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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 1, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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>> start tightening the nut. >> i did, it won't tight anymore. >> we're going to recreate it. all right. here's what you do. diana, we've worked it out here, we've got a plan. slide the phone in through the side. >> what have you got? >> hey, what are you doing? >> what are you -- >> this is a great shot for a selfie. >> i don't agree with you on that. >> you guys are completely insane, i love you. [laughter] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> guys, we've got team chaser coverage as the investigation continues into the horrific crash that took a life and
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injured more than a hundred people in hoboken on thursday. we've got diana glass, but tamara, you caught up with one of the survivors on the train. what have you got? >> he was sitting in the first car behind the engineer's box. he survived not only this crash, but he was also a survivor of 9/11. i went to his house in new milford to speak with him. he didn't want to go on camera, he's still recovering from some injuries, he allowed me to take some pictures and ask him some questions. i asked him if there was anything different from this ride than every other time. what was different was that the door was open. he said, normally, the engineers are locked in that little room, and there was a clear view of the tracks. i was actually appreciating the scenery as we were going down the tracks. they were approaching the station at the normal speed, and then he stood up and put his bag over his shoulder. just as i stood up, there was a huge explosion.
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basically, the whole roof had collapsed, and i was on the floor lodged underneath. i asked him, after going through this, is he hesitant to ride the train again, and he said, no, because this was an accident. he'll be back on the train on monday. i just can't imagine surviving both those things -- >> he's either incredibly lucky or incredibly unlucky. thanks, tamara. diana, you were with governor christie covering his statements about the tragedy in hoboken. >> right. so new jersey governor chris christie gave us insight on the investigation which he said won't be completed for another 7-10 days because investigators right now can't even get in the hoping hoboken station. >> not safe for anybody to be in those trains right now doing an investigation. until we clear that away and all of the hanging wires. >> there's been some criticism over maintenance and safety. he says these sorts of accidents are very rare for new jersey transit. >> they have a very good safety record, but no accident is acceptable, so we have to get to the bottom of what happened, and
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i promise you that we will. >> this governor and his administration have been sitting on, for years, recommendations from the federal government about upgrading safety measures and brake on these trains -- brakes on these trains. they a actually got the federal government to push back the deadline because nj transit was too incompetent and inefficient to install the recommendations when they came through. we don't know this is what caused this accident. honestly, you'd think the governor would be as angry as the rest of us. >> not only that, governor christie would appoint the jersey transit head, and they haven't had a head for almost a year. they haven't had a board meeting in the past three months, and we have a $4 million budget gap they haven't addressed. >> what i'd like to see, dig into this more, what kind of incompetence and inefficiency is going on that these guys can't seem to get out of their own way. to me, the answer lies somewhere in there. sergio hates donkeys for some reason, we don't know why.
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>> bill, another day, another sighting of creepy clowns across the country and right here in new jersey. this phenomenon's taken hold so greatly that the police departments has taken it upon themselves to put out a statement saying, yes, we're aware that there are creepy clowns out there. right now there are no reports of school lockdowns or people being at risk. they are on the scene, they are looking for any clowns that will pop up. but right now the public is not at risk, thank god. i cannot keep looking at you. >> do they have a description of the clown? >> blue hair, missing teeth. >> interesting. [laughter] >> wears -- >> all right, i gotta go. >> -- button-down shirts and jeanses. where were you yesterday? ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> new jersey governor chris christie is in an nondale today, once again probloating his fairness -- promoting his fairness formula. but the real question, governor christie, what are you wearing? do they look like cartier to you? the question is this bombshell article out of "vanity fair" alleging the governor is sporting $4,000 cartier cuff links. that's a lot of money, but is it true? does the say it like it is governor dish out the dough when it comes to fashion? well, it's time to bring in the
