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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 31, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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breaking, motorcyclist dead after a hit-and-run in philadelphia. who police are looking for coming up in a report. >> another child caught in the crossfire, 12 year old girl just walking home from the store was hit by a stray bullet. it is 89th time this summer. how the little girl is doing this morning. >> plus, local community shaken up after a gunman terrorize ass woman and her family. what investigators are doing right now to track down the arm attacker. >> get ready for another hot day, it is official, the hottest august ever, in philadelphia. when we can expect things to cool down a bit. good morning, it is wednesday, august 31, 2016. >> today is the 17th day of 90 degrees in august.
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ties a record set in 1995. sue serio, 21 years ago, it was this hot, right? >> right. now, today, will be the 17th day, just to be clear about that, but it is pretty sure we'll hit 90 degrees. because we got to 90 yesterday. eight out of ten, we kind of went down little bit from yesterday. we got some fog around this morning. little bit philly international reduced visibility, but down in millville, down around cumberland county here, you can see the fog pretty dense, dover, delaware, you are going to run into some fog. >> this will be a case where you'll drive in to a bank of fog, drive right out of it, so, just keep that in mind this morning, don't let it surprise you. 74 degrees, south-southwest wind at 5 miles an hour, 6:28 is our sunrise time, these days, start to get shorter, we are at the end of the august, after all. 57 degrees in mount pocono, 65 in reading, and we have 72 in trenton, new jersey, and 69 degrees in wildwood.
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and our dew points are going to start going up, we're already at a 71 degrees dew point in philadelphia. so, the high temperature today should be, again, around 90 degrees, and that will be day six of our heatwave. yes, the 17th day of 90 or above in philadelphia. so, yes, this is kind of a day we'll have. but we have big change in store for the holiday weekends, coming up in just a few minute. bob kelly finishes his vacation, and we're at the betsy ross bridge, same construction we looked at yesterday at this time. that continues to slow you down. you can get by, but it is slow. i-95 delaware county, see the fog we're talking about, this morning, right near highland avenue. so folks are going appropriately slowly through the bank of fog. accident on i-95 southbound, the off ramp to route 141, down in delaware, all lanes are blocked, and there was an overturned tractor-trailer involved in that one. so we'll have more details on that accident for you coming up in just a few minute, guys?
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>> thank you, breaking news now out of feltonville. >> motorcyclist is dead after being killed during a hit-and-run, search on for the driver. right out to jennifer joyce at the scene of the accident. hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, chris, police did confirm in the last hour they found the vehicle believed to be involved in this hit-and-run, how much, they've not yet located the driver. a live look at the scene here, at lowden and whitaker streets, see the motorcycle involved still out here, police tell us, that this accident happened just before 11:30 last night when officers responded, they found a 58 year old man lying unconscious this is the area of lowden and whitaker streets. the motorcyclist was transported to einstein medical center where he succombed to his injuries. police say the victim's bike collided with gmc ooh con which launched the motorcyclist 30 feet down the road. right into the yukon, remained at the scene but the driver took off. investigators tell us smart police work led them to the vehicle. they believe to be involved in this. and now they are work to go
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identify that driver. >> responding police, the 25th district, did a great job. they saw a trail of what appeared to be antifreeze and motor oil, the officer followed this trail about five blocks and he found a gmc with heavy front end damage parked unattended in a rear driveway in the 5,000 block of rorher street. >> reporter: police say the yukon found on roar or street without a license plate attached. police believe the driver took it off in the minutes following the accident, to help evade investigators. police are holding the vehicle as part of a crime scene, and plan to tow the suv to hear lot as ned this case. meantime back out here live, police say they have a strong witness to this accident, who they are working with. they also tell us that they have surveillance cameras in this area. lauren, chris? >> hard to look at that mangled mess behind you, jennifer, thank you. to more breaking news for you, this time out of kensington,
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where a man has been rushed to the hospital after being shot multiple times. this shooting happened just before 2:00 this morning on clearfield street. police say that the man was shot several times in the back while riding a bicycle. taken to terrible hospital in critical condition. right now police are looking for two men connected evidently to the shooting. >> it has been summer of shootings. now another child caught in the crossfire this time north philadelphia fairhill neighborhood. >> think about this, nine kids have been shot by stray builds in our area. these are a picture of just a few of them. nine does not even include children hurt while playing with guns. among those hurt children as young as five and six years old. >> just last week eight year old gabby hill carter shot in the head and died. let's get out to steve keeley live from police headquarters with the details of the most recent shooting. hype, steve. >> reporter: just to clarify, not stray bullet all nine kids, some of the kids, remember, killed or at least shot by kids playing with
