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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  August 31, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> a 12 year old shot in the cross foyer again. knocked off his motorcycle and killed. right now the search is on for a driver, in a deadly hit-and-run. the big piece of evidence police have in their possession. when i call the police for stalker people that are endangering my life, they don't come until the next day.
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let somebody make a beep allegation about me, oh, ya, the whole beep swat team beat everybody. >> what is going on with chris brown? he's out on bail this morning after bizarre stand-off and arrest yesterday. see the videos he posted while the cops swarmed his home, how his accusers say the whole thing got started. >> and you'll see her on tape and hear her on tape, as well. she is a piece of work, too. hey good day everybody it is august, the last day of august. >> the hottest august we'll seen, right? >> the hottest auguster. >> it will be ten of the day today. >> what's the high going to be today then? >> ninety. >> there go. >> yes. >> so, the numbers aren't come plowly in be be obviously, the day isn't over yet, but on track. we say, to be the hottest august ever. with a eight out every ten because the humidity is back, muggy the dog is with bus stop buddy. and there is some fog out there this morning, and late tonight, you could get thunderstorm, popping up, look
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at millville, dover, very poor visibility there. so, here, in the city, doing okay with the fog situation. but it is humid. 72 degrees, 91% relative humidity, sunrise time is 6:28. checking some other temperatures, for you, 57, nice and cool in mount pocono. seventy-two in trenton. and 65 degrees in wilmington, delaware. no rain to show you just yet. just this high of 90 degrees. now, one we make it to 90, we will have 17 days this month of 90 degrees or above. and that ties a record from 1995. so, we have to have it happen first before you say it officially, but looks like on track for that to occur. back to traffic. and i95 southbound, in delaware, newport, delaware, to be exact. the off ramp to route 141 is closed. now, it doesn't lock like we have any big backups as a result just yet. but not in the thick of rush hour just yet either. there was overturned tractor-trailer, this is
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where it look like about an hour, hour and a half ago with the tractor-trailer on its side. and going to take a while for that to be pulled upright and then towed out of there. 141 you did not get off i-95 route 141 southbound this morning, accident on 422 eastbound, near trooper road, real bad spot for that to happen. slowing you down this morning, as well. and ben franklin bridge at least traffic running smoothly there, mike and alex this morning. >> 6:03 this wednesday, let's start in feltonville, alex. >> a motorcyclist dead after being killed in a hit-and-run. now the search is on for the driver. >> jenny joyce at the scene there, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, alex and mike. six and a half hours after this accident happened, you can see, the motorcycle is being towed from this scene. police tell us, that the accident happened just before 11:30 last night when officers responded, to the scene. they found 58 year old man, lying unconscious in the area of lowden and whitaker streets. the motorcyclist was transported to einstein
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medical center, where he succombed to his injuries. police say the victim's bike collided with gmc yukon, which launched the motorcyclist 30 feet down the road, remnants of the yukon remained at the scene, but driver took off. investigators tell us it was good police work that led them to the vehicle, they believe to be involved in this. now, they are just working to find the driver. >> responding police from the 25th district did a great job. they saw a trail of what appeared to be antifreeze and motor oil, the officer followed this trail about five blocks, and he found gmc with heavy front end damage park un attended in a rear driveway in the 5,000 block of rorher street. >> police say the yukon was found again on rorher street without a license plate attached. police believe the driver took it off in the minutes following this accident to help him evade investigators.
