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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  August 31, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> what police hope leads them to the a gunman in this case. >> a week later, still no arrests in the death of gabby carter there is morning, the eight year old uncle joins us to remember the little girl. and, to make a plea for help, to bring her killer to justice. >> and, he's out on whale, but
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not out of the woods yet. what is next in the legal battle for chris brown, after a bizarre stand-off and series of on line videos, before he was arrested at his los angeles home yesterday. also, he been for the first lady, dnc, welcome america festival. and he's only 11 years old. philly born and bread, dj joins us in the studio to discuss his budding music career, of course he'll spin for us. >> the white house? >> can you believe that? eleven years old. >> i can't wait to meet him. >> n's' so good, too. >> all right, debuting today, my new haircut. >> hey, looks good. >> short, isn't it?
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>> somebody said like jim carrey, what's the name of that film, me myself and irene,. >> this is great. , i could be a cop. >> all need is aviators. >> i can use them today, it will, it will be bright, sunny, eight on one to ten scale. >> humidity came down, came back from yesterday's nine to eight today. so ya, muggy the dog is here with us, see the umbrella for way late in the day, pop up showers and thunderstorms, i think daylight hours without any rain. but fog around this morning. which we'll show you and in a few minutes with the traffic cameras. kind of socked in dover, delaware, millville, new jersey, around fort dix, very foggy there but here in old city the sun is shining, and has been since 6:30, 6:28
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sunrise time i should say, humidity though is at 87%. >> i know, no rain to report just yet. 90 degrees the high today, day six of the current heatwave. tonight down to 72 motorcycle i, pop up thunderstorms in the overnight hours. your weather authority forecast, looks like route 422 is the road to avoid this morning, we have two separate accidents one eastbound near egypt road, see everybody off to the side there, things still slow going. the other one, on 422 eastbound, on ramp from limerick and linnfield this is out near collegeville this morning. you see, that things are slow there. we check i95, delaware county, still kind of hazy, but the sun trying to burn through the fog. and everybody moving along okay. checking few of your travel times this morning, on the turnpike from bensalem to valley forge, that's a 24 minute ride. and on the schuylkill, eastbound, into the city, from
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the blue route to the vine, take you about 21 minutes, guys, not 20. twenty-one. >> twenty-one minutes, okay. 7:04. feltonville, where we're headed. >> where a motorcyclist is dead after being killed during hit-and-run, now the search on for the driver. but the police have the suv. >> jenny joyce at the accident scene now, jenny? >> good morning, alex and mike. police tell us they recover that suv hours ago, so, we believe it is only going to be matter of time until they get the driver involved in this deadly hit-and-run crash in the feltonville section of the city. police tell us the accident happened just before 11:30 last night, when officers responded, they found, a 58 year old man, lying unconscious, here in the area of lowden and whitaker streets. the motorcyclist was transported to einstein medical center, where he has succombed to his injuries. police say the victim's bike collided with a gmc yukon, which launched a motorcyclist 30 feet down the road, renmant of the uconn remained at the scene, but the driver took off.
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investigators tell us it was some solid police work that led them to the vehicle they believed to be involved. >> the responding officer did a great job. saw trail what appeared to be antifreeze, and motor oil officer followed the trail about five blocks, and he found gmc, heavy front under damage, unattended in rear driveway 5,000 block of rorher street. >> police say yukon found without a plans plate attached, police believe the driver took it off in the minutes following the accident, to help him evade investigators. police are holding the vehicle as part of the crime scene plan to tow the suv to their lot as evidence in the case, meantime police are working with one witness at this point in time, police have not released the identity of the victim in this crash. mike anal next. >> all right, 7:05, now, the
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search is on for another shooter or shooters after yet another child, stray bullet there is time, north philly, fairhill neighborhood. >> since june, nine kids have been shot in our area. and we're showing you pictures of just few of them. the nine doesn't even include children who were hurt while playing with guns, talking about the story yesterday. where 12 year old was injured. among those injured, though, children as young as five years old this summer. >> steve keeley on the story, once again, at the rounds house. steve? >> reporter: mike remember the days we say another hit-and-run, almost daily occur innocence now these stories almost sound like daily occurrence, because it was monday night when we had this south philly kid, 13 years old, playing with a gun inside a house who shoots another 12 year old girl, and here we are just couple of days later with a second, 12 year old girl in the same week, shot, unintentionally. and the scene last night, clearfield street, where it meets marshall in the west kensington area, and this little girl going to her
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corner store like she did almost every day, i remember, doing it as a kid, i don't remember anybody shooting a gun around my corner store where i got all of my candy and smacks and ice cream cones in the summer like happened last night. >> it is horrible, any time anybody gets shot horrible, but an innocent victim hit with a stray bullet, that makes it even worse but 12 years old, we've had young children, summertime, getting hit by stray gunfire, that's horrible thing. arc probably, you assume you're very, very safe, when she gets struck with a stray bullet.
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>> nineteen shots fired at the intended targeted, these guys aren't good at firing, because they fired 19 shots, and still didn't kill who they wanted to kill. but they did shoot a 23 year old guy in the neck, who was critical at last check. hit up 31 year old guy in the ankle, and amazing, that with 19 shots fired, at a busy corner store on busy summer night right at 6:00 that 19th bullets didn't find 19 victims, just three, and fortunately, none of them killed. >> 7:08. back to more of that. update to the story we covered i guess our lead story yesterday. bullet riddled suv near the jersey shore. >> back to the expressway there is happened monday, why it was our big story yet. >> police charged five men including teenager in this gun
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battle. killed 22 year old rose monday, in egg harbor township where most of this went on. men facing number of weapons charges, more charges will be filed later today. >> twenty-four year old woman killed in lawncrest yesterday morning. home invasion happened around 4:00 a.m. on the 5100 block of nieve us street. mask gunman broke into the two story home. police say he tied up the woman's family, then sexually assaulted her. investigators are hoping nearby surveillance cameras hope them track down the armed attacker. >> chris brown released from jail on quarter million dollars on bail. facing assault with a deadly weapon, all stemmed from incident yesterday when woman accused him of pulling out a gun and assaulting her. >> of course this was huge story yesterday. it lasted for hours. because what started at 3:00 in the morning, still going on as you can see in the afternoon.
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so, their be weighing in on the legal troubles for chris brown, is attorney heather hanson. thank you for joining us. >> out on bail, quarter million dollars. what was the charge? >> assault with a deadly weapon. >> does that mean he hurt any up? >> no, you have no have held it to her head in the state of california, facing serious repercussions here. >> you're having a party, and the house is full of people, a party, it is 3:00 in the morning, they lay a bunch of jewelry out. look at this pile of jewels. she supposedly touched something? >> yes. supposedly she started touching something. now, "tmz" is report that there is a warrant out for heroines new york tore stealing something. so apparently she touched something. the person whose diamonds it was got upset. chris brown pulled a gun. he is a convicted fell on after the rihanna thing, although entered plea deal in california, not supposed to have a gun at all. threatened her with it. both of those things, having a gun, could make him serve three years. threatening her -- >> everybody out of my house. >> well, her. >> this is all according to
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her. >> yes, but i have to imagine it was corroborated by somebody, alex, just one person, especially again, if you believe the reports, she is friends with his baby's mother, they're in a custody battle. so if it was just he against she i think it might not be enough for probable cause. they interviewed everybody in the house. i imagine some corroboration, enough for this charge to sit. >> the reason it got so interesting for people around the world, because millions of people follow chris on instagram, so while the police are outside of his house, it is not, you know, a live feed of what he is saying inside, but coming out every few seconds, here's one of the things he said to all of this, and to the police. >> and all this news, ain't doing nothing but giving me better publicly at this, barricaded myself in your house. have you seen my house? i'm going to barricade myself in the palace. i'm not coming out. for what? i ain't did beep, i ain't going to do beep, and it is
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all going to be beep police, black lives matter. >> now, of course everyone has seen his house, because there were helicopter there, live feed, everybody was watching. but even though it was delivered, you know, not so great way, does very a point? everyone saying oh, outside of his house and couldn't go in. >> 100% within his rights to say you need a search warrant before you can come in here, 100% correct to call his attorney before they came n listen because's celebrity, there are pros and cons to being a celebrity. when a celebrity is involved in this type of celebrity, police bring in the big guns, he was smart to get everything lined up. ultimately he needs to defends this case if it becomes a case, and want to make sure he has his lawyer, wonderful lawyer he has, and everything else, lined up appropriately so he can defend himself. >> i have never seen anything like it on instagram before, somebody in the house doing this. >> with police outside. >> had it escalated the police could have cut off his internet service, that would have shut that down.