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guns. so this was a case of certainly nobody playing with a gun, but somebody trying to kill another adult, not caring who is around, 23 year old man, shot in the neck, and very critical at last report, another guy shot in the foot. but a young little girl, 12 years old, this is the third little kid in 24 hours shot. remember, we had the 13 year old boy playing with a gun just the day before who didn't just shoot himself but the bullet went through his hand and then shot a 11 year old girl. here we go again, two days in a row, three little kids, now with bullet wounds in the hospital. >> three people shot. that's horrible. a 12 jerold struck by stray gunfire and that's tragic. we're just lucky she is only hit in the leg. and i hate to even say only hit in the leg, because she is still shot in her leg. but it could have been a lot worse. we know that there were probably a young adult, a lot of teenagers, a lot of children out here in this
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neighborhood that they are absolutely lucky that they weren't struck by stray gunfire when you have 19 shots fired, especially ten of the shots that were fired from assault rifle. >> reporter: so the corner deli, kind of convenience store for the neighborhood, bullet holes in the windowment as scott small said, very busy on a summer night, people trying to get a popsicle or soda or anything. and lucky more people weren't shot. again, it is hard to say this when a little girl is shot during the summer before she goes back to school, but lucky for her only shot in the leg. that is such a sad commentary to say only shot in the leg, isn't it? >> absolutely. steve, thank you so much. >> and the search is on for the man accused of terrorizing 24 year old woman and her family. investigators say, a home invasion happened around 4:00 yesterday morning, this on the 5100 block of nev "a" street. mask gunman broke into the two story home, he tied up the
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woman's family then sexually assaulted her. some neighbors are so worried they asked us not to identify them. >> this is what happens. you can't even leave your window open any more. >> that's evil, man, now we have to keep our doors locked, keep a close eye. >> reporter: investigators hoping nearby surveillance cameras can help them track down the attacker. so far no connection to any other incident that have happened throughout our sit. >> i new jersey state police say they found this truck, they say, it is tied to deadly shoot-out on the a.c. expressway. and the men charged after deadly violence, officials say the fifth person in custody is a teenager. >> one man killed, when the bullets started flying in south jersey sunday, four others were injured. >> bruce gordon spoke with the mom of the man who was killed. >> i want my son. i want him. i want my baby. >> maurice scott sits in the dining room of the egg harbor township home she work so hard
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to create and mourns her murdered son. >> i take care of him, i give him everything he needs, he want, but he just don't listen to me. >> the death in highway shoot-out filled his mother with grief. but not surprised. for nearly a decade she said roseman had run with a tough crowd, guns, drugs, and haitian immigrant, working two jobs at casino housekeeping, had her son arrested once for bringing a weapon into her home. >> i fear my son go to school. i am working two jobs, 16 hours every day, 80 hours a week, for my son. i doesn't want my son being shot. i doesn't want my son to lose his life. >> monday's shoot-out was not roseman's first brush with gun play. mom say he had been shot twice before. >> first time he survived. second time he survived. i tell him, stay away from the streets, you're going to die. >> facebook photo of roseman
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shows him posing with friends, gangster style, holding stacks of cash. it pains marie to lock at the picture. her story was of a hard-working immigrant to built a life. his, a tail of street sped duck sean and violent death. >> i'm trying to do the best i can to change him, but i can't, police can't, nobody can change him. >> and now he's gone? >> yep. >> roseman octavia leaves behind four year old son, maurice scott took a look at the facebook photo, the one of him holding the stacks of cash and said now i must find the money to bury my son. at the atlantic city expressway barracks of the new jersey state police, bruce gordon, "fox 29 news". >> tragic story there. surprising news on the campaign trail. donald trump heading south of the border later today, the billionaire took to twitter yesterday confirming his trip to meet with mexico's president. republican presidential nominee said i have accepted the inch vision takes from mexico, now look very much forward to meeting him
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tomorrow. tweeted confirmation saying two men are meeting for private chat. the talk set to happen just hours before trump will attempt to clarify his stance on illegal immigration, during the speech in arizona trump has made illegal immigration and his call for a wall along the us-mexico border a centerpiece of his presidential campaign. meanwhile, portions of the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's emails from her private server could be released today. the file to be released under the freedom of information act. likely to include the summary of clinton's fbi interview. this comes as the state department says it found new, unreleased clinton emails on bin gas i. fbi director james comey said bag in -- back in july, it did not warrant criminal charges. >> today democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine will be in bethlehem, pa, with pennsylvania slated to be an important battleground state in november.
