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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  September 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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history. we are live at hofstra university in new york night with bruce gordon who's covering the big showdown but he'll join us in just a few minutes. >> developing to night in wilmington preparing to say goodbye to two heroes killed on the job battling a fire. procession of firefighters accompanied the bodies of 51-year-old jerry fix and 41-year-old christopher leech from the medical examiner' office this morning to their respective funeral homes. the firefighters died responding to house fire when the property collapsed saturday. good evening, i'm lucy noland. i'm iain page. residents in the home already made it out alive but the question remains tonight why firefighters had to go inside at all. brad sattin has been covering the story. officials held a news conference this afternoon. what did you learn. >> reporter: there's still a lot of questions that nobody at this point seems to have the answer toss as this investigation continues. you hit on the big one here. if everyone was out of the house as firefighters arrived, why then did the firefighters go back inside? meanwhile the
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bodies of firefighters began their journeys this morning to their final resting places. honoring two full len heroes they're caskets draped in american flags as they were loaded into hearses and escorted by fire trucks the bodies of 51-year-old firefighter jerry fix cuss and 41-year-old lieutenant christopher leech were led from the medical examiner's office to their respective funeral homes and to those who watched tears. >> watched lieutenant leech go by in the hearse and it just broke my heart. >> meanwhile investigators spent a third day on the scenes a the atf and state fire marshal continued to look for cause of the fire. nothing is being ruled out. also, nearby, macy napier and her familiar. her home burned. she and six other people were inside at the time. but all were able to get out before firefighters arrived. missy insists she made clear in any 911 call no one was trapped inside. >> the only thing i said i had animals in the home. so please hurry.
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but i confirmed there was nobody in the home. we all came out the front door. >> reporter: two radio transmissions were difficult to understand but seemed to state that far one was out. the first -- >> she has everybody out of the house. there's animals in the house. her daughter back inside. she's out. >> reporter: moments later. >> -- >> those tran missions came after firefighters had already arrived and in a news conference late this afternoon wilmington fire chief says the first crews believed people were still inside. >> the arriving units the units first on scene received reports from the scene on the street that people were still trapped inside of the home. >> reporter: obviously some conflicting reports that still need to be worked out tonight. at the news conference we also learned that jerry fix cuss actually went in the house trying to rescue chris leech again both of them died. we do know memorial service being planned for saturday. details not yet work out.
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two other firefighters were injured. they remain lucy tonight in critical condition. >> our prayers with them. thank you so much, brad. the firefighters union has set up a gofundme page for the victims. we have a link on our website. it's of course, that will take you right to that gofundme sight. in montgomery county police were able to stop an armed man who they say threatened to commit suicide. police in glenside found the 32-year-old man at lime kiln pike and mount caramel avenue just before midnight officers say the man waived the gun in the air yelled at them to shoot him. two other others then wrestled h the noon take away his gun. shots were fired during that struggle but fortunately no one was hit by the bullets. he is being held for a mental health evaluation and chargesare pending. >> your fox 29 weather authority now. live look at our radar, and let's take a peak, you can see right there a lot of rain moving into our area. meteorologist kathy orr is tracking all of the timing right now. kathy? >> lucy, this is just the
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beginning of pretty wet week across the delaware valley. started off with a morning chill as high pressure sat right over us. now we have some clouds out there. but take look at these numbers. mount pocono bottoming out at 35 this morning. allentown 42. trenton in the mid 40s. atlantic city and wilmington upper 40s in philadelphia 53 degrees the morning low. we've come a long way with these afternoon highs. philadelphia 72. allentown 68. the poconos only 58. and mild temperatures to the south and east. so ocean water temperature still sitting in the 70s believe it or not. but ultimate doppler the showers and a few imbedded thunderstorms marching eastward heading toward central pa so it will take some time for them to get here by about the midnight hour and the overnight. that's when the bulk of this rain will be falling. so this evening, partly cloudy, 70. by about 9:00 o'clock, cloudy skies park the rain pretty close to philadelphia by 11:00 o'clock with a temperature of 66 degrees. so coming up we'll talk about some showers to start the day
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tomorrow. one sunny day out of the next five. that's just about it. and looking ahead to a dreary end to the month of september. can you believe it? october begins this weekend. i'll see you later in the broadcast with the seven day. we need the rain. here it is. >> all right, kathy. thanks. >> you bet. at least nine people in the hospital tonight after a man opens fire shooting people randomly at a strip mall in houston. gunman described as a disgruntledisgruntled lawyer wil weapons shot and killed by police. he hasn't been identified yet. police say he started shooting around 6:30 in the morning. firing at passing cars. they don't know a motive yet but the guy was having problems with his law firm. one witness says he still can't believe this would happen in his neighborhood. >> i'm hearing the bullets pass my face literally like you could hear -- you know what i'm saying. it was crazy. i never been that close to actual gunfire like that. >> one of the nine people wounded is in critical condition
