saturday and sunday schedule but center city tunnel will open with trolley service on sunday evening. regional rails will be
5:33 am
operating, hourly. and on their saturday and sun take schedule and happy toasted marshmallow day. we will celebrate that throughout the day. >> yes. >> you know, the chocolate and graham cracker and shaky smore. >> of course. back to traffic for just a minute. a violent crash leaves a path of destruction in camden. >> lets get to dave kinchen live at the scene to tell us more about what is going on, hi there dave. >> reporter: there is destruction here. i want to show you as i step out at new youton and haddon avenue news, police car experiencing a little bit of the view, there is a red vehicle here where we're told the driver had to be extricated in this what was taken to the hospital in very critical condition, and we also want to show you the porch right there, that was all part of this, that important much over hang that collapsed just destroyed there along with several other vehicles damage, a total of five people from what we can
5:34 am
make out. and we shot earlier here, all of this happening around the 2:00 a.m., hour, information is still coming in, police are on the scene really just to, manage the scene, and block traffic they cannot tell us a whole lot of official information but we do know that self vehicles were involved here and the pictures really tell the story, when they see that engine block that was just completely ripped out of that vehicle. i have seen dozens of crashes, in my career and i can tell you i have never seen engine block completely, leveled and just ripped out the way that it was right there. so, that the pictures really just tell you how intense the impact was in this crash, again, we understand the driver was taken to the hospital, cooper university hospital which is not very far from here. i can see the actual sign for cooper university hospital, and, probably less than a half mile away. so a very short journey, to
5:35 am
take this person who was taken to the hospital in critical condition but again, there is a little bit, as we come back live here people are driving through, on, newton avenue, crossing haddon but they can this is get down the other side of haddon avenue knew because of this crash scene. and, we saw a railroaded here that may toe this vehicle the red car at some point but you one person as we understand is taken to the hospital in very critical condition. we will get the latest information as it gets, as it comes to us as it the becomes available, back to you chris and lauren. dave kitchen live in camden. meantime at 5:35 in cobbs creek one person dead after being shot multiple times. shooting happened just after midnight behind a furniture store near intersection of the 55th and sansom street. police tell fox 29 a victim man in his 20's was shot execution style at least four times, including once in the head. right now police are combing through surveillance video searching for clues. evidently there was a camera behind the furniture store and
5:36 am
then there were also, surveillance camera in nearby homes where police are trying to identify both the shooter and victim. now to a developing story involving a deadly shooting, in south jersey. >> one person is dead, five others are injured, investigators are trying to piece together exactly had happen. steve keeley is live in hammington with more on this story, hi there steve. >> reporter: latest piece in the investigation now moves to philadelphia, where the developments overnight, a seventh known player involved in all of this. discovered at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. so now we have seven known guys, shooting at each other in three vehicles on the two major shore toll road during the very busy labor day, last vacation week of the summer, all of the guys who shot each other, knew each other. so, no innocent bystanders shot. if there is any positive out of any of this. all shooting, done almost point blank and ac expressway shut down for nearly an her
5:37 am
last night, where troopers found the guns dumped, by all of the shooters. they found lots of bullet shells and car parts. many of the parts from this suv, driven to the wawa 2 miles from the shooting scene of the expressway with the four badly wounded guys inside who all somehow survived this. >> the people are still in the hospital, we're still looking for others who may be connect. we're talking to a number of witnesses. i do want to make sure that the public knows as far as we can tell right now, it was not just a random act. although we don't have details we believe at this point that the people involved in this shooting knew each other that this was not the a random act. we don't have a kind of has shooter on the loose targeting people at random. >> i think it is scary. i live literally fivenot even there here and just to hear about it, it is crazy. >> reporter: one guy killed was in the koran the parkway,
5:38 am
the passenger, that car was driven 5 miles from the shooting scene where it eventually stopped. police at last report, were focusing their search for third vehicle up in west philadelphia, where that seventh victim showed up late last night at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania with the bullet wound to his arm. he is now in police custody. and with all of this violence lately the loss of that just adorable eight year-old girl in camden last week, by otherwise in the another wild shoot-out many are asking two questions after all this this morning how to no innocent victims somehow a roid the same tait faith down here at the shore on the expressway here yesterday and after all this they are either rhetorically asking this question, chris and lauren, can the violence around here, in here get any worse. >> important question, steve thank you. in south philadelphia a 13 year old playing with the gun land himself in the hospital along with the two-year old girl, both of them were shot when that gun accidentally fired. it happened inside a home on
5:39 am
eden terrace just before 9:00 last night. luckily though no injuries that are life threatening. the both children are in the hospital in stable condition and police say we will investigating how teen got his hand on the gun and who that gun belongs to. this is a big loss, historic century's old church in overbrook up in flames. investigators try to figure out what caused this fire as hundreds are now searching for a new place to worship. good shepherd presbyterian church on land down avenue now just charred ruins. the blaze ignited yesterday morning around nine, raising to four alarms, it took more than 120 fire fighters to put this out? no one was hurt? there was a call for one church member who was trapped on the third floor in the shower? crews managed to get him out safely and they also rescued a cat. the eagles play their final preseason game and a couple days on thursday, coach doug pederson shares if carson wentz will be on the field coming up in sports in one
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
eagle play their final preseason game this thursday night at the link. eagles will not play. dario green beck hans ham will play some, jordan matthews practiced yesterday but he will in the play until season opener september 11th. the player fans want to see, that is quarterback carson wentz but with one of his cracked ribs in the completely healed, he will not play. how does he get better?