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expect to see a lot of the candidates in our area over the next few weeks. yesterday in erie, he spoke to supporters about the economic issues. >> we have been talking about jobs, and growing this economy, and making it work for everybody. and that's what we're going to keep talking about because that's what is the most important thing. >> the rally set to take place at the hanover township community center. that event begins at 1:30. >> pennsylvania lawmakers voted unanimously for bruce beam tear take over as a state's top prosecutor. beamer former top aide to convicted top aide kathleen kane. he left her offers last month to become governor for tom wolf inspector general. beamer testified against kane earlier this month, helped prosecutor convict her of leaking secret information, and lying about it under oath. chris? >> lauren, let's talk about chris, let's start with chris brown. in trouble again with the law. the bizarre stands-off at the la singer's home and what he's being arrested for.
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and different chris shooting down attempt to raise new jersey minimum wage, of course governor chris christie says he's not for the hike. more after the break.
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>> on track to have the hottest august on record. this day isn't over yet, but we expect to get into the 90's today, and that mean we'll have 17 days, and will have tied the record for how many 90-degree plus days we've her in any month of august a
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record is from 1995. record heat, yes, on track to have the warmest august ever. before that the warmest august ever for the month as a whole was 1980. now looking at some of the tropical systems. yes, ma'am, this is number eight, still doesn't have a name, at least it is moving off shore for the folks in the outer banks of north carolina, they can enjoy decent day there is one we really have to watch for the holiday weekends, tropical depression nine will soak northern florida, parts of georgia, part of south carolina, and north carolina, as well. so, we'll keep an eye on that, plus, hurricane gaston has strength ends again to category three, even though it is way out in the middle of the ocean, it will affect our rip currents for the holiday weekend at the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. nothing going on precipitation wise, but you will have to watch out for some fog this morning. we will get to around 09 degrees, continuing our heatwave today. then things really change. tonight into tomorrow we get a
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chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms. by friday we clear out with 82 degrees, how about upper 70s for saturday and sunday? warming up by labor day back into the 80s, then hot again by tuesday of next week. and that is your seven day forecast. time to check traffic. we start off down in delaware, on i-95, where we just told us about that tractor-trailer accident. it has all lanes closed, southbound, at route 141, again, this is in the state of delaware, all lanes are blocked there, because of the overturned tractor-trailer. we'll have some video for in you just a few moments about that. another accident, route 422 eastbound, the off ramp to sanatoga, this is not too far from pottstown. all lanes are blocked there, on that part of route 422, so, avoid that road early this morning. chris, lauren? >> okay, sue, thank you so much. looks like new jersey minimum wage will stay put at $8.38 an hour. at least that's what governor chris christie wants.
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he ' $9 his veto to the proposal to raise the minimum wage in the next year, then to $15 over the next five years. christie says it will bury small businesses. democratic leaders say they'll propose constitutional amendment to approve it which will not need government approval. >> one step closer to approving a new contract that would raise pay by $7.25 over three years. employees will see an increase of 2.75 by the end of september. so the proposal will also require employees in the state's wellness plan to crib two and a half percent of their halleri toward health coverage by the year 2018. >> now to the top stories. one of the masterminds behind islamic state terror group has reportedly been killed. the group spokesman apparently and their top strat edgey was murdered. the islamic state group has suffered string of defeats in recent weeks, including with
4:19 am
turkish troops anal eye rebels drove them out of the town in syria. in texas, a black teacher suing the city of austin after being thrown to the grounds by white officer during a traffic stop. >> she says she was then told by another police officer that black people have, quote, violent tendencies. all right, brigantine filed suit yesterday. seeking damages that most probably exceed $1 million. king arrested after being stopped for speeding last summer. her case garnered national attention after patrol car video was released in july. austin police chief has publicly apologized and has launched departmental investigations. >> more trouble for chris brown after an hour's long stand-off with police in his los angeles home. the singer has been arrested and now charged with assault after deadly weapon. a woman claims that brown pointed a gun at her. >> so this is just one more incident since the star has had several run in's with the law. >> fox news steve rappaport with the latest.