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but jump to the woman who said this happened that the gun was pulled on her. here is the accuser. >> my fault, i jumped out of order. >> i don't know if it was his friend who kind of triggered chris but he said don't go near the diamonds, started calling me name, saying get the f outside, go back outside. then that's when chris kind of went off and said what did i tell you girl, i've been telling you over and over again, then he pulled out the gun and said get the f out of here, and threatened me with it, and that's when i just left. >> again, she has mini rap sheet. >> nothing major but enough that one every his defenses might be he thought she was going to steel the jewelry. >> well, why well, ya. >> remind everybody, this is according to her. so she said oh, i lightly touched it and it might have
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been -- >> yes, might have been more. >> so chris sent out what three, four of these instagram messages? here is another one. >> look, when you get the warrant whatever you need to do you can walk right up in here and you're going to see nothing, you idiots. >> you idiots. calling the police idiots. >> here is the thing, there were reports he threw out a duffle bag, right? >> there was a threat a gun in the duffle bag. i would be shocked if that were the case. remember he has an albumn coming out. some of his stain gram reports might have been something for a little bit of extra publicity. >> what's the name. cd? >> grass is greener. >> that's his new single. did he release new video yesterday. so for him he was saying in some of the videos basically like hey, every time i do something, you come in, people try to tear me down whenever when i just re less this, since we are are talking about it anyway i'll put this out. people are wondering oh, you touched on this little bit is he still on probation because of the rihanna case. i thought no not on probation
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so he should be okay. >> you're right. i tried to go through his rap sheet as you will. he had had other interactions with the law since rihanna thing. sued for assault, that type of thing. but no matter what once our fell on in california you can't be handling loaded weapons. >> would that be the rest of your life? wow, rest of your life. you have video of his mansion? what do you call it, palace? >> yes,. >> nice house. >> no question about it. >> were you watching the live feed yesterday? while the helicopters were going on? >> yes. you know, to have a stand-off for this type of situation. >> so what's the name, grass is always greener? >> did he greener grass. >> terrible. >> and he is a landscaper. >> southern california having a drought. that's why. >> have you heard it yet? >> i guess it work. yesterday i was watching the video, oh, let me hear this.
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>> making a run for the border, donald trump, now he is not going to a taco bell, actually going to mexico to visit with the president. >> a lot of people are saying, especially the comment he's making, the wall, he wanted mexico to pay for the wall. and the president is that's not happening. now talking about immigration. this is big. just hours before he gives his speech on immigration, in arizona. >> then hillary clinton meantime is bracing for the release of more emails. >> more emails, doug? >> donald trump hoping for one-two punch on immigration today, speech in arizona, ground zero for border enforcement issues, and meeting with mexican president enrique pena nieto. a fierce critic scoffed at trump's idea to build border wall and make mexico pay for it. >> we are also going to secure
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our border and stop the drugs from pouring in. >> trump speaking in washington state last night playing up his speech today. those close to him have struggled to explain what appeared to be a shifting stance. does he, for instance, still support supporting all illegal immigrants? >> we're hearing consistent donald trump in this way. no amnesty, no legalization, no sanction too area cities. >> trump is indicating he may soften his stance, focusing deportation efforts on illegals who have committed other crime. josh ernest there, trump policy in line with the president. >> i guess it depends on the day ask you. >> hillary clinton campaign, to reach out to hispanic and black voters. she continues to attend one fundraiser after another. building her covers, at the state department announce that more benghazi related emails could be re least in the about a month or so weeks before the november election. >> all right, thank you for. that will we'll keep an eye
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on that. what a day in mexico it will be if the president of mexico has to meet with donald trump. that is a head line, man. >> that is a head line. see what they talk about then. all depend on what trump decides to tell us. >> somebody will spill the beans. talk about immigration and the wall and you're going to pay for it? 7:18. quick quiz for sue. twenty years ago, 21 years ago, decided not to play any more sports at the spectrum. well, minor league sports and stuff like. that will remember the old spectrum, then they tore it down, remember? there it is. anyway, so they built the new arena across the parking lot, and they called it spectrum-ii. but then before they even played the game in spectrum-ii, sponsor, the 20th anniversary of the wells fargo, what we know, as the wells fargo center, 20th anniversary that far building. sue serio, here is your quiz. >> okay. >> i'll put this up on camera one. do not look at the monitor. >> all right. >> tell me the -- >> no cheating. >> tell me the four different names of the what we now know as the wells fargo center.
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>> wachovia center was one every them, first union center. >> yes? >> core state? >> oh, di, what are you doing, giving her the answers in. >> she already had it. >> she did not. >> i knew. i can't think of the other one. >> cheaters. >> i can't think of the other one. >> uh-huh. nope. nope. if you're going to do it. >> she told you the answer cents. what fun is that if we're cheating? >> oh, it was only three? >> no, four. >> i don't know the other one. >> so what it is now, wells fargo. >> oh. well that makes sense. >> core state i thought would trip you up. >> it did. >> i heard nothing. >> sure. >> uh-huh. >> now he's mad. oh, boy. >> here is tropical depression number nine. and here is eight.
7:20 am
look at the projected track of tropical storm number nine. across florida, with tons of rain, probably, 10 inches of rain in some places. and then skirting the coast of south and north carolina, and then look at this cone every uncertain tip, starting to bring in little further westward, so we really have to keep an eye on this toward the end of the holiday weekends. in the meantime, we are anticipate ago little bit of rain tonight. as we look at the future cast, probably after sunset, when we will see the first pop up shower and thunderstorms, in advance of a cold front, maybe even as early as 7:00, # north and west of the city. and those thunderstorms could continue in the overnight hours, even into early tomorrow morning. so, 90 degrees today. that will be it for our current heatwave number six of the season. eighty-three tomorrow. then some nice weather friday, saturday, sunday, monday, labor day hot and humid by the middle of next week, that's your forecast as we led into september tomorrow. let's take a look at traffic starting off with the accident
7:21 am
we told but earlier route 422 eastbound, near egypt road. it is off to the side but still very slow going there, and it is foggy on top of that. accident on route 422, separate accident, eastbound, on 4422, the onramp from limerick, and linnfield, and that's near collegeville. we go to i95 around cottman avenue, we head into the sit, very slow, but pretty normal for this time of day. and, that is a look at your traffic at 7:21. have you calmed down now? >> yes, dow remember a week ago, today, though, we were reporting on the death of little gabby carter over in camden. eight years old. hit by stray bullet. hit in the head, killed. her funeral is saturday. her uncle is with us right now, and remember there is little girl's mom is in labor right now. what difficult time for her family. we'll talk to her uncle next.