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of those injured six were shot. another three had minor injuries related to shattered glass. >> all right. here at home man has died after he crashed a motorcycle on east rose vest boulevard. police say the 27-year-old was on a stolen bike when he hit a car. that was making illegal left turn. he fell into the middle of the road. the motorcycle caught fire. medics took the biker to einstein where he died a few hours later. the woman driving the car is not seriously injured. philadelphia police identified the man killed yesterday in hit-and-run in he wasn't of rhawnhurst. 51-year-old milton mon tear passed away yesterday morning after a car hit him while he was in the crosswalk on castor. that car was a white chevy impala. the driver kept on going. police found the car about two blocks away but not the driver. they're still searching for that person. ton night two atlantic counties residents facing a list of charges including rob breen terroristic threats. police arrested nicholas mcclearen and melissa cooper in connection to 7eleven robbery on
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tilton road in egg harbor township. police say they showed a knife and got away with some money from a convenience store. tonight, they're being held on $75,000 bail. turning to you decide 2016. tens of millions of americans will be glued to their tvs to night as hillary clinton and donald trump face off for one of the most anticipated presidential debates ever. clinton said to have been furiously preparing for the debate because trump often unpredictable nature. trump has been less traditional in his preparations. showdown happening tonight on the campus of hofstra university in hem instead, new york. >> bruce gordon is live on the campus ahead of tonight's big matchup. bruce, big audience. >> reporter: huge audience. in fact the all-time record for these presidential debates is back in 1980 when around 80 million viewers tuned in to see ronald reagan and jimmy carter do battle on the stage. they're their one and only debate in that 1980 campaign season.
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looking from 70 to 90 million people watching this thing tonight. frankly it's hard to imagine the event itself could live up to the hype and the excitement that precedes it as we show some of the pictures of what's been going on here on campus the hofstra today, we'll tell you classes were canceled but that does not stop the students from buzzing around trying to get a glimpse of all the scheme. as we know, hillary clinton has led in the national polls and in most of the swing state polls throughout the summer and into this early fall period of time but there's no question donald trump has gained momentum of late and has tightened the race dramatically. in fact take the lead in some of those battleground states. so the question becomes, had can make the real big statement tonight? who can do something that kind of separates themselves from their opponent? obviously in the case of donald trump in particular, it's a wild card. no one is sure exactly which drum lap show up. the more is he bait mr. calm quote unquote presidential donald trump or grenade 34 mak making so much excitement and
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controversy with some of his statements throughout. we have no idea what we'll see. we don't know frankly whether the two will go at it hammer in to know take the gloves off and go at each other or look presidential. 90 minutes starting 89:00 o'clock. no commercial breaks. one-on-one tonight. we can't wait. lucy? >> thank you bruce. of course, social media is expected to be a blaze during this debate tonight. youtube facebook and twitter are all streaming the debate or life content related to the event. snap chat also creating a live story of compilations from the debate. of course, you can watch the whole thing live at 9:00 to tonight right her on fox 29. we'd love to know what you're thinking as it's happening. have your phone in your hand and go to our fox 29 news app. click on rate the debate enter your political party, affiliation, whatever, and agree or diss glee with what the candidates are saying at any time. you'll see the results coming in real time compare yourself to everybody else there. and make sure to stay with us
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after the debate for analysis of the candidate's performances. meantime hillary clinton is hoping that top guns in her party will help her get out the vote in the philadelphia area. tomorrow vice-president joe biden will campaign for clinton at drexel university and first lady michelle obama will support clinton at lasalle university on wednesday and later that day, the first lady will campaign at the university of pittsburgh. donald trump paid two visits to our area in just the last few weeks. >> atlantic city officials announced plans that they hope will help solve the city's financial crisis. mayor don guardian says the municipal utilities authority will buy the city's old bader field for $100 million. officials are hoping a deal will help them pay off debt fightin g the threatened state takeover. deal needs city council and state approval. septa cancels dozens of trains on a busy sunday. what went wrong. that's coming up. >> this weekend philadelphia phs
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got unfortunate surprise when their cars were towed. all a mistake though. how the city is trying to make it right after owners had to pay towing fees. many of you can't go without a selfie to help document what you're doing. but some lawmakers are put their foot down when it comes to vot voting booth selfies. >> were you one of the tens of millions of people who use snap chat? the app has got new gadget you might be interested in. how it works and where. approve this message.