5:43 am
>> not one out there headaching plays and headaching throws but thinking what would i do here? what was the coverage there. what would i do for protection. just trying to be locked in if you were the guy in the game. i have been pretty successful with learning from that, obviously, it is not quite the same but you have to make the most of what you can. >> not much offense last night. to citizens bank park jake thompson only gave up two runs in seven innings but one on a home run by jason werth in the two run first. sloppiness in the ninth. washington beats the phillies four to nothing. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. blank it is 30th the day
5:45 am
5:46 am
of august, half of the day of been 90 or more and we're at 15 yesterday when we made it to 93 degrees. it was 15th day of this month and we of course had more, the heat wave, that started on sunday, it is their second one of the month of august, so right now though, it is warm, but it is not too humid. it is quite pleasant to get started outside today. 73 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-five lancaster. 69 degrees in wildwood but dew points are down in the comfortable 50's, even eye this because humidity is coming back again tomorrow. >> eighty-three is our high temperature this average for late august, we were 10 degrees above that yesterday and we may make it to 90 today and tomorrow, which would make it a six day
5:47 am
heat wave with both of those days in a row. 83 degrees with thunderstorms on thursday and that will change us to a very pleasant weather pattern as we get into the holiday weekend. that is a look at your seven day forecast. looking good, all the way through labor day. >> right now though we have a look at traffic with route 202 at schuylkill expressway running smoothly right there. vine street approaching schuylkill is busier now, on the vine, but everybody gets by. an accident to tell you about on the the pennsylvania turnpike, this is westbound, near south henderson road out there by king of prussia. two vehicles are involved in that accident. we will get more details coming up and we still have, folks on the scene of this accident in montgomery county perkiomen township at pennypacker road all lanes blocked due to a pole down that will be out there for a while. schwanksville road is your alternate out there. chris ape lauren. sue, nice job filling in for bob. lets talk to your health. big price cut here coming from
5:48 am
the epi-pen, maker of the life saving drug said it will make a generic. >> genetic. >> what is wrong with me. >> but a generic, save you money. half of the normal price. users will be able to buy the injectable medicine for $300 per two pack. still really expensive this comes as the company mylan faces criticism over high cost. generic version is expect to be available in the next few weeks. federal officials issued an emergency order for zika screening, the test can be used to screen patients showing zika symptoms to meet center for disease control criteria. they include fever, rash, joint pain and red eye. in the united states there were over 2500 zika cases reported. scouts for baseball will have their eyes on the vote today but chris, there is already a hater. >> i don't know look for yourself, if you know baseball, venezuela winter baseball team has offered him a contract. former nfl quarterback is
5:49 am
vying for a position, he will be, showcasing his baseball talents during try outness los angeles in front of the scouts. twenty scouts from 20tive rent major league teams are expect to be there including the phillies. the 29 year-old played competitively as a junior in high school. with his aluminum bats and face guys that throw 73 miles an hour. he spent past year preparing for today the big try outs. >> he only laid his junior year. >> then he went to miami, played football, won heisman and he went on to play a few nfl teams. one of the the most famous football players to try to transition into baseball. >> dion sanders. >> but before him bo jackson. >> that is huge. >> and michael jordan. >> yes. >> jordan never made it to the major leagues. >> bo jackson was great. >> yeah. >> hi lauren. >> we will talk gene wilder one of the favorite comedians of all time.