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>> reporter: chris brown exits his home ending hour's long stand-off with the los angeles police department. officers were responding to an unidentified woman's claims that brown threatened her with a gun. brown initially refused to come out when the officers arrived to investigate the 911 call. >> better publicity, barricaded myself in my house. have you seen my house? i'm going to barricade myself in a palace? i'm not coming out. for what? i ain't did beep i ain't going to do beep, and there is always going to be beep with police. black lives matter. >> angry, posting profanity filled videos of himself on his instagram account. >> you guys got me beep. so good luck. when you get the warrant, whatever you need to do, you're going walk right up in here and you're going to see nothing. you idiots. worse gang in the world, the police, and i said it. >> after obtaining a warrant police entered brown's sprawling mansion in the
4:21 am
sanitary mali alley. >> i cannot comment on anything that has been found or recovered. he's being transported to robbery homicide division. >> brown has been in and out every police trouble for years, including being charged with felony assault in connection with a brought al attack on his then girlfriend, rihanna, in 2009. steve rappaport, fox news. >> oh, man, i watched this all un play on instagram yesterday. chris brown? >> again? >> you want to hope someone will do better. and then you see his video, and he goes on a rant, i get it, you don't want to be targeted. but now it is back in our minds. >> sadly. four # 21:00 the time. speaking of sadly, phillies struggling during last night's game against the nationals. sports in one minute. >> and, sad news for some young local athlete. why one montgomery high school
4:22 am
is cancelling its varsity football season. your winning lottery numbers.
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neat neat >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. eagles play the final pre-season game thursday against the jets. how will the head coach rotate his other players? >> we still got some young guys in the back ends of the secondary, still taking a look at, receivers the same way, we have our offense. i mean, really, this is a
4:25 am
great challenge for all of the players in this football game to get one last substantial amount of reps, and to really put themselves on tape. >> the phillies, they continue struggling scoring runs, to the ballpark, the phillies are down three-nothing in the seventh. ryan howard, who had struck out, two earlier at bats. only the third hit for the aisle east, two run homer. not enough. phillies lose to washington, three-two. >> tim tebow, can't play football in the nfl. now he wants to play baseball. conducted work out 28 major majr league scouts, the word is, the offense was average, and his arm and speed below average. it is way pasttime to stop. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> what hurt him in football, too. sad news for young athletes, one montgomery county high school cancelling. >> the springfield township says there are just not enough players to safely play for the
4:26 am
2016-2017 season. he says that decision was put off until now in hopes more student would sign up. but that just isn't the case. so, what's happening to all of the guys out in that area? maybe they've opting for other safer sports? so many moms are concerned about concussions with football. so -- >> you see it in the headlines all the time. big concern there, if you don't have enough players, you don't have enough time to rest the guys, and some guys have to play on both sides of the ball, offense and defense, which can lead to injuries. >> i have an idea. >> oh, okay. >> what if some of the nearby school district allow the kids that did want to play to play on their team? >> why would you do that? >> why? >> because if you are going one school, and play against your buddies? you can't do that. >> why? >> school pride. your team growing up? >> the war eagles. >> war eagles not just the eagles, you are the war eagles. >> no egos. >> oh, i don't know. >> keep drinking coffee, okay? all right, 4:26 this morning,
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let's toss things taught jenny joyce on a breaking news story in north philadelphia. >> good morning, lauren, chris. live at a hit-and-run scene in the feltonville section of north philadelphia. motorcyclist collided with gmc uke on, that motorcyclist has passed away, while the suv has been found. police are still looking for the driver. we'll be right back.