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♪ the state of pennsylvania is honoring golf legend arnold palmer. governor tom wolf ordering flag at half staff today. he passed away and the king who won 62 times on the pga tour had an influence in our area designed the commonwealth golf course in horsham and the blue bell country club course. he was 87 years old. the eagles are soaring after they crushed the pittsburgh steelers. that sounds so nice, doesn't? it 33-three at the linc. rookie quarterback carson wentz why so many of us, at least me, i don't know about this guy, has hopped aboard the wept wagon. i've been on there. >> sean bell is here to talk about the teams flying star. >> i just got on there yesterday. to be honest with. i'm not going to lime rookie still not looking like rookie.
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carson wentz out playing a super bowl winning arthur? back in his third game in the nfla month ago he wasn't even going to dress for nfl games. he was the third string quarterback had was supposed to sit out year. think about that and now he's three-zero yesterday a guy from north dakota state carved up the steelers. a team that was a favorite to win the super bowl and that historically has vicious defenses wentz went 331 yards, two touchdowns and no turnovers. carson is not only defying all odds but breathing live into this entire team. >> his personality, i mean, always constantly smiling, and it's infectious, and guys have graph state to do that and i think -- i think there was probably maybe, you know, three weeks ago when i named carson the starter, you know, there were obviously some eyebrows raised. but now, these guys have bought
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in. >> the way carson prepares are the way carson approaches the game, his ability to work so hard and so much fun doing it is a blessing to the receivers, blessing to this organization. and the rest of the rest of the guys on this team. >> what he's doing is great. it's a mazing. it's something that, you know, i think he'll down play, but, um, there's no doubt about it what he's doing is special. >> celebrity just keeps rising wentz get something more love from the vice-president joe biden tweeting out, hearts, guts and poise from my guy carson wentz. huge game, strong start for the eagles, dr. biden is pumped. it's our year. another shout out he's just getting i was the love, all the fame all the celebrity. it's all dandelions and roses for carson wentz. he's got the bye to enjoy and celebrate treat-zero start. we'll have more on the golden child later in sport. >> see you then, thanks. septa regional rail saga continues tonight. at least 25 trains were canceled
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yesterday as many relied on them to get to and from the eagles game. >> now people are wondering is there a connection fox 29's jeff cole joins us now. jeff, what have you discovered? >> reporter: it was big football game yesterday. septa post canceled trains online. one way of ning riders of problems. also how fox 29 is monitoring how the agency is doing with its weekend schedule after first noticing trains being canceled back in july. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! >> eagles fans will all agree sunday's wrecking job of the steelers was one for the ages but did it wreck septa's sunday train schedule? based on the authorities own social media postings of canceled trains, it would seem so. >> do you tie a big football game being played in this city and being on television to the number of call ups you had yesterday. >> i wish i had the answer to that. i -- um, just happened to be around to time. >> reporter: the first noticing septa canceling weekend
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trains in july after it pulled 120 of its silver liner five trains for safety reasons. fox 29 has been monitoring septas weekend train schedule. sunday starting at 3:40 and building to the evening septa was dropping trains. kickoff was at 45:00. the canceled or what it calls annulled trains were due to a number of reasons including a low number of engineers, taped and ready to work. >> we have crews that call in for various reasons and are not able to work, um, we have to annul those trains. we have to take those trains out of service. >> reporter: septa says it's working to get the silver liner five trains back on the rails as quickly as it can and hopes to move to a normal weekday schedule by early october. but delays continue to playing the authority. delays and canceled weekend trains. >> it's a major inconvenience for passengers and we realize that and we thank you -- we thank our passengers for