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7:25, ditching some of the sexy ads, now going to focus on people anthem selves. >> i know what you are talking about, walking into a abercrombie and fitch, my daughter used to manage one in santa barbara, one in los angeles, you walk in always a picture, giant poster of a guy in his underwear. and no shirt on. but they're selling shirts. but he never had a shirt on, any of the guys. supposed to be real sexy. and at one point they got in trouble, lauren, because they tried to ease out of the store un attractive people. only wanted hot looking people in the store's customers. that will was actually a policy that they had to get stopped. do you remember that? >> yes. first of all jessica totally intimidates me right now, managing an abercrombie in california. can you get any better looking than that? sexy, not selling for the company, though.
7:26 am
that was so 1990's, maybe early 2,000, when cargo shorts were in. they're not any more. and abercrombie is struggling big time. stock down 20% yesterday, 20% in one day. essentially they record add wide lost, they're not making money, they are losing money, their fashion is not in style. teenagers don't want to shop in stores that reek of alcohol own, looking at models essentially with those sexy eastbound, and they want wants considered soft fashion, in h and m, forever 21, they don't want consistent clothes that look like gap clothing for instance, or abercrombie logo. >> so that's abercrombie problem, the news is they are closing up to 06 stores, the question is who is next? >> so who is next nor 20 year old? teens, 20's, fits jumped. >> right. had and m, zoro, and also
7:27 am
right, lauren, when you walk into abercrombie and fitch the smell hits you, boom. >> right. >> did you give to a hollis err, which abercrombie owns? >> like a rain foresay can never finds anything in there. >> where is that color shade? i can't see. do you have a flashlight? >> exactly. >> the one in manhattan in so hoe used to have four, five guys, almost naked standing in front offering to you come in. >> that's how it used to be, i remember the malls, guys just standing there, hey, do you want to come in, give you little flyer. >> that was one of my summer jobs one year. >> really? >> yes. >> i don't believe that. >> just one year, mike? >> 1948. >> one year of hitting the gym? >> ya. >> she did laugh little too hard? >> i'm insulted. see you tomorrow, unless you can find somebody else. >> thanks, guys. >> so, yoga, you like yoga every now and then. >> been a long time since i've done it, once i found out i
7:28 am
wasn't flexible, but yes, there was a time i attempted. >> would you have become more flexible had you stuck with it. >> but embarrassing in the class. >> embarrassing? this is weird. they say that yoga is good for all ages, i'm talking about even little kids. speaking of little kids, here's jen. >> yes, so forget about back to school stress. these kids are getting their yoga on. we'll talk life. three reasons why yoga is good for little guys and girls. by the way, they're very flexible. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us.
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>> few clouds in the picture today, and clouds will increase as the day goes by, anticipate a cold front coming through, much more humid today. so muggy the dog is here. we have some fog out there this morning, in particular in trenton, around fort dix, milville and dover, really socked in with some fog this morning, our current temperature, at philadelphia international airport, is 73 degrees. i think we'll get to 09 again today. we did yesterday. that will make it day six of the current heatwave, 733. that takes care of your wednesday, big changes in store for your holiday weekends, talk about that coming up in just a few minutes, but right now we check traffic. back on route 422 where it is a lot foggier than than it is here in old city. accident still out there eastbound 422 near egypt road.
7:32 am
we also have another accident, on 422, little further out there. the limerick, ramp from limerick, lynn feel, out near collegeville. let's check and see how they're doing on i95. cooking into the city, around cottman avenue. it is slow, as usual. we will talk about some of those made in america closures coming up in just a few minutes, mike anal next. >> tonight, marks one week since eight year old gabby carter was hit in the head by a stray bullet, in camden. she died two days later. her killer, still on the loose. >> and gabby was an innocent victim, caught in the middle whatever police say was a gang-related gunfire. >> her family and friends urging anyone who knows something, about the shooting, to just come forward. and the reward for that information that leads to arrest and conviction now stands at $76,000. >> turning now, gabby's uncle, darryl mack. thanks for coming in on this difficult day. >> thank you.
7:33 am
>> at the time us about gabby? >> she was a good girl. she was a brighten err jet i can, loved to read, loved to tell stories. she was a ball of energy. she would brighten anybody's day, anybody that knows her, knows that she just enjoyed life. enjoyed playing, enjoyed playing with her cousins, enjoyed being older sister, was little sassy at times, that was her. >> that's a eight year old. >> that was her. >> and she loved to sing? >> loved to sing. any time she could, she -- i had a karaoke machine, were want it grab the microphone, you know, you know, i like to act like i can play the guitar, you know, and i would sit there and play and they would sing. just, you know, memory that we'll forever. >> had. >> the brother of her mom. >> her mom marissa, yes. >> give us update on the mom? >> mom, she doing very well. she had the baby.
7:34 am
, last night she had the baby. king gabriel. >> oh, named after gabby? >> named after gabby, yes. >> how is she doing? to have this happen one week ago, and then this happen as a child? >> well, well, it is a blessing. it is a blessing. because we were hoping she had the babe soy be able to attend the funeral, and the funeral is saturday. so hoping that she kind of had a baby, or put off having the baby until after the tune. >> she has other children. how do you wrap your head around this? how do you explain it to yourself? or the other children. >> well, one thing we try to do, we try to tell the kids either we don't question god's will. you know? sometimes don't understanded why things happen, but, things happen for a reason.
7:35 am
>> abby -- gabby able to donate some of the organs and someone in her family able to receive her liver. >> so gabby was able to continue to spread life by her passing, so we're forever, you know, internally grateful for that. >> wow, continuing on. and we know you guys have been asking, we don't know anything about who did this. and at the vigil, you guys have made pleas. have you heard anything at all? >> i haven't -- i've been in communication with the detective. they're telling me that they're stead fast on it. so we're looking and hoping that anybody who has any information, that could lead to arrest of the party involved come forward. >> look at me, do you have an idea who maybe did this? >> i can't say that we have an idea who maybe did it, i do
7:36 am
believe that the office, along with the camden police working diligently to find who ever is involved in bringing to justice. >> seeing at the vigil, and officers going on -- >> outrage, too. >> outrage. at the same time, though, you know, the city ready for a change. it is ready for the community to take back the streets. that was one of the things that we kind of highlight in the our visual, that we wanted the city to stop being afraid, if you see something, and you can assist, tell, say something. you know, that stopping snitching campaign, i have to stop. if you know anything that can lead to not just the apprehension of the people involved in our murder, but apprehension of people involved in any murder, say something. bring it to the forefront. >> actually having a fundraiser for marissa, 100% of the proceeds will be donate
7:37 am
today marissa and the family, so give a little bit -- >> gabby's mother? >> yes, gabby's mother. little get of -- bit of financial support during her time. the older of this t-shirt brands, he contacted me, wanted to do a fundraiser, so 100% every these t-shirts sold will go directly to marissa and her family, gabby's mother can be purchased right on line at tearyeyez. com. >> or if you are local in the city of camden want to purchase one from myself contact me through rising leaders, the number one point org. >> we'll put that on the website too. >> i notice on the shirt, children holding a sign that says this has to stop. >> yes, it has to. i'm sorry, one mere person, tiwanda jones, camden city resident, also had a access to the shirts, also will be selling them. but yes the t-shirt says it all. >> this has to stop.