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a motorcyclist is dead after a hit-and-run in north philadelphia. who police are looking for coming up in a live report. >> it is a nice time -- the ninth time this sum area child was shot. what the children were doing before bullets. >> a man wanted to do just one thing, marry the love of his life. inspirational move by friends and family to make that wish come true. >> good day everyone, it is wednesday, the last day of august 31st, 2016. >> what are you going to do? like race to do the finish up august? >> i am going to sit in the audience a bit, to check it out, you know it is coming soon. >> we'll do rehearsals. q show coming up in less than two weeks, the 12th of september. how fun about that be? >> fun to go in there, watch him do the rehearsals, run through's, his kids running through the studio, fun. >> q, un affected by this humidity, by way of hair today, sue serio.
4:31 am
>> the daisy envy his do. or lack thereof, yes. it will be high maintenance, whole bunch of product hair day. the humidity is back is what we're telling you, so bump down from a eight from yesterday's nine. we have poor visibility, in a few areas, most of them south of the city, around fort dix, we only have mile, millville, it is foggy, fog any dover, reduced visibility at philadelphia international airport. hey, bus stop buddy here, possibility later on of pop up thunderstorm. we've got muggy the dog back again, yes, temperatures in the 60s and 70s, and it is humid out there. so, the current temperature in philadelphia is 74 degrees. we're headed to a high probably around 90 again. and that would make it heatwave day number six, for this last day of august. we'll tell you just how hot this summer has been, coming up in just a few minutes. but right now we have a look at the map showing you where this accident is. the tractor-trailer accident that happened in delaware, i95
4:32 am
southbound, right, there at route 141, in fact, we have some video just in, of what that looks like there. there is the tractor-trailer, pretty much on it side. this has that part of i95 completely blocked so headed southbound, plan to drive through delaware, you better do that 495 thing, because i95 southbound at 141 is completely blocked. even 495 alternate might slow you down. now we go out to the west, around pottstown, with 422 eastbound offer ramp blocked to saratoga. and that's because of an accident, as well, now we have water main break to tell you about. the drive in dresher, camp hill road, is on the shoulder there near willow grove. so, just few things going on this morning, but that i95 accident in delaware, that's
4:33 am
going to really slow you down this morning, guys? >> sue, thank you. speaking of traffic, how about this? breaking news out of feltonville. >> the search is on for the driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run accident, jenny joyce joins us live from the scene of that accident. jenny, they found the car but not the driver. >> reporter: yes, they did find the car. they found the car with the license plate removed. so police think that was attack particular on behalf of the driver trying to evade investigators so they've not located him yet. however, we are live at the scene here, along whitaker and lowden street. you can see the motorcycle involved, still out here, police tell us this accident happened just before 11:30 last night. when officers responded, they found a 58 year old man, lying unconscious, in the area of lowden and whitaker streets. the motorcyclist was transported to einstein medical center where he has succombed to his injuries. police say the victim's bike collided with a gmc uke con which launched the motorcyclist 30 feet down the road, renmant of the yukon remained at the scene, but the driver took offer.
4:34 am
investigators tell us the smart police work led them to the vehicle, they believe, to be involved in this. now, they are just working to find the driver. >> that gmc, when police found it, did not have a license plate attached. so there is possibility that the driver removed the license plate in order to he will leud capture from police. but that gmc had heavy front end damage, both airbags deployed, and they were actually able to follow the trail of fluid right to the location. that's where the trail of fluid ended right where the gmc yukon was parked. >> police say the yukon found on 5,000 block of rorher street again without a license plate attached. police are holding the vehicle as part of crime scene, plan to tow the suv to their lot as evidence in this case. in the meantime, police tell us, they do have a strong witness to this accident, and they have surveillance cameras in the area, which of course are always helpful to developers.
