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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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all good things must come to an end, first base man ryan howard bid farewell to philadelphia. >> i want to thank you guys for headaching this all possible, for headaching it fun. we had a good run, didn't we? >> how the phillies sent off their star slugger. good day, everybody it is monday, october 3rd, 2016, thanks for waking up with us at 5:00 this morning. lets get over to sue serio who has a look at your monday morning forecast. >> lots of folks braved showers and drizzle toll come out to the ballpark yesterday, it it was nice to see, now we have a little bit of the change in weather, pattern, this morning just still the same we are giving you seven out of ten because we do expect to see sunshine. can you see buddy behind the fog, in honor of their victory and ryan howard, of course so there are some showers around this morning.
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temperatures in the 50's and 60's. the lets check radar and you can see green in montgomery and bucks county here, delco, down through salem and cumberland county about to get this heavier downpour moving out of kent county and delaware and there you see that more closely. we will examine radar and talk about hurricane matthew coming up as well. immediate problem is the fog this morning very foggy in allentown, reading, pottstown, we have gotten better in trenton at least for thousand but visibility at philly international is down to 3 miles, so you can see haze there as we look at our picture of the airport 63 degrees, 7:00 o'clock sunrise time it will be a while. once we do get daylight though we will eventually see some sunshine just not right away. temperatures as you get started are in the 50's to the north of us, we have 59 degrees in atlantic city international, 65 town in dover and 62 in wildwood, and so we're expecting a high
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temperature, a little later on of around 75 degrees, and nothing moving at the moment but it will be 75 degrees, bob kelly, wait for the next graphic. >> that is right. >> there is the next graphic. >> good morning, everybody 5:02. almost as foggy as that walk from the bed to the bathroom this morning. when you head out the front door fog mist, roads are wet, it will be another bad hair day, as we start with a new week here. live look at 42 freeway coming in toward philadelphia, hit and miss fog and as sue mentioned on the radar there we have got some rain out there. septa has been shuttle busing, and so we should start to see trains rolling on the market frankford and subway any moment now. northeast corridor regular services from new jersey transit, service still suspended though in and out of hoboken, expect delays at philly international because of the weather this morning and our top story, also our top traffic story, normal
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service patterns return today on septa regional rail lines. now dave you are outside at one of the station this is morning. i think commuters are looking forward to seeing some new improvements, to the wait times on those platforms but key is new schedule. >> reporter: new schedule is key, basically throw out old one, use the new one and it will look like the one before they had the problems with the silver liner cars the ones with the cracks in them. you'll see those cars back in services, today, septa says beginning today the crowded trains and delays are expected to taper off now that progress has been made in the repairs. you may remember, septa pulled 120 silver liner five cars when cracks were found on the vehicles. this made up one-third of the regional rail trains there, the train cars, but 50 of those had been repaired and they are back in service but septa is still leasing trains from amtrak and nj transit
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among others to make up the difference. they will swap those out for new vehicles once they get more repairs made but for now the return to the normal schedule is welcomed news to the commuters we spoke with. >> just the fact that we can get back to the regular intervals, if i don't pick my i had up by 6:00 o'clock we're paying one dollar a minute for every minute that we are late and we have got two kid. it adds up very quickly. over the summer, i mean i can't remember last time i was on a train on time. >> i'm so happy, yes, very happy. >> you have to leave earlier because trains are much more crowded and standing room only so you are definitely leaving earlier. i'm very appreciative that as of monday we will get back to having a seat. >> reporter: again, key thing here throw out your old schedules and go get the new once as well. is there one critical point, thinks a work in progress,
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septa says as they continue to get those silver liners repairs and put the more in service they are still dealing with challenges. the basically there will be four trains between going in to center city and leaving center city that will have some modification. bottom line is check your schedule before you go to work and certainly when you come home in the afternoon in the evening. back to you. >> all right. thanks very much, dave. creep cry clowns and threats of violence made against local schools in social media and office of home land security getting involved. investigators trying to track down whoever posted disturbing messages. steve keeley joins us live with more on this creepy story hi there, steve. >> reporter: another rainy monday morning for parents but they have to worry shore about little johnny wearing his rain coat at the bus stop because of this, so while stupid, it is serious, likely copycat, weasel worms were not enough things to keep them occupied. there is a real good positive and that is public response first before the school