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sticking with us. >> reporter: paul ripple over senior producer gathered this information online. that is the root of the problem it claims its training new engineers now, but judging from comments online from passengers, some remain very much unhappy. iain, back to you. >> jeff, thanks. some good news if you got your car mistaken takenly opened towed over the weekend for the philly free street events. you'll get awry fun. it was a miscommunication that led to the parking authority to ticket and tow cars. rather than just relocate them. so all tickets will be canceled. all towing charges will be refunded. while there were no parking signs on part of the event root residents say cars were towed on parts of south street that didn't have any signs. >> today concludes philadelphia's welcoming week event. which has brought people from all backgrounds together in our city. the past 10 days include add piece concert, craft fair, flag raising ceremonies and all kinds of educational events and the
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goal is to bring immigrants and u.s. born residents together help both explore other cultures. at the closing ceremony today, mayor jim kenney says this event helps increase dialogue. >> philadelphia is always been and will continue to be a welcoming city. no walls around this time. it is search to our growth and prosperity. immigrants currently make up 28% of greater philadelphia's main street business owners. >> the event is part of a broader national program called welcoming america. residents in iowa bringing out the sand bags ahead of tree dicked flooding in city rapids area. how officials are preparing citizens for the worse there. >> and political analysts say pennsylvania voters will play a huge role in the presidential race. what's in the candidate's personalities that will be the key to getting voters to the polls? a church is showing the black lives matter movement is not just about african-america african-americans. how they're showing support for the organization. ♪
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♪ police need your help finding two men wanted for a robbery. police say earlier this month east mt. airy two men approached the 71-year-old victim right after he used an atm1 of the robbers threatened the man with gun at the 6500 block of magnolia street.
5:24 pm
the men got away with $200 credits cards and some other stuff. no one was hurt. if you've got any information, please call police. after a six month investigation prosecutors say they know who robbed a bank in cape may. >> tonight they have filed charges against three new jersey residents. joseph mc kara who in prison for unrelated charge now face as list of charges including robbery and terroristic threats. investigators say he robbed the crest savings bank on februar february 25th. prosecutors also charged two other people trevor zero and may gone vallari with related charges. prosecutors in washington state have charged a man with five counts of first degree murder in a shooting inside a macy's in the small town of burlington just north of seatt seattle. 20-year-old arcan cetin made an appearance at court this morning with public defender. he confessed to opening fire inside a mall killing five people. then leading police on a nearly 24 hour manhunt. the turkish immigrant was
5:25 pm
involved in at least a half dozen criminal cases since 2013. judge is holding cetin on $2 million bail. now iowa thousands of residents have had to get out of their homes quickly as the ris rising cedar river threatens city rapids with devastating flooding. >> expected to be the second worst flooding in the city's history. entire neighborhoods in the downtown area of the state's second largest city were abandoned as residents left. schools have been canceled businesses shut danubian midday today the river level had risen past 20 feet. expected to rise three more feet tomorrow. the biggest flood in the city's history was in 2008. one local woman bringing awareness to gun violence in our communities. why is a simple gesture can go a long way. we have more on the huge presidential debate night in new york state. we'll head back to hofstra university with our bruce gordon and kathy is track something big weather. >> um-hmm. rain moving into the delaware valley and new york as well. we're tracking it right now on ultimate doppler.
5:26 pm
the rain moves and in it's going to stick around for awhile. we'll check the seven day when we come back.