7:38 am
this has to stop. and our visual, i made the comment that wednesday night it was our family, but tomorrow night could be anybody's family. so it has to stop. >> nine different families over the summer, bullets, stray bullet, otherwise. >> last night again a 12 year old. >> it has to stop. has to stop. >> hopefully we can put a stop to it. hopefully someone will come forward with any information for gabby and her family. >> for sure. anything we can do for your family leer here at fox just pick up the phone. >> certainly. >> we send our well wishes. >> sure will. and as well as gabrielle. >> always be that connection to gabby then. >> so, birthday was last -- >> night. >> my daughter's birthday. >> oh, yes? >> august 30th. >> say hello to your family
7:39 am
for us. >> sure will. >> and give your sister a big hug. >> i sure will. thank you for having me. >> you got it. >> 7:39. >> quick break.
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>> looks like ben simmons is trying to learn from one of the best. >> a lot of people are excited to see this this. look at this, working out with labron james. >> oh, okay. >> we'll take this. >> hey, ben. >> really. so a lot of sixers fans opening king james can help teach him thousand bring championships to philadelphia. >> did it here in cleveland. let's do it here in fill. >> i ben in shape, isn't he? >> quick shout out to the philadelphia soul. they are the world champions in arena football. we love the soul. and they're going have big rally at city hall today. >> at noon. and today is philadelphia soul day. >> soul day. >> i'm a soul man. >> show some support and the hashtag roll with soul.
7:43 am
>> city hall. dilworth plaza. what do you think about this? yoga for children. i say why not? >> yes, if it gets them to be active? >> let's go, let's do it, jenny. >> reporter: really teaches teamwork, as well. how does yoga and teamwork go together? you'll have to see in just a few minutes. check this out.
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this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's all of this, this, this, and this. it's the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal.
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in all of history. yeah, it's that good. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything. he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
7:46 am
judge. >> an accident, schuylkill eastbound, offer to the shoulder but it is slow, rush hour, after all, route 422 eastbound accident, the onramp from limerick and linnfield, out near collegeville. now, today is the day the inner lanes of the ben franklin parkway between 20th street and eakin's oval will be closed starting at 10:00 a.m. now, they will allow cross already traffic on the numbered streets, but that closure will be in effect through tuesday morning. thanks to made in america. we'll see what the labor forecast looks like, coming up in 15 seconds.
7:47 am
>> we are on track with forecast for today to have not only the hottest august on record but also tie records of 17 case, so this month with 90 degrees or above. last time that happened was 1995. when we set the record. so the warmest august ever will be this year's beating the records from 1980. so, it has been a while. we've got some rain up to the north and west, down in central pennsylvania, but nothing happening around here, just yet. we do expect though late in the day, probably right around sunset, to see some pop up showers and thunderstorms. there you see around 7:00, 8:00 that possibly happening. but, through the overnight hours, more showers and thunderstorms, with a cold front, then couple of leftovers, perhaps, later on in the afternoon, as the west of the -- rest of the cold front gets out of here, that's our transitional day. been saying it all week long. definitely feel more humidity today, high of 09 degrees. eighty-three tomorrow with the pop ups, and then, beautiful
7:48 am
weather just in time for the weekend. all holiday weekends, if your get away day is friday, 82 degrees, even cooler saturday, more comfortable. sunday high only 80 degrees, starts to get warmer by monday labor day, and humidity comes back, just in time, mike and alex, for back to school. >> just in time. >> i will say this, the weather will be fantastic for something at arm and hammer park this sunday september the fourth. it is pitch night. what's that mean? first of all they'll have game between trenton and reading, then afterward, a screening of a new fox show called pitch. pitch premiers on fox thursday, september the 22nd at 9:00 p.m. that's about a young lady trying out for the major leagues as a pitcher. >> mo'ne davis. >> mo'ne dave us. >> see it before everybody else does. >> please. >> we haven't even seen it. >> yoga for children. there are three good reasons why it is a good idea. >> soap, jen, is in east falls right now, what are the three reasons, jen?
7:49 am
>> reporter: pretty cool. first of all, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> and talk to us a little bit about why you wanted to start a practice for kids. it is pretty basic. >> it is awesome for them. teaches themself ralph role different things. several different things. opportunity to focus on stretching, empowering for kids, because it helps to build up confidence, as they learn, and continue to grow in their practice, and it also is great for partner work. so they learn thousand work as a team. >> yes. i think you think about like soccer and lacrosse and all every these things that are team sports but you don't necessarily learn how to work as a team, right? to rely on each other, that's one of the things they're learning this morning? >> yes, it is. >> so when they get a little more flexible their brain and their bod ills, how does that help them overall like, you know, going to school and just working in the community? >> it helps them with dealing with any anxiety they might have, any stress, just refocus
7:50 am
their energy, and become more focused on the task at hand. so it definitely helps with that. >> one of the things you had said, you wanted to expose kids that had a -- hadn't had a chance to see yoking, a didn't really have a practice in their own little guy or little girl lives. >> yes. not many kids have the opportunity to do it, because of many different reasons, scheduling, that sort of stuff, but an opportunity for them to see it and decide whether or not they like it. >> you had it as part of your camp, the kids love it, talking a little bit, you don't have to do it necessarily for an hour altogether. you can break it up for kids throughout the day? >> yes. >> so one of the things that always feel great at keeping them engaged. will do circle, reflection time, will do poses, individually, then she does partner work, oh, and let's not forget flying, love, love, love the yoga. >> the other thing they can do, stuff they can work on at home. can work with a wall or they can have mom or dad to get
7:51 am
better at the different poses? >> something to practice and keep their focus and practice on at home as well. >> love it. towel this in the morning before school? >> yes, as well as saturday days. >> really cool. guys, are you guys having fun? >> yes. >> yes, okay. forgive me, i said to you guys, you look as good on out outside as i can tell you feel on the inside. why do you like yoga. >> well it helps me stretch. i don't want to have a tight back. >> yes? >> i know that yoga is not about appearances, but we have some of the cutest kids here ever. i'm going come over here and say hi to one more person. >> one last thing. these kids are really good at yoga do you think kids are better at yoga than we give them credit for sometimes? >> kids are amazing at yoga. the reason i love working with kids is because it is like they're just so amazing, their bodies are so flexible, really reminds us how we used to be when we were this young. >> you are, high five, really good. and your welcome.
7:52 am
i'm embarrased i'm not as good. >> again, kids get your yoga on. and by the way, cutest practice in america this morning, i think, right? >> nice. >> why not? puts me to shame. 7:52 is there an universal sign for women to say to men on the spree, hey, don't bother me? >> when we keep walking. >> there is one. guys will chase after you, though. >> that's true and we give short answers. >> hey, baby? >> how are you. >> how are you doing to today? >> what are you doing later? nothing. >> dj, are you ready to go? are you getting close? he's not ready to go. >> getting fed up though, getting fed up. he has been to the first lady at the dnc, welcome america
7:53 am
festival, you know what? he's only one years old. >> so, and he's from philly. so, he's going to come to the studio, talk about his budding music career. >> okay.
