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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 4, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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breaking news right now on fox 29 morning news a local man is shot and killed by what the team in atlantic county. lateness a live report. for weeks people across the country have been talking about creepy clowns and now young people in our area under arrest, accused of cyber threats. plus, latest school district on high alert. also, hillary clinton setting her sights on pennsylvania once again, the focus of her campaign now and a list celebrities joining her today all this as the country prepares for first and only vice-presidential showdown, between mike pence and tim kaine. good day everybody it is tuesday, october 4th, 2016. thanks so much for waking up with us this morning. lets turn things over to sue serio for a look at our weather this morning, hi
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there sue. >> yesterday turned out to be a decent day. today we have got another seven out of ten, a little bit of different circumstances. we have some fog out there this morning but nothing like the thick fog we had out there yesterday so we will look at visability. it is fog any millville, wrightstown this morning. lit built of rain up around new york city and northern new jersey, and nothing around here, so that is a good thing. not as hazy at airport as it was yesterday at this time. 60 degrees. it is cool tore day to start then it was yesterday 7:01 your official sunrise time. other temperatures walking out the door if you are this early 55 degrees mount pocono. fifty-four lancaster. trenton in the 50's. the atlantic city, millville, wilmington. slightly cooler then it was yesterday at this time but we did have a brighter day with a high of 76 degrees. today maybe a little bit cooler, maybe 69, about 70 degrees for a high temperature. little bit of fog this morning. mix of clouds and sun throughout the afternoon.
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generally a more cloudy day perhaps then yesterday turned out to be but yesterday was a beauty. we will see if we can get you a couple more beautiful days before we have to starting concerned about hurricane matthew, we will have the latest on that powerful storm in a few minutes. good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning, definitely want to put my order in for a couple nice day. a live look at i-95, cruits are still working northbound i-95, off ramp up to cot hand avenue block, normal drill, i-95, schuylkill, vine expressway. vine expressway still closed due to construction between schuylkill and broad. septa, yesterday turned out to be okay. we are trying to return to normal service, follow that new schedule. they took 40 of their repaired silver liner cars and put them back in service with those leased cars and that gives us somewhat of a normal schedule like we had back in june, trains are running gannon the cynwyd line, and festival pier
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lot, that parking lot, it is closed but they will offer free parking at frankford transportation center until the end of the month. guess who is coming for lunch? hillary clinton campaign event to the haverford community center. we will see motorcade jams and, of course, heavy police and secret service presence right there in haverford. just off of the route three exit of the 476. so that will be a hot spot, throughout the day, keep that in mind after the lunchtime or leading up to lunchtime. construction down to one lane along city avenue between 63rd and wynnewood both market frankford and subway using shuttle buses to apply. lauren, back over to you. been a long night for police in atlantic county. squad cars and ambulances swarmed a home in ventnor, people living nearby say they have they heard gunshots. lets get out to steve keeley with the very latest, hi there, steve. >> reporter: this started when it was still daylight last night around dinner time around 6:30 started as a domestic call, apparently a grown man who was in the home
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with his parents, still see police out here this morning, still have the area closed off, almost a whole neighborhood. you can still see, still lit up, too. the situation, over here, the investigation and far from over and new jersey turn general's shooting response team now in charge of this investigation, and that would be, standard because you have some lethal force used here, and atlantic county police will not the investigate atlantic county police. it was atlantic county law enforcement, swat team made up of local law enforcement from all over the atlantic city area, ventnor city, of course, right next door just blocks from the line of atlantic city between margate and atlantic city. amiable lot of law enforcement here to handle this and what there was a group of gunshots that neighbors heard and then an hour later when police arrived more gunshots. neighbors reported, that many windows were blown out of the house, before the police even
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fired a shot, and then apparently maybe even the man came out firing at police and police had no choice but to fire back. there are neighbors who posted on twitter, lots of gunfire. the here's one of the neighbors telling us what he saw and heard. >> i was watching laying in the living room and then i heard gunshots. i came out. all of the cops started pouring in. blocked everything off. i hung outside for about a half an hour and we heard another five gunshots and then right after the five gunshots, they just went off. it was maybe 12 to 15 shots in a row. >> reporter: so lauren, this is a back bay area in ventnor. this is before the avenue bridge for people that know ventnor a very popular area right across from tuesdayer's last stand, down here in the shore. so, a very busy investigation, still, and we don't even know
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if any neighbors were forced out of their house who lived close enough but you can still see very yellow tape and lighting meaning that the investigation, still going on, overnight, despite, no sunlight. we will sianni hear anything anytime soon, don't expect, anything to come out before good day is over. these cases take a lot of up investigation as we see in philadelphia often, whenever police have to use their guns. >> absolutely steve keeley thank you for the update. 4:06. police issue a new leather as scary clown threat target area students and teachers this time burlington township says it is a school district mentioned in the latest disturbing post on social media officials are taking threat seriously adding extra officers on campus. all this comes as police say three teenagers are behind separate scary clown threats recently posted on line. >> invest faith asker say two are with washington township
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aches and that is where dave kinchen is standing by live this morning hi, dave. >> reporter: these teens are in big, big trouble and that surreal world lesson that many do not want here in washington township because they are facing harassment charges offer these scary clown threats. the superintendent of the school says in a statement that quote we are sat end to learn two students are charged with making, cyber threats. and has no tolerance for acts of personal injury.