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police are holding the vehicle as part of a crime scene, plan to tow the suv to their lot as evidence in this case. meantime police tell us the ongoing surveillance footage also talking with a witness to this accident. mike and alex? >> all right, got it covered then. 05:00, happened again, yes, search on again for a shooter after yet another child was caught in the crossfire of stray bullets. >> this time in north philadelphia fairhill neighborhood. since june, nine kids have been shot in our area. these pictures are just a few of them. the to doesn't even include children hurt while playing with guns. among those hurt, children as young as five years old. >> so, steve is on this story in center city, becoming epidemic here, steve. >> reporter: mike, as we roll the video you'll say i've seen these teens so many times, bullet holes in the windows of stores, and then police finding guns on the street. i guess that's a good thing, they found the guns, even though they didn't find the people that fired them yet. but the sad thing is three people shot and including the
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youngest a 12 year old. >> it boggles the minds that someone can fire a weapon, numerous times, in this case 19 shots were fired, from two separate guns in broad daylight, 6:25 in the afternoon, in the mainly residential neighborhood, from abut full summer afternoon. >> they say it was ak47 and a 9-millimeter. >> it is crazy. i mean, we can't sit outside and enjoy ourself. i get out here and clean this whole neighborhood, every day, day and night. just think if i had went that way, might have been holes in me. >> reporter: the worse hurt, 23 year old guy who may have been the intended dollars target shot in the neck, critical at last check with police who saved his life by putting him in a patrol car and getting him in the ambulance within seconds. sadly, though, al eggs, mike, 12 year old shot in the right thaw. she will have a bullet wounds and scar to look at the rest of her life and be remembered of the summer of 2016, how close she was to not surviving
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past that. >> summer of 2016. >> just 12 years old. >> my god. 6:07. >> let's get to one of the other young victims who has been affected this summer, eight year old girl killed by gunfire, gabby hill carter shot last week in camden as she road her bike. there is a $76,000 reward for information leading to arrest. her funeral is planned for this saturday. and gabby's uncle is going to be on our show at 7:30, talk talk about how she is being remembered, the family plea to bring her killer to justice. >> her mom is in labor right now, matter of fact. 6:07. donald trump is headed to mexico. what? later today? >> he took to twitter confirming his trip to meet the mexico's president. the talk is set to happen just hours before trump will attempt to clarify his stance on illegal immigration. what a day to do this. that speech will take place back across the border in the united states and arizona.
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also today, democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine will be in bethlehem pa. he talked to supporters yesterday about the economy in erie, pennsylvania. the rally today though is set to take place at the hanover township community center, around 1:30 this afternoon, pennsylvania is slated to be an important battleground state in november, as it is every election year. >> meanwhile, portions of the fbi investigation into hillary clinton emails from her private server could be released today. the files will be released un the freedom of information act, are likely to include the summary of clinton's fbi interview, this comes as the state department says it found new, unreleased clinton emails, and the topic, benghazi. >> chris brown out of jail out on bail this morning. after that bizarre stands-off, he was in handicuffs, you see the video there, well, the
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video he posted on line on instagram has police swarming his home. we'll play those sound bites from is instagram account.
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>> losing a landmark, flames tore through 100 year old church monday leaving nothing but burnt shell. it happened on the 6400 block every lansdowne avenue. what makes this church so
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unique, home to five different obligation cents, different denominations, about 300 people attend that church, also has a day care, after school program. and the importance of this church, which was built in 1912, what it means to the community. congregations making other arrangements to house their members. one local church, already offered to house three of the five congregations. investigators finds a cause but it may be weeks away. >> chris brown is in trouble again, the singer arrested after swat teams and police surround his home, his mansion, for hours yesterday. what he was doing inside while they were outside. >> and taking a break from training camp to show off his other talent. magic, on america's got talent last night, could he wow the judges again? >> well, he was amazing last night, let me just tell you that. we will roll the tape. he will satisfy win the whole darn thing. >> he's got games to play. >> you better come back here
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and hike something. >> but we want him to win. >> well, ya. what you would make him more money, being a long snapper for couple of more years or having a career for the rest of his life in imagination. >> i don't know, they get paid in the ffl. >> how much does a long snapper make? anybody snow. >> how much does a magician snake. >> over a lifetime you could make a lot of monday. >> i david copperfield, he's made million. >> hike.