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experts. >> all this buckling in the chest is caused by shoulder line, the jacket sleeves are too long or the shirt sleeves he's wearing are too short. the pants, very baggy and billowy, a little bit too long. >> brian is the ceo of henry davidson in philadelphia. as a master tailor and image consultant, it's safe to say he's the one to ask when it comes to style and fit. >> if i had to guess, i would guess he's probably wearing brooks brothers. >> it doesn't really seem like he has, he's paying for a stylist or -- >> if he's paying for a stylist, they should be fired. [laughter] >> but back to those cuff links. are they really cartier? well, there's one place to go. so you're the person to talk to about chris christie's cuff links, huh? >> i happen to have a pair. these are my favorite. these are 18-karat yellow globe love knots. >> did anything about them speak cartier to you? >> you take a jeweler's loop and
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you look underneath. and if it is, it'll be stamped with the cartier logo. >> okay. so clearly, lots of opinions here. but the real question, why does this even matter? why should we care what the governor is wearing? well, apparently it does matter. and, in fact, we probably all should care a little more. >> i google everything. [laughter] you can even google to dress better. [laughter] but, definitely, it's just very important for you to present yourself in a way where people look at you and know that you're about your business. >> well, that's a story, as always. tweet me your thoughts and stay with me on twitter @diana blass for all your updates on governor christie. >> the bridgegate trial on friday turned into an expose of jersey politics at their worst. a star prosecution witness david
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wildstein talked about project after project out of port authority funds that was allegedly sent to towns throughout new jersey to gain support for governor christie's political future. now earlier, wildstein had talked about steel from the destroyed world trade center and flags that flew over the site that were allegedly used as lures and enticements to mayors that might endorse christie. so i went just across the river into north arlington where there is a beautiful 9/11 memorial featuring prominently a piece of steel from the twin towers. i wanted to know if this was part of the campaign wildstein had talked about, so i talked to the former mayor, pete massa, the a democrat and former cop who served two terms in office. >> when i used to say when i was an internal affairs investigators in the police department, one guy gets in trouble, three guys cover it up. instead of one knucklehead in
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trouble, there's four. >> i met him for coffee at a local diner. massa said one of the witnesses in the bridgegate trial, indeed, came to him in 2013 with a similar endorsement pitch like the one the administration gave the may record -- mayor of fort lee. >> and he said, would you consider an endorsement for the governor? i looked at him with a little smile, i said, quite honestly, mattie, i'm a democrat. and after that there was no further discussion. >> also no retaliation, no bridges closed, no nothing. and the mayor also said that the steel was never part of the deal, it was actually received by the town's fire department who sent a truck to new york city on 9/11. this makes sense especially for a town that had a mayor that was only a four out of ten on the scale that christie aides prepared of mayors that were likely to endorse the governor. i decided to let massa know what the administration really thought of him and showed him this exhibit that had been displayed in the trial of a
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spread sheet that the administration had made. you were a four. >> gee, i thought i'd be higher than that. >> worked with the governor when he was u.s. attorney. said he liked and admires the governor. he's ending the time of mayor, in parentheses, getting old -- >> okay. >> and they may make him more likely to endorse a republican. at the end of the day, did north arlington receive world trade center steel for political reasons? maybe not. but even if they did something for the right reasons, the right thing was done, and now there's a beautiful memorial overlooking manhattann that will be there long after chris christie leaves office. for all the updates on that trial, follow the show @chasingnews. >> hello. my name is iowa maya. >> video of her skills have
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garnered tens of thousands of gawkers. >> i love that they call her a -- why princess? >> she balances the strength and the courage of a baller with a dignity, poise and grace of a
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> never good when governor chris christie calls a snap press conference on a friday afternoon. mike, what happened? >> yeah. i went to the statehouse.