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leaders and law enforcement took over. it was plenty of public tips alerting authorities what was posted over weekend, threats to kill kids and teachers at philadelphia schools, brendan lee is philadelphia school district executive director of school safety and he was out in front of this all weekend thanks to all those people who saw something, said something, read something, called somebody, strong stance by many people. >> we're receiving tips from several on line social media sites from people that contacted us and that prompted us to go into action and meet with philadelphia police, call them, contact them and we start collaborating on strategies that we will do for the time being. typical on line postings of threats of injuries, to students, threats to the buildings, threats to students in general. >> brendan lee has a couple more days to tiehl with this but the philadelphia archdiocese has to deal with it immediately because they,
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unlike philadelphia public schools, that are going to be shut down today and tomorrow for jewish rash hashanah holy days archdiocese schools are opened today, some catholic schools in philadelphia, who have specifically mentioned in these threats and that is why they will get specific attention from philadelphia police all day to day, so parents and kid at those schools kill feel secure. >> thanks, steve very much. now to a developing story out of chester where multiple people were stabbed this happened around 8:00 o'clock last night the on the 900 black of barclay street. we are working to figure out number of stabbing victims and we do know those injuries are not life threatening. police in harrison township new jersey trying to figure out why a man got out of his car early yesterday morning and walk right in the road. a driver ended up hitting him and paramedics pronounced jake on, dead at that scene. police say he got out just before 7c in the morning, walk in the westbound lanes of the mullica drive, when the driver hit him. the person stayed at the scene, police say they do not
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expect prosecutors to file any charges. a major setback in the search for answers in the deadly new jersey trans crash, the ntsb says that one of the trains event recorders, was not working on the day of the crash, that recorder, would have had information on the trains speed when it crashed into the hoboken new jersey train station. another reporter was in the front of the train and investigators say they are hopeful it was working but they are not yet able to get to it because it is underneath a collapsed section of the station's roof. meanwhile, ndsb says train's engineer says they have no recollection of the crash itself but he does remember certainty tails from moments before. >> he said that he looked at his watch and noticed his train was about six minutes late, arriving, at hoboken, and he said that when he check the speedometer he was operating at 10 miles an hour when entering the station's track. engineer said he had no memory of the accident.
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>> we're told trains engineer does remember cars being much more crowded then usual on the day of that crash. we're on top of this developing story in the deadly train crash for all change that is could affect your commute on the new jersey trans the it line just log on to our web site at fox new lets get to breaking news involving kim kardashian a reality tv star was held at gunpoint in paris last night. spokesperson says that one armed men dressed as police officers confronted west up side of her hotel room. she was tied up, robbed as ten million-dollar worth of jewelry. according to her spokesperson the actress is badly shaken up but physically unharmed. daily mail says her kid, north and saint were not believed to be with her at the time. kardashian west with her mother and two sisters were in the country for paris fashion week. coming up later in the show we will have kanye's reaction to hearing what happened to his wife. now lets get to sports. ryan howard suited up for what is likely his time game as a
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philly yesterday at citizens bank park. uniform that howard has been wearing his entire career, it was an emotional day as first base man said farewell to philadelphia one of the season's biggest crowd came out to south philadelphia to honor him. there was no mistake the love of the one of the most popular phillies ever as fans wore number six jerseys. after playing over 1,500 games an emotional howard talk to the fans. >> i want to thank you guys for making this all possible, making the fun. we had a good run, didn't we? >> i'm just trying to go out here and just do a job and play baseball and try to do it to the best of my ability and to have that be recognized the way it was recognize that had will live with me forever. >> ryan howard still technically a philly for next year but team will likely buy him out of the last year of his contract. 5:10. did donald trump dodge tax
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collectors for almost two decade. how his supporters are responding to that claim. an arrest is made in an attack caught on surveillance video outside geno's steaks but there is more to the story what the attackers told their victims just before that assault.