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♪ in weather this afternoon we are talking about cloudy skies
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and rain moving in pretty much after midnight across the delaware valley. a live look at the airport. you can see some clouds out there. camera shaking a little bit. there's a little bit of a wind. temperatures staying in the 70s for the most part around the region. winds soft southeast ahead of that front at about 13 miles an hour with some higher gusts. when you look at the range of temperatures it's pretty significant. the poconos started off in the 30s this morning. right now 58 compare that with wildwood still with that ocean water influence it's at 72. 71 along the i-95 corridor sou south. into the north in trenton and wrightstown checking in at 70 degrees. fair weather high pressure that gives the nice sunshine yesterday moving all right shore allow allowing the clouds to move in and this front to approach from the west you can see most of that rain squeezing through during the early morning hours. a few spotty showers for the morning tomorrow. and then the afternoon we see sunshine returning with a high temperature and lower to mid 70s. we start off wet but by the afternoon it will be pleasant again. so future rain total shows
5:30 pm
precipitation moving in overnight. not a lot of rain. .30 of an inch possible in philadelphia. less to the north and west in some higher accumulations to the south and east with that sandy soil as you head down the shore can handle up to an inch of rain no problem. chance of rain pretty high during the day tomorrow. very early in the morning. wednesday looking more like a dry day. thursday rain likely occasional showers with some warm humid air coming up from the south and friday still looking at a 50/50 chance of rain especially in the morning. so it will be a damp stretch. our gardens have needed it and we are going to get it this week. you can see the city overnight temperatures in the 60s. milder than the past couple of nights in the suburbs 55. with the clouds and the rain it will stay on the mild side. during the day tomorrow, morning showers. giving way to partly sunny skies. west wind building in. that's a dry wind for us so you'll see a good deal of sunshine and very pretty sunset. plan your day tomorrow starting off in the 60s with a few showers by lunch touching 70 in
5:31 pm
many places afternoon 73 for any of those afternoon activities should get in all the sports activities after school. no problem. during the dinner hour as the sun sets, and it turns dark very quickly the temperature around 70 degrees. as we look ahead on your seven day forecast, temperatures will stay pretty much on the cooler side as we end the month of september. tomorrow we're seeing showers especially in the morning. wednesday really the pick of the week to get outdoors and do anything you need to do. exercise perhaps. thursday humid with showers with some tropical moisture. friday morning showers giving way to drying conditions. that's the 30th of september. that's the end of the month. and look at october. pretty decent but some morning showers possible. dry for now for game day sunday, 74. wine monday looking for partly sunny skies an temperature around 74 degrees which is seasonal for this time of year. all in all, as we head into october looking pretty good. we end the month of september well above average again. that's the very latest from the
5:32 pm
weather center. we'll zen it back to you. >> all right, kathy. looks good to me, thank you. you decide this could be the most important night so far in this presidential campaign. the first official presidential debate just hours away. >> and 100 million people are expected to tune in which is close to super bowl numbers. you can watch the debate right here on fox 29, of course, and our bruce gordon is live at hofstra university where the candidates are facing off. bruce, what do you expect from the candidates tonight? >> reporter: well, given the fact that these two candidates are historic levels of unlike ability, unlikedness, what term do we want to come up with, folks just don't like them, they don't trust them, they don't like that. that goes for some members of their own party. it will might help for either one of them or both of them to make themselves at least to appear likeable. not sure how eyes see that's going to be. remember hillary clinton has been on the national political stage for 25 years or more. donald trump of course packet al household name on everyone's televisions throughout the land.