7:54 am
for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> preston and steve, we found this article called how to talk to a woman who is wearing headphones, being mocked on twitter basically women are saying, if i had these whitehead phones on -- >> don't talk to me. >> i don't want to talk to you. but i've seen guys, i know a guy, this very building, who will still try to go up and talk to women with headphones on. >> preston? >> ya. i mean, i don't know, i think there are different reasons people might do that. sometimes they actively, like see, you know, some sports guys, constantly being hounded. now it is completely different than approaching women. getting off the bus, don't want people -- so put those over the ears, headphones, very obvious just, don't talk
7:57 am
to me. but then again, there are some people who are just listening to music because it is helping them go about their day. i don't know if that necessarily means don't, i don't want to talk to anybody. because i'm wearing headphones, you know what i mean? >> true. >> then again, i can't really, and i was league the article on how to actually talk to somebody who is wearing headphones. and it is like, you know, stands in front of them and wave. isn't that what you are supposed to do? not how dow it. >> how do you do it? >> grab the cords, yank it out of the ear. i say there are black helicopters following me! (laughing). >> then usually they pay attention. >> yes. >> what normally if you attempt to talk to them, is the sigh, or they stop, pull one ear plug out. >> yes. >> i hate that. >> i just -- i don't ever -- if someone has the headphones in, forget it. i think that's -- unless it is an emergency, and it is like hey, your feet are on fire. then i stop. but otherwise, to me, that's
7:58 am
the sign they do not want to engage in conversation. >> but i tell you what's great, as speaking for somebody who wears headphones for a living, because weaver people that come by and watch us, our show in the studios all the time, and sometimes they're excited and come over to you, and they're talking to you, and this is what we're seeing. >> ya. >> even people wearing ear buds, you can't hear anything at all. so you may want to have them remove before you try to make your point. >> indicate, too, if a woman is walking with headphones, you try to talk to her and she does the dramatic look down. immediately puts her head down, looks away, ya, she is not having it. >> and would you know, women know how to send that signal very quickly, even with headphones or without, that i don't want to talk to you, but that's why sometimes, the thing to do is to go around back and lift them by their -- >> sure. >> that's my point. we know but you all don't know, woe say things, do things, you still keep going, still trying, and all of the --
7:59 am
>> we will not be deterred. >> but you feel like such a -- that's why i just, i've never done. that i don't want to be that dude, you know? >> does kathy wear ear buds? >> outside of my headphones at work, and then the ear buds at the gym, that is the only time i ever wear them, if i have them on at the gym, i don't want to talk to you. >> walking by construction site, hey, hey, come on back.
8:00 am
>> kathy you look hot today. come on back. >> thanks. >> oh, my gosh. >> i love the orange. it pops. >> thank you. >> hold your head and pre tendon you can't hear them. >> exactly. exactly. >> okay guys see you next week. >> see you later. >> no one -- no construction workers. i walk passed silence. birds chirping. >> you're the only one that that's happened to. >> take offense to that. >> what's weird one day we were walking by construction site on walnut street and she kept going back and forth 20 times. >> no, i didn't. >> trying to get somebody to go hey. >> notice me. i did not do that. >> of course not. if you see her out today please
8:01 am
cat calls a plenty. (laughter). >> then i know it's fake. >> good day, wednesday august the 31. the last day of the month 2016. >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia". >> well a disturbing trend has taken an up tick. drunk or eighty six today college students skip meals to save calories so they can drink more booze. how you can spot this unhealthy habit and what you can do to help. now that the kids are back in college. >> taking a break. ♪ >> selena gomez puts her career on hold the serious reasons she's shifting her focus to her health and happiness. >> the truth about school. from the mouths of kids. no friends in the class. hearing how they get through it may help your own children. >> fire up the barbecue. labor day weekend is coming up.
8:02 am
the party staples you can transform for just a few easy steps. >> cute alert camera. dj11 years old from philly made it all the way to the white house. met the president. >> what are you going to kick it off with today. >> it's about to go down. >> it's about to go down. >> okay. >> about to go down with dj, d ill today on "good day philadelphia". >> you going to bring the house down. >> i brought a treat in for you. these are grapes i've had them before grapes that taste like cotton candy. >> i used to buy them more mia. >> i never had them. >> okay. i love cotton canny. were you 8:15 you'll take your first one on tv and true reaction out of you. >> okay. some people love them. some people hate them. why would you not like cotton candy. sometimes it's too much. good we'll do that in just a second here. look at the weather eight on 10 scale. little more humidity than we had yesterday. but still nice and warm for you. for the last day of august.
8:03 am
some fog out there this morning. starting to push away with the sun coming out. but notice bus stop buddy has got muggies and dogs dog in the picture. a lot more humidity than we had yesterday. still a little foggy around fort dix around trenton millville and dover very foggy this morning. but for us here in old city sun is shining beautiful day but you'll feel the mugginess as soon as you walk out the door. 74 degrees, 87% relative humidity. possible heat wave day number six as long as we make it to 90 degrees. that will round out the month of august 2016. sunset time 7:33. that's your planner for wednesday let's take look at traffic and back to the schuylkill eastbound right there 202 out there around king of prussia. see through the reis trees that the accident has been moved off to the shoulder. but it's still should going on that part of the schuylkill any way. there's another accident on route 422 eastbound. this is around that limerick linfield exit near collegeville,
8:04 am
and that's got things a little bit slowly going this morning. i-95 at cottman avenue always slow going this time of the morning. next time we'll talk about the road closures for made in america coming up mike and alec this labor day weekend. >> thank you so much. 8:04. a man is dead after being killed in a hit-and-run accident in feltonville the search is on for the driver of the car it happen just before midnight on what loudoun streets in north philadelphia. police tell fox 29 a man on his motorcycle was hit by another car. the victim who has not been identified was taken to the hospital where he later died. as for the driver of the car, that person has not been found but the car has. >> another child caught in the crossfire of straight bullets this time in the fair hill section of north philadelphia. investigators say yesterday the 12-year-old girl was hit as she walk out of this corner store along north marshall street. she's expected to be okay but, again, it has happened again. two men were also shot since
8:05 am
june a total of nine children have been hurt in our area as a result of gunfire. new jersey state police say they've found the truck which is tied to the deadly shootout on the atlantic city expressway monday. police have charged five men including a teenager in the gun violence that killed 22-year-old rosemond octavius in egg harbor township. four others were injured. all of the men are charged facing a number of weapons charges. more charges also could be fil filed. have you ever heard of the term drunk orexiia. we've didn't doing stories about that for 10 or 15 years. now we have up tick in this behavior the word is used to describe the act of food and calories so you can save up and drink your calories. booze. >> so the assistant clinical director of the red ren free center of philadelphia which specializes in eating disorders. >> doctor, welcome.
8:06 am
>> thank you. >> what exactly is your job. what do you focus on. >> i am the assistant clinical director the renfrew so i am supervisor there and we work with eating did you orders. >> you know all about this top topic. >> i do is that a medical term drunkorexia. it's not a psychiatric diagnosis. >> what's the behavior. >> it's a combination between diss ored eating and alcohol abuse and they sort of feed off each other. what we see people are denying themselves food during the day to save up and spend their calories on drinking. >> wow! >> what some people say i'm calorie counting make sure i'm rationing them out appropriate appropriately. >> i mean it's really important that we're getting nourishment consistently throughout the day and manipulating our food intake in order to drink alcohol it's just really unhealthy take you down a dangerous road. >> this is the extreme. i'm not going to eat at all today because i know it's wednesday i'm going to have sips or something like that tonight. >> there's extreme behaviors after drinkin drinking that we s well.