4:35 am
lauren, chris? >> thank you. mover breaking news for you. this time out of kensington where a man has been rushed to the hospital after being shot multiple times, the shooting happened just before 2:00 this morning on clearfield street. police say the man was shot several times until the back while riding a bike. he has been taken to temple hospital in critical condition. right now police are looking for two men possibly connected to the shooting. >> since june, nine children have been shot in our area. these are photos of just a few of these young victims. >> and another child was caught in the crossfire of bullets, this time, in the city fairhill neighborhood. steve keeley is in center sit way look at the most recent incident. hi, steve. >> reporter: yep, this is the third this week, just since monday night. how sad is that? so it is dinner tube maybe, dessert time for the little 12 year old girl going to the corner store for summer night snack just after 6:00 p.m. still daylight. that doesn't stop two guys with two guns and assault rifle, you see that police recovered, along with
4:36 am
semiautomatic handgun, afraid of anyone seeing them, or to help them see that the store and the street were packed with people, or maybe they did see it all, and just didn't care if other beside their intended target got killed. the two guys with the guns and two got away, but the two guns found in a toyota camry parked nearby, and police at last check were talking to the car's owner. meantime, their intended target like lay 23 year old guy was hit in the neck, and critically wounded, but still alive thanks to the police, who put him in the back of their patrol car and rushed him to temple. one of the other 19 shots fired in the middle, matter of seconds, hits this 12 year old girl in the right thigh as she came out of the corner store. >> it boggles the minds that someone can fire a weapon, numerous times, in this case 19 shots were fired from two separate guns, in broad daylight, 6:25 in the afternoon, from the mainly
4:37 am
residential neighborhood, from a beautiful summer afternoon. >> heavy shells, you know, and ak47 and a 9-millimeter. >> it is crazy, i mean, we can't sit outside. i get out and clean this whole neighborhood every day, day and night, just it could have been a hole in me. >> so of course this shooting here in this corner store, hitting this little 12 year old girl being second time this week a 12 year old girl got shot accidentally, unintended target. south philly monday night a 13 year old boy waiving a gun around inside a house it, goes off, goes through his hands, and then hits this little 12 year old girl. so two, 12 year old girls, going back to school soon in september with what i did over my summer vacation, stories about how they got returned to emergency rooms with bullet holes. >> steve, thank you. the search search is on for then accused of terrorizing 24 year old woman and her family. home invasion happened around
4:38 am
4:00 yesterday morning, this on the 5100 block of needle street. mask gunman broke into the two story home. police say he tied up the woman's family, then sexually assaulted her. investigators are hoping nearby surveillance cameras can help them track down that armed attacker. >> to politics today. democratic vice presidential nominee tim kane will be in bethlehem. he talk with supporters yesterday about the economy in erie. rally set to take place at the hanover township community center, around 1:30 today. pennsylvania slated to be an important battle ground state come november. >> surprising news on the campaign trail. >> donald trump of all people headed to mexico later today. the billionaire took to twitter confirming his trip to meet with mexico's president, the talk is set to happen just hours before trump will attempt to clarify his stance on illegal immigration during the speech in arizona, which of course boarders mexico. trump has made illegal immigration and his call for wall on the us-mexico boards
4:39 am
err that he wants mexico to pay for, centerpiece of his presidential campaign. >> meanwhile, portions of the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's emails from her private server could be released today. those files to be released under the freedom of information act, likely to include the summary of clinton's fbi interview. this comes as the state department says it found new, unreleased clinton emails, on bin gas i. >> coming up, within just weeks to live, local man wanted to do just one thing: marry the love of his live. the inspirational move that friends and family to make that wish come true.