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and in the delaware valley, showing clowns making threats begins schools or other public buildings, and in fact, philadelphia police say they have a person of interest in local threats there. >> by this point in time we have been able to identify a 13 year-old involved, she with a friend of hers decided that this was a prank, something fun to do, and at some point in time these two classmates, decided to put this, post this information and threatening our local schools and again it is certainly something that is not a laughing matter. investigators have not yet released much information, but they have moved on over to the philadelphia d.a.'s office, and it is this is clear if she will face any charges, again, d.a. investigating and because of these people accused are so young we may not get a lot of information from these specific cases but one thing is clear, the cyber threat,
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visions of many police departments have been working very hard if not overtime, on all of these, cases. back to you, lauren. dave, thank you very much. hillary clinton is scheduled to speak at haverford community rec center at noon today, her plan to talk with families in delaware county. joining her should be her daughter chelsea and elizabeth banks who is a guest. clinton returned to ohio a big battle ground state after receiving endorsement of nba superstar lebron james. despite big name endorsement the she's still dealing with the fall out of the leaked audio, where she appears to be talking bad about young bernie sanders supporters, during the primary. she can be heard explaining to her donors that she didn't want to throw a wet lincoln on a idealism. >> you want them to be ideal list particular and those who understand this, who have experienced who have worked in it the know it is a false
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promise. >> and clinton, is keeping donald trump's tax issues in the media while in colorado, trump makes no apology for using the tax laws to his advantage, as a business man. >> trump was taking from america from both hands and leaving the rest of us with the bill. >> it is my job to minimize the overall tax burden to the greatest extent possible which allows me to reinvest in neighborhoods in workers, in building amazing properties, which fuel tremendous growth in their communities. >> trump campaign is working hard to escape the controversy surrounding the unauthorized release of his partial tax returns, from 1995. the candidate ran into a social media fire storm when asked how as president he would address the issue of ptsd. >> when people come back from war, combat and they see things that maybe a lot of the folks in this room have seen many times at all and you are strong and handle it but a lot
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of people can't handle it. >> trump was highly criticize add peering to suggest that people do not the suffer ptsd. well, turning to the showdown between vice-presidential candidates mike pence and tim kaine experts believe more than 84 million people that tuned into last week's presidential debate will be watching tonight. it will be live from longwood university which is an hour west of richmond, virginia. the next trump/clinton debate is on sunday october 9th in st. louis. you can watch the nominees for vice-president face off at 9:00 p.m. on fox 29, followed by a full wrap up and today's news weather and sports on fox 29 news. 4:11. months after a major defect sidelined a third of septa's regional rail fleet things are back on track but many riders could have soon mixed feelings. look at what is around the bend. plus kanye west is post pope his tour here in philadelphia after his wife was tied up and robbed in paris when the rapper says he
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all right. we will start off with the latest on matthew which dark red here is all of the hurricane warnings and hate bye to get hard, already feeling effects but land fall is imminent and warnings goes up to the and. and pretty strong category four hurricane and it is just south of the island of haiti.