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governor christie announced an agreement to fund the transportation trust fund by raising the gas tax by, as we said, 23 cents a gallon in what he and senate president steve sweeney and assembly speaker say will offset the cost of the hike for working families across the state, they're going to eliminate the estate tax and reduce the sales tax by three-eighths of a point by 2018. but, of course; once the bill is signed by the governor, the gas tax will go into effect as soon as next week. >> i thought we already went through this. this got shut down in june. why are we going back through it again? >> here's the thing too, unsurprisingly, the governor didn't take any questions on this. >> bridgegate? >> and i'm very happy to be able to be a participant in this further investment in our state and making our state more affordable for our citizens. >> but jeff managed to talk to senate president sweeney and the assembly speaker asking them are you going to pass it at midnight
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again? >> roll tape. >> will there be another midnight vote? >> i would expect it will be here -- we talked, we'll be here early one wednesday, i would expect, and the bill is in the senate right now, so we're going to have to amend it and send it back to the assembly, because they have to go first. >> late on a friday night governor christie, boy, he never fails to disappoint. this time it's the gas tax, round three. just when all the conversation with the bridgegate trial starts to turn toward whether or not the governor may be impeached for his knowledge of the bridgegate scandal, he's going to saddle us with a gas tax, 23 cents. can you afford it? aren't we already the highest-taxed state in the entire country? and now the governor thinks it's okay to saddle working class, middle class commuters with more money out of their pocket? it's an absolute outrage, and he calls himself a conservative
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republican? it's laughable. and i think what's worse is that he did it on a friday night on the eve of a jewish holiday knowing that people aren't paying attention. i guess this is what you get in trenton from politicians that are more interested in padding their own pockets and protecting their own friends than standing up for you. the gas tax, round three. you can bet that we're going to talk about this on "chasing news" all next week and, of course, it's like the show writes itself. monday morning on new jersey 101.5, i'll be talking about this. it's time to stand up to this nonsense and let the governor and the legislators know, no more taxes. we are already overtaxed past anyone in the entire country. stand with me. more to come. >> sometimes you meet somebody that you just know is going to be a star. for me, that's amaya. she plays basketball with a passion, the heart and the skills of best of 'em. and she's only 6.
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>> hello. my name is samaya, and i'm from brooklyn. >> this little girl can dribble two basketballs at once, shoot layups and three-pointers all while blindfolded. when her father noticed her skills, he put them up on instagram, and the fame began. >> the main goal is to focus on her education since school started. >> the sky's the limit, right? >> sky's the limit, yeah. >> videos on youtube have garnered tens of thousands of gawkers. in fact, the new york liberty women's nba invited her onto the court where she held full court. this new york city-raised little lady has her own nickname in the neighborhood, baller princess. why are you going to be famous? >> because i play a lot of sports. >> i grew up playing sports all the way through college, so i just had to see if this little lady really has what it takes. i headed to bed-stuy where i met with her who, as it turns out, is not just a ball player, a
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princess, she's also a personality. >> she's such a loving little girl. right now she'd say you're her best friend if you asked her. >> we are best friends. then we hit the court where she dribbled circles around me and then there was a parachute. now, that's just one of the techniques her trainer uses to help samays become number one. >> she plays three sports, basketball, socker and gymnastics. anything she puts her mind to, she catches on. >> she's as amazing off the field as she is on. when she found out her 4-year-old cousin was battling canter, she started her own gofundme in her cousin's name, go to samaya, fighting for a cure. >> i come from a very strong basketball background. i played all the way up to high school. i'm actually a little jealous of
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her, tara, but samaya, i'm going to live vicariously through you. >> we're going to hear about her a lot, and probably when she's of age, she's going to be in the olympics. >> sometimes we see people get this level of success, my wish is she keeps her head on her shoulders, remains humble. >> i love they call her a baller, she's 6 years old, but why princess? she's a fighter, she's a warrior. just use those terms. >> she balances the strength and the courage of a baller with the dignity and the poise and the grace of a princess. >> [inaudible] >> i don't know. >> by the time this airs, it'll be on saturday, it's actually her 7th birthday today, so happy birthday, samaya. what is it like being from brooklyn, being from new york city, is that cool? >> yes. >> yeah? >> a ticking time bomb is a film premiering this sunday at the new jersey film festival. it's a personal story about the devastating effects of lyme disease. >> we have an epidemic in new jersey.
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the doctors know it's an epidemic, and they're not looking for it. >> how did she contract it? does she know how, does she know when? ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> comeinging up next -- [laughter] >> she gets on her knees, perhaps, to get under the ball, but alas, her hands fail her
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and, boom! >> when trying to catch a football, your hands work b come on... dogs just won't quit. neither does new frontline gold. its triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks for a full 30 days. good boy! go for the gold.
