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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. that is the sound of hurricane matthew hammering haiti tonight. it's 145 miles an hour winds tearing off roofs and ripping up trees that get in its way category four storm barrels north forecasters have already issued a hurricane watch in florida. governors in the sunshine state, georgia, south carolina and north carolina have already declared states of emergency. in south carolina alone as many as 1 million people may be asked to evacuate as that storm creeps closer. good tuesday evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the question for all of us, just how close will matthew make it to us and when? >> fox 29's meteorologist kathy orr has been tracking this storm since it formed. this is deadly one. >> it certainly is, lucy. now we're concerned about the eastern half of cuban also the bahamas. remember last year at this time we were talking about hurricane
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joaquin tracking it here in the delaware valley it devastated the bahamas and here we go again with hurricane matthew. let's take closer look. it's only about 500 miles to the south southeast of miami on the track right now maximum winds with this storm 140 miles an hour moving north at 9 miles an hour. overnight tonight it crosses over the eastern edge of cuba as dangerous category four storm. then it passes over the bahamas on its way late thursday into friday to the east coast of florida as a major category three and after that there is some uncertainty. hurricane center still brushes it by the outerbanks and keeps it offshore of the delaware valley and also new england as a category one storm. i can't emphasize enough how amazing it is to get a category one storm this far north but ocean water temperatures are still in the 70s. here are the points that i want to really get across. the key points with matthew. there is uncertain in the track north of the carolinas.
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with new information moving in. right now, looks like the worst of it for us could be wind and rain late saturday into sunday. and, of course, next week it will turn much cooler behind this storm and trough that's moving in from the west bull all eyes on matthew because this is changing by the hour and we'll continue to update you i'll have more information coming up later on in the broadcast. for now we'll send it back to you. >> thanks so much kathy. now this is how things looked around hollywood, florida. today hundreds of people waiting in long lines for gas. others they're heading off to local stores to buy supplies like propane or plywood to board up their windows. officials in florida are warning residents they may be without power for days on end. fox 29's is tracking that storm around the clock. you heard kathy talk about it get updates in real time by downloading the fox 29 weather authority app. we are on top of developing story out of atlantic county this evening. the ventnor community is in shock after police standoff ended with one man dead. >> details are still emerging
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right now, neighbors are talking about the terrifying ordeal. fox 29's dawn timmeney has the latest from ventnor. report stop. dot right thing. put your hands out the window. put your hands out the window. >> neighbor who does not want to be identified records a tense standoff on his cell phone between a man across the street and police. >> john, put your gun down. >> scary scene unfollowed at a home on the 700 block of burly avenue in ventnor just before 6:30 last night. >> i was watching tv laying in the living room next thing you know i heard a couple gunshots. i came out. that's when all the cops started pouring in, blocked everything off. >> police say 49-year-old john feder, jr. had allegedly threatened his father with shotgun and the altercation escalated with shots being heard coming from inside as police arrived on the scene. >> it was just surreal. >> reporter: officers were able to get feder's parents
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safely out of the house. they say they tried unsuccessfully to get him to surrender peacefully with shots being fired out a window hitting a home across the street. >> i went behind my wall of my house just in case of a stray bullet. i wasn't sure, you know k way the bullets were going to fly. >> reporter: investigators say 7:38 feder came out of the house and pointed a gun at the swat team. one shot was heard, and officers hired at feder killing him today detectives were back at the scene gathering evidence from the front porch where fed are was shot. >> this is a really quiet neighborhood. especially this time of the year you don't hear anything at all. you basically see people out here to begin with. so to hear gunshots is definitely a shock. >> reporter: the state attorney general's shooting response team is investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting. neighbors say the feder family has lived here for some 40 years and are saddened by the deadly out come. in ventnor, dawn timmeney, fox
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29 news. you decide 2016. vice-presidential candidates turn. virginia senator tim kaine and indiana governor mike pence will sit at the same table tonight. >> they will have 90 minutes to debate the issues. the hall is all set at longwood university in farmville, virginia. this will be the only vice-presidential debate of this election tonight's debate will be a good chance for voters to get to know the vice-presidential nominees or recent ap poll found more than half the voters don't know enough about kaine to form an opinion about him. 44% for pence. >> meanwhile donald trump sat down today with gas and oil executives in denver, colorado. he told the group his policies would better for the industry than that of his arrival. he argued hillary clinton would only increase regulations trump later held rally in prescott valley, anniversary airs. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton making a stop today at the haverford community recreation center in delaware county today. her daughter chelsea and actress elizabeth banks helped drum up some support. the event was a town hall format
