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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  August 30, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. a wild scene in camden this morning a car slammed into a utility pole, several park cars and porches. what police are saying about the cause. plus, a bizarre, deadly shooting in south jersey, with evidence spread across two major highways and a wawa, whom police are talking to in hopes of figuring out exactly what happened. a sexting scandal now part of the presidential campaign trail, top clinton aid huma abedin is splitting from her husband former congressman anthony weiner over sexting habit he can't seem to break. how donald trump is responding this morning.
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hollywood loses another legend. >> ♪ come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination ♪ >> a look back at the iconic rolls of actor gene wilder and how he is being remembered across the world. >> so sad yesterday. one of my favorites and all of our favorites. let's do something different because i'm bored. it is august 30th, tuesday. >> what do you want to to differently. >> i'm bored. >> let's get something done in the next three hours. i got a tweet this morning about 20 minutes ago from a woman by the name of lisa. she was at brigantine down at lagoon drive at the end of lagoon drive on the drive on beach. >> oh, okay. >> she found somebody's wedding ring. >> there is the ring. it is jb plus fr and the date of wedding is 10/18/13.
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so they have been married three years almost. >> it looks like a man's band. >> that looks like a man band. so we found it. whose is it? so, jb, fr, if you are watching, i don't know what you do i get tweet me. >> how would they prove it your ring since you date wedding. >> well, that is stupid. >> so, i don't know. >> it is one other little thing inside the circle there. >> oh, there is. >> okay. >> still need id to have their initials match. >> what are the odds of a jb and fr coming together to fraud us. >> they need to show proof of id. >> we will need id. >> tweet me is what my address. >> mike at fox 29. >> what shore. >> brigantine. >> okay. >> lets take a look at the weather because it is a great shore day to day. >> sure is. >> a lot of toll accounts on
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vacation, last week before labor day, nine out of ten. great day to be pool side as well. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. off to a pleasant start. look at how beautiful it is. it happened half an hour ago. 71 degrees. 63 percent relative humidity. not too bad. in rain showing up in our area on radar. it could be daze number five, if we make it to 90 degrees but it will be a close call with that one. still low humidity and pretty nice, warm day. that is your planner for tuesday from the weather authority. lets get to the road because we have as bob would say a jammo, this is a schuylkill expressway right there at city avenue, and the stop and go, stop and go there. i-95 in delaware county approaching the airport plenty of sun glare this morning but it looks like folks are moving okay. we have an accident in camden to tell but at camden at newton avenue, the
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intersection remains closed due to the crash overnight. we will get the cross street for that one for you. in just a few more minutes. one more accident between cherry road and east cherry lane right there at wawa there that could slow you down in the suburbs, mike and alex, this morning. why don't we take to you that scene. >> haddon. driver veered out of control in camden. >> yeah, look at that. hey, dave. is it all cleaned up? >> it is getting there, yes. it is cleaned up here. crews work are here they have put the salt down, really to deal with the gasoline perhaps that it spilled from this crash. take a look at this house right here. porch completely decimated by the impact. two of the vehicles also damaged here mercedes in the red, cherry red with back end damage and silver vehicle front end damage there someone inspecting their vehicle will. the it appears. we want to go to video of the scene. you won't believe when you
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take a look at this red vehicle in the center of the crash. driver we're told had to be extricated from the vehicle and rushed over to the hospital. you can see the engine block still actually separated from that vehicle, by the impact, it was so powerful. this all happened, inside the 2:00 a.m. hour we believe and as we come back out here live i want to show you cooper university hospital to give you an idea how close this is from where we are at haddon avenue knew and new ton where the crash happened. it is less than a half a miley would think, less than that, we're seeing the hospital to get the victim over to the hospital for treatment again, as we understand, taken there in critical condition, very critical condition, we are hoping to get an update here but crews are cleaning up here with damage to be dealt with, back to you mike and alex. >> quick update now on that breaking news we had an hour ago out of northeast philadelphia, one person in the hospital after a fire, at this apartment complex, it happened just after 5:30 this
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morning. it was under control quickly in about 20 minutes. we do not know the condition of that person that was taken to the hospital. we will bring you more information when it becomes available to us. now to a wild scene, in south philadelphia. >> a deadly shooting in south jersey. >> i'm sorry. >> where evidence was spread across two major highways and wawa. they were driving down the highway shooting at each other. >> 3:30 yesterday afternoon. steve, give us an update on this. >> latest, it is spread over two states because the seventh player involved found in philadelphia when he turned up suddenly late last night at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania with the bullet wound and police figured out from him offer just through the evidence that he was involved in this shoot-out and likely was in the third car that police were looking for based on the witness testimony. here's the big question for all viewers who travel these roads especially late in the summer like labor day weekend when they will be packed a week from when this happened
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next monday. this was not a road rage shooting. could that have have been me and my kids as we are's packed up going to or from the shore when some crazy person starts shooting at somebody. no, this was not a random act of violence, these people were involved in elicit activity and they all knew each other and that is why they are all shooting out each other. >> people are still in the hospital. we are looking for others who may be connected. the we are looking at and public knows this as far as we can tell right now not just a random act. we don't have details we believe at this point that the people involved in this shooting, knew each other and that this was not a random act. we don't have a mass shooter on the lose, who was targeting people at random. >> i think it is scary. >> i live literally five minutes from here. just to hear about it, it is
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crazy. >> a little different from what we have been seeing so sadly this summer. the these guys didn't hit any innocent bystanders or any other cars. they were shooting real close, almost side by side as they drove probably 90 miles an hour at each other or away from each other and you can tell, it doesn't look like bullets missed their target, all about taking out the windows, the mirrors and the wheel. so the victim, the kill guy 23 years old from pleasantville no identities on these people yet but chances are police know who they are, know what they were involved in and know where they were from and most importantly know their history and likely all seven have not, well, most of them maybe all of them have a history with police arrest and violence. >> i can't wait to get to the bottom of this. >> yes. >> can you imagine on that highway while that was going on. >> your kid are with you. >> yes.
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>> 7:09. let call it 7:09. >> south philadelphia where a 13 year-old boy playing with the gun land himself in the hospital along with the 12 year-old girl. both were shot when gun accidentally fired. this happened inside home on eden terrace just before 9:00. police say one bullet hit both children. luckily their injuries are not life threatening. both children remain hospitalized in stable condition, officers say they are still investigating how the teen got their hand on the gun and who it belong to. reward has been up to $76,000 for information leading to the person who killed 18 year-old gabby cart inner camden. gabby got the caught in the gang credits fire someone shot her in the head and she rode her bike the at eighth and spruce street in camden. if you know anything give police a call. fox 29 has learn that the funeral will take place this sat the day at the faith holy temple church of god and christ in camden. 7:09. the historic church in overbrook goes up in flames.
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>> about 9:30 yesterday morning on our show, "good day philadelphia". >> you were reporting it. >> yes. >> we switched to sky fox. sky fox was over this church. it was already at three alarms went to four by 10:00 o'clock yesterday morning. the chris, there about five different congregation that is share this church. >> this church just mark its 100 anniversary. >> what a sad scene this was, right? now it has been reduced to just, well, a burned out shell. flames raging through this good shepherd presbyterian church on lansdowne avenue that started yesterday morning around 9:00 as mike and alex were live on good day. it grew to four alarms. it took 120 fire fighters much of the day to put this out. luckily no one was hurt but there was a close call did you hear about this a church member was trapped on the third floor. >> i was in the shower and the power went out and the water got real hot so i got out, opened up the door, and i could not see down the hall way at all.