5:33 pm
and so pins on both of these two people probably baked in at this point. one clear issue tonight is going to be donald trump and whether he appears presidential. he has been on the stage with a large number of fellow republicans during the primary season and at times those deba debates evolved into a verbal food fight. at this point he needs to look presidential. he needs to look like he belongs there. he certainly got some unusual strategies and policies he's laid out. he's got to present them in way that makes sense to the american people and put him on the stage as an equal to hillary clinton. whether you like clinton or not she has been here before and has more experience. that does not necessarily mean she will be the better debator. simply means she has been here before. so the real wild card here as it's been quite frankly for the last six months or so probably a year or more is donald trump. which donald trump shows up tonight? do we get some of the more wild statements he's made. some of the more controversial statements. does he fire back if he's
5:34 pm
criticized. he's made very clear that when he's punched he punches back and he punches back hard. will that play in front of an audience like this one and national audience as you say that could approach 100 million folks. lots of wild cars, lots of questions frankly no one knows how this is going to play out and that's why the hype and the excitement is so great, lucy. >> absolutely, bruce. you know what, fox news analyst frank lunts says voters in pennsylvania, ohio and florida will determine who wins the presidency. that's how critical this state is in the rate for the white house. and that's why he decided to watch the debate right here in philadelphia. during my interview with him today, he says tonight's winner will be the candidate who turns off people the least versus being the best. >> donald trump these prove that he has enough of a command of the issues and the specifics that he could effectively hold the office of president from day one. hillary clinton has to prove that we can trust her in times of great stress that she has the
5:35 pm
integrity necessary to be president. it's very hard for donald trump to prove that you know something it's easier someone doesn't. it's very hard to people to trust hillary clinton when she's got the record that she's got. so both these candidates start well behind and i think the winner, use that in quotation marks are the winner is the one who make the least mistake. >> now he's at the university of pennsylvania graduate the nation has never seen this amount of negativity in presidential campaign. bruce gordon touched on this with hillary clinton polling 58% unfavorable rating and donald trump 63% rating. the debate airs tonight at fox 29. we'd love to know what you're thinking whiles happening. open our fox 29 news app click on rate the debate enter your political party and agree or disagree with what the candidates are saying at the same time. tune to into for full analysis. >> every kid loves a super hero and for this group it was dream come true to spent the day with
5:36 pm
some. the special goal behind this mission. and delaware governor jack markell heads out of the count country. why he's going to chile. >> we just can't seem to stop talking about that big eagles win yesterday. how fans are showing they're wild about carson wentz. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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♪ a little louder. a little louder. >> special back to school day at global leadership academy southwest in west philadelphia. students were only able to head back to school now because of renovations on the building at 52nd and pine. workers painted the exterior and fixed broken doors, redecorated the classrooms and officials now say the school is more welcomi welcoming. delaware governor jack markell attend chile to meet witness country's president and scheduled to arrive in santiago on friday and going to meet with fruit exporters and shippers because fruit from chile is big business for wilmington's port. this is governor markell's first foreign trade trip since he
5:40 pm
visited germany more than a year ago. >> in arizona first responders going above and beyond their official duties. >> all to help children in need. the phoenix police department, firefighters and other volunteers dressed up as you see super heroes and went shopping to buy gifts for abused children. the toys and t shirts are going to children who visit the child help advocacy center. when the child leaves the center they can take with them a new super hero toy or a t-shirt to help them get through difficult times. >> super heroes have overcome object stables. super heroes have empowered other people and we're talking about abused children. they need up lifting. they need love. every little kid will be so happy when they get one of these items put in their hands. >> little kids, big kids, all kids. the group helps about 500 children every single month. all right. a lot of can't go without a selfie to help document what you're doing. some lawmakers are putting their foot down when it comes to voting booth selfies.
5:41 pm
why the photos are a concerned. >> someone called for law enforcement departments to get out with body cameras. many agencies are finally get something help from the federal government. how it is in fact helping with resources. >> church showing black lives matter movement not just about african-americans. how they're showing support for the organization.