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allowing audience members to ask questions. among other topics secretary clinton talked about benefits for working families including paid family leave and sick days ton night's vice-presidential debate comes as two new polls show hillary clinton pulling away from donald trump in pennsylvania. >> it's a battleground state. donald trump badly needs to win. bruce gordon crunched the numbers and joins us in studio. bruce, the last time the monmouth keystone polls came out trump was actually closing the gap. >> reporter: that is absolutely right. since then mr. trump is widely viewed to have lost his debate with mrs. clinton. battled it out with former beaut fee pageant winner hadn't to explain leaked tax information that did not portray him in a particularly flattering light. here we are. the new poll from monmouth university shows clinton over trump 50% to 40%. 10-point margin and it is up slightly from her eight-point spread just about a month ago. couple of note worth points in the monmouth poll numbers mrs. clinton supported by 90% of
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pennsylvania democrats, mr. trump has the backing of just 75% of pa republicans. and she's beating him soundly in the city of philadelphia. no surprise, and in the hugely important battleground of the surrounding suburbs. then there is the latest keystone poll from franklin and marshall. it shows clinton leading donald trump by 9% taj points, 47-38. this poll also shows a widening gap just about a month ago the clinton lead was just 5% taj points. keystone also shows clinton winning big in philly and in the burbs. now with two more presidential debates and lots of headlines still to be written, these poll numbers could certainly change but as things stand now, the pennsylvania battleground is clearly tilting in the democrat's favor. lucy. >> bruce, could tonight' vice-presidential debate win over any voters? you can watch it right here on fox 29 at 9:00 p.m. then stay tuned for an hour of fox 29 news. the man accused of killing an eight-year-old girl in camden has a chance to get out of jail but it will cost him one and a half million dollars in bail.
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a judge arraigned 18-year-old tie hahn brown today for that shooting and killing gabbie hill carter in august. police say carter was caught in some crossfire between brown and other men. prosecutors charged brown with first degree murder. >> police are trying to find duo accused of of robbing a south philadelphia store and assaulting a worker. take look at this just released surveillance video. detectives say on septembe september 22nd this man and woman walked into the family clothing along the 600 block of pierce street. while inside police say the woman shoved clothing and headphones into a bag while the man distracted the worker. when the store employees confronted them outside, police say the woman used pepper spray then bunch the employee in the face. if you know who these guys are, you know what to do. give police a call. oxford circle police are trying to fine the driver of the car that hit a crossing guard then took off. in september investigators say the guard was stopping traffic so children could cross near devereaux and somerdale avenues.
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police say a car that may be similar to the ones that we're showing you here may be is the key word almost hit a child. when the crossing guard yelled investigators say the drive backed up and intentionally hit her. she ended up at the hospital for her injuries. tonight fire investigators are look nothing caused two homes to explode in north jers jersey. the blast in paterson destroyed those homes and badly damaged a third this morning. it happened just after firefighters got there. trying to investigate a possible gas leak. nobody was hurt but 38 people are either displaced or without home tonight. police say there's no concern for any more explosions. public service has shut the gas to the area. they've also shut electric to the homes that are affected within this grid. and we'll continue to the investigation obviously we're going to need to do some excavating and demolition work. >> police say 10 firefighters are being evaluated for possible ear damage and some other minor injuries. hamilton township, new
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jersey, police arrest add 13-year-old for making clown threats against william davies middle school. investigators say those threats were posted on social media over the past week. prosecutors have charged that teen with making terroristic threats. straight ahead in exchange of words inside a local casino. it spills outside. why police are looking for this man tonight and what he did they say to another casino patron. incredible behavior from someone who is supposed to be watching over students. who one local mom says spit on her teenaged son. sean? iain we're finally going to get to see joel embiid in actual competition knowledge more highlights of him dominating in a gym by himself. preview the sixers first pre-season game later in sports. planned parenthood.