8:07 am
>> yeah. >> to burn off the calories consumed while drinking so, for instance, excessive exercise, diet pills, laxatives even self induced vomiting to undo the binge drinking that may be happened earlier. >> if you're mom and dad noticing this behavior you might have the person may be young woman, tiny portions during the day, maybe not eating at all, she might go, well, i probably should consume 2,000 calories today. i'm not going to eat all day long and then down 2,000 calories of booze of course those are empty calories. >> right. exactly. so you're really at risk for malnourishment so many short term and long term consequences to these types of behaviors. malnourish many, low energy, you can't think clearly and there's other long-term -- >> get drunk like in three minutes. >> exactly. i mean your blood alcohol level will spike put you at risk for injury, accident, you know, alcohol poisoning. so it's really dangerous. take you down a dangerous road. >> it is something that happens even with you go to college
8:08 am
because a lot of students are back in school now. you'll get the freshman 15. i feel like that's a big thing that they tell freshmen students be careful the freshman 15. >> the perfect storm. because we have this cultural issue of thin ideal on college campuses the pressure to drink in order to fit in and to socialize. you put the two together you can really see how someone would turn to these behaviors to navigate these precious. >> i remember the dorm, jessica her first year at southern california very good school, but there was -- every time i visited her there was an ambulance in front of the dorms. alcohol abuse, alcohol po poisoning. you can die from it. >> you absolutely can. this can trigger on a substance abuse diss or. >> if we notice these behaviors what should we do, friend or family or loved one? >> i think well, first recognize that it's really serious. and there's probably emotional issues under this. don't try to fix it for them. encourage them to get assessed
8:09 am
by professional. help is out there and they can recover. >> make sure you eat. you should be eating. >> that's not going to work. much deeper emotional issues that drive these behaviors we want to be sure we're getting a saysed by professionals they can get the help they need. >> they probably can't help themselves in move cases. >> in most cases you real dollar need a professional. >> something else is going on up here in their hearts. >> exactly. from early on in live maybe. >> possibly. >> you're good. >> thank you. >> thank you. you're going to come back. >> i hope so. >> oh, you will. >> okay. >> there's no pay or anything. >> count me in. >> just for your knowledge. >> we appreciate your knowledge. >> yesterday afternoon the whole country was talking about this we watch it play out life. close to live on instagram. chris brown is out of jail. out on bail. quarter of a million dollars. did he have a gun in his hand? the thing he's never supposed to touch again the rest of his life? we'll play his instagram videos after the break. >> and we're also going to play
8:10 am
this. he's going to play dj, dl been to the first lady, he was at the d.c. welcome america festival. he's only 11. how does this all happen. >> you know what i'm going to do for him, too? >> plug in his equipment. >> that would help. >> there would at least be sou sound. >> he's working those hands. look at that. >> sure.
8:12 am
[ fly buzzing ]
8:13 am
did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! >> ♪ >> let me say this. it is going down. djdl. 11 years old. people. >> he's always been to the white house now he's on "good day philadelphia" the highlight of this career. >> i'm sure this trumps the white house. >> he's cool. >> all right. let me tell you -- by the way real quickly here. >> ♪ >> when i do segments here on "good day philadelphia", that's cool. >> i got to get down on
8:14 am
something here. (laughter). >> so for time checks and stuff like that i'll go to the floor director and go, give me the time. give me the time. clock. clock. clock. oops. i forgot to spell it and i apologize for it i forgot to spell the whole word today. going to, going to, let me fin fish my thought i apologize for something that got on the air there. it will never happen again and you can't make this stuff up, sue. >> nope, it is -- 8:14 a look at the two systems that we're watching. they all both have numbers and no names yet. 35-mile an hour winds for tropical depression eight off the north carolina coast an lot of rain in south carolina for folks that are on vacation there. not good. and then we look at tropical depression number nine which will probably get a name in the gulf of mexico before it hits florida with a whole lot of rain probably starting tomorrow and then lasting through the weekend and as we watch the latest
8:15 am
projection of the path of nine, it does put at least with cone of uncertainty a little bit closer to us over the weekend. so we'll watch that for you. we're watching radar right now, and no precipitation yet. but by tonight, i think we will have at least in our weather future definitely clouds by the end of the afternoon and pop-up showers and thunderstorms some as early about 8:00 o'clock this evening and then on and off throughout the evening. so for today, high temperature of 90 degrees which would make it day six of our heat wave. showers and thunderstorms possible on thursday by friday and saturday it's getting little bit cooler. very comfortable over the weekend. but the heat and humidity return by the middle of next week. so that is your weather authority forecast. checking traffic real quick we have i-95 southbound at 452 they're doing some tree trimming there so that has things going very slowly right around that chichester avenue exit and today at 10:00 o'clock the inner lanes
8:16 am
of the ben franklin parkway between 20th street and eakins oval will be closed and that's in effect all the way through the weekend. now the cross number streets the cross streets they will be permitteing to through but again it starts at 10:00 o'clock today. the inner lanes of the parkway between 20th and the oval will be closed all the way through tuesday morning, guys? >> welcome back. >> sue i'm so excited to talk to djdl. >> west philadelphia native al alex. >> spun records for events even at the white house. >> wow! >> welcome america. he knows what he's doing, folk. and he's only 11 years old. >> i remember seeing him at the convention the democratic national convention. >> he says he learn hits his craft by watching his dad and his brothers. >> okay. >> wire bag, mike, one day we
8:17 am
were at the dj park and i tried out. dj park when all the dj's come out and they set up. >> you kicked booty at that thing. >> he just whispered in my ear. how long ago was that video. >> about year. how long have you been djing you're only 11. >> two years. >> a tenth of his life. >> still. oh, my gosh. so you are amazing. >> yes. >> what do you think your specialty is. >> what are you best at. >> catching. >> what kind of music to you like to play. >> old funky music. >> what's old school to you? >> james brown. >> he likes the funky. >> get on up. >> i love that stuff, too. >> sometimes the scratch dj academy taught me. scratching and times my dad tout me how to mix. >> scratch academy is over on chestnut street, right?
8:18 am
>> um-hmm y. >> they really are good at teaching how to do it. >> yeah. so what did you say to the president? >> i said, can i come back in? sure. i don't care. (laughter). >> you got to talk -- you djed at the kids state dinner, right. >> yes. what was that like? >> it was so amazing. >> it was? >> so much security. i couldn't even bring my phone. they were like no. >> but you made it through okay. >> yes. >> you without your phone. >> yes. >> there's a picture of through. and so what did the first lady -- do you have a picture witness first lady. >> yes. >> what did you say to her. >> we were so -- i was like you are so tall. >> what did she say to you? >> she's like you're a funny kid. >> so then i guess you played so well that's when they had you back for the president's birthday? >> yes. >> my goodness. >> that was private even, wasn't it. >> yup. >> yeah. were you like the dj once things started me for half an hour when everybody came in then jazzy jeff upstairs.
8:19 am
>> you and jazzy jeff. where are you perfor performinge can he we see you next. >> blue skating ring. >> blue cross skate rink pennsylvania landing. >> yes. >> i think that's saturday, isn't it? >> yes. this saturday. okay. what do people say when you're like hey i'm a dj. >> really? >> no, you're not. i say go follow mow on instagr instagram. they're like you really are. >> what do you have cued up now? >> you'll see. >> oh, okay. >> let's do it. >> surprise us. do a little something. ♪ >> djd hi ill. djd-ill. ♪
8:20 am
8:21 am
big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks.
8:22 am
saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:23 am
♪ is h singer selena gomez is takg some time off. her physical and emotional problems are a side effect of her battle with lupus. she's had concert dates scheduled for later this year but she hasn't deciderred if she'll cancel those. she'll take some time. >> lupus is nothing to mess with. a couple of my friends are dealing with that and same depression and anxiety and panic attacks. >> it's good she's recognizing i need to take some time for me. get yourself together and do what you have to do. >> forbes magazine released it's highest paid models. i try to look at this every ye year. go over with it a fine too many
8:24 am
comb. familiar face is back in the number one position. most money going look at me. it's giselle tom brady's significant other tops the list again. she makes $30 million in a year. she made that over the last 12 months, alex holley. >> my gosh. >> is that my girlfriend of the past? adrianna lehman the best looking woman in the red. that's your favorite? >> yeah. >> she's number two. she made $10.5 million last ye year. >> she's all right. >> number three are you kidding me. >> kendall jenner. >> no way she's number three in the world. >> wow! >> she tied with carly clause. >> 10 million bucks each. >> really? what is she now? >> the new it girl. she's like on the cover of vogue and stuff. >> kylie is the younger one? and kendall -- >> i'm sure which one is.