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there is eye of the storm very well defined because it is so powerful of the storm about to make land fall right there, very devastating were not only wind but the rain, copious amounts of rain with this storm. latest track of this storm puts it a little will further westward which gives it more concern to those of the east companies of the united states, especially as we head in the weekend, possible land fall around north or south carolina here and then moving northward towards us with a lot of rain. rain this morning, around asbury park, and, just isolated there, and a little bit of fog in reading, millville, this morning, things are cleared at philly international, unlike yesterday at this time. so it is cooler today, 60 degrees in philadelphia. fifty-five mount pocono. fifty's in reading and lancaster. 59 degrees in dover delaware. your average high is 71 degrees. we will get above average yesterday as we soured to 76 degrees. today, it will be around 59 or
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70. seventy tomorrow. thursday, friday look fabulous, with sunshine, and temperatures in the 70's. then we have to start watching for matthew, maybe saturday night, and sunday, and for your columbus day on monday it looks like it will be a cool one but we have to see what this powerful hurricane, bob kelly, decides to do. throughout the week. >> 4:16. when your car doesn't start you have to get to work. driving yesterday on the roosevelt boulevard. remember the big wheels. kids do not try this at home. there you go.
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broad street near spring garden where we have a little bit of speed bump there. this is all part of the building and paving operation, in the work zones where they are paving the street, man, your coffee down the front of you but knock the front end out of alignment there northeast corridor regular service, because of that accident on thursday in hoboken but service remains suspended, they are cross honoring with path, the ferry and other new jersey transit system. that is good news. good news for septa regional rail riders, and it resembles what we have back in june. the festival pier lowed lot is closed but you will offer that free parking until october 31st, and hillary clinton campaign event will bring us motorcade madness
4:18 am
into haverford. doors open up at ten, events at noon, and return trip she will be heading out to pittsburgh, after, pittsburgh, harrisburg after that event today. back over to you. police in bucks county looking for the man who say they say, exposed himself to two girls riding their bikes. this happened at george bush park in buckingham around 1:45 sunday afternoon. investigators believe the man is in his 40's. they say he left at year in the white sedan. if you have any information you are asked to call police. police are calling a person of interest, a suspect in the murder of a three two-year old mother in delaware county last month. they say they were after this man for the brutal murder of natasha gibson in yeadon. take a good look his last known whereabouts, in philadelphia, near 59th and catherine streets. police believe he may live in that area, police say gibson's friend found her outside the home on bailey road in yeadon with her throat slashed. gibson's funeral was
4:19 am
yesterday. only on fox, in south philadelphia heart broken family and friend gathered to remember khiry fielder last night, someone shot and killed him over the weekend, person who killed this young father is still out there and as fox 29's dave schratwieser reports, this morning his family, is begging for answers. >> it hurts, it hurts bad because it is just not right for nobody, to attack anybody like that. >> reporter: in south philadelphia monday night, as almost a 100 family members and friend came to 18th and dickinson to remember 31 year-old khiry fielder, murdered here over the weekend. >> it shouldn't be so much hate in the world that they should just go around killing people. >> reporter: tears and candles as khiry's mother addressed the crowd heart broken, the father of a three-year old daughter. >> he is a kind hearted, he used to help baby-sit, why adopted kid. >> reporter: police say he was gunned down in the hail of
4:20 am
bullets outside this corner market saturday night. so far there are no suspects and no arrests. >> to actually kill somebody like that, you cannot take that back. there is no i'm sorry. >> everybody go about their business until the next one is hurt. >> reporter: khiry's family called for an end to gun violence urging community to come together and stop the bloodshed. >> it is up to us. >> reporter: dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. kanye west will not be performing in philadelphia tonight, he rescheduled his concert at the wells fargo center after his wife kim kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in paris. promoter of the san pablo tour says it is due to quote family reasons. according to the close source kim kardashian is still shaken up by the hold up. rapper's concert in philadelphia has been changed to december 13th. west also scrubbed his gig in detroit. u.s. supreme court has just started its new term and justices are steering clear of the more controversial cases with only eight people they
4:21 am
are hoping to dodge grid lock having four justices on one side, four on the other. sudden death of antonin scalia has impact the court's dock it. experts agree that the justices are trying to avoid hot button issues until the senate approves a tie breaking ninth justice. even so the court did take some action, it rejected a long shot appeal from the obama administration over the president's use of executive action toss block deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants. a federal judge has barred bill cosby from attending his accuser's deposition relate to go andrea constand's defamation suit against former district attorney. cosby is awaiting trial in june over charges he drugged and molested constand in 2004, and since then she has sued the district attorney who declined to prosecute cosby at the time, constand says bruce castor defamed her when he said constand had change her story over the course of time. sentencing for former pennsylvania congressman chaka
4:22 am
fattah will not happen this week. things are on hold while his lawyers appeal his conviction. attorneys for fattah say recent supreme court ruling narrowed definition of bribery. they argued the long time congressman did not give political favors in return for gifts. next in sports in one minute an eagles player in trouble at the airport in miami, what tsa workers found in linebacker nigel bradham's carry on light before he was arrested. but first your winning lottery numbers.