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that led to a punch being thrown just outside. detectives think this would have may have some information although the victim expected to be okay. >> frontier airlines hiring. airlines plans to hire about 100 people for nights trenton mercer airport and philadelphia international airport. frontier host an open house next tuesday and wednesday at the four points by sheraton near pll for details head to stunning behavior from adult who supposed to be helping students all caught on camera. >> burlington county mother is so angry after she says a bus aid spit on her son. fox 29's bill anderson has that story from evesham. >> no matter what my son said or did he did not deserve to be spit on like an animal. >> reporter: give you fare warning this is probably going to upset you. but look at this video. >> ew, that's gross. >> he just spit in my ear.
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>> that's a 65-year-old employee at the hillman bus service in new jersey spitting at a 14-year-old student. they're allegedly arguing on the bus over music being played. but no matter what happened the boy's mother says that's just not okay. >> next to a sexual assault being spit on is kind of one of the most vile things you can do to another human being. >> reporter: her son marcus admittedly has some emotional challenges. >> eye even after he was spit on, his first reaction was not violence. he did have some choice words at the end of the video. >> he spit on you. bleep. >> when he came home, he was just -- he was hurt and in little bit of disbelief. >> reporter: he attends school for special needs and can be mouth thee but his mother called us because she was angry and concerned when she considered this could happen to her child or your child. >> there's a level of trust that you give to people during the day when they're entrusted with the care of your child. you know, mark has two parents. we both, you know v voice. we're following the proper train
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of commands what happens to the kids who don't. >> in new jersey spitting on someone is actually a crime. this myers went to the police and the 65-year-old bus aid may face some consequences. she says she took it this far because children like her own who have some sort of emotional challenges are often allowed to be minimized. she said just she just couldn't that let that happen. >> just because a kid makes mistake or is less than perfect doesn't mean that when something happens to them that it makes them any less of a victim. >> representative from hillman bus service did not want to go on camera but toll us that she had not seen the video. the bus service says it is cooperating with police and the bus aid is no longer working on buses during the investigation. let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now. meteorologist kathy orr busy tracking hurricane matthew. >> we have got couple more days before it gets too close. >> exactly. our computer models do agree over the next couple of days. but then there is some diverse opinion when we get passed about
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friday, saturday. so that's something we really have to watch over the next 24 to 48 hours. as you look outside our weather window, some pretty fall color on market street. in philadelphia, the temperature is cool, 65 degrees. still have the mostly cloudy skies. the high temperature for the day made it to skate with that persist at the present time northeasterly wind. most locations in the 60s with the exception of the poconos. only in the 50s. we have this back door front moving in from the east toward the west and keeping it school cool all the way west until you get to buffalo and pittsburgh where they made it into the 70s today. kind of like the opposite of what usually happens this time of year. ultimate doppler showing the clouds still moving inland they will give way to clearing skies as high pressure builds back into the region. so overnight, clearing skies. it will be partly cloudy. but cool. 54 in the city. 50 in the subs bushes with northeasterly wind. during the day tomorrow, the high temperature 71. mostly sunny, still a few clouds towards south jersey and delaware especially down at the jersey shore. once again, because of that
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easterly wind not associated with matthew. now let's talk about matthew. we talked about two different computer models over the course of the year. typically we focus a lot on them during the winter for winter storm. this is the new european model that kind of changed things this afternoon even with the national hurricane center forecast. watch the track of the storm. this is thursday approaching miami. it actually has the storm making a landfall then staying in the southeast and moving back south as a weakened storm by monday. well, that is in sharp contrast to new american model that just came in within the past hour. it has the storm very close to florida, hugging the coast again but after here, the models differ. this still pulls it along hatteras but keeps it further south and has a sharp cut off out to sea. this is little bit further south than previous runs and on this track, it would bring us some rain and wind but not as intense as passed forecasts and we would see the rain late saturday into sunday just like we discussed