5:42 pm
does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
5:44 pm
another step forward for the landmark iran newark collar deal but they're already diplomatic cracks start to go show. the un nuclear watch dog group known as international atomic energy agency is now fully
5:45 pm
monitoring iran's nuclear program making sure it stays geared toward domestic energy production and not nuclear weapons. however, ear rain crane officials are complaining the us is dragging its feet lifting sanctions but the us says many of those sanctions were actually part of the deal. back to you decide now. and many people these days can't seem to resist a good selfie to document their day to day activities but when it comes to voting no cameras should be allowed in the book. >> fox's err rib rick sean take as look why lawmakers are taking a stand against the voting selfie. >> reporter: selfies in the voting booth are at the center of a federal case. new hampshire is appealing district court ruling that struck down that state' selfie ballot band. >> secret vote it's very important to the preservation of -- >> secretary of state of new
5:46 pm
hampshire william gardner says selfies violate a bed rock american principle dating back to the founding fathers. protecting the arrive tee of the ballot box. >> in the 19th zen treat secret ballot was meant to stop vote buying, coercion and um temptation. 30 states ban photos including selfies and gardner says it should stay that way. >> it's part of what a lot of people fought. i fought the right to have a free and independent vote. and not to be fearful of being able to vote that way. >> this to me is idiotic law. >> reporter: republican state representative put his bat lon the twitter and facebook one of the 3aclu plaintiffs who sued the state. >> there's no evidence that because somebody takes a picture of their ballot and posts it online that that's going to increase vote buying and selling. >> reporter: he also says the
5:47 pm
ban violates the first amendme amendment. >> all the cases were a matter of free speech, one guy protesting that he didn't think he had a decent choice in senator ya'll candidates he put his dogs name in who had passed a it way. >> reporter: gardner insists selfies intrude on the sanctity of the voting booth. >> it's a special place. and it's a special place to be able to vote your conscious and not how someone else wants to you vote. there's not many things in life that people are equal but the vote is equal. >> reporter: decision on new hampshire's appeal of the selfie ban is expected in a few months after the election. in new york, i'm eric sean, fox news. fox search light is using new film the birth of a nation to encourage people to register to vote. the production company will hold voter registration drives in
5:48 pm
theater lobbies ahead of screenings of the film. the nationwide initiative will begin tomorrow which is national voter registration day. the birth of a nation tells the story of matt turner's slavery bell i don't know. the film hits theaters octobe october 7th. and voter registration deadlines are fast approaching in pennsylvania. voters must register by october 11th. deadline is october 15th in delaware. new jersey's deadline octobe october 18th. dozens of veterans headed to center city today for a special job hunting event. more than 50 employers on hand at the union leg of philadelphia. veterans, guard and reserve members as well as military spouses were all april sighted they attended some workshops and got advice from drexel resume builder. vets were even able to pick out an outfit with donations provided by a clothing drive. in the bridge gate trial today, key government witness david wildstein returned to the stand. wildstein a authority authority official told a jury that he told bill city yen about the
5:49 pm
scheme and the cover up of the story about the george washington bridge in 2013. now stepien was running christie's re-election campaign at the time and in a statement the attorney for stepien says, his client did nothing wrong hadn't no role in the plan. wildstein says the defendants bridget kelly and bill baroni approved the traffic scheme. vote will happen tonight for sunoco pipeline in middletown township after a judge denied a last minute injunction filed by citizens of middletown township to delay the vote. they wanted to get independent risk assessment because the pipeline will go near schools, hospitals and parks. the pipe will pump millions of gallons of liquid propane and butane to a sunoco refinery in marcus hook. >> us justice department hoping federal funds will cut down on the number of police involved shootings. $20 million grant a available for municipalities to buy body cameras for law enforcement agencies that need a setter up tour enhance their forces comes
5:50 pm
in the wake of a new jersey of controversial killings of black men at the hands of police officers as well as more and more gunmen ambushing officers. rallies over the police shootings in tulsa and charlotte continue to spread. the cities across the nation in response to the recent shootings at church congregation in connecticut took its message from their house of to the streets. >> katie, was that for the black lives matter protest in front of local courthouse. >> black lives matter. >> all soul unitarian congregation is on a mission. >> this has got to stop and it's up to us to stop it. >> reporter: churchly week black lives matter vigil testified to the new london courthouse sunday morning. >> two blocks down a black child killed in week it wasn't too much. >> andy and his congregation extended their weekly vigil after three deaths. all by police. >> this week was very roar recover for me.