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we're starting off with the weather pattern in place for days and days and days. we went from needing rain
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really badly to getting a lot of it but past couple days has been just kind of annoying with the drizzle and tampness and not a lot of rain. low pressure system to the northwest of us over the great lakes is responsible. it has been spinning in place for all of those days but also the off show low throwing clouds back on us as well. that is all expected to get on the move so high pressure can build in and give us some sunshine once again and the pattern looks pretty decent, for the rest of the week. after we get rid of all this but everything is very slow to move, so through see the clouds, that we have, and the showers that are moving through and in some cases it is a heavy downpour now heading in to cumberland county in delaware. we will see some of that rain, that is to our south that is pretty heavy and then rain north of philadelphia that is pretty light, what is going to happen the rest of the day? we have got future cast to tell us that. sunrise at 7:00 o'clock. we will see some cloud around
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then, and then, but by about 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon we will see breaks in the clouds but still some showers around as that low is exiting, it is not going to go quickly but by the end of the night we should have skies that are clearing pretty well. so we have poor visibility, lots of fog in reading, lancaster, allentown, pottstown, trenton all of the places we have been showing you, driving through those country roads it is hard to see your way but at philadelphia international 3 miles visibility this morning. 63 degrees here. fifty's to the north of us, 60's to the south of us, not bad this morning, average high is 71, we have nod made it there for days not since wednesday of last week and we're talking about 73 degrees today as rash hashanah happy new year, continues. we are close to 70 for tomorrow and in the lower 70's for wednesday, thursday and friday, by the weekend though guys, we have to start -- >> come here, we have a
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special day to take. we have a special. >> hit it mr. dj. >> chubby checker's birth day. >> chubby checker, live, happy birthday chubby, i though he is in town: >> great exercise. >> drop the mirror ball here happy birthday, chubby. good morning, 5:16. doing a little twisting from the bedroom to the bathroom a little foggy here's had it looks like. this is a live look at 202 near county line road, this morning we have the fog, we have wet roads, we have poor visibility almost the same as what we ended up with, remember thursday and friday, same thing but not heavy downpour but the roads are still wet and slippery. big news, top traffic news, normal service patterns are
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returning today. here's the deal not all of those trains are fix but they have enough trains fixed as well as those leased trains to kind of go back, to the schedule that we were rolling with back in june before the train mishap, those trains were pulled off the, pulled off the track because of the repairs. so normal service patterns with a few little tweaks. some trains may be, espresso as opposed to local, or vice versa. bottom line grab the new schedule either on your phone, facebook, twitter, we have a post up on our web site at fox, follow the new schedule, so you are good to go and you're certainly going to see an improvement today and things will start to get better each and every day as we move along here. northeast corridor from new jersey transit, commuters regular service between philadelphia and new york. only service that is suspended is train service in and out of
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hoe boning friend that train accident on thursday. of course, with the poor visibility, the fog mist, expect flight delays down at philly international. lauren, back over to you. 5:18. now to our top story philadelphia police say though now know two of five attackers rolfe in the brutal assault outside geno's steaks in june, they say 24 year-old alberto lopez turned himself into authorities. police issued a warrant for another man all they are saying about that person is he is 36 years old. the two are part of the larger group who assaulted two women and man outside south philadelphia landmark late one night in june. they claimed they belonged to isis. chase end with the crash in the philadelphia police officer now injured. two police cruisers slammed into each other on the 1500 block of south 26th street around 7:00 o'clock last night. one officer injured in the crash refused medical treatment. cars so banged up tow trucks had to have them hauled away. 2016 presidential raza
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peers to be in full scandal mode as accusations about donald trump being a tax dodger and hillary clinton indifference to the millennial voters. the clinton criticizes bernie sand are supporters as quote living in their parent's basement and trapped in dead in careers. the new york times reports that the 1995 trump declared a loss of nearly a billion dollars from the collapse of his casino empire, trump shuttle and plaza hotel. without any proof he did, times went on to say that trump could have use that loss to avoid paying any taxes for 18 years. trump supporters coming to his defense raising his business accu men. >> there is no one who has shown more genius in their way to maneuver around the tax code as he rightfully used the laws to do that. >> don't you think a man has this kind of economic genius is a lot better than a woman and only thing she has ever produced is a lot of work for fbi checking out her e-mails
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good trump campaign says returns were illegally obtained, and is threatening legal action. trump responded firing off this tweetie know our complex tax laws better than anyone who has ever run for president and only one who can fix them #failing at new york times. and more problems for donald trum this morning vandals targeted his new luxury hotel in washington d.c. crews already covered graffiti with plywood but police say someone va painted black lives matter and slogan no justice no piece on the front of the building on the saturday. police don't know who did this, a publicist for the hotel has declined to comment. trump international hotel opened up just last in right here near the white house. now to the democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton will return to our area tomorrow. her daughter chelsea and actress elizabeth banks will join her in haverford. the three will be talking about clinton's plan to support children and families. later that evening they will stop in harrisburg to urge
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pennsylvanians to make sure that they are registered to vote before the deadline on october 11th. hundreds of pound of marijuana headed to the keystone state, until it is a traffic stop that would interrupt that plan. the interesting way that the driver tried to throw police off with a strong scent but first the winning lieutenant theory -- lottery numbers. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time.