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good morning i'm sean bell. eagles coming off a bye week getting ready to face lines this sunday and early vibe is never good thing but players still seem to be riding off that steelers momentum. >> i think we are really exited to get back, man, we didn't look like we missed a beat. i want to see how energy was going to be. we look like we are ready to get rolling. >> one thing you cannot do is get on trouble, that is what every coach will tell but nigel bradham found some. nigel was arrested at miami airport for having a gun, in his backpack, what are you doing? he was released and now is out on bond. this is his second offense in the past four months. this will certainly end up in a suspension. flyers preseason game
4:26 am
taking on the rangers tied at three, in overtime jay voracek going through the hole and getting in the goal. great the job, in mid season form right there flyers win in overtime four-two. season starts next friday. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. we are following some breaking news, let's toss things out to dave kinchen. >> reporter: hi lauren, we have more teens in trouble for the clown threats, targeting schools, we will tell you where, after the break.
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breaking on fox 29 morning news police in atlantic county, investigating, gunshots heard in ventnor new jersey. lateness a live report. for weeks people across the country have been seeing these creepy clowns, young people, in our area, are under arrest this morning accused of making, cyber threats, latest school district on high alert. and the investigation continues into the aftermath of the deadly hoboken train crash, there are still, so many questions, to be answered, and the crucial clues that could still be buried inside that ruble. it the is tuesday october 4th, 2016. thanks for waking up with us at 4:30 this morning. sue serio, lets get a check of our weather. >> we will give you a seven out of ten today, different
4:30 am
reasons, as we will not see rain or as much fog as yesterday, we have a few visibility issues up in reading, maybe down in millville, reduced visibility there, but certainly not thicker fog that we saw yesterday, but a few showers up to our north, we could see a pop up, maybe this morning, not real likely, very light chance of that. things better at airport not as hazy as it was at this time but it is cooler, 60 degrees with 86 percent relative humidity. 7:01 is your sunrise time. other temperatures mostly in the 50's this morning, reading, lancaster, allentown, trenton is at 57, 55 in wilmington. 61 degrees dover, delaware and wildwood, new jersey. still some moisture in the air but we have brighter day with that high of 76 degrees, which was lovely to see. we will see some sunshine but we are thinking mostly cloudy skies and a high close to 07 degrees. cooler then it was yesterday.
4:31 am
sunset time bob kelly 6:38. >> we lost a minute. >> yes, we did. downhill from there. four will 31. live look at, construction still underway downtown here on the vine street expressway, ramps from the schuylkill, over to broad street. vine closed until 5:00 normal overnight construction, and in northeast philadelphia, inner drive closed between strahl and rhawn street. so watch out for that. broad street subway. using shuttle buses until 5:00. trains kickback nadir with normal service patterns yesterday on the regional rail lines. we did okay. it will take a couple days for dust to settle. if you didn't make sure you had it yesterday we have new schedule we are following. northeast corridor regular service for new jersey transit trains but still no service in and out of the hoboken, they are cross honoring, path, the ferries and other new jersey transit trains. we have a big campaign event, hillary clinton coming to town today at haverford community center. that is just off of route
4:32 am
three near 476, right in that area. we will see police presence, secret service here. motorcade madness. doors open up at ten. event does not start until noon. an hour or two before and after expect grid lock through that area, and as i mentioned highlights with the the regional rail lines. remember there is no parking any longer at festival pier lot but there is still free parking to the end of the month at prank forward transportation center. lauren, back over to you. a lot of questions, this morning, after a shoot-out, involving police, last night, in atlantic county. neighbors, still on edge, this morning. fox 29's steve keeley is at the scene where we are still there at this hour, and steve what do we know. >> reporter: no more on edge, it is calmed down, complete liz over, investigation is far from what is over. you can see plenty of investigators here, and this we're told is the state attorney general's shooting response team, and the reason the attorney jennies now in charge of this investigation
4:33 am
is because all of the local authorities down here at the shore, including the atlantic county prosecutor's office, would not be in charge of investigating their own people because there were several police departments here, including the local swat team and you got egg harbor township police, atlantic county police and ventnor police and normally the end of the summer means a slow down for police work but not this year. what happened was a ventnor man we're told was causing a disturbance, a domestic call at first, there was others in the house, as soon as police arrived, gunfire, and, they had to take cover. then after the swat team got here lots more gunfire. maybe in exchange of a gunfire, when you talk to the neighbors here. here is one of the neighbors, telling us what he heard. >> i was watching tv laying in the living room next thing a couple of gunshots. i came out, that is when cops started to pour in, blocked everything off, and then hung outside for about a half an
4:34 am