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>> 6:15, on track to have the hottest august we've ever had. and to probably tie the most 90 degrees days we've ever had in any month of august, 1995, we had 17, 90 agree plus days, all we have to do get to 90 degrees today, and that will happen again for the month of august. not just talking about it, we're on track to beat 1980 as the warmest august ever, based on the forecast for today. so, no rain to show you yet. but as we look at the future cast, you see some clouds rolling in this afternoon, from northwest, to southeast, and then pop up showers and thunderstorm, let's say after dark, any time after dark, but very isolated, at first, but
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around during the overnight hours and into the early morning hours tomorrow. we could be dealing with little bit of rain here and there. and then, by noon, starting to see the clouds clear from northwest to southeast, but as this cold front comes through, we could see some more pop up showers and thunderstorms late in the day, tomorrow, it is friday, when things clear up nicely. so let's get right to the seven day forecast, 09 degrees today. eighty-three tomorrow. chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms. and then, even though we could use some rain, really don't like to have it on our holiday weekends, 82 friday. look at saturday, 78, 80 on sunday, warming back up by labor day, 86, upper 80s on tuesday of next week. but all-in-all, looking pretty good for the holiday weekend. now, let's see how the roads are looking on your wednesday morning, we start off once again with problem we've had in delaware, i95 southbound, off ramp to route 141 is still blocked because of tractor-trailer accident,
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happened few hours ago, and it, of course, take little while, for that to be cleared up. now we go to 422, oh, there is a little video we did have of the tractor-trailer accident. so yes looks like that will be out there for a while. let's go to 422 eastbound, you can see, through the fog, the flashing lights there, because of the accident that happened, this is near trooper road, again, it is eastbound coming into the city, very crowded route anyway, now will slow down even more. good time to remind you guys to watch out for the fog this morning. because it is out there. >> look out. >> 6:17 now. >> chris brown, the singer, has been release from the jail on $250,000 bail. and he's facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon. >> this all stems from an incident yesterday. woman called 911 saying she needed assistance, around 3:00 in the morning yesterday. she told the los angeles times that chris brown pointed a gun
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at her, when police arrived at his home, brown would not come out of the house until search warrant was served. that took hours. meantime, chris posted series of videos on social media, declaring his innocence. he wasn't doing anything wrong. saying police blew the whole thing out of proportion. >> and all this news, beep, you all doing nothing but getting my better publicity, par kade dollars myself in my house. have you seen my house? i'm a barricade myself in a palace. i'm not coming out. for what? i ain't did beep. i ain't going to do beep. and it is all going to be beep police black lives matter. >> so chris is accuser appear on "tmz" live yesterday, to explain her side of the story after she touched his jewelry inside the house apparently. >> i don't know if it was his friends who kind of triggered chris, but he said don't go
6:19 am
near the diamonds, started calling me names, saying get the f outside, go back outside. then that's what chris kind of went off and said what did i tell you girl, i've been telling you over and over again, then he pulled out the gun and said get the f out of here and threatened me with it and that's when i just left. >> don't touch my jewelry, he says all of that is made up by her. she has had a little bit after shady past, too. >> in fact, she wanted nyc for questioning, in connection with criminal theft apparently at the plaza hotel. she stole 1,000 louie vitale purse, also cash, people's credit cards, a wallet, so, the whole thing started she says because somebody showed some nice jewelry, and she started to touch it and then they freaked out on her. i wonder if they knew. >> well, chris went ton say this on instagram, the cops outside of his palace: >> when i call the police for stalker p.m. that are
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endangering my life, they don't come until the next day. let somebody make a beep beep allegation about me, oh, ya the whole beep swat team beep. everybody. >> and of course he is referencing muscles recall instances every stalkers, one time he came home and she was in his bed waiting for him. that's what he is referring, to at least two, three times. >> now of course, this trouble started back in what 2009? he had a felony conviction that involved the assault of his then girlfriend rihanna. >> "tmz" life was saying yesterday he is no longer on probation for that, so not in violation of that, that's done. this would be another thing. >> so one of our attorneys is going to join us in a little bit to talk about his immediate future. i mean, if he gets nailed for any kind of felony, that is like ten years in jail. >> but surely this new information about the accuser wanted for criminal theft, i'm sure that will come out and change the store a little bit. so update on hope solo, still in the news, kind of lashing out. her reaction to being dropped by the us soccer team, she put
6:21 am
this on video too. play that for you next.