8:25 am
kylie is the lip kid and kendall is the model. >> i'm going to jump off this building. >> kyle system 19. >> okay. >> it's okay then. she turned 19. she made $2 million last year. >> yeah. >> and what are we doing with our lives. >> what are we doing? what are we doing? >> between them and we have dj dill 11 years old. >> he's probably making millio millions. >> i know. at the white house. hanging with the president, at private parties. >> it's your song, mike. >> i requested this. >> he takes requests. >> here we go. >> got to wait for it. >> ♪ >> go on. ♪ >> yeah. ♪ >> here it comes. ♪
8:26 am
here we go. >> and they were dancing and singing and moving to the music and just when you hit me somebody turned around and sho shouted, play that funky music, white boy, play that funky music right ♪ >> ♪ >> he's out, folks. >> boom. ♪
8:27 am
for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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8:30 am
>> the national matchmaker day is today. the rules you need to follow if you're trying to set up friends. plus, why people are ditching first dates for vacations with strangers. oh, that could be disaster, and never too old to fly. you'll meet a 96-year-old human and three of her friends. they'll sky dive. so they're practicing, prepping for it at the fly zone. this should be interesting. >> our 11-year-old dj is scratching his face off. i love it. by the way, in matter of seconds, you know that sue serio and i are definitely egg afficionados. >> sue. >> um-hmm. >> we are going to bear fried definitely eggs. >> what? >> fried. >> why didn't i think of that. >> i love it. >> i never had fried delving. >> you're about that. >> i'll bet it's going to be yummy. i don't know why when you say
8:31 am
fried i have to talk in a southern accent. (laughter). >> like fried chicken. all right. any way, we'll be fried outside today especially with the humidity muggy the dog is here. bus buddy is here for tonight. we have the possibility of some pop-up showers. right now we have poor visibility around fort dix, millville, new jersey, dover, delaware, plenty of fog there. but plenty of sunshine here in philadelphia an high of current temperature of 74 degrees. our high will be 90 later on and that will make another day of our heat wave and probably the last one as well for the last day of august. sunset time 7:33. that's your weather. let's check traffic and start off with a look outside. some of that sun glare that we have going on, and what else? i-95 southbound right there at 452 tree trimming happening along with our sun glare, so not blocking anything but slowing everything down. route 42 freeway running smoothly but a lot of volume this morning and there is an accident on the schuylkill expressway eastbound right after
8:32 am
route 202. it's off to the shoulder. but it's still very very slow this morning. >> right on time. >> yeah. >> right there with the clock 8:32. okay. here we go. i never had a it. i need to have it. i have to have it. fried deviled eggs. that sounds like a segment with roberto petit tow. right, alex. >> roberto is here with homemade delicious. >> how are you. >> i'm good. how are you. >> good. >> you ready for the labor day weekend? >> i am. a lot of planning a lot of parties going on. now, sue and mike and me, too, we love deviled eggs. we love the fact that you made fried deviled eggs. >> fried deviled eggs. you're going to use panko crumbs, do your traditional he would eggs cream everything with mayo and spread them with the panko crumbs and fry them up. >> yum, so good. >> that simple? >> just drop it in.
8:33 am
>> flower, egg flower, bread crumbs and friar it that's it. takes four minutes. not even. >> here we go, guys. that's good. very good. >> it's good when it comes right out of the friar that's like the best. >> we're featuring having a labor day party right now. you want to impress your friends watch is this? you got dip. dip is a must at a party. >> this is smores dip instead of getting messy with your fingers which is fun, too, this is simple. make it actual until a big cast iron for a big party and take your gram crackers and dip it in. >> what's the layer. >> it's just chocolate. >> see if it's going to go. >> i don't know if it's going to go. >> this what happens at dipping. i'm terrible at dipping. >> there you go. >> what kind of chocolate. >> just chocolate chips. okay. >> you can actually layer it too if you want reece's peanut butter cups on top of that. >> that would be nice and. >> put it in the oven. chocolate chips oven and marshmallows on top. >> marshmallows. >> what about corn-on-the-cob?
8:34 am
my mother loves corn-on-the-cob. >> corn-on-the-cob obviously it's good with little bit of butter and stuff but why not x-rays it up adding cheddar cheese with bacon maybe a little old bay with butter. >> um, old bay. this is a mexican version. >> my favorite. i love it. >> instead of using i think it's cheese we use parmesan cheese. >> which still work. >> it still works. >> it's mayo and sour cream they roll that with parsley. >> wonderful. >> just add the lime. >> exactly. >> lastly, we have an avocado potato salad super delicious refreshing. >> avocado potato salad. >> how does this work then? >> you make potato salad as you normallnormally would. >> yup. add avocado slices. cilantro, shall lots. >> bacon in there. >> little bit of bacon. >> just to give it a little more, you know, little party flavor to it on the top. >> forgive my manners, i'm going
8:35 am
to use my fingers here. >> isn't that good. >> um had you. >> very good. >> it gives that you like little refreshing feel because the lime juice in there. >> i love avocado. anything with avocado in it i'm all for. >> what is this creature? >> this is a little turtle. >> yes. >> right. >> so obviously when you're entertaining you want your guests to be excited about what they're eating. >> it's a watermelon. wait. >> a little watermelon. what you're going to do present to your guests you'll lift it. >> oh, my gosh. >> and there's a little fruit salad. >> that's going to make your friends upset whom can do this? >> let's just say my fingers hurt by the end of the day. >> you know what, this is not for normal people much this is not -- not anyone can do that. you know who probably could? sue serio because you do pin this segment, sue. >> i think you got this. this is perfect for pin this. i bought me a seed less watermelon ladies and gentlemen. i think i'm going to need help with this. roberta. >> that one looks really great.
8:36 am
i got to transform this into this. >> yes. >> how do you do the eye balls. >> pepper accordance. >> the top of this you can use is the peeler. you know the peeler? >> that's what you use instead of a knife. >> okay. >> you guys are going to work together. >> i don't have one. we'll have to -- >> all right. >> i'll let you guys get together. put your heads together. >> these are treat knives i own. >> while they're over that tal talking about, we'll have a pin this with sue in just little bit. mike, i'll take it back to you and check back in on sue and see can she create this watermelon turtle? >> she can't. >> you got to believe, mike. you got to believe. >> not chance. that thing will look more like a rhino. >> is it really sharp. >> i don't know. >> just like when i was growing up i was raised with four sisters and they would all talk at once. yeah.
8:37 am
it's great. this is one of the deviled eggs. deep fried. too much breading but we love roberta. chris brown he's out on bail. man, we're going to continue to play his rants on instagram yesterday. you know he might be in big trouble if he did pull out a gun. ♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ >> you're listening to the spills styles of dylan curtis akadj dill. he's playing for us this morning. reminder folks he's 11 years o old.