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a man filed a lawsuit alleging police brutality and police are working hard to keep public came in light of it. police met with pastors and other community leaders saturday afternoon in lorraine, about 40 minutes outside cleveland. group discussed recently released video that led to the lawsuit, dash cam video, from 2014, showed police arresting a man after complaints of dealing drugs. the video shows an officer walking the man to a cruiser and then slamming his head on the windshield. >> watching the video will believe it is who are i can. i was unable to see anything this is video that suggest mr. g arrest, attempting to fight with him, attempting to flee. >> this is something that happened two years ago. it is in the something
5:25 am
happening on a regular basis. >> lorain police department cleared officer involved of any wrongdoing claiming the officer intended to place the man on the hood but hit the windshield instead. >> police in indiana arrested a truck driver that was hauling more than 200 you this dollars worth of marijuana an investigation reveals that the drugs were coming from california headed right here to pennsylvania, but here's where story takes a strange turn. indiana state troopers say five two-year old richard sherman covered the marijuana in mustard, in an effort to has being the smell of the drugs but it obviously didn't work. the one state police captain says this is not most unusual thing he has seen. >> there is no limit to how they disguise the drugs they are trafficking. this is in the unusual to what we are exposed to on any given day. we are in the crossroads of america and for everything good that means, it also means
5:26 am
bad things as far as people transporting drugs across the state of indiana. >> last year indiana state police say under cover officers seized more than 500-pound of cocaine, 66-pound of heroin, and more than 2400 pounds of marijuana. 5:26. we are covering several big store thinks morning, steve keeley on a nationwide alert about people dressing up as clowns. >> reporter: we live in the age where we have trolls who write on the internet and bully people for being overweight or having bad skin or something or other but there is a difference between trolling and bullying and then threatening to kill people, dave? >> reporter: and we're talking with septa riders rely on regional rail we are giving them news that the regional rail is backup and running on its normal schedule but do they believe it do they believe the delays will stop? we will ask them after the break.
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social media posts about threatening clouds have parents worried and home land security is involved. why school administrators worked to figure out how to deal with this. after months of cramming on to packed trains septa regional riders are finally get gooding news. the septa has a new schedule, bob kelly and dave kinchen has more on your monday morning commute and how much easier it might be. breaking from overnight
5:30 am
kim kardashian robbed at gunpoint inside a paris hotel room, what the robbers got away with and what her husband did moments after getting the scary news. good day it is monday october 3rd, 2016, 5:30 in the morning, sue serio joins with us our forecast on this monday. it was a soggy wet gross weekend, sue. >> guess what it is like that again, this morning so buddy is ready with the rain jacket, umbrella because there are some showers, plus it is hard to see him and tough for to you find your way around because of the fog out there this morning. here's visability that we have throughout the area, trenton, pottstown, lancaster, allentown still socked in with fog. it is four whiles visibility at philly international not great and it looks like in atlantic city, it is foggy as well. just allow yourself some extra time this morning. the showers could slow you town as well as we zoom in a little bit closer we will see light showers to the thort of us and then town in south
5:31 am
jersey, some light showers, until you go down to cumberland county and there is one heavy town pour right there in southern cumberland county watch out for that this morning as well. we are used to it though after friday, saturday, sunday inn's thursday we had rain. 63 degrees. 97 percent relative humidity. sunrise at 7:00 o'clock the official time. temperatures 50's in pottstown, allentown and mount pocono. in the lower 60's in philadelphia and we think temperatures will move more because we are expecting some sunshine today, damp dreary yesterday with that high of 67, today we think 57 with the earl clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine. we are hoping for that sun to break through to get in the 07's today. start a new weather pattern today and keeping an eye on dangerous hurricane matthew, we will talk all about that coming up in a few, bob kelly is here right now, good morning. >> good morning, everybody. 5:31. the weekend is over and here
5:32 am
we go a live look at 422 dealing with some fog. coup the fog horn we have poor visibility, we have damp roadways that mist, that is out there, so sort of the same deal we have been dealing with since thursday of last week. the here's a live look at 42, intermittent wipers popping there as we work our way through construction zones. new jersey transit, northeast corridor regular services today between philadelphia and new york but service in and out of hoboken still suspended as a result of the thursday's train accident. expect flight delays at philly international today because of the fog and weather conditions. just check with the airline before you head down there. i-95 out of northeast philadelphia no problems at the moment looking good at 202 but we are dealing with fog. our top story also our tap traffic story normal service expect to return today to septa's regional rail lines. dave, i'm sure that news will be greeted with big smiles at the train station where you are this morning.