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>> fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. eagles play the final pre-season game thursday against the jets. most of the starters won't play. how will the head coach rotate his other players? >> most young guys in the back ends of the secondary, you know, still taking a look at receivers, are the same way, then we've got, you know, our offense. i mean, real this is a great challenge for all of the players this this football game, to get one last substantial amount of reps, and to really put themselves on pace. >> the phillies they continue struggling scoring runs, to the ballpark, phillies are down three-nothing in the seventh. ryan howard who struck out two earlier at bats, only third hit for the phillies, two run homer but not enough. phillies lose to washington, three to two, tim tebow, can't play football in the nfl. now wants to play baseball. conducted work out. twenty-eight major league scout wasted their too to show off. offense was average, arm and speed below average. way pasttime to stop. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
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>> nice form while running. >> keep your sternum up. >> is that what he looks like to you running? >> little better than that. >> i'm just jealous. 6:25. >> new video just released showing the moment us women's soccer star hope fowl owe found out about her suspension. take a look. >> terminated contract. not just suspended. seventeen beep years and it is over. >> she is understandably upset. >> yes, 17 years of hard work. the moments caught on tape are from new documentary about the us women's quest, not only for olympic soccer gold medal, but for equal pay in comparison to the u.s. men's national team. hope was suspended for six months for comments she made after lease to go sweden in the olympics saying they were cowards. meanwhile solo, hope, also announcing she is ending her season with her professional
6:26 am
team. the seattle rain. saying she believes it is what's best for that organization and for herself. >> she may be right. >> pressured? >> i don't know, she bring people into the seats if she stayed with the rain, and see eight he will reibn. >> even though it rains in seattle. that would make sense, too. >> odd angle, look like cell phone. >> cell phone. >> sneaking it? >> catch me on your cell phone. >> ♪ >> and also, if you are going to secretly tape somebody, keep them in frame when they're ranting. not the boyfriend. >> i think they were little concerned they might get caught. at least some video of it. >> and then the guy? >> isn't she married? i think that's her husband. >> certainly wasn't her sister. >> he's also had some trouble. >> we're all in trouble. >> seriously?
6:27 am
>> okay, boy, got bad news overnight. another hit-and-run in our area. jenny is on this one. this is on a motorcycle? >> reporter: yes, motorcycle is dead, mike, after hit-and-run that happened late last night here in the feltonville section of the city. the search continues for the driver. steve? >> reporter: yes, before the hit-and-run, we a shoot and run. and one of the victims by the shooters who ran away was a 12 year old girl.
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>> the search is son for a driver who shot and killed a motorcyclist. >> a 12 year old girl just walking from the corner store when she was hit by a stray bullet. it is the ninth time this has happened this summer. where police say they found the guns. and season's over right after it started. why one local high school decided to cancel its football season just after one game. >> lack of interest. >> you think that's what it is? >> this day and age. >> i meant to tell but this, but in texas, they're building this new stadium. you won't believe what it looks like. >> high school? >> just you wait. >> bring it up. as big as jerry's world?