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i felt my way down and somehow ended up in the middle room and ended up finding that window there which was really hard to breathe and climbed down on the roof, yelled down and guys came up and got me. >> i mean he is staying calm telling the report ber what happened? can you imagine. crews managed to rescue a cat there that burning building. investigators say fire started in the basement but at this time they don't know what caused it. we will have a live report from the church coming up in an hour from now. we will speak with the pastor about the damage and impact that this is left, for those parishioners mike and alex. >> chris, thank you. that followed by this. >> the details of the lurid sexting scandal has become latest fodder on the presidential campaign trail. >> just as new polls show hillary clinton is maintaining a single digit lead overdone old trump with just ten weeks to go before election day. >> doug luzader what does
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anthony weiner have to do with the presidential cam pain. >> reporter: you know, tabloids have been going craze bye this. anthony weiner is married to huma abedin who is becoming a household name even though she plays behind the scenes for the most part but she ace very important figure for hillary clinton's race for the white house. hillary clinton not answering questions as she left a fundraiser in the hamptons without her closest aid huma abedin in toe. the cover of the new york post shows abedin's husband former congressman anthony weiner again caught exchanging lewd texts and pictures with another woman and one picture also showed him with his young son. abedin said she was separating from weiner. >> i think she did the right thing after a while. i mean how much can you take. >> i was supplieded she didn't leave him earlier. >> reporter: abedin is set to be a high ranking administration official should clinton win the white house.
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she's also a central figure in clinton's ongoing e-mail controversy and donald trump could not resist weighing in. i know anthony weiner well and she will be far better off without him he said in a statement calling into question clinton's question. >> trump made his shirts in bangladesh. >> reporter: clinton way new ad aimed squarely at one of trump's perceived strength his business accu men. seriously fun raising with the new monmouth university poll showing clinton's post convention bounce evaporated but still maintaining a seven-point lead. >> there is a theory about presidential campaigns that once you get into this part of the summer, the dynamic is pretty well set and only a spectacular collapse or fabulous performance in the debate or big october surprise can really change dynamic. >> reporter: that is why there will be attention paid to these debate. first one less than a month away. you look at these polls consistency with clinton up
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six, seven, eight points, something in that range. pole pol after poll is showing that. that is a tough thing for trum top turnaround with a short time frame we are looking at here. >> that is for sure. >> we will see you you again. >> 7:14. ♪ gene wilder has died. he was 83. he passed away at his home in stanford connecticut from complications of alzheimer's disease. he may be best known for his role in willie wonka and chocolate factory but his legacy goes much farther than that. >> so lauren has more on his career because it is a long one. >> it is, alex. list of classics is long, producers, young frank stein, wilder started off on broadway and landed in 1967 bonnie and clyde.
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his big screen debut but his chance meeting with mel brooks turned him into a leading man. he appeared in producers. wilder earned a oscar nomination and name for himself in hollywood. another collaboration came in 1976, in silver streak, he teamed up with richard pryor for first of four films. celebrities have been paying tribute on line including brooks. he tweeted gene wilder, one of the truly great talent of our time, he blessed every film he did with his magic and he blessed me with his friendship. funny man jim car's tweeting gene wilder was one of the funniest, sweetest energies ever to take a human form. if there's a heaven he has a golden ticket. >> billy crystal saying gene wilder was a giant of comedy. his legacy of films is inspiring. a true feign just. richard pryor's daughter tweeted this picture along with this message, which reads forever a great comedy film duo, dad and gene wilder. so lots of tributes coming on
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social media when that news broke yesterday, mike and alex. >> when i saw the picture of them too. >> i said oh, wow. >> all right. >> sue, what is your favorite gene wilder movie. >> young frankenstein. >> who was the woman, mad license kahn. >> terry garr as well. >> yeah. >> so such and cloris leachman. tropical storm number eight, it will when it reaches 39 miles an hour wind. it is not there but bringing rain to the outer banks of the north carolina and will effect our rip currents as will this storm tropical depression number nine, again not a name yet until it reaches 39 miles an hour wind. we are at 35 right now. this one is, just west of cuba, and it is on track to cross over florida, head into the atlantic ocean, parallel
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the coast of north carolina, not going to give us precipitation but again rough surf at the shore. we will have to be careful this week if you you are on vacation and if you are going away to the jersey shore or delaware beaches throughout the weekend because we have risks of strong rip currents so watch out when you swim in the ocean for that. thanks to our very active tropics. no rain showing up on ultimate doppler radar and next chance of rain is wednesday night into thursday with the cold front. we will get cloud late in the day on wednesday, some rain, ahead of the cold front probably thursday morning and then more maybe some thunderstorms popping up by thursday afternoon but the change after that happened on thursday, will be quite welcomed. this is a great weekend forecast, just about ideal for a holiday weekend because it is low 80's, to mid 80's, all the way through labor day with dry weather and sunshine every single day.
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so that is a look at your seven day forecast, proud to present that one for you. take a look at traffic this morning, typically slow on route 422 eastbound at trooper road, we check i-95 in delaware county heading toward the airport, on the right-hand side of the road, hard to see because of all that sun glare so you can see what the drivers are experiencing there, back to the accident we have been reporting all morning, haddon avenue knew at newton that intersection is still closed, due to the crash and the investigation from overnight. in richland pa on route 40 an accident between main avenue and green briar avenue has that road closed and unfortunately that was a motorcycle will crash this morning, guys. get this concept sue serio for a new you tv show, it is actually already on the air, let me set it up. you are used to seeing jay conn sell see, one of our philadelphia eagles. we see him on tv in games. now we will see him on a
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reality show. >> really. >> he will play the role of big bro, to his brother, jason's youngest brother is named travis and this new show is on e entertainment television called catching kelce what does travis do. >> here's a clip. i will try to explain what travis is up to. >> my name is travis kelce. professional football player and i'm looking for love. getting the opportunity to date, 50, 50, 50 beautiful women from this god loving country. i do. hello, ladies. >> i believe i'm in this all the way in. >> i say we get to this thing. >> it looks stupid and dopey. >> lot of personality. >> he plays for the kansas city chiefs. his brother trav toys jason. it is a bachelor style show. he is searching for his soul
7:20 am
mate, big bro jason appears in the few episodes, a preview special aired last sunday night, but the show officially goes on the air october 5th at 9:00 p.m. now as i understand it this guy travis, is going to date someone in all 50 states. that is the premise. >> really. >> different area codes. >> um-hmm. >> oh, no. >> you ever watch bachelor. >> no, i have. >> bachelorette. >> i have never seen an episode. i don't have anything against it. >> it makes me feel better about you. >> does it. >> it is so stupid. >> rock of love, and all that. >> but are you the one? i like the one. >> what is that. >> where they are trying to find the perfect match for these people. long time to explain. ale try to explain. >> same darn thing. >> no, they have all these psychologists and relationship experts who put new a house and say one of these people in your house is your perfect
7:21 am
match. each week you have to find who they select for you f we are up to our own devices we will pick whatever we're attracted to and not what is best for us. the goal, can you find your perfect match. >> i like that show. what is the name. >> are you the one. >> where does it air. >> mtv. >> okay. >> vh-1. >> they are both the same. we have one airline that has an easier way for to you pay for it. you don't to have pay up front. like lay away. >> really. >> weird. >> i like that. kin dried the family soul is back, the sixth studio album drops today, they will take the stage live right here on good day to perform new music. >> crank up this audio here. >> i love this song. >> ♪ sometimes these airlines
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tickets are expensive. so, lauren, i understand there is an airline, that will let you make payments on the ticket. >> yes, cheap abe a firm which is a financial services company they have teamed up to let you figure out how you are going to pay for your airfare, provided it is more than a hundred bucks. you have the option offsetting up three month, six month or 12 month ticket plan. >> wow. >> it is not free. >> you cannot get there. the airfare was a thousand dollars, and i'll pay it off. you get an interest rate. that is determine based on your credit score, your creditworthiness. so why would someone do this as opposed to paying for airfare on a credit card. the answer is well, it goodies for people who don't have credit cards and good for people who want to see really black and white, how much airfare is, how much more they will pay by spacing it out and