5:51 pm
>> lori stood with the congregation. >> we have a dark path of slavery that needs to be addressed. >> reporter: there's a lot we need to discuss as a country. >> we do need to address bias in law enforcement and, you know, institutional racism. >> reporter: the congregation thinks it's a start. >> this may get some people thinking and talking were you it's not enough. we've got to go on beyond this. >> reporter: so far the reaction to their message has been good. >> 90% of the reaction we're getting is positive. thumbs up or honking. >> the group thinks their country is a at a tipping point the right time to make their voices heard for justice and equality. >> it's time. it's time to act. it's not time to sit back and let somebody else do it. members of the church say they plan to continue their out reach and pushing for the message of black lives matter. one local woman is bringing awareness to gun violence in our community. why a simple gesture can go a
5:52 pm
long way. coming up on fox 29 news at 6:00 are you on snap chat? the company behind it has a new gadget you might be interested in. how it works and where to wear it. and how about that eagles win yesterday? how about the birds rookie quarterback carson wentz. how eagles fans are set celebrating their big three-zero team. (vo) when it comes to your favorite pennsylvania lottery pick games, it's smart to add the new wild ball to your game. sally plays 1 2 3, just like she does every day. but today she adds wild ball. because sally chose to get extra chances to win by playing wild ball, (sally) yah!
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wild scene in san bernardino california after police chase ended with the driver sitting on the 11 of a highway overpass. that chase started with the driver going at about 90 miles an hour or so. he stopped, he got out, he paced around the overpass, held up a windshield wiper. ultimately officers rushed him. no word on what charges he's facing but a long list of them. one local woman is trying to make difference with just plane t-shirt and a black magic mark marker. >> fox 29's photojournalist bill rohrer reports her message is truly heartbreaking. >> reporter: sometimes the simplest of things. >> it's a marker and a t-shirt. >> reporter: can mean so much with every mark carol brings awareness. >> it's just brings the message right to your heart. so that's what we hope to do. >> reporter: putting a name to those killed by gun violence.
5:57 pm
>> this person marco anderson was 43. where was this person? what really happened? and we have to really look inside ourselves to see how can we let it go on? >> reporter: the it medford friends meeting house teamed up with philadelphia based group heeding gods call to create to the memorial loss. >> that are 90 shirts here now. in august, we were in the 80s. >> here we are representing four peaceful natural populated counties look at all these shirts. it breaks your heart. >> reporter: the names -- >> andre matthews. >> jared clark. woods, 43 years old. >> reporter: and ages. >> 35 years old. 27. he was 44. >> reporter: some as young as eight. >> we're always struck by the ages. we always encourage people to
5:58 pm
just walk through, read the names, think about that person. >> reporter: taken way too soon. >> felt compelled to do this. >> reporter: in medford, bill rohrer fox 29 news. >> yeah. >> memorial set up until september 30th it will be moved to another meeting houses across south jersey. ♪ >> right now at 6:00 after months of bashing each other on the campaign trail -- >> frank physical hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. >> it's really outrageous to me that somebody who claims to be so successful has done it by stiffing hard-working americans. >> hillary clinton and donald trump take the same stage tonight. what that stake as we head into the first presidential debate.
5:59 pm
>> ♪ the day is finally here. hillary clinton and donald trump on one stage face to face. this inside the hall at hofstra university in hem instead, new york. candidates will take the stage in about three hours. we will head there live in a moment but first, the developing tragic news out of wilmington, delaware. a long procession of first responders filled the city streets today. the bodies of two firefighters who died while fighting a house fire over the weekend are now at local funeral homes. good evening, i'm lucy noland. i'm iain page. as fire officials and family prepare for their memorials we are hearing from the people who were inside the home where those firefighters lost their lives. let's get right out to brad sattin life. >> reporter: we can tell up until now the pfeiffer chief did not say much. he finally spoke today, again, three days into this tragedy as we're still trying to figure out what exactly happened. the woman who lives in the home who owns the home says she did
6:00 pm
call 911 and told 911 that nobody was inside the home. but today the chief says that firefighters were told when they arrived on the scene that indeed people were inside the home and the question tonight is, whether that miscommunication cost two firefighters their lives. >> a sad story playing out in wilmington city history as the caskets of two fallen firefighters escort to do their hone funeral homes this morning. lieutenant christopher leech and jerry fickes who entered the home trying to rescue lieutenant leech both died saturday when a floor collapsed in house fire still under investigation by the delaware state fire marshal and atf. the home belonged to missy napier and her family. she tells fox 29 that she and six others all got out before firefighters arrived. and insists she made it clear in the 911 call that only her pets were unaccounted f


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