6:31 am
>> allen, built like multi million -- >> allen? >> outside of dallas, allen texas, they just built one. and it is a big deal in dallas right now, everyone talking about it, have to pay more taxes. >> texas is big. friday nightlife coming on. >> we have more important cerebral things to take care of here in the northeast. >> this is one of the biggest one currently. >> that is big enough. high school stadium. >> that's a high school stadium. >> you are out of your mind. >> not even kidding. >> my high school we will about three bleachers. >> really? >> yes. >> and that's just for one school, folks. >> wheat field behind the cows. i one time at a graduation ceremony, just in the business, i was working out of kansas city, they asked me to be the commencement speaker at this high school. i can't remember the name of the high school. but there was -- so i was up on this podium, had the
6:32 am
electric -- lecturn, students maybe 50 of them, behind them a field, with cows staring at me. now, big white cattle faces. >> oh, my gosh. did you guys even have lights? >> there were light at the field, yes. >> people drove up in their cars with lanterns. >> kerosene lamb snaps. >> anyway. >> i'll show the new stadium. >> but my speech was very good. it was quite moooving. >> i'm sure the smell was just lovely. >> oh, whew. >> anyway, sue? >> i thought you would never hoof it on over here. utterly ridiculous. >> looking at a gorgeous sunrise. we are going to milk this sunday rise, because it never lasts long enough. anyway, bus stop buddy has been joined by muggy the dog, you know what that means, it is humid again. we have some fog slowing you down in some places this
6:33 am
morning. reduced visibility at philadelphia international airport. really socked in in dover, millville, and around fort dix, with very thick fog. but, here in this old city area, looks pretty good. 72 degrees, but 91% relative humidity, 28:00, was when your sunrise was official. no rain to show you yet on ultimate doppler, late tonight, that could happen, after we get to high of 90 degrees, and yes, that will be heatwave day number six. number six of heatwave number six. if you get what i mean. and yes, we will give that you allergy report real quick. mold and weeds are just off the charts. now let's take a look at traffic on your wednesday morning. woof had a problem in delaware, that has now been cleared up. the ramp to route 141, from i95 southbound, has now been re-opened. so we can head right to, that's what it looked like a little earlier, on that off ramp when that tractor-trailer overturned, but we under stands it has cleared up and
6:34 am
things have cleared out. here is the fog we were talking about. 422 eastbound near trooper road. we have an accident there. it looks like that's been cleared up. i95, at cottman avenue, volume is picking up. but at least you can see where you're going. >> 6:34. let's start this bottom of the hour now with a story out of feltonville. it is not good. >> search on for driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run accident. jenny joyce live from the scene there. jenny? >> reporter: good morning, alex and mike, and the scene here has just been cleaned up. this accident happened just before 11:30 last night, we're live here at whitaker and lowden streets, in the feltonville section of the city while police do believe they have the suv involved in this hit-and-run. they have not yet located the driver, again, police tell us, the accident happened last night, before midnight, when officers responded, they found 58 year old man lying unconscious, in this area. the motorcyclist was transport today einstein medical center
6:35 am
where he succombed to his injuries. police say the victim's bike collided with a gmc yukon, which launched the motorcyclist 30 feet down the road, the driver took off. investigators tell us it was solid police work that led them to the vehicle. they believe to be involved in this. now, they are just working to find the driver. >> that gmc when police found it did not have a license plate attached. so there is a possibility that the driver removed the license plate in order to he will leud capture from police. that gmc had heavy front end damage, airbags deployed, and were able to follow the trail every fluid right to the parked car. >> on rorher street, here it is without a license plate attached, you heard police say. police hole that vehicle as
6:36 am
part of the cream scene, and plan to tow that suv to their lot as evidence in the case. police have surveillance video and also talking to a witness to the accident. >> oh, there is a witness, all right. 6:36, jenny, keep us updated. >> since june 9 children have been shot in our area. we'll show you just few photos from some of the young victims that we have been talking about. >> you know what? we're not even including in this man taj of nine kids, the little kids that have shot themselves accidentally. remember yesterday? >> playing with guns? >> kid was playing with a gun. >> shot himself in the hands? >> went through his hand, then went into i think sister's leg. so we don't even include that in the nine. but nine in 12 weeks. yes, another child was caught in the crossfire stray bullet again last night. this time 12 year old girl. >> and like you were saying, mike, it doesn't even include the children that have been playing with guns, but some of the children, as young as fifth years old, have been affected this summer. >> by the way, the eight year