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>> don't make it any grosser than it has to be to. >> well, it's all fun and games until someone catches a football with their face. >> oh! >> a photographer at auburn university in alabama made a little bet that she could catch a kick in the end zone. [laughter] she get on her news, perhaps to get under the ball, but alas, her hands fail her and, boom, right in the kisser. thankfully, the girl -- named ashley -- is doing okay, and as she put it, she's just a little red. >> i could watch that a few more times though. that's pretty funny. >> i get a drum roll from everyone, please? >> all right. be.
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[drum roll] >> i know you guys are all anxious to end your week with the latest in entertainment news. the big question, will we ever really know what caused bank lean that to split after being together for nearly a decade, two years of marriage and raising six children together? >> i lost sleep over that the last couple days. >> we all did. that's where i turn things over to our friend, dish nation host in atlanta. >> you know, relationship, break-ups and shockers, man. last week the heavy thing was the fact that brad pitt9 and angelina jolie were going through what they were going through, and this week it's naomi watts and liev schreiber. this was a couple that a lot of people really liked together, so it's shocking that, you know, all of a sudden these guys are calling it quits, and it's two high-profile break-ups in just a short amount of time. >> now, aside from what's going on in hollywood, i asked him about the real sitcom of the week, also known as the first presidential debate, and here's
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his take on donald trump and hillary clinton. and i think you'll just love this part, bill. >> i'm sure. >> hillary clinton did such a good job in the debate. they're talking about making her the subject on season two of "making a murderer." she made donald trump look so crazy the entire time, and the crazy thing is it doesn't take much to do that. like, donald trump gets so angry so easily. and between, like, you know, him constantly cutting off lester holt, the excessive amount of sniffing, maybe he had some sort of drug problem, i just don't think he was prepared. hillary clinton has a background in doing this sort of thing. >> so i love your -- >> i got nothing. >> i want to know why he's called head crack. >> we've been over that, it's a game, you roll some dice -- >> anyway. thanks, head crack. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ten years. ten years.
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i'm good one minute and i'm sick the next. >> a ticking time bomb is a film premiering this sunday at the new jersey film festival at rutgers. it's a very personal story about the devastating effects of lyme disease. the filmmakers are tom and tamara who are married and did this to show the personal struggles they've had with lyme disease. i caught up with them at their home in mon tvale. lyme disease doesn't get the attention as other diseases such as cancer. >> we have an epidemic in new jersey. the doctors know it's an epidemic. the numbers are tremendous, and they're not looking for it. they're not looking for the most obvious thing, and i always say that's like not looking for malaria in india. >> i spoke to tom about his inspiration to make the film. he said it was his wife. >> she was very sick with lyme disease for 15 years, and she started to progressively get better. we said, you know, there must be other people that are sick like this. maybe we can bring some awareness and education to the
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issue. so we decided together to make this documentary on lyme disease. >> she said that it's been incredibly crippling for her. prior>> prior to that there wert i suspect are smoldering symptoms, but it got to the point where i had a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old, and i was crippled. i couldn't make it from the bed to the bathroom. >> she said that lyme disease affects your weakest organs and goes after them first. in her case, it's been her heart. >> every system in my body has been attacked, but my heart, i already had problems. for people who don't realize with the lyme disease. >> i asked tamara how she's dealing with it now. >> you're crippled physically, and then these poor families are crippled financially on top of it because you need to see a lyme disease specialist, and they do not take insurance. so you can walk into a doctor and spend $3,000 on the first visit, and you're going to get none of that back even if you have insurance. >> she's now been following her own anti-viral program.
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>> it's just a daily supplement and then, you know, this is additional or, you know, something i'll be taking next week or next month. of course, tons of fruits and vegetables. we're always making something. >> she showed me her cup board filled with tons of anti-viral supplements which she now takes. >> how did she contract it? can you go back to a specific point and say, ah, that's it? >> it's commonly contracted through a tick bite, but in her case tamara said she never had that big rash you're supposed to get. she has no idea. >> what have you got? >> people bleeding everywhere, wobbling around. >> is he just rowing? >> he just rides. >> black man was charged with a hate crime. >> road rage. the only color people see is red. >> lester holt, you're an idiot. [laughter] >> do
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