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when they can pay it off. >> it is true, do it right in the car. >> well, yeah. >> you don't have a budget. >> fly somewhere, i don't have that whole thing of honey for the ticket. >> yeah. >> pay it off. >> we don't to have wait six months to buy tickets. >> do it now. >> yes. >> get a good deal, last minute, you can get a good deal last minute and pay for the deal over the course of the year. >> what would the interest rate be, to we know that? >> i think it is between ten to 30 percent. >> wow. >> that is a slap across the face. >> i had a feeling. >> lauren, when you were growing up. >> yes. >> what town did you grow up. >> staten island, new york. >> we have learn that. did your mom and dad pack you a lunch. >> yes, in fact i was always embarrassed by my lunch because i was obsessed with
7:27 am
soup, so would i come with a thermos of soup. >> chicken noodle? usually, with whatever, pasta fujewel sometimes. >> was it a princess or something. >> no, it was just a round thermos but the fact that i had a thermos. >> that is pretty embarrassing. >> why, i love a good thermos. >> what is she a construction worker she's a little girl. >> it is cute, i loved that when i was younger. >> you poured it in and drink it. >> yeah. >> i love chicken salad or tuna sandwiches or peanut butter and jelly and i loved it with chips. >> cream cheese and jelly was my other one. >> that is old, my mom it was white bread and bologne. >> that is the best sandwich, with american cheese on there. >> yes. >> bye lauren we will see you
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tomorrow. reason is i say you can make healthy lunch, stuff it in your brown bag but it is got to be entertaining in a way. jen is out on the streets. >> eat breakfast at school, okay. look at this. she's a culinary nutrition educator thousand but she was a third grade teacher just last year. we will talk about healthy school lunch idea. you will try some food for us. >> yes. >> she came back to see her old teacher. we're in new jersey. i'm exited to see what you have. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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a shoot-out on the expressway, it is a bizarre crime in south injuries which evidence spread across two major highways and a wawa. latest on the develop investigation. we have live music on good day kindred the family soul has a new album out and they will be here to play some new songs. they played this at the dell, sue. >> yes. >> i like it. >> hopefully you can hear it. >> last good day drives you. >> yes. >> in july. >> i want all my people around me. >> ♪ >> you don't to have lip sync. >> seriously it is a great song. they will play a new song off their album and then they will talk about it and have a great
7:32 am
performance outside on the patio because weather is so nice. >> they are home grown and we are excited about that. speaking about the patio, here's bus stop buddy on his pool side this morning. the don't forget that sun screen because it is actually nice with the humidity. temperatures in the 60's and 70's and 50's up in mount pocono and allentown where it is 56, 58 degrees. sixty-three in reading. seventy-one in the city. sixty-eight to start the day in wildwood dew points start in the 50's and that makes it very pleasant outside and we may make it to 90. we will have a good chance regardless of 88, 89, 90, less humid then it was, yesterday and wait until you see the trend we have in store for you, for the holiday next time. right now 7:32. time to check traffic, unfortunately on southbound, the blue route, multiple vehicles involved in this accident. what part of the blue route, okay, we will just check on
7:33 am
what part of the blue route that is but it looks like it is backed up southbound there. vine street expressway, approaching the schuylkill it is pretty crowded now heading in to the city and that accident still out there, closing the intersection in camden of haddon avenue knew and newton after new because of that horrific car crash overnight and out in rich land route 40 an accident between main avenue and green briar avenue road closed there, due to a motorcycle crash. that is what is going on there with traffic. more information about that blue route accident for you coming up in just a few minutes, mike and alex. 1:33. path of destruction, and one driver loses control of his car, this was the scene at haddon avenue knew and south ninth street earlier this morning. driver of the mangled red car there hit at five park car two porches and snapped the car in half. he was taken to the hospital in extremely critical injuries. officers are still investigating and believe high speed played a role in this accident.
7:34 am
another deadly shooting scattering evidence the across south jersey this may involve two states now. >> when we say scattering across south jersey because they were shooting driving along a highway steve keeley. >> reporter: everybody that watched the news race night and watching right now can say, hey this is a spot i have been in. if you have ever been to a shore which most philadelphians have especially this time of the year this is a spots you have driven wye yourself or been a passenger in your car hundreds of times maybe if you are a life long philadelphian like i am. everybody is shaking their heading wow, was this crazy road rage case? it turns out from the new jersey state police as we look at video, first of them shutting expressway dunn last night for almost an hour where they found guns used or they think they have them and bullet shells and car parts from the cars being blown to bits by these bullets. they think that these guys all knew each other, all were involved in something, and all going after each other. no innocent victims.
7:35 am
nobody angry at somebody for cutting them off on the expressway this shore traffic. we have one man dead a 23 year-old from pleasantville. we have latest man found in philadelphia, late last night, showing up at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania, with a bullet wound to his arms. so known players, number up to seven. they were looking for a third vehicle. they had a description from the witness hose watched this play out and called 911 and they describe it. police never put out that description but alex and mike they put it out among themselves and police in fail were last known to be looking for it in west philadelphia and we don't know whether they found it but we are certainly found another guy that was probably in that third vehicle and drove further from the shooting scene of the expressway through philadelphia last night. one vehicle at wawa we showed thaw drove a couple miles from the shooting scene. other vehicle where dead guy was found was passenger shot the in the head was about 5 miles away on the parkway and driver of that car was only one that we know who
7:36 am
wasn't shot among these seven. >> so interesting. figure out what it was all about. probably later today. >> thanks, steve. >> so reward has been up to $76,000 for information leading to the person who killed eight year-old gabby cart inner camden. police believe gabby got caught the in gang cross fire last week. someone shot her in the head as she rode her bike at eighth and spruce streets in camden. fox 29 has learned that the funeral for the little girl will take place at faith holy temple church of god of christ in camden. now to south philadelphia. >> where a 13 year-old boy playing with the gun land himself in the hospital with a 12 year old girl as well. both of them were shot when the gun accidentally fired. this happened inside a home on eden terrace just before 9:00 last night police say one bullet hit both of the children. luckily their injuries are not life threatening. both children remain hospitalized in stable condition. officers say they are still investigating how the teen got the gun, and who it belongs to. one person is dead after
7:37 am
being shot multiple times overnight, it happened behind a furniture store in the intersection of 55th and sansom. police tell us the victim a man in his 20's was at least four times, including one shot to the head, right now, combing through surveillance video from the back of that furniture store and a couple of homes nearby as well. eagles player diving in the national anthem controversy, well, maybe not so fast. the change of heart from an eagles rookie who said, he would follow the lead of colin kaepernick and then change his mind. look at that having some fun with the family this weekend coming out to trenton's arm and hammer park for pitch night, game starts at 7:00 p.m. and if you have a ticket for this game, trenton reading game stick around after the game for a special thanks, you get to see a special screening, before anybody else, of the new show on fox, pitch. pitch premiers on fox,
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september 22nd and an idea that started with a girl in the mlb. >> she tries to be a pitcher in major league baseball. >> first woman. >> how about that. >> we get inspired by our own mo'ne daves big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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upgrade and save on select tempur-pedic mattresses ithere's a race going on right approve tnow.message. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
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7:41. you just had news about ryan lochte. >> because of course he has had backlash from the olympics. >> yes. >> olympics but also the fact he might be on dancing with the stars. agreed to to dancing with the stars before the controversy. >> so now he is out. >> i don't know about that much, but he said that the past two weeks have been the low part of his life and he wants to move forward. we have been talk about this way too long. >> 7:41. the controversy over colin kaepernick came back to south philly yesterday. >> because apparently eagles rookie wanted and that is past tense to dive in and join him but then he back out. >> we're talking about this stems from friday night this scene right here san francisco
7:42 am
quarterback colin kaepernick sat down during the national anthem, he said it was a statement against racial oppression in america. one of our eagles rookies, you might not know this guy myke tarvarez said he wanted to take a stand with kaepernick by sitting down during the national anthem as well when we take on thursday night a new york jets here at the link. hours later the undrafted lineman, well, he changed his mind after getting pressure from his agent we hear. mike now says that he will stand because he doesn't want to create a distraction for the team. we have learned, we got some reaction, from the eagles teammates a couple of them. >> it is bigger than football a lot of people get upset when you you use that stage to speak about things but you know, outside of football but at the even of the day it is a stage that we have, we have earned. >> coach doug pederson says he respects the history of the
7:43 am
national anthem but also respects an individual's freedom of expression. >> okay. >> we have to put together some good lunches as the kid go back to school, got to be creative nutritional jen will help us. >> okay. we have five new things, including beats, purple carrots, they are willing to try it. come on back. we are having a great time. it is a new outdoor classroom of this amazing school this medford. some unusual things.