6:37 am
old little began i carter over in camden, week ago today that shy was shot in the head by a stray bullet. there she is. her uncle will come in here in a little while and tell us about her and the funeral a rangments, things like that, and see if he has any ideas on how to get this stopped. but this is steve's story this morning, he's been out many times this summer. steve, what have you got? >> reporter: mike, like gabby, and the rest every these kids that are shot, they're not out in the middle of the night when we do a lot of these shootings and see victims prowling around in the nighttime doing drug deals and things like that. these are daylight shootings, and gabby was on her bicycle riding on the street. this little girl probably right after dinner going for after dinner dessert snack at 6:00 down to the corner store on a summer night. so, even though it is daylight, that doesn't stop these two guys with two guns including the assault rifle you see cops caring away, and semi ought irk handgun. afraid of anybody even identifying them, or it didn't help them see that the store,
6:38 am
the street, were crowded. maybe they did see it all and just don't care if other besides their intended targets get killed. >> three people shot. that's horrible s a 12 year old struck by stray gunfire. , that's tragic. we're just lucky she is only hit in the leg. and i hate to even say only hit in the leg. because she is still shot in her leg. but could have been a lot worse. and we know that there were probably a lot of young adults, a lot of teenagers, a lot of children out here in this neighborhood that they are absolutely lucky that they weren't struck by stray gunfire. when you have 19 shots by fire, especially ten of those shots, that were fired from assault rifle. >> well, police believe the intended target was the i hurt the worse, 23 year old shot in the neck, and only alive thanks to the police, who don't wait for ambulances as i've told viewers, a sill john times, they put these people right back in the patrol car and rush them right into temple emergency room, and that's why he was hanging on critically at last check. maybe another guy got hit with
6:39 am
stray gunfire, shot in the ankle, 31 year old. so, a lot of bullets, 19, luckily, not 19 victims, but still, three including this precious little girl. unreal. 6:39. let's get to this football story now. what's going on here? one montgomery county high school has abruptly canceled its vair at this football season. done, after already playing a game. they say not enough student signed up to play. is this the future? athletic director of the springfield township school district says there are just not enough players to safely play this season. >> he adds the decision was put off until now even after playing, you know, the first game of the year, in hopes that more student would sign up, come out, practice and play. that just was not the case. so the junior varsity team will play this year, in hopes of grooming more players, younger players, for upcoming season. they're not giving up altogether.
6:40 am
>> what a contrast to the state of texas. >> i'm in shock right now. >> not enough people to play football? like that's unheard of. >> in texas, turning kids away. >> so not talking earlier about the big -- this is new stadium they are talking about doing, $62.5 million, just approved by the voters, will hold 12,000 student. >> this is high school. >> this is high school. it will be the largest high school stadium in the country. right now the one we showed earlier that's the largest one, it was 60 million. this is 12 p.m. more, yes. will hold three high schools. just approved it. >> $62 million. >> uh-huh. >> the talk is because it is so nice, that, you know, the other team in dallas, professional team we don't mention, they might use that too for practicing. >> the stinking cowboys would practice at a high school. >> did you see it? $62 million high school stadium. you should go to a texas football game, man, there is nothing like. >> okay. one time i was driving through the midwest, in the panhandle
6:41 am
of oklahoma on a friday, andy finds a little school, the lights were not above, they pulled their cars and trucks up to the side of the football field to provide the lights. i thought that was cool. >> it is cool. but not enough student don't play? >> inch heard of. i think i just belched. >> excuse you. >> excuse me. >> oh, what did you eat? >> gosh. >> it was a cinnamin swirl coffee cake. >> no, there was something else in there. it was something else. >> maybe from last night? >> ya. >> 6:41, how about this? with just weeks to live, this story made me cry earlier, a local man wanted to do just one more thing. marry the love of his live. the inspirational move by friends and family to make that happen. great story. >> plus, a local cop quickly building a fan base in west philadelphia. the rap that is starting to blow up on line. >> we have to have him in here
6:42 am
to do this in our studio. >> he has skills on the mike.