5:33 am
>> reporter: big smiles but aloft people here in ardmore station are really wondering if, in fact those delays will stop and if in fact the crowding will stop as well. otherwise welcomed news for septa riders rely on regional rail here, and take a light attitude with the idea that the regional weekday schedule will be back this place after a third of the fleet was off line but cracks on the cars, septa says beginning today the crowded trains and delays are expect to taper off now that progress has been made and repairs, has been made, septa pulled 120 of the silver liner five trains which cracked, they had cracked in the support beams there. that made up for one-third of the regional rail fleet. today more than 50 vehicles have been repaired and back in service but septa is still leasing trains from amtrak and nj transit among others to make up the difference while news of the return to normal is welcomed we found many who
5:34 am
have mixed reaction. what do you think about everything coming back to normal as far as transit. >> we will see, i'm not too enthusiastic. i don't think it will happen but if they can do it that is great but in not it just be par for the course. >> i hope many passengers have suffered from the delays which some times has been about one hour or so. i hope everything goes back to normal schedule and less delays. >> reporter: wait and see is action we have spoken with here. again, septa says customers should refer to the schedules that were dated around june 19th those are new schedules in place right now, and also one more note this is still a work in progress septa is still trying to get more
5:35 am
cars fix silver line tours get them back in the service. until they do that there will be challenges. some trains going in to center city and leaving center city will have some scheduling adjustments, bottom line look at septa's web site and our web site we will keep you updated. check before you go to work and come home in the afternoon. >> good advice thanks very much. scary clowns, threats of violence begins local students and teachers and now home land security is joining philadelphia police in finding out hoist behind these disturbing posts on social media. steve keeley joins us live from police headquarters with much more, hi there steve. >> reporter: we have learn that these threats on line saturday first going to philadelphia public schools which aren't opened until wednesday because of the rash hashanah jewish holy days but then we saw threats aimed specifically at catholic schools, they are opened today and they are going to have police at them today. specifically three local schools, high schools, threatening on line and then again this clown craze reaching across the country hitting here in philadelphia
5:36 am
making national news and also bringing national investigators in from home land security as they try to trace the source of these to the very computers to the worms little basement and bedroom. >> we take all these threats seriously. we handle things on a daily basis with philadelphia police department and we are always collaborating with philadelphia we know that the postings have gone viral. we will handle them as we have been doing all along and managing until the fail school district until wednesday morning when the school comes back in session. >> reporter: great thing about this story is positive that comes out of this when you think about how do public schools learn about this? how did catholic school hear about this? how did police and home land security hear about this? it started with people and kid seeing this stuff on line and picking up telephone and letting authorities now. >> all right, that is good news, thanks very much, steve. now to a developing story out of chester where multiple people were stabbed, it happened around 8:00 last
5:37 am
night in the 900 block of barclay street. we're working to figure out number of victims but we know those injuries are not life threatening. now to a developing story a scary moment for kim kardashian when reality tv star was held up at gunpoint in paris last night. spokesperson says two armed men dressed as police officers confronted west inside of her hotel room. she was tied up, and robbed of ten million-dollar worth of jewelry. according to her spokesperson the actress is badly shaken up but physically unharmed. daily malice reporting that her kids north and saint were not with her at the time. kardashian west with her mother and two sisters were in the country for fashion week there in paris. her husband kanye abrupted ended his show in new york when he found out about the situation. >> ♪ >> i'm sorry, family emergency, i have to go, y'all. >> fans were very confused, at
5:38 am
that moment, so far authorities in paris have have not made in a rests. it seems like the sixers just can't catch a break, the first round draft pick ben simmons out after breaking his foot. sean bell has more on this and other sports headlines after the break. approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body?
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no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either.