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yesterday, but it would possible be lighter rain much this was never going to hit us like a direct hit. the question was always how close to the shore it would be. and this track takes it a little bit farther to the east, of course, the other run with the european keeps it out of our neighborhood completely. now this is from the national hurricane center much we have that major category four storm with the open waters of the bahamas here in the atlantic, and very warm ocean water, and then it takes it up the eastern seaboard but with new information coming in. i think the hurricane center is going to push it a little bit farther offshore by the time we update the forecast tonight at 8:00 and then again at 11:00 o'clock. we sure will see. seven day forecast calls for three very quite pleasant days. still looking at a potential impact of rain and wind late saturday into sunday with matthew. then monday and tuesday turning cooler and then warming back up as we see an impact with a front from the west. so stale lot of uncertainties but florida and the bahamas could get hit very hard with
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this storm over the next 48 hours. that is for sure. >> all right. our weather authority will be very busy for the next two days. >> all right. sean. >> rain or not we're happy the eagles are back in action. >> they're shining. >> they're shining and riding high after starting three and zero everything seems to be going right. guys don't want to get ahead of themselves this early. joel embiid getting are to do play game for the first time in over two years. we preview the sixers first pre-season game next in sports. when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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the sixers occurs just seems to roll on.
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ben salamons had successful surgery on his right foot but it turns out it's the jones' fracture. this is same injury that kept kevin durant most out of the 1415-2015 season. no timetable has been set but it looks like it's going to be long time before he's actually back. hopefully not as long as it was for joel embiid. that's -- that wait is finally over after being out for two years embiid will make his sixers debut in the preseason game boston night. he hasn't played in an actual game since he played kansas during the middle of the season because he got hurt there, too. hopefully he shows all signs of health and all signs that he's the player that everyone wants him to be. to the eagles getting ready to face a bad lions team in detro detroit. they're one of only three teams left in the nfl still undefeat undefeated. the teams riding high right now but the season just started. we have to calm down. the guys have to stay level headed. >> we got to romaine humble. we got to stay focused on one game at a time. we got to make sure, you know, don't get too ahead of
6:25 pm
ourselves. just play football and enjoy it. >> i don't think nobody will get complacent or comfortable. they know, you know, what the season is about. we're doing good. everybody is patting us on the back. we got, you know greatest fans in philly. they want to see us win. we want to continue to see them happy. >> the other defeated broncos and sam bradford minnesota vikings. bradford loving where he is and it's crash course collision to the eagles in a couple of week. o'dell beckham crying like a baby once again gets into teammates not happy with him. he's crying. come on. man up. three catches, 23 yards. listen, at some point teammates are going to have to grab him up and say get it together. vikings won 24-10. great arnold palmer passed away last sunday he won seven may your championships and one of
6:26 pm
the most beloved players to every pick up golf club. today the golf world paid homage. his funeral was held in his hometown of la trobe, pennsylvania. his family and friends came out to visit. past golfers and current showed their pre spec to the legend. jack nicholaus talked about his love and respect for palmer. >> he was an every day man. everyone's hero. arnold removed the i from icon and instead let the world share in his greatness. >> legend of the game and everyone loved him. >> he will be missed. >> stay with us tonight for the first and only vice-presidential debate. senator tim kaine and governor mike pence will take the stage on fox 29. get a full wrap up debate and the day's headlines, weather and sports on fox 29 news at 10:30. >> that's it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you after the vice-presidential debate.
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was kim being followed? >> reports she was tailed by two men on motor bikes. >> do you think it is a possibility it was an inside job? >> what have the thieves done with her $4 million ring? >> how likely is kim kardashian to get the ring back? >> first day of testimony at the hot dad car murder trial. just released video the day he was arrested. and why this cop is comparing him to will farrell. >> plus:panic on college campus. -- plus, clown panic on college campus. >> exclusive, donald trump's accountant breaks his silence. >> i braceletly used those laws. >> it was your idea. >> we have


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