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7:46 am
a lot of problems on i-95 this morning. what we are looking at is an accident of i-95 near blue route correction there what we said earlier, it is south wound side of i-95 just past blue route before 320 ape we've got two lanes blocked there only one getting by, and a big backup after that. then on the other side of i-95 northbound, just near route 320 in that same area we have another accident, which happened at 320 and providence avenue, so one lane is blocked there. so, right there in delaware county that part of the i-95 is a mess. vine street expressway approaching the schuylkill is a lot busier now but everybody seems to be getting through. and we still have that intersection closed in camden, haddon avenue knew and newton
7:47 am
because of that crash that we had, overnight. one more in rich land u.s. route 40 an accident between main i have knew and green briar still closed because of an earlier motorcycle crash. we have sunshine out there but what is weather like. if we take away humidity as promised? we will have the forecast in ten seconds. we are on track, perhaps to have the hottest august we have ever had but we do have 15 days this month, basically half of the month that has been 90-degree days or above in 1995, we have had 17, days in that month of august, and that is a record. so two more and then we will tie record for month of august, most 90-degree plus days. it has been hot but today not
7:48 am
too humid. at the shore we are talking about the risk of rip currents through wednesday, through one storm and then other one tropical depression number nine could affect us over holiday weekend. anytime at the shore or delaware beaches this weekend be careful when swimming. now pollen report, if you are allergic to ragweed i don't have to tell you it vice high and mold is through the roof, so outdoor mold spores because of the heat wave we have been having. very moldy, out there, and we can relate. by next chance have of rain is not until wednesday night into thursday with this cold front. we could have a few showers in the morning and more thunderstorms popping up with the bulk of the cold front coming through late in the day but there will be a pay off once that is out of here and it will be by friday so that when you are setting up for your who will take weekend 82 on friday. lower 80's saturday and sunday and by labor day itself only 85 degrees, looking good, guys. >> lets go back in the day when would i pack my
7:49 am
daughter's lunch. they used to call me lunch dad. >> they did. >> lunch box dad. >> why. >> i would do creative ways of putting the lunches together. it is healthy. yet i had a theme. every day despicable me i did. >> that was back when you were kids were lit. >> my little pony. >> oh, shut up. >> that one is cool. >> yeah. >> you have to be creative in this day and age. >> look at the that. >> do you see that inside out. >> that was out. >> yes, yeah. >> this was another one that i did. >> that is cool. >> so jen freddie's trying to get nutritious meals together but at a creative way. she has an expert to help us, hi. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. good morning to you. good morning to all of you guys. are you awake. we are at chairville elementary school in medford. you used to be a third grade teacher. now you are a culinary expert,
7:50 am
jessica >> yes. >> you say worry about what you are putting the stuff in before you begin with the food. >> make sure you use healthy lunch kit. whatever you put food in is safe for your child's body. stay away from plastic. >> you want hard stuff. >> stainless steel dento box so really good to house and it has different compartments and different versions for different ages. >> my kid want those lunchables but like. >> over processed and they are in the good for their body or brain. >> it looks like a fake lunchable. >> do it yourself. >> we have select some people that will try some stuff. we will begin with this. this looks very unique. >> yes, this is color me healthy stir free. >> okay. >> we have all of the colors of the rain bee here. we have rainbow carrots. >> all three of those are carrots. >> all three are carrots. >> who will try our purple car on the. >> okay. >> she will try the purple car on the.
7:51 am
you say they are all healthy and vitamin c. there is some sauce. >> that is an asian sauce to pour over the stir fry. >> good. >> okay. >> you have one of the beats that is in there pickled beat, go ahead and try it. >> really good for do i gets, and has powerful enzymes. >> it tastes like a pickle, yes. >> yes. >> you have to get used to that one. >> this is breakfast for lunch. >> broke fag for run watch homemade granola control sugar and batch it ahead of time. we have homemade yogurt made out of of coconut oil. everything is none in dairy, anti-inflammatory good fats. >> i see some unusual things here. >> yep. >> we have some golden kiwi. >> new fruit. >> it has a powerful anti oxidant. >> we will try that one for us. >> yes good cool thing they can eat the skin. >> yes, lot different from the green kiwi where it is harder
7:52 am
skin. >> she likes that a lot. >> this is a pepper. >> yes, it is a purple pepper, we are getting fido nutrients, and anti-inflammatory good for memory and brain. >> reporter: this is one that would be most unusual and some parent said how do you go about eating it, it is the fig. you will try the fig. why did you pick this for the lunch box. >> it the is a sweet treat, it is different and it has all of the powerful fido nutrients which are good for the brain and memory. >> it looks good. >> it is not so messy. >> exactry. >> as we wrap it up mike g says he is not sold on this. reason why you get ramon. >> ramon can be very unhealthy, it has ms g, this additives we don't want. so why not make it yourself because you can batch these ahead of time. make a couple jars on sunday and each morning pour tonight
7:53 am
a thermos or hot water and you have a healthy ramon bowl soup. >> i think she did a great job. do you miss her as a third great teacher. >> yes. >> would you eat any of the stuff that she put up there. here yes. >> they are not quite awake. you came from lbi to see your old teacher. very cool. mom, do a little wave because they brought all their kids over here, very nice. back to school in medford. how cool is this outdoor classroom? >> love it. >> i want a purple car on the by the even of the day. >> we love collar purple. >> yes. >> color and the film and the stage play. >> yes. >> here's the head line of the week and it is only tuesday. can you die from a hickey. >> from a hickey. >> from a hickey. >> apparently so, someone has, doctor mike has the research. plus i was just outside watching set up for kindred the family soul.
7:54 am
they are here to play. this is their latest music video. crank it up a little bit. >> ♪ for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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what's that?! a bird? no, it's gus, the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania! have no fear, wonder gus is here! wonder bucks! whaaa...
7:56 am
wonder bucks, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300 grand! one can dream. you can say that again. (giggles) keep on scratchin'!