8:41 am
he's only -- he's been dee jaying for two years. >> he's on his way winning awards already. been at the white house. let's bring up to date on what happened in los angeles yesterday afternoon. singer chris brown is now out of jail since posting bond of a quarter of a million dollars yesterday afternoon. >> he's cues evidence assault with deadly weapon after an hour's long standoff with police outside of his home in la this was trending yesterday. >> sure. >> they that basically a life stream up you could sit there and watch the helicopters and police stand outside his house. >> because it was one of the first time there was a barricade situation, maybe they didn't need to barricade the house, with guy on the inside on instagram. >> that's right. he was posting videos while the cops were outside of his home. >> yes. >> and saying things. >> it started when authorities say a woman a blond woman, called 911 about 3:00 o'clock in the morning saying she needed assistance. she told the los angeles times that chris brown pointed a gun at her about 3:00 in the morning. police say several people were escorted from brown's home after search warrant was issued by a judge. his accuser appeared on tmz live
8:42 am
yesterday afternoon to tell her side of the story after she says she touched some of the singer's jewelry. 3:00 o'clock in the morning. everybody is drinking and smoking and everything else. >> did they say they were doing that. >> but i added that. >> you're assuming. >> he's smoking something. looks like a cigarette on his instagram post. >> oh, really? >> they lay out a pile of jewelry apparently. this is all allegedl allegedly e touched some of it and she says chris didn't like that. >> someone else didn't like it they started doing all this stuff they got back and forth and chris came up. this is according to her, with a gun and put it -- said get out of my house. >> i don't know if it was his friends who kind of triggered chris, um, but he said don't go near the diamonds. started calling me names saying get the f outside. go back outside. then that's when chris kind of went off and said, um, what did i tell you, girls, i've been telling you over and over again and then he pulled out the gun and he said get the f out of
8:43 am
here and threatened me with it, and that's when i just left. >> so, chris brown posted videos on social media declaring his innocence saying he was never barricaded in his own home. >> when i call the police for stalker people that are endangering my life they don't come till the neck day. let somebody make bleep bleep allegations about me and oh yeah the whole bleep swatting teal bleep. i'm innocent bleep everybody. >> so chris has been in repeat repeatedly legal trouble over the years. back in 2009 i don't need to tell you felony conviction for the fight the assault on his then girlfriend rihanna. but we do have update on the accuser the woman you just heard from. >> apparently, mike, remember this is all because she touched some jewelry. she's wanted in new york city for questioning in connection with criminal theft for
8:44 am
allegedly stealing a fancy designer purse off the plaza with credit cards and cash. >> louie vuitton from the lobby of the plaza hotel. >> um-hmm. she's wanted there. >> well n story will go on for days. but really i've never seen anything like it kind of a barricade situation with a guy on the inside basically talking to the world, not live, but almost live, on instagram. >> he was posting. >> posting over and over and over. >> my goodness that's why it started trending and the fact -- it was interesting. we'll have to see what happens. >> all right. let's get to more positive story here on this as we go back to school. jenn has back to school advice with her own children. >> reporter: it's the landry and marley show back by popular demand and the ladies have advice for this situation. you're not in the same class as your bestie. when we come back they have critical advice they're going into second grade this year.
8:45 am
basically experts of the situation. >> yes. >> do your dance. do your dance. ♪ hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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♪ >> we are looking this morning at pocono mountains.
8:48 am
very refreshing up there. not hot and humid as it is here. so roberta is helping me today. usually with pin this i just kind of mut tell through myself. if i cut myself it blends in with the red the of the watermelon. >> let's hope that doesn't happen. >> we're making the feet for the turtle and we're taking a look at the seven day forecast. can i multi task this one? i better put the sharp knife down. we've 90 degrees for today and then the 80s for tomorrow when we get those pop-up showers and thunderstorms. a beautiful forecast so far for the holiday weekend especially friday and saturday. by sunday we're about 80 degrees. look at saturday's high in the upper 70s. by monday the humidity starts to come back. by tuesday and wednesday just in time for back to school it will be hot and humid once again. so that's a look at your forecast. so here's what you do. you cut out these little thing geese and they make the little feet for the turtle, guys. not nearly as hard as i thought
8:49 am
it would and i've been using a spoon because i didn't have the scraper thing roberta had. find the hidden fox 29. >> saw you make it look easy. >> you really do. >> keep checking in with you, okay? >> okay. >> 8:49. kids headed back to class one of the big questions they always have, is my buddy in my class this year? they don't want to be by themselves. jenn has two experts here to help with the famous but tiny combo of marley and landry. >> reporter: yes, marley landry are back this year by popular demand. you'll remember last year they gave advice for what to wear on your first day of kindergarten. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> you guys are headed into second grade and you are still -- >> seven. >> and best friends would you say? >> yeah. >> reporter: are you guys in the same class this year? >> no. >> were you in the same class last year. >> no. >> and did you guys survive? >> yes. >> report roar okay. so -- no you didn't survive.
8:50 am
i asked you guys to give some advice for people who found out they weren't in the same class. the first thing should they cry about it? >> no. >> no. >> reporter: no, she shouldn't cry about it. the neck thing that we should ask, this was your piece of advice. what is this landry? >> meet at recess. >> reporter: what does that mean? >> so, like, if you aren't in the same class and it's recess time and you have recess with all of the kids in first grade, you should meet up with them and try to wait for their class to come out and then meet up. >> reporter: marley? >> um, you know, we're not in the same class but every day you can see each other because sometimes at the end of the day because you go piano together she rides home with the bus with me on thursdays and we also go to girl scouts together and we can always play at recess.
8:51 am
>> reporter: this was your advice. plan a regular activity for after school. that was you? >> yes. >> reporter: who do you have to tell? you have to tell your moms about that? how do you get that done? >> so if you have text messages, you should really text them. >> reporter: okay. now, the number one rule that you think kids should follow as they go back to school? >> don't wear hoods because then they can't see your face and express yourself. >> reporter: express yourself. the number one rule you think people should follow? >> respect their environment. >> reporter: last thing, any rule that you can break maybe on the bus? >> chewing gum. >> reporter: one last big hug. back to school. say congratulations everyone. >> congratulations, everyone! >> reporter: and again if you want back to school advice, it's marley landry. i think you guys did great. >> i love them. >> another good one much this is the first time they did it live. >> by the way ellen degeneres
8:52 am
just called. she wants them on the show. (laughter). >> adorable. seventh grade i went to school with the same kids up till seventh grade. i walk in the seventh grade, the nuns had swapped me out to another class. >> oh, no. >> it was the bad kids class. >> that's understandable. >> separating me from my friends. i go in there. i didn't know anybody. >> sad for you. don't be bad and you won't be separated. >> that's the -- yeah. >> okay. >> what am i trying to say. >> that's the advice. >> kids don't be bad because then you'll get separated from your friends. that's the message. >> young man by the name of bill, funky stuff. >> funky bill. >> funky bill. he said here's an empty seat. come on over and sit next to me. he's one of my best friends to this day. >> lovely. >> empty seat. where are my friends, there were no friends. bill said sit down next to meme he's a veterinarian in lawrence,
8:53 am
kansas still one of my closest friends. >> my story isn't that great. >> no? >> no. i had really good friend. i was not popular when i was in middle school. all of a sudden one summer we came back she went to californ california. one summer she came back wearing make up, cut her hair, had highlights and never spoke to me again. >> because you had stayed the plane jane. >> yes. with my skirt down my ankles reading. >> that's right. >> okay. making life easier for parents with babies. how you can monitor your baby's sleep down to their breathing heartbeat, sleep positions plus the other must have items for moms and dads. this is a good consumer report. stuff you want. ♪
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i owe sue serio an pom gee already. this looks likes it's coming together nicely. she's making a turtle out of a watermelon. looking good. looks like the head has been severed though already. that's probably not good. (laughter). >> the turtle can't swim without that head. >> she has all the feet. >> okay. publisher's clearing house is in philadelphia. you know these folks. they give a million dollars. they walk up to your house with balloons, hand i was check for million dollars. >> big check. that's what you like to see. >> oh, yeah. so we have a camera going along with them. they have picked somebody out in philadelphia unbeknownst to them they're about to become a millionaire. we'll ride along with publishe publisher's clearing house in philly this morning. you're about to become millionaire. you're about to become millionaire. who are you? i don't know.
8:58 am
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