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good morning i'm sean bell. it is officially end of the greatest era in phillies history. ryan howard played his last game with the phillies and it
5:41 am
what's motional. his friends said he never saw his dad cry until yesterday. howard got a standing ovation every time at bat and after the game an emotional howard talked about his last game in a phillies uniform. >> it has been a roller coaster, man. it was crazy. i really didn't know what to expect getting out there just seeing the people, seeing different videos and just everything just kind of all just came in and hit me all at once. >> sixers are trying to learn life without the bend been simmons before it ever really started. yesterday coach brett brown talked about his reaction to hearing that simmons broke his foot. >> i think when you first hear the news we have all been hit in the stomach and you lose your wind and then after a while you get it back and you move on. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> lots of laughs on saturday night and it was all at expense of the presidential
5:42 am
candidates. so did the snl cast pull it off? we will let you be the judge after the break. i can't believe we're doing this. gus, you're not scared are you? you're the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. i don't like thunder! (bashfully) this is getting creepy! (sfx: loud thunder clap) grrrr, did you say creepy? creepy cash?
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reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. here's what it looks like rolling out the front door. most of us, are in a fog anyway at this hour but we're driving through it. here's route 202 through chester county. sue mentioned we are getting pockets of rain through chester county as well, we're
5:45 am
dealing with poor visibility damp roadways. same deal has we have been messing with since thursday. live look at i-95 starting to see beginning of the morning rush hour as we head south through construction zone. our top story, top traffic story, normal service patterns returning to septa's regional rails. here are highlights, basically there is 40 of the silver liner cars back in service. that is just enough plus with the leased trains to put septa's schedule almost back to where it was before the whole thing happened back in june. they have added rail service back on the cynwyd line, the festival pier parking lot which was opened during all of this snafu has been closed. you are no longer able to park at festival pier but the free parking, at the frankford transportation center, will stay in effect through october . so that is good news there expect flight delays at philly international today with the weather and fog, check in with the airline pack a snack for
5:46 am
ride and for everybody who uses new jersey transit, northeast corridor regular services today. only thing suspended are trains in and out of of hoboken. here's travel times, not again on the majors, but again as we get in the morning rush hour depending upon how long that fog sticks around, things could get dicey. sue has the answer in 152nd. very latest information on hurricane matthew still a category four storm, it is located 230 miles south/south east of kings ton, jamaica. this is jamaica right here and, taking a northerly track. it will affect gentleman make, haiti, dominican republic, part of the cuba and then head right toward bohamas and only
5:47 am
lose a lit about on it strength. we only have five categories in the scale so category four means sustained wind of 131 and 150 miles an hour and will produce catastrophic damage with a direct hit from this hurricane and power outages could last a few months on some of these islands because it is going right through so manye lands vulnerable to hurricanes like this. that is what is happening there for us we have this off shore low pressure system plus this low to the northwest of us that has been spin nothing place for days and days and days and that will get on the move and this cold front will come through and not only cool us off but then start a better weather pattern and allow high pressure to build in for the rest of the week. so something to look forward to a better weather pattern not right away though, we have the fog out there and we still have a little built of rain moving through our area as we head to the seven day forecast we will show you today, some
5:48 am
showers around in the morning but then hopefully some sunshine in the the afternoon and a high of 75 degrees. 69 degrees tomorrow with a mix of sun and cloud, slightly cooler after the cold front coming through and then 70 degrees on wednesday, looks good on thursday, looks good on friday but by friday and sat take we will start watching hurricane matthew because that is a pretty nasty storm, lauren. >> sue, thanks very much. it is officially fall and to millions of americans that means flu season. the centers for disease control and prevention recommend everyone six months and older get a seasonal vaccine this year cdc no longer recommend the nasal spray. it says it is not effective. most health experts say the best form of prevention is vaccination. it takes about two weeks after you get the flu shot before it is fully protecting you. so officials advice to get your shot before the end of october and remember it only protect as begins certain strains of the the flu. halloween still weeks a a but home depot is already
5:49 am