7:57 am
a teenager dies of a stroke after a hickey, was seen on his neck. >> so let's bring in doctor mike because how can this happen. >> is that possible. >> sure, yeah. it has only happened one time before in a 44 year-old would hand. she didn't die but she had a big stroke. i brought a neck with me and folks, you can see where are we? there we are. basically the neck. >> turn to the side. there are lots of little arteries and veins, not so little big ones there and if you have trauma to the neck like a hickey with tremendous suction right on that neck it can cause damage leading to damage to that vessel and a stroke, and a clot.
7:58 am
>> suction from another person's lips on your car tid artery. >> i suspect there was more than lips involved i think she used teeth. >> and broke the vessel. >> it caused damage to the little artery in there vertebra artery and that lead to a clieutenant that went up in the brain and a stroke, that is what my little doctor house comes up with here? and the person died. >> seventeen. >> wow. >> so what do you say. >> hickey's are hazardous. >> since it has only happened twice in the world literature, you know, i'll take my chances i guess. the thing is, it is not, i mean, it is that traumatic, then you're doing something wrong. now she was older, she was 24. he was 17. >> there you go. >> obviously it was a very passionate, well insuring my day we called it muffler
7:59 am
burns, we have a muffler burn. >> muffler burn. >> thought they were love marks. >> didn't your parents ever say muffler burns. >> no. >> oh, come on. >> yes, i was working on my car because i'm a high school and i got a muffler burn. >> rug burns. >> isn't that different. >> yes. >> we're not going there. >> he was talking about teeth and stuff, i thought it was just lips. yesterday afternoon there is a big shoot-out in south jersey. did you see traffic jam behind that thing? we have footage of it. you are saying there is a new study that says if you sit in traffic on a daily basis, really bad for you. >> not good because the pollution, the amount of particles and, combustion engine material that comes out from sitting behind somebody elses car it goes directly, look at that, that is what i'm talking about right there. that is carbon fiber. it is nano particles, tiny little particles that come out of a gas engine, and that is a
8:00 am
diesel, and it gets into your car, and can cause heart disease, strokes, asthma, all kind of problems. so, real quickly, when you are in traffic keep your windows closed and put your setting in your car to circulate the air inside. don't be sucking air in because you will have have more pollution, inside your car. i worry about toll booth people, they are there all day long good long time. >> big occupational hazard until electric cars take over in about -- >> i'll be gone by then. >> ten, 20 years. >> i'll be gone. it is all good. >> it is just to be gentle, when you are, causing a muffler burn. >> looking at your leg not me. >> don't even try it. >> there is nothing going on over here. >> you didn't even know what we were talking about. >> it shows there is nothing going on over here. >> you will check me.
8:01 am
>> wait, let the me check. >> i love you. tuesday, august 30th, 2016. a century old church, up in flames, a famous church in overbrook. four alarm fire ripped through good shepherd presbyterian church while on the air here in good day. we're live outside. what remains we will talk to the pastor, and what will parishioners do now. huma has had enough, hillary clinton's top aid is splitting from her husband anthony weiner after another sexting scandal details that made this crime, different. >> do we have to look at this. the stress and duct tape with the price tag nearly, $600 these sneakers are cause ago lot of controversy. where they are being sold and why people are upset.
8:02 am
wait until you hear the name of the shoe. >> kindred the family soul is here. >> yes. >> ♪ >> their studio album drops today. they will take the stage light right here on good day to perform new music. >> staging area. the stage itself on the patio. it is really nice out. it will be a nine on a ten scale today. >> we took away humidity. >> for one day. >> it comes back tomorrow and then goes away again but let's just deal with today because it is a good one. it is a nine out of ten in weather by the numbers, it is budd which his sun screen. low humidity day wanted to spend as much time as he can out the doors. most of the temperatures in the 60's and 70's. sixty-three mount pocono. seventy for philadelphia. seventy-three in dover. zero seven in lancaster. in rain on the radar, our high
8:03 am
temperature to take will be around 90 degrees, if we make it to 90, it is day number five of the current heat wave. plenty of sunshine all day long, unless it is causing traffic problems and sun glare is a big traffic issue. not sure if that caused this accident on i-95 southbound but as we merge into traffic, did you get that, merge into traffic? now we're talking traffic. here we go. i-95 southbound right here near blue route just after you get past the blue route southbound on the left-hand side of your screen there. we have two lanes blocked there because of a multiple vehicle extent and this is the worst time of the day this could have happen. we have quite the backup southbound i-95 in delaware county. route 42 freeway in new jersey in contrast is running just fine. we will go back to camden on haddon avenue knew at newton that intersection is still closed because of that crash
8:04 am
we had last night and in richland a motorcycle accident has green briar avenue closed right there at u.s. route 40, so watch out for that situation. now with the made in america this weekend, the trolleys, guys will be operating on a saturday and sunday schedule and you are encouraged to take public transportation but they will open up that center city tunnel on sunday evening just for the made in herc concert goers. just something to keep in mind over the weekend. 8:04. a driver veers out of control and leaves a path of destruction in camden. 2:30 this morning. all there, look at that car. it is a car. well, ripped out five parked cars, smashing them all up. hit two porches, one of the fronts fell down. there was a power pole that was snapped in two so wires all over the place. car came to rest at the intersection of haddon avenue
8:05 am
knew and south ninth earlier this morning. the driver was taken to the hospital, in really bad shape. cooper hospital about a half block away. now to the deadly shooting, inside south jersey. bizarre one with evidence spread across two major highways and the wawa. >> all this ending with one person dead, four others at least, ended maybe even a fifth. now investigators are still on the scene, with steve keeley, steve. >> reporter: sad realism is violence goes every where in this country, not just inner cities. here we are in the beautiful, blueberry capitol of the world where the hammington state police barracks sits and where city of pleasantville, wasn't so pleasant yesterday where we have a wild shoot-out taking place over the shore area here and some of the busiest roads of the shore area, garden state parkway and atlantic city expressway. seven known guys involved now,
8:06 am
all apparently shooting at each other within three vehicles, and fortunately if there is any good to come out of these facts that we know so far is no innocent bystanders were hit like we have seen so much this year. here's steven jones with the state police just before he retires talking about probably one of the most wildest scenes ever to talk to the media about his career. >> this in fact was kind of a moving situation where gunfire was being aimed at cars that were moving. obviously extremely dangerous to everybody involved, not justin tended targets. we do not know at this point whether it was members of one car shooting at another one or whether it was both cars, whether it was more than two cars we just don't know at this point. we don't want to speculate. >> i think it is scary. i live literally five minutes not even from here and just to hear about it, it is crazy. >> there is so much going on
8:07 am
right now. >> reporter: only one of the seven killed a 23 year-old from pleasantville and seventh person found in all this found not in the shore but in philadelphia where we find and report on the violence that we saw down here at the shore yesterday. alex and mike. >> wow. >> 8:07. back to the national story wife of the former congressman and tony weiner says she has had enough. >> huma abedin who has announced she's separating from her husband and father of her child. >> as new york post says, she's cutting off weiner. >> i guess that is one way to put it. >> well, sure it is,. >> well, this is after a new york post report about weiner getting caught sexting a woman. >> again. >> this time he sent a photo of himself laying in his bed in his boxers and his sonnies in the picture sleeping next to him. >> he is clearly in an excited state in his boxers. >> he sent this to a woman. this is not first sexting
8:08 am
scandal, in 2011 another incident forced him to quit his job. the his wife, long time aid for hillary clinton released this statement. after a long, painful consideration and work on my marriage, i have made the decision to separate from my husband. anthony and i will remain devoted to doing is what best for our son. during this difficult time i ask for respect for our privacy. >> wow. child right next to him. >> yeah. >> you cannot make it up. >> he is obviously going through some things. >> yeah. >> for years. >> yeah. >> again, he has some kind of a problem. so gene wilder yesterday afternoon i got word gene wilder had died. it made me sad. >> it made me sad too, no, when i saw it on twitter. >> i didn't know he was 83. everybody knows him from willie wonka and chocolate
8:09 am
factory. so much more classics, blazing saddles. >> what is your name. >> my name is jimmy but most people call me, jim. >> two time oscar nominee was perhaps best known for playing magical factory owner in willie wonka and chocolate factory. >> yes. >> so many great ones. >> a lot of people on twitter say they like producers, not one of my favorites but young frankenstein certainly was. >> that is. >> oh, yeah. >> he's alive. >> his nephew released a statement that was touching. he said actor and writer died late sunday in stanford, connecticut from complication was alzheimer's disease. a lot of people didn't know he was battling this disease. in this statement nephew address that had about why the star kept i a secret why gene wilder did. statement says decision to wait until time to disclose his condition wasn't vanity but more so that the countless young children that would smile or call out to him, like
8:10 am
is there willie wonka would not have to be exposed to an adult referencing illness or trouble and causing them to worry or disappointment or confusion. this line is what you like. he simply couldn't bear the idea of one less smile in the world. he kept it a secret. >> all right. 8:10 now. rescued from down the jersey shore. look at that. that is about 140 pounder right there a big turtle. he has a long road to recovery the first step that was taken yesterday, for this girl turtle. but first a century old church up in flames, during yesterday at good day four alarm fire that ripped through good shepherd presbyterian church, we are live outside with what remains in a pastor trying to rebuild for this community.