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6:44 this wednesday. >> a man dying of cancer finally gets his wish granted. >> the woman he loves said i do. >> here is the deal. twenty-six year old christopher ford is dying
6:45 am
every cancer, he and the love of his life nicole have been together for about three years now. doctors recently told him he has two, three months to live. that news was so shocking to the couple who planned to march any october, so they pushed the date up, and decided to get married last weekend. bob ford, the young man's father, who lives in warminster, says his son moved to nashville with his mother, so she could care for him. as for the wedding, ford tells us he had a much bigger role than he ever imagined. >> i said the vows, because he can't speak, because of his mouth and throat cancer. it was his last wish to be his best wish to be married to his best friend. >> so sweet. the family says people who heard about his wish jumped right in to help. so the wedding, florist, photographer, all donated to that couple for the ceremony. the couple also has a four year old daughter and young year old son together. >> so there is a go fund me
6:46 am
page? >> it has been set up. you can find it on our website >> our viewers are go good about doing that, try to go to the go fund me page, the linc is there. 6:46. sue? >> okay, alec. tough act to follow. luckily a lot of the traffic problems we have earlier has cleared up. what hasn't cleared up fog in some places. this is route 309 at north wales road. kind of foggy there. vine street expressway, approaching the schuylkill, is a lot busier now, and there is a look at the ben franklin bridge as well. getting slow, pennsylvania turnpike, about 23 minutes to get from bensalem to valley forge, and on the schuylkill, from the blue route to the vine, it is a 23 minute trip. we'll tell you about the weekend, coming up, in your forecast, in 15 seconds.
6:47 am
>> tropical depression eight, see expect it to strengthen offer the coast of north carolina tropical storm nine, still hasn't been upgraded 35-mile per hour winds predict today strengthen, then move across the panhandle of florida and eventually the east coast of the united state, that's when we have to start really watching this storm to see what it does to the tail end of our holiday weekend. so, as we look at the projection of this storm, and the spaghetti models, we see moving through the carolinas, hugging the coast there, but after, that we could see it get little closer to us. but in the meantime, tropical storm warnings are up from panama city all the way around to tampa florida on the gulf coast of florida.
6:48 am
>> right now we don't have any rain to show you, probably, later on tonight, i'm thinking after sunset, we start to see few pop up showers and thunderstorms, in advance of the cold front. that's coming through overnight. there you see, few pop ups around 7:00 p.m. so, the seven day forecast, continues our heatwave for today. with 90 degrees, 83 tomorrow with the chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms, and then, high and dry for the weekend. in fact, cool on saturday with a morning low of 66 degrees, wake up in the morning on sunday, it will be 62 degrees, and high of 80. does get hotter and more humid as we head into the middle of next week. mike and alex? >> hey, i was looking on twitter here, sue serio. eric simmons goes hey, mike, john, four year contract, making about a million dollars a year, base salary for this season right under a million dollars. , we were wondering, would you make more money as long snapper or magician? i mean, he is turning into one
6:49 am
of the best musicians in the country. >> true. >> and he proved it last night. what's the name of the show? >> america got talent. >> he had six minutes to wow the judges, right? he made all of the judges either throw or snap footballs, what he does for a living, ton velcro map of the united state. and he predicted the states, watch this. >> hey, i thought i would bring some props. i have a huge map of america. treasure chest that my grand parent gave me as a little kid. i got in journey. i went through intern therapy when a kid, and wrote this journey. how think is important this is yours hold onto it you're responsible, you got t you four judges will throw or snap to randomly pick states on this map. as you can see there are number n states. we'll add those up. treasure in the chest. simon you're up first. go. >> perfect. hold on. simon, it is between hawaii anal lascar?