pulling one of its halloween decorations from the shelves. customers complained they didn't like that it was unsettling. here it is. scary creeper peeper, you suction it the to the window outside so it looks like a peeping tom looking inside. one customer says, the company said it was offensive and makes light toward predatory behavior against would hand. home depot issued a written apology. while many people are talking about the presidential elections, the talk this morning is about presidential satire. saturday night live returned this weekend and introduced alex baldwin as donald trum april begins kate mccann on's hillary clinton and parity of last weeks presidential debate. >> i mean this man is clearly unfit to be command inner chief. >> wrong. >> he is a bully. >> shut up. >> he started birther movement. >> you did. >> he says climate change is a hoax invented by chine split is row announced china. >> he hasn't released his tax
5:50 am
returns which means he is either not that rich. >> wrong. >> not that charitable. >> wrong. >> or never paid taxes in his life. >> warmer. >> that is pretty good. >> tomorrow night vice-president tim kaine mike pence will face off in their debate. look who is back from vacation. >> i'm back, baby hey, did you have fun. >> you come over my place? that is right. big vp debate. chips, dip and stuff. >> okay. >> i will start off with something bad. >> i noticed there is a i new documentary called chasing the dragon about the heroin epidemic in our area. >> it is bad. >> here's the thing they are talking about teaching kids in high school about heroin and different types of prescription trucks. i think you have to start earlier then that. >> that is what we said. >> middle school. >> maybe younger then that. >> producer on this have documentary is here chasing the dragon. they rank counties in our area where heroin use, heroin use
5:51 am
has gone up, up believably. i'll give you one stat chester county heroin use over last couple of years, 400 percent. >> you were talking about flu shot. >> i will. >> i will too. >> the five foods that you need to start eating right now, well, not right nour. at 5:51. the five foods to keep you from getting the flu. >> is that garlic. >> yes. >> that headaches you have bad breath. >> horrible breath. >> i used to work with a would hand i still remember her that i am, mena. >> she would eat a clove of garlic every day before she came to work. she would swallow a clove of garlic. she was gorge us would man. but you could not get near her. >> high gosh. >> and then, there are only five beauty products you need to have this your make up bag. >> yes. >> i don't have a make up bag.
5:52 am
>> mine has 25. >> is that a make up bag. >> this is just like what i have here, there is one, and there is mass car good do you have headache up product. >> do you have a product called elf. >> i'm past five. >> i know him. >> i know him. >> i'm way past five already. >> so is what elf's make up. >> eye, lips, face. >> and pointy head. >> cherry hill hall. >> what was your favorite ryan hour moment. >> you have more than five. >> yes. >> i cried too necessity gave me ten million-dollar to go away. >> me too. >> pay me the money. >> i'll take 500 to go home right now. >> you can't go home. how was your vacation. >> it was good. >> good. >> yes. >> i had a writ will bit of an issue. >> yes good do you request exit row to have some space. >> i get the aisle exit row.
5:53 am
>> in the middle seat. >> would i go nuts. >> i have a question, i face timed you on friday. >> yes. >> how did you answer on the plane. >> we hadn't taken off just yet. >> we were rolling down tar mack. >> he had his ear buds in and he is like yeah, i'm on the plane. >> there must have been ten people and they were screaming and i had my ear buds. >> you would have been embarrassed. >> yes. >> yes. >> thank you. is there a quote of a day i'm embarrassing, i got to go. >> phillies, say bye-bye to the franchise's greatest first base man. hear what sean brace has to say about ryan howard that is coming up in our 7:00 o'clock hour.
5:54 am
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taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides. brookside. as pand we saw a guy who has out pat our backs.ecord... toomey crossed party lines to support background checks.... that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists. true independence, and real guts. that's how pat toomey is helping us, keep you safe. senator pat toomey, the best choice to protect pennsylvania. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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one group is trying to increase lung cancer survival rate and yesterday they were raise ago wearness about the number one cancer killer. american lung cancer foundation had its annual 5k race at fairmount park, in addition to starting an important conversation, organizers raised money for patient services and research and for some runners, it is personal. >> our family, our family is here in honor of our mother who died in 2011. so we have a group of 70
5:57 am
people called kathleen's crew and i'm just so proud that through all of our efforts, high family, nieces, nephews we all do our part, and we raised $80,000 and we will keep fighting until a cure is found. >> this was the sixth year of the 5k. creepy clown threats in communities nationwide on high alert and police and schools in our area dealing witt too. er what doing to keep schools safe. breaking news overnight kim kardashian robbed at gunpoint inside a paris hotel room.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
send this is clowns, they are already here. so send in the cops. they are already here. the creepy clown scare hitting close to philadelphia, on line threats against schools have home land security now involved in this investigation. what police are doing to make sure our kids are safe. septa says it is ready to return to the regular schedule for regional rail line even without its regular number of trains. how the changes could affect your morning commute. plus, kim kardashian held at gunpoint and robbed of millions of dollars, maybe 11 million-dollar in jewelry in her hotel room in paris. who the gunman were dressed as when they stormed into her room. and... >> first base man ryan howard.


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