8:11 am
8:12 am
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. thirteen minutes after 8:00 we have an update but no names yet on tropical depression number eight, which is off north carolina coast and really impacting the poor
8:14 am
folks hoff taken vacation in the outer banks this week with a lot of rain. as we track this one tropical depression number nine still does not have a name just yet, it has moved further north in the gulf of mexico and projection is it will cross florida and move in the same place number eight is, eventually. august 2016 half of the days of the month so far have been 90 degrees or above, we could get to 90 to daze and tomorrow and tie a record for the month of august. now watch out if you are at the shore, or the delaware beaches, through wednesday, and over the who will take weekend with all that tropical activity, we will have dangerous, rip currents all over the place, so it will be very pleasant weather, but it may be, a little risky for swimming. so if you are suffering from allergies, mold, ragweed are your culprits this week just in case you were wondering and lots of folks are suffering. 90 degrees today and tomorrow. eighty-three on thursday. here's a transitional day.
8:15 am
cold front comes through with pop up showers and thunderstorms. some the rest later on in the afternoon and evening and then a stretch of nice weather lasting all the way through labor day. the that is your seven day forecast. lets see if we can get some of these problems solved on the roadways, this morning. that accident on i-95 southbound and huge backup only one lane getting by? this is i-95 in delaware county just after the blue route, multiple vehicle will accident from what we understand and the emergency vehicles are on the scene, do you see folks out of their cars there but it looks like it will be a while before that is cleaned up and big backup there. over in new jersey, it is slowing down on the route 42 freeway, in chester county -- where are we? second street near norris right there we have an accident, second and norris, and a injury reported there. we will get more details coming up, guys? >> 8:15. >> historic century old church in overbrook went up in flames
8:16 am
yesterday morning. >> and now hundreds of parishioners are left with no place to worship. so skies fox, of course, was over this scene yesterday morning that started around 9:00 o'clock and quickly went to by the way good shepherd presbyterian church on lansdowne avenue 6400 block. it was 9:00 when it burst into flames. it got to four alarms. took over 120 fire fighters much of the day to put it out. nobody was hurt. one guy was rescued from the third floor though. >> i could not see down the hall way at all. i felt my way down and somehow ended up in the middle room and ended up finding that window there. it was really hard to breathe. >> he made it to the roof for fire fighters to reach him. crews managed to rescue a cat from the burning building. investigators say fire started in the basement but still not sure how, the investigation is ongoing. church was home to several congregations, five congregations, about 300 people. >> that is right, it includes
8:17 am
the tabernacle, pastor williams joins us now. pastor, first of all our condolences, i feel horrible for you. where were you when we heard about this. >> thank you, mike. good morning mike and alex. i was home just getting back from dropping my daughter at the bus stop and got some frantic phone calls that your church is on fire. immediately my mind just went into questioning, what are you talking about. just only to find out that there was a full blazing on at the sanctuary, and just was heart broken at the time. >> did you go to the sanctuary immediately or when did you get to go and see what is going on. >> immediately, immediately as quickly as i could go through red lights and beep my horn to pass as many cars as i can, i flew to the church to justin investigate and see what was
8:18 am
going on because i was in total disbelief that the church was actually on fire. >> then when you went what was your first reaction? when we were showing it on our show we were shocked to see the flames, how was it to be there. >> heart broken and just viscerally i had to cry. i was filled with all kind of emotion, didn't know what to do, didn't necessity what to think, all this work going up in flames. it was just like my home was on fire because i consider this church my home. we have been here for five years, presbyterians have been very kind to us, very very well coming to us. a part of me was in that building. you can only imagine what it is to lose something a small object, in life, just consider what it was like to lose this large object a piece of my heart, really, on yesterday. >> we have put it some pictures there of what it used
8:19 am
to look like and how it still should look like. we all know that church. i know five congregations share it but especially special to you because you served the lb gt community. where were you before this church accepted you because some churches wouldn't accept you. >> good point, mike. we had a very hard time finding a very welcome and safe space for our congregation and for persons of the lb gt community looking for safe worship experience. we were at north american motor lodge on city line avenue and very accommodating to us, for about four or five months and then we have join forces with another lb gt church affirming church in philadelphia, welcoming an affirming church in philadelphia and then when we for the to find a location when we could call home pastor jacob adams and good shepherd presbyterian church were one of the very few churches who opened up their doors and was really welcoming to us to help us build our ministry.
8:20 am
>> wow. >> so i know it is just happening yesterday morning but any plans then or what you will do since you cannot go here any more are you going back to the lodge. >> we have been consulting through the night of what we will do, next week, and it is all an act of of god. i truly believe it. because i'm schedules to be in atlanta at a conference for atlanta and we were scheduled to go visit another church this sunday. so we will be able to recoup and get together, but put our head together as to where we were going to fellowship on the following sunday. so we're looking. there are places, venue whose would like to accept us and receive us in a safe, welcoming space and we need the help of the community. >> hopefully someone watching will reach out to you guys, and help you guys out then. >> we greatly appreciate it. appreciate both of you, just
8:21 am
being considerate enough to give us this time and to give me this time to say that this is a difficult, very difficult time, for our church and our congregation. >> you mentioned an act of god so what do you say to your flock, your followers, how to you explain it? >> we talk about action. we believe up from ashes can be greatness. what i have spoken to the life of my congregation and through rayer, and through conversation is that we will rebuild again. we have a work to do not only in this community but broader community as the lb gtq community we have a work that god has called to us do and we will not, we will not be stopped by this devastation. we only see this as a stepping stone to when we look back at the ashes we will see that we have listen from the ashes and accomplished something great for the work of the lord. >> i'm sure you will. pastor williams, thanks for being with us. good luck to you.