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>> homophobe ya. >> who? >> the fear every clowns, ya. the first full time professional training school for circus artists in the u.s.; set to open in philadelphia, next year. >> so, apparently it will be a three year, secondary vocational school, where students can hone their skills, in acrobat i can, trapeze art, juggling, and aerial acts. america is home to over 200 recreational circus schools. >> no clowning around there. all right, and speaking of exciting new things, right here on "good day" philadelphia, i'm going to be headed out to the king of prussia court indoor sky diving. >> not just any sky diving, right? >> today a special training will be held for four seniors, ages 80, 84, 85, and 96 years old. >> wow. >> they will get the chance to practice for the real thing,
4:43 am
which is diving out after airplane, in the real sky, that's coming up around 9:30 this morning. >> okay, i know you all -- you of course will say ladies first, and allow them to go. >> clearly. >> my question for up, though. >> oh, here comes. >> are you going to try it? >> absolutely! >> you are? >> of course. >> oh, i thought you were going to say absolutely not. >> why wouldn't you i? if you can throw an axe, were you fantastic. >> thank you. >> i'll do that. >> get all of the inspiration you need. >> i was invited to fly with who ever flies, who does that? i said no way, no, i think mike was going to do it, mike jerrick. >> pretends to sky dive? >> pretend to sky dive. i don't know, would you jump out after real airplane though? >> nope. they tried to get me to do it in florida doing stories like that, nope, nope. >> control indoors, i think so. >> why kim kardashian is
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>> we have look at preliminary august data. see what happens if we get any day today, but on track to be the 12th driest summer ever. talking about, yeah, we really are not going to have any rain over the weekend for your plans, but we could use the rain. already had 40, 90 agree plus days this year, the record is
4:47 am
55, and that was set in 2010. so we're planning on one more today. we got some clouds out to the west, we do have some fog around this morning, but, for the future cast, wanted to alert you, that later on this afternoon and this evening, there is the chance maybe about 7:00, of pop up thunderstorm, maybe about 10:00 tonight, of pop up thunderstorm. >> this could change our rainfall total, if it rains in philadelphia. maybe even thunderstorm, as late as 11:00 midnight. now, tomorrow morning, when we are together again, this early in the morning, we could see a stray shower or thunderstorm rolling through. then with the cold front, we've got the possibility of more later on in the day. so, tomorrow will be a bit of a unsettled day. but your pay off will be a beautiful weekend. it is 74 degrees in philadelphia, and it is much muggier today than it was yesterday. sixty-six in lancaster, 57 in mount pocono, 70 degrees in dover, delaware. so, we're headed for one more day of our heatwave. this will be a six-day heatwave here, with 90 degrees today.
4:48 am
eighty-four tomorrow, with the chance of showers, thunderstorms, otherwise, it will be sunny, inbetween, on thursday, by friday, beautiful, clearing out nicely, if you are planning on making friday your get away day, 82 degrees then, and then, upper 70s, possible, on saturday and sunday. back to hot weather after labor day, that is your seven day forecast, taking a look at traffic this morning, our big problem has been down in delaware. i95 southbound, that off ramp to route 141, all lanes are block there, because after overturned tractor-trailer. and, we do have some video of that accident scene, this morning, this was taken just little while ago. and you can see, it is tough to see in the dark, of course, but that tractor-trailer is on its side. so again, all lanes block thereof i95 southbound. right at route 141 in delaware. water main break to tell you about, office center drive, out in dresher, camp hill road, still looking at the accident scene on i-95.
4:49 am
anyway, that's out another willow grove, the water main break that we were telling you about. and here is a look at the schuylkill right around spring garden, where traffic is moving smoothly. chris, lauren? >> okay. soap, we all have wishes and dreams, right? do you know a local man here, he wanted to marry the woman he loved, and she's also the mother of his children. >> this weekends that dream came true for him with the help of his father. >> shawnette wilson explains why the ceremony marks such a joyous but sad milestone at the same time. >> i said the voice, because he can't speak, because of his mouth and throat cancer? bob ford gets emotional talking about his son, christopher's wedding to the love of his life. the wedding took place in nashville, tennessee last weekend. it is special because bob's son christoff is her 26 years old and is dying of cancer. doctors recently told him he has two, three months to live. and might not make it to the wedding the couple had
4:50 am
originally planned for october. bob, who lives in warminster, says his son moved to nashville where his mother amy lives so she could care for him full time. christopher and nicole have been together four years, have a daughter and son, both in the wedding. >> he wanted his last wish to be his best wish to be married to his best friends. >> shawnette wilson, "fox 29 news". >> kim kardashian is known for, you know, showing off everything, especially now that she has lost all of her baby weight after her second pregnancy. >> she leaves nothing to the imagination, right? ladies, now we know how she did it. she says she was drinking charcoal. >> drinking what? >> charcoal. right? the reality star just released the five things you can find in her fridge that help her keep the weight off. those things are diet peach snapple, string cheese, organic turkey breast. >> fine. i'll eat that. >> ferment dollars deer i pro
4:51 am
by the i can, also known as bio k, it sounds like something that you concoct over here on the desk sometimes, and pressed juicy charcoal lemonade. charcoal in the lemonade, all part of her atkins diet plan, helps her stay slim and trim. in addition, sixth thing she forgot to name, well, plastic surgery here and there. >> oh, she does that? >> nip and tuck. common. >> not that she can't afford it. pressed juice charcoal lemonade. i went back to read this. what's that? >> lemonade with charcoal in it. >> what does charcoal do? >> i don't know, but i read about it before. apparently, there you go. whitens your teeth, alleviates glass and bloating. >> thank goodness. >> treats alcohol poisoning, helps prevent hang overs, and digestive cleanse. >> interesting to think charcoal whitens teeth, too. >> there go. >> would you ever? please tweet us, let us know what you think of that.