hour and we heard another five gunshots and right after the five gunshots, they just went off, it was maybe 12 to 15 shots in a row. >> reporter: let's come out of that video and you can see armored swat vehicle in front of the house right here where it was when all this went down, and then to the left you can still see new jersey state police, crime scene investigation unit, trailer here as well. so, lot of construction lights, lauren. it looks like daylight in the middle of the night because they are immediately, trying to get this scene as fresh as possible but a ventnor man is killed, in a shoot-out with police and often people with guns don't have the guts to shoot themselves, and sometimes try to do a suicide by cop situation, that could be part of this investigation as well, and don't expect any answers anytime soon, it looks like they have a lot of investigating still to do and lauren we can tell you that
4:35 am
neighbors last night reported that a lot of windows were blown out and i just tweeted a picture big bullet blast through several windows on this corner house here in the ventnor heights section. we are far from the beach. we are back in the back bay area, on normally quiet suburbs, here at the shore it doesn't get noticed by people who go to the beach but this gets noticed a whole lot right now by investigators, lauren a lot of people awake there, thanks very much, steve. we have breaking news out of rome pope francis has made a surprise visit to the site of the devastating you go earthquake in central italy. vatican says pope arrived started his tour at a school, he lance to visit hardest hit area which remains largely closed due to security concerns. he indicated that he wanted to go alone, to be close to the people. more than 250 people were killed, during that massive earthquake. back here at home another creepy clown post pops up on line this time targeting schools this burlington township, new jersey.
4:36 am
officials sent out an e-mail taking the threat seriously and increasing security at schools. this latest threat comes as police say three teenagers are behind separate scary clown messages recently posted on line, two attend public school in washington township new jersey. dave kinchen is standing by live in that area, hi there dave. >> reporter: scary situation for a lot of parents who wonder what kind of environment their kid will go to school in. these days and these two teens are in big trouble here at washington township facing cyber harassment charges over these scary clown threats. superintendent of the washington township schools said in a statement in part quote we are saddened to learn that two of our students were charged with making cyber threats, similar to the clowning incidents that have been reported in other areas of the country. our district recognizes the seriousness of these threats and has no tolerance for any proposed acts have of violence or personal injury, washington township police say they have
4:37 am
traced two separate threats back to a 14 year-old boy and a 13 year-old girl. police are not identifying them and will only say they go to a washington township public school, for weeks now the nation has been talking about these creepy clowns, threats, and several social media posts have popped up including some in the delaware valley. they show clowns making threats against schools or other public buildings, in fact, philadelphia police say they have had a person of interest and local threats. >> we have been able to track down through investigative work and as well as tips from the public, we are able to more or less track down a 13 year-old that has been involved in some of the local posts out there on social media. at this point in time we are moving forward. >> i think it is a whole bunch of people that are looking for opportunities to do wrong things, i don't know. i don't know. >> reporter: we have learned this is a 13 year-old girl philadelphia police are talking about. investigators have not
4:38 am
released much information due to her age but case has moved on to the philadelphia district attorney's office. it is not clear what, if any charges, she will face and another challenge is getting information on a lot of these cases because many of the accused are still so young and police do not release a whole lot on that but cyber divisions of many departments have been very, busy looking into social media accounts and going after these cases, lauren. >> hillary clinton swings her campaign trail back to our area today. she will speak at haverford this have afternoon. she will discuss her economic agenda and plans for supporting families. joining her will be her daughter chelsea and actress elizabeth banks, who is a penn alumni. the event will be held at haverford community recreation and environmental center, starting at noon time. and lets turn to the showdown between vice-presidential candidates mike pence and tim kaine. it is first believed more people will tune in for this then last weeks presidential debate. 84 million people watched that
4:39 am
event. you can watch the nominee for vp face off in virginia at 9:00 p.m. right here on fox 29. months after a major defect sidelined a third of septa's regional rails, things are finally back on track, many riders could soon have mixed feelings a look at what is right around the bend been
4:40 am
4:41 am
a new jersey raw maker is calling on federal and state railroad officials to give a public accounting, of safety
4:42 am
violations at new jersey transit, in the wake of that deadly train crash in hoboken last week. u.s. official told the associated rest months before last week's deadly train crash that federal rail officials found violations during an audit, that focused on nj transit's safety and operations. it has been five days since the deadly train crash and still no data recorder. working 12 hour shifts investigators are still clearing debris at that station to try to find a second recorder. national transportation safety board says first recorder was not working on the morning of the crash. the nj transit train slammed into the north jersey station killing one person, and injuring more than 100 others. investigators are hopeful a second recorder will give them information they need to figure out exactly what went wrong. tony braxton is opening up about her recent health scare, what caused the singer to be hospitalized and how she is recovering this morning. planned parenthood.