8:22 am
>> thank you very much. god bless you god bless you. >> so important to note too that five congregations, preschool, take care center, after school program. this was something for the community. it is really sad to see this happened. >> it is home. >> yes. >> for a lot of people. >> second hand school supplies, some parent say i will in the do that? why not. what parents are worrying about if they are using used books and supplies. speaking of second hand would you say $600 for these shoes duck tape on them, wear and tear. where a luxury department stories in hot what the tore sell these sneakers. >> 600 bucks. >> we have breaking news in hunting park sky fox live over the scene of a dog shot by police. apparently the dog was attacking people along the streets there and the dog apparently is still alive.
8:23 am
we will be sure to keep you updated on than that, more information after the break.
8:24 am
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8:26 am
well, i'm calling this true, i believe it is a turtle, sea turtle. a gentle giant. sea turtle was discovered badly injured by a boat propeller blade, yeah, clipped off one of his flappers. >> flappers or i don't know what would you call it, fins, flipper. >> flipper? not to be confused with flipper the dolphin. >> yeah. >> okay. >> that is a pretty good dolphin. >> back to the turtle. staff, staff. marine at mammal stranding center they found 140-pound sea turtle will near oyster creek nuclear power plant in brigantine. she was unable to use her back flipper. now she recovered local fisherman voluntarily dumping off dozen crabs to eat each day good girl has got to eat. >> and they tell us that the lagger head turtle may never be able to return to the ocean
8:27 am
though. >> no. >> she can survive but not the in the wild. in order foresee see cutter toll lay eggs they have to climb up on the beach, dig a hole with their rear flippers only and deposit the eggs. she cannot use her rear flippers so she could in the do that. >> federal government is looking for a permanent home that might accommodate this turtle. we're told had she could grow twice her current size and live another 40 years. >> wow. >> that is a nice life. >> yes. >> i remember doing a story about a turtle, a little box turtle that had lived, somebody put tonight a desk drawer and the desk was then abandoned in a building. >> are you supposed to put it in a desk drawer. >> no. >> it is not the natural habitat the desk drawer. >> poor little thing. >> sometimes we have to survive dark, lonely places. >> this is so true. >> here at fox. >> it is nice and bright in
8:28 am
here. >> it lived 50, 60 years. i will look that story up on the internet. >> you will tell us. >> yes, what i'm talking about. >> here's the thing, brigantine another story have you heard anything about the wedding ring, from brigantine. >> i will bring it up, i don't know, there it is. >> she's good. >> anyway lisa this morning about 6:30 tweeted me that and said she found this in brigantine. jb and fr got married. if that is your winning, left at the beach, slipped off a finger, or maybe somebody was in the argument and pull it off and threw it. >> maybe they don't want it. >> here, take it here is your ring back. >> aim more optimistic. >> never throw ate way, keep it, sell it. >> mercenary. >> i'm just saying. >> that is yours, contact us on twitter, we will give it to you at mike fox 29. >> yes, thank you for not saying the date because last time you gave all of the
8:29 am
information but anyone can say that is my ring and they would sell it. >> why would you want a wedding ban of another man. >> so you can sell it. >> that is probably less than a hundred bucks. >> no. >> i remember back so long ago when i was, wedding band might have been 20 bucks. >> i think you can get at least a thousand right. >> the black smith that pound that had wedding band down for me worked very hard on that. now it is time to play high school football elementary school, anyway you need to buy cleats. not all cleats were created equal. >> i remember when i played sports that was a big thing because everybody is watching. >> you can get hurt too to wear the wrong cleats. >> you have to look cool too. >> before we run out of time which is too late now, here's jen. >> the other question is so i have happenedry james she's seven years old and we hand me down cleats, doctor cohen, the expert podiatrist will tell fuss we can use it or good idea bad idea.
8:30 am
come on back. i absolutely love my new but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance.
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8:33 am
their sixth cd like the young kid say drops today. why would they drop it, is it slippery. >> well, maybe. >> but it is called let it be love. >> nice. >> we will talk about legacy of love. >> they have had a legacy of love for years, they have been married. there are soccer cleats, lacrosse cleats, football complete, hockey cleats, how do you keep them apart. >> so many cleats. the jen is helping parents sort through it all podiatrist for the eagles. hi there jen. >> hi there, we have to say one of the cleats on here is from an eagles player. >> we are. >> it is a reallying also question so i have to ask the question before the break landry james is seven, sheilas soccer, she hasn't played it before. she happened hand me down cleats what is the big deal.
8:34 am
>> big deal with the complete they mold to the athlete's foot. they are soft. so you are actually incurring an your credit because of of foot type you are putting into a old cleats good better off she just have sneakers. >> better off with a sneaker then an old completes if she go place on a turf surface. >> thinks fine little kid seven or eight, they are fine. >> absolutely. >> talk to me about these cleats, there is something in here thaw like about these in particular. >> so with your kids, in the age groups from nine to 14, you want some kind of a foam in between the plate which is the cleats and the boot of the shoe. that is what you will look for this foam piece right here, this foam piece right here. >> it doesn't matter fit is foot the ball or anything. >> look at bod of the cleats. >> yes. >> here's an example of one without it. very popular but there is no cleats, no pad. >> you don't like that one as much.
8:35 am
>> i like this for older kid, high school you are fine with this cleats but you are talking middle school, young kid, recreational soccer football you want padding between the foot and the heel a crossbone you say they have a good way to tell fur kid needs fit they are complaining of. >> complaining of leg pain, chin pain at end of the practice they are just dragging, or they start to see that they are slower then other kids when they started out beginning of the season they were just as fast or faster. then they slowed down. that is why you have to be careful because once they get that heel injury it can put them out for the season. >> thanks so much. >> we don't know who is number 51? >> let me see. >> it is a big shoe. >> i don't know who number 51 is. >> look at how big his foot is. >> so who is it. >> we don't know. >> nice cleats though. >> 8:35.
8:36 am
sue, when i came out, walking out to the studio i said this is nice. this is a good hair day because humidity, i do not even feel it. >> it is true, it is part of the one day special with the humidity. it will come back tomorrow but then we're looking good for the holiday weekend. buddy is enjoying pool side with his sun screen and temperatures in the 60's and 70's as we get started this morning. little action in our neighborhood while we get distracted by that, it is 74 degrees. we have 62 percent relative humidity. nothing on radar. 90 degrees. sunny skies. not as humid as it has been so we were right 71 in the overnight hours tonight. seven day forecast is coming up. the lets check traffic right now at 8:36 because we have a few things going on out there besides the sun glare that we have had all morning long. the accident that we're looking at right here is on the schuylkill expressway eastbound near the vine street expressway, again, this is
8:37 am
eastbound coming in the city, left lane block, one lane getting by moving very slowly. in contrast things are looking good, on ben franklin bridge coming into philadelphia this morning, alex. >> thanks so much, sue. >> i want to ask you would you pay $600 for these shoes in these shoes right here. duct tape on them, dirty worn, shoelaces look like they don't work. a department stories in hot water for selling these sneakers. we will tell you why. seriously would you buy those?