6:50 am
where do you go? >> alaska. >> simon going to alaska. we answer 49 into the calculator and add these up. >> yeah. >> he's in the game. he's in the game. yes! yes! yahoo! unbelievable. hit wyoming, 44, heidi, you hit wyoming. there it is. nice. texas. you are on texas. that's 28. go. >> nice shot. hey, stay right there. oklahoma. how i stay right there. you hit oklahoma. do me favor. open that chest. >> open the chest? okay. >> beautiful. open that chest. >> all right. >> yes, what do you see? >> the key is not working. >> go clockwise. >> i am. oh, there we about with go.
6:51 am
>> what do you me? >> change. >> grab it all. grab it all. >> i'm grabbing it all. >> go to the desk, in america, we put states on the backs of quarters. states. how i, do me favor, pick one quarter up. what state is on the back that far? >> this one is alaska. >> give me another one. >> really? >> yep. read another one. >> i'm trying. this one is wyoming. >> wyoming. give him a quarter. >> texas. >> there go, you went to texas. >> and the last one, i'm going to tell you right now is hawaii. check it out. mealbe, there is adjourn al there. i keep all of my secrets in the journal. open it up. hurry. open it up. and look there is a map in there. >> yes? >> why is this important? this map wasn't from me as a kid. it was for you guys. so simon would you find your way to alaska. mealbe, would you get to texas. you always wanted to go to wyoming. >> oh, my gosh. >> tell you what? >> i don't get it.
6:52 am
how is that possible? he's going to win this whole show. and he's been on our show so many times. 's friend of ours. i'm rooting for this guy. i don't get it either. that is the quote of the day right there. >> how -- how? >> i don't know. >> how? >> quarters, then map -- >> the map got me. i mean -- how? >> i don't know. it is called magic. it is magic. >> he's possessed. >> if he doesn't win, we'll have a problem. >> yes. >> really cause some issues. >> don't mess with us. >> maybe he should just do magic. that's amazing. >> in the longrun, i know he is making a million dollars a year, but how long can you be a long snapper in the nfl? he can do the rest of his life with this. >> do shows like sugarhouse casino? >> i love sugarhouse, but i think he can do vaguest, baby, or dot both.
6:53 am
i'm sure he should do a tour. >> oh, he would. >> what do you think his name will be? door end back the football magic great or something? >> that's a horrible name. >> snap this. >> snap this magic? magic in a snap. haha. >> if he comes in here, it will be a snap chat. okay, 6:53. local police officer, i love this guy. quickly building a good base out of west philadelphia and around the world on social media. we got to get him in here. and i mean today. >> ♪
6:54 am
6:56 am
[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. (philadelphia police officer had fun at work this week, he stole the mike. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> officer andrew crocker, he was working a party, with another one of the sergeant there, and he recorded this.
6:57 am
this was in west philly. and we're hearing it was his encore performance, he had perform before. >> nice. >> we have to have him in here, and have him perform for us. >> he can do it, he's good. >> i brought a treat in for you today. these are green grapes of course. >> yes. >> i love grapes. >> but they taste like cotton candy. have you ever had them? >> no, i have heard about these, though. >> i've had them. they'll change your life. >> really? are you going to share? >> little later on. first we have to get to jenny and steve, because we are bea to start the 7:00 hour. here we go. >> good morning, alex and mike. well, a motorcyclist is dead after hit-and-run crash. police recovered the suv they believe was involved, now they're just looking for the driver.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> what police hope leads them to the a gunman in this case. >> a week later, still no arrests in the death of gabby carter there is morning, the eight year old uncle joins us to remember the little girl. and, to make a plea for help, to bring her killer to justice. >> and, he's


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