4:43 am
4:44 am
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all right. let's give you a preview of coming attractions for this week. mid week warm up in temperatures that will get in the 07's just like yesterday, yeah, after that chilly weekend we had. saturday and sunday though this is where we have to factor in the possibility of rain and wind from hurricane math the you. it is looking a little more likely we will see effects from that storm next week. it will be turning cooler and feeling more autumnal. we are expecting an update at
4:46 am
5:00 o'clock on this powerful storm 145 miles an hour wind as it bears down on haiti, is there eye about to make land fall but they are getting so much rain, that the the rain will be measured not the in inches from this storm but in feet in some cases in this island. we will show you spaghetti models, as they take most of them, the storm over the bohamas around to the east coast of florida and then some of these computer models, make it, keep it on land i should say, with lots of rain, possible, and we do expect a turn to the left, now the american model there is the hurricane going up and keeps it hugging the companies. european model has it making right turn right there and then it makes that east ward turn. just so you no, we still don't have agreement on where this thing will go, exactly. so we have to keep watching every day. 69 degrees today. seventy tomorrow. giving a nine tomorrow, and
4:47 am
thursday we may even bump those up to a ten as we get further inside the week. lovely day in store for friday, saturday and sunday, those are days we have to factor in the possibility of rain, and lots of it, if we get it, from hurricane matthew. otherwise, things are tranquil in comparison outside, bob kelly. >> we have a paving operation, watch this, what do they call that the big, not the bulldozer, but steam roller. >> there you go, thank you. >> yeah. this is on broad street right here, yeah you had me spying spaghetti models over there. i'm hungry. broad street near spring garden getting rid have the speed bumps. hello northeast philadelphia. who didn't pay the bill today. we have overhead street lamps, the whole power grid here overhead lights there cottman avenue all the waste up to woodhaven road. everything is all right but as part of the construction every now and then they either hit a
4:48 am
switch or reconnect some wires. you will feel something is different heading south this morning on i-95. otherwise we're in good shape on i-95, schuylkill expressway, still working on the boulevard, inner drive block between strahl and rhawn with construction. they are paving over here, in medford, between red lion road out today cota trail, and then as you head south on 295 again just watch working your way through that construction zone between black horse pike all the way down to the freeway, through here over weekend. it is a hot mess. they have no overhead lights on there during the overnight hours so those lane hackers are tough to see. they are still using buses on the market frankford and subway until 5:00. back over to you. septa is trying to readjust months after a major defect sidelined a third of the regional rail fleet but as silver line's cars get back on track customers could face something else they will not like. what about fare hikes. our bruce gordon asked septa all of the questions you will want to know.