8:38 am
8:40 am
mike, talking with jen, we're trying to figure out who number 51 is we showed cleats for number 51. >> who is that. >> jeremy one of our twitter followers, he said jeremy gibson it is steven means. >> from the ravens. >> yes, we googled it, he is
8:41 am
with the ravens. it may be with the eagles now you. >> let's look it up. >> thank you for helping us out there. >> yes. >> defensive end for eagles. >> defensive end for eagles. >> yes. >> oh, really. >> yes. >> emphasis. >> that is a very strong position. >> end. >> important decision and defenses our strong suit this year. >> they are. >> you will know that name when things get started, hopefully. >> this is stupid. here we go again, how does this get in the marketing department? we will put this picture up of a sneaker, $700 at a store called barney's of new york very fame news man hot hat on. but we have an outlet between 18th and 19th on walnut this shoe looks all worn and tournament it is called golden goose. >> golden goose. >> yep. >> it is almost $600, 585 to be exact but they are calling it a distressed shoe. >> here's where they run into
8:42 am
trouble. they call it home less chic. >> um-hmm. >> what a dope i thing. many people posting their outrage on social media we like to call it. >> they are making fun of poor people. >> people that don't have have homes. >> yes. >> please shall look at that tweet. golden goose's really. distressed superstar sneakers. six hundred bucks. y'all will pay for my distressed 2010 chuck taylors. >> she's saying if you will pay for that then the shoes i have at home. >> i would give them 15 bucks for those. >> how about this next one that says thinks poverty appropriation. >> come on. >> another angry post look of poverty should not be seen or sold as fashion. what is wrong with some people. >> um-hmm. >> well, distressed clothing vice popular, but you cannot call it home less chic. >> that is true. >> people walking around they have torn jeans. >> yes. >> kanye west, geezy, it is also distressed look and some of this sells for more than a
8:43 am
thousand dollars. >> yes. >> wow, wow, wow. >> some t-shirts are a thousand dollars. >> sweat shirts, that kind of thing, they have holes, it is torn. >> i remember back in the day, this is years ago five or six years ago we had stories about how to take blue jeans, denim, and shoot them with shotguns and then sell them. >> really. >> did you do that to your jeans. >> i have never shot my jeans with gun. >> how much would they pay them for. >> i don't know. >> my story fell flat. >> this is second one. >> two today. >> turtle one we still haven't heard anything about. >> and this one. >> we love your stories, mike. always entertaining whether they are a good story or not. >> i believe i have run out of stories no. >> you cannot have that. >> time to quit. >> i'm done, i'm tap. >> i'm an empty vessel. >> retelling the same story. oh, do you that. >> do i that. >> i hate you. >> we love your stories.
8:44 am
>> we do. >> just keep telling them. >> here, sit on my knee. >> that is okay. >> uncle mike. >> here, we're seasons of empire number five another party. >> we have another announcement, which stars have been added to the cast, well known tv mommies being added. >> a well known tv mom. >> i wonder who? we will reveal. >> okay.
8:45 am
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you?
8:46 am
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8:47 am
it will be a beautiful night at the ballpark. we will be coming off a 90-degree high. will six. le humidity. sunset time 7:35. hopefully we will win this one with the nationals. we could end up extending our heat wave a couple more days and transitional day is thursday when we can get showers and thunderstorms with the cold front. weather after that for friday, sat the day, sunday and labor damon, it looks excellent especially friday and saturday, mike and alex, because those are low humidity days. >> how low can it go. >> i'm all for it. made in america standing outside all day. >> yes. >> hey, okay, empire, the hottest show here on fox, big hit. >> is it. >> it is a hit. >> big hit. >> season three. >> season three, can you believe it.
8:48 am
>> they have added a new cast member. >> they are already in filming in chicago right now. >> are they. >> yes. >> so, lets go back 30 years felicia rashad, america's mom, joining the cast. >> you know, of course, from the cosby show. she will play another matriarch but she will play the mother character or the mother of a character played by takee digs who we announced, in the off season of off season that he will be on the show. >> is mariah carry. >> yes, she will be playing a singer. premiere will be september 21st. yes, we will have a party. we will tell you more about it as it comes but we are real excited for empire and i liked it. i like her in the motherly role. >> do i too. >> we saw her in creed. i do keep touching you she's in creed. >> yes. >> i'm just trying, it is a love tap. >> it is a way of staying in touch.
8:49 am
>> is it really. >> i am just touching. >> touching. >> you are touching at times. >> you just touched me. >> stop it. >> he put his hands in mine and he touched me. >> they all sound the same. >> now you are touching me mariah carry is playing kitty, if she doesn't do a good job you know what will happen. >> what. >> boo-boo kitty. >> i hate that. >> sorry. >> i so hate that. >> one of the biggest moments from the mtv video muse ache ward that no one watched. >> ratings were down this year. >> ratings were down 60 percent because it is boring. >> even if you weren't watching vma's because it is making such its rounds on social media know tiana taylor because that body. >> i was concentrating on kanye. >> i didn't even notice the video. >> nice try.
8:50 am
>> so, let's just watch this. >> okay. >> remind me who she is. >> tiana taylor she had a song called google he baby. you better google me baby. that didn't work out. then he did some acting. she has done some stuff. she has always been there. i don't want to say she was engaged but she had a babe which a nba player. this is less than a year ago. look at this body. less than a year ago. >> months after having a baby. >> yes. >> everyone when they saw this everybody is awe struck. she has been trending. everybody talking about her. they want to know how do you do it girl. >> that is the thing because of the kim equipment that she's a big work out freak. she said no, no, no and no. >> so what does she do. >> nutrition and dancing, as you can tell she likes to dance. >> well, according to the script she doesn't have astrict diet she just dances. >> listen, i have been dancing
8:51 am
and i don't look like that. are you kidding me. >> later on, we have nutrition plans and work out plan for women who are pregnant right now and who want to lose baby weight. that is coming up later on then program. >> maybe i should do more dancing. >> you love to dance but you dance around the news room. >> but i don't look like that. >> i dance. >> you look fine you are fine. you are fine. >> take it on the dash. ppa. >> kindred the family soul i have seen them. they are fantastic. live performance on good day. swing by fourth and market you will be able to hear it. fifth and market, sixth and market, seventh and market, eighth and market they are loud. >> you can hear it but not see it. look at this, come out to trenton's arm and hammer park this sunday. i will try to make this. september 4th. for pitch night. i'll explain what that means. game starts at 7:00 and then
8:52 am
after the game trenton is taking on reading. we will have a screen of the new show on fox called pitch about a young woman who tries to make the major league. we think it is mo'ne davis story. again this show will be on fox september between the second at 9:00 o'clock in the evening. lottery numbers come on back i'm tired.
8:53 am
8:54 am
for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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i think we should have a positive uplifting story. students at cedar crest college will be packing their bags for a one of a kind learning experience. >> when we say that we have not seen this in any other school in the u.s., pretty cool, they're gearing up for first ever sophomore expedition city wide experience and so they are getting to begin to study abroad, they don't to have pay any extra money for it. >> do they know where they are going. >> they don't. it was revealed, them and it
8:56 am
is recording them finding out where they are going. you have to see their reaction, mike. >> okay. >> the destination for your sophomore expedition will be ... >> i didn't hear it where are they going. >> rio. >> what? >> they are going to rio. look at their balloon drop. >> in the spring of 2018 all sophomore you have to keep these grade you will they will go an a eight day trip to rio, travel lodging, meals all fully funded. they don't to have pay anything for it. isn't that amazing. 150 student will travel to brazil and really cool because some have never been outside of philly. >> in. >> they said they watched olympics and they noticed, so just go there and do service project. they saw the state some of the people were living in. >> high god yes.
8:57 am
>> it is amazing. so many people want to stud a broad but they have to pay extra. you can't always do that. amazing. we will check back when they get closer to their trip. >> i had nothing like that as a child. we got to go to i guess study abroad in a way. >> where did you go. >> omaha, nebraska. >> from kansas to nebraska. >> neighboring state. >> yeah. >> i had a sad life. >> technically you went across the street. >> across the state line. >> maybe just across. >> i stud aid cross. >> i studied across state lines. >> do you leave your children alone? would you ever in this day and age 2016 leave your kids home alone and at what age? a lot of parents won't do it because of the certain reason and it has nothing to do with safety. start guessing what that reason is. yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ]
8:58 am
thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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