5:50 am
is what your favorite gene wilder movie. it is young frankenstein for me. >> it was great. >> he's alive. >> he's alive. >> you you say that every morning when you get up. >> i'm shocked. >> i look in the mirror, i'm alive. >> yeah. >> how, i don't know. >> it is a medical miracle. >> and you get better looking every day. >> i can't wait until tomorrow then. >> we're going to put up a pair of shoes, you cab get this at barney's in new york. we have a barney's outlet store on walnut the street between 18th and rittenhouse. there it is. that shoe will run you $600. now here's the rub. >> what is this. >> duct tape on the front. >> it is called home less chic, now how long do you think they will be able to put that on the market, another hour and a half? >> yeah. >> $600, home less chic.
5:51 am
>> are they donating any fund to the home less. >> i don't know. >> does it smell as bad ace the looks. >> that is a new shoe. >> that is a new shoe. >> yeah. >> interesting. >> what is the song about new shoes, putting on my new shoes, and top hat. >> there we go. >> who is that. >> amber. >> cjn house. >> it is john in audio. >> john walsh. >> getting credit. >> speaking of music, one of my favorite local groups, favorite groups nationally kin dried of the family soul performing live here at fourth and market. >> big set up. >> are they part of the made in america this year. >> no, no. >> that would have been nice. >> my new favorite singer is torey lanes and torey will be here. >> at made in america? yes. >> are you going to go. >> have you been to made in the america in the past.
5:52 am
>> i have, almost every year. >> have you. >> never. >> speaking of new shoes, i love the shoes you are wearing now, i like the layses, color. you got some new shoes last week but you jump in the back of the flatbed truck and got them wet. >> have have they dried out yet. >> those shoes are nice. >> thank you. >> they could use a shine. >> you are hard on your shoes. >> see new about seven minutes. >> see new seven minutes. >> looking to have fun this weekend? >> no. >> mike says no coming up, on sun take september 4th, for pitch night. game starts at 7:00. if you have a ticket to the game you'll be able to stick around afterward for a screening of the pilot of the pitch premiers on fox on thursday on september between the second at 9:00 p.m. >> starring mo'ne davis. >> inspired by. >> you would think, right. >> strong instant celebration. >> in the next half an hour of
5:53 am
"good day philadelphia", or in the next hour a warning from the fbi about upcoming election, why asking states to increase security of the voting systems come november the eighth.
5:54 am
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5:55. less humid to day. 37 degrees already. just as cared for down the shore sea turtle was discovered badly injured, apparently hit by a boat. staff found that the 140-pound sea turtle near oyster creek nuclear power plant in brigantine. she was unable to use her back flippers. now she recovers local fisherman are voluntarily dropping off a dozen crabs for cutter toll eat each day. staff tells us logger head turtle may never be able to return to the ocean though. >> she can survive but she cannot survive in the wild in order for sea cutter toll lay eggs they have to climb up on the beach, dig a hole with the rear flippers only and deposit the eggs. she cannot use her rear flippers so she could not do that. >> federal government is looking for a permanent home, that can accommodate this turtle, we're told she could grow to twice her current size and live another 40 years. violent crash in camden, new jersey, car takes out a utility pole and several
5:57 am
parked cars, we will take you live to the scene. plus a bizarre deadly highway shoot-out brings hundreds of cars to a complete stand still in south jersey look at grid lock whom investigators are talking to hoping to solve this mysterious crime on good day.
5:58 am
5:59 am
come on... dogs just won't quit. neither does new frontline gold. its triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks for a full 30 days. good boy! go for the gold. what the heck, one speeding car, a pole, five park cars, and two porsches,
6:00 am
blown away, a wild scene that just happened a little while ago. where and why? and seven shooters, three cars, one dead, a shoot-out on the expressway. it is a bizarre, deadly shooting in south jersey, with evidence spread across two major highways and a wawa. >> wow. >> and, their church is now, gone, a century's old church in overbrook, what now, what now, for all of those who love this house of worship. good day everybody it is a show called "good day philadelphia", or what we like to call a program called "good day philadelphia". >> bob's still off, august 30th, my daughter jill's birthday. what should i get. >> what do you mean it ties late. >> hopefully you got it already. >> i am her present. i'm going out to see her on thursday. >> yes. >> she's going to get all this. >> she will come bearing gifts. >> like the wise men i will


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