4:49 am
>> reporter: predawn commuter crowd at ardmore regional rail station was happy to be back on a normal septa schedule on monday but could not resist griping about a just concluded summer of chaos. >> nothing was like it was supposed to be, it was just, you catch a train, good. if not, too bad. >> reporter: defects in the authority's silver line's railcars led to a reduced schedule throughout july, august, september, not all of those cars are back in service but cars leased from other transit the agencies had this day's commute back on the tracks. >> it was really great. it was on schedule. and it seems like there were lots of trains from jenkintown. >> reporter: silver liner crisis led to a 15 percent drop in regional rail ridership, it is likely that drop will cost septa at least ten million-dollar in lost revenue, septa spokeswoman carla lee. >> we expect to bring those riders back and entice them back. word of mouth is a big promotion tool. >> reporter: there is a previously announced fare hike on the horizon scheduled for
4:50 am
next july. septa cantor won't say how big the increase will be. is it possible that this summer's wows and the money lost this summer, wind up getting made up, in next years fare increase. >> there is no indication that that would happen but we are looking at all of our numbers and as we always do. >> reporter: septa says size of the rate hike will be will calculated early next year but regional rail riders we have talk to fully expect to bump to be larger then usual to make up for the silver liner crisis. >> we were inconvenienced through whole summer and you are talking about more money, that is crazy. >> reporter: unrelated this. >> it is related. >> reporter: bruce gordon fox 29 news. many are coming to love this littal adorable face, philadelphia zoos new baby gorilla, so we finally know her name. you can call her amani, it means peace in swahili. public voted on line. zoo keepers say that she's doing very well.
4:51 am
how cute is that? now to the world of entertainment news, after spending days in the hospital, singer/song writer tony braxton is recovering back at home. r and b singer was being treated in a los angeles hospital for lupus. this is not first time grammy winner has been hospitalized for complications related to that auto immune disease. braxton said that she was diagnosed with the condition. according to the ap she plans to begin rehearsals for her upcoming tour this weekend. sad news this morning, laurie mayard the women of brewster place has died. she was 66 years old. she died in the virgin island from a heart attack. celebrated writer women of brewster place that was adopted in a tv mini series starring oprah winfrey and cecily tyson. in the next hour brad pitt is reportedly in bad shape since angelina jolie split,. plus signs that she may be
4:52 am
planning for a future in politics.
4:53 am
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4:55 am
ambulance, while the paramedics were caring for her boyfriend. she's now facing a theft charge. and people in west york, pennsylvania upset after racially charge post were discovered on their town mayor's facebook page. town council has approved a motion to censor the mayor charles, one of the images of his page referred to president obama and his family. pictures shows apes with the caption, move in day at the white house has finally arrived, not soon enough. wasko said he believed that he is victim of a witch hunt. yesterday, protesters interrupted philadelphia mayor jim kenney demanding answerness to what they call excessive use of police force. fox 29 has also been looking into what happened last week in cobbs creek park, after police fired 109 shots at a man. those bullets killed christopher soul. police say he had stabbed four people including two children but yesterday, black lives
4:56 am
matter activist wanted an explanation, for why police, discharged those weapons more than 100 times. >> putting those individuals who live in those communities, our children, our elders at risk, that has to have a conversation. and that is why we're here that is our stance. >> conversation is being had and investigation is conduct. the officer's names were released within 72 hours which is another part of the 91 recommendations and we are working on reaching a settlement to this recommendation. appreciate your being here and expressing those concerns. i think they are legitimate concerns. thank you very much. >> mayor kenney shook hand with those protesters. looking for a job, come minute necessities may be able to hook you up, pizza chain looking to hire 600 employees across the philadelphia area they are looking for delivery drivers, customer service representatives, assistant managers and general managers. this is for more than 125 locations, and the hiring boom kicked off today and goes
4:57 am
through october the 16th. 4:56. breaking news out of atlantic county this morning lets toss things out to steve keeley, high. they are still counting number of shots police add to fire at another life and death situation for several officers, as they arrived to a domestic call where a armed man was shot and killed, dave? >> reporter: and teens in two south jersey towns are in trouble, after police start probing those scary clown threats on line, we will tell you you where, and what schools are doing to try to increase security after the break.
4:58 am
this $6.99 any deal is too good to be true. two medium pizzas with any toppings, any crust, any recipe, no questions asked? well i got some questions. does that include meat lover's? yeah. are you a hologram? what? the $6.99 any deal. is it proof that no one out pizzas the hut?
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police in atlantic county up all night investigating gunshots from ventnor, new jersey. lateness a live report with steve keeley. for weeks people across the country have been talking about creepy, clown posts, now young people in our area are under arrest, accused of making cyber threats. the latest school district on high alert. hillary clinton is setting her sights on pennsylvania, once again, and the focus of her campaign now and a list celebrities, joining her today. all of that, as country prepares for the first and only vice-presidential showdown, between mike pence and tim kaine it is tuesday, october 4th, 2016. we did an experimen


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