4:52 am
i'm @chrisfox29 by the way and you're lauren dawn? >> fox 29. >> looking to have fun with the family this weekend try drinking bunch of car alcohol -- charcoal, all feel better. come on out arm and hammer park,. >> if you have a ticket to the game, be able to stick around and watch a screening of the pilot pitch premiers on thursday september 22, at 9:00 in the evening on fox. >> in the next hour, florida battening down the hatches as tropical depression 9 inches closer to shore, what authorities are urging everyone to do to prepare for this storm ahead. did you ever batten down any hatches? >> i did, i used to be in orlando.
4:53 am
payday presents: salty covered sweetness. i was clearly here first, buddy. you know what's clear? our budding friendship. let's go be best friends right now.
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now and forever? forever and always. salty on the outside. sweet on the inside. payday. bites!
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>> let's take a look at your headlines buzzing on social news. sad news for rapper t pain, florida native posted on instagram his neice died after being stabbed to death, 23 year old javana glove stabbed outside walgreens store where she worked. posted this picture on instagram asking for anyone who knows anything about her death to step up. president obama has commuted sentences everyone hundred 11 more federal inmates, including three in new jersey, as paul of the president's calling for phasing out strict sentences for drug offenses. the three new jersey men who sentences have been commuted are mark foster, of winslow township, mark lanziata of
4:56 am
sewell and eugene ben franklin son of newark, all throw men given life sentences for some type of drug conviction. nearly 10,000 workers are suing chipotle claiming the restaurant chain cheated them out of pay. current and former employees claim the company made them work off the clock. the lawsuit claims chipotle routinely have them punch out, then continue working until given permission to leave. chipotle denies any wrong-doing says the case has no merit. in strawberry mansion fbi took time off for fun on the baseball field, all to spread important message yesterday, the fbi philadelphia division and its strawberry mansion all-star baseball league faced off, all encouraging safer neighborhoods, the tenth annual step up to the plate strikeout violence game. >> all right, jennifer joyce, following some breaking news out of north philly for us. jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. a motorcyclist is dead after police say he was hit by an s.u.v. which then drove off
4:57 am
from the scene. the vehicle was recovered, but police are still looking for the driver here in the feltonville section of the city. steve? >> reporter: yes, sadly, jenny, also on bad news story, as well, another 12 year old girl, hit by another stray bullet as she is out just trying get a snack in the summertime.
4:58 am
a box is where you keep things safe. who wants that? i'm moving forward. new oikos greek nonfat yogurt helps keep me going. now with all-natural ingredients with vitamin d and 12 grams of protein. oikos, be unstoppably you.
4:59 am
>> breaking on fox 29 morning news, motorcyclist dead after
5:00 am
hit-and-run in north philadelphia. who police are looking for coming up in a live report. and another child caught in the crossfire, 12 year old girl was just walking from the store when she was hit by a bullet. it is the ninth time this summer alone where police say they found the gun. >> plus, a tractor-trailer overturns on i95 in newport, delaware. the traffic headache for morning commuters right now. >> after much deserved break from the heat, get ready for another hot day. it is official. this is the hottest august ever in the city of philadelphia, pennsylvania. >> the record setting high you can expected to. and good day everyone, wednesday, august 31, 2016. >> so today will be the 17th day that we've had 90 degrees of heat in august. >> wow. >> that's why when you were just speaking in the last half hour, i had to go touch up my hair, because the humidity is like knocked all of my curls out. you can't relate, but sue serio, you know how it happens. >> i did put a lot of product on my hair this morning, right. >> looking good, lauren?


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